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PROFMA2 cum her either fucked


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
MaryAnn and the Professor- the wonderful weeks

It is only for ironic comparison that they are called MaryAnn
and the Professor. They are not meant to be characters from Gilligan's
Island. It is hoped the kind of relationship depicted will have better
impact contrasted with the relationship between those characters.

I was better motivated than I had been since I had washed up
on the island. Now I had a reason to be busy. Now I was excited by
the meaning behind the work.
My little 'MaryAnn' was playing nice today. I think I had
convinced her of my seriousness with her spanking the night before and
that made the whipping post loom ominously in her thoughts. I was
afraid it would not last, but I was willing to take advantage while it did.
As a practical matter, the door to her 'quarters' had to be more
alarm than lock. The simple bar from the outside was effective, but there
was no good way to stop that bar from being prised out of place from
the inside. Instead I went with a rock entry and coconut husks balanced
on the bar.
She could open the door, but not without a clatter that was sure
to alert me. I made sure she understood that would take her a third of
the way to the whipping post.
Now we had to settle into a routine. As I had worked, I had
tried to come up with her place on the island. No reason for her to
simply be the sex toy. There had to be duties for her to perform.
We started on berry gathering. I showed her the spots and
pointed out fruit trees as we rambled over the island. I was also showing
her what little chance she had of getting away on this small spot of land.
She was a perfect little girl and that made me more wary and
unsettled than if I had sensed resistance from her. It would be nice if it
was that easy, but I wasn't counting on it. I was expecting another
outburst or two.
After waiting for the other shoe to hit, it was relief when the
squabble came.
In the heat of the all-day fight and the resulting punishment of the
last night, we had not lit the signal fires. That was another charade that
I was going to maintain until I was sure her spirit was subdued.
It gave her another duty, however. She gathered the wood while
I started a small fire with the coal we had carried to the bluff. Once I
had it firmly started, I helped carry what large stuff we could find.
With the fires started, I decided we'd have sex on the hill that
night. To reinforce that sex was for me, I wanted her on her hands and
knees. She would be the vessel and I would be the actor, like our new
relationship of servant and master.
But first I had her dance for me in the firelight. She actually
seemed to like to show her skill at seductive movement as she aroused
me with her naked gyrations. An all-over grope and even a hearty
couple of laps of her pussy got me ready to slip her the meat.
She got into position without comment and made no protest as
I pushed my cock into her slightly lubricated twat. But she wasn't urging
me to cum in her, either. I fucked her with what I hoped was the ease of
a confident master, taking my time with long, slow, probing thrusts.
There was no denying that it was working for her too. Her cunt was too juicy and there was a hint of accepting movement as I slithered
the snake in and out of her hole. It was building up to a pretty nice fuck
in a great setting when she went off on me.
"No! Fuck no! Get it out of there!" she scolded like an empress.
All I had done to trigger the eruption was wet my thumb and
press it against her asshole. It was obviously a sensitive spot to be sure.
But I couldn't have her using that tone. I didn't want her even thinking in
that tone. I immediately smacked my other hand down on her ass hard.
"I'll put whatever I want wherever I want!" I decreed. "You do
not order, bid or even assert. You pray, ask, appeal. You request.
I require."
"But I don't want it, I don't like it," she whined.
"Dammit! You don't learn!" I snapped as she still protested. "I
try to warn you, but you won't listen. That's strike one. Argue yourself
to a whipping if you want."
She did shut up, but her asshole didn't loosen a bit. I forced my
thumb in it anyway and then squeezed her ass from the inside as I went
back to fucking her cunt. But I still wasn't satisfied. She needed more of
a lesson.
"So you know your place, I am going to get this asshole ready,"
I told her, wiggling my thumb, "I won't fuck it tonight, but I will soon.
And you will take it. My best advice is to learn to like it."
She sulked silently as I worked my thumb and my cock in and
out of her two holes. She began to yip a little as I sped my fucking. She
couldn't hold that stony rejection with my hot meat pumping her love
She didn't cum, but I did. I was thinking how I was going to hold
the ass-fuck over her head. It made for very satisfying shudders of
climax picturing her apprehensive the next few days, waiting for the
fateful decree that her ass was to have its grand opening.
I pulled her dress over her and held out my hand to help her up.
I wanted to show her that discipline was sure, but not everlasting. I had
issued my decree and all was fine again. Everything was back to normal-
except she had one strike against her and I was going to fuck her ass.
