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** WARNING ADULTS ONLY ** Persons under 18 should not read this story.
This account is a fictional rendition from the mind of the author.
Characters portrayed in this account are fictional and any resemblance to
real persons is purely coincidental. The author does not condone this
style of activity and the work was generated for entertainment purposes


II Tuning Refinements

Part 1 of 2

She wasn't even sure how she got there; what was worse she wasn't sure
it was real or a dream. She stood in the back of her own garage
motionless. It was dark outside the open door of the garage but there was a
full moon on this cloudless night. There was very little air movement and
because it was late August the air seemed thick, heavy, and laden with
moisture. She swallowed on a dry throat as she saw a figure move in the
moonlight. She recognized who the figure was but she remained motionless
where she was at almost like a bird caught in the hypnotic stare of a
predator as it approached. She wanted to scream and run away but she stood
there unable to move unable to even say anything as the teenager moved into
her garage. She saw he had a flashlight which penetrated the gloom of the
garage and she knew it would expose her if the beam of light fell in her
direction. She wanted to shiver, but she realized she couldn't even do
that. As she continued to stand there in this nightmarish situation she
realized it was made all the more horrible because of her nudity. She wore
only her heels, hose, and garter belt. What possessed her to dress like
that and go out to her garage in the middle of the night was something that
was a part of her nightmare especially because there was no real answer for
her actions. The beam of light caught her heels. She watched in horror as
the beam of light slowly moved up her legs past her knee's to her thighs.
The small round circle of light highlighted her white thighs exposed
against the darker hose then moved up and it was almost as if she could
feel that circle as it moved higher and higher until her naked crotch was
exposed. "Very nice," said the voice, "you shaved it just like I asked."

She knew the voice belonged to Peter Wilkes and she knew what he had
said was true even though she stared down at her naked crotch and realized
in horror that she had shaved her pubic area before coming out to stand in
the darkened corner of the garage. The circle of light moved higher over
her nude belly to her large dangling breasts. Her nipples were quite
aroused and she wasn't sure why she was so turned on. As the beacon of
light fell across her face she knew her heavy make up was being exposed and
suddenly there was the awful memory of her violently trying to make herself
climax as she finger fucked herself on the bed. It was all of naught, that
two hour session, of trying to make herself climax. She had laid there
frustrated afterwards angry at herself for attempting to make her body
respond. Now she was as turned on as she was then as she realized she was
being observed by the boy. He approached her and she was silent standing
there like some kind of manikin awaiting instructions to.... To.... She
wasn't sure! God it was awful. He opened his palm and lightly ran his
open palm down over her unfettered breasts as she sighed, then moaned in
delight. "Quiet!" he almost hissed.

She inhaled quickly and forced herself to be quiet; shivering as the
almost tickling touch moved over the roundness of her naked breasts and
down over her huge erect nipples; nipples needing attention; nipples
needing to be rubbed and squeezed! Instead only a gentle highly erotic
touch that drove her wild with lust and made her entire body quiver with
anticipation. She wanted the hand to cup her naked breast, to cup and hold
her boob, to squeeze her tit and give her pleasure, but instead the hand of
the teenager merely followed the rounded curve of her exposed naked breast leaving only a tingling desire in the wake of the movement of the hand.

She inhaled deeply as she felt the hand of the teenage boy rest on her
naked hip and then move down of her left hip to her upper thigh. He rubbed
as low as the tops of her hose covered thigh before moving slowly back to
her exposed nude crotch. She allowed her head to go back and inhaled even
more deeply feeling her own hair on the back of her head flow across her
shoulders and back as that hand cupped her femininity and slowly,
delightfully, spread her wet quickly thickening pussy lips. The teasing
finger slipped inside the wet hotness of her all too ready pussy as she
heard the voice chuckle and heard the boy-man say, "Wet too, very nice.
But not yet, no not yet."

He teased her clit with a passing movement as he withdrew and left her
standing there, shamed at her own arousal and then turned and left her

Sara awoke with a start in her own bedroom. She realized she was
sleeping nude, and she realized she needed to cum. Her fingers were deep
inside her wet crotch, but she couldn't climax for some reason. All she
could do was lay there and half sob in her desire for release with a dim
memory of her sex dream. But how did her crotch get so smooth to her own
touch? She threw back the blankets and looked down at her shaved pubic
area. It was just like the damn dream!!!

