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PLAYING3 thick curly hair finally


Playing Spin The Bottle With Mom, Part 3



(Ffgb, FFFM, Fg, Fb, Ff, FMF, bg, fg, Ff, Fmf, mother/daughter, adult
sister/sister, mother/son, whole family incest, family sex education,
menstrual sex, medical gynecological exam fetish, medical procedure fetish,
surgical hymen removal, first time, easy going)

Copyright (c) 2002, PlanetDweller. ALL Rights Reserved


I awoke in Mom's bed, my hand gently resting between her legs. Her
breathing was deep but infrequent, my head rising and falling as it lay on
one of her bare breasts. Her, our, bed smelled like sex, which was
understandable considering that Aunts Susan and Mags (Mom's sisters) and
Uncle Sam (Aunt Susan's husband) and siblings Bobby and Janie and I had
just had all kinds of interesting sex atop the now stained and somewhat
crusty sheets just hours before. My hand lightly stroked Mom's pussylips
as my mind wandered back to the night before.

I didn't let Uncle Sam take my virginity despite the fact he really
wanted to as Bobby wanted to too but I had said "no" to them both. Aunt
Susan did take shithead brother Bobby's 11-year-old virginity, his tiny
cock seemingly disappearing inside her as my 8-YO sister Squirt and I
looked on closely as he crawled atop her and we craned down to try to
observe, mom and Aunt Mags sucking on Aunt Susan's tits as he did.

All the incredible sex with mom and my aunts. Each of them sucking my
clitty time and again until it was almost sore. Me sucking Sam off, then
me and Squirt sucking him off together. Squirt licking my cunny, me
licking hers. Sam fucking mom from behind with a heavy ferocity as she ate
Aunt Susan out. Aunt Mags licking my hiney-hole, then tonguing it out,
sending to orgasms somewhere out in the universe.

mom stirred a little as my gentle stroking of her pussy speed up a
little without me realizing it.

"Good morning, my Angel, how you' feeling'?"

"Fine, Mom. No, more than fine, great!"

"Me too! Enjoy last night?"

"How could I not? Is this what sex is like, really, Mom?"

"Well, Hon', not all the time, but at certain times, yes, it's as good
as it was last night, even better."

"Better?" I half-laughingly shot back, mom just smiling as her had
caressed my face then budding 13-year-old breasts as we scooted even closer

"Yes, Angel, even better. 'You sure you're okay with everything that
happened last night? Was there anything that happened that upset you at

I lay silent for a moment. Mom's arm pulled me closer to her as her
free hand slid between my legs.

"It's okay, Dear, just tell me if anything upset you, it's okay."

"Well; Uncle Sam did ask me several times to take my virginity, after I
told him no as hard as I could several times before he stopped asking, and
Shithead, I mean, Bobby also pestered me a lot wanting to screw me, too.
Bobby's been pestering me to death ever since the other night wanting to
fuck me, Mom, and I'm getting tired of him asking, I've told him 'no'

"Yeah, I know, and I'm going to have a talk with him about that, and
I'll tell Sam not to ask you again about making love to you, he'll be okay
with that; I think he was just caught up in the moment last night, that's
all. Anything else, Sweetie?"

"No, Mom. I really did enjoy everything else, really. Can we keep
doing the things we did last night?"

"Sure, Hon'. We can't do it all the time, every day. I do have to go
to work and make a living for us. But sure."

"What about you and me, Mom? You; you and I, Mom; I know you're still
my mom and all . . . "

"Yes I am, Angel, and I'll always be."

" . . . but after last night, I think we're more, too."

"Yes, we are. We're sisters of a sort, sisters of sex, just like your
Aunts and I are."

Long silence as Mom's finger gently penetrated me and mine hers, she
holding me close and I her.


"Yes Sweetie?"

"Can you and I be like this, forever?"

"I don't know about forever, Hon', forever's a long time. And you'll
want to find a boy to have a relationship with, then another, then you'll
want to get married when you get older, and if I can ever find the right
man, I want to get married again too. What about this; what about if you
and I stay like this for now, for the near future, and when one or both of
us decides that things have changed, things will have changed."

My eyes met hers with a look of puzzlement.

"I mean, Angel, you'll be my daughter forever, you'll be my
daughter-of-and -sister-of-sex forever, but Hon'"

"Mom, I mean, can you and I sleep together at night, and have fun

mom took her finger out of my pussy and leaned back away from me for a
moment, breaking our nude embrace as her face changed from mild lust to one
of deeper thought.

"The only problem with that, Angel, is that I am a grown woman that
likes men, still dates men, still fucks grown men as she can, and I also go
over to Sam and Susan's once a week for sex with them."

"Can I go over to Sam and Aunt Susan's with you each week now, now that
I've had sex with them?"

"I don't know about that. Probably not every week. Maybe every other
week or so. It would help if you would let Sam have sex with you, Dear,
but I can understand and respect your decision to stay a virgin until you
decide not to be one anymore. I'll have to ask them about how they would
feel having you join us a regular partner. If they say 'no', you won't be
upset, okay?"

"No, Mom, I won't be, promise. But what about you and me, Mom?"

"Honey, for being just 13 and just starting to have sex, you're a great
partner. We'll have sex for the rest of our lives, Dear, if you want."

