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PONYGIRL thick plug the tail gear


"Pony Girls"
Story codes: f solo, fF, ds

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) by the author. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Posting an unaltered
copy of this story to newsgroups or on websites is
permitted as long as no money is charged for access and
as long as the author's byline and e-mail address and
this paragraph remain on the story. No alteration of
the contents is permitted.

" When were you going to tell me about these ?"
Allison picked the fight with her mother as soon as she
came back from an afternoon meeting. She held in her
hand a pile of brochures for private schools. They had
been on her mother's desk in the study.

" Relax, Allie... I haven't made any final
decisions. "

Fine. Negotiations. It was a game the two were well
practised at. Since early on, Allison's mother had
given her permission to be a bit rebellious. As a
single mother, and a successful political lobbyist, her
mother had given her every example of how to be
assertive. It shouldn't surprise her now, Allison
reflected, that her daughter would fight against being
sent to a private school for girls.

Allison just wasn't prepared for how firm her mother
was about it. Despite Allison's academic successes in
the public school system, and the fact that she was the
captain of the track and field team, her mother was
insistent. She just felt that Allison would be better
prepared for college by a private school.

" I'm only fourteen years old, " Allison complained.
" Your already planning my whole future. "

" Don't look at it that way. I'm just keeping open
all of the options. The friends you make in private
school will be valuable contacts in whatever career you
choose after college. "

" And if I decide not to go to college..."

She just had to push her luck. She actually had
every intention of going to college, but had said it
just to annoy her mother. The negotiations were over.

So when the new school year began, Allison Fry found
herself half way across the country, sitting amidst a
sea of school uniforms in the assembly hall of Loyalist
Academy. girls aged as young as ten years old packed
the auditorium, and each of them sported the white
blouse and blue kilt of the school. This kind of
conformity stuck in Allison's throat. In the public
school, she had been given relative freedom. Here, she
listened in silence while every rule of conduct was

As stifling as the school policies were, Allison was
even more struck by the social atmosphere of the
school. To say that the social groups were well defined
would be an understatement. Most of these girls had
been together for years. Small cliques of girls
socialized exclusively within their own groups. They
sat as groups in the classrooms, and ate together at
lunch. The contrast to the diverse social groups of
public school was startling.

Just by force of gravity, Allison found herself
being pulled in to the social orbit of her roommate,
Sandy Inverness. With a wealthy and prominent family,
Sandy was at the top of the pecking order in her little
group of friends, and she had an attitude to match.
Allison had no high profile relatives to speak of, the
other girls paid her little attention. Worse yet, they
seemed to look upon her as Sandy's sidekick.

A fate worse than death, Allison was certain.
Nonetheless, for the first two weeks, she tried her
best to fit in with these girls, and hated every minute
of it.

" What teams are you trying out for this year, Sandy
?" one of the older girls in the group asked, on the
day that the sign-up sheets were posted.

" Oh, I thought I'd try for field hockey or the swim
team. "

" Me too", " Yeah", " Same here", the phrases echoed
around the lunchroom table. The peer pressure was
sickening. Allison could see the same scene being
repeated at tables all around the cafeteria, as the
different groups of girls discussed their options.

" I think I'll go for track and field, " responded
Allison, when one of the younger girls finally got
around to asking her. A silence fell around the table.
The other girls didn't approve of her choice, but
Allison was beyond caring. There was no way she was
going to let these pompous socialites control her every

After lunch, Sandy pulled her aside.

" I really don't think you want to join up with
track and field, " Sandy told her.

" Why not ? It's my best sport. "

" Look, Allison, you're a nice enough girl, but you
have a lot to learn about fitting in. Just stay with
me, and I'll guide you along. The girls on the track
team just aren't popular in school. They're in a social
class all by themselves. Actually, they're a little bit
weird. Trust me. If you want to fit in, you'd better
stick to the other team sports. Why not try field
hockey ?"

There was something about the condescending way that
Sandy was talking that made the hair on the back of
Allison's neck stick up. God, she hated being told what
to do.

" They couldn't be all that weird, " Allison stuck
to her guns. " And I don't know why everyone here is so
hung-up on their own little groups. If you ask me,
that's what's weird. "

So much for fitting in with Sandy's clique. Allison
signed up for track and field that afternoon, and by
the next day, she was virtually ignored at the lunch
table. Sandy shot her a couple of looks, as if to say
'I told you so.'

Allison didn't hold out much hope for fitting in
with the girls in track and field either. Their group
was just as established, and perhaps more so. She had
seen them in the hallways of the venerable academy,
walking together like some sort of herd. They were all
thin, and pretty, and seemed to spend a lot of time
brushing their hair, and applying make-up.

Another group of snobs, she thought to herself. Not
that she wasn't pretty in her own way. In fact, in
public school, she had been quite popular with the
guys. Her body was lean, and well toned. With chestnut
hair, and deep green eyes, she had turned a few heads.
But she had never been overly concerned about her
appearance. On first glance, she pegged these girls as

Her first day on the team proved her wrong. These
girls were definitely different than the other stuck-up
brats who populated the corridors of Loyalist Academy.
They even cheered for her when the won her first race
against some of the other girls.

" Good race, " one of the losers congratulated her
breathlessly with a pat on the back. The other girls
were just as receptive. Before long, they were all
chatting, and getting to know Allison. They wanted to
know all about her public school, and her track and
field team.

" You have such long legs, it's no wonder you can
run so well, " a younger girl named Brooke complimented

" Yeah, I'll bet you won a lot of competitions at
your other school, " agreed Skye, the team captain. The
team didn't have a regular coach, so Skye virtually ran
the practices.

