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Archived Sex Stories

Painted Ponies


Painted Poniesby Cobalt Jade 9/15/97Today it was flowers.Four days ago, a little box of designer chocolates.Trish Cavanaugh glared at the tiny bunch of violets, tied with a silk ribbon, which had been left on her chair. Wasn't he ever going to give up? She hated to toss the innocent flowers in the trash--they hadn't done anything to her, after all--but she didn't like being reminded of Alec. She finally compromised by putting them in a vase in the ladie's room where she knew he wouldn't see them.She returned to her cubicle and placed the headset on her head, adjusting the contact points so they fit snugly against her skull. As a cyberspace artist, or virtcher, she would be practically immobile for the next few hours. That was how she worked: plugging into the virtual worlds as they took shape, sculpting their colors, textures, and noises with the many tools she had. Years ago, she knew, designers had been forced to work in two-dimensionality. She felt sorry for them. She didn't know how they ever did the work they did without going into cyberspace, walking around, touching and experiencing it with all their senses.She plugged the jacks to her console, typing the manual commands that let her into the latest CoExis Software title she was working on. The MUI--mental user interface--flashed into sight behind her closed eyelids. She scrolled through the lines of files, the program responding by the slight movements of her eyes. Finally she found the one she wanted: VIRTUAL_CAROUSEL.VRT. She blinked, twice, rapidly, to enter.The VR environment blossomed around her. She stood in a large wooden pavilion on a bright summer's day, a sea breeze evident in the air. To her left were old-fashioned arcade machines: wheels of fortune, skeeball alleys, pinball machines. To her right, the carousel itself. She felt pride stir within her. She was its sole creator, culling its construction from the tons of research she'd done on carousel design and the close examination of the master carvers of the field. Every horse was different. Some were Indian ponies saddled with rawhide, others Medieval chargers in silver barding, feather plumes between their ears. There were galloping Thoroughbreds, Palomino cowboy mounts, English hunters poised to jump. All were as real as she could make them; the program was designed to give users a carousel ride indistinguishable from the real thing. It was pitched to carousel enthusiasts, but she felt sure children and their parents would like it too. Today's session, however, would be spent making improvements to the pavilion itself. With a mental command she brought her workpad into existence; it functioned like something between a laptop computer and an artist's palette. She touched her stylus to the first command. The problem with the pavilion was that it was too smooth and symmetrical; it lacked the random weathering of real life. So she added some peeling paint texture to the beams, then worked on the floor to make it creak and groan the way a wooden structure should. She tried out several different styles of columns: spiraled, fluted, or Greco-Roman, then went to work on the pediments, adding object files of flying cupids, masks, and flags. The sheer joy of creating a world as she stood in its midst entranced her. It even made her forget Alec Jarudian.He was always after her...ever since the day he'd started. She hated him.It was bad enough he was a programmer who lived most of his life in cyberspace. He always slumped whether he was walking, plugged into his work console, or slurping morning coffee in the lunchroom. He wore glasses. His thick, black hair always looked greasy. Worst of all was his laugh, a high-pitched "Hah. Hah-hah. Hah hah hah hah. Hah," that had the uneven rhythm of a squeeze toy being mauled by a Rottweiller puppy.He was always trying to talk to her. "Hey Trish. Seen any good movies?" "What are your plans for the weekend?" "You know, there's a new art gallery opening this Thursday." She never let the conversation get to the point where he actually asked her out, as she cut it off long before them, but it was still annoying to dodge the obvious and act like she didn't know what he was driving at. She thought about telling him she already had a boyfriend, but there were other men at the company she was interested in, and she didn't want word to get around that she was unavailable.A few weeks ago Alec began stepping up his pursuit. That was when the gifts began to appear, without explanation. She hated it; she didn't know how long this situation could go on. She would have to put a stop to it...eventually.She worked in cyberspace the rest of the day, took a short dinner break, then returned to fine-tune the texture maps for "Virtual Carousel." She had a make-or-break date of the 22nd for first review, and if she had to put in overtime to make it, so be it. More than a few virtchers worked until twelve or one every night.Summoning her palette, she resumed work on the pavilion, working on the individual games now. Hours passed.Around midnight she noticed sudden rippling in the air. Before she could