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PLAYING4 camera front it patting


Playing Spin The Bottle With Mom, Part 4



(Fg, FF, Fm, Fb, MFg, FMFg, 13-year-old-daughter/adult single mother,
whole family incest, adult sibling incest, all combinations, swinging,
swingers, on-premises hotel swing party, orgy, group sex, menstrual sex,
light BDSM, easy going, self-discovery, personal growth)

I couldn't hardly wait for next week to roll around so I could, for the
first time, join mom and her sister my Aunt Susan and her husband my Uncle
Sam in their weekly midweek "bridge game" as mom promised I could, now that
I had lost my virginity to Bobby's friend JJ and gotten that impediment out
of the way.

Bobby was his usual pest, pestering both me and mom continually for
fucks or sucks and we sometimes letting him most times not most times he
having to settle for doing Squirt, my little 8-year-old sister Janie when
we couldn't nag one of us into relieving his 11-year-old boyhood masculine

Janie seemed pleased the way things had worked out, she seemed to be
enjoying our sexplay as much as mom and Shithead brother and I were but
also seemed to be very far away, have a very distant look in her eyes and a
distant tone in her voice at times even when she was playing with one or
more of us. I couldn't help but feel maybe Squirt shouldn't have become a
full partner in our sexcapades, maybe she should have waited until she was
older. I expressed these concerns to Mom, but mom basically poo-pooed them
while acknowledging them.

"Angel, your aunts Susan and Mags and I started our sexplay early too
and didn't suffer any ill effects. We became sexually free, but not sex
maniacs. We became sexually knowledgeable, but not freaks or addicts where
sex rules our lives. Your sister will be fine, Ang'."

"But Mom, a lot of times I really don't thinks she wants to. I think
she does things a lot of times just because you and me and Bobby are
playing with each other so much now. I think she does it a lot of times
just 'cause we're doing it."

"If this is a real concern of yours, Angel, sure, I'll have a talk with
her. I'll stress she never has to have sex with her brother, not you or me
either, that if she doesn't want to all she has to do is say no and that
will be more than okay; okay?"

"Sure, Mom, and thanks!" I cooed in Mom's ear as we sat next to each
other on our, excuse me, Mom's bed late that Tuesday night.

"You really do love your sister, don't you?"

"Yes, Mom, I really do."

"That's good! Hopefully you and Squirt will stay as close as you are
now all the rest of your lives as your Aunt Susan and I are."

"I hope so, too, Mom" she hugging me close as she pulled me back onto
the bed, her hand rubbing my small but budding breasts through my top.

"Finished your chores, finished doing the dishes and taking the garbage

"Uh, not exactly."

"Well, exactly Miss Amy, I suggest you finished them first, before we
snuggle a little. I've got to go into work early tomorrow morning, so we
can't play much tonight, but we'll have a nice time at Susan and Sam's
tomorrow night, 'k?"

"I'm looking forward to it so much, Mom!" I replied with sincere glee
about the upcoming time tomorrow night but with sarcastic sling because I
had to get up to go finish my chores. Sometimes being a thirteen-year-old
girl, even if your mom is your best friend and your lover, can be a real
bitch, since mom no matter what else we did always still acted like my mom in every way except when we were in bed together, and yeah, that sucked.


mom came home late that fateful afternoon, five or ten minutes after
sex, I mean six, knowing we were supposed to be at Aunt Susan's and Uncle
Sam's at seven, rushing in throwing some groceries in the fridge and pantry
and then rushing to the bathroom.

"C'mon, Angel, come to the bathroom with me" mom barked as she pulled on
my shoulder a bit, something she had almost never done before "we're
running a little late, but we'll be okay."

In the bathroom, mom fished out one of Summer's Eve douches from under
the sink.

"Do you know how to use one of these?" she spoke somewhat sharply as her
clothes hit the floor haphazardly, I shaking my head "no", she should have
known that I didn't since she had never shown me how to; "get your clothes
off, Ang'."

Standing naked in our tub/shower, she assembled the douche, screwing the
nozzle onto the bottle of fluid, then hiked one leg onto the side of the
tub and worked the nozzle inside her, firmly squeezing all the douche
mixture out of the bottle and into her pussy as it ran down her leg.

"Now, you get one, and I'll help you do yourself."

Even though I had lost my virginity and my vagina was getting more used
to having things put inside it, the nozzle didn't want to quite go in, and
Mom seemed to get a little impatient with me.

"You've got to relax, Amy" my proper name used always meaning she was
irritated or worse with me "or the nozzle won't go in."

"Why do I have to use it, Mom?" I asked as I tried to maintain my
balance with one leg hiked up on the side of the tub as mom did her thing
to me in front of me.

"Because, Angel, it's just common courtesy; Sam's going to shower and
wash his cock for us tonight, Susan's going to shower and douche too so
she'll smell nice for us"

"But Mom, I don't mind the smell of Susan or any other lady" I

mom stopped what she was doing for a second, put her hands on her hips
the bottle of Summer's Eve in her right one still, and gave me a funny look
as she gently scolded me "okay, then, it's for Sam, Sam is a little funny
about stinky female smells sometimes, sometimes not, so Susan and I always
douche before partying, and now you'll have to, too, if you want to play
with us."

"You know I do."

"Then open up your legs for me some more, Darling, and lets get this

The nozzle finally went it as did the gush of fluid behind it, then the
bottle tossed in the trash and we quickly showered together not even
playing with each other as the hot water rinsed the smell of Summer's Eve
off of us smelling funkier to me than either of our female smells had been
but whatever, I just wanted to become part of their circle.

I put on a tube top and shorts but no panties underneath and my favorite
sandals as mom threw on her favorite tennis top and tennis short-shorts and
Reeboks before grabbing her purse and almost rushing out the door. As we
drove through town over to Susan and Sam's, the traffic being heavy it
being just after rush hour on a weekday, mom didn't say much at first but
just smiled at me and reached for and held my hand on the seat space
between us.

"Nervous, Angel?"

"No, not really, Mom; I think you're more nervous than I am" I kidded
with her a bit.

"Actually, I probably am."

I know I couldn't help but show some surprise. "Why are you nervous,

"I don't know if nervous is the word, Ang'; I'm just . . . I'm just
concerned that everything will go alright, and you'll fit in."

"Oh, I will, Mom; Uncle Sam's been wanting to fuck me like crazy since
that first night of our sex education, and Aunt Susan is such a dream."

"Yeah, Sam's been wanting you, for sure. Remember, anything he wants to
do that you don't, you can always say 'no'. Remember that."

"I know Mom, and I will."

Sam and Susan had prepared a light supper of salads and a Mexican
chicken dish, not too spicy or hot but with a pleasant aftertaste. We all
sat around in the living room, mom on the sofa with me, Sam and Susan on
the loveseat with each other as we at off their everyday china atop tv trays as "Judge Joe Brown" then "Judge Mathis" shows played on the tv in
front of us. No mention was made of sex as polite conversation filtered
back and forth, Aunt Susan asking me how my summer vacation was going, Sam
asking mom about a mechanic she had recommended to him, mom asking Susan
about a redtag sale that was going on at Hetch's department store and if
she wanted to go with her this coming weekend to it.

I had expected there be wall-to-wall sex happening as soon as we got in
the door, and it wasn't happening. Sam would guffaw very loudly
occasionally at the nonsense being played out in the faux courtroom dramas
as Susan would tap him on the shoulder whispering that "company's here,
behave yourself!" only half-joking with him. Aunt Susan got up from beside
her husband Sam and came over to sit next the other side of mom as Sam sat
fixated on his shows, mom and her talking about a shoe sale going on at
Pic-N-Pay. Damn, if this is what their weekly mini-orgy get together was
going to be like, it was going be bor-ring. I got up from next to mom and
sat down beside Uncle Sam and put my hand squarely on his knee and
squeezed. He paid me not one bit of mind.

"Ice cream, anyone?" Aunt Susan asked as she got up to clear the teevee
trays, mom also rising to help her "Angel, ice cream? I have Bryer's
vanilla and French chocolate?", I shaking my head "no" in reply.

I had been expecting wild wall-to-wall sex and all we had done was eat
dinner however nice and watch some boring shows on TV. Uncle Sam still
ignored my hand on his knee. I put it on his crotch, atop his pants.
Still no reaction. I kissed him on the cheek, he quickly turned to kiss me
on my forehead before turning back to watch his show. Shessshhh!
Expecting a fuck and can't even get a real kiss from him.

mom and Aunt Susan came back from the kitchen and sat down together on
the couch. As Sam watched his show as my hand still couldn't even get a
modest hard through his pants, mom and Aunt Susan slowly began to smooch
and kiss. Finally! They hugged and smooched and started kissing very
passionately as their hands began roaming over each other.

The "Judge Mathis" show's credits rolled across the screen as Uncle Sam
hit the "off" button on the remote and turned to me as I sat next to him on
the couch his cock bulge through his pants now feeling a little firmer. I
mean, Uncle Sam and I had had sex before of a kind, he and I had fooled
around some that first time and I had practiced sucking his cock some the
other week, so it's not like we weren't lovers of a kind, he just hadn't
fucked me with his cock yet because I had said "no" that first time and
then they wouldn't let me fully join in until I had lost my virginity which
I had the other week to JJ, so I was ready.

"Sorry about that, Angel, it's just that I never miss 'my shows', I
always watch them every day."

"That's okay, Uncle . . . "

"Sam; I'm just Sam now, Angel" he cooed back to me as his eyes met mine
and his hand cradled the back of my neck as we swooned in closer.

"That's okay, Sam."

"Bet you thought it'd be like a Roman orgy, hu?"

"Well, no; well, kinda."

"That's okay. It is, it will be. Just look at your mom and Aunt Susan
over there" mom and Aunt Susan by now having their tops off and Susan was
expertly sucking Mom's breasts as they sat on the loveseat "the usual chain
of events is" he continued "that I always let Kate, your mom and Susan have
whatever time they want to themselves, and then they let me know when I can
join in. Now that you're part of the group, you and I can fool around some
and when they are finished with each other, we can join in then, as we
please. Sound good?" I nodding my head "yes" in reply "let's go to the
bedroom, then."

