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PRIVATHI split up had left her


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Privathi; My love, by Ace. M/F interracial romance, with my usual attempt
to write something a little different.

Veronica met me at the door. What a sexy babe.

She was nearly as tall as I. Blond, large breasts, narrow hips.
Dressed to the nines, of course. Her makeup was perfect, her
jewelry expensive. She looked like just about everything I
needed on one plate.

I was back home in London after five years in China; and I was
broke. Hopefully, no one yet knew that I was broke.

When I had left, I was worth about 3 million pounds; 3 million
pounds that I had earned myself. Good God, what an arrogant twit
I was, I thought I was a genius; a man who earns 3 million pounds
must be one. Or maybe he's just had some luck.

"Gary! How good to see you." Said Veronica, smiling at me
through a small fortune in periodontal work. "I heard you were
back. Glynn told me."

In that case, she probably also realized how I knew about her
party; she had phoned to invite my host, Glynn, and I'd heard the
message as she left it on his answering machine.

"This is quite a coincidence." Veronica continued, taking my
coat, "I think Privathi is coming. I invited Henry Cunningham,
and he's seeing her you know, and he said he'd try to bring her
tonight. She probably won't come, it really isn't her kind of
thing, is it? She never had much interest in society, always too
busy with her academic work. Anyway, I hope if she does come, it
won't be awkward."

Ha. Veronica would love it to be awkward; she comes from a class
of people with little else to do but gossip. Awkward reunions
make for great gossip.

I wondered if Privathi would really come. I wondered what it
would be like to see her again. Thinking of her brought back the
memories of better days;

I had been spending some time in Bangkok, working on arranging
the deal that would earn me my fortune. Privathi was working as
a waitress at the hotel bar.

It's always difficult, when people ask me how I met her. As most
people know, "Bangkok bar girl" means prostitute. Privathi was
not a prostitute, I want to state that loud and clear. She was a
respectable girl from a respectable family, working in a
five-star hotel mainly for some work experience, and to improve
her English.

Anyone who works, or has tried to work, in the Third World will
know that waiting is a big part of it. I was hanging around in
that hotel in Bangkok for three or four weeks, with nothing to do
and no one to talk to. Except Privathi.

As the cocktail waitress, talking to me was her job. As a lonely
male, picking her up and seducing her was my job.

Women are a dime a dozen in Bangkok, everyone knows that. The
hotel was careful to keep the call girls out, but just outside
and down the street there is bar after bar, club after club,
packed with beautiful young Thai women; available at very
reasonable rates.

But I had never paid for sex, and didn't plan to start just
because I was in Bangkok. I flirted with Privathi, and enjoyed
her bright outlook on life, her wonderful optimism, her clear
eyes and ready smile.

She was always wonderfully, if slightly conservatively dressed
for her job [I suppose the management didn't want anyone to
confuse their waitresses for bargirls]. Her complexion was
wonderful; her hair thick, glossy and black. Generally, there
was no one around during the long afternoons I sat in the bar
with her. Neither of us had anything to do except chat. I asked
her out eventually; I had to use a lot of tact, the situation in
Bangkok being what it was between the local women and the foreign
men. We had to go out to another hotel for dinner, where she
wasn't known. Of course, everyone assumed she was a hooker. I
think it upset me more than it upset Privathi.

I took her out to dinner five times, and spent almost every day
with her for a week or two before we ever had sex. I had never
courted any woman for as long as I courted Privathi.

She was worth it.

She was as wonderful in bed as she was out of bed; stunningly
beautiful, a pleasure in the deepest sense of the word.

We didn't even kiss until we got into that hotel room; I had to
rent a room in another hotel, of a class that would tolerate me
bringing a local woman in with me. It angered me, that they all
assumed she was a prostitute. Was that the only possible
relationship between a Thai woman and a British man?

When our lips met, our bodies seem to melt into one another. We
both knew we were in trouble straight away. Perhaps it was that
long period of Platonic dating; maybe we were just both just
completely horny by that time. Whatever, but the first time I
had sex with Privathi was possibly the most powerful sex I've
ever had in my life. My fingers and toes, and everything in
between, was tingling with emotion. I wanted to hold her in my
arms forever, I wanted to give her the world; I wanted to get her
away from Bangkok, to someplace where I could walk with her down
the street holding her hand, and everyone would know that our
relationship was emotional, not financial.

We kissed luxuriously, enjoying the intensity of our first
lovemaking, that wonderful initial exploration of each other's
sensitivities and desires, each of us searching for the touch
that would bring the other the most pleasure.

There was a wonderful tension as we stroked and cuddled each
other, winding our passion tighter and tighter; until neither of
us could stand to wait a moment longer.

It's hard to describe what I felt the first time my cock entered
her sweet body. As I felt the pressure of her vaginal muscles
against my organ, it was as though my soul was being engulfed by
hers. As I looked into her wonderful dark eyes, I was sure she
was the ultimate woman, the woman I wanted for my own.

She trembled in my arms as we made love, staring into my eyes as
if trying to see what was hidden there; but I had nothing to hide
from Privathi.

Once we had started, there was no stopping us. We couldn't get
enough of each other, both of us craved the other's company. It
was easy then, the wait in Bangkok. Because every day I was
there, I could spend looking into my beautiful Privathi's face,
stroking her fingers under the table when no one was around. And
every night, we would slip away to the new hotel.

She was a novice when it came to sex; but she would do anything
to please me. There isn't much in the way of sexual taboo in her
country; except that if you did it with a white man, you must be
a whore.

The touch of Privathi's fingers on my arm was more erotic to me
that another woman sucking my cock. I would trade fucking any
other woman for a mere kiss from Privathi; I would rather gaze at
her face than any other thing on earth.

And when I would hold her small round ass cheeks in my hands, and
carefully penetrate her sweet young vagina with my achingly hard
cock, I was sure that heaven on earth had been achieved.

I don't know if she felt his strongly about me as I felt about
her; but her feelings were strong, I'm sure of that. She
absolutely loved sex with me. The delight on her face as she
would stroke my cock with her fine small fingers was a treat to
behold; the tension in her body as I would penetrate her was a
tension born of real emotion. The magnificent release of that
tension as she came, and came again, was the ultimate sexuality
for me.