disconnect the world started to break up around her, fracturing into brightly colored static equally composed of heat, noise and light. Surges like this were whispered in fear by the other virtchers. The complicated and highly delicate interfaces they were worked with were always subject to crashes, both software and hardware-related, and she might float in totally sensory deprivation for hours before someone found her body. No! Not that...the phosphenes became a roar, then a crescendo, and she found herself screaming along with the bright noise they made in her mind.But she came back into herself with a jolt, her virtual eyes blinking like a doll's. Her VR space filled in with detail, the pixillated phosphenes easing out into trillions of colors and shapes. She had gravity again, thank God! She glanced quickly to her left and right. The VR environment was as she left it. The funhouse mirrors were still there, as were the carny games and the winged putti dangling from the ceiling. She put a hand to the smooth wood of a beam. It tingled at first, then resolved itself into hard wood with a lacquered coating of white. Good; the texture maps were still in place. Something soft brushed the back of her thigh. She turned quickly to look, catching her reflection in one of the mirrored columns.She gasped and brought her hands up to her face. She had become a wierd mutation between woman and carousel, carousel *zebra.* She was naked, and sinuous black stripes curled around her arms and legs, traced circles around her breasts and belly. Her eyes were blue as cobalt-glass marbles, framed by 24-carat gold leaf that winked from her eyelids...and her eyelashes were at least two inches long and as lush as the plumelike hair on her head. The bones of her face were different...altered, made more elegant and attractive, pulling her nose and jaw out into a sharp equine profile. She had the round, furry ears of a zebra, too, and they poked out from the top of her head through a mane of feathery black hair that cascaded over her shoulders. She looked over the rest of her body with a sudden panic. Her breasts were three times the size they were and angled impossibly upward for all their extra mass. Her cerise-pink nipples pointed at the sky, looking uncannily like a pair of colorful plastic sex toys. Her sex was the same shade of shocking pink, shielded by a proud black bush as soft and curly as the hair of a baby doll fresh from the shrink wrap. But most disturbing of all, she had a tail...a horselike shock of feathery hair that protruded from the end of her spine just above her anus. It twitched as if it had a mind of its own, and the soft sweep of horsehair across her buttocks stimulated her further. This body *felt* like her own, but obviously wasn't. Virtch programmers had the skill to remap human nerve endings onto different frames, but who could have created a fantasy shell like this?A bug in the program. It HAD to be.Still shaky, she closed her eyes and visualized her MUI, concentrating on the button marked ESCAPE.Nothing happened.She tried again and again. She knew the headset clamped to her real body outside should have registered the command by the movement of her pupil. It *should* have disconnected her. But nothing was happening. She was distracted by a motion out of the corner of her eye. It had to be another virtcher who had plugged in with her, as she hadn't programmed any sentient objects in yet. "Who's there?" she called. She walked over to the carousel where she had seen the dark figure disappear. "Hello?" No response. Had something else gone wrong with the program? She stepped onto the platform. The wooden horses reared in frozen flight, mouths agape. Arabians, Appaloosas, war mounts in Medieval barding, Indian paints, Morgan mares. Here and there was an exotic: a unicorn, hippocampi, giraffe. All were gilded, their reins and saddles spangled with jewels and lustred with gold leaf, as she was....their creator, and now their herdmate. It felt strange to be made over as some sort of toy, but not unpleasant.She noted one of the horses had been removed. A note was stuck on the floor in its place. Had she done this? She couldn't remember. She often stuck virtual postits on VR objects she wanted to edit. She got down on her hands and knees to read it.Four wide plastic cuffs shot out of the wooden floor and snapped around her wrists and ankles. She yelped in surprise. A third pair quickly clamped around her calves behind her knees before she could react, locking her legs against the floor. The pressure was not cruel, but firm and unyielding nonetheless. She couldn't move. Her spine flexed in panic; she tossed her head, teeth gritted. Her tail whipped the curve of her thighs, and the tickling panicked her further. But that was not all. From the floor, a curved shelf of leather rose up underneath her, molding itself around her belly. Another leather shelf pressed down on her back from above. She knew it was a saddle. From the outer rim of her vision she saw two stirrups dangling. Two gilded, twisted poles--one from the ceiling, the other from the floor--clamped the leather pieces firmly together, her body sandwiched between them. She