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POV camera must have been inches from


If you're under 18, don't read this story. Skip or erase the file. If
you're over 18, you can officially decide for yourself.

The following is a work of total fiction containing scenes of graphic
and nc sex. This story includes elements of restraint/bondage.

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 2000, (as are the typos, and
spelling & grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living
or dead or stories already written is purely coincidence. The first person
female POV may or may not have any reflection on reality - it is out of the
author's frame of reference. Apologies tendered for gross inaccuracies or
departure from possible realism.

The reader is free and welcome to copy and circulate these stories within free legal forums, as long as this disclaimer is included and no
alterations to it or the content are made.

Hope you like it.





|''''| POV MMF bond nc 1st ~sf

|""""| by Monocle ( _|____|_

(O) o In which the narrator experiences her first

/ > sexual encounter under distressing circumstances | ~~ and with an
altered point of view. |


POV by Monocle

I couldn't see anything. I couldn't move very much. And someone was
eating my pussy. Devouring, more like. The hot tongue moved rapidly all
over my outer and inner lips, raking across my clit. Lips nibbled and
nipped all over my most private parts. The feelings were like nothing I'd
ever felt before, and though I could hear the sloppy wet sounds, I couldn't
see anything when I looked back. All I could see was pitch darkness.

I was on my hands and knees, on some kind of vinyl or leather surface.
My wrists and forearms below the elbows were strapped snugly down by wide,
soft bands, about shoulder width apart. My ankles and calves just below my
knees were similarly restrained, but spread more widely, leaving my ass and
pussy upturned and exposed. I could rock back and forth, and move my hips
some from side to side, but that was about it. I used the full range of
motion allowed me attempting evade the lips and tongue attacking my sex,
but could not escape.

I screamed, threatened, protested, pleaded. I was ignored. I rocked
back and heaved forward. I shook furiously from side to side. The mouth
stayed locked on me tickling and slathering my outer lips, snaking
shallowly inside me, darting and swiping over my clit. There was
experience behind that tongue. It knew where to touch and how to stroke.
It knew how to coax sexual response out of even an unwilling recipient.

It was impossible to tell time, but it seemed like a disconcertingly
short while before I gave up trying to escape the cunnilingual assault.
Far too short a time for the feelings on and in my pussy to register as
pleasurable, then exquisite. I felt my nipples harden and ache for
attention. I my insides melted, my own lubrication starting to flow around
the laving tongue. My stiffening clit vibrated with each brush of lip or
tongue. Too soon, and to my great distress, my hips moved to allow rather
than prevent access, pressing back into the slurping mouth when I might
have escaped it with a forward jerk. I startled myself when a flick of the
devilishly experienced tongue on my clit forced a moan from me. When had I
stopped fighting?

Too soon, all pretense of resistance was gone, or at least buried for
now by my helpless condition. The tongue and lips on and in my cunt pleasured me steadily, unrelentingly, without pause or hesitation. My body
responded automatically hunching, back with its limited mobility in the
quest for more intense stimulation. I was well on my way to orgasm,
sighing and cooing despite my efforts to keep quiet as some kind of feeble
protest to what I was being subjected to.

Suddenly it stopped, and glaring light and static dazzled my eyes. By
the time they cleared, I was struck by a weird vertigo. It seemed like I
was looking through another pair of eyes. My point of view was slowly
coming around a woman from behind. She was on all fours, arms and legs
strapped down to a wide black mat. She had blonde curly hair, and nothing
but a strange electronic-looking headband, snug over her temples and
forehead. Her mouth and staring eyes opened in shock. She was I! I was
somehow looking through the eyes (or cameras?) of the person who had been
eating me. Somehow, probably through that strange headband, what he was
seeing or viewing overrode what my own eyes were looking at. It was very
creepy, I saw myself shudder and shake my head.

The viewer continued around me, sweeping up and down my body, coming
around behind me again and lingering uncomfortably long on my puffy,
swollen, dripping pussy lips. Even now my hips still gyrated slightly in
arousal, as if seeking the touch that had recently departed. I'd never
seen myself this way before, I shivered, and watched with terrible
fascination as my breasts and ass shook with me. As the gaze followed up
my squirming body, I could see as well as feel myself blush deep red.
Surely not all of that was from arousal. Now I could see I was actually
strapped to two different pads, separated by about a foot and a half gap,
forming a kind of trench a couple feet deep, which I was straddling. This
arrangement had enabled my tormentor to move with me so easily.