After she got off work the next day she headed straight for the
bathroom. She sat on the pot and fingered her clitoris while thinking of
giving a young man oral sex. She finger fucked herself trying to get off
and wasn't able to. The more she fingered herself the hornier she became.
She decided to take a cold shower and that helped for a little while. She
spent her day full of activities trying to keep her mind away from "sex
crazed" thoughts. Sara realized she had already labeled these thoughts and
she knew that they were not right. She decided to work outside for a while
giving the young man from down the street a nice little show of her
dangling breasts barely covered by the thin, nylon bra she was wearing. It
made her feel sexy to know she was being observed.

That evening, alone in her bed she dreamed again. In her dream she
awoke to the play room of Pete Wilkes. She was laying on the double sized
water bed that was furthest from the door but very close to a large screen
television. She wondered why she would be dreaming this and wondered about
the sheer clarity of her dream. She was "dressed" in her sexy black slip.
Her legs were covered in nude tint hose and she was wearing the lacy white
garter belt. Her big, tender, breasts were being pushed together by her
own hands and were outside the top of the black slip. She could feel the
tight straps of the slip against her shoulders as her big breasts pushed
the material to either side forcing the straps to dig into the flesh of her
shoulders. Her slip was raised and the hem was laying on her belly. Her
legs were spread wide and she was laying there more turned on than she'd
ever been in her life! Inside her wet, hot, pussy she could feel the
excitement of the vibrator as it hummed her towards a sexual high. As she
lay there she saw Wilkes come into her line of vision. She made no effort
to change position as mentally she squirmed realizing the show she was
putting on for him. Her nipples were aroused, erect and almost hurt. The
kid looked at her. The term 'looked' was more like stared intensely at her
exposed sex and then he leered and her dazed dream filled mind felt shame
as he continued to leer at her exposed excited sex organs. "You can
exercise now, baby."

She hated being called 'baby' and wondered why it was used in her dream.
Knowledge of what he meant by exercise flooded her mind as she continued to
lay there in front of him. She was to move the vibrator back and forth in
her pussy using only her vaginal muscles. She blushed in her dream as she
remembered Wilkes statement that it would be good practice for her so that
when he did fuck her she'd be able to fuck back the way she was supposed
to. In her dream, Wilkes re-emphasized to her that she was not to cum, not
to climax without "permission". Even in her dreams she was frustrated.
Sara continued to lay there practicing her obscene exercise for the youth
and even in her dream she felt degraded and humiliated. She hoped that she
could remember this dream, she hoped to remember her total disgrace in
front of the youth, even if it only was a dream.

She opened her eyes, crying, laying on her own bed finding her fingers
buried in her wet pussy and unable to climax. Her hips churned beneath her
like some kind of terrible machine and she still could not climax. She
twisted and turned, then yanked her fingers from her empty love canal
wondering when she was going to be filled again. The brief thought of
Wilkes ugly face flooded across her eyes in her semi awake state followed
by the thick hardness of the kid's erect penis. God, she needed sex soon!
Her husband wasn't scheduled to be home for another week! She crawled out
of bed and took another cold shower. Sara realized, horribly, that she was
taking a lot of cold showers lately and what was worse none of them seemed
to be helping any; in fact it was actually getting worse not better.

It had been exactly five days since her ..... (rape) with Wilkes had
taken place. Sara was working outside when she saw the teen approach her.
She looked around and did not see anyone observing them and she also noted
that he was walking with no car in sight. 'He must of parked his car
someplace else', she thought.

She stopped what she was doing and stood up realizing he had
deliberately waited until this time to speak with her. "I'd like to talk
with you Mrs. Bergman," said the youth. "Talk," she said as coldly as she
could. She hated this ugly, overbearing, pudgy youth who had some kind of
terrible power over her. Sara didn't understand the source of this kid's
power but she was smart enough to realize he did have some kind of
influence over her that she could not control. "I was wondering how you
were doing," said the youth.

