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PLAYING2 tv the living room

Playing Spin The Bottle With Mom, Part 2



(Ffbg, MFFF, fbg, fg, single mom and her kids incest, adult sibling

Copyright 2002, PlanetDweller. ALL Rights Reserved


Heavy in the night air my heart felt like a little girl's again. Not
that I was an old woman at 13, mind you. Mom's heartbeat through her warm
and loving naked bosom rivering into my ear lulled me into a gentle slumber
as we all four, Mom, 8-year-old sister Squirt and 11-year-old brother Bobby
and me just rooted close together like a litter of kittens inside our old Pop-tent in the backyard. Silence. Only the crackle of the odd car on
ancient asphalt out on the old neighborhood road doing anything to cut the
silence. Bobby scooting up even closer to be nearer Mom's other bare tit,
Squirt squirming up closer to me to rest her head between my spread legs.
Eyes finally closing heavy, then an encouraging "c'mon, kids, let's get
dressed and go inside, we have to talk" mom lightly booming to us as
daybreak lit.

I still fully expected to be punished for being caught being the
ringleader of our little game of spin the bottle the night before. Not
that mom had ever been a prude but she always been, well, respectful of our
privacy and modesty and insistent that we honor hers as well. Visions of
her with Aunts Mags and Susan, doing all the things we four did last night
and probably more, raced through my mind, her confession still shocking me.
Wild thoughts of the three of them kissing and licking and sucking each
other along with probably an old boyfriend or two though mom didn't mention
any of that happening with boys too just raced around the fantasy speedway
in my mind.

She motioned us to get our favorite cereals and such while she fried
some bacons and scrambled some eggs. None of us dared speak first.
Silence for a full five minutes or more. Still, she would glance over at
us all from time to time and smile.

"Kids, things have definitely change now, but I'd like to think for the
better. I really think we're closer as a family now, and can become closer
still, if we abide some certain groundrules I'm going to lay down right

"Like what, Mommy? What a 'ground rule'?" Janie interjected..

"A ground rule, Squirt, is a rule of behavior that we observe within our
family; it's like the ground rule that you have to make your bed every day,
it's a rule that you can't break."

Squirt made a face with a "oh, Mom, I hate rules like that, I hate
ground rules."

"Never the less, now that things are different and we can't go back to
the way they were, I am going to have to establish some ground rules, or
we, none of us can ever play together like we did last night."

"That would suck, Mom."

"Yes, it would, Bobby; I think that if you kids mind me, mind these
rules, we can continue to have more fun in the future, not all the time,
we're not going to become a bunch of sex maniacs here, but I don't see the
harm in letting things happen the way they used to between your Aunts
Magaline and Susan and myself; your granny Jones found out what we were
doing when I was 12 and didn't make an issue of it, just put some ground
rules for us to go by."

"Like what, Mom?"

"Well, back then, granny Jones told us since we were all girls we could
do whatever we wish with each other, as long as it was kept private; she
made a point of telling us that she didn't want to know what we did with
each other."

"You mean you and granny never played with each other like me and you
did last night?"

"No, Angel, unfortunately I think now in hindsight, but no, she and I
nor any of your aunts ever played with her, but that was her choice, and
that's what we need to discuss right now among other things, choice.
First, though, because we have our young master Bobby in the picture instead of it being all girls like we were back then, things, the rules are
going to have to be different, at least a little."

"I could always wear a rubber, Mom."

"Yes, you could, Bobby, but that's not the point. Amy's being having
her periods now for over a year . . ."

"What's a period, Mom?"

"A period, Janie . . . that's right, you and I have never had our
'talk' yet . . . we'll need to talk more later, Dear, other things too."

"Like what, Mom?"

"I've been thinking about that all morning; I need to make a couple of
phone calls before telling you exactly what; but first things first, first
our ground rules. I assume that everyone really enjoyed last night?"

"Sure did, Mom!"