"Yes, Mom, that's what I want."

"I want that too, Babe', but us sleeping together every night as lovers?
I don't know if that's a good idea."

My face fell crestfallen.

"Don't be upset with me, Ang'."

"I'm not, Mom."

"Yes, you are, don't fib to your Mom. mother knows best."

That brought a smile to my face.

"That's better. Let's say this: most nights, sure, okay. But when I
have Frank or another gentleman friend over, then no, of course not. And
when I do have sex with others, you won't be jealous or hurt, just as I
won't be when you decide to. Deal?"

I shook my head "yes" a few times silently, then leaned in to kiss her
on the cheek, she moving her head to press her lips against mine, our arms
wrapping around each other, her larger breasts pressing tight against my
smaller ones, her tongue parting my lips, my mouth sucking it lightly. We
kissed and hugged for the longest time before Bobby The Shithead and little
sister Squirt came bouncing in to interrupt us.

"Hi Mom!" they shouted out in unison as they jumped on the bed with us.

"Hi Stinkers, whatcha been up to?"

"After Uncle Sam and Aunt Susan and Mags left, Squirt and I slept
together in my bed, and we had sex Mom?"

"You did?" she said with mock surprise.

"Uh-hu, Mommie, Bobby put his pee-pee inside me and we had sex, just
like he and Aunt Susan did last night."

"You did? Did you enjoy it, hhhmmmmm?"

"Yeah Mommie, it was fun, it felt neat."

"Can Amy and I have sex now, Mom?"

"Young Man, we're going to have to have a talk about that. You've been
pestering your sister to death, and she's told you 'no' repeatedly. No
means no, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember."

"From now on, you can only ask her or me or Squirt just once a day, and
if the answer is 'no', then you can't ask until the next day. Okay?"

"Yeah, I guess so. Hey Mom, can I have sex with you now? We didn't
have sex last night, and I wanted to."


Bobby looked a little puzzled at her answer.

"Maybe?" he replied back.

"If you're a young gentleman and ask nicely, then maybe."

He grinned. "Mom, may I have please have sex with you?"

"It would be my pleasure, young Mister Bobby" she replied as he scooted
up the other side of her, she embracing him.

I felt hurt, a least a little. I had wanted more time with her this
morning, alone. Squirt joined their kiss. A tiny pang hit my uterus area.
Yeah, it was about time for me to start. Then another. I got up to go to
the bathroom, leaving my three family lovers to themselves.

Wiping from my pee, a trace of blood shown on the toilet paper. Damn. I
got an Always Regular from the pack under the sink and went to my room to
find one my pair of old period panties, then headed towards the kitchen.
Down the hall, the sounds of laughter and sex echoed back to me.

The cereal was cold and the milk lukewarm as my near-angrily chomped
down my third bowl of Frosted Flakes before heading to the living room to
watch some Saturday morning cartoons. Boring. I found one of the X-rated
tapes of Mom's from the night before, and began watching it instead.

On screen, two women were making love to one guy in various
combinations. He was loving every minute of it and the women were too. My
pad began to feel damper between my legs as my blood trickle increased.
The women were now in a "69" as the guy fucked the one on top from behind
as her friend at her out. That's what I wanted, I decided. For my first,
I wanted mom with me and my guy.

As the tape rolled on, I thought about my virginity. Why was I saving
it? mom had told me it was a special gift to give to that first special
boy, but was it really? One woman was now fisting the other while the
other one sucked the guy off. My hand slid in my panties. I had never
masturbated on my period before, but now I was. Just then Squirt bopped in
with a "Angel, mom wants you to come to the bedroom, please!"

I mumbled some protestations, but went anyway. Bobby was laying beside
me with a Cheshire cat grin on his face as I walked in. Mom's gaze
immediately went to my padded panties.

"When did you start, Ang'?"

"Just a little bit ago, Mom, when I got up to go to bathroom."

"Come join us, please, Dear. Squirt and Bobby have never seen or played
with a menstruating vagina. Join us. Would you mind if they played with
you some?"

"No, Mom, I wouldn't mind."

mom told Janie to get an old towel from underneath the sink in her
bathroom, the old one with lots of stains on it. It never occurred to me
until right then why she had kept that old towel for years.

I lay beside mom as she slid the towel underneath my butt and pulled my
panties off me, pushing my legs apart as Squirt and Shithead slid around to
face me. I shot them a dirty look.

"Ang', if you don't want to do this, you don't have to."

"No, Mom, it's okay. Really."

She looked at me for a moment to be certain before continuing.

"Bobby, Janie, your sister has just started her period. Janie, you were
eager the other night to see what a period looks like. Now your sister is
going to let you look and play with her all you want. Okay, Angel?"

"Sure, Mom."

Squirt slid closer between my legs for a better view. I wasn't bleeding
heavy, so I know there wasn't that much to see. Probably just a tiny
trickle of blood if that. Her hand played with my pussy lips, then her
other hand joined and spread me wide for a better look as Bobby as looked
intensely on.

"Does it hurt when you bleed, Sis?" Little One calling me "Sis",
something she seldom did.

"No, not at all. I do get pains in my uterus sometimes, though."