was now in the same position as all the other painted ponies. In panic, she glanced at the note. TRISH: I DID THIS FOR YOU. -- AJAJ?"NO!!" she wailed.Denial changed nothing. Alec Jarudian stepped from between the ponies, his lanky frame moving with Frankenstein slowness, his greasy hair pressed against his scalp in rumpled waves. He was wearing the ridiculous oversized plastic-framed glasses that only needed white tape at the bridge to proclaim him as "nerd." He sauntered over to her, a jiggle in his step betraying his excitement. He had a long, gangling body that hung from his shoulders like a set of wind chimes. She hated him. She hated his watery gray eyes, his knobby chin with its baby's-butt cleft, his slug-pale skin. Most of all, she hated the sparse sprinkling of hair visible through the gap of his shirt and leather jacket. It reminded her of anal hair. Yech! He stopped before her. "Trish?" He tried to smile coolly but his voice wavered."I hope you're not responsible for this asshole, because if you are, I'm going to sue the shit out of you when I get out!" she growled.He took a step back, fumbling with his glasses. He pushed them up with one finger. "Now Trish, this was supposed to be a surprise...""Surprise, hell! Let me out of here!"He folded his arms, looking very stubborn. "I thought you'd like what I did to your program. I...uh, looked into some of your email...""You FUCKER!!!" she screamed."...and I, uh, saw what your sexual tastes were, so I made a copy of Virtual Carousel and stored it on my machine, and added certain elements I got from...never mind. It took me two weeks to make the changes, working late at night when everyone else had gone home. I uploaded it to your machine...""Today? While I was connected?" she asked in disbelief. "You shithead, you could have turned me into a vegetable! Alec, you have twenty seconds to let me go, or you'll never work in this field again.""I'm ah, afraid I can't, the program had a bug in it you see, which is why it gave you a jolt, and I've gone in here to fix it...""You came in here to fuck me.""Well, uh, that too--"She couldn't believe this. Who the hell did he think she was? "I'd rather give a blow job to a rabid baboon. Now let me go."He grinned at her, disarmingly boyish. The gesture made her shrivel inside when she realized the disadvantages of her position. "You don't have a choice, do you?"She did not. She had no control over her program anymore, and Alec did. She couldn't even drum her feet against the floor and scream. She tried anyway, clenching her toes against the wood, pulling at the rubbery bonds with every ounce of her aerobically trained and sculpted flesh. But while she could press two hundred pounds in the real world, here, she couldn't budge an inch.Alec had gone around to her rear and grabbed her tail, tickling her feet with the plume. "Tickle, tickle.""Stop that!" she screamed. "This isn't funny! As soon as we get out of here, you're out a job, jerkoff.""Is that so?" She felt him lean over her body, crossing his arms across her lower back. With one finger he traced lazy circles around her left buttock. He was enjoying this. His jeans--and his erection--pressed into her hip. She gagged at the thought of its putrid pinkness touching her body, the brillo-pad tufts of his pubic hair scratching against her skin. She imagined he had a sweet, stale smell, like day-old garbage, even though she only smelled popcorn and fresh-sawn wood planks now. "What if CoExis decides they like this new VR, and thinks it could be profitable? And that you're one of the authors?""I did NOT write this!""You will." "You want me to help you write a sex VR?" she asked disbelievingly. The virtual world industry was still very young, the first commercial title being released only two years before, and the adult industry hadn't had the capital expenditure to catch up with the technology yet. "You...cyberkidnapped me, just to ask me that?"She felt his ribcage breathe in and out in a troubled way, and she guessed it was his doing and not a fluke of the program that had entrapped her. "Alec, I know you're responsible for this. Just cut the crap and turn off the program, okay? I'll forget about it, I promise. No hard feelings." No way did she want word of this to get around the company. Alec had taken a big risk in setting her up like this. He had to be aware of the policies concerning harassment, yet he'd done it anyway. Why? He must be more infatuated with her than she'd thought. "You're going to help me now, Trish," he said as if he hadn't heard. "I've dreamed about this." His voice became softer. "Do you know how beautiful you are? You're even more beautiful this way." He traced a finger down her spine. She felt herself shudder. His hand slid, palm-down, over the ripe curve of her ass. His attentions were reverent, holy. "This is all I wanted." She felt his warm breath against her ass. The stubble of his beard scraped her skin, sending unwilling stimulation through her. He gave her cheek little kisses, tiny bites. "Aren't you even the slightest bit interested? Not even the tiniest? You would gladly fuck anyone else, I've heard, but not me."It was true. She heard the sadness in