As the sexual heat slowly faded, I found my voice again and resumed my
threats and entreaties. It was strange watching myself speak. I tried to
turn my head towards the direction of the viewer, to look at him. I ended
up half looking at myself, then drifting away as I lost track or as he
moved, unnerving me. I tried to be angry and in control, but the gaze of
the viewer resumed roaming my body, centering on my dangling breasts,
getting closer, until the camera must have been inches from me. I
stuttered and tripped over my own words as I saw and felt my own nipple,
which had relaxed in the interim, harden simply from the scrutiny it was
being paid. The view then moved back around again to my pussy, very close.
It was, of course, still open and exposed, its wetness glistening in the
bright light. Every movement of mine seemed to make my thighs and ass
quiver. It was mortifying.

I lost track of what I was saying distracted by my own display. But I
clearly recall the screech I emitted when I saw fingers reach for my mound
and begin to rub. The shock of physical and visual contact shot through me
and I saw myself jump. I howled in renewed protest, cursing and shouting
anew. But the fingers didn't stop. I couldn't help but watch in fearful
fascination as they slid around the folds of my sex, dipping inside me and
making me shiver, stroking my clit and making me rock. My words turned
incoherent as my body remembered its recent pleasure and began to obey its
own impulses. The view closed in on my vagina. I watched, horrified, as
my thighs and ass filled my own vision, moving closer and further away as
my body automatically began swaying and hunching back onto the expert

A second hand joined the first, and the pair danced around my pussy.
One would tease my clit while the other trailed up my slit. One finger
would slide into me while another prodded gently at the pink-brown pucker
of my anus. One hand would cup my whole mound while the other slid up
under my belly to grope my breasts and tweak my nipples. The viewer moved
his head so that he and I could see almost everything being done to me.
Too quickly, the incredible erotic feelings recaptured me. I closed my
eyes... and found that I could still see! I had no way of escaping my own

Now he/I panned up to my face from behind and to the side. Looking at
my unseeing eyes, body position, and half-open mouth, it was plain to see
that lust now controlled me. I turned my head in shame away from the
camera, which moved back to my raised ass and pussy and the hands playing
with them. I watched myself move and gyrate to capture the dancing
fingers, to make them touch my clit, make them slide into my pussy. The
digits didn't oblige, now teasing me with feather touches, giving me only
hints and bits of what I now craved. Soon, that too stopped. I turned
toward my tormentor, moaning in frustration, but cut it off when the view
turned to my face and I saw myself doing it. The wanton desire on my face
was obvious. I recognized myself but also saw stranger, a bizarre sexual
animal at the same time.

The scene changed again. I was getting used to the slightly
gut-wrenching changes in perspective by now. The view rose and looked down
on me from behind, still bound on all fours. It panned lower, and I was
looking down a bare, muscular, masculine chest to a black tangle of pubic
hair from which sprouted a cock... a big, hard cock with a purple-red
head. It was at my waist level. It was right behind me. It touched my
aching pussy lips.

I cried out and lunged forward instinctively. I saw my body jerk away
from the cock. My ass and pussy tilted into better view. To the viewer it
might even have looked like I was offering myself to him, even though that
was the opposite of what I was trying to do. It was all I could do given
the restrictions of my bound arms and legs. The cock moved forward to
nudge at my lips again, and I whined and rocked forward again until my
shoulders rested against the padded mats and my breasts and head dangled in
the trough between them. My ass and pussy raised higher, more exposed than
ever now, and I whimpered because there was nowhere else I could go,
bracing for the worst.

But the cock didn't advance further. It stayed at the bottom of my
view, stiff and unmoving save for the slight throbs in time with its
owner's heartbeat. Instead, the fingers returned, resuming their gentle
and teasing attentions. My body responded more quickly this time, not
paying heed to my mind at all. My pussy was hungry for the touch. I began
rocking back and forth again. I couldn't help it. I closed my eyes, not
wanting to see it, but of course I still did. In effect, I was being
forced to watch my body's betrayal. The hands kneaded, slid, spread,
touched, opened, rubbed me. I made dirty, guttural, sexy noises. The
fingers would move away. I would chase them with my pussy. They would
press into me; I would press back. Until I felt a new fat finger press
into my pussy lips.

I froze at the connection. The scene still looked down at my backside.
The cock was again just nestling at my pussy lips. But it hadn't moved up
to me. I'd moved back to it. The fingers had coaxed me toward it until I
had, all by myself, pressed back enough to touch it. I jerked forward
again, but as I did so, the fingers stopped.