"I thought you did, Booger" mom calling Bobby by his little kid name
that he hated with a passion "what about you, Angel, Janie?" we both
nodding yes "Did you like everything we did last night?, well, I did too, I
have to admit I did too. But what we did last night was very illegal in
the eyes of the law, and if you kids tell another single soul without my
permission, we could go to jail, so the first ground rule is that no one
know what we did or might do in the future, unless I tell them myself, that
is the first ground rule, okay?" we all nodding yes "I can't stress how
much this is important; Bobby, if you brag to one of your friends what
happened, your mom could wind up in jail, got it?" Bobby looking a little
frightened and confused "It's okay, Son, nothing will happen as long as we
don't talk about it to strangers."

"Does this mean we, me and you Mom, can't fool around any more?"

"No, Dear, quite to the contrary, as long as we don't tell others about
it, as long as it stays in the family like me and my sisters did, things
will be fine."

"Mom, will you tell me what a 'period' is now?"

"Not right now, Squirt; Angel, hasn't she been in the bathroom with you
when you were on your period?"

"Nope, Mom, never."

"Well, I'll be. That's one thing we're going to do after we finish we
breakfast, you kids keep eating while we talk. We're going to sit down
with an old sex manual I have and also with 'The Joy Of Sex' and we'll all
have a grand old talk, any questions you have will be answered then. We
isn't clear in the books I'll show you myself,. Okay?"

"But you don't have a boyfriend to show us, unless you're going to call
Frank to come over, Mom, yyuccckkk!!!"

"I know you don't like Frank, Angel, and no, I'm not going to show you
what sex is with him, I have another thought about that, that brings me to
the second ground rule, which is my sex life is my business and not you
kids's; whom I have sex with or not is not your concern; I am an adult and
you're the kids and that's the way it is."

"Does that mean you won't be having sex with us much, Mom?"

"I didn't say that, Angel, all I said was I the adult here and I will
have sex with whatever adults I choose to, that's not your concern and is
my business only, which brings us to ground rule number three, which is
'no' means 'no', that if one of wants to have sex with, if you Bobby wants
to have sex with Angel or Janie and they say no, then it's no and you don't
nag and you don't pressure them, okay?"

"Okay, Mom, darn it, okay" Bobby said with slightly dejected tone.

"Angel, do you plan on having lots of sex with Bobby?"

"I don't know about lots, Mom, but some sex, sure."

"The we'll have to go to Dr. Jenkins and get you some birth control
pills, I'm too young to be a grandmother."

"What's birth control pills Mommy?"

"You'll see, Squirt, I'll take you with us and let watch Dr. Jenkins
examine me, I need my annual Pap smear anyway, then Angel, and you'll see."

"Mom! I do not want Squirt going with us!"

"You have no choice, Dear, it's either this or I forbid any of us ever
to have sex with any of us ever again."

Dear silence for a moment.

"Oh, okay, if you insist, shoot."

"Okay, that's all the ground rules, except Bobby, you can't have
intercourse with your sister until I get her on the pill, we keep things in
the family and no means no, that's it."

"Can we have sex now, again, Mom?"

"No right now, young man, first let's get these dishes cleaned, you
three hop to it, I have a phone call to make, then we'll go to the living
room for some sex ed, 'K?"


mom went to her bedroom while we messed with the dishes. I tried to
sneak a listen at the closed door but she had her stereo playing. After
about half an hour she finally came out, some old books and a couple of VCR
tapes in her hands.

The old sex manual was boring as she went through all the diagrams in
detail, then went through all the proper names for our privates and such. I
had seen lots of them before as had Bobby thanks to his old porn
collection. She then explained what periods were to Squirt, using the
manual as teaching aid, like she had done with me a couple of years

"When will I get my first period, Mommy?"

"Like the manual says, every girl is different; I got my first at
eleven, so did you sister, so yours will probably be around then too."

"Neat! I can't wait!"

"It's more of a pain than anything" I countered, mom shooting me a
shut-up look.


"Yes, Bobby?"

"Can we get naked while you do this?"

"Sure; I had planned that we'd do that in a few minutes anyway, so

We all stood up from the living room couch to get undressed. mom helped
me out of my top and bra and turned around for me to unfasten hers, her top
having been pulled off by Bobby. My hands found her breasts as I hugger
her from behind, my face flat against the warmth of her back. She held my
hands closer into her breasts, sighing deeply. Squirt lightly played with
Bobby's rising cock as they stood before each other.