It sounded lame to the older woman and she simply stood there with a
trowel in one hand and a working glove in the other. 'At least this time
I'm appropriately dressed', she thought as she realized that her shorts
might be a little too snug and her blouse a little too loose. "I'm doing
fine, Mister Wilkes, much better since I haven't seen you." "That is mean
Mrs. Bergman, I would have thought you would have been more appreciative."
"Appreciative!" she exclaimed almost too loudly, then in a much lower tone
said, "you virtually raped me!" "Rape is such a harsh term, Mrs. Bergman.
You seemed more than a little willing at the time." "Yes, yes I was,"
replied the older woman, "and I still don't understand how you managed
that. It was wrong, Mister Wilkes, very wrong." "I thought it felt good,
and you climaxed at least twice that I know of."

Sara closed her eyes in front of the youth. The word climax brought a
tear to her eye because he was so right. She had climaxed then, but she
sure hadn't climaxed since. A brief vision of his thick penis floated
before he closed eyes before she popped open her eyes trying to rid herself
of the sudden mental transformation she'd gone through. It had only taken
a few seconds and she had felt herself slipping into his control again!
"You raped me, Mister Wilkes" she said quietly. "I did not. I took
advantage of your charms, but I did not rape you. To prove my point I
would suggest that you come around my place this afternoon properly attired
of course." "Wha-what do you mean, 'properly attired', Mister Wilkes?" "You
will know when the time is right. I might suggest, Mrs. Bergman, that you
go inside and change before too much longer though." "Oh, and why is that,
Mister Wilkes?" she had asked coldly.

He smirked and said, "Cause you are showing signs of being aroused," he
said with a snicker looking down at her tight shorts and then turning and
walking away.

Sara looked down at her crotch and gasped. It was obviously wet from
her free flowing juices. Humiliated the older woman ran inside her house
to change with a sudden full awareness of what the punk kid had meant by
'properly attired'. He had meant a skirt and blouse with no panty underwear. He also had meant for her to wear a garter belt supported set
of hose. Sara was horrified at this information because she had absolutely
no idea where it had came from and yet she knew for certain she was right!
What complicated the matter was she knew exactly what time to be at the
Wilkes place almost as if the information had already been in her own mind
without her being aware of that information. The thought startled and
scared the older woman as she wondered what kind of power this kid had!

Sara was to be at his place at two in the afternoon on a Wednesday. How
she knew that she wasn't sure, she just knew that she was supposed to be
there at that time dressed in a skirt that had a knee length hem (but no
longer) line. Again, where the information came from she had no idea; it
was just there. She knew where the punk lived, knew he had a bungalow
above the garage and she parked her car in the alley behind the garage.
She felt overdressed for meeting the punk kid. She wore two inch black
closed toe pumps, nude tinted hose, garter belt, slip, skirt, bra and
blouse. She wore no panties and her naked fanny rubbing against the
silkiness of the slip material made her wet despite her best efforts to
control herself. After parking the car she got out and walked along the
stone slab sidewalk to the side entrance to Wilkes upstairs apartment. Her
heels clacked and clicked on the stone slabs and she could feel her heavy
breasts bounce and sway slightly in the unsupported bra.

There were fourteen steps leading to the wooden landing that was an
entrance to his apartment bungalow. She counted each step wondering with
each step what she was doing here dressed like she was. Every step was
almost torture. She could feel the pull of her thigh high hose on her
garters, could feel the material on her naked bottom, and felt her nipples
get hard. She was becoming more confused with her body's response to
approaching a door and yet at the same time she knew she had to address the
issue's at hand. Sara's main concern was to end this sordid relationship,
yet here she was dressed up and going to meet the punk kid at his
suggestion, not hers! She knocked on the screen door not seeing a door
bell. She waited, then knocked again. The punk kid came to the door and
opened it. He stood there looking at her on his porch. "We need to talk,
Mister Wilkes," she said in as firm a tone as she could. She felt
uncomfortable as he openly appraised her and didn't move as he said, "We do
that, Mrs. Bergman. Did you wear garter belt supported hose?"

Sara blushed. She didn't know why she had and he evidently knew she
had, but she wasn't sure how he knew it. "Yes, I did, Mister Wilkes."
"Well before we can talk you're gonnah have to prove that to me Mrs.
Bergman." "Certainly not out here on your porch!" she replied shocked and
looked around her. She was elevated on the porch but she felt even more
exposed. There wasn't anyone around, but it still bothered her. She
wasn't an exhibitionist! "Yeah, that's about the size of it," he replied
not moving from his doorway.

