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PLAYINGS thick lips and rubbed them between

Playing Spin The Bottle With mom


(Ffgb, family incest, mother/daughter, mother/son, oral, mutual
masturbation, fun, light-hearted)

Copyright 2001, PlanetDweller. ALL Rights Reserved


My completely naked eleven-year-old younger brother Bobby was busy
sucking my budding thirteen-year-old titty inside the tent we were going to
spend the night "camping" in that our Aunt Mags had set up in our backyard
when our mom stuck her head through the flynetting at the entrance, smiling
at us with a "whaddya you' kids doing in here?"

Jesus, I just wanted to die. I wanted to run, I wanted to scream. I
just knew we all, especially me as the oldest, was going to die. I was too
damn old to get a spanking, which I hadn't one of since I was my sister Janie's age, eight or so.

What the heck was she doing back so early? She had told us she was
going to be out all night on a date and would let our Aunt Mags take care
of us. Aunt Mags took care of us, babysat us by getting wasted on pot and
downing a twelve-pack and passing out cold on the couch by nine while
watching HBO, meaning we could do whatever we wanted as long as didn't
leave the house.

"Mom! Mom! I'm, we're sorry Mom, we won't doing nuthin', promise!" my
shoulders arching a little trying to shield myself from a slap which I knew
had to be coming. Bobby had scrambled to the back of the tent as had my
equally-naked cickenshit little squirt of a sister Janie, leaving me near
the front flap to face the wrath of Mom.

"It looks like to me you kids were playing 'spin the bottle', weren't

It was kind of obvious, considering we all were nekkid and there was an
empty Pepsi bottle on the tent floor in front of where we'd been sitting.

"I thought, I thought you'd be gone all night, that's what you said!"

"I did, I had planned on staying on over at Frank's tonight" meaning at
her sometimes boyfriend whom she loaned money to and never got paid back
from "but there was a bad wreck up on the Interstate, your Aunt Mags got a
page before she got too drunk and passed out and had to go to the hospital
to help out" our Aunt Mags, Mom's sister, being a nurse and all "so she
paged me telling me I had to come back home 'cause she had to leave, so I'm
back, and what do I find now that I'm back?"

Long silence. No slap. Not really much anger in her voice.

"You find us playing spin the bottle?"

"Bingo, Missy! How long you three little darlings been playing?"

"This is our first time doing it, I swear!"

"I mean tonight, my precious little daughter Amy?"

When she calls me by my real name, "Amy" instead of my nickname "Angel"
that everyone calls me by, I know I'm in trouble, big time. No point
lying, though.

"About half an hour; Aunt Mags helped us set up the tent, and we waited
to start until we knew she'd be drinkin'."

mom pulled the flyscreen open and kneeling down scooted in. If I was
going to be punished, at least she wouldn't be angry too much when she did
it. Her hand brushed my face for a moment. At least it wasn't a slap.
She actually smiled at me and patted the ground next to her as an way of
telling Bobby and Janie to come on back up from their places of safety at
the back of the large round Thermos Pop-Tent.

She sat cross-legged before me, staring at me.

"Mom, you're staring at me, quit that, you're creeping me out!"

She sighed a little as her other hand caressed the other side of my
face, her thumb feeling the outline of my nose and cheek.

"So what if I am? You're my daughter, I used to see you naked all the
time when you were little."

"But I haven't been little in a long time."

"And you're prettier now than you were then. You're becoming quite a
young woman, budding out nicely."

"Mom, either punish me or let me go inside, you really are starting to
yuck me out!"

She just smiled at me for a moment, then reached around to undo the tie
behind her neck that held her haltertop in place, letting it fall to the
canvas floor beneath us. Her breasts just heaved with her increasing
breathing not two feet in front of me. I hadn't seen her naked in years,
either. Bobby's eyes got real, real big staring at Mom's tits as he sat
next to me across from mom and Squirt between him and Mom.

"Mom, what are you doing! Please put your top back on!"

"And just who are you to tell me what to do, Miss Amy? Especially since
your brother and sister are as naked as you are and when I stuck my head in
Bobby was very plainly sucking your nipple."

"Mom, please don't be mad, Bobby said he'd do my chores all summer if
I'd agree to play to spin the bottle with him tonight, and Squirt overheard
and said she'd tell you if we didn't let her play too. I'm, we really are
sorry, promise."

"There's no need to be sorry, Darling."

Oh shit, when she calls me "darling" there definitely is something going
on inside that head of hers, usually something weird.

"Your Aunt Mags and Aunt Susan and I all used to play spin the bottle
together with that boy our age that lived next door to us in our old neighborhood, and we all turned out okay. It's just natural to be curious
about your own budding bodies and sexuality, and playing doctor and spin
the bottle are two ways to satisfy that curiosity."

"Mom, you're making me nervous, please put your haltertop back on and
leave, we'll be in shortly."

"There's no need to be nervous, Darling. And it looks like you and
Janie were going to play together."

"She already kissed me and I felt her boobies, Mommy!"

"Shut up, Squirt, or you're deadmeat, I swear it!"

"It's okay. It's been ages since I've played spin the bottle. As long
as you let me play too, no one gets punished, okay? You playing kiss-ees
and touch-ees sounds like?"

"Yeah, Mom, Angel's already touched my pee-pee and kissed it too!"

"Shut up, Shithead, or you're even more deadmeat than Squirt!"

"So you're playing suck-ees too, cool! Okay, who's turn was it?"

"I think it was my turn, Mom, when you came in."

Shithead brother Bobby spun the bottle and it ended up pointing at

"Kiss me Janie, then suck my wee-wee!"

"Only one thing per turn, Bobby, that's the rules!" mom corrected.