I asked her to come back to England with me. She could finish
her studies there; a degree from Oxford would be worth much more
than a degree from a university in Thailand. She had the grades
to get in, and I had the tuition. She was studying organic

"Gary! How are you, old boy?"

"Just fine, Tim. How are you doing, how's the family?"

Why had I left, why had I left Privathi? I had enough money, why
did I have to gamble what I had, trying to earn more?

I hadn't even realized how much I'd missed her. The anticipation
was making me nuts; was she coming? Would I see her tonight?

"They're all fine, thanks. So, I heard you were in China for the
last few years."

"Yes, that's right. I've been working on setting up a factory to
produce paper from bamboo."

"Bamboo? Really? You can make paper from that?"

What would she say when she saw me? How would she react? How
would I react?

I had bought a house in Oxford, and Privathi and I lived happily
there while she went to school. Money was rolling in from the
deals I had set up to export teak furniture from Thailand, and
the business kept me active enough; perhaps too active, perhaps I
had lost touch with what was important.

And Privathi's academic work was very stressful on her; the
romance seemed to fade from our relationship over the next
several years, until it seemed to me we were just going through
the motions. There was an opportunity in China; the wood in
Thailand was no longer being cut, and the large department stores
had started importing massive quantities of products similar to
mine but much cheaper.

I signed the house over to Privathi, as well as my Mercedes. That
was fair, I figured, and I could afford it. Footloose and fancy
free, or so I thought, I flew towards Beijing.

I heard nothing from her while I was in China. Well, why should
I? We had split up, I had left her. She'd showed little in the
way of emotion when I'd told her what I was doing. Did she think
it was fair? Yes, very fair she'd said.

And then, there she was. On the arm of Henry; the bastard.

She would be 30 years old now. Not the young thing that I had
met in Bangkok.

She was stunning. I felt my knees begin to buckle at the sight
of her. I felt my heart rate increase, my palms begin to sweat.
Where was that wheeler dealer business man? Where was that
smooth seducer of women? Gone, flown out the window at the sight
of Privathi.

In her high heels, she was still only about five foot 6 inches.
She was wearing a fashionable green pastel gown that contrasted
wonderfully with her pale skin and black hair. Her breasts weren't as full as they had once been; she had cut her hair
short, and it was now shoulder length.

It was then that I realized how I loved her; I don't know what
had caused me to never even know it; but suddenly, alone in the
crowd at Veronica's little society get together, I knew that
leaving Privathi had been the greatest mistake of my life; and
that's saying something.

I watched her move about, greeting my friends, our friends. One
of them pointed me out to her. It seemed like the world went
into slow motion as her head turned; as her eyes found mine. I
thought I'd been struck by lightning; I was stuck to the floor,
my drink held limply in my hand, as I stared once more into
Privathi's exotic dark eyes.

I was surprised that all conversation didn't stop as the
lightning crackled and flashed across the crowded room between

I must have been mad to leave her. I must've been stark raving
mad. How could I win her back now? Henry was one of my old society chums. I had once seen his portfolio; he must be worth a
couple of million.

Privathi smiled at me, and was as if a light went on in my soul;
a light that had gone out, without me even noticing, some years

She came over. Her face filled my vision, her hesitant smile
caused me to salivate with desire.

"Hi, Gary. How are you? How was China?"

I can't remember our conversation. We were both trying to be
civilized, when something more primal was what was really
required; fuck, flight, or fight. I don't know which, but I was
sure she was feeling those three urges in some combination at
least as strongly as I was.

Her smell filled my nostrils. I wanted to take her away somewhere
where I could talk to her alone, hold her hand and tell her how I
really felt.

But I'm English. Stiff upper lip and all that. Not revealing our
emotions is the national sport. And she was still Thai. They are
better than the English at the game.

"I'd better get back to Henry." She told me finally; "He is my
date. We'll talk later, Gary." And she moved through the fancy
people, back to him.

It wasn't that I hadn't been with anyone; there was Ming, the
Chinese lady.

She was the assistant to my attorney. I piled on the charm after
I thought I'd detected the glimmer of a signal from her; these
oriental ladies can be very subtle, but I was accustomed to that
by then.

As I had with Privathi, I didn't rush things. I took her out to
dinner, and truly enjoyed her company. She told me much about how
things worked in Beijing, a lot about the culture, and a little
about herself.

She was older than Privathi; around 40, closer to my own age. Her
age didn't detract at all from her attractiveness to me, though.
If anything, it made her more desirable somehow. It was possible
to imagine that a woman of her age was attracted to me for
something more than my foreign exchange, and there's something
impressive about a woman who can still be attractive in middle

She had a lovely face, with a cute pointed little chin. And of
course, those lovely dark oriental eyes.

It was exciting to seduce her. There was something so wonderfully
forbidden about everything in China, and that went double for the
women. She reminded me a lot of Privathi. She was no virgin, but
she was very hesitant about our first time together.

She was a very thin woman, with small but well formed breasts;
She had lovely nipples that always hardened wonderfully when I
made love with her, and a fine round little ass that I just loved
to bite.

Looking back, I can still almost feel that wonderful first
penetration; Ming stretched out below me, waiting for the dick of
the foreign devil to finally take her, after all those weeks of
flirtation, all those hours of beautiful and exciting foreplay.
She was well lubricated; I had enjoyed licking her out for five
or ten minutes, but hadn't been able to make her come. But when I
finally pushed my way inside her thin body, it was as though she
was released; that cool oriental façade crumbled, and she was

I held her sweet face in my hands as she came, stroking her
pointed cheekbones with my thumbs and looking into her big eyes
while she melted into that primal state that all humans reach,
whatever their culture, when they have their orgasms.

She loved my dick. She would caress it and kiss it; she loved to
keep me hard. And when I stuffed it carefully into her tiny body,
her whole frame would shudder at the penetration, and she would
whimper and cry with pleasure.

I loved to hold Ming in my arms. She was like a little girl of 40
years old, an exotic love toy. I loved dominating her fine little
body with my own, squeezing and kissing her, making her come,
forcing her to lose her sweet little chinese cool.

It took courage and trust for Ming to become my lover. Going with
a foreign devil is still something outrageous there; it's sort of
like a blond girl from the neighborhood having a black lover over

I hired Ming as my interpreter, and set out into the provinces to
set up my factory.

