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PROMNITE cum that landed her mouth





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NAME         : AMY'S PROM NIGHT (Rape mmm/f)
AUTHOR       :
KEY WORDS    : mmm/f,nc,rape,anal.


Amy was really pissed off. Bill, her date for the prom night was
drunk and  had virtually tried to rape her right on the dance floor. It
was not as if she was a virgin or that she had not had sex with Bill
earlier. After all, Bill was the star of the baseball team and was the
dream date of all girls in the school and she, the star cheerleader and
the summer queen and they had been going steady for quite some time.
But Bill had a drink too many and had tried to put his hand down
the neck of her blouse right on the dance floor. And if that was not
enough, he lifted her skirt and tried to pull off her panties.

She had a scene with him and his friends on the baseball team
interfered and took him home. But now, here she was stranded, without
anybody to drive her home, and that too on prom night.

Now she regretted not accepting the offer of Bill's team to drop
her off but she just did not want to go with Bill in the same car, not
after what he had done.

Her friends on the cheerleading team, Jill and Nancy had offered
her a ride home but Amy thought that their dates, Jimmy and Arnie were
creeps and she was not sure she wanted to go home in their car. But it
was late and nobody seemed to be willing to help her. Most students she
knew were in the mood for a night of love. After all this was their
last year in school and next year they would probably end up in colleges
in different cities.

She was surprised that Arnie and Jimmy were going to drop off
Jill and Nancy at their homes. She thought those two were a pair of
really horny bastards and they had probably been looking forward to a
night with their girls. But, her own problem was more immediate and
she turned her attention back to it. She probably had no other choice
than to take the ride offered to her.

Jill and Nancy came to say goodbye and Amy took the opportunity
offered to her. She left with her friends and was surprised when she
saw that in the parking lot they were also joined by Tom. She thought
that was even worse than Arnie and Jimmy and had almost raped her on
their solitary date. She was not surprised that he had no date tonight.

She did not like the idea of going with Tom. 'Hey, what the hell
is this creep doing here. I am not going with him in the same car.'

'Beggars can't be choosers', said Jim. 'He's coming with us. You
better make up your mind fast. We will be more comfortable without a

Arnie gave a smirk and Amy almost decided to find another ride
but Jill and Nancy caught her hand and made her get into the car.

They started off and first dropped off Jill whose house was just
nearby. Tom got into the back but Nancy was between the two of them
and calmed her down. They seemed to be taking the route for Nancy's
and probably planned to drop her off first. Amy was irritated but knew
she probably had no choice. She thought of getting off at Nancy's place
and getting a cab or spending the night with her but knew that her
parents would not let her off without an explanation and then her father would be mad at Bill.

After Nancy got off, Amy was scared. Here she was with these three
creeps, at night, in their car. They started off for Jimmy's house. Amy
was even more scared. Jimmy had an estate at the far end of town and
that area was quite lonely.

They drove into Jimmy's estate and Amy was really scared. The boys were drunk and here she was alone with the three of them.

'Come in for a drink', said Jimmy.

'Hey, I am getting late.' Amy protested but Arnie and Tom were
already out of the car.'Take a cab home.'said Tom.'we are in the mood for
a drink or two.'

Amy had no choice and debated whether to stay in the car till the
boys came back. She was feeling cold and she thought that she would be
safe in the house with Jimmy's parents around.

When she walked into the room, she saw that the three boys had a
drink in their hand and Jimmy immediately poured one for her. She refused
and was surprised that Jimmy was having a drink without the fear of his
parents catching him.

Amy suddenly felt a strange thing around her neck and screamed in
fright. It was a thin nylon cord. She turned around and saw that Arnie
had one end of the cord in his hand and Tom held the other. Both tugged
at the cord and it tightened around her neck cutting off her breath.

The boys laughed and Jimmy walked up to her and put a blindfold
around Amy's eyes. Amy was terrified as it turned dark and she could not
see. Someone caught her hands and tied them securely behind her back. She
tried to twist them but could not pry them loose.

'I will scream and that will bring down your parents. And you do
know what will happen then, Jimmy.'Amy said, trying to pretend that she was
calm and composed, though, she was, in fact, terrified.

Jimmy laughed loudly and said,'My parents are away to New York for the
weekend. You may scream as much as you want. Nobody else will be able to
hear you and we will probably enjoy it.'

Amy could no longer control herself and started crying.'Please let me
go. My hands hurt. Please, I am sorry for what I did.',she pleaded.

