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PLAY TIME split second She wasnt sure


This story contains sexual words, actions, and themes.
If you are under 21,this is not for you... go away. If
this is not normal where you come from, go away. If
you don't like this sort of stuff, go away.

If, on the other hand, you are legal, and this type of
story is 'normal' for you, and you LIKE it... keep on

Any and all emails would be appreciated. :)
Play Time by Pami (
She was blindfolded, on her back, spread across the
bed. She giggled as she thought to herself how
unbelievable it all was. "None of my friends would
EVER guess," she laughed lightly, thinking of the
incredulous looks that would pass over her friends'
faces if they knew what she was REALLY into.

She was in her late twenties, almost thirty, although
she hated to think of that milestone rapidly
approaching. She was tall, almost 5'8", and
overweight, although curved in all the right places.
An hourglass, she liked to think, with just extra sand
in it. Her thick, wavy hair was long, reaching
halfway down her back, and a golden brown in color.
It was one of her best features. Her fair skin was
practically as soft as a baby's, due no doubt, she
thought, to the many scented shower gels and lotions
she applied daily. Overall, she was attractive, with
an aura of liveliness around her, making her laugh
frequently and her brown eyes sparkle. The girl next

Well, the girl next door was into some erotic
kinkiness. And right now, with him, she was reveling
in the loss of her sight, her eyes bound as they were
with the black scarf. It was true, she
considered...all of the other senses DID become
enhanced when one was lost. Right now she could hear
him, downstairs, in the kitchen. She heard the
drawers opening and closing. The smack of the freezer
door shutting. The clomping up the stairs as he
approached the bedroom.

"Very good, my pet", he told her in an approving tone.
"I'm glad to see you have decided to follow orders
today. You can be so....exhausting when you are being

"What do you have in your hands, dear?" she asked him,
as she heard a clatter at the foot of the bed.

She felt the bed tremble as he sank his weight upon
it. "Why, nothing at all", he replied, "Anymore."
And he laughed a dark delicious laugh. " Now, put
your hands above your head," he instructed, "and clasp
them together."

She did as asked, and felt the click of the handcuffs
on her left and then her right wrist. She tugged
gently to pull her arms down, but realized that he had
fed the chain through the headboard, effectively
binding her to the bed. A shiver of anticipation
flowed through her, and she felt her pussy moistening

He moved to the foot of the bed and ran his finger up
the sole of her left foot. "Move it to the corner,"
he told her. And he fastened her ankle to the bed.
"The other?" he said. "I should NOT have to ask you,"
he spoke sternly, as he fastened that one to the other

She was totally at his mercy now. And she loved it.
She stretched as much as she could, knowing that he
was watching her body move as she did so. She gasped
as she felt the trickle of cold water on her breasts.
It ran down the center of the mounds, and off to the
side of her. Now she understood why the beach towel
had been placed down underneath her. She murmured as
her warm skin acclimated to the slow path the water
was taking down her body.

The bed quivered as he sat down next to her...he was
enjoying seeing the slow flush of arousal begin to
creep downward from her face already. She was quick
to passion. Almost TOO quick, he thought wryly, as he
recalled that it always took him longer to become
excited than it did her.

"Oh, that feels so good," she moaned to him. She
loved being controlled by him. She wanted to feel
what HE wanted her to feel. He knew exactly what
turned her on. Everything, she thought, amusedly,
everything turned her on.

She suddenly felt an extreme sensation on her right
nipple. For just a split second. She wasn't sure if
it was hot or cold, or a sharp pinch or twist, or a
bite. "OH!" she exclaimed.

He watched her nipple engorge. Her breasts were huge.
And her nipples were delicious. They were a coral
color that could deepen to almost tan when she was
very aroused. As he held the ice cube away from her
he watched the soft nubbin harden and couldn't resist
applying the ice once more, so quickly that he knew
she couldn't tell what it was. The teat enlarged even
more, until it was standing out about as far as his
thumbnail. He dropped the ice silently into the bowl
he had placed on the bed and bent over her. He opened
his mouth wide, and simultaneously sucked as much of
her breast into his mouth as he could, and bit,
firmly, on the ripe nipple.