his voice. For months she'd ignored the stabs at conversation, the flowers, the candy. She hadn't even felt strongly enough about the situation to give him an unequivocal brush-off and be done with it. Apathy was the worst cruelty there was, stronger even than hate. She gasped as he reverently kissed her pussy and felt his warm, wet tongue slip inside her,She whimpered as he tongued and sucked, helpless to prevent the violation. She tried to jerk her pussy away, but only succeeded in waving her ass in small, tight circles. His tongue drove in and out of her, sucking her rapidly-swelling clit like he'd been born to it. Against her will she began to cream, the thick fluids melting down her vaginal walls. No matter how much he teased her, though, she wouldn't beg for more. No way would she reciprocate intimacies with this creep, even though he had turned out to be more skilled than she'd thought.He tenderly kissed her pussy again, then replaced his mouth with his fingers.He stroked her slick, wet lips, flicking her clit back and forth with his thumb. The fingers of his other hand entered her pussy as the clitoral massage continued, then withdrew and began to stroke the underside of her tail. The skin there consisted of a map of sensitive anal tissue, and her tail flew back forth uncontrollably.The damp fingers descended slowly into her virgin crack, parting her buttocks. Her breath came in short, ragged pants as his index and middle fingers entered her anus and plumbed deep within her. They stroked her insides, vibrating in harmony with the fingers embedded in her snatch. To her utter humiliation, she felt her anal muscles pucker tightly, trying in vain to draw more of him inside her. She arched her spine, pumping her pelvis back against him. Her thighs began to tremble, the glove of her skin taking on an eager electric tingling. Ah...she was going to come...ah!...on all fours...ah!...strapped to the floor and totally subject to the perverted whims of Alec Jarudian, who...ah!...had his right hand in her pussy and the other up her ass...She gritted her teeth, fighting against the erotic sensations that filled her. She replaced them with disgust. "No!"She felt him recoil. His hands withdrew and he walked around to her front, squatting down to face her. "Why don't you listen to me?" He was angry now. "This could be very enjoyable for both of us!"She spat in his face, the virtual saliva as copious and slimy as the real thing.He wiped his glasses. Too bad she hadn't hit his eyes. "That does it." From thin air he plucked out a leather riding crop. She opened her mouth to protest but bit down on hard leather instead of air. A gag made out of VR magic forced itself deep into her mouth, compressing her tongue and forcing her head up. Two cold metal rings kissed the corners of her mouth. The reins jerked her face back, holding her head erect and staring forward. She felt Alec tie them to the carousel pole that imprisoned her. She knew, without looking, that they were as jeweled and gilded as the other carousel horse's were.Alec stood before her with his hands on his hips, his nerdy persona receding by the second. He bent the crop between his hands, making it flex. "I used to love carousels as a kid. You could hit the horses all you wanted and they couldn't do anything back." She could only stare at him, as she couldn't move her head either right or left. She was panting in alarm and fright...and, to her mortification, a fair measure of sexual arousal. Her heaving ribcage drew his notice. He glanced under her neck, and what he saw of her dangling tits made him grin. "In the old fashioned carousels, you'd get a free ride if you grabbed the brass ring. I'll say, grab two."She winced as two thick rings suddenly pierced her nipples, though there was no pain. She felt his fingers tug on them lightly. It didn't hurt, but the pulling sensation felt very real. He twisted them, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. Warm juices congealed afresh in her pussy and began the slow, very visible journey down her legs."Let's make it a bit more fun, shall we?" And suddenly two weights dangled from the rings, which he set in motion with a flick of his fingers. She knew they would pull on her even more when the carousel began to move. The sensation sent hot waves of pleasure/pain gushing through her breasts. Her kissed her cheek to the side of her bit-ring, and her stomach recoiled. "I hope you're in the mood for a hard ride today, because I know *I* am." She felt his weight on the saddle as he mounted, his long legs caging her torso. His thighs pressed tight against her. The smooth stick of leather caressed her rump. She liked it, she'd always wanted to try these games, but god, she hated him!"Heads up." He pulled back on the reins, forcing her neck to arch back. Her tits swung forward, the weights pulling on the nipple rings. The calliope sent out a burst of music. The pole supporting her began to rise, bringing both her, the section of floor was fastened to, and her rider up along with it. Rising, rising...then the mechanism completed its upward revolution, and they began to descend, the other horses ascending or descending in staggered