"You remember what a uterus is and what it does, Squirt, from out sex ed
the other night?" mom added.

"Yeah, Mommie; a uk-urus is where the sperm and egg meet to make a baby,
and if they don't meet, then a girl gets her period after that."

"Very good, Janie. And since Angel hasn't had sex with a boy, there was
no sperm for her egg to meet this month, so she's not pregnant, and now
she's having her period."

Squirt continued to probe and poke me.

"Lick her, Squirt, she'd like that" mom said.

"But Mommie, she's bleeding! That's gross!"

"No it's not. When women have sex together, periods are a fact of life.
They're not gross. Watch."

With that, mom eased little sister out of the way and scooted between my
legs, her mouth sucking on my clit before her tongue started bathing my
labia. Going back to sucking my clit, she worked a finger inside me, then
gently frigged, stopping after a few moments to pull it out with a "watch,
kids!" and begin a slow lick of her lightly-blood-covered index finger,
making a show of it before offering it to Shithead and Squirt, they
reluctantly but eventually taking a small taste.

"That's not bad, Mom" Bobby commented.

"No it's not, is it? It's just blood. And you saw how much your sister enjoyed me playing her."

"Hey Angel, want me to give you some head, too?"

"Sure, Shi . . . sure, Bobby, if you'd like."

He was clumsy between my legs, but he did try, I'll give him that. Then
Janie wanted to lick me some as well, so I let her.

"That's neat-o, Mom!" she said as she slid back away from me.

"Yes, it is, isn't it? My period flow will be heavier a lot of times
than Angel's, but I hope you kids will still want to play with your old mom when she's having hers!" we three gently piling atop her giggling.

Bobby and Janie went to the kitchen to grab a bite, leaving me and mom alone, finally. We embraced each other again.

"Mom, you give the best head."

"I've had years of practice, Sweetie" we both snickering at that one.

"You and Aunt Susan and Mags used to give each other head during each of
your periods, Mom?"

"Of course, Dear-y, why wouldn't we?"

"I dunno. How come you never mentioned any of this stuff to me when we
had 'our talk'?"

"Because it wasn't relevant, because I didn't need to, then, that's

I felt a pain then a small gush start sliding out. mom could tell as we
held each other close.

"Pain, my Darling?"

"Just a little. Some more blood's coming."

"Let me see."

mom rolled around to be between my legs. An ease of fluid felt cool to
my open crotch. Mom's tongue began lapping it up.

"That feels so wonderful, Mom!"

"I know it does, Sweetie. When I get mine next week, you can do the
same for me."

"Of course, Mom, of course. How wonderful you make me feel, Mom" she
just grinning up at me.


Next week rolled around. Typical boring summer vacation. But it was
Wednesday. And mom hadn't said anything about me joining in her weekly
"bridge game" with Uncle Sam and Aunt Susan. Aunt Mags never attended
these, very seldom at least, and mom never really would tell me why Aunt
Mags didn't. But I really wanted to go. When mom finally came home from
work, late, around six or so, I met her at the door and asked.

"Mom, did you talk with Aunt Susan and Uncle Sam about me coming

"Yes, I did, Hon', sorry, I forgot to tell you, and we're in agreement
that until you loose your virginity and can and want to join in every way,
it would be best if you didn't come."


"Now, young lady, we've had this discussion before, but this is the
final time I'm going to say this. I'm an adult. I have adult needs and
wants. You're not. You're a young lady just discovering sex. You're
discovering sex in ways a lot of young ladies don't, but you're still only
thirteen, are a virgin, and aren't even on birth control pills yet."

"You said you're going to take me to the doctor and get me some."

"Yes I did. Oh that's right, forgot to tell you that too. In two
weeks, we three, you me and Squirt are going to my gynecologist together,
and you'll get some then. Anyway, back to what I was saying. I told you,
Ang-ellll, that my sex life would stay my business, not yours. If you
can't handle that, then we all will stop having sex, right now. No more
between us, nor any more between you and your siblings."

"Mom, that's not funny!"

"I'm not trying to be funny, Amy . . . "

Oh shit, she called me "Amy". That means trouble, always does.

" . . . I'm quite serious. Either you respect my decisions, or we'll
all stop, right now."

"Oh, okay" I mumbled with dejected look.

"C'mere, my Angel, c'mere" she whispered as she pulled me close to her
"I love you, Angel".

"I love you too, Mom."

"Tell you what. Once you lose your virginity, I'll make sure that you
can become a part of our weekly 'bridge game'."


"Yeah, really. But you'll have to lose your virginity first, and when
we go over there, you'll have to let Uncle Sam screw you, at least every
now and then."

"Thanks, Mom!"

"Sure, Sweetie, sure. Now, I've got to get ready to go."


I spent the next two weeks thinking about things. Thinking about how
best to get rid of what was becoming my inconvenient virginity. And
thinking about my first pelvic exam to come shortly.

mom had made arrangements to take the whole day off work the day of our
exams. She had a bunch of vacation days she needed to use up anyway, she
said. She also mentioned that Dr. Jenkins was getting concerned about her
periods becoming heavier and heavier at such a young age for her, and was
going to give her a trans-vaginal ultrasound, whatever that was; we'd find
out soon enough.

