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PROFMA hurt me she said full


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
MaryAnn and the Professor- the awful truth

It is only for ironic comparison that they are called MaryAnn
and the Professor. They are not meant to be characters from Gilligan's
Island. It is hoped the kind of relationship depicted will have better
impact contrasted with the relationship between those characters.

No phones- no lights- no motorcars. Not a single luxury. But
I'm not Robinson Caruso or Gilligan either, for that matter. I was a boy scout but that is about it.
But they don't call them paradise islands for nothing. It is pretty
easy to survive without any special knowledge and even without much
work. We were sailing from Tahiti when the ship went down, so I had
fortunately been educated in safe and poison in the flora and fauna.
I didn't even begin to think about rescue for a week or two. It
was pretty sweet out here and I had the feeling that if the hustle and
bustle wanted me back, it could come and find me. I liked not being
bothered with assignments and supervisors breathing down my neck.
The only thing I missed was sex. Not that it was that much
different from my normal life, but here I didn't even have anyone to
pursue. There were goats, but I wasn't that desperate- yet.
In my very Freudian way I sublimated that drive into subduing
the island to my pleasure. By that I mean I built shelters and then turned
one into a rambling mansion of bamboo and palm fronds. It was
something to fill the time when I got bored with leisure. I made my little
kingdom and then enlarged it.
I was still valiantly pursuing my leisure on the day I saw the figure
in the surf. I was on the promontory with the two huge coconut palms
and I rushed down to see what the sea was about to throw up on my
It was a woman.
And just as importantly, it was a woman who had been clinging
to a wardrobe for floatation. Her first impression of the mad fellow that
quickly abandoned her to gather the smashed remains of wood and
clothing couldn't have been flattering to me, but finished wood and cloth
were real luxuries on this primitive isle.
She was all right. She was tired but in no other distress and the
surf would have torn the contents back out to sea without quick action.
At least it would have scattered them and if I haven't said it before, I am
into doing things the easy way.
I had spread my treasure on the sand before we exchanged the
first words between us.
"Where are we?" she asked.
"I have no idea. I got here the same way," I told her.
"Then this isn't civilization?" she asked, crestfallen.
Thinking back, I identify that as the watershed event. At the time
it was just a remark of despair, but it resonated in my mind. It was the
seed of an attitude that took a little time to grow.
"Just a paradise island somewhere in the South Seas," I said.
"Well, that explains your maniacal need to rescue that stuff," she
said, with the feeling she was granting me clemency for ignoring her.
"Yes, the island provides everything in the way of basic survival
but not much in the way of comfort," I said and then straight to the point
added, "You never know how nice underwear is until it's gone."
"Oh my," she said, upset again, "How long have you been here?"
I had no idea. I hadn't carved marks on anything. I didn't much
care. I estimated my wandering paradise time at about a week and then
added a week for every room in my mansion.
"About three months," I guessed.
"And no one had found you in all that time?" she asked.
She wasn't getting any calmer. It wasn't the time to explain that I
didn't mind not being found. I quickly pulled together all the stray
thoughts I had on the subject and tried to form a theory.
"I don't think we're near shipping lanes. I bet you were on a
yacht taking a scenic trip," I said.
She nodded.
"Then we have to hope for one that tries the same thing and
doesn't sink," I said, hoping to soothe her a little without raising her
hopes too high. "I don't think my ship sent a distress signal. It all
happened too fast. That would mean they have only begun to wonder
where the ship is at in the last few weeks."
"But they will be looking for us?" she hoped.
I shrugged. It wasn't anything I had control over, so I hadn't
spent much time pondering. I hadn't worked on being visible, either. I
instinctively knew she would see that as a flaw.
"But at least we can survive until they come," she said, grasping
at positives to quell her panic.
I express a belated concern about her state and suggested that
she needed to rest. She seemed appropriately impressed with my
'mansion'. It seemed to give her a good feeling about my industriousness.
I'm sure she had more in mind for furnishings, but I live- that is, lived-
alone and one bed and one chair was all I used.
I gave her the bed and told her to rest. I had a couple of things
to do.
I know it eased her mind that I left her alone. I disappeared. I
wasn't peeping at her from behind bushes. I wasn't trying to pressure her
in any way. She didn't have to fight me off. I left her to sleep.
I had work to do. I got back on the promontory and built three
fire rings. I lit low fires to leave some ash and cinders. I thought about
spelling out S.O.S. on the beach, but that was way too much work.
I let the fires burn out. It was such a strange thing to watch a fire
die that I realized I needed a container of some sort to carry coals from
my main fire- which I kept perpetuallly burning- to these 'signal' fires.