China sucked me in; I hadn't planned to spend five years there.
I thought one year, maybe two. Get everything rolling, then come
back to England. But one year led into another, one delay led to
the next. I was paying through the nose for everything, but I
didn't think it was a problem at first. Everything was cheap in
China, by European standards at least. Labor was almost free,
but you got what you paid for. The local officials could be
bought for a reasonable price, but you didn't get what you paid
for. My local partners never seemed to come up with their
portion of the finances on time; more delays.

Life in China seemed to go on at its own pace. Trying to do
business there was like trying to swim through honey, a huge
effort was required to go a small distance; but if you could just
relax, everything was actually kind of sweet.

Ming was the very picture of efficiency; always clean and neat,
habitually wearing a starched white blouse and black trousers.
With her small round glasses and no makeup, no one would expect
the nature of her veracious sexuality as she efficiently took
care of business.

She had to have it, every night after work. Sometimes in the
morning as well. In her little red kimono and a hint of perfume,
I couldn't resist her.

Not that I'm complaining; but we were both past 40, and this went
on for nearly five years.

I recall that she didn't like to give head at first; but she soon
discovered that it never failed to get me hard for her, even
after the longest and most frustrating of working days. She came
to enjoy sucking on my organ for its own sake, and even began to
let me come in her mouth.

But I loved it best when I was holding her small smooth body in
my arms, sliding my big foreign dick in and out of her, tenderly
cradling her and watching her face while she came.

She was sweet, she was smart, she was indispensable, and I liked
her a lot; but I never truly loved her. She was never Privathi.

I transferred more and more of my money to my Beijing account. I
don't even know how I managed to fritter it all away. The
factory was built; the machinery was imported; a huge pile of
bamboo was at this moment drying in the warehouse. And here I
was, mooning over an ex-girlfriend at a society party in London.

Of course, it didn't really matter. It was no longer my
warehouse. My chinese partner had pulled out, and the venture was

Ming was nowhere to be found before I left. Perhaps she didn't
want to see me in my shame.

I stayed late at the party, and did my best to seduce Veronica.
Privathi seemed to be always standing next to Henry, and his arm
was often around her slim hips. I tried to keep from dwelling on
it, but it was impossible. Images of Privathi sucking henrys
young cock kept coming to me, images of my lovely little Privathi
writhing in passion, clutching Henry as he fucked her.

Veronica just laughed at my efforts, and sent me home. I guess my
heart wasn't in it.

I met with Privathi a couple of days later at a café.

"It's good to see you again, Gary." she said, as I gave her a
peck on the cheek.

A peck on the cheek... I needed to take her in my arms, hold her
tight to myself and never let go, I wanted to feel her sweet
little tongue in my mouth, I wanted...

"Shall we sit over here by the window?"

"Yes, fine. How have you been, Privathi? What have you been
doing?" Miserable without me, pining away, unable to cope alone,
waiting for the day I'd return..?

"I've been doing just great, Gary. I got a job in research with
Merck here in London after I graduated. It's a good place to
work, and the job is very fulfilling."

It was ecstasy and agony talking to her. It was truly good to see
her again, to know that she was well. But it was terrible to
think that I'd lost her.

As our lunch ended, somehow I just couldn't help myself. As we
stood to leave, I took her in my arms. Her eyes widened at the
presumptuousness of it, but she did nothing to stop me. A surge
of adrenaline pumped through me, and taking the back of her head
in the palm of my hand, I kissed her.

If for a moment, she was mine again. Her body melted into mine,
our spirits mixed into one. I could feel every fiber of her
being, and I felt power flooding into my body again, power that I
hadn't felt since my fortunes had turned.

Her lips parted at my tongue's request, and I tasted the inside
of her sweet mouth once more.

Suddenly, savagely, and without warning, she gently pushed me
away; bursting my brief moment of contentment like the bubble it

"No, Gary, no. You left me; you can't just pick me up again like
a book you left in the corner. It isn't fair, Gary. Not to me,
and not to Henry."

Everyone in the cafe was staring at us. I'm proud to say that
for once in my life, I didn't give a shit.

"Privathi, come back to me, I'll never leave you again. I've
never regretted anything like I've regretted leaving you."

"Is it me you regret leaving, Gary, or your comfortable English

"It's only you, Privathi." I told her.

It was true. Of course I missed the money; but I had made money
once, and I still had confidence that I would make money again.
There's lots of money in the world, but there's only one
Privathi. I might have been confused before, but now I was clear;
it wasn't being poor that was causing my agony, it was being
without her.

For the next week, I went through the motions of trying to find
investors to bail out my business in China. But my heart was on
fire, I had to get her back. I phoned her a couple of times, and
we had good talks. Neither of us said anything about the kiss in
the café, or its implications; but she started to open herself to
me, telling me of what she had been up to while I was away. Or
taunting me about what she'd been up to, if you like.

She told me about Henry.

"He's a little bit twisted." She said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, sexually. He's a little bit twisted."

"Exactly how is he twisted?" I asked suspiciously.

"He's into swinging."


"Yes. He likes it when I sleep with his friends."

That took a moment to soak in. My Privathi? Sleeping around?

"You did that?" I really thought she was just putting me on at

"Not strait away. But he kept telling me what fun it was."

"Was it fun? Did you like it?"

I was quite shocked. Of course I knew she'd been with Henry while
I was away; but with his friends? My innocent little Privathi?

"Sometimes. It depended on the guy. One or two of them were
really good looking. Your friend Glynn was fairly hopeless."

"You slept with Glynn?"

My God, not Glynn; He'd never mentioned it to me; I was staying
with him, and he'd known about this. I felt perfectly humiliated.

"Several times. Henry was really wild about the girl that Glynn
was with at that time.

"Glynn wasn't really so bad, I suppose." She continued, "He has
a nice penis, but he hasn't got much idea what to do with it.
Now that Norbert, he was different."

"You slept with Norbert?"

"Oh yes. I think I slept with most of your friends. And Henry
slept with all their wives and girlfriends. These rich people
don't have much else to do, but it was quite tiring for me since
I work a full-time job. Still, it was fun for a while. Henry is
a nice guy, Gary, and he's always lots of fun. But I never really
loved him. How could I with all that fooling around?"

