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PREGGERS sucked ass felt like


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
(Tune of 'Something Good' by Herman's Hermits)
Last night I was screwin' my teen-aged bride
When I felt something break inside,
I didn't tell her- Maybe I should
Something tells me I'm into fatherhood.

Teeage mother Pregnant Slut
by Busta Rubber

"I don't fucking care about any of that shit!" Tina was shouting.
"I've got friends and I want to see them! Why can't you be nice to me?
It's all your fault anyway!"
Brian shook his head helplessly. He knew that pregnant women
were emotional, but Christ!, she was only about four days pregnant. He
began to regret telling her his suspicion. She was reverting to her
behavior only two months ago when she was totally gravid in her ninth
month. She had been a needy, demanding shrew, requiring constant
attention and service hand and foot.
At least now she was willing to leave him alone with their infant
daughter and he had to count that as a blessing. It was better than being
her lackey every minute all night long. It wasn't the perfect solution of
her staying home and taking her share of responsibility caring for their
daughter, but it was better than hearing her bitch all night.
This marriage stuff sucked ass. He felt like an idiot for marrying
her in the first place. Being noble sucked ass. She was supposed to be
grateful to him for 'making an honest woman' out of her, but she was the
same little spoiled bitch she had always been.
He had no reason to feel guilty for inviting a friend over while
she was out. She was the one walking out. Whatever happened when
she was gone was nothing she seemed very concerned about.
And guilty was very different than knowing it was wrong. Kim
was a perfect wrong in 38-inch tits and a rear view more spectacular
than the Grand Canyon. She didn't like Tina and relished the idea of
fucking Brian behind her back.

Two blocks from home Tina pulled off her panties at a red light
and tossed them in the back of the car. She didn't want them in the way.
It was the cat's night out and she knew what she was looking
for. She pulled into the Romp Room and checked herself in the
rearview mirror. She still had the shine of the teen angel and the guys would be all over her.

"So what do you think Tina's doing when she goes out?" Kim
was asking Brian as they cuddled on the sofa.
"She's with her girlfriends and they're probably teasing every
pimple-faced kid in town," Brian said as he carefully reached for the
buttons of her blouse.
"Whatever are you doing?" she asked in mock surprise. "You'll
make me think you only asked me over so you could have sex with me."
"I did," Brian chuckled and pulled the blouse open.

The kids weren't pimple-faced and Tina wasn't with her friends.
Unless you count the men on each side of her as they walked to the little
room in the back of the bar.
It wasn't comfortable or well-furnished, but there was a stack of
beer cases for Tina to sprawl on. She pulled up her skirt to show them
her naked pussy was ready for them. She gave one guy a quick few
sucks and he put his cock in her. The other stepped up and put his cock
in front of her face.
They had been sucking and fucking for a couple of minutes
before they got around to pulling down the top of her dress and letting
her tits bound out.
"Taste like honey," the guy fucking her said to his friend as he
sucked one.
"Just hurry up so I can have my turn," the other complained.
Tina took that as an insult and sucked his cock harder. It was
easy to do since the man fucking her had responded to his friends urging
and was pounding his dick into her harder and faster.
"Hey- easy, I want some of that booty," he told her.
She was interrupted in her busy blow job by the man fucking
her gasping out an urgent question.
"You want me to pull out?" he asked and she could tell he
needed a quick answer.
"No- go ahead and come inside me," Tina said with the other
man's cock twitching in front of her lips. "I'm pregnant already. You can
fill me up until it comes out my ears."

Brian wasn't through playing with Kim's tits. She was still mostly
dressed with only her blouse open and her bra pushed up above her
breasts. She was enjoying the attention, but she was getting impatient to
move forward. Brian, on the other hand, was all but naked as she had
pulled off all the clothes she could get off him. Only his shirt hung by the
sleeves on his arms because he had not let go of her tits long enough for
her to slip that off as well.
"Come on baby, don't you want me to suck your dick?" Kim
asked, hoping to break Brian's concentration.
"Relax," Brian broke away from his sucking long enough to
answer, "We've got plenty of time."
"Then there's certainly enough time for you to fuck me now and
then fuck me again later," Kim reasoned in a teasing pout.
Brian couldn't think of a reason to disagree. He reached down
to open the hot little bitch's britches.