Allison blushed a little. After two weeks of being
left out by Sandy Inverness and her stuck-up friends,
she was suddenly the centre of attention. She wondered
why the other cliques considered these girls to be
strange. They just seemed like nice, pleasant girls.
Come to think of it though, that *did* make them a
little strange in this crowd.

" I hope you don't mind me saying so, " added April,
an asian girl, " but you have a great body. You were
just born to be a champion runner. "

The girls were so friendly that Allison ended up
hanging around with them after practice. If there was
anything at all odd about the group of a dozen girls,
it was that they spent an awful lot of time after the
practice showering and doing their hair. For Allison,
it was just a quick shower, and then she ended up
waiting outside for over a half hour while the others
finished up.

Oh well, she thought. It's not the most unusual
thing in the world for teenage girls to be concerned
about their appearances. In fact, she felt a little
self conscious herself when they all came out together,
smelling of perfume, and with their hair freshly
braided. Soon, however, she was talking and chatting
away with them like old friends.

What Sandy had said turned out to be true. Even more
than before, most of the girls in the school avoided
her now. They were all bitches, Allison concluded. She
couldn't imagine why anyone would try to exclude nice
girls like Skye, Brooke, and April.

She found herself comfortably fitting in to the
group, and spending time with them during the day. It
didn't seem like there was any particular hierarchy
amongst these girls. If anything, they all seemed to
pay special attention to Allison.

Conversations in the group revolved around dieting,
track and field, and there was quite a lot of chat
about ponies. It seemed that this was a common hobby
amongst the girls, and most of them even helped to take
care of ponies at a nearby stable. Their interest in
the ponies was so pronounced that Allison learned that
the other girls in school dubbed the team the "Pony
Girls". They all laughed about that.

At first, Allison felt a little left out of their
interest in ponies, but just when the conversation
seemed to be going too far in that direction, one of
the girls would change the topic.

Track practice went well the next day. Spurred on by
encouragement by her team mates, Allison ran the mile
track in her best personal time. As she crossed the
finish line, she could hear the other girls cheering
her on.

" I think that maybe we should consider Allison as
team captain, " offered Skye, when the team met at the
end of the day.

" No, you've been captain for years, " Allison tried
to turn down the offer.

" Don't worry about me, " said Skye, " I just want
to do what's right for the team. " The other girls
chimed up in agreement.

" I think that settles it, " concluded Skye. " So
what are the orders, captain ?"

Allison smiled widely." Hit the showers, ladies. "

The mood in the showers was bright, and Allison
couldn't help but feel more than flattered. She had
only known these girls for a couple of days, and she
already felt totally accepted. On this day, she didn't
rush to get out of the shower. Better to take as long
as the other girls, than to wait outside for them for a
half hour.

As she soaped herself up, little Brooke was nearby.

" Hey, Allie, do you want me to wash you ?" An odd

She was about to decline, but she noticed that
Brooke's suggestion wasn't out of place amongst the
other girls. Through the steam of the showers, she
could see that most of the girls were actively washing
each other. She usually kept her eyes to herself while
in the showers, but this was just too odd to ignore.

" Uh, no thanks. "

" Okay, but would you mind getting my back. "

Allison looked around the room again. For these
girls, it seemed like this was normal behaviour. No one
seemed surprised at all when Allison reluctantly began
to lather up the young brunette's back.

For a moment or two, she considered whether all of
the girls on the track team might be lesbians. It would
certainly explain why the other girls at Loyalist
Academy seemed to shun them. While continuing to rub
soap onto Brooke, Allison took another look around the
room. No, there was nothing sexual going on at all. If
anything, it just seemed like the girls enjoyed helping
each other out. A curious sort of teamwork or

Nearby, a young girl named Cindy was on her knees,
washing the legs of the former track captain, Skye. All
around the room, the girls switched back and forth,
lathering and wiping each other down.

Allison couldn't believe that she was the only one
who thought this was peculiar.

" Thanks, " Brooke said, when Allison was done. "
Are you sure you don't want me to help you out a bit?"

" Um, okay. " She didn't want to seem uptight about
it. If the whole team had been doing this for years,
who was she to complain ?

The young brunette began to lather Allison's back.
The feeling was strange and sexy. Allison wasn't
accustomed to having anyone touch her this intimately.
She had dated a few guys while in public school, but
had never gone very far with them.

Brooke seemed unaware of Allison's nervous reaction.
The young girl first lathered Allison's back, and then
began to soap up her behind. She tensed a little, but
didn't stop the young girl as her hands kneaded her
ass. Allison checked the other girls again. No one was

She couldn't help but feel awkward when Brooke
dropped to her knees and began to soap up her legs.
Everyone else seemed so casual about it. Was she the
only one who felt there was something sexual about a
room full of naked young girls rubbing each other ? She
had never really been attracted to girls, but it was
hard for her not to be aroused as Brooke began to
lather up her inner thighs. Her hands were so close...

" That's enough Brooke. Thanks. " Allison hoped the
young girl didn't see how flushed her face was.

After the showers, the girls went into the locker
room. As in the showers, Allison was surprised by how
the girls assisted each other. Still nearly naked, they
paired off to brush and braid each other's hair. They
even helped to dress each other. Again, Brooke offered
to help Allison, but she politely declined.

The rest of the afternoon was as normal as could be.
The girls talked about ponies amongst themselves, and
were just generally fun to hang around with. When
Allison returned to her room that night, she was still
puzzling over the locker room behaviour.

" Are you enjoying your time with the 'pony girls'
?" asked Sandy Inverness smugly. It almost seemed like
she knew something about the locker room.