All that fooling around? Most of my friends? No wonder everyone
was suddenly treating me so strangely.

"But what was different about Norbert?"

She continued; "Norbert; the man is a monster, he has a huge
member, and he can fuck all night. I had to beg him to come and
get it over with. Luckily it was a Saturday, so I didn't have to
work the next day, I could barely walk."

I'd always wondered why women seemed to be hanging on Norbert all
the time; he's a bit of a geek on the surface. I was suddenly
feeling very inadequate indeed.

"Come on, Privathi; you're making this up."

"No, no. It's true, I swear. You ask Henry yourself, he'll tell
you. He's quite open about it all."

"Do you like to do those things, Privathi? Did you enjoy

"Well, it's quite an experience for a woman to get screwed like
that, and I'll always treasure the memory. But do I really want
to sleep with strangers? No, not anymore, I don't think. It's
fun on a certain level, but in the end it doesn't leave me
feeling good about myself."

"Would you want to sleep with Norbert again?"

I dreaded the answer, but I was glad I'd found the courage to
ask, none the less.

"Well, I can't deny that spending a night with a man like that is
very satisfying physically; from a purely orgasmic standpoint, he
can't be beat. But the fact is, I was never satisfied in my
heart. There was always something missing, with all of them.
They were all nice, but none of them really cared about me. I
was just a nice exotic distraction to them, an oriental bimbo.
They never knew I'm a respected scientist, and they wouldn't have
been interested if they did know. I like the way you made love
with me. With you, it was always completely different, it was
more than just sex. We had something very special, Gary; we had
real love. I know that now. You never wanted to sleep with other
women, did you Gary?"

"You were always all the woman I ever wanted, Privathi."

It wasn't totally true; but I was feeling a little better now.
"Real love" she'd said. But could she see it was still there? I
knew now that in my heart I loved her, and I surely always would.
There were only two possible courses for my life to take now;
bliss with Privathi, or agony without her.

And then, a couple of days later, there was a knock on the door;
it was her.

She didn't speak, she merely looked into my eyes. The message
was written there for me to read, and my heart filled with joy
like a balloon filling with gas. Pulling her into Glynn's
hallway, I took her into my arms once more, my mouth was filled
with hers, my soul was filled with hers. I didn't know if it was
for a moment or for a lifetime, but I was willing to accept
whatever I could have.

I've never known desire like the desire I felt at that moment; I
wanted her with all of my being, I wanted to make love with her
in every sense of the word.

And I did.

She was like a feather in my arms as I swept her off her feet,
the power of a primal beast flowing through my veins, the
adrenaline shooting through my body giving my muscles a feeling
of superhuman strength. Neither of us spoke as I carried her up
the stairs, and placed her reverently on my borrowed bed. There
was no need for words, our communication was taking place at a
more primal level. Our clothes disappeared without much bother,
and our bodies were in contact again.

It wasn't just a matter of erogenous zones; our whole bodies were
erogenous zones, Privathi's touch against the side of my nose was
sufficient to make me shudder with sensation.

She moaned as I massaged her feet and sucked her toes, the way I
used to do. She whimpered and cried as I kissed her calves,
knees, thighs. As my tongue once more introduced itself to her
sweet clitoris.

My cock was burning, it was on fire, and there was only one place
the fire could be extinguished.

I was nearly shaking with anticipation and excitement as I
placed the tip of my cock against my true love's vagina; her
fingers stroked my face, and she stared into my eyes as she
waited for that first wonderful thrust of entry after so many
wasted years.

My burning cock slid slowly into her; the interior of Privathi's
body felt cool against it by comparison. Her sexual juices could
lubricate my movement, could carry away the excessive heat of my
organ, but not of my heart.

I had forgotten. I had forgotten what sex was, it had been so
long. yes, I had screwed Ming nearly every day for five years,
but that was nothing. this was real, this was vital; my lost
fortune was meaningless, my disgrace was irrelevant compared to
this moment. for at this moment, Privathi was mine. Henry could
drive her around in his fancy car, keep her in his townhouse,
share her with his friends and have her serve him his breakfast;
but her heart was mine, I could feel it.

My cock was in her vagina, and my heart was in her hands. I
would have it no other way.

Her dark exotic eyes stared into mine as she came, and there was
no holding me anymore. I erupted like a volcano, with a power
impossible to resist or control.

We lay quietly for a time, still coupled, as I kissed her gently.
I noticed a gray hair or two on her head. It was curious, as I
somehow still thought of Privathi as a teenager.

"I have to go, Gary."


"I have to meet Henry for dinner. I'm sorry, Gary."

"Sorry that you have to meet Henry for dinner, or sorry that
you're here with me?"

"Both. I shouldn't have come here, Gary. It was a mistake, I'm

"Privathi. don't leave me now."

But she did. And yet, she left me with something; hope. She
might be able to pretend, even to herself, that what had just
transpired was not relevant. But it was, it was. I had no way
of knowing how serious things were between her and Henry, but I
was confident that it wasn't as serious as it was between
Privathi and myself.

She had come to me to fulfill a need. I was confident she would
be back. She had demonstrated that all the men in London were
unable to fill her true need, just as all the women of the orient
could never fill mine.

And she was back; in less than a week.

We had the whole day together this time.
She sat on the couch, and put her feet on my lap. We were both
silent as Privathi smiled at me, and I removed her shoes.
Privathi has the most beautiful feet; small and pointed, with
prominent arches. I began to rub them and massage them, like I
used to do. It was something that always relaxed us both, and
never failed to get us both horny.

"Do you love me, Gary?" She asked.

"Yes." I replied, with no hesitation. "Completely. Totally and

"Then why did you leave me?"

"I was stupid. Mad, nuts. I didn't realize what we had."

"I've been living with Henry for three years, now."

"I know."

We said nothing for a time, as my fingers traced up and down her
legs, as I lifted one foot after another to my lips, to kiss the
feet of the woman I loved.

"I'm 34 years old, Gary." She said.

"I'm 45." I said.

"I want children, Gary."

"But not with Henry?"

"No. Henry is fun, and he's been good to me. But..." she hesitated.

"But what, Privathi?"