patterns around them. The riding crop stung her ass, the first smack of many to come.The sharp pain brought instant tears to her eyes. Alec sat quite comfortably on her back, one hand on her reins, the other extended behind him to ply the crop. Smack. Smack. First her right buttock, then the left, as they rose and fell with the carousel's motion. He smacked the back of her thighs, too, and her calves, even the upturned soles of her feet. She never knew where the crop would hit next. He slid the length of it between the cheeks of her ass, letting the little flap of leather on the end diddle her clit before bringing it up to smack her pussy.Muted squeals fought for life in her throat. Her body jerked out of control, flinching away from the blows, but the cuffs, saddle and pole held her quite immobile. So did Alec's weight, but still she was vibrating all over, now tensing, now flinching, and the sharp, constant smacks became the engine that kept her flesh in constant jiggle. If she had to be punished for her persistently ignoring him, it had to be this. It was totally justified.Her belly stung, then her ass, then the back of her knees. Alec grew bolder as they revolved. He even smacked the side of her tits, causing the weights on her nipple rings to clang together. "Ha!" he said. He gave a crazy laugh that said he was thoroughly enjoying himself. "Knockers on your knockers!" Her ass quivered helplessly, waiting for the next stinging blow. He drew the crop up through her crack, giving it a good coat of her dripping juices, then wiped the length of it across her face, under her nose. "Smell yourself. See how turned on you are."She did smell herself, and the meaty, musky odor was very strong, so strong she lost all control and began pumping her hips, no longer caring what she looked like or what Alec did. If a frenzy of smacks followed, so be it. It was hard to say who looked the more ridiculous at this point--she as a human carousel horse or he as her rider, straddling her like a teenager trying vainly to fit on the hobbyhorse of his youth.But her pumping had the right effect. She heard Alec unzip his jeans. Quickly, brutally, he pushed his cock inside her. He drove in and out of her as they revolved, the sloshy sounds of well-lubed organs audible even over the carousel music. "Oh, fuck, oh, baby..." The zipper of his leather jacket pressed into her back as he pressed himself to her, grinding away like the drill of an oil rig. Her breath became shorter, her mind dissolving into pieces of confetti. All she wanted was the cock filling her pussy, owning her, remaking her over and over. He brought his hands under her, spreading his fingers to take her tits in his broad, strong hands, crushing them. He worked his fingers through the rings, twisting them, then pinching the hard stubs of her engorged nipples, and his breath was hot on the back of her neck.Oh, god...she was...she was....Her body spasmed as the orgasm hit. All the energy which should have been expelled through shouts or thrashing drew inward, her pussy and uterus contracting in a series of deep, rapid flutters: twang twang, twang twang TWANG twang. Twang. Twang.The carousel slowed, then stopped.She remained trapped on her hands and knees, back bowed. Her breath came in long torn pants. She felt virtual sweat roll off of her still-tingling body. She had NEVER had an orgasm like that before. Never. The dark, delicious shamefulness of it washed over her like a wave, as well as the reluctant pleasure she had taken from it. She felt Alec stir. For the near-eternity of her orgasm, she'd forgotten he'd even existed. He was still sealed to her, his belly warm against her ass, which, thanks to VR magic, carried no welts or scratches from the hard strapping she'd received. "Are you all right?" he whispered.She wanted to laugh at the concern in his tone, but said only "Euuurrrgph."His limp penis rolled across her ass as he disengaged. He walked around to her front. She quickly looked away. His cock hung outside his jeans like a pink tie somehow caught in his fly. The orgasm was the best she'd ever had, but damned if she'd ruin it by looking at him. He untied the reins and removed the bit from her mouth. He was bubbling over with enthusiasm now. "Trish, that was great..."She ran her tongue over her teeth, trying to clear the taste of damp leather from her mouth. "For you, maybe.""What!" She wouldn't deny the pleasure she'd felt, but she would deny its cause. "You raped me.""Ha!" He stood in front of her, dick dangling. He swept back his damp hair with one hand. "Your body, your real body, is sitting in front of a computer out there in the real world, untrammeled and untouched. Where does the rape come in? Besides, you know you enjoyed every minute of that."She felt herself flush. It was true, she had."I're a cybervirgin, aren't you? Never tried plugging in and turning on with someone else before. You're lagging behind the times, Trish. It's about time you got in step with technology."How dare he take that smug, superior tone with her! "Why have virtual sex, when the real thing is better?""Try telling me that two minutes ago!"Why was she even arguing with him? This was so