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PLYFUL cum modesty He readily removed



By Francine

The work was over. Henry Mohlenrich returned to his hotel room to pack
up for his departure the next day. It had been a busy trip, but now he had
finished the final presentation to his client and it was time to relax just
a bit. Tomorrow morning he would fly back home, a flight of a couple of
hours. He was really in no great hurry. It was Thursday, a weekend was
coming, and for a bachelor of 43, with no family other than a dog at home
and a sister in a distant town, no particular excitement was in the offing.
Henry worked with numbers and dollar signs, as a partner in a small
accounting firm, and his only hobbies were a bit of gardening and his
occasional travel. Tonight he would enjoy a leisurely dinner and then
retire to his room for a bit of TV.

He finished the packing. He checked his ticket, placing it in his coat
pocket. Wearing his accustomed two piece suit, he walked out of the hotel
looking for a quiet place for dinner. A block or so down the street he
found it - a small restaurant offering Greek cuisine - one of his
favorites. The Thursday night crowd was not large, and he entered and was
directed to a small table at one side. The table was set for two.

"You are alone, sir?" the waiter inquired. "Indeed I am," was the
reply. "Just a table for one."

Henry made a menu choice, ordered a carafe of wine, and settled into his
seat for a quiet meal.

After taking his time over the food and wine, he requested the check.
He withdrew his wallet, producing a credit card, which he presented to the
waiter. A few moments later, the card was returned to him. He stood up,
replaced the card into his wallet, and left the restaurant.

Henry checked the cash in his wallet before replacing it in his pocket.
A bad habit, he knew, in a public place, but one he had never shaken. He
had less than a hundred dollars, more than enough for his requirements, as
most of his expenses were handled on credit cards. He began to slip the
wallet into the pocket of his trousers.

Suddenly he jumped abruptly and turned, as a very loud crash of metal
sounded behind him. As he looked where he had been a few moments earlier,
he saw the aftermath of a two car collision, as one of the two vehicles
careened onto the sidewalk and came to rest only a few feet away.

Henry watched the scene for a few minutes, partly out of curiosity,
partly out of a duty to help should there be injured parties. It soon
became evident that no one was hurt, and two angry drivers emerged to
confront each other. Henry watched for a few minutes, then decided he had
better things to do and returned to his hotel.

He entered his room, thankful to have escaped what might have been a
serious incident, and sat down to peruse the tv offerings.

On a whim, he decided to recount his cash and reached into his pocket.

He felt for his wallet. It was not there.

He quickly glanced about the room. There was no sign of the wallet.
Alarmed, he began to search the room more thoroughly. He opened the door
and checked the hall. He felt all of his other pockets. There was no sign
of the wallet.

Back where the collision had occurred, a small crowd had gathered, not
unusual for the scene of a collision. The crowd somewhat obstructed the
traffic on the sidewalk, and a middle aged woman tried to push her way
through, attempting to get to her car parked a short distance down the

Frankie Dumont managed to get to her car. Frankie was 49, a bit
matronly, that is to say, somewhat overweight, not terribly tall, and with
her brown locks showing just an occasional touch of gray. She opened the
car and started to get in, when she noticed something lying in the gutter
just under the side of the car. She reached down, and retrieved what
appeared to be a wallet. She quickly looked about for a possible owner,
but seeing none, took it with her into the car. She started the car and
headed for home.

Henry was a bit shaken. He hadn't lost a wallet before, but now that
seemed to be his misfortune. He wasn't terribly worried about getting
home; his ticket was still in his coat pocket, and the hotel already had
the imprint of his credit card for the bill. But he was distraught at the
prospect of having no cash other than a few coins, and at having to go
through the ritual of reporting the loss of his credit cards, drivers
license, and other items he carried with him. At best, it was a nuisance,
even if survivable.

Henry retraced his steps to the restaurant where he had eaten, searching
every step of the way. He inquired at the hotel desk, and at the
restaurant. He got little encouragement. A missing wallet, whether
dropped or stolen, wasn't likely to make its way back to its owner intact.
He contemplated making a police report, and calling in to report lost
credit cards. Clearly he was annoyed and upset. He was, however, still
able to get home in the morning. He decided he would wait until morning to
report the loss, hoping that somehow the wallet might turn up.

Frankie sat down in her apartment to examine the wallet she had found
under her car. She first looked at the cash it contained, which came to
exactly eighty four dollars. However, there were also several credit
cards, business cards, and a drivers license, all bearing the name of Henry
J. Mohlenrich, who, according to the business card, was an accountant.
The business card bore an address and telephone number of a small town in
Ohio, several hundred miles away.

Frankie meditated on what to do. Her innate honesty told her she must
return the wallet, but how to do it? Clearly the owner was not a local
resident, and there was no local address. She could turn it in to the
police, but would that effectively get it back to its owner?

Frankie thought for a bit. From the papers in the wallet she knew what
the owner looked like, where he lived, and what his occupation was.
Frankie also was just a bit of a dreamer. She tried to visualize the man whose wallet she held. She knew he was 43, just a few years younger than
herself. From the picture he was wasn't bad looking.