I was deeply afraid, but more and more confused and uncertain of myself.
It felt so good. I wanted, needed that magic touch. I realized how much I
wanted to cum. Somewhere, I knew I was nearing orgasm. I tried to entice
the fingers back by wiggling my ass but they stayed where they had been,
unmoving. Something inside me knew what I had to do to get them back. I
must have been pretty far gone by then, because before I knew it, I was
inching back. I felt the fingers touch me again and start dancing just as
the head of the hot cock touched my outer lips. My reward. I shuddered
and moaned.

Quickly I was in heaven. Now I had to stare, not that closing my eyes
would have made a difference. My attention was riveted on the cock
touching the very entrance of my pussy. It didn't move as my ass and
thighs quivered under the attention of the fingers, but I was acutely aware
of its physical and visual presence, hard against my softness. My pussy kept telling me how good it felt, that the fingers were just teasing me.

It was almost as if I was watching someone else now. I kept wondering
why the quivering, wet thighs of the girl didn't push back on the cock it
seemed so obviously to want, or the cock didn't push forward into the pussy open before it. I was actually surprised to feel something nudge into me
when I saw the pussy push back onto the cock, swallowing the purple head. I
grunted and tried to pull away, but my body wouldn't listen. The teasing
tickling fingers beckoned me, and the hot cockhead throbbed just inside
me... I'd never felt anything like it before. I watched my hips and ass
wiggle, my disbelief rising with the waves of pleasure as my combined
motions pushed me ever so slightly further onto the cock.

Peripherally I saw an arm reach around my side the hand grazing my hip
and tummy as it slid down. A finger began circling my clit, lazily,
steadily. Every time I moved a fraction further back, the finger flicked
over the hard nub, jolting me with pleasure. And move back I did, tiny bit
by tiny bit. I couldn't believe it. I'd never done anything more than
light petting with a boyfriend before, and now I was taking a total
stranger into me. I was slowly... fucking myself onto this cock. My
pussy lips stretched tight around its girth, its hard flesh rubbed my
insides deliciously with every fraction I moved. It was a completely new,
strange, fantastic sensation, far beyond the guilty, fleeting pleasure of
my own experiments in masturbation. I was getting closer and closer to
cumming, my stomach lightening and fluttering in its familiar way.

I felt and saw myself push back just a little more. So good! Then a
strange pressure started inside me. I froze. Something was wrong. Then I
stiffened with the realization the cockhead must have pressed up against my
hymen. Oh, God! What was I doing? What was he doing? I had to stop it,
to escape! I rocked forward, drawing the phallus out of me. It dragged on
my insides, sending sensual fire up my pussy. The finger crossed my clit
and I grunted reversing course before the cock slipped out of me. I
automatically moved back, back onto the cock. It pressed once again into
my virginity. I wailed in fear and frustration, My body trying to make me
cum without deflowering myself on the cock, my mind a battleground between
a lust-addled animal and terrified captive girl.

Then the view changed again. The man behind me looked up from my partly
penetrated vagina, panning up my blushing shoulders, past my head, along to
the edge of the mat, then straight ahead. My breath caught. I saw faces.
Dozens, hundreds of faces looked at me as the camera view turned from side
to side. The mat I was bound to was situated in the middle of some kind of
arena or amphitheater. It was filled with people, men and women of all
kinds, on at least three sides. All stared intently at me.

I squeaked.

The fingers increased their pace. One rubbed my clit insistently,
others sliding around my stretched pussy lips. The other hand roamed more
freely, massaging my anus, reaching around to rub a nipple, tickle my side
or thigh. I heard my own voice whimper. I felt myself rock. I felt the
pressure inside me increase, become uncomfortable. It felt so good. So
good. I looked at the faces watching that poor girl on the mat; watching
me. I felt lighter and lighter. The view changed again, coming back down
to me. More of the cock had disappeared in me, though a great deal of it
was still visible. My body was flushed and shaking out of my control. The
hand under me moved rapidly, the other hand now groping my ass, thumb
gently rubbing back and forth over my anus.

I heard the noises I made, loud and whining, almost begging. I saw
myself rocking back and forth and side to side, trying and failing to keep
the motions small. I saw my movements get jerky. I felt myself rising to
climax. The cock inside me felt so good, but the pressure on my hymen was
almost painful. I couldn't...