stupid. All she wanted was to get out of the program and back in her real body. Alec couldn't keep her here forever. The longer he stayed connected the more of a chance someone would find out about it. The result would be an ugly series of lawsuits that would end with his departure from CoExis...and a blackballing from the industry, besides. "Maybe it's all right for you, being as you can't get a date except with your hand."He looked briefly devastated, and she was sorry she'd been so snide. But then a vestige of pride came back. "For your information I was dating Monica Sanchez, and if you'd ever bothered to talk to her, you'd find out she was very satisfied...""She works in the *mailroom,*" she scoffed."Why are you being so difficult? Can't you see this sort of thing has possibilities, and that we're the ones to expand on them?"She took a deep breath and assumed her most authoritative tone: "Alec Jarudian, I want you to let me go. I'm not interested in your idea. I don't want to make cybersex VRs. I want to finish my project and go home. This was interesting, but it's over. I'm not going to help you. I'm not going to "go out" with you. I just want to be left alone. You can lick my pussy for twenty hours straight, and the answer is still no...oh!"Something buzzed circles around the taut skin of her ass...the sensation was remarkably like a vibrator.The effects of her last orgasm, so quickly dissipated by her disgust, came catapulting back. The head of the instrument ran in little circles around her buttock and down her thighs, skimming her calves and the soles of her feet. Finally it burrowed between her legs and slipped into her snug, well-moistened pussy, which swallowed it with nary a protest.Though the vibration was on low it brought an immediate response from her. "Ah, Alec that's...""Good, huh?""Yessss..." Her back arched, and she felt her nipples contract again around the cold metal of the thick brass rings. Her eyes closed and her lips parted. Her body began a low level trembling, making the weights shudder like fruit on a tree, slide back and forth on their rings. "Turn it up...""I didn't hear you." he said teasingly."Turn it up, please..." Her plea ended in a groan."Wouldn't you like something else? be fucked up the ass?" He said it in a tentative way, as if it was the first time he'd ever dared use such raunchy language."No...." But she was so turned on, her entire body sparking and snapping, that it might as well have been a yes. "Say yes, then." Then, in a rushed voice, as if he found it very daring, "And call me Master."Sheesh, he could have thought of something better than that. But her pussy was on fire now, and her puckered rosebud was mewling frantically to be violated. "Yes Master, please, I want to be fucked up the ass.""Show me, Trish. Show me with your body."The blandly humming vibrator slipped up another notch, then two. Wild with lust, she pushed her ass out and wagged her rear end up and down. She clenched and unclenched her buttocks, trying to show him her asshole, and snapped her hips from side to side. Her buttocks swung in wild circles. The weights on her nipples danced in sympathy, the pulling sensation going straight to her pussy. "Master, please," she begged."Will you suck my cock too?""YES!"She felt him lift her chin in his hand. "Open your eyes, then."She lifted her two-inch lashes; it was as if the bars of a cage had slid up. She gasped as the carousel horse in front of her rippled, shifted...morphing into a hybrid between man and horse, a fantasy creature like herself. The palomino stud flexed his muscles, stretching. His tail modestly hid a pair a perfect ass that reminded her of the rump of a thoroughbred. He turned to face her...and he the cock and balls of a horse, too. "Guess where it's going to go, Trish," Alec said, noticing what she was staring at."No, please, not that..." she begged. He was a beautiful creation, with golden-tan skin and a mane of long, white hair..but that cock was a monster!"This is virtual space," Alec said with a wicked chuckle. "All objects have infinite mass, and an infinite ability to stretch. " She whimpered as the palomino glided gracefully around to her rear. She pulled again at the bands that held her, but as always they held her back firmly. The vibrator in her snatch buzzed on, oblivious to her struggles. Alec roughly tapped her chin. She raised her head and hopelessly opened her mouth, because she knew here was no way she was getting out of this. Alec slid his cock inside her as the horse-cock slid between her buttocks, a steel rod covered in damp silk. She felt it part them with its length, its hardness, as Alec's cock filled her mouth and throat. "Suck me, pony girl."She ran her tongue up and down Alec's shaft, licking in circles around his glans. She started to suck as the palomino's cock entered her anus. She soon found out her anxiety was for nothing. There was no pain, no discomfort...only a sensation of impalement, a delicious mixture of being utterly filled, utterly controlled. She felt it explore her, rub slowly against her insides. It pressed inexorably against the head of the virtual vibrator. She groaned as the two violators began to