Now, Frankie was quite a bit of a dreamer. A divorced mother of two
grown children, she hadn't really had men in her life in recent years, at
least not in any big way. Mostly, she kept to herself socially, except
when she visited her children. She had a few friends, mostly female, and
operated a small clothing store with a female partner, which allowed her
some freedom in her working hours.

She fantasized just a bit about Henry. It would be interesting to meet
him, just to see what he was like. And, surely, he would be grateful to
her for returning his wallet; if, indeed, she could find him. That might
be quite a challenge. She picked up the telephone, and dialed the number
listed on the business card.

Not surprisingly, there was no answer. It was an office number, and it
was now late evening. The office would, understandably, be closed. She
saw another number, probably a home phone, and tried that. There was no
answer there, either.

She was about to give up until morning, until she noticed a scrap of
paper stuffed into the cash compartment. On it was written a phone number,
one she couldn't recognize. She dialed it.

After a number of rings, a sleepy response was heard.

"Yes?" a male voice inquired.

"Excuse me," Frankie began, hesitantly. "I am looking for a Henry
Mohlenrich - is he there, please?"

"Why would you call for him here?" the somewhat annoyed voice answered.
"I haven't seen him since this morning. He's probably gone home by now!"

"I am sorry, but I need to reach him, and all I could find was this
telephone number - do you know where I could find him?"

"No, he doesn't live around here, and I suspect he's left, probably to
go home. But he was staying at, let's see, the Alcazar hotel, I think."

"Thank you", Frankie replied, hanging up.

The Alcazar Hotel. She really had no idea where it was , but she went
immediately to the telephone book. Within a few minutes she had found the
address. She realized it was just a few blocks from where she had found
the wallet. Maybe he would still be there!

She looked at the clock. It was past eleven at night. She wanted to
deliver the wallet in person, but going out at this hour did not seem like
a good idea. If she called, and he was still there, he might come and get
it - but she hoped to meet him, at least briefly, and she could hardly
invite a strange man into her apartment at midnight! She decided she would
wait until morning, and then try the hotel.

Henry was up at six, finishing his packing before going down to the
hotel restaurant for breakfast. He ate quickly, knowing he needed to
report the missing wallet and credit cards before leaving. Returning to
his room, he called the local police.

He was quickly informed that he needed to come to the police station, to
make a formal report of the loss. The person on the line was not
encouraging, "The chances of it being returned are very small, so we
suggest you cancel all the credit cards that may have been in it. About
all that will come of your filing the report is that you may need it for an
insurance claim."

Henry decided he needed to file the report, anyway. The station was
only a few blocks away, so he decided to walk there. He set out promptly.

Frankie called her partner, to advise that she might nor be in to the
shop today, or if she arrived, it would be late. An unexpected bit of
personal business, she pleaded. Then she drove to the address she had
found for the hotel. She parked in the parking lot, and went into the
lobby. At the desk, she inquired, "Would you have a Mr. Henry Mohlenrich
registered here?"

The clerk quickly checked his register. "Yes, we do. Shall I ring his

"Please do", she answered.

A few minutes later, the clerk informed her, "He doesn't answer.
However, he's due to check out this morning. Probably he will be back

"May I wait in the lobby?" she asked.

"If you wish," the clerk admonished, gesturing to some empty chairs.

Henry ran into more trouble than he had expected. A number of people
were at the station, also submitting reports of various incidents. By the
time he had his report filed, almost an hour had passed. He knew he was
going to have difficulty making his flight. He hurried back to the hotel.

As he entered the lobby, he checked at the desk. "I'll be in a bit of a
hurry to check out - can you have my bill ready as soon as I go up and get
my bags?"

"Of course, sir. But, there's a lady waiting to see you. She's sitting
over there." He pointed toward Frankie.

Henry, flustered at his lack of time and financial distress, wondered at
the woman's purpose. He looked at her, deciding he had never met her.
Quickly, he moved in her direction and introduced himself.

"Hello, I'm Henry Mohlenrich. I understand you wanted to see me?"

"Why, yes, indeed!" Frankie replied, rising and extending her hand in
greeting. "I don't think we have ever met, but I do believe I have
something of yours. Did you possibly lose a wallet while you were here?"

Henry's heart skipped a beat. This was surprisingly good news, but at
an awkward time. He had just reported the loss to the police, and now was
in danger of missing his flight home. He smiled at Frankie, and inquired,
"Why, yes, I did. Last night, in fact. Did you find it?"

Frankie produced the wallet and held it out to him. "I recognize you
from the picture on your drivers' license. I found it last night, under my
car, just a short distance from here. It took me until this morning to
locate you. Please look it over - I hope everything is in it!"