Sam helped me off with my top and shorts as he encouraged me to help him
get undressed, gently placing my hands on the zipper of his pants as he
pulled his shirt off as I sat on the edge of the bed as he stood before me,
his cock now free almost fully erect not even inches from my face. He
didn't have to ask me to do the obvious next. My mouth encircled his cock
and I began to slowly suck it. His hands lightly grabbed my ears and the
sides of my face, holding my head still as he began an easy mouthfuck of
me. I didn't mind.

We laid down on the bed together. We kissed, he holding me close to him
as my arms wrapped around him and his around me. "Nervous?" he asked I
replying "of course not! I think mom is more nervous than I am" he just
laughing as we kissed and his hand pressed its way between my legs and mine
gently masturbated his cock. mom and Aunt Susan were nowhere to be seen.

Uncle Sam, Sam, rolled on top of me as I spread my legs for him. He
entered me without a word or even a sound, his eyes looking deep into mine.
His larger member than JJ's popped a little cunny muscle or two, I felt
them do so. It didn't hurt, not really.

"God, Angel, you're every bit as tight as I had hoped."

"Thanks . . . uh, Sam . . . I even douched for you, too" his grinning
smile becoming even a bit wider than it had been at that remark.

"That's nice. Feel good?"


"All fours, then?"

"Uh, sure, anything you'd like."

He positioned me the way he wanted, then got something out of the
nightstand. Entering me, he pulled one wrist then the other to the middle
of my back, then the feeling of cold metal and the sound of metallic
clicking as he handcuffed me behind my back as his fuck of me continued.

"Do the handcuffs make your nervous?"

"No, not at all" I replied honestly, knowing that mom was in the next
room with Aunt Susan and if he did anything too crazy to me she'd kill him.

"Would you like a little spanking as we fuck?"

I had to think about that for a second. "Sure" I eventually replied "as
long as you don't swat me too hard, and stop if I say stop."

"Just say 'Cleveland' if you want me to stop, not 'stop', okay?"

"Sure" I not quite understanding the concept of safewords back then
"Cleveland, it is."

His hands rubbed my asscheeks as our fuck continued and he began his
occasional pop-pop spanking of me. Not regularly timed slaps, just the odd
open-hand pop of one cheek then the other as his hard grew and grew inside
me and my wrists stayed bound behind my back.

"Enjoying it, Angel, My sweet thirteen-year-old Bitch?" he hissed at me
not from anger but from passion instead.

"Yes, Sam, yes! Harder! Fuck me harder!"

He didn't need to be asked. Grabbing me by my waist as I stayed on all
fours, he drove deeper and harder and deeper and harder still, still
managing to land the odd open-hand spanking slap on my reddening asscheeks
while doing so.

"God, Angel, you are so fucking tight! I can't believe it, how good you
are. Jeezzzz!!!" he moaned as I felt his orgasm not spurt but flood
inside. For a moment, he just kind of stayed motionless behind me, then
collapsed on the bed beside me as he pulled me close to him. For a few
moments we just laid there next to each other, my arms still manacled
behind my back, motionless, silent, eyes meeting then shying away, his hand
sometimes grabbing a breasts and fingers sometimes pulling then pinching a
nipple. I didn't mind. It felt good. It all felt good.

Then a "will you look at this! My brother-in-law and my thirteen
year-old daughter in bed together, just having had sex. Shall we call the
cops and have the scum Sam arrested for contributing to the delinquency of
a minor, Sis'?"

"That's not funny, Kate!" Sam managed to grumble out as he roused a bit,
raising up off the bed to stagger over to them "not fucking funny at all,
sister-in-law!" he barked seriously before cracking up a little and kissing
her fully on the mouth as Aunt Susan joined their hug and kiss "I wonder
what the authorities would think if they knew this minor's own mother was
the first to get to that delicious pussy of hers, what would they say?" the
three of them embracing while giggling.

"Hey, guys, what about me? Please get these handcuffs off me!"

Aunt Susan unlocked the cuffs and pulled me close to her as mom and Sam
cuddle together next to us on the bed.

"Was Sam okay? He didn't get too rough with you, did he?" I shaking my
head "no" with a "no, not at all; I knew he wouldn't get too rough with mom in the next room." "Smart girl, you are."

"He did fuck me hard on all fours, but that's what I wanted."

"Did you come?"

"Uh-hu. Several times."

"Let me see" and with that Aunt Susan's fingers pried my legs apart and
her fingers plunged deep inside me, frigging me a little before she pulled
them out, smelling them, looking at them, tasting them "a little blood on
them. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, Aunt Susan . . . "

"Susan" she corrected me.

"Yeah, Susan, I'm okay. My first, JJ, was just smaller than Sam, that's
all" I replied as her hand once again found my crotch and her mouth kissed
mine for a moment.

"You are so perfectly delicious, Angel! I'm going to eat my husband's
come out of your perfect little twat, okay?" she stating a statement of
fact close to an order and not so close to a request as her face buried
between my legs and her hands reached up to play with my breasts.

Next to us, mom was now on top of Sam, riding him. I don't see how he
managed. As little as I knew about men, I know that after a huge come like
Sam just had minutes ago with me that it usually takes them a while to be
able to get it back up. No matter. He was obviously hard, and mom was
obviously enjoying riding him.

Susan in the meantime couldn't have cared less. Her tongue action was
driving me to orgasm after mini-orgasm. So much so that I was starting to
feel a little crampy.

"Aunt, eeerrrr, Susan, please stop! You're driving me wild! Please
stop, it feels so good, it's almost hurting!"

That remark made mom and Sam stop for a moment, look at us next to them,
then look at each other, grin, giggle, then go back to fucking, as Susan
raised her head up.

"You're serious?"

"Uh-hu. I've come so much from your tongue that it feels like I'm
getting crampy, almost like I'm reading to start again" she just grinning
at that remark.

"Wanna trade places, then?"


I could taste the mild residue of her own Summer's Eve douche, despite
the fact that mom must have tried to lick it all out of her earlier.
Propping a pillow under her butt, she asked me to work my fingers inside
her as I ate her, and to try to get my whole fist inside her if I could.
It didn't take long to do so. My fist disappeared deep inside her cunt,
all the way past my wirstbone. Damn, that was hot! So hot in fact that
Mom and Sam stopped what they were doing, now fucking from the side, to
roll over to be close to Susan and I to watch the action, both just smiling
away at what they were watching.

"Damn, Angel's a natural!" Sam exclaimed to no one in particular.

"Yes, she is, she certainly is" mom replied to equally no one in
particular "I gotta get some of that; Angel, when you're through giving
Susan a nice come, your old mom wants a fisting, too."

"Sure Mom, in a few minutes."

My tongue again found Susan's clit as my fisting of her continued. I
was enjoying every second of it. Sam was right, I was a natural at it, at
sex in general. mom scooted beside me, playing with my breasts as Sam
entered once again from behind, my pussy this time being more open and
receptive to his cock. As Sam fucked me from behind and mom played with my
tits as I fisted Susan, mom also slipped a single finger in my asshole and
probed a bit. Damn. She knew exactly what to do. Between Sam's cock and
her finger, I couldn't keep my concentration on Susan, so I pulled my wrist
and fist out of her and moved to the side a bit to take Sam more fully.

"Eat me, Amy!" mom barked as she moved around then slid her cunt under
my face as I knelt on all fours once again.

Sam didn't slap my ass this time, just concentrated on his increasing
pace of fucking me deep instead. mom grabbed by head by my hair and pulled
me even tighter to her open crotch as Aunt Susan made her way around to
suck on Mom's breasts as I did. God, how much hotter than that could
things get? I could see why mom had been coming over to their "bridge
game" every week for years. Sam worked his thumb up my ass as his
relentless fucking of me continued, my being able to concentrate on sucking on Mom's clit and licking her lips just barely stayed as his fucking of me
peaked as my own passion did, he coming once again inside me as I slightly
spurted my very first bit of cyprinne G-spot come, we all collapsing
together on the bed.

For at least five minutes, silence. mom lightly kissed me as Sam also
did then Susan too as we lay snuggled together, happy. Susan's hand
lightly cupped one breast, mom my other. Sam's cock had shrunk to nothing,
looking smaller than a baby's in its little covering of foreskin, my hand
lightly teasing it.

"Have you asked, told her about the party this Saturday night, Sis?"
Susan asked Mom, the peaceful slumbering silence finally broken.

"What party?" my eyes widening with interest as her words came forth
without thinking.

"No, I hadn't. I was waiting to make sure things worked out tonight
first" mom replied somewhat sleepily.

"What party?" I asked once more, this time with more serious tone.

Silence for a moment as mom pulled me closer to her, kissing my
forehead, with a "we belong to a social club called 'Raleigh Friends'.
It's a swing club that meets once a month at the Crabtree Valley Holiday
Inn. Remember what 'swingers' are from 'The Joy Of Sex'?"

"I . . . I think so."

"Swingers" Susan chirped in as her hand found one of my breasts "are
close friends who get together in a social setting to meet and greet and
have lots of great sex with each other, as friends."

"Sound cool!"

"The only problem, Angel" mom continued "is your age. You are underage.
Anyone who has sex with you is committing a crime, and if found out, could
go to jail."

"You know I'd never tell, Mom!"

"That is beside the point, Angel" Sam interjected "it's different than
the four of us or those others whom you trust having sex with you. These
are all adults, with adults needs and wants."

"Meaning that they would probably all want to have sex with me, right?"

"Not exactly, but more or less, yes" mom took the floor once more as her
hand played with a free breast of mine Susan being on the other with her
mouth now "just as with us and your siblings, you can always say 'no', it's
just that most there won't know how to react to you. The youngest member
ever allowed was sixteen, she came to a party on her sixteenth birthday
with her parents who were long-time members, sixteen being the legal age of
consent in North Carolina."

"I know that Mom."

"Anyway, we've been talking with the other couples that run the club,
we're all on 'the board' together, and they feel like as long as we take
certain precautions . . . "

"Like what, Mom?" Aunt Susan now having moved around to be between my
legs once more.

" . . . like keeping you out of the truly public areas, like the main
dance floor and the buffet and bar areas, the areas where first-timers and
those newbies that are curious might see you, and keep you up in the
private party suite that is run by us and the other regulars a couple of
floors above the dance, that things should be cool. Also, Angel . . ."

"Yes, Mom?"