vibrate in harmony, and the interior struggle felt like a butterfly trying to burst free from her belly.She took Alec to the root and back again, moaning with pleasure at his sharp, musky taste. He grasped the sides of her head, telling her to keep going, keep sucking as she'd been told. The other pony pistoned in and out of her ass, his balls slapping her rump like a landed fish. The cocks drove her closer and closer to the edge. As Alec neared orgasm her insides tensed, then quivered and exploded, sending jolt after jolt of pleasure up her spine and down her legs through the muscles of her thighs and calves. She felt each spasm rebound off the virtual cock still her, coaxing it to empty as well. Alec moaned and spurted in her throat. The double onslaught swept her over the edge so she seemed to spinning in blackness, wave after wave of pleasure rippling over her.When she was breathing normally again she opened her eyes. Alec stood before her with his pants and briefs around his ankles, grinning like a fool. His glasses were askew and strands of cum still dangled from his cock. The vibrator and the other pony had slipped out of her and disappeared...back to the VR object bank he'd come from.The taste of Alec filled her mouth.There was some of him left on her lips, too."That was great!" Alec said. "People would pay for that. We'll be fucking billionaires!"She breathed deeply in defeat, orienting herself. It was the best sex she'd ever had. People would pay for it, once it was coded and properly set in place, but she was too exhausted to worry about that now. "Alec, I totally agree. Now, will you let me go?""Will you help me?""Haven't I helped you enough?" She needed time to rest, to think...time to decide what to do about this new pleasure she found. She was never one to make snap decisions. "Aren't you tired too?" she begged."Hmm, well, as a matter of fact I am. But I still like to watch, if you know what I mean."He sounded like he expected her to put on another show for him. "Watch me sleep, then." She bowed her head. Her lassitude was mental, not physical, as her virtual body went on kneeling as if it was made out of stone. "Don't you want to be my beta-tester?" he said imploringly. "Don't you want to try it out?"He came closer. She tried to rally her disgust, but she was too tired. She looked straight at him. And saw the habitually rumpled clothes did not hide a flabby, posture-crabbed body but one that was lean and taut and actually quite attractive, if rather pale. He had long, powerful limbs and a flat but well-shaped ass. Not much hair on his chest, but there was a lush growth that began below his navel and grew into a forest around his cock...which, she conceded, was almost as large as the palomino pony's. She found herself admiring him. And with that realization, she felt another squirt of juice pop out her insides and squeegee down her twat. "You'll let me play now?" she said cautiously."Well, yeah. It's only fair." He grinned at her, and he did have a nice smile, very boyish, as she'd noted before. He quickly pushed his glasses up. "I'll switch the MUI over to you. Unfortunately, there's a bug in it; you're stuck where you are, and you can't change your form. But everything else is open."The MUI lit up in her head, glowing triumphantly blue-violet. She had full control again. She could hit ESCAPE and flee back to her real body; nothing was stopping her. But somehow, that wouldn't be the most fitting way to end this adventure.Instead she riffled through the code, noting how Alec had modified her original copy of "Virtual Carousel." It only took her seconds in VR, whereas it might have been hours outside. She made several changes, smiling secretly to herself.Alec looked down on her, his arms folded. "What are you smiling about?"He didn't see the ponies that glided up behind him, a mixed carousel herd of pony males and pony females. She could hardly keep a straight face. Their sharp faces angled toward him with an expression of bland but intensely focused interest. Their long, slim fingers made contact with his skin."What...?" He couldn't say any more as they covered him, drew him back. They tugged off his shirt and jacket, removed his jeans and sneakers. Other hands stroked his cock, pinched his nipples, slipped between the cheeks of his ass. His eyes widened; he looked like he was drowning. His expression was so comical she fought to keep from laughing. He took in air to shout or scream, but the tallest of the pony girls smothered his face between her forty-inch tits, and two princess ponies garlanded with flowers and silk ribbons puckered his nipples between their pearly pony teeth. The Indian buckskin pony...who was very handsome, and very hung...speared him from behind, nearly lifting him off his toes, and the Appaloosa stallion crouched to engulf Alec's now-pointing cock in his mouth, rolling his testicles between his palms. All of them worked in perfect harmony with each other, not getting in each others' way...undoubtedly the most practical advantage of cybersex over the bedroom athletics of real life."Trish..." he begged when the gray-dappled mammaries momentarily let him speak, "Help me!""Help yourself." She