"Okkeeee, Angel, kids, let's finish this first before we play again.
Speaking of that, Your Aunt Susan and Uncle Sam (Aunt Susan's husband of
five years or so, they not having any kids yet) as well as your Aunt Mags
will be over around one or so after lunch to help me finish you kids' sex
education; is everyone okay with that?" we all nodding enthusiastic "yes's"
in agreement. I couldn't wait to see mom and Mags and Aunt Susan together.

She showed us her old copy of "The Joy Of Sex" then another photo-only
manual of a man and woman in all sorts of sex positions, sucking and
fucking each other and such, then showed us a lesbian sex manual of two
women making love. I liked that especially. Then she popped in a VCR tape
of a couple making love. Encouraging us to watch the tape, she also
started playing with herself in front of us, her legs splayed wide and her
right hand stroking her clit and lips and her finger lightly penetrating
her vagina as the tape rolled on. We all were more fascinated watching mom than that silly old tape.

"Can I touch your vagina, Mom, while you do that?"

"Sure, son, and it's okay to call it a pussy if you want to."

"Can I play with your breasts while you masturbate, Mom?"

"Uh-hu, Amy, you may, that's good, yes means yes and no means no."

The smell of her sex rose to my nostrils as brother helped himself to
her snatch, his hand riding atop hers as she played with herself. My mouth
found a nipple and sucked. She sighed.

"Yes, kids, Angel, Bobby, that is soooo great!" she shouted as her body
heaved and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as another woman joined
the couple in their bedroom on the tape. mom pulled us to closer to her,
Squirt scooting in for part of the group hug too, with a "that was, that
was just, perfect; thanks, kids."

"Sure, Mom."

"Sure Mom; is that what an orgasm looks like?"

"Yes, for a woman, Bobby, yes; why don't you masturbate some and show
your sisters what a man's orgasm looks like?"

Bobby leaned back into the couch and began watching the tape.

"Can you and Angel play with each other some, Mom? I'd rather watch you
two than the tape."

"Sure, Dear."

I scooted over to mom beside Bobby and kissed her. She kissed me back.
"Between my legs, Angel, give me some head." I didn't need any
encouragement. "See that, Bobby?" she motioning to the action on the tv "that's what I like too; I'll go ahead and tell you kids that your Aunt
Susan and Uncle Sam have been having sex together about once a week since
before they got married, that's where I've been going on Wednesday nights"
her words explaining the apparent fib that she was going over there each
week to play bridge "Ever since your Dad left us, I, I . . . " her words
trailing off as my tongue lapped at her clit "oohhh, that's perfect
Darling, keep your tongue right there, you're such a quick learner!"

"Thanks Mom!"

Inches away from face buried in Mom's snatch brother jacked himself off
silly as he watched us and the tape too. His legs started to tense up. I
pulled away from mom to scoot over to him and taking his cock in my mouth,
let him finish jacking off inside it, swallowing his jism as best I could.
Only moans came from his mouth.


"Yes Sweety, what is it, Squirt?"

"Could I have some fun too? You guys are having all the fun."

"What would my most precious daughter like to do?"

"Will you masser-bate me, Mom, play with my fa-gina?"

"Of course Dear of course."

She propped Janie against the couch and opened her legs wide for us, me
and Shithead, to see, her fingers lightly massaging her tiny lips and bud
of a clit. The tape rolled on behind us.

"Mom, will Aunt Susan and them play with us when they come over?"

"I'm not sure, I haven't made up my mind completely, they're coming over
mostly to show you girls and you too Bobby what a grown man's penis looks
like and how an adult couple makes love, I'll join them when they do, but
having you play with them, I don't know."

"Please, Mom, it'd be neat, it's what we all want" I pleaded, Bobby and
Squirt all joining in.

"Well, Angel, you haven't lost your virginity, yet, have you?" mom continued as she continued her genital massage of Squirt.