"While you can always say 'no', there is an expectation of sex up in the
private party room. Just being honest with you, My Angel, unless someone
really turns you off, there is and will be an expectation that if someone
asks you for sex, unless you really -really - really find them
unattractive, in which case it is fine to say 'no', that you'll have sex
with them, even if it's just 'polite sex' for a moment or two. To be
honest with you, Angel, if this was a year from now, I'd be all for you
coming with us. But you just started having sex very recently. I don't
know if you're ready for this. What do you think?"

Moving my legs to make Aunt Susan quit licking my clit and sitting up
for a second as mom and them did likewise, I put my hand to my chin and
thought silently for a moment.

"Will you be there, Mom?"

"Uh-hu, and that's another thing. If we go, if you go, everyone will
kind of expect you and I to do a show for them all before the night is
over. Everyone there, all the regulars, will really get off watching us as
a mother-and-daughter twosome."

"Will you guys also be there?"

"Of course" Aunt Susan replied "we're on the board too, the steering
committee, along with your mom and a half a dozen or so other couples who
helped start the club."

"Another thing, Dear, is that there is a special 'ladies room' where
only women are permitted to enter; no guys at all; in there, if you decide
to go there, it's a given that everyone who enters will have sex with all
the other women who are already there. You can come and go as you please.
But while in there, sex will be expected of you, giving and receiving, by
all the women in there at that moment."

"Sounds cool, Mom."

"There's also a BDSM room, too" Sam interjected "but that's for couples
only, male female or female female couples only, no singles permitted. You
wouldn't have to visit the BDSM room unless you really wanted to, of

mom held me close to her breast once more as Sam and Susan joined us in
a nice, laidback group hug.

"So, Angel, would you like to go to the party with us this Saturday
night?" Susan asked.

"Sure, as long as all three of you guys are going too, sure."

"Cool!" mom exclaimed, trying to sound cool by saying "cool" but falling
short a little bit.

We group kissed and smooched and groped a little more before mom noticed
it was already passed 10:30PM, half an hour later than when she normally
got home, and made a comment about Aunt Mags who was our usual babysitter
on these nights probably being irritated because we were already so late.
When we got home and found Aunt Mags and Shithead brother Bobby and Squirt
all in Mom's bed just playing away, Mags sucking Bobby off while he ate
Squirt out, at least mom was relieved that Mags wasn't mad with her for
being a little late.


The next afternoon she drove me over to Priscilla's, an adult erotic
boutique on Western Blvd., for my party outfit. I had seen the one mom was
going to wear this coming Saturday many times, in fact it must have been
one of her older outfits period but it still looked nice; a black leather
miniskirt with a tight front-hook black leather bra and a pair black
leather lace-up boots six inches high or so. mom found an identical one
for me off the racks of women's leather clothing in the backroom and took
me back into the dressing room to helped me try it on.

"You're really blossoming out into such a pretty young woman, my Angel"
she whispered as she helped me out of my clothes to try the leather skirt
and bra on.

"Thanks, Mom. You know, I couldn't have a better mom in this whole

"You're just too sweet sometimes" she continued as she felt up my boobs to make sure the warm black leather bra fit just right.

"I'm serious, Mom, you're the best!" kissing her fully on the lips as I
said it, she kissing me back, holding me close, taking a deep breath for a
second before pulling away.

"Enough of that, or we'll do something we should wait until we get home
to do!"

Then we drove over to "Options", a store I had seen the seen for out on
Hillsboro Street near the Capital and always wondered what they sold
because there were never any cars in the parking lot but always seemed to
be people coming and going in and out of it. Inside the store, it was
amazing. Like Priscilla's, except on steroids. All sorts of leather
whips, paddles, more leather clothing for men and women, whips, chains,
piercing stuff, nipples clamps, clit rings, paddling benches, stuff I never
seen before.

"We bought your outfit at Priscilla's because it's the same quality as
here but a lot cheaper; this place is expensive, but it's the only place in
town where we can get your fetish shoes" she whispered to me knelling close
as we made our way to the back and then to the basement where the shoes
where, drawing very curious glances from the handful of patrons milling
about the store. Down in the basement, Adam, a store clerk that mom knew
by name, helped me try on several pairs of ankle-high leather shoes similar
to the ones mom had for her party outfit. Adam was cute. He played with
my feet and calves a little as he helped me find the correct size of shoe.

"Adam and his wife Debbie are members of Raleigh Friends, too, Angel."

"Cool! So I'll get to see you there, Adam?"

"Well, Adam didn't know you were coming this Saturday, Angel, until
right now when you told him."

"Ohhhpppsss, sorry, Mom, I didn't mean to spill the beans" looking away
with sheepish grin.

"That's okay Angel, I'm cool with it. Ask your Mom, I'm pretty cool
about most things, aren't I, Kate?" mom smiling in reply but not saying a
word otherwise.

In the car riding home mom fussed at me a little about telling Adam I
was going to attend the social, even though he knew mom and both were
members. "You are underage, Amy, so you need to keep your participation
quiet; tell no one else you're going unless you ask me first, okay?"

"Okay, Mom, sure. Mad at me?"

"Of course not; c'mere" she replied as she held my hand as we drove down
the length of Hillsboro Street back to home.

Friday night after supper Shithead brother Bobby went back outside to
play with his friends in the neighborhood and Squirt left the kitchen to go
sit on the couch in the living room and play some Nintendo. Helping mom clean the table and put stuff in the dishwasher, we made small talk about
the upcoming festivities tomorrow.

"Are you nervous, Angel?"

"Mom, I really think you're more nervous than I am. Like you were the
other night at Sam and Susan's. I was looking forward to it, and you were
definitely more nervous than me."

She shot me a look between deep thought and possible recognition. "I
suppose you're right, Hon'. We're walking a fine line and playing a
potentially dangerous game, taking you to the party tomorrow. If someone
gets upset or has a bad reaction to you being there, I could go to jail,
could lose you kids, all sorts of bad things could happen."

"Then maybe I shouldn't go?"

"No, I've thought a lot about it ever since that first night I caught
you and the brats in the tent and we played spin the bottle together. I
knew then that you would probably join me in all my activities. This is
what I want, Hon'. This is who I am, a sexually free woman. At thirteen
and having sex for just a few weeks, you are also quite the sexually free
young woman. You are simply amazing. I've told you the truth about what
the party is going to be like. As long as it's what you want, then you
should go."

"You're sure, Mom? If you don't think I'm ready, like you said, I could
always wait a few months or even another year or more. I wouldn't mind.
Now that I'm part of the fun with you and Aunt Susan and Uncle Sam, I
really enjoy that, that's enough for me. And maybe JJ or another boy or
two and maybe trying to seduce Melissa (JJ's sister) too."

"The decision is really yours. You don't have to decide now. You can
decide tomorrow, and if decide not to go, that'll be fine."

"Thanks, Mom" I replied in earnest while dropping the last dirty fork in
the dishwasher's silverware basket and then reaching over to hug and kiss
her "but I've already made up my mind; I want to go."

"Okay then, but you'll have to do exactly as I say when we get there."

"Not a problem."

mom and I made our way to her bedroom for a little fun. We stopped by
the living room to ask Squirt if she wanted to join us and she busy with
"Tanks Of Doom" not bothering to turn to look at us replied "maybe later,
Mom". In the bedroom we leisurely undressed and got under the covers to
kiss and smooch a little. mom started telling me about the history of the
club as our hands mutually exchanged pleasant touchings under the cool

"Your father and I almost broke up over his cheating the second year we
were married, just after I had you. I got him to agree that he could have
one or two girlfriends on the side, but no more random cheating. You were
small then, an infant, and taking care of an infant is exhausting,
especially considering I was working too. I wasn't too sexual then. Aunt
Susan and I hadn't fooled around in some years, mainly because she had
moved away."

"Did you ever cheat on Dad, Mom?"

"No, not really. After you got a little older, the next year when you
were eighteen months old or so, Aunt Susan moved back to town, and we began
our physical relationship again, in earnest. She didn't have a boyfriend
then, so we'd get together once or twice a week to have sex. Your father kept his word and only had one or two regular girlfriends. He and I didn't
have sex much then, sometimes, not much. But it was soon after that that I
got pregnant with your brother. I knew it was your Dad's because I only
been with Susan."

"But Mom, you were going to tell me about how you helped start Raleigh

"Uh, yeah. After I had Bobby, a year or so after that, your Aunt Susan
and I had met at the house for a 'nooner' when your Dad unexpectedly also
came home, something he never did during the day. He caught us
dead-to-rights. Huge fight. Huge blow-up. Almost split up with him right
then. I pointed out that I had allowed him his girlfriends on the side.
He said he loved me. I did love him, always have, always will. Susan
didn't have a regular boyfriend. He wanted a threesome with Susan and me.
I agreed, but only if he gave up screwing his girlfriends. The threesome
became a weekly thing, much like our weekly fun with Susan and Sam is now.
Then one day he brought home some swinger's magazines. I agreed we would
try to meet some other couples. I love your father, but one man, one
woman, has never been enough for me. I know that now."

"But about the club?"

"I'm getting to that, Angel" mom playfully chided me as she tickled my
ribs a bit as we snuggled naked under the cover "we answered an ad, that
first ad, and damned if the couple who had placed the ad didn't turn out to
be Dr. Jenkins who had been my OB/GYN for years and who had delivered both
you and Bobby and his wife Karen. Talk about a shock. We swung with them
the first night we got together with them at their house, and from there
they introduced us to the circle of other swinging friends, about six or
seven couples then. We'd get together at their house about once a month
for a house party and swing. They have a large house over in Country Club
Acres off Glenwood, huge house, ten bedrooms or so. From those handful of
couples, our network of couples we swung with just grew and grew.
Eventually it got so big we had to move the party to a hotel. So we
started 'Raleigh Friends' as a public front swing club so we could get good
rates on banquet facilities and rooms and such. Your Dad and I and the
Jenkins' and about six or seven couples that had been together from the
start, from the early days of meeting at the Jenkins' mansion, became the
core membership."


"Yes, Angel?" her hand now rubbing my pussy easily under the covers.

"If you and Dad liked swinging so much, why did you get a divorce?"