I was 'toasting' the result to give it the appearance of use when I
heard her stir in the house. I quickly set it aside and settled back by the
fire. It was getting dusk and it was time to repeat the ritual of lighting the
fires for the first time.
She went with me and I could feel her evaluating me as I
gathered the wood and touched off the fires. I noticed her dress had
dried, but I tried to keep from looking at her as I worked. I wanted to
give her the first shot at examination.
Walking back down, she moved closer to me. I passed
inspection. I looked at her a little then. About 5-6- slim, but not thin,
about 110 pounds. Brown hair that had been cut for a hair style washed
out by the sea. Her breasts seemed heavy and substantial when they
jogged against her muu-muu, but the dress was too loose to give a
better assessment.
I touched her a few times to guide her down the trail and she
didn't pull away. At that point I was having some trouble maintaining my
calm exterior. It had been a long time and this female was sending the
signals that she was willing to fuck me. But I forced myself to wait so
she would not sense my desperation.
I waited through a meal of fish and berries and then opened my
arms in invatation for her to sit next to me. She accepted and we cuddled like lovers on the beach looking past the fire to the dark sea.
Her breast did indeed feel heavy against my ribs. I tried not to
betray my concentration on the feel of her body next to mine, but that
was my focus, not the romantic scene.
Then she turned her face up and waited for me to kiss her.
They were heavy. Each globe was an overflowing handfull as I
fondled them through her loose shift. She was quickly impatient with the
cloth between us and we broke to strip off our clothes.
Her breasts were heavy-bottomed teardrops with dark nipples.
Barely enough to form a channel for me to fuck, but nice tits all the
same. Her belly had a pleasing curve and ended in a prominent mound
exposed all the more by the gap atop her slender thighs. The notch of
her slot was clearly visible through what appeared to be a five day
growth of pubic hair.
I couldn't hide my excitement from her either. My cock had
been a straining, throbbing beast all through supper and now it was out
for her to see the extent of my need. She didn't look disappointed.
I carried her into the bed and we went at it. It seemed that we
both considered the events of the day to be foreplay enough. She pulled
at me to crush against her and we kissed stridently as our genitals
meshed. We squeezed each other tight as our tongues twined on the one
end and cock and pussy explored each other at the other end.
She was wet and ready. I was hot and hard. We didn't break
our grips to insert my cock. We manuvered until I was at the opening
and then suddenly inside her.
It was pure butter. She moaned most sweetly as I sank into the
heat of her delicious cunt. Then she worked her hips to take it from me.
Our tongues dueled with increased passion as my cock stormed her
welcoming ramparts.
It was good. It was sweaty and strenuous, flesh grinding on flesh.
It was hot as hell and went on and on. Her legs captured me to help her
grind against me as I fucked hard into her cunt. Then she jerked her
mouth from mine and tucked her head against my shoulder.
She was trying to be the aggressor then. She wanted my cock.
She needed my cock to finish her. Her hips sped their motion against me
and I forsook the out for in, in, in with a counter grind to her hips. She
liked that. Her teeth grazed my ear as we pushed harder.
Soon she became electric in my arms. Like a barrel of eels, she
was motion in every direction as she exploded into orgasm beneath me.
Of all her eruptions, the clamping spasms of her cunt were the best.
But for all my desire and all my pent-up need, it had not been
enough to take me with her. Too little of the in-out for me as she got all
the rub she needed. But that only meant we weren't done yet. I had
survived to fuck some more.
I eased into fucking her as she panted in post-orgasmic bliss. I
slowly increased the length of my strokes as I slid in and out of her at
a snail's pace. I wanted the realization there was more to creep into her
At one point her hips began to follow my gentle motions, but it
wasn't with what you would call awareness. It was almost as if she was
automatically fucking me without knowing it. I had to pull back and
stick it to her full length before I got a grunt of acknowledgement.
Her eyes opened and she looked up at me as I prodded her
with my hard rod again.
"Ohh baby, yes! Again!" she urged.
"No baby- still!" I told her.
I was still pacing myself far from the last turn home, but her hips
were trying to turn it into a sprint. She wanted a hard hammering fuck.
She wanted it now. She wanted to see how strong I finished.
I was thinking rape and pillage as I pulled down on her
shoulders so she couldn't bounce off the force of my cock driving into
her. I could feel her toes curl inside my thighs. Punch press, oil rig,
arrow through the target- it was primal long, hard thing pentrating soft
orifice as I fucked her as hard and fast as I could. And she jerked her
hips to meet me, begging for more.
She was all arched spasm this trip into climax-land. She froze
like sculpture as I pounded into the tremoring grip of her twat.