"No, Mom, I mean, yes, I'm still a virgin, though I planned on letting
Kevin down the road have it some time next year, that is up until last
night, when I decided to let Bobby have it, when I decide."

"Good girl, Dear; your Aunt Susan would be okay playing with you kids,
but your Uncle Sam, I don't know how he'll feel about it, he's never done
anything like it, not like your aunts and I have when we were little.
We'll see, 'K?"

Squirt didn't come, she was probably too young, but mom stopped playing
with her pussy for a moment to hit rewind on the remote.

"Mom, can I have my turn now, will you give me some head too like I did

As Bobby got up to go to the bathroom and Squirt went back to the
kitchen I lay flat on the couch and mom eased over me in a pleasant
sixty-nine. I didn't return the favor of her tongue, I just let her do me.
Jesus, she was so perfect, I had no doubts she and her own sisters had done
each other for years like she had talked about.

"Smells like you're almost ready to start, Little One, when, maybe

"Mom!" I protested as her lapping of me continued, my hands massaging
her butt cheeks atop my face and frigging her pussy a little.

"It's okay Angie, we're both women now, women who will making love to
each other a lot, even during our periods."


"What if I don't want to 'then'?"

"Then we won't, no means no, remember, silly?"

I just smiled as my stomach muscles tightened and I felt the strongest
come I had ever felt up until then, Mom's expert tongue bringing on spasms
in muscles I didn't know existed. Knowing I had come, she scooted off me
and rolled around to hold me close on the couch.

"Let's get dressed and clean up the house a bit, company's coming soon."


Aunt Susan and her husband Sam arrived shortly after one, Aunt Mags with
them. mom had us kids watching another dirty tape for more sex ed as we
sat on the floor in front of the tv in the living room as they came in.
Whispers were exchanged as they all made their way back to Mom's bedroom. I
listened at the door and couldn't hear much, except for mom telling them
what she had done with us that morning. Hearing them walk towards the door
I tried to dart back to the living room but mom opened the door too

"Angel, good, come in, please."


"I figured you were listening, it's okay, come in please, we want to
talk with you; please!"

I half expected them to be naked but they were all clothed, Aunt Susan
in Mom's rocking chair and Sam and Aunt Mags on the bed.

"Angel, we've been talking about this morning and all. I, we need to
ask you: would you like to lose your virginity to Uncle Sam? He had a
vasectomy before he married your Aunt Susan, so he won't be able to get you
pregnant if he and you make love. It's okay with Aunt Susan."

"Aunt Susan?"

"Yes, Angel, it's okay, in fact if you'd let me play with you and him
before he does, I'd like to be a part of it all, myself."

I couldn't help but grin. "Can I think about it? Can I wait until
later to decide?"

"Of course, Hon'; there's no pressure, and if you don't want your Uncle
Sam to take your most precious of gifts and wait to give it to a special
boy in the future, that's not only okay, but is probably a better idea;
it's whatever you want, Dear; we just want you to be happy."

Happy? I was ecstatic. "Can I see your cock first, Uncle Sam?" Sitting
down on the edge of the bed as he stood before me, he whipped it out from
his pant and slowly played with himself inches from my face making it more
and more fully erect. "May I suck it some, please?" He just grinned as his
fullness filled my mouth. God, it felt so good. Aunt Susan moved beside
me on the bed and started playing with buds inside my teeshirt as my suck
of her husband continued.

"Yes, Baby, yes, suck it!" she moaned.

Another three or four minutes and Sam couldn't resist any longer, his
jism filling my mouth to the point of gagging me almost, having much more
volume than shithead brother's, as mom joined me on one side and Aunt Susan
on the other to lick the excess splattered on face.

"Nice cock, Uncle Sam."

"Sam, just Sam."

"Nice cock, Sam" trying to sound as adult as possible "I just might have
to have that monster inside my vag, inside my pussy today." His grin showed
his cigarette-stained teeth.

Back in the living room Bobby had persuaded Squirt to suck him again,
his little cock when compared with Sam's poking through the zipper of his
pants as he watched the porn tape as he sat in an easy chair Janie kneeling
before him. All of us, especially Sam and Aunt Susan and Aunt Mags, just
stared at the scene for a few moments. mom finally made an "ahem!" sound
and we all trooped on in, she motioning me and them to sit on the couch.