He pinched my clit. I screamed. I jerked backward away from it. I
tore my hymen on the cock. It hurt! But I had to get away from those
fingers! Pain mixed with pain and I kept pushing back to escape. The cock
filled me more and more, boring into my virgin cunny. I shook. My head
flung back and I stared blindly up. I saw my mouth screaming, crying. I
saw the people looking at me. I saw the cock sink all the way into me,
felt my ass press back onto a strong, unmoving pelvis. My ass shoved onto
the thumb rubbing it, pushing it into me. The pinching fingers let go, but
the relief and pleasure that came rushing in was buried as the thumb in my
ass dug in. I gasped and jerked forward to avoid it, sawing the cock out
of my stinging insides. Then the thumb pulled back and the fingers bit at
my clit again, driving me back onto the cock. Back and forth, all I wanted
to do was avoid the pinching and poking. Some miniscule detached part of
my mind observed coldly that I had been manipulated into taking my own
virginity. That the continued harassment was succeeding in making me fuck
myself up and down my deflowerer.

The squeezing fingers again forced me all the way back, then relaxed.
This time thumb did not try to dig further into my bowels. Instead, the
pinchers pressed and vibrated roughly against my button. I screamed. What
had been building and building under the pain and discomfort of the cruel
manipulations suddenly exploded in a blinding flash. I came. I shuddered.
I howled. Screaming waves of pleasure buried the lingering discomfort in
my clit, ass, and pussy. I came hard.

It felt so good! Those full...I needed more! I
couldn't stop. I heaved forward and back, sawing the stinging cock in and
out of my raw, newly opened pussy. I couldn't stop shaking and rocking, my
pussy clamping and squeezing its first cock. The pain of my torn hymen
blended and vanished in the crashing waves of orgasm as I fucked...
fucked... fucked myself on the cock. The fingers left me, and the view
centered on my back and ass as I watched myself shove back and forth
frantically. I felt my insides stretch wide and clutch the penis as I slid
back and forth around it. Oh God! It felt so good!

Hazily, through the pink and red glow of my slowly receding climax, I
saw and felt the hands reach down and grip my waist, just above my hips.
Suddenly my trembling, tired body was jerked back fully onto the cock, the
first time my body had been moved overtly my something or someone else.
The phallus shoved deep, all the way into me and I felt it swell and pulse
inside my still spasming pussy. I heard a grunt, the first sound other
than my own. I felt something deep inside. He was cumming in me! I
couldn't escape it. He filled me with his seed as I still shook from my
own dying orgasm.

The shaft pumped and jerked, unloading completely deep in me before
finally pulling back. I shivered as I felt the softening member slide all
the way out of me. I felt his cum leak out of me, drip down my legs.
My/his gaze looked down at my obscenely open pussy, slowly closing now that
the cock no longer filled it. I saw our mingled juices oozing from me,
clear and milky white tinged with red from my broken cherry. He let me
have a long look, and then turned up to the audience, still sitting and
staring silently. I started to sob.

The view reeled as he stood up and started walking away, making me dizzy
once again with the changing camera angle. He walked toward a doorway
behind me. It opened as he got there, admitting another man into the room.
He was tall, muscular, naked, black as midnight. The view panned up and
down his form, looked into his eyes, which looked back with a smoldering,
barely restrained energy.

The scene tilted crazily as the camera moved, and I swayed dizzily.
Then, I was looking at another man. White, well built, his soft cock
glistening with... He was the one! They must have moved the camera from
one to the other. I saw his face. His smile...

The view looked over toward me, still bound where I was. It approached
and I could see myself shiver. I/he looked down an ebony chest to a cock
almost frighteningly larger than the first one. It touched my pussy entrance, deep black against pink. I rocked forward, crying protests. The
dark rod followed and nudged into my labia. I screamed. The point of view
moved forward, down, to the side, looking at my head as he bent over me. I
saw and felt myself jump as one hand slid across my shoulders and side to
grasp my left breast, the nipple pinched lightly between two fingers. I
saw my face in profile, hung down in resignation and humiliation, sobbing
and moaning as the other hand passed down over my belly to find my mound
and clit. Tiny motions squeezed my nipple, and button, urging me, teasing
me, warning me, making me. All the while he/I stared at my face, tears
falling from my subverted eyes, lips quivering. The amphitheater crowd
surrounded me, visible in the background watching on, silently,

I trembled. I whimpered. I... rocked back. Oh god! It felt so big!
So good. My body pushed back and back and it filled me more... more...
MORE! My head reared up, I saw my mouth open, eyebrows raised, eyes wide.
So stuffed. I heard a strange wail come from my now gaping
mouth. I felt his thighs against my legs, his fat, heavy balls grazing my
inner thighs. His fingers danced, rubbing, pulling, pinching. I grunted
and groaned. I pulled forward and forward and pushed back and back. Oh
God! I closed my eyes and still saw myself. I cried. I fucked...
fucked... fucked...


POV by Monocle



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