Dr. Jenkins was sweet older man probably around mid-forties to fifty or
so. Some grey hair, some fineline wrinkles on his forehead. It kinda
surprise me when as we three walked in together into the examining room mom went up to him and gave him a big hug and nice kiss on the lips, an " . . .
uh, Harold, Dr. Jenkins delivered all you kids, and he and I uhhhhhh,
dated a while after your Dad left, that's how I got to know him, as a -
uuhhhhh, as a friend" she coughed out when she noticed Squirt and mine's
expressions of surprise. He left the room for a bit as we all got
undressed and put on our examing gowns. The room was cold, was too cool;
my nipples became erect, as did Mom's in the chill as we gowned up, mom helping with mine.

"Mom, I'm nervous!" I couldn't help but say.

"Nothing to be nervous about, Ang'; every woman has to go through this
at least yearly; and you need your 'pills'; besides, you'll see him examine
me first, so you'll know what to expect."

"I know."

Dr. Jenkins came in and talked to mom like me and Squirt weren't even
there. He discussed her recent sexual history, she mentioning her and Aunt
Susan's and Uncle Sam's weekly times but not mentioning "us" as we all
agreed on before hand, discussed how her periods were getting heavier still
each month, and just talked in general. Then, time for her exam.

First, the usual. Checked her heart, checked her pulse, felt her neck,
examined her over front and back, checked her reflexes. Like my
pediatrician used to do me. Then had her go to the ladie's room to pee in
a cup for him.

Then, having her lay on the table, Dr. Jenkins gave her a manual breast exam. It looked like he was just feeling her up, but I knew why he had to
do it. breast cancer and all. Then time for her pussy exam.

First, the check for cervical cancer. Opening her up with the speculum,
he let me and Squirt look inside her. Her cervix was plainly visible.
Pink with a tinge of white around it. Juicy looking. A wooden stick
scraping at it to get some samples to check for cancer.

"That's where menstrual blood and babies come out of" he mumbled as he
let us look before taking the speculum out.

One hand on her abdomen, two fingers inside her pussy, just like the old sex manual showed. Then a change of gloves, then a finger inside her
hiney-hole, feeling around.

Then, the trans-vaginal ultrasound. A long probe shoved insider her
pussy, the image of her uterus and all showing on the monitor beside him,
he pointing out her left ovary, right ovary, each fallopian tube, etcetera,
to me and Squirt. It was kinda neat.

"Good news, Kate" he spoke to Mom, using her proper name "I don't see
any polyps or fibroids, your increased flow isn't coming from there. We
might have to run some further tests, check your thyroid."

He buzzed his nurse on the intercom, and she came in with a needle and
syringe and drew some blood from Mom's arm. She didn't flinch.

Then it was Squirt's turn. Same procedure basically, except her
speculum was tiny, very tiny. I couldn't see her cervix inside her, it
wasn't fully formed yet, Dr. Jenkins explained. She giggled during the
rectal exam.

Then my turn. I also had to pee in a cup, and his nurse drew two tubes
of blood before proceeding with the exam.

After my breast exam, he and mom both looked at my pussy closely before
proceeding further. He poked and prodded and played with my pussy lips as
Mom looked on.

"Her hymen is very tough, very thick, Kate. Would you like me to
surgically help with it while she's here?" he said as if I wasn't in the

"I hadn't thought about it. What do you think, Harold?"

"Well, you said you and her have talked about her becoming sexually
active soon, that's why you want her on the pill, and you're going to teach
her safe sex practices and all. I will say this, Kate. If it was my
daughter, I'd help her out surgically, a little at least. It will be less
painful now, in the office, then during her first intercourse, when it
might really tear open badly, causing her much more pain."

mom and Dr. Jenkins left the room for a moment to talk in private, then
came back in, a floor-mounted mirror and nurse and tray of surgical
instruments in tow. I sat up to talk with them.

"Honey, you remember what your hymen is."

"Uh-hu" I said with mock sarcasm.

"Dr. Jenkins says, and I agree with him, that your hymen is very thick.
You do have enough of an opening to allow for a finger, Hon', but it's not
big enough for a boy's penis, and since you'll be having sex soon, he says
and I agree that it would be better if you surgically removed part of it,
so during first intercourse you won't be torn wide open and be in a lot of

"Will this hurt, Mommy?" my voice not helping but call her "Mommy".

"No, Amy, not a lot" Dr. Jenkins spoke "I'm going to numb it first with
a series of small shots, then just a couple of tiny cuts and it'll be much

"Mommy, I'm scared!"

"Don't be, Hon'! I'll be right here with you, and it won't take long."

"Just five or ten minutes at most" Dr. Jenkins added.

"Harold, could you give me a few moments to help relax her?"

"Sure Kate, go ahead. Tell you what, let me finish with her exam, I
need to that, then you can relax her, then we'll do the procedure."

He finished the exam as my mind folded in on itself. Then mom played
with my clit some as she kissed my forehead and Dr. Jenkins watched from
his desk across the room as he made notes and did some paperwork. mom played with my clit harder. I was too nervous to enjoy it.

"Harold, she's too nervous. She can't relax."

