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PUNISH sucked him off for the sixth


Punishment fitting the Crime
Her tongue tickled the underside of his glans. It circled the
head and he felt a stirring. She felt it too, because she sucked the limp
thing into her mouth- again. He felt the blood seeping into his cock as
she threatened to suck his cock off at the roots. She was merciless, but
efficient. Against all odds, he was getting another erection.
"It doesn't look like a deterrent to me," said the gray-haired
politician behind the 1-way glass. "It looks like an inducement."
"If you'll excuse my saying so, we're not going on looks. We're
conducting this study to see if it is a deterrent or- as you said- an
invitation," said the stern-looking woman beside Senator Merking.
He was hard now. She had rocked back on her heels for a
moment and his cock waved in the open air. Then she covered it with
her mouth again and began to blow him.
He was seated in a bastardization of an electric chair, a chair
with a seat cut like the horseshoe of a toilet. That space allowed the
woman to kneel closer, giving her clearer access to his genitals. His
wrists and ankles were fixed and there was the familiar colander-
shaped device on his head as in the execution machine. But this chair
was not plugged in. It was he who was plugged into the mouth of the
woman seated in front of him.
She had begun kneeling, but was sitting on a bolster now as she
sucked him off for the sixth straight time.
"I'm sure we could arrange some sort of clandestine
demonstration if you'd like to personally verify the findings of our
aversion therapy staff," Dr. Baker suggested to the Senator.
"No- no," he quickly refused, fearing the power that little fact-
finding scandal would give the doctor over him, "but it doesn't sound
like much of a punishment, you must admit."
"You men," snapped Dr. Baker, "You have all these mighty
dreams of non-stop virility and then you cum once and want to go to
sleep. I am sure many men will masturbate to the fantasy, but I think in
their heart of hearts they know what it would really be like.
"In any case, we look on it more as therapy than deterrent," the
doctor finished.
The man struggled, slack-jawed and with a beseeching look in
his eyes as the head bobbed in his lap. It wasn't pain he showed, it was
fear. He certainly didn't seem to be enjoying the woman's work. After a
few moments, he stilled and settled quiet back into the chair. Now his
was a look of relief.
The woman took a break to catch her breath and then her
tongue came out again...
"How long can she keep that up?" Merking asked as the
woman tried to urge a seventh erection from the captive.
"They work two hour shifts," Dr. Baker explained, "The
therapy takes four of them for the eight-hour treatment. Some of them
have gotten so they can double shift- two on, two off, two on, and then
it only takes two of them."
"Eight hours?" said an amazed Merking, "She keeps at him for
eight hours?"
"With reasonable breaks for eating, drinking and going to the
bathroom," she answered, "But the ladies have become pretty
competitive, they want to get as many climaxes as they can so those
breaks are kept to more and more of a minimum."
The senator's assessment was already shifting from his first
lustful excitement at the thought of forced blow jobs to a more realistic
hesitation. The man's mouth worked in the other room, but they
couldn't hear him through the glass. Eight hours. Enough would not be
enough- it would go on. Merking's penis shrank in his pants at the
"I think I'm beginning to see your point," he admitted, "Keep
me up on your results. I'm going to keep an open mind on the project."
He thought that was a gracious gesture. He meant it in an
offhand way, but he was mostly using it as an exit line. He was
anxious to get away from the window. It wasn't fun to watch the
treatment anymore.
Dr. Baker remained diplomatically stoic as Merking fled the
room. But she had seen the change come over him, noticed the
swelling and then the emptiness in his pants. Only the hint of a smile
played with the corner of her mouth as she identified the look on his
face as that of a man watching bulls being castrated.
She saw that the man was speaking angrily at the woman in the
other room. She smiled as she watched the woman keep at her task
without pause.


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