So close- so close- she slumped just before I felt the twist of
release. I was too close this time. No way for gentle returning to the
fray. I pushed up onto my knees and grabbed one shoulder and one
buttock to turn her onto her belly.
Then I pulled her hips up and went into her from behind. That
felt even deeper than I had been in her tight embrace. I slapped
frantically against her upturned butt and she urged me on.
"Yeah, baby, go on. Do it. Shoot off for me," she gasped to
urge me over the crest, "Right now, baby, I need it so bad. Come on.
Do it for me. cum for me. Shoot it off inside me. Drown me in your
cum. Yeah baby, fuck me now. Come on, do it for me."
Her dirty words built the pressure all right. I could feel my
semen boiling like a gathering storm. But I stopped hammering and stuck
her with deliberate, long strokes.
"Yeah, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna fuck you full," I told her.
"That's right, cum for me," she returned. "Squirt it all hot and
sticky into my hungry pussy"
A few rapid thrusts later I was answering both of our prayers.
She took over when the jolt interrupted my fucking and moved her ass
on my cock to draw out my cum for as long as we could.
When I slumped exhausted, she crawled over on me and curled
up like a pet. She lifted her head and we kissed again.
That was it for the romantic, gentle stuff. We began to show our
true colors the very next day. She was a demanding bitch and I was a
lazy slug. It was typical how that worked out. The first day was a war of
nasty words and finally a tumultuous argument.
At least I had built a second bed so we could sleep apart. She
now had her things- a bed and chair- on the island and it looked like we
were headed for separate lives. But why did I have to put up with that? I
had felt how much stronger I was on that first night. All I needed was a
She gave me cause the second day after she washed up on my
beach. The humidity was going to ruin the clothes I had salvaged from
the surf. She assured me it was all my fault and demanded I make a
closet to hang them in.
First off, if it had been up to her, the clothes would be at the
bottom of the sea. Secondly, I was washing in the pint of clear water
wrung from the clothes in the morning. And third, I didn't want to be her
handyman. Add to that the smoldering resentment left from our fight and
the fact that she had cut me off.
It was time to have a new island order. I stood up to her,
physically. Half a head taller and bristling out to impress her, I explained
to her whose island this was and whose rules were going to count.
She was the one that made the mistake of turning it violent. She
didn't slap me, she balled up a fist and hit me in the face. Except I
moved and it glanced off and by me. I grabbed her arm without thinking.
Then the switch clicked. It wasn't that I was abusing a woman. I
wasn't treating her like livestock. She had started a confrontation and
she was going to lose. She had stepped into my world and I was going
to teach her that lesson.
"Let me go," she demanded.
"Pull free," I taunted.
She jerked back and I released her. She fell on her butt and I
jumped on top of her.
"Get off me! Get off me now!" she called, growing strident again.
I straddled her and stretched her arms over her head. I leaned
on her arms and held her helpless in the sand.
"You still haven't got it, have you?" I asked sarcastically, "I make
the rules and you do what you're told."
"You have to sleep sometime," she growled.
"That wasn't a smart thing to say," I said, shaking my head.
"Now I'm scared. I'll have to make sure you can't hurt me."
I was grinning. All the ways I could make sure of that were
like a slide show in my head. She was making it easy for me to consider
them. The grin disturbed her. She had a different fear.
"You're going to rape me now, aren't you," she accused.
I shook my head.
"Too much work right now," I said. "But giving it up will be a big
part of your new duties- you can be sure of that."
She was a pretty quick study. She had assessed her vulnerability
and started out on a different tack. Force couldn't suceed, she'd try guile.
"Can't we start over?" she tried. "Can't we just begin again- we
had such a nice start."
It was such a pleasant try that I couldn't let it go unrewarded. I
would give her enough rope. I let up and she didn't try to scramble
away from me. I sat up and she lay where I left her.
I didn't believe her surrender for a moment. But it did change my
idea of how to deal with her. I was going to tie her up and rape her
repeatedly, but now I was going to let her be the cause of her own
downfall. That would leave her with no reason to blame me.
I let her up. She smiled sweetly and sat up. She leaned forward
to kiss me. I only sensed the movement, but I was expecting it. I ducked
and the rock in her hand missed me by inches. Horror crossed her face.
She knew she had fucked up now.
I pushed her face down into the sand by the door and pulled one
arm behind her. I tied the wrist with vine rope and then held the rope as
I pulled her other arm back to tie her.
"No, please, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it," she whined as she
thought she knew what was coming.
I tied her wrists and lifted her to her feet. I half-walked,
half-dragged her to the fire circle and sat her on a log. I drove a stake
into the ground beside her and tethered her ankle to it.