A nurse came in and gave me a pill. I began to relax almost

The needles in my pussy lips slash hymen felt ice-cold, as did a cold
spray of something he said was an anesthetic and antiseptic agent. A few
moments passed, then as Dr. Jenkins worked between my legs, I felt a
series of sharp pressures on either side of my pussy lips, then he sprayed
my cunt with some other liquid and patted me down. mom putting a fresh
Always in my panties, he handed her a couple of prescriptions, one for my
pills and one for pain later.

I was still groggy as he talked to me.

"Amy, I've removed most of your hymen. It'll be sore for at least a
couple of weeks. If it's still sore after two weeks, come see me. If you
start bleeding heavy from the surgery, tell your Mom, and she'll bring you
over to me pronto. I've given her a sheet telling how to take care of your
vagina until it heals. Follow these directions exactly. Your mom will
help you. Whenever you decide to have intercourse for the first time,
you'll need to use a lot of KY jelly or similar lubricant, or you'll risk
being torn open and might start hemorrhaging from first intercourse. Your
Mom says you two have talked a lot about this, so I'm depending on her and
you to help make things good for you on your first time. After your first
time there shouldn't be any problems. If there any problems at any times,
tell your Mom, or call me direct. I'm here to help."

I don't remember the drive home. I do remember mom using a squirt
bottle to spray my pussy after I took a pee later that night and patting it
down, showing me how to it, showing me the direction sheet. Damn, it was
sore. Even the light squirts of water hurt.


I slept until past noon. I vaguely remember mom telling me to follow
the directions for cleaning myself that Dr. Jenkins had given me before
she went off to work early AM, giving me a kiss on the lips as she left.
My pussy felt like it had been run through a meat grinder.

At least I had my birth control pills. And as soon as I decided whom to
let have my virginity, I could join Mom's Wednesday night outings. That's
what I decided I really wanted, to be a part of that. That, my, our family tradition. As I lay in my bed with an incredibly sore vagina, I decided
that I wanted to get rid of my virginity as soon as possible, it didn't
matter to whom, and become a part of mom and them's gathering, and
eventually begin my own. Yep, that's what I decided.

I was watching teevee on the couch when mom came home from work.
Shithead was off with his friends, Squirt was out in the backyard playing.

"How's it feeling, Hon'?"

"IT is sore as everything, Mom, how would you expect it to feel?" I
replied only half in jest half in sarcasm.

"Let me take a look."

I peeled my jeans and panties off as mom knelt before me and pushing my
legs high and back exposed my sex openly to her, her fingers lightly
touching the still-fresh scars, making me wince. She kissed and lightly
licked at the scars.

"Got a present for you, Dear" she whispered as she fished something out
of a Priscilla's Erotic Boutique bag. A nice red six inch long vibrator
and a couple of large packs of batteries for it. My mom is something else.
I knew she didn't have one, didn't like them, but she had bought me one
'cause she thought I needed it.

"Thanks, Mom."

"When you're feeling like it, we'll use this to help open you up, so
your first time won't cause problems."


"Yes Dear?"

"Speaking of that, I've decided to lose my virginity as soon as my pussy heals."

"How wonderful Dear! And whom will the lucky young gentleman be?"

"I haven't decided yet, Mom; all I know is, this virginity thing is a
bigger deal to everyone but me, and you promised I could join you Wednesday
nights after I lose it"

"Yes, I did, Dear"

"So I want to lose it as soon as I can. I don't care to whom I lose it,
I just want it gone."

mom drew back from kneeling between my legs with a look of both
astonishment and puzzlement.

"I don't know what to say, Angel. Your first time should be special,
with someone special you love."

"And it was, Mom."

"Was? WAS? You mean you've been fibbing to me and have already had

"No, Mom. Yes, Mom" her face becoming flush with anger "I mean; I mean
to say, M-o-m, is that my first time was very special. It was with you and
Squirt and Shithead that night you caught us playing spin the bottle in the
tent. That was my first time having sex Mom, with you, and with them, but
mainly with you; you were my first, Mom, you . . . "

Her face lost its anger and she smiled, drawing a deep breath.

"That is so sweet of you, Angel, to say that."

"It's the truth, Mom. You were my first. You. Whenever I have some
guy put his penis in my pussy, he won't be the first. You were the first.
You touched me in such a special way, then gave me love with your tongue in
your special way. You were my first, Mom, as it should have been."

She just beamed with joy and almost started crying as she lunged at me
playfully to hug me close, she kissing me fully on the lips, a slight
whimper of cry coming from deep inside her.

"I love you so very, very much, my Angel, my true Angel!"

"I love you too, Mom, I love you so much too!"

We snuggled on the couch together for a while, just holding each other
and kissing and fooling around.

"Did you take your pain pills?"

"Uh-hu, but it's still sore."

"It will be for a few more days or longer. Do you want an ice pack?"

"Nope. I tried one earlier, and it was too cold, it made it hurt worse."

"Dr. Jenkins said if the pills didn't work he'd write a prescription
for something stronger."

"The best medicine for it would be your tongue, Mom!" we both laughing
at that one.

A few days passed. Time crept slow in the North Carolina summer. My
sore pussy made it uncomfortable to do much of anything except hang around
the house, couldn't ride my bike or anything much. Squirt was sweet as was
Mom, both giving me healing oral licks to my sore pussy as I asked.