Henry quickly reviewed the contents. The cash was there, the credit
cards, everything which should be. "I don't know how to thank you - I
never thought I'd see it again. In fact, I just completed making a police
report on the loss. Just now, I am about to fly home, and I'm not sure I
can even make my flight. Here, let me give you a reward--"

He started to take some bills from the wallet, but Frankie put up her
hands in protest. She explained that she lived nearby, and just wanted to
see him get his property back. She went on to add a bit about herself, the
shop where she worked, and why she was parked on the nearby street last

Henry tried to be polite, but now he was sure he would miss his flight.
He tried to cut her off. Frankie seemingly understood. "You're going back
home to Ohio? I'm going to Cleveland, myself, but I'm driving. I had
hoped we could have a short time together, over coffee, maybe? I don't
want you to go away with an unpleasant memory of our community." Then, as
an afterthought, "I do hope you will tell the police you found your wallet
- I considered turning it in there, but I thought it would be better and
faster for you if I brought it by in person!"

Henry thought a bit. He didn't want to seem ungrateful, but now time
was a problem. He did owe this lady his gratitude. He mulled over what he
should do. "To make the report, I would probably need to get back to the
police station. It's about eight blocks, and I'm probably already too late
to make my flight. I'm sorry, but I really need to work on how I'm going
to get home, now--"

"Let me help you," Frankie interrupted kindly. "I am in no special
hurry. I would be glad to run you over to the station, for you to make
your report, and then take you to the airport after, if that would help."

"There may not be any more flights today. A small town airport doesn't
have a lot of service!"

"Do you need to call someone at home, first? They may be looking for

"No, the only one home will be my dog, and he doesn't answer phones. I
live by myself, so there's no one to pick me up, either - I have to make my
own way."

"Then would you like a ride, perhaps? As I told you, I need to drive to
Cleveland, and I really do know where you live - it wouldn't be far out of
my way, or I could drop you at some place from which you might catch a bus
or something." Frankie knew perfectly well she had no plan to drive to
Cleveland, but she had invented the story as a plausible excuse. She
really wanted to prolong her visit with Henry, and she didn't know exactly
why. He seemed like a decent and safe person, and what she knew of him
from the contents of his wallet intrigued her a bit. She saw an
opportunity for a bit of an adventure, something she seldom had in her
life, and she had decided to pursue it.

They talked for a bit, and he accepted her offer of a ride; first to the
station, then to his home town. She fibbed a bit about having relatives in
Cleveland she had planned to visit. He checked out of the hotel, brought
his bag to the car, and they went to the station to report the recovery of
the wallet.

It was a warm day, and as they started the car's air conditioner
provided some comfortable relief. While Henry was in the police station,
Frankie waited with the car. Outside of Henry's view, she slipped her hand
under the dash, reaching for a fuse compartment. Carefully she selected a
fuse and slipped it from its holder into her purse. When Henry returned,
she started the car again.

It was approaching ten thirty as they headed out of the city. Henry was
feeling profoundly indebted to this strange lady, who had retrieved his
wallet for him, driven to his hotel in person to return it, and now was
going to considerable inconvenience to make his way home as easy as
possible. Frankie felt just a bit of anticipation at how she could turn
this encounter into something memorable. She felt safe with Henry, who
didn't seem at all threatening, and, after all, it was her car and she was
in control. After a few minutes on the road, she remarked, rather
apologetically, "Looks like the AC's out again - it's a bit temperamental.
Do you mind driving with open windows? You're not going to need a coat
today!" Henry accepted the mechanical failings of his hostess' vehicle with
a shrug. "What does it matter?" he asked. "I'm comfortable."

The two relaxed in each other's company. Henry had dressed for travel,
no longer wearing his accustomed suit, but now a short sleeved shirt and
comfortable slacks. Frankie had dressed in a casual but comfortable skirt
below a brightly printed casual blouse. They talked casually, but not
excessively. Neither was really a great conversationalist, but they
exchanged views on the passing scene and just a bit of themselves. As the
noon hour approached, Frankie suggested they stop and pick up something
they could eat in the car as they drove. A hamburger emporium was spotted,
and they went in, picking up burgers and drinks. "Large drinks, please",
Frankie had insisted, "because I do get thirsty driving, and it's a warm
day, especially since we don't have cooling."

They returned to the car and both entered. Henry courteously held
Frankie's large drink for her, as she started the car and began to drive.
After a few moments, she said, "I'll take my drink, now, thanks" and
reached for it. Henry put the large cup in her hand. The hand didn't
close, and a moment later a subtle upward gesture of the open hand sent the
drink spilling all over Henry; his shirt, pants, legs - all were soaked
with liquid.

Frankie screamed an apology as she brought the car to a stop. "Oh, that
was so - so clumsy of me! Never drink and drive, they say- here, we've got
to do something about this mess."

Henry trried to make light of the situation, but he was soaked, and the
soft drink was all over his clothes, leaving not only huge wet spots but
colorful stains. He got out of the car, and tried to let himself drip onto
the ground.

"Here, I've got some paper towels in the trunk", Frankie offered. She
obtained a roll of towels and began to soak up the mess on the floor, as
well as try to help Henry dry himself off.