"Sorry right back," I said, "But that's three strikes. Two assaults
and one big lie. You have exceeded your monthly quota. We're going to
have to straighten that out right now."
It took me half an hour to sink two poles about four feet apart. I
got the crossbar lashed to it in another ten minutes. She was promising
and begging and whining throughout the process, but I remained silent.
"This is the whipping post," I finally broke the silence. "Your
next three strikes will get you tied to it and whipped. I hope to never use
it, but that's up to you."
She didn't answer. She only hung her head. Now was the time
to go at her soft. I went over and sat beside her on the log.
"I think we just saved a lot of time sorting out our roles around
here," I started quietly. "I think it would have come to this eventually. I
think it would have been a long series of skirmishes a lot worse than this
quick resolution. I hope you accept this quietly and we learn to grow
comfortable in these roles. But now you know you will do what you're
told or what will happen to you."
"I don't understand what you mean," she sobbed quietly. "What
am I going to have to do?"
"What you're told," I said simply. "Listen. Obey. I don't think I'll
be an unreasonable master. But I will punish you heartlessly if you don't
do what I say."
"Please don't hurt me," she said, full of concern.
"That's up to you. You will earn your punishment. Do what
you're told and we'll get along fine," I promised.
"W-w-what do you want me to do?" she began to sob.
"Lean over toward me," I told her.
It was a test. She passed. She didn't ask why, she leaned over
toward me and I put my arm behind her and pulled her over my lap.
"Now we've got some old business to straighten out," I told her
as I pulled up her dress.
Even in the tropical heat she was wearing underwear. I tugged
them down to her knees and then rubbed my hand over the rubbery
globes of her butt. She started to ask what I was doing, but her question
became a squeal as I cracked my hand down on her ass the first time.
I had hit her a dozen times or so before I said, "I'm going easy
on you because it's your first offense. A spanking is nothing."
She had trouble getting out past her body-shaking sobs, but she
finally blurted out, "It hu-hu-hurts!"
"Good," I said and spanked her a few more times. "Maybe it
will remind you to behave."
Her butt had a particularly pink glow in the firelight as I finished.
I could feel the heat rising from her well-spanked ass. I'm sure she could
feel my hard-on pressing up against her belly. I stroked her ass
soothingly and spoke softly.
"Now will you behave?" I asked.
"Yes," she stuttered out between sobs.
"Then I want you to show me that you're going to be a good girl from now on," I said and waited until she nodded.
"Slide off my lap and kneel on the ground," I told her.
I helped her not fall face down in the sand as she did as I told
her. Then I pulled down my pants.
"I want you to take it in your mouth and satisfy me. I don't want
you to stop until I tell you. You don't have to swallow, but you can't take
it out of your mouth until I say so," I directed her carefully.
It had to be a great blowjob. Her hands were still tied so she
would have to suck me off using only her mouth. She leaned down
slowly to get the range and then opened her mouth to take me inside. I
turned slightly toward her to make her position less awkward and she
started to bob up and down on my hard cock.
I was enjoying the scene of her kneeling in bondage in the
firelight as much as her sucking and her sucking was very, very good.
She seemed determined to avoid any further pain. She was moving her
head with verve and style and adding interludes with her tongue that
were top shelf performances. I was enjoying and noting every nuance as
she worked to make me cum.
Now this was a real paradise island. My appreciation for the
sensations she was furnishing lasted a long time, but finally I was drawn
into the passion. That wasn't the worst thing. I began to moan and shift
my body and that encouraged her. She was going for it hard now, using
strong suction and bobbing fiercely up and down my cock, occasionally
going too far with a gagging hack.
The half retch- half cough sent shivers through me each time I
felt and heard it. It sparked my realization that I could be in control of it.
I grabbed her head to hold her still and fucked up into her mouth.
I only prodded the back of her throat a few times as I fucked
her face and she took it with a minimum of fuss. But when the cum shot
from my prodding cock, I wasn't so circumspect.
She tried mightily not to struggle as I jammed my cock down her
throat past the point of all sanity and let my balls pump out their bounty
into her gullet.
I pulled back then, still holding her head, and took a couple of
calming breaths.
"Lick it off," I instructed casually, "but take your time- recover a
little if you want."
I hadn't intended on raping her throat, but I felt I was handling it
in the right way. I was allowed to do anything I wanted, so there was no
reason to apologise. But in the sense of a kind master, I could go easy
on her as a perk for meritorious service. Properly used, I could make it
a training tool.
She didn't have a bed that night. I made her sleep tied to the
whipping post by an ankle. I explained it was because of her threat. I
would make servant's quarters tomorrow.


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