She swallowed. She blushed deep scarlet, feeling her face get really
red and hot; some of it was from sheer embarrassment and some of it was
from anger. Sara put her purse in her right hand, then leaned forward and
grasped her hem line, pulling her skirt high enough so that she exposed the
tops of her hose. She held her skirt there while he appraised her
appearance. She felt shamefully exposed. Yet she waited for him as his
eyes swept across her exposed thighs. She was in that position when a car
roared down the alley and someone honked the horn and yelled out of the
window in a cat call. She had never been so humiliated in her life!
"Looks like you did," he said with a leer, and then turned to one side and
said, "come on in then."

She let the skirt hem fall back into place as she almost stomped into
his apartment. The door closed. She stepped forward and Wilkes turned
around and shut the other door. Sara felt trapped, but she wasn't sure
why. "Have a seat Mrs. Bergman."

She saw a coffee table and a couch. This part of his bungalow was
clean, neat and orderly. There was a couch, coffee table two padded chairs
a bookcase filled with books and an entertainment center under the window.
The couch faced the window. Sara nervously cleared her throat and walked
over to the couch and turned. Just as she was about to sit down Wilkes
said, "I'd like to see some thighs when you sit, so hike up your skirt Mrs.

She'd already exposed her legs to him on the porch, but she felt even
more intimidated by the youth as he said this and sat down himself. He lit
up a cigarette and waited for her to sit. If she sat she knew she'd hike
her skirt up; she didn't know why she simply knew it would happen. If she
continued to stand however, she wouldn't be exposing herself, yet she knew
she had to talk this out. She sat down very aware of her own motions as
she did so. She fought the movement of her hands but to no avail. Her
hands still went down her to hem line and pulled her skirt hem up close to
but not over the tops of her hose. She sat there, exposed, red faced,
embarrassed, and then finally crossed her legs. She had felt the young man's eyes follow her hand movement, felt his eyes actually on her exposed
legs. Now when she looked up into his face, her face went even more
scarlet as she realized the feelings she had of him looking at her were
based in fact. "We-we have to talk," she started out. "Yes we do, Mrs.
Bergman. You may call me Pete if you wish." "Alright then, Pete, I-I don't
know why we had sex but it-it has to stop!" "I suppose it will....
eventually. But for right now I don't think so. You have very attractive
thighs Mrs. Bergman and I do enjoy looking at them." "Pete please!
Lo-look, this-this is wrong! I-I'm old enough to be your mother!" she
responded feeling an unwanted arousal start deep down in her gut. She felt
her clitoris beginning to become aroused, her juices beginning to flow.
"True," said the young man leering at her exposure and inhaling on his
cigarette, "but I enjoyed the experience." "I-I'm not a whore, Pete!" she
exclaimed. "I never said you were Mrs. Bergman." Replied the youth.
"Pete, I don't understand why-why I'm here, now, with you and I certainly
don't understand what happened a few days ago." "We fucked." "I know that!"
she replied blushing furiously, "I-I just don't know why you have a-a way
of-of making me do things I don't want to do." "I see. Because you don't
understand, or what Mrs. Bergman?" "Tha-that's part of it Pete; not
understanding. But-but there's more to it than just that." "I agree. I
think part of you wants to fuck, wants to be told what to do and how to do
it, and the sooner you think that the easier it will be for you." "No! I
can't! I-I'm married!" "Is that it then, you're married?" "Not entirely,
but it sure is a big part of it, Pete." "So the way I understand this," he
said inhaling on the smoke of his cigarette and unzipping his fly, "is that
you feel you're too old and married, plus you don't want to do the things
you do." "Tha-that's pretty much it, I guess Pete. I feel so ... cheap slutty when you make me do things like show my legs to you." "Tell
you what, Mrs. Bergman. You stand up, come over here, and show me your
tits and I will think about what you had to say. While I'm feeling your
big tits up I may come up with a solution," he said.