"Well, "Henry remarked, "it was a warm day, you wanted big drinks. At
least I got a good cooling from that - look, ice in my shirt - and I think
there's more in my pants!"

In a few minutes Frankie and Henry had dried up the car. The seat,
fortunately, was plastic and the liquid did not soak in. Henry, however,
was a mess.

"You can't go on like that!" Frankie observed. "You can't ride in wet
clothes! And anyway, we've got to get those clothes washed - otherwise
your things are likely to have a permanent stain!"

"I can get put these in the trunk, and wear some of the dirty stuff I
shoved in bag", Henry suggested.

Frankie rejected the suggestion instantly. "It was my fault, and I
insist on making it right. You shouldn't have to sit in wet clothes, or go
home with soaking clothes that are going to be ruined!"

"What can we do? There isn't much choice!" Henry observed.

"When my kids had an accident like that, I just had them take their
things off and I got them right into the washer immediately. Say - there's
probably a laundromat in the next town. I could wash your clothes for you
- probably wouldn't take over half an hour! Please let me - I feel
responsible, and you look miserable like that!"

Henry mulled over in his mind the proposition. She was probably right,
and, anyway, he didn't want to hurt her feelings.

"Well, OK - but what do I wear while you're doing the laundry? I'd
better get some of my old stuff from the bag in the trunk!"

"No," she objected. "There's no place for you to change except here in
the car. You certainly can't do it outside along the highway. It's going
to be hard enough for you to take those things off in the car and put them
back on after they're dry - I just can't put you through changing twice!
Anyway, there will surely be some place I can park - I'll just find the
most private place I can, and you can cover yourself with the paper towels
while I do the wash. Now it would be a good idea for you to finish your
drink, before it spills, too!"

Henry was a bit shocked by the idea, but he could think of no sensible
alternative. He took the suggestion on the drink, and began to consume it.
It was indeed quite a large container. Why, he thought, did she need to
get such a big size? His thoughts returned to his wet clothes.

"Well, where shall I take them off?"

"Why don't you do it right now?" Frankie offered. There's no one along
the side, and the cars are going too fast to see anything. Just take your
things off and hold them, while I look for a laundromat!"

She drove on into the small town, while Henry struggled to get his
clothes off with some modicum of modesty. He readily removed his shirt,
shoes, and socks. The shoes, not too wet, he mopped up with a towel and
set on the floor in the back seat. Glancing nervously at Frankie, he
unfastened his pants and started to slip them off. "Look, I'm sorry, I
shouldn't be doing this; but it's what you suggested - I hope I'm not
embarrassing you!"

"It's me that should be embarrassed! Look, it's OK." Frankie was
looking straight ahead.

Henry managed to get the trousers off, then worked down his undershorts.
He positioned a couple of paper towels on his lap for cover.

Frankie located a coin laundry on a side street. She drove past it,
finding a quiet street with adequate parking a block beyond. She parked in
front of a bit of vacant land. No one seemed to be nearby. Opening her
door, she turned to Henry, "OK, let me have your stuff. I'll get it back
to you as soon as I can. Good thing it's a warm day - if you just stay
covered, you'll be OK."

Henry felt a bit ridiculous sitting naked in the car, covered only by a
paper towel. He tried to slouch down in the seat to be less visible.
Going through his mind was how he got into this situation, and he hoped it
would be quickly over. Frankie seemed like a nice person, and she seemed
sincerely trying to be helpful, though she was a bit insistent on her own
ideas. Hoping no one would approach closely, Henry tried to look
inconspicuous as he awaited Frankie's return.

He tried to finish what was left of the food and drink, giving himself
something to do and at least some apparent reason to be sitting in the car.
He waited.

Three quarters of an hour after she left him, Frankie came back. She
was carrying what appeared to be a bundle of damp laundry. She approached
the car, and leaned into the window.

"Well, good news and bad news. I did get your clothes all washed, but
there's only one dryer and it seems to be broken, so I couldn't dry
anything. Why don't we just spread your things in the back seat, and let
them dry as we drive? I've done it before, and it seems to work. I can
hook everything onto the seat belts, so nothing will blow away; and if we
leave the windows open and keep going, everything should be dry in a couple
of hours."

Henry was flustered. "Isn't there any other way? Well, I guess not -
well.... I suppose I can sit here for a bit, but.." his voice trailed off
as he contemplated sitting next to Frankie, covered only a paper towel, for
a couple of hours.

"Not much else we can do. Sorry. Shall we get going?"

"Anyway, thanks for doing the wash," he commented, a bit nervously.

They drove with the windows open, as she picked up speed on the highway.
The wind was rushing through the car. The paper towel on his lap flapped
around, as he tried to keep it over his lap to maintain some modesty. A
piece blew away at one point, as he grasped another, trying to cover
himself. He was feeling very self conscious. He also had another problem.
He hadn't had a bathroom break since they started, and with all the liquid
he had consumed, he now had a full bladder. He wasn't sure how to approach
this subject with Frankie.