Her hand stopped its rubbing and she pulled away for a moment, propping
up on one elbow to look at me intently, thinking so hard her forehead was

"After I got pregnant with Janie, your Dad swore she wasn't his. I had
screwed a lot of guys by then, Ang'. Even using my pills religiously, they
don't work 100% all the time, a fact you have to remember, too. Blood
tests then a genetic test proved your Dad is Squirt's father too, but that
caused a lot of friction for some reason. Then your Dad got possessive.
He wanted continuous threesomes and moresomes with me and other women, but
didn't want me screwing other guys without him there though he wanted to be
able to screw other women 'closed' meaning without me there and didn't want
me seeing Susan by myself for hers and mine usual weekly times. He just
got very insecure and very controlling. When I resisted, he said he wanted
to quit swinging altogether. I told him 'no', that I wasn't going to quit.
So he found someone else who was more compatible with what he wanted, and
left me, left us."

Dead silence in the room for the longest time. Her hand once again made
its way between my legs as she lightly kissed me.

"Thanks, Mom, for telling me the truth. Are you ever going to get
married again? Are you going to marry Frank?"

"No, I'm not going to marry Frank. Frank has a schlong the size of a
horse's . . ."

"Mom!" I shot back with unexpected surprise and little giggle.

". . . but he's just a friend and a good fuck, that's all. Get married again? I don't know, Angel, maybe, maybe not. If I fall in love again
with someone, sure."

"Thanks for telling me all this, Mom."

"Sure, Baby, you needed to know anyway. Would you like a little head,
or some dildo play before we go to sleep? It's a big day tomorrow."

"If it's okay, can we just hold each other and go to sleep?"

"Sure, Hon', that's fine. I'm tired a little anyway.

As we snuggled even closer to each other, her breathing matched mine and
mine hers and slumber then sweetest dreams of dreams fulfilled came


Beulah, a neighbor and single mom with two young children of her own
from a few houses down that picked up extra money from babysitting
occasionally arrived promptly at noon. Aunt Mags was also a member of
Raleigh Friends and would be going to this social so she couldn't babysit
Shithead and Squirt, so mom hired Beulah to let Bobby and Janie basically
stay at her house until we got back the following afternoon. I couldn't

mom and I had douched together, showered together, shaved our legs
together, put perfume on together, dressed in our identical black leather
miniskirt and bra and shoes outfits together, and now were wearing
identical London Fog-style raincoats as wraps in the searing North Carolina
summer heat together albeit in the comfort of the air conditioning in our
house as Beulah came to fetch my two brat siblings. mom had warned both
time and again about not talking about our sex play, no matter to whom or
what reason for, it was a no-no. Her own kids were younger and Bobby
always protested staying with her and them, but it was understood he could
stay out until dark then he had to go to Beulah's house to spend the night
which was okay with him.

In the car driving up Blue Ridge Road to the hotel mom lightly squeezed
my breasts for a second through my overcoat with a "ready, Angel?" as a
transfer truck passed by and a trucker got an accidental eyeful "uh-hu,
yeah, I'm ready, Mom."

Dr. Jenkins, Harold, and his wife Karen were already in the ballroom
helping set things up when we got there, as were three or four other
couples. Dr. Jenkins gave me more than a friendly hug with a "nice to see
you, Amy! I'm so glad you could make it" a sentiment also being echoed by
his wife Karen, a mid-forty-ish lady with pulled-back hair and large
breasts and a bit plump but not overweight and smelling of an expensive
perfume who gently groped my ass a little as she hugged me with a "my
daughter Cynthia is also anxious to meet you" coming from her as well.

Cynthia was the youngest member of the club, besides me now I guess, at
nineteen. She was the one mom told me about who celebrated her sixteenth
birthday at a Raleigh Friends party by going on a one-woman orgy as her
parents looked on.

Adam, the clerk from the "Options" leather store and his wife Debbie
were also there, they also giving me intimate hugs as Adam introduced me to
his wife who kissed me full on the lips. She was tall, thin, blond, small
boobed, pretty in her sheer silk party dress and white high heels. I
kissed her back. "Karen, your daughter is so preciouis!" she shouted at
Mom as mom talked with Dr. Jenkins as they sat up the table for the
tickets in front of the screens which blocked plain view of the dancefloor
in the ballroom from someone casually walking by. "Yes, she is, thanks,
Debbie!" mom politely shot back as her and Dr. Jenkins continued talking.

Aunt Mags and Mom's boyfriend Frank came in, apparently as a couple.
Frank tried to hug me, but I held my arms tight to my chest and resisted a
little. He looked disappointed but didn't say anything. Mags hugged and
kissed me hard and I her back.

I walked over to the stage area where a couple of other couples were
busy stringing cables together and playing roadie for the sound and DJ
equipment. Ben and Denise were a Greek-looking couple in their
mid-thirties. Ben eyed me like a fox eyes a chicken before eating it,
Denise smiling at his lecherous playing with me as we also exchanged hugs
and polite kisses. mom was right; at the social, it's hugs and kisses, not
handshakes. Bill and Joan were busy playing with getting the lights just
right. Bill was an older man in his fifties at least, Joan was a busty
brunette with thick glasses maybe in her late thirties. "You look so much
like my daughter Samantha when she was your age, she's grown now" Bill
couldn't help but mutter when we exchanged hugs.

Another middle-aged couple, Greg and Mary Anne, were busy at the bar
area getting all the bottles and mixers and ice ready. They looked their
ages definitely, though Greg had most of his hair it looked like a bad plug
job or rug and a bad dye job too, and he did have that middle-aged beer
gut. Yeccchhh! She was sweet, looking a lot like my granny Campbell who
died before I was born, having only photos of her. "Thanks for coming,
Angel" was all she said as he lips lightly kissed mine as we hugged before
she went back to her pre-bartending duties.

Terry and Angela were the youngest couple there by far, so far, both in
the early to mid twenties I'd guess, younger than even Adam and Debbie I
think. Terry had a beard which scratched my face a little when he hugged
me, and Angela made no bones about things she was hoping for when she
placed one of my hands squarely on her boob through her halter top and said
aloud not whispered to all to hear that she really wanted to meet me later
in the women's room for some fun. I just smiled at her, replied "sure,
maybe", and let them get back to their own chores which was arranging the
tables off to the side to clear out an area for dancing in the middle of
the floor.

mom and the Jenkins' were sitting behind the cashier's desk, actually an
old beat-up fold-up table with a money box and roll of theater-type tickets
and a pile of blank nametags with the "Raleigh Friend" logo printed on the
them and some other stuff atop it, when I made my way back over to her.
They were engrossed in conversation but stopped as I got in earshot. "Time
for your ID, kiddo" Dr. Jenkins sweetly barked at me. He lead me over to
behind the privacy screen which protected the private party from prying
eyes to a space where a red seamless backdrop had been placed behind a bar
stool and a Polaroid camera in front of it, patting the bar stool in a
gesture for me to sit on it. The camera flashed at me and spit out a
passport-type photo, which Dr. Jenkins then slipped into a machine which
then spit out my newly-minted membership card and ID with my photo on it,
"Angel Green, member since 1989, Raleigh Friends" with the logo of Raleigh
Friends faint in the foreground.

Putting his arm around my shoulder as we walked back around the corner
of the screens, he asked "Mom went over the ground rules with you?" asking
a question he obviously knew the answer to.


"Any questions you want to ask me in private, out of ear shot of your
Mom? It's okay. Just ask."

"Can we go somewhere to talk for a moment, Dr. Jenkins?"

"Sure. Let me go tell your mom that I need some help bring the last bit
of stuff up from the car. We can talk on the way there and back."

As we walked down to the parking lot, I told him the story she had told
me about her and Dad and asked if it was true. He asked how. I replied
about how they got into swinging, and why they got a divorce.

"Uh, yeah, that's pretty much true."

"Pretty much? I thought so. What part wasn't true, Dr. Jenkins?"

"Harold. Call me Harold, and Mrs. Jenkins, Karen. I'm not sure I can

I placed the boxes of records and CD's back in the trunk of his car as
traffic out on Glenwood wizzed nearby. "Please, Harold, the truth. I
deserve it, don't I?"

He thought for a moment as his eyes scanned my face. "Yes, you do. At
the time of the breakup, your father experimented with men. Your mother loves women and men, but won't be with a man whose ever been with another
man. Your father tried men, found out he didn't like men, but by then it
was too late. Your mother wouldn't have a thing to do with him. That's
the truth, Angel."

"Thank you Doc. . . thanks, Harold. Can we talk for another couple of

"Sure. Let's sit in the car for a while if you want."

He turned on the a/c of his older Lexus as we sat on the front seat
together. The cold air felt good. My leather skirt and bra was very warm
underneath my thin but waterproof London Fog trench coat wrap. "What is
you want to talk about, Amy?"

I just smiled at him and reached for his hand. He seemed pleased. "Are
you going to want to have sex with me tonight, Harold?" He seemed a little
surprised at my question but quickly recovered.

"Uh, yeah, yes, Angel, I was hoping to. Karen and I both."

"That's cool, I'd like that, just wanted to ask."

"Your mom told you that probably many men and women would want to make
love to you tonight, didn't she?" asking another question he already knew
the answer to.

"She said lots of club members would probably want to have sex with me,
that's what she said" he laughing a little at that remark.

"Anything else?"

"Nope, that's all. We better get this stuff inside before the heat
warps the CD's, Harold."

Back inside mom was waiting for me in the lobby. She had our room keys
and was ready to go upstairs. Dr. Jenkins and I dropped the records and
CD's off at the ballroom as Karen joined us as we four went upstairs.
Upstairs, Karen had already done most of the work for the private party
room, which was actually a three-bedroom suite that also was theirs for
tonight. A computer-printed B&W sign on a piece of paper read "Private
Party; By Invitation Only" taped to their door. The room next to it read
"Power Room" and to the other side a door had a sign that read "Women's
Room / Women Only". Leaving Dr. and Mrs. Jenkins in their room, we
walked four or five doors past the Women's Room to our room. mom had
already brought our stuff up. My suitcase was on one of the two double
beds in the room.

"What did you and Dr. Jenkins talk about?" she asked with intensity but
not anger.

"I asked him about the real reason you and Dad split up, and he told me.
I hope you ain't mad at him or me, he wouldn't have told if I hadn't asked
him, Mom."

"No, I'm not mad" she almost cried as she stepped quickly to me as I
stopped dragging stuff out of my suitcase as she hugged me close "I should
have told you the truth the other night, but I didn't think you'd

"Well, Mom, I do understand. No more fibs between us ever again, okay?"

"Sure, Sweetie, and thanks for not being mad at your old Mom."