" Yes, very much, " answered Allison, a bit

" Well, when you finally decide to leave them,
there's a place on the field hockey team for you. A
girl as smart as you belongs with us. "

Fat chance, Allison thought to herself, while she
prepared for bed. With or without the odd locker room
behaviour, she would still much rather hang around with
the pony girls than with Sandy Inverness and her

Nonetheless, once she was in bed, her mind was drawn
back to the feeling of Brooke's hands on her body. The
perky little brunette was completely unaware of how
aroused Allison was by her touch. Her mind flashed to
the image of little Cindy on her knees, washing the
long legs of the tall blonde Skye. No, Skye didn't seem
aroused either. For them, it was just normal.

Setting aside her inappropriate arousal, there was
something quite comforting about the idea of being
washed, dried, and having her hair braided by Brooke.
She imagined that it must be that way for some sisters.
It was a feeling she had never known. In fact, given
that these girls had been together for years, it wasn't
so strange that they would behave this way, she tried
to justify.

Okay, maybe it was a little strange. But there was
no pressure for her to participate if she didn't want
to. As long as nothing was being forced on her, Allison
figured she could live with any quirks that the pony
girls brought with them. And, she reflected, it was
still a heck of a lot better than hanging out with

As the next week went by, Allison became more
comfortable with the girls. In fact, day by day, she
became less uptight about showering with the team. She
allowed Brooke to help her wash, and returned the
favour for the younger girl. She still couldn't get
over the feelings of arousal as the young girl scrubbed
her naked body, but she decided not to worry about it.
It was just a pleasant little bit of sexual excitement,
and went no further.

She even paired off with Brooke after showering, and
let the younger girl brush out her hair, and braid it
for her. She had never worn braids before, but it
actually felt good to let Brooke do it for her. She
returned this favour as well. It was such a pleasant
feeling, letting the young girl sit behind her on the
bench and groom her this way. Their bodies pressed up
against each other as they silently tended to one
another. It was such a sweet sort of intimacy.

In the evenings, after she was in her own room, she
would often think about those long showers with the
girls. She allowed the erotic feelings that she
suppressed during the day to invade her night time
fantasies. She imagined the feelings of Brooke's hands
working over her wet skin, those little fingers so
close to her pussy. She thought about the way that Skye
looked, with Cindy washing her firm body. She tired to
be quiet when she masturbated herself, but she
sometimes got the feeling that Sandy was awake and
listening. God, that was embarrassing.

Every day, her friendship with the girls grew. It
was the kind of intimacy that she had never known, even
with her own mother. No one in the group seemed self-
conscious about anything. Allison really enjoyed the
closeness of the group of a dozen girls, and couldn't
imagine what it would be like to be at Loyalist Academy
without friends like these.

The only time she felt a little left out was when
the girls would leave campus to tend to the ponies.
There were several ponies at a local stable, and each
of the girls had a personal favourite. Each day, either
in the morning, or after practice, the girls would walk
down to the stables to help feed and groom the ponies.

" I like Kaitlyn best, " said Cindy. " She has such
a beautiful mane. "

" Oh, I just love the way Lilly jumps so
gracefully. She's such a pretty pony. "

The conversation was a common one. These girls were
just wild about ponies. It wasn't a hobby that Allison
had ever considered, being from an urban area. As much
as she liked hanging around with the girls, this was
one thing she felt awkward with.

As they packed up after practice, the team got ready
to walk down to the stables.

" Hey Allison, " said Skye, " why don't you come
along ?"

" Oh, I don't know. I've never really been into
ponies. "

" I just don't want you to feel left out, "
explained Skye. Everyone was so considerate of each
other. It was just one more reason that Allison really
liked these girls. " If you don't want to help groom
the ponies, you don't have to. You can just watch if
you want. "

For almost two weeks, Allison had been left behind
when the girls went to the stables. It was a little
uncomfortable being left out of their conversations
about the ponies, and Skye seemed really eager for her
to come along.

" Okay, " Allison agreed.

The group walked together down a path behind the
school. Loyalist Academy was set in a rural area, and
the girls cut through an orchard toward the stables.
Most of the other girls walked ahead, while Skye and
Allison walked behind.

" I'm really happy you joined the team, " Skye said.
" You're really fun to hang around with. "

" I'm glad too. I didn't think I would ever fit in
at a school like this. "

Skye had a beautiful smile. Allison was ashamed to
admit to herself that she might have a bit of a crush
on the tall blonde girl. She had found herself watching
Skye while in the shower, and sort of wishing that she
could trade places with Cindy, and pair off with Skye.
The fantasies were harmless enough, and she would never
do anything about them.

" Maybe I should tell you something about the
ponies. We didn't invite you before because we weren't
sure you'd be okay with it. I hope you don't think
anything bad of us after you see the ponies. "

" Why would I think that ? You're the nicest girls
I've ever met. "

" Sometimes when we're talking about the ponies, we
change the subject if you're around. A lot of people
really don't understand about them. That's why we don't
talk much to the other girls at school. "

The group of girls took a path now through a wooded
area. In only a few minutes of walking, they had become
quite secluded.

" What do you mean ? " asked Allison. Skye looked a
little embarrassed.

" I guess you'll see in a minute. We're almost
there. Just remember that everyone is here by choice. "

Curiosity was killing Allison now. Over the past
couple of weeks, she had thought very little about the
ponies. When they changed the conversation, she assumed
that they were just being polite. As they neared the
doors to the stable, Allison couldn't wait to see what
was within.

The doors opened, and Allison got her first glimpse
at the ponies. Only, there were no ponies. Each stall
of the stable contained an adult woman.