"He's not the man I love; that I want to father my children,
Gary. You are. I want a one on one relationship, I don't want to
play those silly games anymore."

We were quiet for a minute while I sucked her toes, one at a

"I have to tell you something Privathi." I said, "And when you've
heard it, you may not want me as the father of your children

"What is it, Gary?"

It came out of me compulsively, like vomit; uncontrolled and
nasty, leaving a sour taste behind in the mouth.

"I'm broke, Privathi. Totally broke. I'm not the man I was five
years ago; I've been trying, but it looks like I won't be able to
salvage my chinese venture."

"You're such an asshole, Gary." She said, without removing her
foot from my hand.

"I'm sorry, Privathi. I lost it all, I don't know if I'll ever be
able to support you."

"Lick me out." She said, pulling off her panties.

"You always had a good tongue, Gary," she said as I went at my

"Good for licking, at least. Lick my asshole." She told me,
turning over.

That was new, but I did what she asked, like I always used to. As
though we were a couple again, even though I knew I had no chance
against wealthy young Henry.

"That's very good, Gary." She told me after a minute or so. "Take
off your clothes."

I did as she instructed.

"You want me to suck your cock?" she asked.

"Oh yes, please." I said, standing in front of her and offering
it to her as she sat on the couch.

Her small hands over my cock were wonderful. She caressed my
balls, opened her mouth, and pulled me into herself.

I'd forgotten how good Privathi was at giving head. Actually,
she hadn't been that good before, I realized.

She moved her head back and forth, sucking my cock deep into her
mouth three or four times before stopping for a few seconds, and
then starting again. Her fingers traced across my ass and the
insides of my thighs.

"Take me to the bedroom now, Gary." She said, lifting her arms.
I lifted her up like a baby once more, and carried her upstairs.

She took off her blouse and bra, and lay on the bed, spread and
completely naked.

"Lick me some more, Gary. Oh yes, MMM, that's very nice. I
would like you to be the father of my children, Gary. If you can
make the commitment. I don't need your money, Gary. I have
plenty. I still have the Oxford House, it's rented out. I have
a good job; I'm the manager of my laboratory, I have 30 people
working under me. For the last three years, I haven't even been
paying any rent, and I'm still driving your old Mercedes. Get
your tongue inside, Gary. Oh yes, yes. Also, when my parents die, I will inherit a lot of property. But I don't want to end up
raising children alone. I don't have time, I need someone to
stay at home and look after them for me. I don't want my
children being raised by hired help, Gary. Keep going, don't
stop now! Ah, good. That's it. Do you love me enough, Gary?
Never mind, we'll talk about this later. I want your cock in me
now. Oh God, I've missed you so much, Gary!"

I had no intention of becoming a househusband, but I was very
flattered to have been asked.

I watched my cock slowly disappear into Privathi's lovely little
body again, and then I put my hands behind her shoulder blades,
and fucked her hard the way she likes it. We came together. Our
orgasms were simultaneous, as well.

Privathi's stories of eccentric sex had a strange effect on me;
they distressed me, but they turned me on. She always loved to
tease me, so she told me more once we'd had some coffee,
recovered our breath, and had retuned to the bed.

"A couple of times, Henry took me to a swingers club."

"What happened there?"

"My clit, honey. Don't forget my clit. Ah, that's better.
Henry selected a man for me, someone neither of us knew. Henry
told me to take my clothes off. There were about six people in
the room."

"You did it? You striped off in front of six men?" I paused to

What had Henry done to her? The Privathi I'd left behind would
never do such a thing.

"Four men and two women. Yes, I did. I didn't want to at first,
but Henry insisted. I was used to doing what he said, so I
finally started to take my clothes off, and everyone was really
nice about it."

"I bet."

"No, really. They all said how nice I looked, and how it was so
good of me to undress for them all. I was very self-conscious of
course, but I was excited at the same time. Then one of the men asked if he could please kiss me."


"Well, that seemed pretty harmless, so I said it was alright. But
he started to fondle my breasts while he kissed me, and I found
that it excited me; I hadn't expected that. I looked over at
Henry, and he was kissing one of the other women."

How torrid, I thought; kissing another woman while encouraging
Privathi to submit to another man, and a stranger at that!

"So what did you do?"

"I just kept kissing the strange man, and he started to run his
hands over my body while the others watched. Of course I had
very mixed feelings about this. Henry knew these people, but they
were all strangers to me. I felt very vulnerable, and I wasn't
sure if it was a good idea to let this man do what he was doing.
But I didn't want to make a scene, I knew Henry really wanted me
to do this, and I have to admit that I was enjoying it on some
level. Not only the excitement of physical intimacy with this
good-looking stranger, but how everyone was watching. I was as
surprised then as you are now to find how excited I got from it.
It was an incredible thrill like I'd never had before.

"Then he told me to bend over, and hold on to the coffee table
with my hands. I did it, and then the strange man started licking

A strange man's tongue in Privathi's most sacred place; the
thought burned at my heart and inflated my cock.

"Did you like it?"

"Oh yes, I certainly did. It was very strange, but it was
impossible to ignore the man's tongue. He wasn't as good as you
with his tongue, it wasn't anything like how nice you're making
me feel right now. But he had a lovely cock, and I was surprised
to find myself looking forward to him doing it to me with it. He
put it in me very carefully, from behind. I couldn't come with
all those people watching, not that first time, so after a while
we went into a private room. I was really wound up by then, and
we had great sex. I was amazed at myself that I could enjoy
something like that, but I did. I never even knew his name."

Lovely cock, Great sex, didn't know his name! Oh, Privathi, why
did I leave you? It was my fault, I'd left her in that vulnerable
state that those people had taken advantage of.

Privathi was quiet for a moment, and I continued my job at her

"The thing was, Gary, I was trying to find the level of
satisfaction that we used to share. That's what I think now. And
at the same time, in my mind, I was doing these things to punish
you for leaving me. I knew how you would hate it if you knew.