"How could I ever really get angry with you, Mom? You are my mom and I
love you."

"I love you too, Baby" she cooed as she kissed me deeply and I her, we
easing on to my bed, nudging the suitcase out of the way "would my darling
daughter like a little warm-up fun before tonight? It'll be several hours
before the party really starts in the private room. We could go check the
BDSM and women's rooms to see anyone's in there yet? Probably not yet,
it's way early. Most couples won't start arriving until after five and the
dance won't wind down until after ten. Certain members may be wandering in
and out from time to time, but it'll get really boring up here for you.
Wanna little warm-up, my Angel?"

"Sure, Mom."

We took our black leather skirts and bras off and slid the suitcases to
the floor. mom got out my little six inch vibrator and began using it on
me along with her tongue atop my clit. I was definitely getting warmed up.
My eyes closed and I just let the rhythm of mom working the plastic dick
inside me take over. Nice. The hum of the tiny motor filled the room
along with my growing scent. Then it stopped.

"Shit, I mean shoot, damn it! Sorry Hon', but it's already four-thirty.
Harold and Karen are expecting me downstairs, I gotta help run the check-in
for the dance. Are you hungry?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Just go downstairs to the restaurant and order anything you want. Show
them your room key and tell them you want to charge it to the room. Or you
can order room service, the menu's on the desk there beside the teevee. I
gotta run, Baby, I shall see you in about four hours. I know you
understand about not being allowed to come to the dance . . . "

"I do Mom, it's okay."

"But if you need for anything, come to the desk at the ballroom, if I'm
not there whoever is manning it will know where I'm at."

"Okay, Mom, I'll be fine, seriously."

"I know you will, Baby; and it's okay to wander down to women's room or
BDSM room or the private party room. Remember what we talked about, about
do's and don't and expectations."

"I remember, Mom. Go have fun. I'll see you later tonight."

"You're a darling daughter, Baby" she cooed as she worked to put her
leather skirt and bra back on as she kissed me good-bye and her outercoat
wrapped around her.

I flipped through the channels but nothing was on teevee worth watching.
The entire floor was eerily quiet. I wasn't hungry, just bored, so decided
to go down to the restaurant to get something to eat. Putting my own
leather outfit back on, my nice trenchcoat over that for modesty, I walked
down the hall towards the elevator. At the door to the Jenkins' room, the
private party room, a couple I didn't recognize tried to gain entry to it
with their room card. The door wouldn't open. Something smelled funny. I
walked past them like I was going down the hall instead. They tried the
doors to the power and women's rooms but their key-card wouldn't work.
They got frustrated and left. As they got on the elevator, I turned around
and went back. Trying the doors to the party and power rooms, my own
key-card worked fine, but there wasn't anyone in either, then I tried the
doorlock on the women's room too and it clicked open as well.

Inside the women's room were the two double beds shoved together along
with a rollaway bed pushed beside them at the end to make one large bed.
The teevee was going full blast, an X-rated tape playing scorching on the
screen. And on the bed was a pert, cute, perky young girl with slightly
auburn hair shoulder-length and nice 34C or so breasts and a thin waist and
no behind to speak of who didn't look a whole lot older than me, naked as
the proverbial jaybird, eating pizza from a box and drinking RC cola from a
hotel plastic cup.

"Hi, I'm Angel, and you are?"

"I can see you're Angel" she slightly sarcastically shot back as she
touched my newly-minted Raleigh Friends ID badge on the lapel of my coat
"actually, I knew you were coming, I've heard a lot about you, I'm Cynthia,
Harold and Karen's daughter" she chirped as she leaned over to obligatorily
kiss and hug me.

"I've heard a lot about you, too, Cynthia."

"Call me 'Cyn', everyone else does."

"Yeah, my name is really Amy, but everyone calls me Angel."

"Good to meet you, Angel; want some pizza?"

"Sure. I was headed down to the restaurant, but if you've got extra. .

"I've got plenty; take your coat off and sit down; like X-rated lesbian stuff?"

"I love X-rated lesbian stuff!"

"Yeah, from what I hear, you really do" me shooting her a look of slight
smart-ass-ed-ness "so, you really just thirteen?"

"Uh-hu. And you really lost your virginity at a club meeting on your
sixteenth birthday?"

"Well, actually" she continued as I slipped off my leather bra and skirt
to get naked with her and grabbed a slice of pizza as I scooted close to
her "I had lost my virginity some months before, to my then-boyfriend who
was my age, we'd screw a couple of times a week; I always knew mom and Dad
were swingers, and after my boyfriend and I broke up like two weeks before
my sixteenth birthday, it was me who asked them if I could attend a social.
They were really hesitant at first, but considering I was to be 'legal' by
then, they eventually said yes. And the rest is history. So, you're
really, really just thirteen?"

I couldn't help but shoot her a slightly irritated look.

"Damn, girl, you sure don't look just thirteen" as a slightly greasy
hand found one of my breasts as she squeezed and played with a little,
giggling a little while she did, me smiling back at her as she did.

"Well, I am. Just thirteen. So, why you up here by yourself?" I
continued as I grabbed another slice of pizza.

"Same reason you are. I'm not 21. mom and Dad are really nervous about
anyone under 21 being at the dance, mainly 'cause they have an open bar and
are afraid if anyone under 21 is caught being at the dance, there'd be hell
to pay with the cops and the ABC Board."

"So it's just us for now?"

"Probably for a couple of hours. The regulars will start filtering up
around seven or eight, in and out. But yeah, you and me for now. Wanna
fool around some?"

"Sure. You're pretty."

"Awww, don't hand me that. I might be okay looking, but you're cute.
You're going to be the star of the party later. You and your mom really
gonna do a scene for everyone in the party room later?"


"Damn. I always wished my mom would let she and I fool around some, but
she and Dad both are squeamish about me being their daughter and all. But
I bet Dad's already made his reservation with you to fuck you later, hasn't

I just grinned as my fist playfully tapped her on the shoulder, she
grinning at me before turning to grab and pull me down on the bed, kissing
me deeply as we smiled at each other.

"I'm on my period now, Angel; will that bother you?" she whispered
through our kisses.

"Naw, my mom and I fool around all the time on our periods, not a

"Let me go get a towel first. When I come back, wanna give me some
head, pull my Tampax out with your teeth?" she grinning like the proverbial
chesire cat.


We slid the towel under her butt as I lay beside her. I was in no rush
and neither was she. Our hands roamed as we kissed, our mouths sucked breasts as our hands roamed more still, her teeth lightly chewing on my

"Now, Angel, now."

My mouth found her cunt, my teeth found her string as I tugged on it
making a show of pulling it out as she raised up a little to watch the

"God, Angel, you are so frigging hot!"

My tongue slurped at her menstrual essence. She tasted a little saltier
than either mom or Aunt Susan or Aunt Mags during their "time". One then
two then three fingers entered inside her, frigging her at a nice even
pace. She began bucking her hips into my face, obviously enjoying it. My
hand was red with her blood, my tongue was covered in its tastes, sounds
coming from her cunt and mouth told of passions releasing.

"God, Angel, where did you learn to do that? Jezzzz!!!! Stop! Don't
stop! I mean 'stop' !"

I did stop, but not before driving her to two more nice orgasms, sliding
up to kiss her fully on the mouth to share her primal flow with her, she
sucking my tongue and face and hands clean of the rouge coloration.

"Angel, my Angel; what a wonderful partner you are."

"And you are as well, Cyn'."

"That was wonderful. Would you like me to do you next?"


She slipped between my legs and made herself at home. Her tongue was as
expertly used as you would expect a biwoman who's been swinging for years
to be. My eyes closed and I relaxed as she ministered to me, to my erotic
needs. Her tongue lapped occasionally at my anal bud before finding its
place back up at my clit, she also kissing the inside of my thighs very
tenderly, very passionately. My little orgasms came and went like small
gentle waves washing over the beach.

She stopped for a moment and looked up at me. I grinned at her through
sleepy half-open eyes.

"My tongue and jaw is getting tired. Sorry."

"No problem" the clock on the nightstand now reading almost seven
o'clock, a full forty-five minutes later than when she started giving me
head "wanna go take a shower together?"

"Yeah, that'd be nice."

We took a steamy hot shower together, washing the ironic residue what
was left of it off us both, playing a little yeah but more just washing,
working Nivea cream onto drying skin once we got out of the shower stall,
she putting a fresh Tampax in as she rested a foot atop the closed lid of
the elongated commode as I helped her balance, we both being a little woozy
still from all our fun.

Changing tapes out in the combination TV/VCR, Cyn plopped back on the
bed with me as what was left of the pizza began suffering major damage once
more. We sat close to each other as a lesbian orgy tape began playing on
the screen before us. Then a couple of ladies in their late thirties or
so, one in an old housecoat then other one wearing just a plain dress, came
into the room.

"Angel, this is Suzette, and this is Barbara, they're long-time
members", the customary kisses and hugs being exchanged as Suzette slid out
of her dress and Barbara out of her old housecoat as they climbed on to the
bed with us "Barbara, Suzette, this is Angel, Karen's daughter",
pleasantries continuing to be exchanged as they started kissing each other
and roaming hands on the bed next to us. I wasn't sure what to do next, if
anything. Cyn and I just sat there and watched. Cyn could tell I was
puzzled a little, and evidently so could Suzette and Barbara.

"You two just ignore us, we just came in to get away from our husbands
for a while, just go on and have your own fun" Barbara playfully shooed at

"Wanna go back to my room?"

"Sure, where is it?"

"Just five doors down."

I put on my coat with nothing underneath as Cyn slipped on an old brown
plastic raincoat, just something to make herself decent in case anyone in
the public hallway who wasn't a member of the club came along. She put her
arm around me as we entered my room.

"It's nice having someone at least close to my own age as a member now,
Ang'" she said as her coat dropped to the floor and we climbed on my bed,
snuggling up under the top sheet "don't get me wrong, I have a lot of fun
at the parties, with men and women, but, I dunno."

"I know what you mean. mom and I party each week with her sister and
her sister's husband, I've only just started doing it with them, done it a
couple of times, and I know what you mean, I feel a little odd being there
sometimes, they're so much older than me" my words escaping almost
involuntarily as my mouth found my friend's once more.

"You wanna know something?"

"Sure!" I replied through muffled lips.