I had her sit on my lap and fuck me while she fed me supper the
next night. She got off on that one too. I think that was why she was so
willing and eager to blow me later as we lit the fires. After all, I did help
her gather enough wood for the next night and I did think it was an
appropriate way of showing her gratitude. She was a little too grateful. I
figured something was cooking in her brain.
I had told her she could ask anything as long as she kept it a
question in tone and fact. One of the first things she asked was to blow
me again the next morning. It wasn't waking up with your dick in a
woman's mouth sweet, but it was sweet.
She thought we should swim and fuck around noon. I was
seeing a pattern here. Since I was waiting for some such manuver, it was
easy to identify. She was hoping to fuck me out so I wouldn't be
interested in fucking her ass.
She was a clever woman. I couldn't fault her for her method.
She was asking. I was the one going along with her. And it would be
too much warning if I quit now.
I put my hope into becoming a sexual athlete. Surely it was like
any other endurance event. After a while, fucking her three or four times
a day should build me up so I could fuck five or six times every day.
It wasn't my ass on the line while I waited.
At supper, she awaited my normal command for her to satisfy
me, but it didn't come. I could play this game. I waited until we were on
the promontory and then told her to kneel down with her mouth open
and her tongue extended.
I took my time rubbing the head of my cock over the proffered
tongue and sliding it into her mouth from time to time. I liked the picture that made. It was good training for her. Her first and best use was as a
puppet for my pleasure- however I wanted to take it.
I know the anticipation must have been clawing at her heart. I
obviously had something left. I don't know how much being two strikes
away from a whipping affected her, but I do know she feared my cock
ramming up her asshole.
That was as it should be. Her less than willing acceptance was
more exciting than placid acceptance would have been. Her desperation
added electricity to the scene. To that end, I was going to delay the
completion of her fear for a while longer. Let her stew.
"Hug a tree," I told her as I stepped back.
She got up slowly and leaned against one of the tall palms with
her arms around it.
"Hug it lower," I told her and watched as she bent and gripped
the tree a little higher than waist-high.
She knew what I wanted, she had just taken one shot at
avoiding it. I stepped up behind her and let my cock rest on her butt. I
bent over to fondle her hanging tits and talked low in her ear.
"No- not yet, I want you to think about it a little more," I said,
"But I do appreciate the willingness you've shown today."
I thought I felt a shiver when I said the last. But I meant
something else entirely. I was going to reward her. I sank to my knees
behind her and pulled open her slit to work my tongue inside her.
She didn't still the hum of pleasure as my tongue explored and
she allowed her bottom to sway with the teasing of my tongue. I licked
her long from clit to bottom, which happened to be on top, and the urge
struck. I was there. It would be part of the anticipation.
On one trip up her cunt, I went right on up to lick Ms. Asshole.
She gulped when my tongue circled the clenched bud, and I could hear
both the undeniable pleasure and the apprehension in the sound.
I decided not to plunge my tongue into her ass. Some things had
to wait to sustain the tension. Instead, I got to my feet and rubbed my
cock around and around her wet twat. Her ass swayed following my
motions. Then I pushed in just a little way.
It was a fine cunt. It had had lovers before, but it was still firm
and snug and I enjoyed it with just the head of my dick. It was a
romantic setting. The cliff's edge became darkness over the shoulder of
the woman bent before me, but the sound of surf washed up to us out of
the void. There was the gentlest touch of chill in the breeze while the land
still gave off the heat of the day.
It was a great time and place for a great fuck. I eased deeper
into her warm welcome and started to feel the wonderfulness of her
velvet carress to the root of my prick.
I should of known I couldn't have restraint then. A few of the
slow, all-sensing glides inside her cunt and I had to push hard when I
came up against her. Then it was only a matter of degree to speed my
excursions into her spongy depths.
Much sooner than planned, I was fucking her. I was fucking her
steady and solidly, rationalizing that I had at least restrained myself from
plunging into her and fucking her madly. But I knew it was only a matter
of time and not too much of that. I assuaged my self-respect by changing my mind.
"Get around here and finish me with your mouth," I ordered,
"Suck me dry and then lick me clean."
I had left her some work to do. She spun and pounced on my
cock like its eruption was imminent, but after about a minute of frantic
bobbing up and down on my cock, she realized I wasn't on the edge of
orgasm at all. She took a breather to lick interesting patterens on the
head of my dick and then started again somewhat slower.