"It made Henry really wild to watch me," she continued after a
moment, "and when I came out of the room he wanted me to do it
again. There was a black man there, and Henry said I should suck
his dick. I don't know why, but the order excited me; it was so
outrageous a thing to demand of me. I wasn't in charge at the lab
yet at the time, but I was accustomed to being spoken to with
more respect. I just spontaneously knelt down and did it right in
front of everyone. Some part of me wanted to be like that, a
submissive woman. I was very self-conscious again at first, but
at the same time I enjoyed being the center of attention. I
enjoyed the very fact that I was accepting this abuse of my
dignity. The black man said he thought I was very beautiful, and
I gave great head. It was all so dirty and depraved, but somehow
I didn't care. I was away from my work environment, where I
needed to be respected to survive. I asked him to take me into
the side room, and he did."

Privathi had been the one to ask; she had asked the black man she
didn't know, after giving him head in public, to take her to the
side room.

"He fucked you?"

"Keep your tongue in there, Gary, and I'll tell you about it.
Oh, yes. Yes, the black man fucked me. He was nice, actually.
I found it very exciting, I have only ever been with white men other than that, you know. There's something about those black
hands on my breasts, the way his penis looked in my hands. And
there's something even more forbidden about going with a black
man than with a white man for Thai people. Very naughty, very

He was nice, she'd said; she liked him, she'd enjoyed making it
with him. Oh, Privathi, what have they done to you?

"He made you come?"

"Of course, darling. I think I came three times. It wasn't just
that he was attractive and competent as a lover, it was the
outrageousness of it all. I didn't even know him, and here I was
in a room with him, his black cock penetrating my body, his
strong arms... you love this, don't you?... his strong black arms
holding me tightly. I was completely at his mercy, he could have
done anything with me. But he was gentle and sweet, luckily, and
he made love with me very nicely. But there's more to life than
orgasms, you know."

I know that; there is such a thing as loyalty. I wanted it, but
wasn't sure how it was obtained.

"Did you ever meet the man again?"

"The black man? Yes. He was a good and tender lover, and I'm
afraid I can't say that about every man I've been with. We were
at the same club a couple of weeks later. Henry asked me if I
would let everyone watch me do it with the man who ran the place,
Franz. I didn't like him very much, so I didn't want to at
first. But Henry said everyone would really love to see me do it
with him, so I finally agreed."

"Just to please the others? You were willing to let a man you
didn't even like make love with you?"

"Oh, I don't know. It was odd; the very fact that I really
didn't like Franz made it very kinky to let him do it to me. And
he wasn't ugly or anything. Actually, he was a bit too
good-looking. One of those men who think that women just can't
resist him. I did it to please Henry, really. But it wasn't
love-making, Gary; it was just kinky sex.

"And I had found that I didn't mind people watching; in some
ways, it adds to the experience. Knowing that they are all
enjoying just to watch; it's flattering. Also, it made me feel a
little safer.

"Anyway, the black man was there watching, and Franz motioned
for him to come and join us. After a while, I started to really
enjoy myself. It was strangely exciting, being loved by two men while everyone watched."

"Did you really like it?"

I hated the thought of my woman in that position; how humiliating
for us both. Sex with two men, one she didn't even like, for the
amusement of others.

"The black man was very young, around 20. He was really

And I was middle aged and not much of anything, anymore.

"Yes, I liked it. I was so lonely and depressed deep inside; I
desperately needed the approval, the assurance that I was still
desirable to a handsome young man."

"You screwed them both, one after the other?"

"Yes. They took turns with me. I would suck the cock of one, or
just kiss him, while the other was doing it to me. And all the
others were watching. I didn't like sucking their cocks much
with condoms on, though. Do you know that you're the only man I've ever let do it to me without a condom, Gary?"

"Really?" A small relief. Actually, a big relief.

"Yes. It was a very self-destructive phase of my life, all that
strange sex I got into after you left me. I wanted to get back
at you, somehow, but I didn't have a death wish. Do you taste
your own come in there Gary? He he. Here, lie down on top of me.
Put your head between my breasts. Ah, that's nice." Privathi
stroked my hair while she continued.

"Anyway, I pulled the condom off the black man's penis, so I
could feel him better in my mouth. I liked him, and his cock was
beautiful; so big and hard, so smooth and young. I loved how it
felt in my mouth, and how it looked, black and shiny. And he was
so appreciative, he kept saying how happy he was about it all. I
sucked him until he came. I enjoyed feeling him injecting my
mouth with his sperm. Does that turn you on, Gary? Yes, it was
rich and good, and everyone saw me swallow it. Kiss my breast,

"Franz kept going for a while. I turned over so I was on my
back; you know I like it better like that. He kissed me even
though my mouth must have tasted of the other man's sperm. I
found myself thinking how much I disliked him even then, even as
his cock was sliding into my body, as his face was so close to
mine. He started doing it to me, sliding his penis in and out of
my body, and I liked how it felt. It made me feel like I was
getting one over on him, playing a game where I pretended I liked
him. He started doing it to me really hard, ramming me with his
dick; it was painful, but very stimulating as well. And then I
felt I was going to come, and I knew I was not in a good way.
That was the first time I had an orgasm with people watching."

"But not the last time?"

"No. it's a kind of perversity, I suppose; but I did enjoy myself
at the time. It was weird to be aware that I could have an orgasm
while having sex someone I dislike. I did it with Franz again
another time, and I did it with other men I didn't care for. I
always liked it while I was doing it, and hated myself for it the
next day."

That made me worried; what would she feel like after spending the
day in bed with me, cheating on Henry? Did she really care, or
was I just another little sexual adventure for her now?

I phoned her at Henry's and asked her the next morning.

"Well, I don't know yet, Gary, I just woke up. I have to fix
breakfast for Henry before I go to work, I don't have much time.
How do you feel, Gary?"

"I love you, Privathi." I told her.

"That's nice, Gary." She said after a moment. "I'll come by
later, after work."

"Here, kiss." She said, lifting her foot to my mouth on Glynn's
couch later. "A little more pressure on the inside of the arch.
Did you know that Veronica and Henry were once a couple, Gary?"

"Yes, that was before I went away."

"They still do it, sometimes."

"Really? Just like that?"

I was curious to note that thinking of Henry and veronica doing
it made me jealous. My hands slid up and down Privathi's legs,
worshiping her.

"Yes. They don't get along very well, but somehow they really
like to have sex together."


"Very. It's similar to what I had gotten into; physically
gratifying but emotionally empty. Anyway, on Henry's birthday,
Veronica and I gave him a surprise."