'Not until we teach you a lesson, you bitch.',she heard Tom say and
was even more scared.'Now listen to me, bitch. We are going to put more
cords around your neck so that each of us has an end in his hand to pull
if you act smart with us. We will then untie your hands and if you do what
we say, we will let you go when we are satisfied. Is that clear?'

'Yes..',Amy managed to blurt.

'Yes what? When you talk to us you address us SIR.',she heard Tom say.

'Yes sir', she said.

'Good. Are you ready to be taught a lesson now.'

Amy hesitated and the cord around her neck jerked.'Yes sir',she said.

'Then say it.'

'I am ready to be taught a lesson, sir.', she whispered turning red.

'No, say, please sir, will you teach me a lesson.'

'Please sir, will you teach me a lesson.', Amy said turning even more
red with embarassment.

'Louder and Clearly.'

'Please sir, will you teach me a lesson.'she said.

'Yes, we will teach you a lesson.' She felt her hands being untied.
Now take off your blouse.'

Amy was stunned. The cords around her neck suddenly tightened.'Please
sir, can I remove the blindfold.', she said buying time.

The blindfold was pulled off and she could see again.

'Be quick. Get on with it.',Tom said.

Amy opened  the top button of her blouse and on an impulse tried to
pull the cords off her neck. The cords tightened and cut off her breath.

'Please sir, I did not mean that, I am sorry', Amy croaked.

'You will pay for that stunt. You won't forget the punishment you
will get for that.'Amy heard Tom say.'Now, are you ready to behave?'

'Yes sir.'she whispered as she undid the top button of her blouse.The
cords loosened and Amy quickly unbuttoned her blouse and took it off.

'Now your bra, and dance like a stripper.'

'Like the teasing whore that you are.',Arnie said.

Amy knew that she had no option and tried to cooperate for the time
being. She gyrated her hips and moved her shoulders while she undid her bra
and slid it off. At the boys' command, she continued to dance but she was
embarrassed as her big for her age tits bounced.

Amy was surprised but she found her nakedness and the teasing of the
boys vaguely exciting. She could feel the blood flowing to her pussy, the
lips getting engorged as her juices started flowing and her pussy turned

The boys were really turned on seeing Amy naked and Tom got his hands
on her tits and started rubbing them, pinching the nipples until the nipples
stood up, red but proud.

'Take your skirt off.' Tom said continuing to play with Amy's tits.

Amy complied regretting that she had worn stockings and  garter belt
tonight and not panty hose. The boys went wild when Amy's lacy underwear
came into view.

'Play with yourself through your panties, slut.' Tom said.

Amy started caressing her lips through her lacy undies, realising
that the boys' rough handling of her tits had really turned her on and her
panties were now slightly wet. Amy closed her eyes and continued caressing
herself. She felt her legs turning weak and let out a moan.

'The bitch is really hot. Man, is she wet.' Tom said as he slightly
rubbed his fingers against Amy's cunt. Amy tried to rub her mound against
Tom's fingers as Tom moved the lacy fabric to one side and slid his hand
inside the panties. He slipped one finger, and then another inside her tight
pussy, surprised at the way his fingers easily slid into the tight but now
well-lubricated hole.

More by instinct than by any conscious move to escape, Amy brought up
her leg and was slightly surprised as Tom fell to the ground, groaning and
clutching his balls. As he fell, the end of the cord in his hand got pulled
and Amy could not breathe at all. She could not even think of escape and
by the time Tom recovered, Jimmy and Arnie had her secure, her hands held
behind her back.

Amy knew she was in trouble and begged for mercy but she never
anticipated the severeness of Tom's revenge.

The boys marched her to the table and holding her hands tight behind
her back, bent her so that just the edge of her tits and the nipples lay
over the table. Tom picked up the whisky bottle and brought it down hard
over Amy's right nipple.

'Aaaaahhhh...' Amy screamed in agony. 'Please sir, nooo...' she begged
as Tom raised the bottle and Amy knew it would come down on her left
nipple.'Oooohh..'she screamed. She was sobbing uncontrollably and would have
fallen had the boys not held her hands behind her.

'Now, bitch. Are you going to behave or not?'Tom said.

'Yes sir.'

'Take off your stockings.'

Amy tried to control her tears as she danced and removed them.

'Remain bent. I like your tits hanging that way.'Tom said.'Shake

Amy blushed but complied.

'Hey, look at her blush, the slut is embarssed. Remove your knickers,

Amy removed her panties, her last piece of clothing gone. She blushed
and tried to hide her bushy mound.

'You slut, now you are gonna show us your pussy unless you want
another taste of this bottle on your tits.'