She felt the teeth on the tip of her breast and let
out a startled shriek. The pain of the bite was
sharp. It sensitized the nerve endings even more than
that other substance did. "Oh God..." she groaned, as
she felt the roughness of his tongue flick back and
forth over the nodule. She LOVED to have her breasts
played with, and she liked to be handled roughly.
"More, baby, more.." she moaned. All of a sudden she
felt a sharp twinge on her left nipple. He had
pinched it, twisting sharply while he did so. She
wasn't quite sure nipple to pay more attention to;
they both were engorged with blood and the sensations
were flying straight from her tits to her brain to her

As he sucked noisily on the right nipple, he
stealthily removed his left hand from her other
breast. He reached over on the other side of his body
and found the object he was searching for. He bit
down on the areola around her tit, noticing that even
that was wrinkly and enlarged, signifying her
excitement. He delighted in her moans and whimpers,
and felt the heat emanating from her flesh, even
though they had barely begun to play. He stretched
across her body again, reaching for that abandoned,
and yet still erect nipple.

She screamed as she felt the bite on her left nipple.
"The clamps", she thought wildly, "he got the clamps!"
The sharp pain subsided into a dull ache as she felt
the full pressure of the nipple clamp on her flesh.

He lifted his mouth from her unencumbered nipple and
laughed throatily. "You didn't think I would buy
them, did you, my sweet." He chuckled again as he
attached the other clamp to her right nipple and felt
the shudder race through her body.

They had discussed clamps before and she had
fantasized about them, but he never gave any
indication that he would buy them for her. "Oh my
GOD!!!" she yelled as he tugged on the chain
connecting the clamps between her body. She felt her
nipples stretching out farther than they had ever been
before. He pulled on the chain so firmly that he
began to lift her breasts away from her body.
"AHHHH....." she moaned loudly.

He loved watching her face. He could tell that she
could feel some pain from the clips, but the ecstasy
he saw on her face when he tugged on them made him
sure that was leading her willingly down the path.
Erotic pain accentuated the pleasure, he had told her
time and time again. She was a bit leery of the
suggestions he made, but every time he convinced her
to try something new she loved it.

All of a sudden she felt what seemed like a line of
fire zoom up her inner right calf to her thigh. It
passed around her pussy and up her stomach to proceed
over her right tit. Then it started at her left tit
and flew down the left side of her body in exactly the
same way. "What is it?!" she groaned harshly. He
just laughed. Her mind was awhirl with sensation. He
had stopped tugging on the nipple clamps, but she
could still feel the bite of the clips on her tits.
And now she couldn't help wondering what the hell he
was doing to her body this time. Hot wax? No. More
ice? Definitely not. To be honest, she didn't care
WHAT it was; it felt damn good. She felt the wetness
between her thighs seep down towards her asshole.

"Are you enjoying yourself, pet?" he asked her
mockingly. He could plainly see that she was. Her
whole body was flushed a lovely pink color, and if he
glanced between her legs he could observe that her
outer pussy lips were glistening with moisture.

He reached down with one had and spread her outer
lips, revealing the deep pinkness of her insides. His
mouth watered. He wanted to taste her, but decided
that there was time for that later.

She felt the middle finger of the hand prying her open
tickle her clit. She wailed. "Please, please...."
The only response she got was that infuriating laugh
of his. Funny how she had never noticed it being
irritating until now. She thrust her hips toward that
finger as much as she could, bound to the mattress as
she was.