"Yes, go on."

I had an idea what was coming; but I wanted to hear it anyway.

"We gave him a nice show first. It's funny how men really like

"What kind of show?"

"Oh, you know. Girl/girl. We took each other's clothes off, and
danced around for him. Then we held and kissed each other. It
made Henry really wild. I'm sure glad you're not like that,
Gary. You're so nice and normal."

She must have realized that normal or not, this was interesting;
she was holding my stiffening penis in her hand.

"Did you like it, kissing Veronica?" My cock was getting

"Well, Veronica is a very attractive woman. I suppose if I was
going to enjoy kissing any woman, it would have to be Veronica."

Privathi and Veronica; what a combination!

"But did you enjoy it?"

"I imagined I was a man. As soon as I did that, of course
kissing Veronica was very nice. She's really very pretty, don't
you think? And she's so tall, and her breasts are perfect."

"Did you really find her body attractive? Did it turn you on?"

"It was one of those things that are probably nice to do once in
your life. I gave it a good try, and I did enjoy it. But I'm a
woman, and I have no penis, so it left me a little frustrated,
since we couldn't really do it. I'm happy not to do any of those
things anymore; I'm so glad you've come back to me now, Gary, and
I can put all of that behind me."

That simple little sentence lifted my heart into the
stratosphere; I had come back to her, It was like saying I was
back WITH her, and she was mine again.

"What else did you and Veronica do?"

"Well, we kissed each other's breasts; that was nice. it's so
strange to hold and caress a smooth soft female body; I can see
the attraction. Then Henry held me and kissed me, while Veronica
went down on me."

"Did you come?"

"No, it was just too strange. But it was very nice, it was very
friendly, and I liked having her do that to me. Then we
changed, and Veronica laid down on her back while I went down on

"What did you think of that?"

"I was a little surprised, I thought it would be awful, but
actually it was fine. I didn't mind at all, and Veronica just
loved it. We got into a 69, so we were doing it to each other at
the same time. Then Henry got behind me, and he put his thing in
me while Veronica was still licking me. That made me come, I can
tell you that."

Somehow, hearing about all her sexual adventures wasn't as bad as
hearing about Henry making her come, even with Veronica helping.

"We went on for quite a while, there are just a lot of things to
try with three people in a bed. Veronica let Henry do her in the
ass, and she even said she liked it. I thought that was a bit
much, but I licked her clit while they were doing it that way,
and it made her completely crazy. I even wanted to try it myself,
seeing her come like that. It made me think there might be
something in it. But Henry couldn't hold himself back during it
all, and he was totally finished afterwards.

"And I have to tell you something that may shock you, Gary;"
Privathi added, "I hope you won't be too disappointed."

I felt real fear then; after all she had already told me, what
could be so alarming?

"What, Privathi? Tell me."

"It's Veronica. She's not a natural blond. I do love you, Gary.
Rub my back."

Privathi had an Uncle who did a lot of business with China, and
had some connections in the banking industry there. He did some
asking around.

"Gary, my uncle says it was an inside job. The husband of your
interpreter bought your company at auction."

"The husband of. my interpreter?"

"Yes. He's one of the new capitalists in Shanghai."

"I didn't know she had a husband."

Privathi chirped into the phone in Thai with her uncle for
another a few minutes before hanging up.

"She has two children, and two grandchildren. Were you screwing
her, Gary?"

"Yes." I groaned.

"Well, Gary. you've been ruined by a chinese grandmother. Was
she cute?"

Privathi bought a house for us in the suburbs. She wouldn't
marry me, even though I asked her.

"Under Thai Law, if I marry a foreiner I wouldn't be able to
inherit when my parents die." She told me.

"I don't understand you, Privathi. You want me to make this big
commitment, but you don't want to marry me."

"Of course I want to marry you, Gary. But there's a lot of money
involved, not to mention my ancestral family home. We have to be

I can't remember exactly how the subject came up, but somehow we
were talking about anal sex.

"Have you ever done that, Gary?"

"No. Have you?"


Another defeat.

"What was it like?"

"Terrible. Henry was always pestering me to try it, he said it
was the greatest thing. I finally said he could go ahead after I'd
seen how much Veronica had enjoyed it. He had a great time,
but for me, it just hurt like hell."

"Didn't he use some kind of lubrication?"

"Of course. Henry knows what he's doing. Why, would you like to
try it?"

"I don't know. Maybe."

"Okay. I'll tell Henry to come on over and do it to you."

"Very funny."

"I didn't mind at first; Henry licked my asshole. That's really
weird and nice. Would you like to do that for me again, Gary?"


She rolled over and spread her legs wide while lifting her hips a

"Owee! That tickles! I like that, Gary, you can do that to me
from now on. Where was I? Oh yes, then he started pushing his
finger in. Not you, Gary! You just lick, that's the part I liked.
MMM, yes, hehe. Maybe Henry's penis was just too big, but I won't
let anyone do that again. I'm very turned on, Gary."

She rolled over onto her back, and we made fabulous love.

Those stories of hers have that effect on us both.

Privathi is pregnant now, for the second time. I don't know how
I'm going to cope with taking care of two kids; our first boy already takes up all my time now. Like all bridges, I suppose
we'll just cross it when we come to it.

Yes, I'm a househusband. I clean, cook, and take care of the
baby. I've stopped trying to start a new business; after my
domestic responsibilities, I haven't got much time, and Privathi
earns enough to keep us well.

I'm not ashamed that it's Privathi who makes the money and me
that keeps the house now; to my surprise, I'm happy this way. And
isn't that the point?

I'm happy because every evening my Privathi comes home to me;
because I can hold her in my arms every morning and every night,
and every time it thrills me anew.

Privathi never fails to inspire my passion, and my passion never
fails to inspire hers.

During the day, she may be a high powered scientist; but nights
and weekends, she's my flower.

I will never consent to share her with other men as Henry did,
despite my fascination for those stories.

I have to admit though, if Privathi were to suggest a little
manage-a-trios with Veronica, I don't think I could refuse.

Ace 2002

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Extra sub story; [Privathi with older male]

I know hardly anyone likes younger women / older men stories, so
I cut this out of the main text; if there's a reader who does like it
out there, please let me know.