Tina's knees were flapping like she was riding a mechanical bull
as the second guy rammed his cock into her. It was exciting to be
wanted so badly and the first guy had warmed her up enough that she
welcomed this one's rough treatment.
"You like that? You like it hard? You want it bad, don't you?"
he was growling questions as he fucked her at full speed.
"I want it all. I want my cunt to run cum like a faucet," Tina
encouraged him. "Fuck your little slut and fill me up with your hot, dirty
cum. Shoot it so far up me that I can taste it!"
Her words sparked a thought in the first guy's mind. Filled up
meant more. Run like a faucet meant lots of guys priming the pump.
"You want more?" he asked. "You want me to get some guys in here?"
She said, "Yes, oh yes, yes, yes."
It wasn't certain she meant she wanted more guys, but he figured
she could explain that to them when he got them in the back room.

They had started with Kim laying on her back as Brian pulled
down her jeans. That had become a scramble that had Brian catch her
half on her side. He had taken advantage of his hold on her to slide his
cock into her under the top buttock and deep into her wetness. It was
when he tried to lift her leg up to drive deeper into her sex that she again
playfully tried to evade him and ended face down on the sofa with Brian
riding her like she was his bitch.
She had kept crawling away, but now Brian had her trapped
over the arm of the couch and was finding her depth with a force that
was pleasing for both of them. Kim liked to release the animal in him.
To her, Brian was still the stud of choice. She thought he was much too
good to be wasted on Tina.

Her eyes were slits in the lust swollen face as she saw another
man pushing his pants down to his knees. His cock wasn't flagpole erect
but it was hard enough for him to feed into her gaping, greedy slot with
his fingers to guide it. It wasn't a problem for long. Tina could feel it
grow inside her and become a hard probing thing as the man's hips
drove it into her.
She vaguely noticed a couple more men creeping through the
door as the cock fucking her started the passion again. She wanted to
get a cock in her mouth, but it seemed like she had found her position
for the evening. They would have to get themselves ready without her
help. She was going to be kept on her back as the line of men moved
through her.
"I'll take you all on," Tina called out. "Line everybody up. I
don't care. I can't get knocked up twice in the same month. Let's see
how long you can keep it up."

Kim had found the one escape from her position over the arm
of the couch. As Brian's stabbing cock had stirred her into motion, she
had pushed back at him- and up to him and over to him, but only back
had gained her ground. Now she was posed with her elbows on the
arm and had one foot on the floor as she used her wide-spread stance
to rock back at Brian as fiercely as he was driving his cock into her.
"Is that all you got?" she chided in gasps as their groins slapped
together. "Come on! Really fuck me. Give it to me good."
With her slamming back to his thrust, Brian had stopped pulling
her hips to him and had leaned forward to cradle her swinging breasts.
As their meeting became more frantic, he squeezed.
"Just take it," he grunted at Kim. "Take my fucking cock. You
get what I'm giving you. Take it and like it."
Kim moaned as he crumpled her breasts. It was a long, low
moan of building climax. But Brian beat her to the punch. She felt the
jerk of his hard rod and sensed the flood of his warm elixir.
"Don't you dare!" she shrieked and churned her hips even more
wildly. "You keep going. Keep going!"
"Fuck you, bitch!" Brian snarled, but kept right on driving his
spouting cock into her. "I'll fuck you any way I want!"
And then Kim jerked with the first spasm.