"Your mom was my first, my first woman I mean, my first woman ever, that
night of my sixteenth birthday."

"Cool, I mean, totally cool!"

"Yeah, she's a special lady. You're very lucky to have her for a mom."

"Uh-hu, I know I am. Now kiss me, Cyn, kiss me."

She grinned as she kissed me even more deeply. My heart felt light. My
passions were rising. Then mom walked in. Walked in with a guy.

"Oh, uuhhhh, Angel, this is Toby, Toby, this is my daughter Angel, and
her friend, Cynthia" her temporary beau being six four and lean and
handsome and couldn't have been twenty-two if that "girls, just ignore us,
we're just going to do a quickie and then head back to the dance" Toby
whipping out his cock through his zipper'd tight jeans and mom without any
foreplace just jumping atop him riding his cock for a few moments as Cyn
and I continued our play on the opposite bed four feet from them.

"Karen, uhhh, can we ask your daughter and her friend to join us?"

"No, not right now; I want your come, Baby, all to myself; maybe later
in the party room, you and Gloria can play with us if you'd like, but I
want you all to myself right now."

"Okay, not a problem" his voice trailed off as mom rode him like the
stallion he was. Cyn and I both had stopped our lovemaking and just
watched the two of them next to us. His cock was huge and thick and hard
as a pole. I couldn't resist. I got up from Cyn, stood next to the bed
next to mom and looked at her, she smiling at me, indicating it was okay.
Cyn kissed him as he lay under mom and my hand grabbed his cock and held it
for mom to ride better, working it a little as mom fucked him faster still.
He couldn't take it, and came almost immediately. mom got off, got off of
Toby I mean to say, kissed me with a quick "thank you", pulled her
miniskirt back down and put her London Fog back on and almost literally
drug a still-somewhat-firm Toby out the door and back to the dance floor,
Cyn and I just giggling as she did.

"Is this what these parties are like, Cyn? Just constant fucking all
night long?"

"Uh-hu" she replied as we put our overcoats back on "I know your mom had
'the talk' with you; you can say 'no', but it's pretty much fuck when
you're asked and the nice part about that is whoever you see you wanna be
with, just ask and they'll more than likely agree to be with you, it's
kinda the unwritten rule."

"Cool beans. Let's go see if Barb and Suzette are through."

"Let's stop by the Power Room first."

" 'K."

No one was in the Power Room, all the whips and such untouched still,
but her dad was in the private party room all by himself, the private party
room being also his and his wife's room for the night, he changing clothes
to a leather biker's type outfit, black full chaps and all.

"I think you two have an appointment to keep; I'll see you after a
while, Ang'; enjoy my Dad, from what I hear he's pretty good" she turning
around and quickly exiting as I stood in the doorway of one of the three
bedrooms which was his and his wife's private bedroom for the night,
leaving me there with an overcoat and a smile. Dr. Jenkins turned around
more to face me. I dropped my coat to the floor and stood naked before
him. He wasn't bad looking for his age.

"I'm expected back shortly at the dance, Angel; do you want something?"

"I thought we said we'd screw tonight" I replied in my most grown-up

"We did, but we have all night, and if not tonight, we'll have plenty of
chances to make love in the future. Did you want something else?"

I wasn't sure what to say or do next, so I went with my instinct,
walking over to him, grabbing his cock through his leather codpiece,
leaning up to kiss him "I've got a feeling I'm going to be r-ea-l busy
tonight, Harold; if you want to screw me, screw me now, while you have the
chance" my tone my best Marlene Dietrich.

"You are a hot little minx aren't you, Angel?" his hands starting to
feel me up as he also tried to get out of his leather garb "okay, sure, I
don't have much time, but I'll make some time for you, for a triple play .
. . now, to your knees."

I had no idea what a "triple play" was but I soon found out. Dropping
to my knees as ordered, he grabbed my ears with either hand and roughly
shoved his cock in my mouth, fucking it much like Uncle Sam did to me the
other night. No problem.

"Stand up, little minx bitch!" he barked, I complying. He sat down on
the edge of the bed, naked now, and felt me up as he pleased, roughly
playing with budding but filling breasts before shoving his hand all the
way up inside me, working it for a moment, a "I see you and my daughter have already had some fun, good, on the bed on your back, now."

His weight and size almost smothered me as he plopped on top of me. His
cock looked decent-sized, even big to a point, but felt small inside me. I
felt it start to become limp after a few moments of him riding atop me.
His breathing was becoming heavier and heavier. I was starting to worry
about him having a heart attack while on top of me.

"On all fours, now" he once again barked another command. Then I felt
something cold and slick hit my anus as he began lubricating it with Probe
or some other sex lubricant. Then I heard him open a condom wrapper and
knew I was going to get my first assfuck. Not that I hadn't expected not
to get at least one tonight, I just wanted to pick whom I had it with. I
guess I had, in a way. Mouth, pussy, now my ass, my first triple play.

He just shoved it in without any further words or foreplay, all the way
in, at least it wasn't a huge one like Uncle Sam's or the one I saw on Toby
earlier. I felt some anal muscles almost pop like my vaginal muscles did
the first time with JJ and then later when Uncle Sam used his monster tool
on me, and this time they really - really hurt. But no matter. Dr.
Jenkins reached around for a moment and tried to play with my pussy some as
he continued his assfuck of me, but his breathing started getting heavier
once more.

Shoving my face down into the mattress, he grabbed my asscheeks and with
three big pushes as deep as he could shove it in me, came with a deep sigh
before bopping up beside the bed, kissing me on the side of my face with a
"that was great, Angel, maybe we get together you me and Karen later
tonight, got to run back downstairs, there's douches and enemas and liquid
soap and all in the bathroom if you want to get cleaned up, it was really
nice, thanks kiddo, see you later" and with that he was gone.

I just laid and softly sobbed to myself for a few moments. I'm not sure
why. This man had delivered me thirteen years ago, had been the first
human being to see me ever as I came out of my mother's womb. If it hadn't
been for him, maybe I wouldn't be here. Maybe I would have died as a
stillbirth. I knew he was a loving and caring physician and person as
well, but somehow I felt a little brutalized by his directness and
intensity. I had asked him to do so with me.

My hiney-hole hurt, but that wasn't the reason why in felt the way I
did. I felt used and abused, and I'm not sure why. I had "seduced" him,
offered myself to him, after all. Maybe. Maybe not. This entire week mom had more or less told me I was going to have to submit to him, which I did,
and did so willingly, just like I was going to be with his wife later that
night. No problem. Is this what swinging was all about? Intense, quick
sex with people you have no emotional attachment to? I wasn't sure. I'm
not sure. Maybe, maybe not.

mom and I and Susan and Sam and all were different. We were family, and
loved each other. Even Shithead brother and Squirt sister. But this was
different. Sex for sex' sakes. I did enjoy being with Cyn, making love to
her moments after we met, and Dr. Jenkins as rushed and rough as he was
still it was fun fucking him and being fucked by him. What the hey, in for
a penny, in for a pound. Thankfully my sobbing had stopped when Cyn made
her way back into her parent's room.

"You okay, Angel?"

"Yeah, I'm okay."

"So, how was my Dad?"

"Wonderful. I mean 'great'. He was a damn good fuck, Cyn, that's how
he was" I replied as tears almost welled back up to my eyes as we kissed as
she lay down on the bed with me.

"Yeah, that's what I've heard. But he won't fuck me, his own daughter,
for shit. Oh, well."

"Yeah, oh well."

We just held each other close on the bed for a while. My hand went
between her legs and playfully tugged at her string, she smiling without
words back at me. We kissed softly. Then a little more. Then our privacy
was interrupted once more as a couple came into the main living room part
of the suite off from our bedroom, clomping around and making noises as
they looked for something. Cyn rose to get up to see who it was and what
they wanted as they barged their way into our bedroom.

"Angel, these are McClambs, Derrick and Etta, Derrick, Etta, this is
Angel, Kate's daughter" Cyn finishing her intros; as much as anything,
tonight had been like a continuing lesson from Miss Manners, but it was
nice in its own way.

The McClambs were a nice-looking couple in their early thirties or so.
She was very nice looking, well-groomed, hair done nice, pleasant face,
nice breasts, nice make-up, in a nice evening dress more than a party
dress, he in a three piece suit and tie with beard yes but neatly combed
and trimmed, both very professional looking and in mannerism as well.

"Good to meet you, Angel, we talked with your mom downstairs and she
mentioned you were with us tonight, it's very nice to meet you" Derrick
smiled as he shook my hand instead of the usual hug and kiss routine as he
stood beside the bed and reached over to take my hand, she also doing to
the same in turn, their mutual slight Scottish accents being pleasant to
the ear.

"It is my, our, pleasure to meet you, Angel; perhaps we can get together
later, after the dance is through, if you'd like."

"Yes, that would nice" I found myself expressing without reservation.

"Cynthia, your father sent us up here to look for the trophies and award
ribbons, do you have any idea where they are?"

"Yeah, they should be in the trunk of Dad's Lexus, I know he didn't
bring them in."

"Uh-hu" I interjected "I saw them earlier when we went to fetch the CD's
and records, but didn't think about getting them."

"We'll run along then, nice to meet you, Angel, good seeing you again,
Cynthia, see you both later perhaps."

"Uh-hu" Cyn replied happily as she scooted back on the bed with me.

"Trophies? Ribbons?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Yeah, for the King & Queen of this month's social; whichever couple
wins it also gets a free year's membership extension and a free social next

"Oh, okay" I couldn't help but reply absentmindedly.

"Watcha wanna do next? Things will start getting busy very soon."

"Could we spend some more time alone?"

"The only way we can be alone is if you want to borrow your Mom's credit
card and get us our own room."

"Smart ass!" my hand snuggying her shoulder as I laughed at her
attempted wit "what about the women's room again?"

"It's filling up, women coming and going a lot now, but sure, if you

There was a pile of at least twelve or more women atop the combined beds
in various stages and combinations of lovemaking. Too much and too many
for me right then. We went back to my room, but mom was going at it with a
couple hard and heavy, so hard and heavy she didn't bother to introduce us,
so we left there as well and went basically next door to the BDSM room. No
one was in there at the moment. Privacy for a short while.

"You into this stuff, Cyn?" I asked as I fiddled and played with the
assortment of whips, floggers, cat o' nine tails, paddles, razor strops,
canes and more that lay about in the room, she also picking the odd item up
and flashing it through the air near me, giggling as she did.