"Kids, first, we love you."

"We love you too Mom!"

"And this is for your benefit, not ours, what is to happen. As you
know, Aunt Mags and Susan and I used to play together like you kids do now,
and I told you that Susan and Sam and I have been having threesome sex once
a week for some years; what we're going to do now is permit you kids to do
anything with of us adults that you wish, and have us do anything to you
that you wish; Aunt Susan and Uncle Sam will make love to each other first
to get things started; watch them closely, feel free to touch them as they
make love, ask questions, do whatever you like; any questions?" we nodding
"nope" back.

Aunt Susan and Sam began by undressing each other as they stood before
us, not slowly but not hurriedly either. Me and Squirt and Bobby eased
closer to them.

"Can I play with your cock some, Uncle Sam?"

"No problem-o, Squirt, all you want" as he turned to face her, her
little hands grabbing and pulling on it.

"Can I play with your boobies, Aunt Susan?"

She smiled as Bobby stood up before her, his hands groping her roughly,
she smiling. Breaking away after a couple of moments, Susan and Sam and a
now-naked Aunt Mags and mom too pranced down the hall to Mom's bedroom, us
following behind. On the bed, Susan got on all fours and Sam just poked it
in her, hard. Squirt and Bobby moved closer in to get a better look at
Sam's prick ramming inside her. Aunt Mags moved to have her open pussy underneath Aunt Susan's bowed head as Sam grabbed her hips and began
ramming even harder. Squirt touched Sam's cock some as it slid in and out.

mom began kissing my neck from behind as I stood beside the bed,
watching. Damn! What a feeling! Her hands rubbed my boobies through my

"Get naked, Angel; kids, go ahead and get naked now, please."

The action stopped for a bit while we undressed. Aunts Susan and Mags
both were eating me alive with their eyes.

"My, Angel, you are such a beautiful young woman now!" Aunt Mags huskily
whispered and she helped me out of my pants. Sam had rolled of Susan and
stood before me too, playing with my growing and perky young tits.



Aunt Mags pulled me to the bed and rolled me over into a sixty-nine with
her. Sam moved over to Squirt as she lay near us and began playing with
her child-pussy some, his wife my aunt Susan joining his hand with her
tongue on Janie's young slit. mom and Mags now held each other near us,
their hands lazily caressing each other. Janie now began a suck as best
she could of her uncle. Bobby bumped beside me, putting his arm around me,
smiling at me. Aunt Susan now helping Squirt double-suck her husband,
Bobby and I both smiled at the love before us. Sam's cock was so perfect,
not too big and not too small. When I decided to lose my virginity,
afterwards I might let Sam make love to me too, then, but not now. I
didn't want to lose my virginity to brother shithead Bobby right then,
either. It could wait until another time, another more private time.

"Angel, join us girls, let the men watch."

With that without any forethought, Mom's mouth found my snatch, my
tongue found Aunt Susan's who found Squirt's whose found Aunt Mag's who
found Mom's, completing the circle. As our circle of feminine familyhood
rose of hormonal sex, Bobby and Sam knelt us and jacked off to our rising
passions, their respective comes splattering us with glistening pearls of
masculine essence, we playfully rolling around the lick our menfolks'
juices from our glistening skin. Flippping around to break the chain, I
kissed mom as firmly on the mouth as I could, my tongue playfully wrestling
with hers, as Mags and Susan and even Squirt soon joined us somehow for a
five-way kiss, mouths clenching to mouths and tongues binding to tongues as
hands found the nearest breasts or pussies to them and Bobby and Sam tried
to encircle us girls in some kind of embracing hug but couldn't quit reach
around to do so.

"Happy, Angel, Janie, Bobby?"

"Beyond happy, Mom."

"Me too, Mommy."

"Yeah, Mom, I'm cool."

"Good; that's all I want, that all of us want, is for you three to be
happy. Now, who wants another little sucky-suck, hhhhmmmm?"


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