He no sooner had said stand up, and Sara felt herself coming to her
feet. She sobbed openly as she walked across the room and began unbuttoning
her blouse on the way. Her blouse was shrugged off before she got into
arms reach of the chair the chubby punk was sitting in. She pulled on the
straps of her slip and then lower her slip down over her boobs, feeling the
material catch on her bra encased protrusions. Tears were streaking down
her cheeks as she unfastened the bra and slipped out of it and then leaned
forward placing her hands on her knee's dangling her breasts in front of
the youth. She continued to sob as she felt his hand come up and cup one
breast, release the breast and then cup the other one. He fingered her
nipple between thumb and forefinger as she became aroused even more. She
stood there feeling her legs begin to shake in eager sexual excitement and
she half sobbed. "Don't you see how wrong this is, Pete?" she sobbed to
him as he continued to fondle her dangling breasts. "Feels pretty good to
me, Mrs. Bergman, and you got one helluvah nice set of jugs on you. For a
woman your age you ought to be proud, I mean these tits are firm, no sag,
and very user friendly." He grinned at his own little joke.

She choked on her own spit. God his arrogance, his overbearing conceit,
disgusted her! "But I don't want to do this!" "Tell you what," he said
keeping her nipples hard, "I may just let you enjoy it sometimes; how is
that?" "What the hell are you talking about, Pete?" "I'm talking about you
Mrs. Bergman. You were always the snooty, uppity, sarcastic cunt and
that's why I enjoy having you this way. Sort of a little payback. But it
may be necessary for you to realize some enjoyment too. I mean you do need
to cum, don't you?" "You asshole! Of course I need to come. God, you make
me feel so cheap!"

He sneered and squeezed her tit hurting her and making her wince. Sara
was shocked. He had just hurt her for her speaking her mind and she had
done nothing to stop him! She just stood there and let him continue to
squeeze her tit mercilessly. "Mrs. Bergman, take off the rest of your
clothes, but leave your gartered hose on" he said as the older woman sobbed
and began to do as she was told while maintaining her bent over status so
that he could continue to fondle her big boobs while she stripped. "Just
when I thought of being nice to you, you go and call me an 'asshole'. Well
maybe a little later on then," he said as he watched her work her way out
of the slip, the last garment to hit the floor. "Since you don't have good
manners and know how to properly address me I think you need another
demonstration of my authority over you, Mrs. Bergman. We will continue
this conversation while your sucking my cock. I'll tell you what I like
while you suck me and you are going to obey. Now get down between my legs
and put my cock in your mouth."

Sara sobbed and obeyed, nude now, except for hose, garter belt, and
heels. She put the punks erection in her mouth and looked up past his fat
belly to his face. "Very good. Now make my cock disappear fully in your
mouth, then pull back. Try to keep your face looking into mine."

Sara gagged as she took his length slowly into her mouth. She gagged
and felt like vomiting but she got his erection into her mouth and
partially down her throat all while looking into his eyes with her own eyes
through the tears of humiliation. She pulled back but maintained his now
thick hard erection in her mouth between her lips. "I never called you a
whore. You are not a whore, Mrs. Bergman. You are a slut. Tell me you
are a slut around my cock." "Whyam way wut," she uttered as she cried.
"Good now start sucking."

Her mouth created a vacuum on the teenagers penis. She felt him throb
in her mouth as she sucked and released. "Now move your head back and
forth while you suck, get them titties you got to swinging Mrs. Bergman!"

Her slurping, squishing sounds filled the room in an obscene sound that
could only have come from a mouth on an erection. She was filled full of
self disgust as she continued to hollow her cheeks when she sucked and blow
on his erection when she didn't. "More tongue, Mrs. Bergman, then tell me
without removing your mouth that you are a cock sucking married slut."

She found her tongue laving the underside of the youths' penis as he
squirmed in the chair obviously enjoying her ministrations. As soon as her
tongue had circled his erection three times she began repeating while she
sucked him that she was a cock sucking married slut. "Start playing with
that hot pussy you got. I'm going to cum soon. Wait until I cum all the
way, swallow it all, then you can cum too!"

