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My name is Adam Williams. I was 14 when I found the book. I was looking
for porno magazines in the basement of the school library (my friend
told me they had them) when I found a book called "Time". It must have
been atleast 100 years old, possibly more. It had no markings that said
it belonged to the library either. I heard someone coming so I stuffed
it in my bag and hid.
I ran home and didn't stop until I shut the door to my bedroom.
Unfortunately my mother called me for dinner right when the door closed,
so I put the book in my "secret hiding place" inside the air duct in my
room and went downstairs to eat supper.Supper was a bit akward.
I should tell you about myself before I go any further. My dad left my
mom 4 months beforeI was born. If I ever met him I would kick him in the
nads then tell hi to go fuck off. My mother has blonde hair, green eyes,
is 36 years old, 5'6", 120 pounds, average size but firm breasts, flat
and smooth stomach, perfect ass, and nice long legs, in other words,
she's a hottie. I am atracted to my mom very much but I would never act
on my feelings. I am 14 years old, average build, average height,
average everything except my intelligence. I am very smart, but I don't
act it and I don't use it for school because I think school is a waste
of time. I am not popular and I'm not hated. I am practically invisable.
We are well off financially because my mom is a high priced lawyer and
wins 90% of her cases. We live in a big house in Massachusetts. Back to
the present.
When I finished eating I went to my room and locked the door. I grabbed
the book and started reading. I spent 3 hours reading the very
intreaging book. It was about how to control time with siple thought.
Once I read that I thoutht "Oh great, I stole some stupid science
fiction bullshit!". I tried t anyway. It said you needed to recite three
words forwards then backwards. "Alpha Sierra Minor...Ronim Arreis
Ahpla." I said dully. My head started to feel like someone hit it with a
hammer! I stuffed the book in a drawer and laid down.
I woke up 2 hours later. It was 1:00 AM. Something was very different
about me. I had all the basic knowledge of time control! I thought the
comand to stop time and nothig happened. Or so I thought. "Damnit!" I
said a little to loud. I went back to sleep.
I woke up and looked at my watch. It was 9:00 AM! "Shit, I'm gonna be
late for school!" I got dressed and went in the bathroom. I nearly
pissed my pants from shock when I noticed t was pitch black outside. I
ran to my mom's room to wake her up. I knocked on the door. No answer. I
went in and shook her. Nothing. I noticed her clock said 1:00 AM. "Holy
shit it worked!" I was getting pretty excited now. Instead of exploring
though, I restored time. I decided that I should read the book again. I
made some instant coffee and sucked the cup down. I sat down in the
living room and started reading. I'll give you a summary of what I could
1.Start and stop time.
2.Slow down time.
3.Create "bubbles" of time around people or things while time was
stopped, allowing the person or thing to be in the same "timeline" as
4.Erase people memories of the time spent during a time stop.
5.Create a field of time around myself besides the one that naturally
encompassed my body.
6.I had an enhanced memory and could remember everything.
After I read the now fascinating book it was already 4:00 AM. I turned
on the tv and watched infomercials until it was 8:00 AM. At 8 I stopped
time. I grabbed my mom's car keys and headed to the car. We have a
beautiful red Mercedes. I pulled out of the drive way and went to my
destination...the hottest girl in school's house. I got a few items
along the way. I got a gun (which was unloaded but i had a couple rounds
with me just incase) not really for protectio but to intimadate incase I
had to, some food and drink, and a tank of gas.
I arrived at Kelly Winters house. I opened the locked front door with my
foot (not as easy as in the movies) and found Mr.Winters frozen in front
of me. I looked into the kitchen and found Mrs.Winters eating some eggs
in her bathrobe. I went upstairs and looked in every door until I found
who I was looking for. Ms. Kelly Winters was in her bedroom, sitting on
her bed tying her shoe. I closed the door and stod infront of her. I
created a bubble around her and she popped to life.
"Wat the fuck are you doing in my room!?" she screamed at me. "Relax
Kelly, give me a chance o explain what is going on. You see, I have had
a major crush on you for years, so naturally when I learned how to
control time I came right over." She just started laughing. "What's so
damn funny!" I said sternly. "You can't be serious! You expect me to
believe that you can control time? Yeah Right.""I didn't expect you to
without proof." I grabbed her hand and told her to follow me. She froze
whe she saw her dad frozen in time.
"What did you do to them!" she hollered at me. "I stopped time, duh! I
don't think you realize what is happening. In this timeline you can do
anything you want to without anyone knowing about it except me. So I'm
giving you a choice, you can either have me stop time for you and you
forget everything I just told you, or you can have the greatest tme of
your life." She thought for a moment and then said "Alright I'll stay.
Besides, your kinda cute.""Yeah and your kinda beautiful.""Thank you,
Adam. That's sweet." I leaned forward and kisses her on the mouth, it
was very passionate and intense.
"Whoa, where'd you learn to kiss like that?" she asked."I've never
kissed anyone but you actually."



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