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POKERPLY thick penis into mouth


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By Dave 437

As told by Renee

Recently, Dave, Stan's dad, began to come back out of his shell and

dating again. He and his wife split up five years ago, when I was in

college. His wife had run off with a younger man and then when she

tired of him came back to find Dave hurt too much to take her

back. I guess that's why it took Dave so long to come around. He's

still a good looking man and I think he looks a lot younger than

his 45 years, because he keeps his body in good shape by jogging

every day. His 6' frame is topped by slightly graying dark brown

hair, but his broad hairy chest and strong legs give him the look of a

30 year old. Stan looks more like his brother than his son except

that Stan is more muscular because he works out with weights

every day.

Stan and I were visiting him at the same time last month and

we decided to take him out for dinner and a couple drinks, hoping

he might find some nice eligible girl at the singles bar we

steered him towards. We agreed we would act like friends out with

a single friend rather than children with our father. We thought

that might help him get a date easier.

Well, his first couple women were a total wash out and Dave

good-naturedly laughed at his failures. Then this very pretty

young girl about my age (I'm 23) sat down at the bar next to us.

She was short, about 5'2", but she was very well built for

someone that small. She had very pretty legs, a cute rounded butt

and a set of boobs about to fall out of her low-cleavage dress.

Dave whispered in my ear, "I'm not doing very well with older
women....How 'bout I try this one?" I grinned at him and nodded,

thinking if I was her I would be attracted to this tall, handsome

gentleman. And what do you know...I was right. Soon they were

talking and laughing like two young 'old' friends. For some

reason I felt a little jealous. I winked at Stan and was going to

suggest we leave them alone when a really loud rock band began

playing. The girl, Sherry, made a face and grabbed Dave and Stan's

arms and we all went outside. On the sidewalk, she explained that

she didn't mind rock music, but preferred quieter entertainment.

Then Dave took me by surprise when he suggested we all come back

to his apartment for a couple nightcaps. Sherry smiled and

laughed, "Great idea!" That was when I noticed that she was

starting to get a little tipsy.

We went to Dave's apartment and although I tried to find a way

to let him be alone with Sherry, Dave looked at me and Stan with

eyes that told me he didn't want to be left alone just yet. Sherry,

unaware of our silent communication, sat down at the dining table

when we got to the apartment and asked Dave if he liked to play

cards. "Sure," he said, "let me get some drinks for us and then

we'll play." He brought her a drink and she gulped it down

quickly and announced, "Let's play poker....strip poker!" Now I

really wanted out and started to say so, but Dave looked at me

pleadingly and said not to be an old fuddy-dud. When I looked to

Stan for support, he just sat there smiling and staring at

Sherry's small, but sexy body, just like his Dad.

I knew I would have to give in, or reveal who we really were

...and I could see that Dave didn't want to

lose a chance to get at this girl. Sherry dealt the first hand

and everyone but me lost their shirts. She laughed and slugged

down another drink, tossing her blouse on the floor, her nipples

showing clearly through her skimpy, lacy bra.

Soon I was down to my bra and panties. But the next hand saw

me win Sherry's bra and both the guys T-shirts. There I was with

my men down to their jockeys watching her open her bra to reveal

two beautiful tits. Suddenly, she stood up, dropped her bra on

the table, and then with a broad smile on her pretty face, passed

out across the table. Dave and Stan stood up to help me lift her

on to the couch and as they cradled her soft body I noticed that

both of their cocks were standing hard against their briefs. I

stood there between them as they stared down at Sherry's sexy

body and without thinking, I slid my hands down each of their

briefs to grasp their rock hard cocks. They both moaned in

pleasure as I began to stoke their hard cocks while Stan unhooked

my bra and let my large firm breasts free. Dave's cock did a

little jerk as his eyes fell to my tits. He bent down and began

sucking on my nipples as Stan pulled my panties down my long legs

and, kneeling in front of me, began to lick my pussy lips with

his talented tongue. My knees weak from excitement, I knelt down

in front of Dave, pulled his briefs down, and began to lick his

beautiful cock. It was hard, but his salty sweet skin was so soft

as I took his hard thick 7" penis into my mouth. His large hairy balls

were heavy in my hand as I gently rolled them with my fingers. With

my other hand I was stroking Stan's thinner but longer cock. Dave

is uncircumcized, but his cock was stretched so big that there

was only a little loose foreskin to run my tongue under. Dave's

cock was thick and his veins stood out on the surface, giving it

a gnarled look. I kept my eyes wide open to look over the source

of Stan's being, as I sucked on Dave.

Stan's cock, however, was totally smooth as I took him down

my throat after sucking on Dave for a while. Since Dave was thicker

I had a hard time swallowing him all the way, but Stan's thinner

cock slid right down my throat with ease. Dave moved behind me and

lifted my butt up so that he could fuck me doggy-style. His thick
cock opened me up as it slid deep into my wet cunt at the same

time Stan's cock slid down my throat. I sucked on Stan as if I

was milking him while Dave pounded at me from behind, my breasts
swinging with the rhythm of our strokes. Stan moaned and pushed

his cock all the way down my throat as his white-hot cream began

to spurt into my eager throat. He grabbed my head and held me

there as he emptied his balls into me, my mouth and throat

working furiously to swallow all his load. Then I came as Dave's

cock exploded deep inside me. thick juicy cum was spurting into

me at both ends, and I loved it! We collapsed next to Sherry's

sexy sleeping form in exhaustion.

Later, I woke to find Sherry sucking Dave's cock. I wasn't

jealous anymore, and I found it sensuous to watch her suck the

cum out of him. But I made her share his delicious cum with me. I

found I liked the taste of his cum better than Stan's. We both

fucked and sucked Stan, too. What a night! Now we all play

"poker" together at least once a week, but the best part is when

I get to eat Dave's sweet cum.


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