Allison squinted in confusion, as she looked at each
of the women. It was more than bizarre. The fist thing
she noticed was that each woman wore an elaborate piece
of headgear. Each one was different, but on each woman,
it gave shape to her head of hair, and formed it into a
sort of mane. Another common feature was that each of
piece of headgear was strapped on to a metal bit in the
women's mouths.

The other girls began to open the stalls, and lead
the women out by leather straps attached to their bits.
Allison realized that she was shaking a little. Skye
stood beside her, with a concerned look on her face.
Cindy brought out one of the ponies to show them.

" This is Kaitlyn, " explained Cindy. "She's my very
favourite pony. "

Pony ? Allison shook her head slightly. Why was this
woman accepting this treatment by a group of young
girls. The tall, lean woman was almost entirely naked.
Aside from the headgear, there was an outlandish
apparatus protruding from her behind which simulated a
pony's tail.

The pony's hands were bound tightly with cloth, and
fitted into little silver shoes that were styled to
look like hoofs. They hung uselessly in front of her.
Her body was lean and tanned, and her little breasts
bounced firmly as Cindy paraded her in front of the
other girls. Little silver rings protruded from the
woman's puffy nipples.

" What is this ?" Allison whispered to Skye, as the
other ponies emerged. Each one was adorned differently.
Some of the headgear was colourful, while others were
plain black leather. The women were even marked like
livestock, she noticed. Kaitlyn had the marks of a
branding iron on her rear end.

" Please don't be freaked out, " said Skye. " I told
you that everyone is here by choice. These ponies
really like being here. If you don't want to help to
groom them, that's okay. I'll even walk you home if you
want. "

Just like the strange scene in the showers, none of
the other track team members thought that there was
anything strange here. Occasionally, they would look to
her for reaction, but otherwise, they began a routine
that they had probably done dozens of times.

Also, just like before, Allison didn't feel any
pressure to participate. Skye was even offering to take
her back to the school. For some reason, she didn't
want to go yet. Maybe it was just curiosity. This was
the most peculiar thing she had ever seen. In all the
time she had listed to the girls talking about ponies,
she had never suspected anything like this.

" Uh, no I don't want to be any trouble. It's okay,
really. I'll just watch. "

Skye smiled widely. " That's wonderful. I just knew
you would understand. "

No, she didn't understand. Not at all. She just
needed to know a little more. She was captivated by the
bizarre scene unfolding before her. Skye went with the
others, and began to carry over buckets of warm soapy
water to wash the ponies with. In all, there were four
ponies in this stable. Three of the girls attended to

Skye, Cindy and Brooke began to wash down Kaitlyn
with sponges, while the pony stood tall between them.
Everyone was here by choice, Allison remembered what
Skye had told her. Could it be true ? Could this woman
really want to be treated like a show pony ?

Allison stood against one of the walls of the
stable, and drank in every detail of the scene. It was
true that the ponies seemed to be content with all of
the attention they were getting. The young girls almost
seemed to worship them. Three pairs of hand gently
soaped and brushed each of the women's bodies. More
thoroughly than even in the showers, the girls washed
every part of the ponies.

In the course of the grooming, the tail piece, and
headgear were both removed from Kaitlyn. Allison
watched as little Brooke stood on a stool, and
carefully detached the silver studded leather from the
bit in Kaitlyn's mouth. The metal bit seemed to be
permanently anchored to the woman's upper teeth, and
stuck out a good two inches from either side of her

While the young brunette washed and combed out the
hair of the pony, Cindy attended to the tail gear. The
tail was attached by a leather strap around the pony's
waist, and one end also plugged into her rear entrance.
Allison watched in amazement, as Cindy withdrew the
thick plug of the tail gear from Kaitlyn's ass without
a sound of complaint.

In a moment, however, her attention was drawn to
what Skye was doing. The tall blonde girl knelt down on
the straw covered floor, and brought her lips to the
well trimmed pussy of the decorated woman. A knot rose
in Allison's throat. As if everything else wasn't
strange enough, now the girl she had a crush on was
performing oral sex for the pony. Were these girls
lesbians after all ?

Around the stables, the scene was repeated with
other girls. They tenderly groomed and petted the
magnificent bodies of these women, while four of the
girls dropped down to lick pussy. The ponies revelled
in the attention. Kaitlyn's nipples were hard from the
pleasure that Skye was providing. Her firm body began
to buck a little as she pushed her pussy insistently
against Skye's mouth.

As much as she wanted to, Allison couldn't avert her
eyes. Brooke continued to tend to the pony's mane, and
after a brief cleaning, Cindy fixed the pony's tail
back into place. By this time, the Kaitlyn was riding
Skye's face in a most undignified manner. It was an
animal kind of lust that rose in her body, and the
woman had no inhibitions about acting like an animal.

" Hold still Kaitlyn, I'm putting your headgear back
on, " instructed Brooke. The pony tried her best to
obey, but as Skye continued to lap at her pussy, she
slipped into an orgasm. The sound that she made didn't
even seem human. It was a whine of pleasure that
somehow seemed appropriate for her position. Her hips
thrust back and forth wildly as Skye struggled to
finish her. Only when the pony had calmed entirely did
the tall blonde girl release her lips from the pony's

Allison couldn't watch any more. She felt like a
real pervert, standing there watching these young girls
serve their ponies. With trembling hands, she lifted
the latch to the door, and let herself out quietly. She
waited outside the stables until the other girls were

She didn't talk on the way back to school. She was
too afraid of what she might say. Skye walked silently
beside her. Allison tried to banish the images from her
head, without any success. Much like the first time she
had seen these girl behave strangely in the shower, her
head buzzed with confusion. Except this time, there was
no way she could explain it away.