Another Saturday rolled around. Shithead brother Bobby traipsed in with
his best friend Joe from down the street and Joe's older brother Joseph Jr.
or JJ for short.

"Hey Mom, can we watch some of the porn tapes? Joe and JJ have never
seen any before."

mom didn't break her embrace with me. We knew Bobby had kept his mouth
shut, he risked losing fuck privileges with Squirt and sometimes Aunt Susan
and other sex privileges with mom and me if he ever breathed a word and he
knew it. Mom's hand still lightly rested atop my left breast my teeshirt
being thin over it and she made no effort to move it. Strange.

"Sure, as long as Joe and JJ promise to keep their mouths shut and not
tell their parents, sure, it's okay."

"Thanks, Mom."

mom and I retreated to her bedroom. We stripped and soon she was
between my legs licking my sore freshly cut pussy lips, talking to me
between tongue baths.

"Mom, JJ sure is handsome."

"Yes, he is. Are you thinking about him being your first?"


"He'd be a good choice, I think."

"Yeah, I know from other girls he's painfully shy and has only been with
Cindy, Marsha's old best friend, so he's not a virgin, but close. And I
can use his shyness to my advantage."

"What's your plan?" mom slurped from between my legs.

"I think I'll just tell him I'm a virgin and ask if he'd like to take my
virginity. I'm sure he'll say yes, especially after I tell him another
girl will be there to make love to him too."

"Oh? And who is this girl that will be there with you and him?" she
cooed back coyly, already knowing the answer.

"Oh, I'll tell her after he says yes" I sniggered back at her.

The three boys were jacking off as they sat on the couch together and
watched the porn tape when mom and I went back into the living room. Joe
and JJ panicked at first, tried to pull their pants back up, but Bobby
didn't bother, with a "hey guys, I told you my mom was cool, she is, ain't
you Mom?"

"Sure, Bobby, as long as they are discrete, and stay quiet about things.
JJ, before you go, would you come see me?" a look of panic coming over him
"No, it's nothing bad, just a favor I wanted to ask of you; you guys can go
finish watching your porn tape, I'll be in my bedroom, see me before you
leave, JJ."

About an hour later we heard a knock at Mom's locked bedroom door.

"Who is it?" mom bellowed.

"It's me, Mrs. Green, you said you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, just give me a moment" she replied as she and I threw our clothes
back on "the show is yours from here on out, Amy" she whispered to me.

"Ask where Shithead and Joe are at."

"Hi JJ, come on in; where are Bobby and Joe?"

"Oh, they left a little while ago; I stayed to finish watching the tape,
if that was okay."

"Sure it was. Angel has a favor she wants to ask you, don't you, Dear?"

I patted the bed and nodded for him to come over and sit beside me.

"JJ, I think you're the most handsome boy in town, and I'll cut to the
chase. I'm a virgin, and I want you to be my first."

His mouth dropped wide open. "uhhhh . .. . ugggghhhh . . . " was all
he could manage to say. I kissed him full on the lips.

"Oh, Uhhh, Mrs. Green."

"It's okay JJ, she and I have talked about this, and I'm okay with it. I
put her on birth control pills earlier last week, and she had an operation
so her first time would be less painful for her; she'll be healed in a week
or two, about the time her birth control pills will make her safe. Her
pills aside, you'll still have to use a condom for safe sex purposes. The
decision is entirely between you and her."

"I ; I . . . I don't know what to say; what; what's the catch?"

"The only catch is my handsome prince will also have another girl present when he takes my virginity, and he and she may or may not make love
as they also please, too, that's the only catch."

His whole body literally shook. I thought he was going to bolt, run
like hell out the door. Silence for a couple of moments.

"Can I ask who this other girl will be? Is she pretty like you, Angel?"

"You're looking at her, JJ; am I pretty enough for you?"

His face beamed.

"Oh God yes, Mrs. Green"

"Kate, please, call me Kate."

"God Yes, Kate, Ang'"

"One important thing, JJ" mom continued "this must stay totally
confidential. And one other thing; I'll join you and my daughter for her
first time; after that, I probably won't join you any more; whatever she
and you do after that first time, that'll be between you and her. You okay
with that?"

His face was white as a sheet. He gulped hard. Then again.

"Sure, Mrs. G; I mean, Kate, sure."

"JJ" I murphed, getting his attention "I had an operation last week to
help open my pussy up for my first time; and my pills won't make me safe
for a few days; but we could fool around some now, if you'd like."

He was literally speechless, muttering only some garbled sounds. No
matter. I placed his hands squarely on my titties and moved them around
some. He got the idea. I kissed him and he kissed back. He got the idea.
I took my teeshirt off and he then took his off. He got the idea. I
pressed his mouth to my right nipple as mom started sucking on my left
one,. He definitely got the idea. mom pulled off her blouse and bra and
pulled JJ's mouth to her own breast as I started sucking her free one. He
beyond got the idea at that point.