She kept saying the awful words as she sucked the youth's penis and
moved her head sucking, feeling her breasts sway as she moved her head back
and forth, and felt her own rising climax as her fingers worked her very
hot wet pussy. He closed his eyes, suddenly, his prick got really hard and
his hips churned into the older woman's sucking face. Sara anticipated his
load of jism as it filled her mouth, his cock wiggling inside her mouth as
he ejaculated several loads of semen inside her mouth. She swallowed and
had no sooner gotten the first slimy slick load down her throat than her
mouth was filled with the second and quickly third load. She swallowed
that too, then felt him begin to deflate in her mouth. She pulled away,
cum still on her lips, as she cried out and thrust her hips towards the
young man and came wildly! She lay back on one hand with her pussy spread
wide, her fingers working clit and pussy canal as she came and came and
came! It was one of the most intense climaxes of her adult life. When it
was over she knelt there in front of the youth and cried. She was crying
for two reasons. First it was that good of a climax and second she
realized just what a slut she was!

Chapter II Refinements Part 2 of 2

She lay there on the couch belonging to a teenager, naked. Even her
hose and garter belt were now gone. She only had her heels. Her hands
were up cupping her large double 'D' cup tits making mounds out of the
already large protrusions as she lay there on the couch with one leg up on
the backrest and a vibrator very similar to her dream vibrator in her
pussy. It was pulsating and driving her crazy as she used her vaginal
muscles to push the thing out of her then draw it back. She was Sara
Bergman, slut to a teenager. She had not willingly accepted her new role,
but she knew she had no control whatsoever over her own actions when she
was around the depraved youth. It was disgusting, to her, to perform this
intimate action in his front room with him periodically checking in and
checking her progress. His cum was still on her cheeks, dried now, but she
was very aware of the presence of that sticky, now hard substance. She
moaned and thrust her hips towards the ceiling. She needed sex soon! Her
previous climax had been very intense, so intense that she had almost
fainted and had cried for several minutes afterwards; but now she was even
more turned on than before. "How you doing baby?" he asked as he came in
the room and sat down on the coffee table which was about the same height
as the couch and surveyed her nude form.

Sara had resented being called 'baby' especially by this kid with the
monster prick, but now she didn't care. She was just too horny to care.
"I'm-I'm in need, Pete," she stammered. "Yeah," he said putting his hand
on her naked pelvis and watching her thrust her hips wantonly towards his
hand as he rubbed close to her genital area, "so I see. Tell you what, go
get cleaned up some, and put on fresh make up."

He hadn't told her to remove the vibrator! She groaned and swung her
high heel clad feet to the floor in front of him. Tightening her hold on
the vibrator with her vaginal muscles she stood and was led by Pete into
the bathroom. This was her first trip to that room and she was doing it
wearing only two inch pumps! Like a robot she looked into the mirror and
began to clean herself up all the while working the damn vibrator which was
making her nipples huge and her own need for sex increase in levels she had
never imagined possible. She had to reapply her lip stick three times
before she got it right, her sexual excitement was so high that she was
that nervous. Finally she walked, or rather she waddled, out into the room
next to where she had given the teen a blow job. It looked a little like a
dining area. Pete came up to her and led her, by her nipple which made her
moan in even more pleasure, to a water bed. Pete disrobed and then went
over to the other side of the room. She watched silently while he got a
video camera on a tripod and set it up at the base of the bed. Twenty
minutes ago she would have been horrified by the camera because she knew he
intended on video taping his fuck with her. Right now she was just too
damn horny to care. She needed sex and she needed it really bad.

Pete started the camera then came over and played with her big boobs driving her crazy with lust. He sucked on her nipples as she threw back
her head and moaned. She didn't need more stimulation, she needed sex.
The sooner the better. She told him that verbally, and while he leaned
into her and pulled the big vibrator from her super wet pussy he whispered
in her ear what she would be saying. Her mind told her she couldn't say
those awful words, but when she got on the bed she found herself exclaiming
that Pete's cock was better than her husbands by far! She went on and on
about how she enjoyed the feeling of his big cock pushing the sides of her
pussy and how she needed him to get it on with her with even more
intensity. Their bodies were slamming together, the water bed picking up a
wave motion from the unified motions of the two when he slipped out of her
wetness and into a dry part of her body. At first she said, "No, not in
there!" but as he continued to push into her rectum she realized she was
even more aroused than she had been before. She allowed herself to be
rolled over, her tits flopping on the bed, then her ass high in the air as
he fucked her in the ass hole and she screamed into the mattress at first
in pain and then later in pleasure. Soon she was bucking the teen with her
fanny as hard as she'd ever fucked any man in her life! Then his cock slid
out of her rectum and once again invaded the warm wetness of her pussy as
she cried out her joy. "I'm just a cock sucking married slut, Pete!" she
exclaimed and for the first time meant it.