Allison was ashamed too, by her own reaction. Again,
her mind was drawn back to the showers, and the way
that she had accepted the touching as harmless fun, all
the while, fantasizing about it at night. Now, despite
the outlandish nature of what she had seen, she could
feel how moist it had made her pussy. Her face flushed
with the shame of it.

Just as they reached the school, Skye finally spoke.

" I can tell that you think this is totally weird.
I'm so sorry I dragged you along..."

" No, I mean... I don't know, " Allison didn't want
Skye to feel bad. " I mean, it was nice of you to bring
me along. I just, um, don't know what to think right
now. It was a real surprise. "

" Then you don't completely hate us ?"

" No, not at all. It's just a lot to get used to. "

" And you're not going to quit the team ?"

Allison managed a weak smile. " I'll see you
tomorrow at practice. "

Sandy was away for the weekend with her parents,
leaving Allison alone in the room. It was a good thing
too. She didn't know if she could handle Sandy's smug
attitude right now. Not while she was so confused about

As soon as she got back to the room, Allison locked
the door. Her heart was beating fast. She looked at
herself in the mirror. Her face was still a little
flushed with embarrassment. It was hard to recognize
herself as the same girl who came here only a few weeks
ago. She wore the starched blouse and pleated kilt of
Loyalist Academy now. Her hair dark hair had been
braided intricately by Brooke after practice. She
shuddered to think of where the young girl had been
practising that skill.

The images would remain fresh in her mind, she was
certain. The way the girls had worshipped the pony's
body made her shower fantasies seem like harmless fun.
What had seemed innocent before now took on such dark
undertones. Allison sat on the edge of her bed, and
then flopped back.

What struck her most now was the way that those
women played the role of ponies with such obedience.
These women had been broken, branded and trained. What
kind of life could that be ? Skye had insisted that it
was their choice. She wondered how any woman could make
the choice to be treated like a pet, and allow herself
to be fed, groomed, and even pleasured by young girls.

It was indecent, the way these women were forced to
display their bodies. It was shameful, the way they had
stood there, taking their sexual pleasure in public.
How humiliating it must be to live like that, Allison
thought to herself. It took her a moment to realize
that her hand had drifted down to her pussy while she
was thinking about it.

Why was this all making her horny ? The other girls
just seemed to accept this all as normal. Allison's
hadn't worried much about her shower fantasies, but now
she was sure that her mind would be consumed by images
of the ponies instead.

She lifted her feet onto the edge of the bed,
letting the hem of her skirt drift down her thighs. She
closed her eyes and tired to think straight, while her
hand still rubbed her pussy roughly through the cotton
of her panties.

Yes, it was a good thing that Sandy was away for the
weekend. Allison was going to need a lot of private
time to work out her feelings. With her feet still
dangling from the edge of the bed, she came to her
first of many orgasms that weekend.

Over the next week in practice, Allison was almost
able to keep the thoughts of the ponies out of her
mind. She did her best to treat everyone as normally as
possible, and to keep herself form imagining the scene
at the stables.

It was hardest in the showers. Brooke's touches
almost made her lose control a couple of times. It was
torture. She would find herself watching Skye, and
remembering the way that the girl had so eager licked
the pussy of Kaitlyn. Meanwhile, Brooke's warm hands
would be roaming all over her, her little fingers
exploring every curve of Allison's body. She would
carry those warm feelings with her for the rest of the

She didn't, however, join the girls going down tot
he stables. She wasn't sure she could handle watching
that scene again. It was just too bizarre, and she
still didn't know how she felt about it. Nearing the
end of the week, when the other girls went of to see
the ponies, Skye stayed behind with Allison.

" Why aren't you going today ? " Allison asked her,
as the other girls went off as a group.

" I wanted to talk to you a bit. I know you were
pretty freaked out about the ponies, and I wanted to
make sure that you were okay. You haven't said anything
about it in nearly a week. "

Allison bit her lower lip. In fact, she had been
trying to avoid bringing it up. As nice as these girls
were, she didn't want to offend them. Her curiosity was
burning. Each night, the images visited her anew, and
there was so much that she wanted to know.

" I'm trying not to judge you guys. Really I am. It
just seems so..."

" Strange ?" Skye suggested.

" Yeah. I've never even heard of anything like this.

" We keep it pretty quiet. That's why our parents
put us all into private school together. There are
other girls at other schools too. We just don't talk
about it with anyone. "

Allison nodded. " If the other girls thought that
you were weird before, they'd totally freak if they
knew about the ponies. It's just so hard to imagine
that a woman would allow herself to be degraded that
way. I have a hard time believing it myself. "

" It's not degrading, really. The ponies are admired
by many, and treated very well. It's an honour to be
chosen as a pony. Most of us girls will try out as
ponies. That's why we try so hard to keep ourselves in
shape. Only a few of us will make it. "

Allison couldn't believe what she was hearing. She
shook her head slightly. " You mean, some of you
actually want to become like that, to be paraded around
like a show animal. "

" Well, yeah. As I said, it's a great honour to be
chosen. Other women look up to them as models of
perfection. Once a girl is chosen as a pony, she is
taken care of in every way. We groom them, and feed
them, and take care of every need. "

Every need. Allison couldn't help but think about
the way that Skye had sexually pleasured the pony. Her
face went a little red. Skye read her thoughts.