The bulge in his pants was huge. Mom's hand expertly freed it. My
mouth soon found it, as did Mom's as she joined me and JJ leaned back on
his back on our bed, straining to watch us give him a double suck. He
didn't last long, coming within a couple of minutes. His cock, rock-hard,
was still smaller than Uncle Sam's. mom told me later that he was probably
five and half inches or so, a little smaller than average, but that was
going to be perfect for my first time. His jism squirted on our faces as
we licked him clean, giving him a nice show of swapping our tongues in each
other's mouths. My pussy quit hurting, no twinges at all, except for
little ones wanting to fuck him right now. But I couldn't, still too soon.
His cock now limping now becoming slightly erect again.

mom and I finished undressing each other as JJ threw off his clothes.

"JJ, please show me that you know how to use a condom properly" mom gently barked as she fished one from her nightstand drawer. His cock
started going limp a little as he struggled with the package. mom pulled
me close to her as we began kissing and groping each other. "JJ, see this?
We'll both be yours for my daughter's first time. Calm down. Show me you
know how to properly use a condom."

JJ took a couple of deep breaths as mom and I fooled around in front of
him at the base of his feet as he opened the condom wrapper and with one
quick motion rolled it properly down his shaft.

"God, Mrs., I mean Kate, you two are so hot together!"

"You can't fuck me right now, JJ, but would you like to fuck Mom?"

Silly question. mom lay on her back and he flipped on top of her,
entering her with his second hard-on raincoat covered. I sucked a breast and kissed her as he pumped away. She seemed pleased, urging him to slow
down a bit only once or twice. This time he lasted a good twenty minutes.

"Very well done, young man, very well done indeed" she cooed as she ran
her fingers through his thick curly hair as he finally came, plopping down
beside her.


I was still sore even after the following week. Still sore the
following weekend. But no matter. It was time.

mom had allowed me to go with her that previous Wednesday night,
primarily to get some more practice sucking adult cock, sucking Uncle Sam's
more precisely. Sam and Susan, there were no longer called "Aunt" or
"Uncle" by me, licked my cunty to try help me feel better, and to make me a
part of "the group". They were pleased that after JJ took my virginity the
following weekend that I'd become part of the group.

mom had shooed Shithead and Squirt off to Aunt Mag's for the weekend.
Mags had promised Bobby unlimited fucking, and Squirt liked having sex with
her, too. JJ arrived promptly as promised, eight in the morning that
following Saturday. We met him at the front door wearing old but
presentable terrycloth bathrobes. He was in tight jeans, a tight teeshirt
that showed every muscle of his sixteen year old sinewy body, and was
carrying his old gym bag. I gave him a big hug and kissed him full on the
lips as he made his way inside, mom doing the same to him once the front
door was closed. I was nervous, but neither he nor mom seemed nervous at
all. mom made pleasantries about getting him a drink.

We sat down on the couch together, he in the middle between us, and
sipped Pepsis from cans. mom had rented a special X-rated compilation tape
of female-male-female threesomes. We began watching it as mom also brought
out some finger sandwiches and other snacks from the kitchen, sitting back
down beside our JJ, letting her robe fall open, me peeling mine open so he
could look and feel as he wished. You couldn't have wiped the grin off his
face with an ax.

Few words were said as he kissed me first, then Mom. The bulge in his
pants was already full. My hand found it and playfully patted it through
his jeans. We had all day, but he was ready, and I was ready.

"Not so fast, young ones" mom purred as stood up and let her robe fall
to the floor "let's take our time. Angel, my daughter, I'm going to suck
your pussy" as she knelt before me and opened my robe, spreading my legs.

She made a show for JJ of sticking her tongue out as far as she could to
lick my clit and still a little sore lips, then rubbed it with each of her
nipples. God, that felt so good! Then a finger inside me, then two which
caused a bit of pain, then three as she rotated her hand inside me causing
me a lot of pain but which I was determined not to show. Her three fingers
after all were bigger than JJ's cock. Then she started licking my clit
while frigging me and a nice little wave orgasm swept over me. Nice.

"JJ, would you like to try?"

He was not as practiced as Mom, but he didn't just shove his fingers
inside me, working them slowly like mom had just done, and his licking of
my lips and clit were pretty good, too.

mom whispered to him to stand up, she helping him strip as he did. His
cock for being smallish as mom said it was from her experience looked
perfect to me. I touched it, held it, then began sucking it as he stood
before me as I sat on the couch, my pussy lubricating enough to where I
felt wetness underneath me on the sofa cushions. I had wanted to extend
things out more, but what the hell. It felt like it was time. JJ was
simply going to be the instrument of my de-virginizing. It was time.

Getting back to Mom's bedroom, the pillows were already arranged on the
bed. mom and I had talked about it, and she strongly suggested that
considering what was left of my thick hymen and all, that him taking me
from the rear as I lay shoulders flat on all fours would probably be best.

We three kissed a nice triple-kiss, our hands roaming freely, then I
hopped on the bed and assumed the position. I heard a condom wrapper being
torn open and felt mom work some KY in my pussy, not that it needed much if
any additional lubrication, then with an ease I didn't expect to be there,
felt JJ's cock slip inside me as mom scooted down to craddle me, putting
her arm over my shoulder as JJ began a slow pump.

"How you doin', Baby?"

"Just fine, Mom. It feels great. I'm finally a woman, I'm finally no
longer a virgin!"