She glanced at him, furiously fighting the wind trying to whip around
his paper towel cover. She laughed just a little.

"Henry, I know it sounds awful of me, but you are losing that fight with
the wind and the towels. It would really be quite all right with me if you
just gave up and stuffed the towels away somewhere. I promise I won't be
offended, and I think you would be a lot more comfortable."

She was obviously right. The towels were tearing, and weren't going to
last much longer, anyway. He could only accept her suggestion, though he
was acutely embarrassed. Although he was aware of the flush in his face as
he did so, he folded up what was left of the towels and stuffed them under
his seat. He sat beside Frankie, completely naked. Between his loss of
modesty and his full bladder, he had developed a prominent erection, and
his erect member was standing out clearly from his thick patch of pubic

Frankie glanced in his direction, obviously taking note of his aroused
state. "I really didn't mean to embarrass you, but maybe I've upset you a
bit - sorry. You look, well, uh - I guess I shouldn't be looking, but I
can't help it. I hope it's not bothering you too much - just, well, I hate
to say it, but, really, I don't mind seeing you that way. Try to relax - I
really don't mind!"

He knew she was commenting on his erection, and he didn't know how to
take it. "Thanks, but, I'm just not used to, well, having a woman look at
me. Not that you aren't being nice, and all, but I'm just not used to it.
And, there is one other thing. Are we going to stop for a break any time

"Do you mean to eat?" she inquired. "You can't be hungry, we just had
lunch a little while ago. I'm not tired, yet."

"Well, I was thinking of a bathroom break. Do you need a stop?"

She smiled. "No, I used the ladies' room while the laundry was being
done. I won't need a stop for a while." Pointedly, she made no reference
to his possible needs.

Henry sat in increasing discomfort as his bladder demanded relief.
Naked, he could hardly get out of the car to use a public rest room, or
even on the side of the road, what with all the traffic there was. She
hadn't even alluded to his possible need, forcing him to bring up the

"I'm afraid I do need a bathroom break. Is there a place we could
stop?" He hardly knew what to suggest.

"I couldn't expect you to get out on the road - you're not really
dressed for it. Maybe, after your clothes dry...."

"That will be quite a while. I don't think I could wait."

"I'll think about it a bit. Sorry I got you into this, but I can't let
you get in trouble for walking around with nothing on. Can you last a bit

"I'll try", he replied. Then added, "I really need to go pretty bad."

Frankie smiled. Henry was beginning to suspect that she was enjoying
his condition. They drew close to a roadside gas station. Frankie pulled
into it, parking a discreet distance from the pumps and the adjoining small
shop. "All that air is drying me out. I'm thirsty - will you wait while I
get us some drinks? Then, after we start, maybe we can find a rest stop up
ahead somewhere."

He nodded. She was gone only a few minutes, returning with two large
bottles of soda. She plopped into the drivers' seat, handing him one
bottle. "Go ahead - I got one for each of us!" He frowned a bit. "Really,
I had better not be drinking too much - it'll make things worse. Maybe
just a little.." He took the cap off the bottle and began to sip slowly.
He knew she was going to drink deeply from her bottle, and he didn't want
to seem unfriendly.

She opened hers and gulped down the contents. After two healthy swigs,
she looked at him, somewhat sympathetically.

"It really is bothering you isn't it? I wouldn't think you'd be that
uncomfortable - I mean, I didn't realize you had drunk that much. Are you
really full up, down there?"

"My bladder's very full - I really need to go, when we find a place."

She smiled. She felt a bit stimulated at his use of the name for his
organ. "I know what a full bladder feels like", she went on, "sometimes it
gets so hard and swollen - that's when it can hurt. Yours isn't really
hurting now, is it?" Her interest was obviously aroused.

Henry squirmed a bit, as he sipped his drink. "It's pretty
uncomfortable - very full!" Henry was surprised at the openness with which
he was discussing his physiological need.

"Would you let me feel it? I'd just like to see if it feels as hard as
mine gets sometimes!" Her request shocked him just a bit. He was, however,
much in her debt, and it seemed impolite to refuse even such a personal
request. "Go ahead, if you want," he replied.

She reached her hand and placed it on his abdomen, feeling it gently,
pressing slightly. She moved it around a bit. His erect penis bobbed
around a bit, at one point touching the back of her hand. "Oh, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to touch you there.... but, yes, I can feel where your
bladder is - and it is pretty hard. Oh, you are full!"

She withdrew her hand. "Thanks", she smiled. "I liked that. Let me
finish my drink, and we'll get going. " She took more gulps from her
bottle, her eyes glancing back to his erect penis. "You know, I kind of
like looking at you. I hope you don't mind."

"Look all you want. I can't do anything about it" he said, resignedly.
He felt extremely vulnerable and exposed, and her attention to his private
parts was both disturbing and somewhat pleasant.

She stared at him as she finished her drink. As she put the bottle
down, she asked him, "Would you mind if I touched it, just for a moment?"