" Yes, even sexually. The ponies are trained not to
please themselves. That way, we can please them more
fully. The ponies deserve to be pleased in every way. "

Skye didn't seem embarrassed by it at all. The two
girls stood silently outside the locker room for a
while. Allison tried to absorb all of the new

" I still don't know, Skye. I mean, I won't think
any less of you because you are involved with the
ponies. It's really not my place to judge. I like being
a part of the team, and you girls are really nice. I
just don't think that I'll ever quite understand. "

" I'm glad you feel that way. I want to be your
friend no matter what. But if you really want to
understand us, there's one thing that I know would
help. We have a pony meet coming up this weekend.
You're totally welcome to come along. You don't need to
participate in anything. Just have a look around, and
you'll see what it's all about. "

" I really don't think..." Allison started to

" Just think about it. "

Allison couldn't stop herself from thinking about
it. Over the last week, her mind had been torturing her
with sexually charged images of the decorated women.
With the new information that Skye had provided, she
could do little else but think about it. There were so
many questions left unanswered. At night, her mind
filled in the blanks, and spurred on her body to
excitement. As strange as all of this was, there was no
question that it turned her on.

Just the thought of a pony made her wet. There would
be no harm in going to the pony meet, she reasoned to
herself. The girls would make sure that she was okay.
So what was she afraid of ? The answer was one that she
tried not to think about. Yes, it was harmless to
fantasize about the ponies. It was the direction those
fantasies were taking that scared her.

She rubbed her pussy quietly at night, trying not to
wake Sandy. The images of the beautifully decorated
women floated through her head. As her climax came,
though, it was always the same. Shamefully, in that
final moment her lust forced her to imagine herself in
the scene. Not as one of the girls, but as a pony. As
soon as she allowed the image to form, she couldn't
control herself. The idea of all those girls tending to
her body was too much. She imagined the feel of all
those hands caressing her, and of Skye's lips on her
pussy. It always made her cum a little more vocally
than she would have imagined, and by that moment, she
didn't care if Sandy was asleep or not. The shame came

When Friday came, Allison still didn't know what she
was going to do. The girls had been asking her
repeatedly over the last couple of days about whether
she would be coming. They seemed so excited about it.

" I'm not sure, " she had answered each time.

Now, as the girls prepared to leave, Skye came to
her. " I'd love it if you were to come along, " the
tall blonde girl told her. That was all that Allison
needed. She nodded her head. Skye hugged her excitedly.

A bus had been hired to bring the girls to the pony
meet. After a two hour drive, they stopped at another
school too, and picked up a half dozen other girls. The
atmosphere in the bus was electric. All of the girls
were fussing with their hair, and talking about which
ponies would win at the races.

Allison tried not to show her growing apprehension.
Supportively, Skye took the seat next to her and held
her hand. That felt really nice. " Don't worry, Allie.
This is going to be fun. "

Finally, after driving through a remote area, the
bus entered the grounds of the pony meet. Three other
buses were already in place, as well as several trucks
with horse trailers. One of them was being unloaded as
the girls pulled up. Three ponies were led out by their
bridles. They were definitely dressed for show. Allison
was spellbound. The women looked radiant, like this was
their greatest thrill in life. A crowd of younger girls
stood nearby and talked about the ponies as they were
led away.

As soon as the girls were off of the bus, everyone
split up to see their favourite events. To Allison's
delight, Skye stayed with her, and even continued to
hold her hand as she showed her around. There was a
large house, which belonged to one of the wealthy
sponsors of the event. Around back of the house, the
ponies assembled under tents for viewing.

" Who are those people ?" Allison asked about a
group of well dressed women who walked around with an
air of authority.

" They're show judges. The ponies are judged here
for posture and beauty. Later, most of them will also
compete in the races. The winners bring cash prizes for
their owners, and are desirable for breeding. "

" Like a dog show... " the words popped out of
Allison's mouth before she could even think about them.
The comparison was tasteless, she realized as she said
it. Skye just smiled.

The crowd was mixed. young girls in diverse school
uniforms circulated amongst adult men and women. Some
were owners, Skye explained, and others were just
guests. As they wandered around, Allison became a lot
less nervous, and she allowed herself to look at the
different ponies on display. It was easier in this
setting. She didn't feel as singled out as she had in
the stables.

It wasn't long before she was actually having a bit
of a good time. Skye was right. Everyone was here by
choice, and to that extent, it was no different that a
circus side-show. A few odd thrills, but at the end of
the day, she was going back to Loyalist Academy.

" Let's go see the males, " Skye suggested.

" There are males ?"

" Yes, but only a few. They're only kept around for
breeding anyhow. "

It was funny how all of the terminology that would
normally be reserved for livestock slipped off of her
tongue so casually when referring to these women. Skye
led her to a different tent. Here, there were five
males, adorned much like their female counterparts.
Allison blushed. The men were every bit as graceful and
attractive as the females. Their body hair was kept
shaved, revealing tanned flesh and well-defined
muscles. It was difficult to not look at the long
erections these studs sported.

" Oh man, I don't think I've ever seen a guy that
big, " Allison giggled. That was an understatement. She
had only fooled around briefly with the guys at public
school, and aside from a little groping, she hadn't
seen anything at all. These ponies seemed positively
well-hung to her.

As the day continued, Allison was startled by how
quickly she became accustomed to this scene. Once she
accepted it as just an odd lifestyle choice, she didn't
worry about it too much. Indeed, her sexual arousal
crept up on her again. Each pony that she viewed turned
her on just a little bit more. Then there was Skye,
always with her, and holding her hand. The day was
quite exciting, and she could hardly wait to get into
bed that night to relieve some of this sexual energy.

Pony races began in the afternoon, but before they
could watch many of them, Skye got up to leave.

" Where are you going ?" asked Allison. The pony
races were quite a spectacle. These women really were
athletic, and Allison was enjoying the action.