"Yes you are Baby, you are finally a woman in all respects. Is he
hurting you?"

"No, not all Mom, his cock feels wonderful. Am I bleeding much?"

"Let me check."

mom scooted back around to inspect things as I lay face down on the bed
my ass high in the air, her fingers and tongue running over my cunt a
little before moving back down to my head.

"You're bleeding just a little, Hon', but not from your hymen, from
inside, that's be expected your first time. You're fine."


"Yes, Hon'?"

"Will you lick my asshole while he fucks me?"

"Of course my darling."

Her tongue play at around and in my anal pucker as JJ picked up his
pace, Mom's hand also massaging my tit closest to her. I felt her move a
little and bring JJ closer to me as his pumping continued.

"Fuck my daughter, JJ, fuck her hard, fuck her as hard as you want, you
stud you, fuck my precious daughter hard enough to make her scream with

Mom's not usually much of a talker during sex, and her words got to him
and me both as he grabbed me by the waist and just started shoving his cock
inside me as hard as he could. He didn't, couldn't last long like that.
Two or three minutes later he was through trying to shove his cock through
my cervix and collapsed on the bed beside me, me rolling over to be with

"Thank you, my JJ, thank you."

He gave me a look like "what the hell are you thanking me for? You just
gave a fantasy fulfilled beyond any guy's wildest dream. I should be the
one thanking you."

"You're welcome, my Angel, you are very welcome."

By then mom had also made her way over and had pulled his condom off and
was sucking as limping cock. He tried to pull away in jest but she just
grabbed and held him down as her blowjob of him continued.

"You ain't goin' anywhere, young man, until I get some of this delicious
cock, too."

Sixteen year old guys being sixteen year old guys, his cock soon rose to
attention once again. She didn't waste it. Sans condom, she crawled atop
him and began a wild, passionate grind.

"Ang', come behind me and play with my tits and my pussy and his cock as
I fuck him."

"Sure Mom."

I held her close for all I was worth, kissing her between her shoulder
blades as my hands freely roamed over the front of her body, my breast nudging into her back, my hands playing with her breasts and rubbing his
cock and her cunt as she wildly fucked him from atop. God, my mom is so
freaking hot! I just know that when I'm with her and Sam and Susan she'll
be this hot or hotter, I just know it.

JJ's hands joined mine at Mom's breasts, we both grabbing at them, as
her posting of our lover continued. Poor old JJ, sixteen or not, couldn't
take much more of that, coming as he gulped for breath, she flopping off
him pulling me with her.

"Suck my cunt, daughter, suck JJ's come out of my pussy, now!" she
commanded with unfamiliar style but I happily complying none the less.

JJ watched us from inches away as I licked and slurped at Mom's sloppy
cunt. JJ looked like he had died and gone to heaven. He probably had.

"Got another one in you right now, young man?"

"I think so, Mrs., yeah, I think so, Kate."

"Then fuck Angel some more, today is to be for her, and if you have any
left, I want you to fuck my ass."

"Sure, Kate."

We both ministered orally to him to get back up, which he did quickly.
Then another condom, then he on top of me as I lay on my back. His eyes
met mine. We gazed into each other's eyes for the longest time as he held
me close, his arm under my shoulders, and mom just gently petted at us

"I love you, Angel" he murmured.

"I love you too, JJ."

For half an hour or more, he just made sweet, almost innocent love to
me, mom not distracting us by lightly running her hands where and when she
felt, just lightly touching us both as JJ and made true, passionate,
selfless love.

"Do you want to come now, my lover?" I whispered to him.


"Then come in Mom's ass. It's what she wants. And I love her. Pull
out of me and come in my mother's ass."

mom was on all fours before he moved off me good. Her anal bud was
gaping open and closed, almost begging for it as I worked a little KY in
it, not that she needed it. I guided JJ's cock into her asshole and mom just screamed a banshee cry of passion into her pillow where her face was

"You okay, Mom?" I couldn't help but ask, she nodding her face "yes"
while using both hands to hold her pillow to it. I wanted JJ to have a
super-big come, but didn't know what would turn him on further. Then it
hit me. As I scooted beside him as he continued his assfuck of Mom, sweet
nothings hit his eardrums.

"Hey JJ? Enjoying yourself? Not only do you have two women to fuck all
day, but you have a mother and daughter to fuck all day. You know how many
guys would kill to fuck a mother and daughter at the same time? Not only a
mother and daughter, both a mother and daughter who like to lick each
other's pussies and play with each other's titties. You know how many guys ever get to fuck a lesbian mother and daughter team? None! You know how
lucky you are, JJ, fucking my mother's ass after you've taken my virginity
and watched me and mom got at each other like lesbian sluts, you know how
lucky that makes you, Hhhhuuuu?"

That did it. He grabbed hard at her waist, pulled her tight to him, and
came and came and came, finally collapsing beside us as mom and I moved
around to cuddle with one another.

"That was perfect, Mom."

"Yes it was, wasn't it, my darling Angel? You were perfect. Happy?"


"Want to fuck JJ again when he wakes up?"

"Uh-hu; IF he ever wakes up!" we both breaking out loud in laughter on
that note as our lover snored away just inches from us.



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