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POOLMAN sucked her clitoris She grabbed

<HTML><FONT SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>"The Pool Man" (MF, cons, oral, anal)<BR> <BR>
WARNING: This is a complete work of fiction which contains graphic sexual
descriptions and language. Any resemblance between this and a real event
is coincidental. If you are a minor you should leave this newsgroup
immediately. And if you are offended by this kind of material then.....why
the hell are you here?<BR> <BR> I wrote this story. You may save a copy of
it if you like. Please don't change it or sell it or pass it off as your
own work. Nice comments are welcome. Thank you and enjoy.<BR> <BR> <BR>

"The Pool Man"<BR> <BR>

Copyright 1999 by Velvet Rose<BR> <BR> <BR> It was a hot Tuesday
morning in August. The temperature was already 85-degrees and would get
even hotter as the day went on. Jessica Miller got dressed as she waiting
for the pool man to arrive. She was wearing a short, white terry cloth
robe, but underneath she wore a cherry red bikini. A special outfit for
what she hoped would be a spectacular day.<BR> <BR> Bob Miller, Jessica's
husband, was a corporate lawyer and worked long hours. Sometimes he
wouldn't get home until 10 or 11 o'clock at night. Sometimes weeks would
pass by before they had sex. But his work really paid off in the end,
though. The couple lived a beautiful, large house with a pool and a great
view. And Jessica didn't need to work. So she spent her time in any way
she pleased. Almost every morning she'd be by pool.<BR> <BR> Every Tuesday
a man from the Aquarius Pool Cleaning Service would come to the Miller
household. His name was Derek. He had short blond hair and blue eyes.
His lean and muscular body was very tan (from working outside so much).
Normally it took him an hour to finish his work at each house he went to,
but at the Miller house he could be finished in about 20 minutes. Their
trees were far enough from the pool to keep out leaves and the pool itself
wasn't used very often. This was great for him because on Tuesdays there
was two houses to service and this was the last house. He'd have the rest
of the day off.<BR> <BR> But there was an added bonus to working at this
house: Jessica Miller. She had long brown hair and beautiful green eyes.
She was in great shape, very trim. Her tits were big, but not too big, and
she had an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. He often had to hide his
erection while he was working. She was always out by the pool when he was
there. He'd glance over at her sunbathing as he worked and she'd watch him
through her sunglasses. He tried not to leer so much in her direction as
she rubbed lotion on her legs and thighs.<BR> <BR> Derek arrived at about
10:00 and Jessica let him in through the side gate. He checked the
filters, skimmed the water and did his usual routine. As he was checking
the water pump, Jessica sat on one of the lounge chairs about a yard away
from him. Derek's cock began to grow when she took off her robe. She
usually wore a one-piece suit, so this little red number was a big
surprise. The bottoms were so high cut that her ass cheeks were practically
bare. He knew that she was doing this for him.<BR> <BR> Jessica began
rubbing suntan lotion over her legs, arms, belly and face. As Derek was
finishing up she called him over and asked him rub some lotion on her back
and shoulders. He eagerly came over and sat behind her. As he massaged it
into her skin some off the lotion ran down between her breasts. Her hands
were holding up her hair so she told him to clean up the excess lotion. He
brought his hands around front and scooped up the white liquid, brushing up
against her tits. Jessica moaned quietly and smiled. Derek decided to
throw caution to the wind and pulled her bikini top upward and rub the
lotion on her bare breasts. She gasped a little but didn't object. He
took them in his hands and squeezed them, kneaded them, pinching her
nipples. She spun around and grabbed the man's face, kissing him deeply.
He kissed back even harder.<BR> <BR> "Fuck me, Derek," she whispered.<BR>
<BR> Derek stood and removed his clothes with his hardening 8" prick
standing at near attention. He stroked it in his hand, a small drop of
precum leaking out. She moved closer and took his cock into her mouth.
She wrapped one hand around the base of it and the other squeezed his nut
sack. She swirled her tongue all over his cock, taking every inch in her
mouth. Derek put his hands on her head and gently pumped his cock into her
face. His cock swelled and he pumped faster. Jessica gave his balls a
good squeeze and sent his cum shooting down her throat.<BR> <BR> Derek
pulled out his semi-hard shaft and watched Jessica swallow his sperm. She
removed her bathing suit completely and laid back on the lounge chair with
her legs spread wide apart. Derek took the cue and sat down with his legs
on either side of the chair. He leaned down and kissed her, tasting some
of his own cum. He felt her hand guide his cock into her pussy. She was
very moist so he slipped inside her smoothly. He moved inside her slowly,
savory the feeling. Jessica wrapped her legs around his body, trying to