She was also taking me somewhat deeper as she dared the back
of her throat at the more leisurely pace. Given all that went before, that
was the perfect treatment to get me groaning with building passion.
This time she did not miss her kill. She gathered my balls gently
as she continued to test her ability to swallow my cock whole and then
squeezed them a little tighter as her lips sped up their journey up and
down my stalk. She had cock and balls tight between her hands when
she went back to her frantic bobbing and heavy sucking.
And this time I was on the edge. She was telepathic as the first
jet spurted into her mouth and then the second and she went back to her
deep dive down my pole. Her tounge was a flickering snake as she held
me deep in her mouth and encourged the next gobs of semen to fill her
She still held my balls in one hand and stroked me lightly with the
other as she looked up with a smile on her face- and swallowed
emphatically. I thought I saw a look of pride of accomplishment in her
It was a unique point in the process of finding our places. There
was still ego in her pride, but she had found the pleasure in serving. I
decided to test her progress by letting her sleep with me that night.
I didn't wake up with my dick in her mouth, but I did wake up.
And there was no resistance as I encouraged her to roll on top of me
and mount my morning hard-on. She rode me launguidly as befitting
this great way to greet the morning.
She came quietly, almost gently as she rode my horn, only
shuddering as her hips jerked to milk out the sensation. I stroked her ass
and rocked with her for a bit afterwards and then rolled her to the
bottom to work on my own climax.
It was so natural. Her hands touched my back as I held her and
moved into the welcome of her cunt. She stroked my hair as I kissed
her. I stroked her breast as I gathered speed and then rolled onto my
elbows to plow into her with meaning.
She responded like a perfect follower, moving her hips with my
thrusts and helping me find the straight and narrow to the deepest parts
of her cunt.We were twined around each other like suffocating vines
when my ferverent thrusting came to fruition. She stretched like a
jungle cat as I hosed out her twat with my jizm.
Good Morning, paradise! I pushed up slowly so my cock could
slide out of her gracefully. Then I leaned back down to kiss her again.
I had to start working on the reward part of punishment and reward.
It was a tough call. I could think of a lot of things she would like,
but there was that fine line of master and servant that I had to be wary
of crossing. There were few privileges to grant in our isolation, so I
decided on kindnesses.
And in a twisted bit of logic I came up with the kindness of not
holding her hostage to her fear. I wouldn't make her wait any longer for
me to collect my debt. I would fuck her ass at lunch.
That also had the benefit of letting her have her due in the
shadow of the whipping post. It would be a handy reminder if she felt
like she wanted to back out.
I informed her of my decision a full 30 seconds before I had her
pulled over the log by the fire with her butt in the air. I played with her
asshole, trying to help her figure out how to relax it before I forced it
wide with my cock.
Fish oil isn't much, but it was as good as we had and I did take
as much time as necessary with our poor lubrication to open her ass so
two fingers fit easily. Now, two fingers isn't quite the same as my cock,
but I was trying to be kind, not a saint. I wanted her ass tight and I
wanted her impressed with the entry.
As I worked the fingers into her ass, I noticed her compliance
was a little more than just compliance. I detected an acceptance tinged
with appetite for the invasion. If she wasn't actually at one with the idea,
she was at least making the best of it.
That didn't last the whole day through. When I finally crouched
over her and pushed my cock against the slightly gaping sphincter, she
tensed. This was more than she had gotten before. When the head
popped in, she gasped.
My hands rested lightly where her waist swelled out to her hips,
but I didn't have to restrain her. She wasn't happy, but she wasn't
struggling. Not even as I lowered myself and my cock squirmed bit by
bit deeper through her still unyielding asshole.
One more push and I rocked back and forth to massage her
sphincter with the two inches of hard cock I had shoved up her butt. I
grabbed her waist to steady myself then and she made an involuntary
noise in anticipation of me cramming the rest of my cock up her butt.
"Not yet," I informed her, "I'm waiting until you loosen up a little
bit. You'll see."
I meant it as the truth, but it seemed that I was doing a little more
in rocking than out rocking. By the time the death grip of her asshole
loosened a bit, I had rocked nearly two-thirds of my cock into her tight
little back door. Freed to move more, I began to stroke stronger to the
accompaniement of her mounting moans.
She grunted a grunt of near relief as I finally pushed the rest of
my hard rod into her ass. Now she had it all. It was all over but the
fucking and it seemed like it was easier on her than she had feared.