Not knowing how else to respond, he muttered a mild "OK". She reached
over with her left hand, and lightly brushed the shaft of his penis. Then
she grasped it firmly, giving it a firm squeeze, for just a moment. Then
she withdrew her hand and started the car. "Thanks again" she said.

He couldn't quite figure her out. Obviously she was getting a bit of a
sexual thrill out of this, but where it was taking them was not clear.

She drove perhaps half an hour. She spotted a side road, going off to
an area of farm land. There were no trees near the road , but there was
wide grassy shoulder. The traffic on the highway was fairly heavy.

"Think this will do for a rest stop?" she asked. He gazed about in
wonderment, seeing no close cover. "I don't think I can get out here - I'd
be in clear view of the road. Maybe we need to find a place with more
bushes or trees, or at least some kind of protection!"

She got out, walked around the car to his side, surveying the situation.
"Guess you're right", she said. "You'll have to have a bit more cover.
But, as long as we're here, it's all right for me!"

"For you?" Henry reacted, in surprise.

"Yes, indeed. That last big drink really went to my bladder in a hurry.
Look, we can't do anything for you right now, but let me squat down here
for a bit of relief. I'll just stay here by the car, with the door open,
facing you. It'll be hard for anyone else to see, the way the car's

"Except for me!" Henry observed. "Should I turn around?"

"You don't have to. You've been a good sport, not griping about me
looking at you, so you can watch, if you want to!"

With that, she squatted down slightly, reaching under her skirt and
pulling her underpants down. She hiked up the skirt, as she stood in a
semi-squat. Then she said "Here goes!" and with that, released a strong
stream that shot forth into the grass beside the car.

"Gosh, that feels good!" she commented, looking straight at him, as her
stream continued.

"You're a tease!" he observed wryly. "Wish I could, too!"

His erect penis stiffened and quivered as he contemplated the woman
urinating in front of him. "Looks like you're enjoying the tease!" she

She seemingly was in no hurry. He sat, squirming slightly in the seat.
"Really, I need to go - maybe I could just aim out of the car --"

"No way!" Frankie answered quickly. "Hang on a little longer - you
can't expose yourself along the road!" She climbed back into the drivers
seat and they were quickly off.

The pain in his bladder was increasing, and its effect was his erection
was subsiding. "Frankie, we've just got to find a place for me - I simply
can't wait much longer!"

"Sorry, Henry, I'll look for a place up the road. I'm sorry I got you
into this spot. Look, it's really my fault."

Henry was a bit disturbed at her apology. "No, it's not your fault.
I'm really grateful to you for all you've done for me. I don't know what I
would have done after I missed the flight; and, after all, it was you who
found my wallet and went to all the trouble to find me and return it! I'm
really grateful, and I don't know what I can do to make it up to you.."

"Really?" Frankie's eyes lit up. "Do you really want to do something to
make it up for me?"

"Right now, I just need a bathroom stop. But I'll do whatever I can to
make it up to you - I do owe you a lot." He grimaced a bit at the pain in
his abdominal region, but then tried to smile at Frankie.

She was slowing the car down, as they approached a bit of woodland.
"Henry, I have a confession to make. And, yes, there is something you can
do to make it up to me - that is, if you're willing!"

"What would that be? Just name it!"

"I will. Just let me find that place you're looking for.." she turned
the car into an unpaved side road that seemed to go through a patch of
woodland to the side of the highway. The small road was apparently
deserted. She pulled far enough away from the highway to be into the
wooded region, then stopped the car at the side of the small road.

"I have a confession, as I told you - and a request," Frankie began as
she shut off the engine. She looked at Henry and her face flushed a bit.
She gulped nervously, then began.

"I admit I'm enjoying this. You are a real turn on for me. I have
dreamed about being with a man who needs to pee so bad he can hardly hold
it in, and here you are. And naked to boot - I don't mind saying I love
seeing you naked. There haven't been many men in my life, and this is the
best adventure I've had in a long time." She looked directly at his penis,
no longer erect. "Your - your" she stammered as she wasn't sure how to
refer to his penis, "..part.. isn't stiff any more. But what I'd like you
to do, is just get out and stand where I can feel your hard bladder and ..
your other parts; for just a few minutes; and then you can pee - but I want
you to let me hold you while you do!"

Her request was explicit. Henry understood. "I can hardly hold it, but
if it's that important to you, I'll try!" He sensed the sexual tension of
her proposal, but the distress in his bladder was almost more than he could

He stepped gingerly from the car, to a spot a few feet away, hidden in
the trees. He felt extremely uncomfortable, terribly vulnerable, and
strangely exposed as he stood there without a stitch of clothing on, while
this female companion stood in front of him, grinning and obviously
enjoying every moment of it. "I feel silly without anything on, and I
don't think I can hold very long, but go ahead and feel what you want" he
told her, somewhat in resignation. ""You don't have worry about being
seen, you've got all your clothes on!"

She placed her hand on his abdomen and began to feel it all over,
slowly. She pressed on it, but very gently. Her other hand lightly touched
his flaccid penis. Suddenly, he was aware that his erection was returning.