"Not really; you?"

"I've been having sex only for the past few weeks, Cyn" she shooting me
a look of "who's being a smartass now?" in reply "my Uncle Sam did handcuff
my wrists behind my back and fuck me hard to other night, the first night I
was allowed to be a full participant with mom and he and Aunt Susan; it was
kinda fun, I geuss, he really seemed to enjoy it."

"Yeah, most guys do; they think they can do things to us when we're tied
up that they couldn't do if we weren't, silly guys."

"Yeah, silly guys" I whispered with deep sigh in reply.

"Wanna play a bit?"

"Naw, I think like you say things should be happening more soon. Let me
go ask mom when she and I are supposed to do our 'show'."

In the few minutes between the couple in there earlier had left and mom was with a new couple also going at it with her as hard as they all could.
I walked over to her and knelt down to her ear as the guy fucked her from
behind and she ate the lady-partner out whose open pussy lay before her

"Uh, Mom?"

"Yes, Dear, what is it?"

"When did you want us to do our 'show' in the private party room for

"Uh, uh" she stopped her eating of her ladyfriend's pussy long enough to
look up at me and then over at the digital clock on the nightstand "uh,
shit, it's almost nine-thirty already, I need to get dressed and go back to
the dance and say my good-byes; sorry guys, maybe later?" she mumbled to
her bedguests "oh, uh, Angel, Dear, let's say an hour from now, ten-thiry,
meet me in your outfit in the Jenkins' private party room in an hour,

"Okay, Mom, sure" as Cyn and I hand-in-hand bopped out of my room and
down the hall.

"Ever play 'knock-knock', Ang'?"

"Yeah, but not the way I think you're going to play it!" she smirking at
my own attempt at humor.

She knocked on the door next to our room, but got no answer. I fussed
at her about disturbing people. She replied the entire floor was reserved
for members attending the social, and that it was okay. She also said that
if any room had an open door, it was okay to go on in. We knocked on three
more doors before someone finally answered. It was the McClambs' from

"Come in, it's good to see you again!" Etta, Mrs. McClamb gleed as she
now hugged and kissed us both as she stood before us clad only in sheer
panties. "Derrick's just getting out of the shower, finishing his teeth,
come on in, girls!" her bare breasts pressing close to us "Derrick,
company, hurry up, it's Angel and Cynthia!" Derrick, Mr. McClamb, just
about bounding out of the bathroom naked for all his worth to greet us.

"Good to see you both, girls, so what's up?" as he hugged and kissed us
both, he still slightly damp from his fresh shower.

"Oh not much, we're just wandering around a bit before things get
rolling in the party room."

"Would you like to party with us a little before the main party, girls?"
he asked.

Cyn and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulder at each other
with a "why not?"

He reached for me and held me close to his body as his wife joined our
hug and Cyn wrapped her arms around us all.

"I understand from your mom that you're only thirteen and just started
having sex just recently but have taken to it like a duck to water?" my
face feeling flush as I unconsciously blushed for the first time I think
ever in my life.

"Well, yeah."

"She's wonderful, Etta, Derrick, just wonderful; a sweet girl, and a
wonderful lover" Cyn said as she wrapped her arms around us all and my
blush became my face a pure beet-reed.

"Oh, don't be shy, Angel" Etta whispered "our lifestyle, your lifestyle
now too, affords many wonderful friends, many wonderful times and
experiences; so, what would you like to do? Just ask. Anything. Anything
you please."

"You both . . . are so . . . so nice" I stammered out somehow
"Derrick, I'd like Etta to give me some head, then you fuck me as she licks
your cock as you do."

"What a wonderful girl you are!" Derrick smiled.

A girl. Yes, that is what I am. A thirteen-year-old girl. Not a
woman, not yet, not by many years. But a girl. A girl who swings, swings
with her mom and relatives and now a bunch of strangers who are becoming my
friends, but a girl never the less.

"I know what you would like. C'mere" Etta whispered into my ear alone.

She took me to the bed and held me close to her as she leaned against
the headboard. Her arm wrapped around my shoulder as she pulled me close
but not hard against her warm and soft body. She began a gentle, slow
rocking motion, almost like she was in a rocking chair instead of a bed. I
let my body follow her lead. Her left hand cradled my head and held it
close to her breast. I could hear and feel her heartbeat as she continued
he barely noticeable rocking movement of us. Her right hand moved to
between my legs as a single finger easily slipped inside me. She started
singing some sort of song, maybe a lullaby, maybe a Scottish lullaby, I
didn't understand the words , in a hushed low tone that I could barely hear
as her gentle frigging of me continued.

Derrick and Cyn had crawled up on the end of the bed and were just
transfixed by the sight of what was going on. Etta slipped another finger
inside me as her rocking of us increased a little and the volume of her
song went up another notch also. She smiled at me and then sweetly kissed
me on the lips. I kissed her back, firmly. My hand found her breast opposite my face and squeezed it and played with it some. Her frigging
became deeper and faster. My passion was rising and I didn't stop it.
With Derrick looking on playing with his hard as Cyn also played with
herself next to him as they both watched us, Etta kissed me deeper still
and somehow frigged me deeper still and I just let all cares and worries
and woes just go.

And go they went as my entire pelvic floor pushed one orgasm then
another and then another larger one still as my cunt flooded her hand, not
just gushed but pure flooded her hand with my cyprinne come, the second
G-spot orgasm I had ever had and definitely the largest. She looked in my
eyes with a look of pure selfless love, much like mom looks at me like when
she and I make love, as the pace of her frigging of me slowed, subsided,
and then stopped. Derrick and Cyn both were looking at us with eyes agape.
I kissed Etta firmly on the mouth once more, this time my tongue finding
hers with very real intended passion, she pushing her tongue into my mouth
in return as her rocking of us slowed then stopped. She just held me for a
moment as we grinned at each other, our smiles sincere, genuine. The clock
now read five after ten. Twenty-five more minutes to go.

"That was so nice, Etta, thank you."

"No, thank you, Angel; you really are special."

"I hate to run, but Mom's expecting me at ten-thirty in the party room."

"We know" Derrick interjected as he slid off the far end of the bed "and
if you and your mom are half as hot with each other as what Cyn and I just
saw you be with my lovely wife, the entire club's in for a treat!"

"C'mon, Angel, let's go to women's room until it's time, it'll be fun!"

Cyn and I went back to her room to get a couple of canned drinks out of
the minifridge. Her mom and Dad were in their bedroom with another couple,
making easy love. "See you shortly!" Dr. Jenkins shouted out to me nicely
as we left the room.

"The room will be filled with women right now" Cyn explained as we made
our way out of her room and the ten feet over to next door "no
introductions are necessary, no names are needed, just do whatever you feel
like with whomever you feel like and reciprocate when someone wants to play
with you, okay?"

There had to be at least twenty naked and sweaty from sex women piled
atop the combined beds, all going at it with whomever. Cyn nudged me on
the shoulder to join in. I dropped my coat as she did hers and made my way
to the edge of the mass of female bodies.

Aunt Susan was in the pile, eating some other chick and being eaten by a
somewhat rotund middle-aged lady. Women of every age, shape, and size were
in the pile. A pussy of some lady was shoved near my face and my tongue
began lapping at her clit. Some other lady, a lady who had to be in her
fifties, started playing with my boobs as I ate this other lady out. Then
I felt then saw a nice looking woman in her late twenties with long silken
dirty blond hair spread my own legs and began eating me out. Heaven. The
lady I had been eating rolled a bit, moving away, and another open pussy presented itself near my face, its owner smiling at me as my tongue licked
her lips. A couple of dildos had been circulated in the pile and one
somehow found my cunny, its size being gently worked in by yet another
sweet lady, my blond friend having moved on to someone else. Two mouths of
two women about Mom's age and looks replaced the hands of the older lady on
my tits, their sucking of my puffy nipples being so perfect along with the
easy dildo in my pussy that my passions began rising once again. I can see
why mom told me this place was a refuge from the men at these socials, and
why almost all women at a social would visit here at least for a short
while. Heaven. Just heaven.

Then a half-cry of "ten-twenty!" came from someone's lips. Damn. I
knew I had to leave. Aunt Susan also extricated herself from the mass of
feminine happiness as did Cyn and three or four other women whose names I
didn't know. Back in my room, mom came out of the bathroom all refreshed
and happy-looking and dressed, helping me put my outfit back on, sniffing
my crotch in a funny but serious manner to make sure I didn't need another
douche. The new leather shoes hurt my feet, so I asked if we couldn't go
without them. I had been going around the hall all night without them on
anyway, they hurt my feet so badly. "Sure, Baby, I'll take mine off too,
that way we'll match." She held my face softly between her open palms and
then kissed me lightly but fully on the lips. "My precious, precious
Angel" was all she said before putting her arm around my shoulder and
leading me to the private party room.

Inside were about twenty couples or so and three or four single women
apparently without male partners. Derrick and Etta were there, as were
Adam and his wife Debbie, as was Aunt Mags with Mom's Frank, and Aunt Susan
and Uncle Sam of course along with Toby and his pretty wife and a bunch
more couples I didn't know yet and of course Dr. and Mrs. Jenkins and Cyn
too. mom lead me out to the middle of the room where a futon-style
mattress with new cover on it had been placed, and then turned to speak to
the room.

"Friends, all of you have known me for years. This is my daughter,
Angel, whom I have been intimate with for a little over a month now. She
has decided to become part of our group, at her own request and of her own
free will. You all know she is only thirteen, and I know you all will
treat that fact with the utmost of discretion. But don't let her age fool
you. She is as eager and skilled a lover at thirteen as many at twice or
three times her age. She is my daughter and I love her as my daughter, but
she is also my lover and what a lover she is!" my face again blushing
despite myself as mom slowly turned herself and myself to in turn face each
person in the room as she spoke "since she it to become part of our inner
circle of friends, she is to be initiated in our way and in our ways. She
and I will make love, then she will be available to all, as she wishes,
afterwards. Ready, My Angel?" she huskered in deep breath.

"Uh-hu" was all I could choke out as my mouth suddenly became very dry.

"Then let us kneel down together, and kiss me."

She held my face in her hands as we kissed. She kissed me deeper and
more passionately than she ever had before, her passion making me damp
before our clothes were even off.