Surprisingly, the teen corrected her and said, "No. Not just a slut,
but my slut!" as he slammed into her making her moan in ecstasy.

Then she came. Her orgasmic climax filled the room with shrieks as she
thrust herself towards the pounding cock behind her. Her tits wobbled on
the bed, and out of her mouth came, "Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I'm cumming!"

Finally, after several seconds of continuous climax she slumped on the
bed and went totally out of this world.

When she returned to awareness she immediately became aware of how
uncomfortable she was. Her arms were sore as were her wrists. Waking, she
came to her feet realizing she was hanging by her wrists. She was in
another room other than the bedroom and she was still quite naked.

Sara saw herself standing there, her reflection in a mirror. The ache
in her jaw was suddenly made obvious by her relection. A blue, hard, round
ball was in her mouth! Standing, she realized horribly at her ankles were
tied together. Then her reflection moved as she realized the mirror was on
a door. The door opened and there stood Pete, the water bed in the
background. He smiled as she screamed at him. He closed the door and
walked over to her form which was wriggling in the ropes to which she was
tied. "You didn't think I would be interested in just another fuck, did
you Mrs. Bergman?"

He hefted her breast feeling her like he was examining meat in the
market. She felt even more degraded than before. Then his hand slipped
down between her legs and reminded her of her previous orgasm as she jerked
in her ropes feeling the pleasure his hand gave her. She cried openly as
the teen stroked both clit and nipple. "In the future you will do what I'm
about to do for you. You will have yourself 'ready' for me in this way."

Wilkes brought out a small chain. At the end of it was what looked like
an alligator clip without teeth. It was spring loaded. He fondled her
clit getting it quite aroused, despite her best efforts to stop him, then
horrified she watched him attach the clip to her clit. The world exploded
in pain and pleasure. She stood there jerking up and down and came several
times in pleasure and pain before she realized he had been pulling on the
chain. Horrified she realized she would be required to do this to herself
in the future. There would be no hope for her with that chain attached to
her most sensitive organ! She would indeed be his slut slave then and she
knew it. She cried as she had another orgasm right in front of him while
he stroked her big nipples. God she was turned on!

Wilkes unfastened the clip and if she could have sighed she would have.
"I'll just put this in your purse, now that you know how to use it."

He walked over to where the rope holding her upright was tied off and
loosened it. She fell heavily to the floor, her big boobs bouncing, and
her knee's thudding. Wilkes came over and removed the ball from her mouth
and unzipped his pants showing her a hard erection. "Before you go home,
one more blow job, ok Mrs. Bergman?"

Before she could answer he penetrated her lips and mouth. He used her
mouth like a pussy. During the mouth fuck he told her that he didn't like
slips. The next time she came to his place it was to be without a slip.
Also, she was to call ahead of time and verify with him, item for item,
what she was wearing and whether he considered it acceptable. After the
teenager came in her mouth he held her nose shut. This forced her to try
and breathe around his cock. It didn't take long before he had yet another
hard on and this time she fainted while giving him oral sex.

Four hours after she had first arrived at the Wilkes bungalow she was
leaving. She went down the fourteen steps to her car, her big boobs bouncing without a bra (he kept her bra and her slip). In her pussy the
vibrator hummed happily as the older married woman half sobbed realizing
she was something less than a kept woman. On her way home, the vibrator
still active, she almost collided with another car. Finally, returning
home she realized she could withdraw the vibrator, not knowing where the
instructions came for allowing her to take the damn thing out of her pussy but highly aware of something new.

Her resolve to end the affair with Peter Wilkes had melted into
oblivion. She was his slut now, she had to do as she was told and what was
worse he had that awful, terrible, video of her screaming out those filthy
things while he had sex with her. She cried herself to sleep that night
with her fingers still working her clitoris and her pussy still unable to
climax without his permission. She realized, as the last vestige of
consciousness remained, that even with the return of her husband she would
not be able to achieve orgasm without the permission of the depraved
teenager that held her in his grasp. It was a nightmare she had to live
with, like it or not.


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