"Then kiss me!"

My two brat siblings kissed for a minute or more. I couldn't help but
notice Mom's nipples getting hard.

"My turn now!"

Squirt spun the bottle and it wound up pointing at Mom.

"I want to kiss you mommy like Bobby kissed me!"

"That's fine, Honey, it is spin the bottle, we all have to obey the

Janie scooted up a little and sat in Mom's lap. mom held her close and
gave her a grown-up kiss, her tongue action in Squirt's mouth plainly
visible. Janie's hand rested on Mom's breast as they kissed. mom didn't
push it aside.

"Now my turn!"

mom spun the bottle. It only made one turn and a half but it was still
a legal spin, winding up at Bobby.

"Bobby, I want to suck your pee-pee."

"Cool beans Mom!"

I couldn't hardly believe my eyes. I knew mom had always enjoyed sex,
but we were her kids. The thought of her and Aunts Mags and Susan doing
this same thing filled my mind. I couldn't get those images to go away.
She sucked Bobby until he was hard then stopped.

Bobby spun and it landed on me. "Suck me just like mom did, Sis!"

I had kissed it earlier but hadn't sucked on it, 'cause I didn't know
really how to. Watching mom showed me how to. He was still hard from
Mom's suck. It felt really neat in my mouth as he moved to stand up best
he could inside the tent and I kneeled before him. mom gently put her hand
on my neck and the back of my head to help me pace my bobbing back and
forth of his cock. Then, ugggghhhh, whitestuff filled my mouth and I

"Swallow my jism, Sis, swallow all of it!"

"No, I won't, that's gross! I had to suck you off, not swallow your
babycreme! It's gross!"

"It's not gross, Darling, it's part of being a woman, swallowing a man's
seed, watch" and with that mom licked my face and Bobby's cock and balls
clean of his come, Bobby moaning in a low voice as she did.

"Now it's mine turn!"

Giving it my very best twist-spin, the bottle ended up pointing squarely
at Mom.

"You still got your shorts on, Mom. Take them off and spread your legs
so I can play with your pussy!"

I had seen vaginas before in Bobby's old Playboy and Penthouse magazines
and even had played with Squirt's hairless slit earlier, but I had never
seen a grown woman's in real life and yes, I was curious.

mom complied with an increasing smile, her short-shorts being tossed to
the back of the tent, she grabbing and rolling up a sleeping bag to use as
a big pillow to lean against as she poked one leg straight out and hiked up
her other leg bent at the knee in a pose which opened her crotch up as wide
as she could for me.

"Touch it, Darling, play with as you like. It's your turn."

I parted her thick lips and rubbed them between my fingers. My two
hands parted her lips further open. A finger probed her vagina. It's hard
to believe that and I and brats actually came out of that small hole into
this world, but we did. Noticing a little bud of flesh sticking up like a
small cock at the top of her pussy, I rubbed it some then pinched it like I
had her pussylips, mom almost rising from her leaning position with a small

"Darling, that's my clit, my clitoris. That's the most sensitive part
of a woman's anatomy. It's where she gets most of her sexual pleasure
from. Please don't pinch it hard, it hurts when you do it. Play with it,
suck if you like, but please, no more pinching!"

"Do I have a clit-hour-is, Mom?"

"Yes, Angel, all women and girls do. Without it we women wouldn't have
any fun at all."

I remember reading something about a "clit" in some letters in some of
Bobby's magazines. So ~ that's ~ what it is was!

I poked her vagina and rubbed her clit some more and then stopped.

mom didn't waste any time. She had obviously played this game a lot
with her own sisters and could make that bottle stop pretty much where she
wanted to. It stopped at me, of course.

"I'm going to suck your pussy and clit, Angel, so you can see how good
having a clit feels!"

mom hugged me close for a moment as I scooted over to the rolled-up
sleeping bag used a pillow now. She got another sleeping bag, bunched it
up too, and stuck in under my butt.

"Bobby, Janie, you might want to get a closer and watch this."

God, her tongue felt so great. I can see why mom and her sisters used
to play spin the bottle so much, if this is what happens when you do. She
pushed her tongue inside me as best she could while gently rubbing my
asshole and raking my clit with her upper lip and I had what I now know was
my first real orgasm, bucking her face with my crotch as I tried to thrust
it even closer to her.

"Cool, Mom!" Bobby exclaimed as he watched intently from his perch just
inches away.

"Yeah, Mommy, will you do that to me when I get a turn?"

"I sure will, Squirt, just ask!"

I couldn't move. I didn't want to move. I just wanted my mommy.


"Yes, Angel, what is it?" she replied as I lay spent on the crumpled-up
sleeping bags inside the tent and she inched back away from me.

"Will, will you be close to me, just hold me for a while?"

"Sure, Darling, you're my girl, of course I'll hold you."

"Aren't I 'your girl' too, Mommy?" Janie politely asked as she flopped
down on the other side me, Mom's arms reaching over top of me to pull
Squirt closer to me and her.

"And I'm 'your boy' too, right Mom?" Shithead asked as he dove on top of
us all.

"No you're not my boy, Bobby, you're my fine young man, not my boy."

"Thanks, Mom!"

mom held me close as she could to her. My hand then mouth found a
breast. She sighed deeply as I sucked on it. Her hand found my crotch and
a finger probed me deeply as her thumb rubbed my clit.

"I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, Darling", which started a round of "I love you's" from
the brats as well. That was okay.

Outside of tent the traffic noise on Pond Street was dying down as the
evening's fireflies rose up from their lairs in the grass soaring high
towards heaven and mates and family, their soft collective glowings
illuminating the space between heaven and earth outside our tent of love
matched only by the glowings of love inside it.


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