"Hey, did I do that?" she questioned. "I'll be gentle. Just hang on.
Would it help you hold if I hold it tightly here?" she indicated by
squeezing his penis slightly. The sensation was strange to him, at once
erotic and slightly painful. His bladder was indeed hard and very, very,
full. He tried to restrain it. He was tempted to try to hold himself with
his hands, but obviously she wanted to handle him, so he tried to stand as
still as possible while she held his private parts and ran her hand over
his abdominal skin.

"I do have all my clothes on," she said, replying to his earlier
comment, "but, remember, I did let you watch me pee!"

"With a skirt on, I might add!"

Carefully she ran her hands over his abdominal region, pressing slightly
on his bladder from time to time. He winced as she did this, gritting his
teeth a bit, trying to endure the pain as she played with him. He knew he
owed her a debt, but somehow he wished she could get it over with a bit
faster. He was getting used to the humiliation of being naked in front of
her, but the internal discomfort was just getting worse, and though he
squirmed and clenched his muscles a bit, it wouldn't go away.

Frankie seemed in ecstasy. She obviously loved playing with his penis
and lightly pressing his bladder, quite aware of the feelings it caused
him. She didn't stimulate him enough to bring him to anything approaching
orgasm, but enough to keep his erection firm. She squeezed his penis from
time to time, but didn't rub it or pull it. She toyed with his pubic hair,
pulling it occasionally. Her interest and excitement was obvious, but she
showed no sign of wanted to progress beyond this bit of what some might
callplay. She seemed content to want to touch and handle him, while
keeping her eyes focused on the private parts of naked body.

Twice he said something like, "I really can't hold on any longer",
comments which she chose to ignore. She looked at his face every few
moments, smiling richly. Her enjoyment was obvious. He responded simply
with a pained expression. He had trouble holding his body still for her.

Gradually, however, he noted his erection was longer and firmer, even
with her minimal stimulation. He felt the pain in his bladder less; not
that it was becoming reduced or absent, but more as though it was being
moved to the background, replaced by some new sensation. He actually got
to the point where he felt he could continue to hold on without relief, and
inwardly even wanted her to continue.

She sensed his feeling. Commenting on his penis. "Look how long and
stiff it is - does it ever get any longer? A few minutes ago it was soft
and, well, sagging; now look at it!" She was looking indeed. He somehow
wanted her to continue looking, no longer embarrassed, just pleased and
aroused that she found his anatomy interesting.

She played a few minutes more, careful not to touch his penis more than
an occasional light squeeze. Eventually she seemed to rather reluctantly
stop her activity and drop her hands.

"Thanks", she said, softly. "I liked that. It was nice of you. Now do
you want to pee?"

He nodded, with a sigh; partly acknowledging his acute need for relief,
partly sorry that her handling of him seemed at an end.

"I'll help!" she added. She turned him toward the trees, and gently
held his penis, pointing a bit upward, stiffly erect. "Let go whenever you
want", she instructed.

He tried. Despite the intense pressure from within, it wasn't easy to
release with a stiff erection and after holding for so long. He tried to
relax. Her grip, however gentle, wasn't making things any easier.

"I'm trying - I don't usually do this with someone holding me, and not
with a woman watching. Oh, I need to go, but it's hard to start!"

"I'm patient. Take your time." She apparently relished holding his
penis, even with her very light touch.

Eventually a few drops appeared on the tip, then a stream slowly
started. As it did, his erection subsided slightly. His stream gained
force, shooting out in an upward arc and falling noisily to the
undergrowth. She never let go, but manipulated his organ a bit, changing
the direction of the stream. She looked him, smiling broadly.

It must have taken two or more minutes for his stream to abate. She
loved every second of it, moving the stream about. Finally she let it aim
downward as his bladder approached empty. When the stream stopped, she
asked, "Is that all?"

"Isn't it enough for you?" he asked, glad of the relief he finally had.
He wondered what she would do next. She was hard to predict, and he had no
clue as to her intentions.

"Let's get back in the car", she proposed. "After another hour or so,
your clothes may be dry enough for you to put on. Meanwhile - well, I like
having you in the car naked. Do you mind very much?"

"I'm sort of getting used to it. You are one strange lady!" After
saying this, he wondered if he had chosen the right words. He didn't want
to hurt her.

"I guess I'm a bit unusual. I haven't done this kind of thing before,
but I'm really liking it. Thanks again for making my day!"

He sat, unclothed, in the passenger seat for the next hour as they drove
ahead. Though there was considerable traffic, a passing car would be aware
that he was shirtless, but probably not that he was wearing nothing. He
was too close to to the door to be seen from the passenger side, and cars
passing on the drivers side would have their view largely blocked by
Frankie. He was relaxing a bit, now.

Periodically they reached to the back seat to rearrange his drying
clothes or to check their wetness. Ultimately they reached a point where
he felt the clothes were dry enough to wear. Frankie eased into a rest
stop. She parked.