" Oh, I have to get ready. Walk with me and I'll
explain. "

Allison walked with her friend towards one of the

" One more reason for the meets is so that buyers
can get an early look at potential ponies. They have
scouts come to these events to judge the girls in
advance. "

" What are you saying, Skye ? Do you want to become
a pony. "

" Absolutely. I've always wanted to be a pony. My
mother was pony, and I was bred for it. Most of the
girls on the team want to become ponies eventually, but
only a few of is will make it. "

Suddenly this was getting weird again. Her friend
Skye, beautiful Skye, wanted to be one of these women.
Allison just couldn't fathom it.

" Do you really want to live your life like that ? I
don't want to be insulting, but it's just so... I don't

The tall blonde girl didn't seem to mind Allison's
questions. " It wouldn't be forever. They take ponies
during their late teens, and keep them for only a few
years. If they fail to rank in the shows, the ponies
are released after two or three years of service. If
they rank well, the owner might keep them on for a few
years for breeding purposes. "

" Doesn't it scare you at all ?"

" Maybe a little. But the decision is always mine.
Even if I do well today, I can always back out later. A
lot of girls do that. "

The girls paused outside of the opening of the tent.
Allison could see a few other girls already inside.
They all seemed so anxious to get started.

" So that's it, " said Allison. " You're really
going to go in there and be scored as a potential pony.

" Yes. It's really no big deal. It's actually really
exciting. I wish that you were coming too. "

Her heart skipped a beat, and a lump rose in her
throat. This was too close to her fantasies for
comfort. She hoped that Skye wouldn't notice how
aroused it made her.

" Well, wish me luck. " The blonde girl hugged her
and gave her a peck on the cheek. Then she was gone,
leaving Allison trembling at the opening to the tent.

Think rationally, she tried to argue to herself.
There was no way that she really wanted to go in there
and submit to such humiliation. She should just go back
and watch the races until the end of the day. Even as
she argued, her body was tingling with excitement.

Another part of her was arguing more persuasively.
This was just a scouting event. Lots of girls did this
and then backed out later. It was no big deal. She
could just do this for a thrill, and there would be no
consequences. Who would ever know ? What could possibly
be the harm ?

And Skye was in there.

Her breathing almost stopped as she found herself
walking into the tent. Some of the other girls watched
her come in, and her face went completely red. She
didn't even know where to go.

" Over here, " called Brooke. The young brunette was
standing with Skye. Allison walked over on unsteady

" This is great, " pronounced Brooke happily. " The
judges are just going to love you. "

Skye was grinning too. Allison couldn't even speak,
she was so nervous. She had no idea what to expect.

The other girls began to undress. There must have
been fifty other girls in the tent, each from a private
school in the region. They ranged in age from around
thirteen to sixteen years old. Allison couldn't believe
that there were this many girls around who wanted to
become ponies, but more than that, she couldn't believe
that she was among them.

The girls stripped down to their underwear, and then
lined up to be judged. As each girl reached the front
of the line, they were asked a few questions and then a
number was written on the stomach of each girl with a
coloured marker.

Twenty... twenty-one...twenty-two... with each girl
ahead of her who was numbered, Allison became more

" I don't know if I can really do this, " she
whispered to Skye, who was just ahead of her.

" Relax. I'll be nearby. There's really nothing to
it. "

Skye was twenty-seven. The man at the desk wrote the
numbers in purple ink across her tight stomach. Allison
was next.

" What's your name ?"

" Allison Fry. "

The man searched his book for a moment, and then
looked up at her.

" Your name isn't registered. You're a new entrant
then ?"

" Yes. "

" What school are you from ?"

" Loyalist Academy. " The man took a note.

" Do you have any ponies in your family ?"

" No. "

The man checked off a couple of boxes, and then
assigned her number twenty-eight. " Follow the other
girls to the short track, " he instructed.

Allison's heart was pounding in her ears. She had
actually given that man her name. There was going to be
a record of her trying out as a pony. The other girls
lined up just outside, and paired off in twos. Allison
paired off with Skye. At the short track, a man stood
with a stopwatch, and timed the girls as they ran the

The girls ahead of Allison and Skye were older. When
the man told them, the scrambled away from the start
line, and did a sprint to the end of the track. There,
they turned around, and sprinted back again. One of the
girls stumbled near the finish line, losing her
precious seconds. When she finally crossed the line,
and the man recorded her time, she began to cry.

Next were Allison and Skye. For the first time
since coming here today, Allison was truly in her
element. As soon as the man signalled, she was in
motion. Skye fell behind as Allison got into form. When
it came to running, there were few girls who could
match her. When she hit the end of the track, she
turned back again. Only then did she realize how far
ahead of her friend she was. With renewed effort, she
pushed towards the finish line.

" Great time, " the man remarked, and then waited
for Skye to catch up. He took out another marker, and
recorder each girl's track time in blue ink just below
the number on her stomach. Allison could see the other
girls in line looking enviously at her time.

Skye gave Allison a little hug. " I just knew that
you'd do great. " She led her friend towards the last
judging station, just inside the tent. Here, a woman
with a clipboard took her time examining each of the

" This is so exciting, " Skye told her. " Our judge
is one of the top breeders. If we do well, we could
wind up in one of the very best stables. "

The terminology still made Allison uneasy. She was
being judged like some sort of an animal. Nonetheless,
as she watched the elegant woman circle these young
girls dressed in their underwear, and touch them ever
so gently, she could feel her excitement growing. All
day, she had been in an aroused state, and somehow, the
idea of letting this woman grade her like some sort of
an object really turned her on.

The woman took her time with each girl. Allison
watched her in awe. Here was a woman who was accustomed
to having such power of women. She wore a stylish grey
suit over a black blouse. Her hair was dark brown, and
she wore elegant black framed glasses. Everything about
her talked of class.