The men had become a blur. Tina really only noticed the pause
as one man pulled out and stepped away and another moved between
her legs and stuck yet another cock into her. She was floating in a warm
gooey sea of sensation as she had hit a state of out-of-body pleasure.
Somewhere, her body was being ravaged, indeed rubbed raw,
but she was awash in a twilight of just the near-orgasmic impulses those
thrusts were sending up her spine.
She wasn't aware enough to know what was happening, much
less care, when she felt herself being rolled over on what had become a
very rumpled stack of beer cases. She found a place for her knees as if
by accident when she landed on her belly.
The fog quickly dissolved when she felt the next cock push into
the smaller passage. She was running with her cum and theirs and by the
time her senses cleared, it was too late. The man was up to his balls in
her asshole and protest seemed pointless. It wasn't her favorite, but
letting him go on was easier than trying to get him to stop.
She tried to relax and let him ram his hardness into her rectum.
It wasn't hurting, so it was easier for her to comtemplate the prospect
that the tone had just shifted to the gang-bang of her asshole.

Kim was certainly right, Brian thought. He had plenty of time to
fuck her again. His realization had been aided by Kim almost instantly
reversing her position after recovering from the final spasms of her
climax. Her mouth had covered his cock before it had the chance to
shrivel and she had been sucking and licking non-stop ever since.
"They'll be plenty for you, you greedy little slut," he was teasing
her as she sucked his cock. "I'll give you what you want, you hot little
bimbo. Suck that up and I'll stick it in you again."
Kim, understandably, didn't retort, but Brian's dirty talk made
her work faster in her attempt to raise an erection. He was hard enough
she could force him inside her, but she wanted to suck him a little longer.
She wanted that pole to stiffen and stand hard and proud from the
expertise of her mouth. She liked to make cocks grow big.
"Okay, I want to stick it in you," Brian said as his cock began
to swell to a stiffness that would support its own weight.
Kim responded by pulling his arm as she rolled onto her back.
Brian landed over her and quickly bent his head to complete the circle
of their sex. And now he had the other thing he wanted as Kim cocked
her head back to let him fuck down her throat as if it was a cunt.
It was one of the best things about Kim. She had always been
able to let him fuck her mouth any way he wanted in that position. He
liked to let his balls rest on her nose as he rocked to his ultimate
deepness in her throat. It was even better when he could make her
squirm on his tongue while he was thrust full length down her mouth.
His tongue went to its eager work.

This was not as much fun. Tina was exhausted from the dozens
of men that had fucked her and now her ass was beginning to ache
after the jabbing pain of overuse had died, overcome by the constant
renewing of the intrusions.
She would need a drink as a painkiller after this, she thought.
"Damn, her ass is getting as messy as her cunt," one man complained as his cock slid effortlessly into her well-opened anus.
"Well, that leaves her mouth," someone piped up. "You want to
suck us all off, honey?"
Kim didn't think that needed an answer. They hadn't asked her
anything when they rolled her over and started fucking her in the ass.
She was right. The man with his cock in her ass deferred to the
suggestion and pulled out. They pulled her up and got her on her knees
in the middle of a circle of cocks. She tried to turn and suck them one at
a time, but many of them were pulling their cocks too hard in a flurry of
determination to pull one more jet of seed from themselves for her to
find a place for her mouth.