pull him in deeper. He'd slowly pull his cock out until just the head was
inside and then slam it all the way in. A few minutes later she started
cumming. <BR> <BR> Derek continued fuking her as her orgasm subsided. She
whispered in his ear that she wanted to try another position. They both
got up and Derek sat down on the lounge holding his engorged member
straight up. Jessica straddled his hips and eased herself down until she
was sitting in his lap, his cock buried deep inside her. She rode his
shaft hard, bouncing off of his lap. She chanted over and over "Yes, yes,
yes!" He squeezed her ass as she moved and placed one of his greased
fingers up her small hole. It wasn't long before she came again and
collapse on top of him. He told her he was about to cum so she climbed off
of him and kneeled down on the ground. Derek jacked off his dick until he
came. He drenched her face and tits with his cum. They were both out of
breath.<BR> <BR> Jessica looked down at her sperm-covered breasts and
smiled. "Looks like I need a bath." With that she got up and jumped in the
pool. Derek jumped in after her. The water was surprisingly warm. They
splashed around a bit and played with each other under the water. Jessica
swam over to the end of the pool and sat on the edge. Derek went over and
stood with his head and shoulders between her legs.<BR> <BR> "Do you do
this with all your clients?" she laughed.<BR> <BR> "Only the very pretty
ones." <BR> <BR> "Mm-mn. We should do this more often. I had a lot of
fun."<BR> <BR> "We can have even more fun today. I don't have anymore
appointments till tomorrow."<BR> <BR> "So you want to stay a little
longer?"<BR> <BR> "If you don't mind."<BR> <BR> "Well, I don't know..." she
teased.<BR> <BR> "I think I can change your mind." He spread Jessica's legs
further apart and ran his tongue over her slit. He held her pussy lips
open with his fingers and gently sucked on her clitoris. She grabbed his
head and pushed her crotch against his face.<BR> <BR> "You've definitely
done this before," she moaned.<BR> <BR> In response he lightly flicked his
tongue at her clit. She screamed, "Yes! Don't stop!". It had been such a
long time since her husband ate her pussy that she forgot how good it felt.
And Derek was *much* better than her husband ever was. He moved his tongue
down to her pussy hole and slipped it in. He gently tongue-fucked her
until she came. <BR> <BR> Jessica was so lost in her orgasm that she
didn't notice that he had moved away from her. He got out of the pool and
grabbed two towels sitting on another lounge chair. He handed one to
Jessica and dried off with the other. When she came back to reality she
got up and wrapped the towel around herself. Derek held her in his arms
and kissed her. <BR> <BR> "What would you like to do now?" she said,
smiling at him.<BR> <BR> "Well, I have an idea," his hands trailed down her
back and squeezed her ass, "if you're up to it."<BR> <BR> She kissed his
cheek. "At this point I'd be willing to do anything."<BR> <BR> He grinned
back at her. "Okay, grab some of that lotion. I want you to rub it on my
cock."<BR> <BR> Jessica dropped her towel. She got the bottle and poured
some of it into her hand. She lathered his dick with the creamy lotion,
gently rubbing his shaft. Derek really enjoyed the feeling. By the time
she finished he was very hard. Derek took her by the hand and led her down
the steps into the pool. They walked along the side until they were a
little more than waist deep in water. She stood with both hands gripping
the edge of the pool. He positioned himself behind her, pressing the tip
of his cock against asshole. Slowly he pushed himself inside. She gasped
very loudly as he inserted his cock.<BR> <BR> "Just relax. I'll be gentle
and take it slow," he assured her. She nodded.<BR> <BR> Jessica gripped
the ledge tightly. She felt a little pain as Derek's cock eased inside her
tight asshole, but it felt good. Really good. Slowly more of his dick
entered her until the last inch was in. Jessica was breathing hard. Just
as slowly as he moved before, he pulled his prick out, until just the head
was inside. Then slowly he slid back inside. He kept up this pace for
several minutes. Then he moved a little faster. Jessica started pushing
herself back to meet his thrusts. Before long Derek was slamming his dick
into her ass. The cool water stopped Derek from cumming too soon (and he
already cummed twice). Jessica was screaming so loud that Derek had to
slow down so she wouldn't wear out her voice. Before he knew it, he was
shooting his seed into her aching ass. He collapsed on top of her and they
fell against the side of the pool. They stayed like that for some time,
gasping for air. <BR> <BR> Derek eased himself out of her. They moved
deeper into the water to cool off. Derek wrapped her legs around his waist
and held her up. They stood in the water for sometime, holding and kissing
each other. After a while they finally left the pool and dried off. They
got dressed and Derek carried his equipment to the van. Jessica kissed him
good-bye and headed inside for a shower. She took a nap and dreamed about
the pool cleaning next Tuesday.<BR> <BR> THE END.<BR> <BR> <BR> </HTML>

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