"I love you, My Angel!" she whispered to me time and time again.

"I love you too, Mom!" I replied back equally time and time again as we
kissed and kissed and kissed some more. Then her hand went up my leather
miniskirt and my own hand went up hers. She was sopping wet already and I
knew I was as well. She knelt forward and popped open my front-clasped
leather bra with her teeth. I tried to do the same to hers but couldn't
quite get to it, her larger breasts getting in the way of my bite, she
giggling a little before reaching down to help pop it open and off. Her
mouth found my perfect little 32A breasts and sucked on them for a moment
before I pushed her away and began sucking on hers, she unzipping my
miniskirt as I did and pulling it down to my knees as we continued to kneel
before each other. By now everyone had gathered close around us in a tight
circle. I felt my breathing become a little harder and shallower. I had
never had a panic attack in my life, but felt one suddenly almost coming
on. She gently pushed me onto my back and slid my skirt off before sliding
atop me to kiss and smooch me more still. I breathed deeply, trying to
stave off what felt like my first asthma attack, ever.

"Is everything okay, Hon'?" she asked with concern in her eyes knowing
that everything indeed wasn't okay.

"Yeah, I'll be alright Mom" I whispered back in low tones that only she
could hear "I've just had lots of orgasms tonight and am just a bit tired,
that's all" she beaming back at me a smile that lit up the room.

"Just let me know if you need a break, okay?", I nodding "yes" back.

Her arm slid under my shoulder and pulled me tight to her as she kissed
me deeper still and began a pretty vigorous frig of my pussy. Then she got
a look of "what the hell!" on her face and slid off me and buried her face
between my legs, lapping at my clit and lips for all she was worth.
Several polite gasps of surprise came from our audience around us. She
frigged me as she ate me without mercy. My breathing became heavier and
shallower, but I felt the near-panic impulse leave my body. mom looked up
at me with a look of pure lust I had never quite seen before in her eyes.
My eyes meet hers with a look of pure bliss. She ate me for at least
fifteen minutes non-stop before my third or fourth big orgasm almost made
me crampy again, so I told her it was "my turn".

I made her get on all fours as I knelt behind her to eat her out that
way, that way I knew she loved me doing to her. My tongue bathed her clit,
pussy lips, and hiney-hole. My fingers made their way insider her, then my
whole hand, then my fist to past my wrist bone. More polite gasps of
appreciation came from our friends around us. As I fisted her cunt with
regular rhythm, my tongue made its way past her anal bud a bit. Her cries
of passion earlier became cries of pure animal lust with many a' "harder,
Angel, harder!" and "faster, Angel, faster!" and assorted guttural sounds
that can only come from some place deep inside a woman that only another
woman would know about. She was about to explode, and I wanted her to
explode for the group, for our group of friends.

I barked at her to flip over and show me her pussy, she complying
immediately, my fist being rammed back up inside her all the way once more,
as she leaned back on her arms propping herself up at angle and I leaning
in to kiss her mouth and breasts and mouth and breasts and mouth again and
breasts again as she began heaving deep sighing sighs and making more
sounds that sounded closer to sheer lust than love, my mouth locking onto
hers once again for the last time that night as my fist pummeled its way
past her largest orgasm and she collapsed in a heap on the futon beneath
us, breathing hard and deep to try to catch her breath, Aunt Susan coming
over to snuggle close to both of us as did Cyn too and Etta and Karen as
well, a polite smattering of actual applause, actual clapping of some hands
that I knew weren't meant sarcastically, filtered from our audience of

After about five minutes or so, mom and I both finally recovered, she
getting up to make another announcement as Susan and all made their ways
back to their places before.

"Thank you all for your support, and I hope you all enjoyed being part
of Angel's and mine lovemaking. Now it's time for part two, tonight,
Angel. Every single person here wants to make love to you, wants to
'sample' you for lack of a better term. I know you've made love to some of
our friends already. As we all begin to make love to each other, please go
around the room and as you wish try every man and woman here, as you wish.
Just ask. They'll all say yes" a smattering of laughter coming from that

mom then left me to go over to a couple I didn't know the name of yet.
Two couples I didn't know their names of came over to me, the Dorans,
Vickie and Thomas, and the Jeffers, David and Stephanie. Vickie and
Stephanie sat down beside me on either side of me as their husbands stood
before us their cocks getting erect, we girls, we women taking turns
sucking them off. Few if any words, just nice, easy lovemaking. Vickie
and I started sixty-nining as Stephanie massaged our bodies from the side
as we did. I felt one of the husbands enter my pussy as I lay atop Vickie.
It was David. His cock was hard, but his stroke was slow and even, not
pushy at all. Then Thomas entered me as well, in turn, until he almost
came but stopped short. "May I come in your mouth, Angel?" he asked with
almost sugar sweetness.

"Sure, Thomas, as you like."

Vickie and Stephanie licked Thomas' cock from the sides as I held it in
my hand and let him work his length mostly but not all the way in my mouth.
David slowly masturbated himself to the side of us as he watched. His hand
gently rested on my hand but didn't force himself hard in my mouth as he
stood before me, me and Vickie and Stephanie on our knees in front of him.
His eyes slowly rolled back into his head as he came, his jism filling my
mouth, I swallowing as best I could but a little leaking out to the side,
Vick and Steph licking my face clean as we three just smiled and giggled.

"This is lots of fun, isn't it, Angel?" Steph asked, my head shaking
"yes" along with my words.

They then got up to leave as Dr. and Mrs. Jenkins came over along with
another couple, the Morgans, Randall and Lori. "Sorry if I was a bit rough
with you earlier, Angel" Dr. Jenkins whispered softly in my ear so only I
could hear "don't worry about it!" I replied loud enough for others to

Karen wanted me to give her some head, so I politely obliged as Lori, a
small-breasted woman of mid-thirties but with tits shaped like two ice
cream cones, scooted next to me and played with my breasts, her hands
roaming freely over my body. After about five minutes Karen seemed bored
and unimpressed with my oral skills, she was only what the sixth or seventh
woman I had ever been with and am only thirteen for gosh' sakes, so she
motioned for Lori to take her place. Randall, Randy, began fucking Karen
as Harold, Dr. Jenkins, moved around so that Lori could suck him off as I
sucked her off.

"I just got to try you out, Angel, is that okay?" I heard Randy ask, my
mumbles mumbling "sure".

Twisting around, Randy slid atop for a couple of minutes, his deep
penetrations of me being slow and easy but very deep, before mom made her
way over to me with "Angel, we've got a conga line forming for you, c'mon,
everyone's waiting."

"What's a 'conga line', Mom?"

"C'mon, you'll see" she replied with a sly grin; I knew it was a bit of
a set-up, shoot the whole night had felt like a set-up in its own sweet
way, but what the hey.

On the other side of the room, a mixed line of men and women had formed,
not all the guests present but many. "You go down the line starting on one
end. For sixty seconds, you have to do whatever is asked of you. After
sixty seconds, you move on to the next. After you reach the end of the
line, then it's your turn. Starting with the same one, they must do
anything -you- ask of them for sixty seconds, until you come to the end of
the line again. This way, you get to know everyone, and they you."

Swinging is one thing, but this? "Mom?" I couldn't help but stammer.

"C'mon, Angel, it'll be fun. I'll go down the line with you, I'll be
first so you can see what it's about, if you'd like."

"Sure, Mom, thanks!"

mom went first before me. Toby was first in line, his wife second. He
made mom suck him for a few seconds, then made her kneel in a chair behind
him as he fucked her for his last thirty seconds. Then he did the same
with me. His cock was huge and filling, both in my mouth and in my pussy,
but very nice. His wife just frigged mom as she stood before her, and then
she did the same with me, adding a little kiss at the end. You can't do a
whole lot in sixty seconds, other than get a quick grope or suck or stick
"it" in real quick. I quickly understood the purpose of it. It was to
help me get over my shyness, which I thought had disappeared by then, and
my nervousness, which I also thought had disappeared but hadn't either, and
to help me feel comfortable around everyone and they me. By the end of the
line the first time around, I had been sexually touched by all present, and
then it was my choice, as I had them touch me as I liked. That way they
got to know what I liked, and I what each of them more or less preferred as

After that, things were much more relaxed. I went from couple to
couple, from temporary coupling threesomes and foursomes and sometimes
moresomes joining in as I wished and being asked to join in this one or
that one as they wished. I didn't say no a single time, and wasn't told no
a single time either. I even let Frank, Mom's sometimes boyfriend, fuck me
as Aunt Mags held my head in her lap and kissed me and Frank propped up
over me and methodically stroked his member in and out of me with a
surprising gentleness and easy smile on his face.

Towards the end of evening, more closer to two a.m. or later when I was
about beat, Dr. Jenkins, Harold, found me and asked if I was too sore to
do a "DP".

"What's a 'DP'?"

"A double penetration, Angel; one guy in your vagina while another one
is inside your asshole, both fucking you at the same time." I had seen a
couple of "DP's" that night and the women participating in them seemed to
be enjoying themselves immensely.

"Sure; who's the other guy?"

"Adam. He wants you to ride atop him, and I'll enter you from behind in
your ass. Is that okay?"

"Sure, Harold" I replied through a very real tired yawn.

Adam's wife Debbie licked my pussy for a couple of moments and then
lubed my ass up with some Probe lubricant before I swung over top of Adam,
his cock sliding lightly painfully inside my sore pussy, as Dr. Jenkins
now entered my ass from the rear, condomless this time, but with much
greater patience and slowness of entry. It actually felt wonderful having
him in my ass and Adam in my pussy.

On the other side of the room, mom was saying her good-byes to some
friends of hers and now mine as well who had to leave to drive back home,
kisses and hugs per usual being exchanged. She then walked over to where
our little menage' was taking place.

"It's almost three a.m., you 'bout ready to call it a night, Angel?"

"Yeah, Mom, as soon as we finish here."

"I can help that" and with that she knelt down and began licking first
Harold's balls making him come almost immediately in my ass and then Adam's
balls as well making him come quickly in turn, both of the men smiling and
laughing at how simple creatures they actually were.

Helping to my feet, she and I made our last round of hugs and kisses and
light good-bye gropes as we put our wraps back on for the short walk back
down the hallway to our room, she holding me close to her with a "so my
Angel had a good time tonight?"

"I had a wonderful time, Mom, more than you'll ever know, a truly
wonderful time."

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