Amy blushed but she knew she would do anything to escape that bottle.
At the boys' command, she climbed up on the table, lay on her back and
spread her legs and bent her knees, opening her pussy lips wide for the
boys to see.

'Play with it. Fuck it with your fingers' Jimmy said.

'Hold up your clit. Yes. Rub it.' Arnie said.

'Spread your asscheeks and show me your asshole. Yes. Put a finger
inside. Fuck your asshole with it.'Tom said.

Amy blushed at each order but she agreed as she knew she had no

Amy knew what was coming her way when she saw the boys undressing.
They moved to the couch and sat there as Amy knelt on the floor in front
of them, still masturbating, embarassed but definitely turned on.

'Now, you slut, you are gonna suck our cocks but first you are gonna
beg for that honour.' Arnie said.

'Yeah, normally we wouldn't let a common slut like you near our
precious tool, but if you beg nicely enough, we will let you. Jimmy said.

'And you know what will happen if in ten minutes, you have not
convinced at least one of us and made him come, don't you?' Tom held up the
dreaded bottle ominously and Amy nodded.

She started begging the three of them, humiliating herself at their
command, spreading herself, playing with herself, calling herself their
little bitch slut. This continued for some time and Amy was getting scared
when Arnie relented and told Amy she could lick his cock.

Amy started licking the tip of his cock rubbing the foreskin up and
down, licking the salty drops of pre-cum. Arnie suddenly caught the back of
her head and thrust his cock deep into her mouth, almost gagging her. Amy
opened her mouth wide trying to breathe as Arnie started thrusting, fucking
her mouth like a pussy.

'You bitch, if you move away from my cum, you know what will happen.
Arnie managed between groans.

Arnie finally reached his climax and spurted his come down her throat,
on her face, tits, hair, everywhere. Amy managed to swallow every drop of
cum that landed in her mouth. Arnie rubbed his little finger in a drop of
cum that lay on her cheek and offered it to her. She silently opened her
mouth and licked his finger clean.

The boys applauded and then made Amy rub the drops that had landed on
her tits like a cream. Amy tried to hold back her tears as she tried to do
as the boys said, deeply humiliated but scared to fight back.

Arnie lay back on the couch and Tom took his place. Tom made her lick
the tip with her tongue while Jimmy stood behind her fingering her pussy.

'I don't want to come in your slutty face. I am going to come up your
cunt.'Tom said. He lay down on the floor and made her sit on his cock with
her ass turned towards his face. Jimmy took a chair and sat in front of her
so that she could suck him while she rode Tom.

She felt hot and started thrusting against Tom feeling his cock throb
in her hot and wet pussy, while blowing off Jimmy at the same time savoring
the feel of his cock in her mouth and realising how different the tools of
the three boys were.

She was however taken aback at the next command of Jimmy and started
weeping again as he told her he wanted to come up her asshole.

Jimmy made her lie down on Tom and thrust his finger slowly up her
tight backhole, liberally applying a lubricating cream to her tight hole.
She squirmed as he forced a finger up her tight hole and twisted it around
trying to lubricate her back passage. He then forced up another and then a
third finger trying to stretch her tight hole.

Jimmy took out his fingers and she could feel the emptiness of her
hole, almost missing the fulness. He poked the tip of his erect cock
against the tight opening and told her to relax and loosen the muscles
while he tried to insert his tool up her tight hole.

Amy screamed out aloud as his huge boner forced its way into her
tight and virgin hole but she soon began to enjoy its movements inside her.
At the boys' command, she started thrusting herself against the two cocks
inside her thrusting to meet Tom's cock in her pussy and then moving back
to meet Jimmy's cock in her asshole as the three of them fell into a
steady rhythm.

'I'm coming.' Tom groaned and erupted in her pussy just about the same
time as Jimmy spewed out his seed up her ass. Amy almost groaned as she
felt the two pricks wilt and stop their thrusting motion in her orifices,
almost missing the fulness inside her. Tom took out his cock and held it
in front of her mouth. Amy knew what was expected of her and quietly licked
the cum on his cock, and then repeated the performance with Jimmy, again
breaking into tears at the thought of where his cock had been before
invading her mouth.

Amy begged the boys to let her go but the boys were not yet satisfied.
Amy had to suck the three of them to an erection and then blow them off
again. The boys again humiliated her by pulling their pricks out while
coming so that they could come on her face and by making her lick their
cocks clean after they had come.

Eventually the boys relented and Amy was dropped off home but
without her underwear and with memories of a prom night that she would never


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