"OK, fun time's over. Looks like you can get dressed now," she told

Without stepping outside, he began to retrieve his clothing from the
back seat and gradually began to dress. Frankie studied carefully every
move. Finally he was dressed. He moved to open the door, saying "Since
we're at a rest stop, I think maybe I should use the facilities before we
start up. I'll be back in a minute."

"No!" Frankie said, firmly. "You still owe me. Let's go on a bit - I
promise I'll find another place. Please?" The 'please' was so plaintive
Henry decided he couldn't refuse her. He slipped back in and the car

Half an hour down the road, she pulled off to another side road, a bit
away from the traffic. "Let's get out" she suggested, stopping the car.

As they both moved to the side of the car away from the direction of
highway, she instructed him, "OK - you first. This time without any help
from me. Just let me watch! OK? Then I promise to return the favor!"

Henry had the feeling that they were like a couple of teenagers engaging
in a naughty game. However, he wasn't ready to end it, yet. He stood in
front of her, opened his trousers, and begin to urinate, this time rather
quickly and forcefully, into the grass. She stood in front of him, eyes
directed on his penis and the stream pouring from it.

He finished, and zipped up. "My turn! This time I want you to watch -
closely!" She reached up under her skirt, pulled down her white panties,
and slipped them completely off. "Hold these, please," she asked, handing
them to him.

Then, holding her skirt waist high and facing him, she squatted
slightly. Her dark pubic hair and the slit in her genitals were plainly in
view in the bright sunlight.

"Is the view OK? Or would you rather I cover up?" He stared at the
sight, smiling a bit, wondering just what she was up to now. A stream of
urine began to shoot from her crotch, and she watched his expression
closely as his eyes followed it.

A bit later, she was finished. She stayed there, in that half squatting
but very exposed position, for a few seconds. "Can you reach me a tissue?"
she asked. He turned to the car, retrieved a single tissue from the box
she kept in the car, and offered it to her. She wiped herself, then
discarded the tissue on the grass. "Hope I don't get caught as a
litterbug," she remarked. Then she dropped her skirt, retrieved the
panties from his hand, and slipped them on, pulling them up snugly. She
returned to the car, and he followed.

"I don't think you owe me anything," she commented, "you've paid your
bill. Thanks again for the view. Did you see enough?"

He was a bit stunned by the question. He wondered if it was an
invitation to some further activity. He decided to test her reaction.
"Well, you did see me naked for quite a while, you know."

She laughed slightly. "And you didn't see me that way. Well, you know
I can't drive with nothing on - on me, it would be way too visible. You're
a man, and where you're sitting we can get away with it. You saw my bottom
- are you asking to see my upstairs?"

"Why not?" he replied. "You saw everything there was of me!"

"OK. Fair enough. But only for a minute - then we have to be going!"
She turned to face him, and started to unbutton her shirt. She pulled it
up out of her skirt. Then she reached up in back, and unfastened her bra.
With a few deft maneuvers, she disengaged the bra straps from her
shoulders, and dropped the bra out the bottom of her shirt.

"Ready for this?" she asked. Not waiting for an answer, she undid the
rest of the buttons and held her shirt open, displaying her now unsupported

"Get a good look", she told him, "it's only a minute or two!"

He was at a loss for words. He was tempted to try touching her, but
decided that wasn't a good idea. He took in the view. For a woman of 49,
she didn't have a bad shape. Her breasts weren't overly large, and they
drooped a bit. He saw a brown mole on one, and noted they were a bit
sweaty, reflecting the heat of the day. Both breasts were almost white,
compared to the more tanned color of her face and arms. This lady wasn't
in the habit of going topless, he thought.

She watched his expression for a minute, holding the shirt open. Then
she started to close it, fastening the buttons, and turned away from him.
"I'll finish the trip braless. Too much trouble to put it on. Enjoy the
jiggle," she smiled a bit at her touch of humor.

They started up and headed on their final leg. An hour or so later,
they approached the turn off for his home town. "Shall I take you to your
home? You'll have to direct me, of course!"

Henry was tempted, but thought better of it. He wasn't sure he wanted
his neighbors to see him being returned home by a strange braless lady in
an out of state car. Besides, he wasn't sure it was a good idea to let
Frankie see where he lived. Today had been fun, in its way, but he didn't
feel either of them wanted a continuing relationship.

"No, drop me at the bus station. It's near the building my office is
in. I need to leave some papers there, and I'll get a taxi home. Thanks,
anyway." He hoped she would buy his flimsy excuse without too many

She dropped him at the designated spot. He retrieved his luggage from
the trunk. As he stood by the car, ready to move away, he turned to her.
"Thanks again - for the wallet, the ride, and, well, everything... It was
a great day!"

"For me, too" she answered, beaming a smile at him. She offered her
hand, and then quickly withdrew it and drove off.

He stood there a moment, watching her car disappear down the road.

"What a strange lady!" he said to himself. "I'll never meet one like
that again - but, then, it wouldn't exactly ruin my day if I did." He
turned and headed for home.



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