What had seemed the most urgent of needs had faded at the
moment Brian slid his cock deep into the buttery warmth of Kim's cunt.
When he realized that it had been a false alarm, he slowly raised up
from his mundane position laying over her. He pulled his knees forward
and sat up. He grabbed her knees and held them by his shoulders as he
thrust determinedly into her.
"You're going to get it long and hard and for a long time now,"
Brian boasted as he stuck her with his cock. "Tell me how you like it
ramming into you so big and deep."
Kim was more than willing to incite Brian to greater exertions as
he filled her with his cock.
"If feels like a punch every time you jam that hard thing inside
me," Kim enticed him. "It's splitting me open and filling me up. You're
making me so hot for you. I need more. I need it harder. I need it faster.
I can't get enough of your cock fucking me."
"I'll give you what you want, you little slut," Brian promised.
"Oh yeah, just keep doin' it," Kim urged. "Keep fucking my
cunt with your hot cock. Shove it up there. Shove it in my CUNT!"
It was a breakthrough word for her and Brian liked it too. It
showed what she was willing to do to please him. And then again, it
was only a word.
"Come on, fuck me baby. Fuck me good," she was pleading
now. "Make my pussy get all wet and sloppy. Make me cum, baby.
Make me cun hard."
Brian wanted to do just that. He bent her legs back until her
knees flattened out her breasts and pounded into the pubic mound he
had openly exposed to the impacts.
"Oh god, yeah. Oh god," she gasped as he fucked her deep and
hard. "You're going to do it. You're going to make me do it. I'm going
to do it."
Brian's cock was pounding her into emission as she reached for
the heights of climax. Then she shook helplessly under his onslaught as
he fucked her over the brink and she could only quiver as he pinned her
down and kept on fucking through her orgasm.

All the frantic sucking took its toll. As Tina sucked every cock
offered her, she finally got them all to the point and almost as one they
shot off onto her body. Her cunt and ass were already flowing out
streams of their jizm and now it ran down her face and dripped from her
hair as well as coathed her tits and dripped down her back.
She was covered totally in the wages of her sexual debauch with
the two dozen men that had taken her repeatedly all evening. She
wanted a drink. It no longer was about anesthetic. The ten or so cocks
all spurting simultaneously onto her had cured her pain. Now she wanted
the buzz in celebration.
"Who does a girl have to fuck to get a drink in here?" she asked
to gales of laughter from the men.
They were even more appreciative when she got up with her
clothes still askew and stumbled her way toward the door with all her
charms still on display. She was going to get the goddamn drink and she
didn't care who saw her. What were they going to do? Rape her?
It wasn't a subtle as a rape when the bartender saw her saunter
unevenly into the bar. She walked like a drunken cowboy, or a woman
that had just fucked out every man in the place. He didn't need that crap.
Tina found herself rolling down the steps after the bartender
propelled her roughly out of the door.
"You can't wander around like that in my bar. Now go home,"
he ordered her as she came to rest in the parking lot.
"Well, then don't fuck you, be the only one," she muttered as
he turned and went back inside.

Brian was holding Kim's ankles up over the back of the couch,
keeping her from sliding off as he stood in front of it and fucked her
mouth. Her head hung back in her preferred position and Brian was
fucking her with full length gagging strokes even through her control.
He had fucked her sore as he tried to tempt another shot from
his balls. She suggested that he fuck her face again since that had
always been one of his favorites. Now it was only a minor irritation as
her throat flinched when he shoved his cock down it only to pull back
and shove his cock down her throat again. When he came it would be
magnificent and make it worth the trouble.
Brian closed in and hunched her face like a dog hunches a bitch.
He was only withdrawing the last inch as his thrusts came short and
quick between the brief withdrawing and the return to full insertion.
Her throat was open for him. She wanted to be so good for
him. It still made her tingle to hear him roar as he got his rocks off. She
was the one that loved him. She was the one that wanted to make him
happy. She was the one that wanted to do whatever he needed or
It was more like the burbling outcry of being doused with ice
water than a roar as the pinch behind Brian's balls became fiery jets of
seed shooting straight down her throat. When Brian froze, Kim sucked
hard to get the last of his spasms into the direct line to her belly.

"You stink like rot," Brian complained as the rumpled Tina
came flouncing in the door.
"Fuck you- you don't own me!" Tina snarled and lurched off
toward the bathroom.
She couldn't always be that irritable, Brian thought. She'd have
to run out of it in ten years or so. It certainly didn't make the prospect
of sleeping with her very palatable. But then, he was neither in the mood
or probably of the ability to fuck anyone else tonight, so what difference
did it make?
He didn't even care what she had been doing. He didn't care
about her much at all.


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