I didn't try to cater to either her fear or her hope. I just fucked
her ass as if this was our normal lunchtime coupling. She cried out only
when I went deep and bucked hard against her butt. And even those
cries weren't pain- at least not pure pain. She wailed as I fucked with
long strokes and then I made her cry out again as I pounded in on her
ass to wriggle my cock as deep up her butt as I could to prime the pump
for the hot cum enema I was preparing to give her.
"Oooo-" it was definitely "oooo-" that came from her as the
sperm jetted into her bowels. It had to be enough to feel because it
seemed like the hot fluid pumped from my balls for minutes without end.
Storing the threat of fucking her ass hadn't only affected her. I had been
looking forward to it even more than I had known from the way I came
deep in her ass.
I slumped back onto the sand and she popped up from her pose
laying over the log. There was a smile there though she was trying to
supress it. She was also the livelier of us. I was spent, which wasn't the
normal occurence. She looked ready to go again.
"You want to suck me off and go again?" I asked.
Many things were revealed by her reaction. She gave no
indication of being repelled my the suggestion to put the cock that had
just come out of her asshole into her mouth. There seemed to be only
the excitement of another sexual bout and some conflict. Was it to fuck
or not to fuck or whether to take it in the ass again?
"Is that an order, sir?" she asked.
"The order is to answer my question." I clarified. "Do you want
to suck my cock hard and fuck again?"
"I will if you wish it," she hedged.
"Do you want it in the ass again?" I asked, going direct to the
question rather than trying to judge reactions.
"You are the master. I will do what you say," she refused to
choose again.
But her very calmness gave her away. Ass-fucking would no
longer be something to hold over her. At the same time I had a growing
feeling that it also signaled that it no longer would be necessary to hold
anything over her. She was seeming more and more to be my willing
"Then get down here and suck me and we'll see what happens,"
I told her.
She had a little dramatic pause of her own as she went to her
knees and elbows between my thighs and lifted my cock off my belly.
Then her tongue came out and she licked my length in long, slow licks.
She was being my willing little sex kitten putting on a hot display
on the sand. Her eyes fixed mine as she sucked my cock into her mouth.
Her desire to exicite me snapped like fire in her eyes as her looks tried
to smoulder my cock back to hardness.
I don't think her hungry glare hurried my erection, but it did
make the wait extra stimulating. She looked like she wanted it so bad.
She was working desperately to restore my erection. It was good to be
the king.
I let her go on after my cock reached up in proud readyness.
She struggled with its length, trying to urge me into action by swallowing
me whole. She was gagging herself all on her own. My hands lay resting
on the sand beside me.
It was not without effect. Her enthusiasm made me hesitate to
end the fervent sucking and the hesitation got me into the stage of just
enjoying the wet stimulation running up and down my dork. By the time
my throbbing need alerted me that I was going to do something soon-
either fuck her or cum in her mouth, it was an alert like a fire alarm.
If she secretly expected me to fuck her in the ass again, she was
disappointed. There was precious little time to make extensive changes
with my balls warning me of their immenent explosion. I pushed her up
and then rolled her on her back. She conveniently- or was that
knowingly- kept her legs drawn up and gave me instant haven to fall
between her thighs.
That was approaching necessary for me. I felt I had to get my
dick inside something right now. I found her wet and easy to impale. It
didn't stick in my mind at that point. I felt only relief at the warm
welcome I got from her clasping cunt.
I hadn't been in as dire a need as my balls led me to believe. It
wasn't two thrusts and done, but it wasn't enough for her to join me.
Not that I cared at the time. We ground combatively at each other for
the time it took for my balls to deliver the male. And then I pushed up
slowly and thought I caught a contented smile on her face.
That was when her wetness occured to me again. There was
something going on here. She was doing a real good job of acting or she
was changing her attittude to me being in charge.
Whichever it was, it continued into our ritual of lighting the fire.
She walked easiily up the slope. She was no longer hanging back,
waiting for me to order her. She was doing the drill as if from habit.
She even curled up at my feet expectant of our normal nightly fuck.
Maybe she was seeing it from another perspective now. It may
have been that she had assessed her position and decided to look on the
positives of our roles. I was nearly convinced, but not confident that she
had submitted.
But for that night I had something even more romantic in mind
than even the idyllic setting on the promontory. I took her back to my
bed where I could sleep with her in my arms after we had fucked each
others brains out.
I awoke with her still snoring lightly. There was no evidence she
had any aversion to being in my bed. Nor any evidence that she was
plotting against my rule. I would trust her more after that went on for
a few years.


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