Privathi and I had been out playing tennis, and I was massaging
her back.

"You've become quite a good player, Privathi." I told her.

"I've been playing a lot while you were away." She said, "Henry
and I used to often play doubles together."

"We could do that, Privathi." I said, feeling slightly jealous.

"That would be nice, Gary. Do you know Lord and Lady
Chamberlain? We played against them at their house one weekend.
Very nice people."

"I've met them, I can't say I know them."

"They're both good technical players, but Henry and I were
stronger. So we swapped partners."

"Only for the tennis game though, right?"

"First for tennis, then for the rest of the weekend."

How many more revelations were there to come, I wondered?

"But they're too old!"

"Don't think because there's snow on the roof, this no fire in
the basement, Gary. Lord Chamberlain is only about 55, and his
wife is younger."

"But her hair is already completely white."

"Henry didn't mind. He likes variety, and he said she has great
energy. Anyway, I think she's still very pretty. She has a lot
of vitality, and a good figure. Henry told me she was a lot of

I couldn't believe Henry had traded Privathi for lady
chamberlain; she was pretty for her age, but she was probably
fifty years old!

"And what did you think of the weekend?" I asked calmly.

"Oh, I had a great time. A Lord, Gary. He has the signet ring,
he sits in the upper house and votes on the country's
legislation. We spent most of the weekend just talking."

"But not only talking?"

"A little lower, Gary. Oh yes, that's the spot.

"No, not only talking. We played chess."


"You're so naughty, Gary! He wanted to hear everything about my
country, and I found him to be an interesting man. He told me
lots of funny stories. We were still talking in bed. I started
to think he wasn't even interested in me sexually. But after I
kissed him, he was all over me. He's a very sweet man."

"So you wanted him, then?"

"Of course I wanted him. Why would I go to bed with him I didn't
want him? He's a Lord, Gary. There's something very alluring
about that."

"Come on, Privathi! You're a scientist. I can't believe you
would fall for that nobility nonsense."

"I am a scientist, Gary. But I'm also a woman, a human being.
Life isn't all about logic; some things are just romantic. Like
our notions of celebrity and nobility."

Neither of us spoke for a minute. I felt quite disturbed that
Privathi would be attracted to a man like that; I guess it seemed
a little sluttish to me that she should be interested in someone
so much older than herself.

"He was nice." She said.

"Lord Chamberlain?"

"Yes. We were talking in bed until very late. He left the lights
on, so he could see me; I was undressed already. It's very
flattering to be admired by a Lord, and after a while I just didn't
want to wait anymore, so I leaned over and kissed him. He was
very sensuous after that, he stroked me and kissed me everywhere
for a long time. I finally climbed on top of him, and put his
thing inside of me myself. The look on his face was priceless!"

"Did you really find him attractive?"

"Well, not really. Not in the normal way I find men attractive.
Like you said, he is a little old for me. I found his face
handsome, but once he had his clothes off and we were in bed
together, I realized his body just didn't quite measure up."

"Then why did you do it?"

"Well, we were both naked in his bed; I was sure he would want to
in the end, that's why we were there. It was getting late, I didn't
want to be up all night, and I wouldn't have refused him at
that point. It would have been insensitive. And besides, he's a
very masterful man; it would be hard to say no to a man like him.
But I was glad in the end, I enjoyed making love with him. He was
very different to the other men Henry had set me up with. I felt
he really appreciated me as a person and as a woman. He truly
wanted to please me. We tried several different positions that

"Like what?"

"Oh, Gary. I really shouldn't tell you these things! It gets you
so upset. I started out on top; he lay on his back while I held
his old penis in my hand, and brought my body to its tip. He was
very erect, he certainly had no problem in that department, and
it was so warm and friendly in my hand. Still, I felt quite
conflicted as I lowered myself down, and I felt it slowly moving
up inside myself. It's always such an intimate moment, I never
stopped feeling vulnerable about it. But the way he smiled at me,
so happy yet kind, made me feel good about it all. After all, you
are older than me; Lord chamberlain is only ten years older than
you. And besides, why should it matter? If two people are
attracted to each other, what's the difference if they are
different ages or colors? It's not as though the organs suddenly
wouldn't fit together! He stroked me and spoke to me about how he
thought I was so nice. I felt warmer and warmer towards him, and
I began to really like having his penis inside me once I got used
to the idea. Then I lay on my front with my hips on a pillow and
he stroked my back and neck while he did it to me slowly from
behind. To tell you the truth, I didn't have an orgasm the first
night we were together, but somehow I didn't mind. I enjoyed
myself none the less, and Lord Chamberlain certainly did."

"But he came, I suppose." I immediately regretted saying that;
but there was no way to pull the words back.

"Oh yes, he sure did. He was trying really hard to bring me to
orgasm, but I was just too tired by then. I told him so, and that
it wasn't his fault, and that I would like to suck him. I liked
it Gary; with a man twice my age. How does that make you feel? He
was old and grey, and I took his penis in my mouth and I sucked him and stroked him until he had to release himself into my
mouth, and I was glad when he did. I enjoyed pleasing him, I
liked the feeling of his sperm in my mouth, and the taste."

Privathi's hand was squeezing my totally stiff cock as I
continued to massage her naked body. I moved lower, running my
thumbs into the crack of her still lovely ass, reaching under,
touching her sex.

"You spent two nights with him?" I asked her, repositioning
myself behind her so as to put the tip of my cock against her

"Oh yes. The second night was somehow better." She answered me,
lifting her hips to make entry possible. "We were more
comfortable with each other. I enjoyed pleasing him, he made me
feel so appreciated. I found myself feeling warmer and warmer
towards him, and he was more energetic somehow the second night;
maybe because we hadn't been playing tennis that day."

"And was he any good?" I asked, entering her carefully with a
forward movement of my hips. She was as randy as I was.

"Oh yes. Lord Chamberlain is an excellent lover if he's not too
tired. So attentive, and with very good control. Once I had him
started, there was no stopping him. He made up for the first
night, let me tell you. We did everything to each other, and it
was really fun; I was surprised, I never expected it to be, but
his experience more than made up for his age. I think it was the
best weekend I had while you were away. He's a very nice man,
Gary; I'll have to introduce you one day. MMM, that's nice,

Ace 2002


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