"Ah, ah, AH..." he mocked her. "I didn't tell you to
move, now did I?" As he tickled her clit the other
hand suddenly thrust a vibrator deep into her pussy.
It was about 8 inches long, and studded with bumps all
over it. He watched her thrust towards it, trying to
fuck herself on the vibe. God, he loved watching her
get crazy with lust. He abandoned her clit now and
while he penetrated her with the toy with one hand,
the other flicked the switch and it began to do it
stuff. A low humming filled the room, mingling with
the squishing sounds of the dildo as it plowed in and
out of her sopping cunt.

"Yes, please, please...please..." she begged.

"Please, what?" he asked sensibly.

"You it...."

"Do WHAT?" he asked again.

"Do ME!" she yelled, losing control.

"Do WHAT to you?" he asked for the third time.

MEEEE......" she wailed.

He watched as her hips bucked up again and again.
With his right hand, he kept on pushing the vibrator
deep inside her seething pussy, and with his left

"AHHHHH!!!!!" She cried again, as she was torn between
the sensations in her cunt and the insistent and sharp
tug on her nipples as he pulled the chain connecting
them again.

She reached orgasm, toppling over into the abyss, hips
spasming towards him uncontrollably. She screamed in
her passion, making him glad that he had shut the
windows so the neighbors wouldn't hear her.

He slowed down the thrusts into her pussy, and
eventually stopped, leaving it inside her, throbbing

"Now DON'T let that fall out," he warned her. He
unfastened the nipple clips from her tits, stopping to
kiss and pinch them. He worked them between his
fingers, twisting them in order to bring the blood
flow back into those huge nipples of hers.

She moaned as he worked her breasts. She was starting
to climb to the peak again as he twisted and pulled on
her pulsing tips. She could feel her heart racing as
she started to move her hips again. That damned toy
was still buzzing away inside her and it felt GOOD!

"Are you starting again?" he taunted her. He reached
between her legs and started to pull the dildo out of
her, but it was hard to hang onto because it was
covered with her juices. He pulled it out totally and
smiled when he heard her moan of disappointment. He
held the dildo up to her lips and told her to lick it
clean. She made a face, but diligently extended her
tongue, licking herself off of the toy. He noticed
that as soon as she started to lick her distaste
disappeared, and he knew she was ready for more.

He pulled the fake cock away from her mouth and ran it
up and down her whole slit, from the top of her clit
to the bottom, past her asshole. She was wet
everywhere; her juices had indeed formed a puddle
under her ass.

She moaned as she felt the vibrator caressing her
entire vulva. As he flipped it on, he began to
concentrate on her clit. She couldn't believe how hot
she was...she KNEW she was going to come in abut two
minutes from the rubbing of her tiny button. She
writhed as much as possible on the bed, rotating her
hips around and around, trying to get that mechanical
cock to press against just the right spot to send her
over the edge again.

He watched her wriggle around. This was it. He felt
her building up to a huge orgasm. He smiled to
himself as he considered what to do next. He had his
plans, and hoped that she was aroused enough to enjoy

He knelt between her bound legs and watched intently
at her cunt, gaping open in front of his face. He
looked at her clit, engorged with blood to the point
that he thought he could even see it throbbing with
her heartbeat. He pressed the dildo harder on her
clit and saw her entire body freeze. This was IT!

As she tumbled over the brink into a HUGE climax, he
pulled the vibrator off of her clit and ran it up her
asshole. He plunged his face into her pussy, and
sucked her clit into his mouth. He flicked his tongue
up and down the pearl and thrust in and out of her
asshole with the toy.

She screamed. Louder than before. Louder than she
had ever screamed before. As she pulsated with the
force of her orgasm, she felt her sphincter spasming
helplessly around the dildo. It was a different kind
of pleasure but she wasn't thinking about the kind of
pleasure it was, she just knew that it felt
INCREDIBLE!! And when his teeth scraped lightly
across her clit, she wasn't sure which sensation felt
better. And she gave up trying to decide. She came
for what seemed like hours to her.

Finally she relaxed, limp, against the bed. He
nervously withdrew the vibrator from her ass. He
lifted his face from her cunt. He looked up at her
face and saw....the biggest smile he had ever seen on
her face.


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