Allison watched as Skye went forward. The woman
checked Skye's teeth, and made notes on her complexion
and posture. Her hands roamed all over Skye's lean
body, giving rise to yet more feeling of arousal in
Allison. The closer Allison became to Skye, the more
she wanted her.

Finally, it was Allison's turn. She stood forward
and waited for the woman to inspect her. She could feel
the eyes of the other girls watching her as she was
being judged.

" Hmmm, a new one, " the woman said softly. " You're
a pretty one, aren't you ?"

Allison blushed. For some reason, it made her gave
her a wonderful feeling that the woman liked her.

" I can see you scored an excellent time on the
track too. It's the best I've yet seen. Yes, you are a
pleasant little surprise. "

The tall woman circled around Allison, and cupped
one of the girl's ass cheeks in her hand. Allison could
feel the woman's breath so very close to her as she
took notes on her clipboard. When the woman came around
her again, Allison lowered her eyes to the ground. The
mixture of arousal and humiliation made her face burn.

The judge ran her hand up and down the front of
Allison's body. It was impossible for Allison not to
react. A little shudder was all it took to alert the
judge to her aroused state.

" Mmmm, a hot little pony too, aren't you ? Let's
see how hot. "

The judge ran her hand to the top of Allison's
panties. Allison could hear herself breathing heavily
in anticipation. The woman sunk her fingers under the
waistband, and slid her finger's through Allison's
pubic hair. There was no way that Allison could object
to the woman's touch. Her body revealed everything.

" Ungh..." Allison whimpered as the woman's fingers
touched her wet pussy. The excitement was too much for
her. With no more than ten seconds of light stroking,
she lost control. She bit her lower lip as her body
bucked against the judge's hand.

All she could think about was the humiliation of the
other girls watching as she came on the hand of the
judge so quickly.

" Oh, yes, you are a natural. " The woman had yet to
remove her hand. Allison's breathing was ragged. Every
move of the woman's hand was pure heaven. Another well-
placed stroke brought Allison to a second intense
climax, and this time, she couldn't stop herself from
moaning loudly.

Finally, the woman removed her hand from Allison's
panties. She had such a look of satisfaction on her
face. Looking Allison in the eye, she brought her moist
fingers to the girl's face. Without thinking, Allison
opened her lips and took the judge's fingers into her
mouth. The taste of sex was strong on them.

" Good girl, " the woman cooed. " I'm done with you.

Skye was waiting for her. " Oh my god, you did so
well. You must have gotten such a high score. I'm so
proud of you. " The tall blonde girl was so excited,
she could hardly stand still. She hugged Allison
tightly, and then kissed her lightly on the lips too.
It was a kiss that lingered in Allison's mind for the
rest of the day.

All through the bus ride back to school, Allison
couldn't clear her head. Everything had been so
exciting, but overwhelming too. She tried to convince
herself that she wouldn't really consider becoming a
pony. Her mother would kill her if she didn't go to
college, much less anything like this. Nonetheless,
every time she thought about it, she could feel her
sexual excitement growing.

Is that what it would be like to be a pony, she
wondered. Would she be excited like this all of the
time ?
With those thoughts still fresh in her head, she
returned to her room late. Sandy was already in bed.

Allison undressed and slipped under her covers. It
would be dreams of Skye, the judge, and ponies tonight,
but first, her body needed some relief. It was amazing
how horny this whole thing had made her. Laying on her
back she spread her legs and began to rub herself. Her
body responded immediately, jerking up and down on the
mattress. She bit her lip to try to stifle her growing
moans of pleasure.

" No need to hide it, Allison, " Sandy said. " I
know that you're jerking off. "

Allison froze in position. How embarrassing it was
to be caught like this. Nonetheless, she couldn't quite
bring herself to stop touching her pussy. She needed it
too badly.

" Just keep going, " Sandy urged her. " I've heard
you doing it all sorts of times at night. "

Through the darkness, Allison could see her roommate
watching her. Despite herself, she slowly began to rub
herself again. Sandy's voice continued.

" I tried to warn you about the pony girls, didn't I
? I figured that a girl with a successful mother like
yours really didnn't belong with them. I thought that
you would fit in with us better. Now I know better.
From what I heard about today, you really do belong
with the other ponies. "

My god, Allison wondered breathlessly, how could
Sandy possibly know what went on today ?

" Oh, don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. Most
of the girls at school don't know anything about the
ponies. I just happen to know because my daddy owns
several ponies himself. A family of our wealth deserves
to have the best of everything. "

Allison didn't know what bothered her more, that her
stuck-up roommate now knew all about her, or that she
just couldn't stop herself from masturbating. Her body
was shaking with lust and humiliation. Yes, Sandy
Inverness keeps girls like her for amusement. It was so
awfully shameful.

" Of course, I have to be discrete about it too. It
wouldn't do for any of the other families to know what
my father does for fun. So this will be our little
secret. I'll let you know another secret. My daddy says
that he'll buy me a pony for my graduation gift.
Sometimes I think about who I'll choose. I've had my
eye on Skye for a while now, and Daddy agrees that
she's very good breeding material. Now that I've heard
the report on you, though, I wonder if I should
reconsider. "

Allison was so close to orgasm. She couldn't believe
that Sandy Inverness was actually talking about buying
her. Why didn't she protest ? Her body was absolutely
bucking with excitement. Some of the covers were
falling away, revealing her body in the faint light of
the room, but she didn't care at this point.

" Of course, maybe I can convince daddy to buy me
two ponies. Wouldn't that be nice ? I could keep you
and Skye together at the same stables. Maybe once we're
done breeding you, you both can come work for me as
maids or something. Would you like that ?"


" Allison ?"

The frantic squeaking of Allison's bed was the only


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