giggled wickedly as he struggled and humped in a lively way, the same way she'd had when he was riding her earlier.She stopped laughing as one light touch on her back dissolved into many. Warm, slim arms encircled her, caressed her...the orgy was being duplicated by the rest of the ponies. Oh no, not this again...She visualized her MUI to kill the routine, but the interface broke up as sexual stimulation came to the fore.Two warm mouths fastened on her breasts, sucking them. Teeth clamped onto her nipple rings, sliding them through her flesh, as tongues batted her nipples back and forth. She moaned at the shrill, keening sensation. A third mouth started lapping at her pussy, the tongue circling her clit, burrowing under its tiny hood of flesh. A long, thin object entered her anus. The virtual vibrator was back. A fourth mouth rimmed the quivering pucker of her asshole. She felt her insides contract, draw back in tension. Don't give into it, get back to the MUI...But the interface fell apart again as a fifth body sat in her saddle, reaching under her to squeeze and stretch her suckled breasts. She felt the strangers' warm lips press against the back of her neck, taking hot, wet bites of the hollow below her ear.The MUI. *Escape*...A beautiful bay pony girl crouched languidly in front of her, guiding her head toward the ripe, fluffy bush of her own pussy. I'm going to give head to a computer program...but the taste of it was very real, as were the warm hands on the sides of her head as the pony girl held her firmly in place. She lapped hungrily at the wet, juicy labia, by now a primed, well-oiled sex machine driven completely by the tongues and instruments in her. A third player came to join them: Alec's cock, guided from behind by his captors. She felt it slide past her lips and into the pony girl's slick pussy. He began to pump in and out and she licked in a new frenzy, concentrating on the pony girl's clit, then running her tongue over Alec's pumping cock, becoming more excited and turned on and wet by the moment, the hungry mouths tormenting her nipples, the vibrations in her ass, her own clit a shrill scream of pure pleasure...She lost track of time, of self, except for the gradually building thunder of her orgasm. She cried out in staccato bursts of sound, her face slick with the pony girl's hot juices, as she came to the inevitable release, built so slowly by the skilled lips and tongues of the other ponies. "I'm...I'm...ahhh!"She came, and it was her biggest one yet, the contractions almost blacking her out. It felt like the whole carousel shook in response. Her body spasmed and her head went light. Warm gouts of fluid gushed out of her vagina and were quickly lapped up by the two ponies pleasuring her below. Even more fantastically, her nipples spurted two thin jets of a creamy white substance which was caught in the pony's eager mouths and swallowed. Somehow, she knew it would have the taste and texture of fresh Devonshire cream...a mad invention of whoever or whatever had programmed this adventure.The electric jolts shook her, emptying her in a shock of pure and total erotic pleasure that stretched on and on, and went forever...Before she could think about escaping again the mouths clamped again onto her nipples and pussy, and the cycle began anew.#Jennifer Sands came into work at 6:30 that morning to look over the test runs for "Virtual Carousel." She noticed Trish Cavanaugh's car was already there, as well as Alex Jarudian's red jeep. Hmm. The early bird gets the code, she thought. She was pleased at their enthusiasm, noting a raise might be in order for both of them.She unlocked the office and went upstairs; the receptionist wouldn't be coming until 8:00. She paused to make some coffee. Four more coworkers, early arrivals like she was, joined her there. "Jarudian's here early this morning. So's Trish." "He said he was working on John Binman's project, didn't he?""Oh, he's always here. Sometimes he even brings a sleeping bag."They bantered on like that, dropping sugarcubes and stirring non-dairy creamer, until they heard the moan."What the hell was that?""It came from over there."They followed the direction of the noise, Jennifer walked quickly behind the others. Something was wrong; she could feel it. She looked down a long row of cubicles where Trish's and Alec's stations were. A single light was visible in the darkness, and a single female leg which was twitching feebly. The moans continued, interspersed with breathless gasps. Oddly, there seemed to be two, a man's and woman's.Jennifer ran after the others. They reached the light and she gasped herself, dumping coffee all over her Italian silk suit.Trish Cavanaugh and Alec Jarudian lay sprawled across the floor with their headsets on, connected by wires to Trish's console. Going by a spilled can of soda that had soaked into the carpet, they'd been laying there all night. Trish's dress was pulled up and her stockings and panties down; legs wide, she pumped her hips into the air, thrashing her head back and forth. Alec's pants were around his ankles and his penis aimed like a rocket. His hips, too, were pumping up and down.As they watched the two reached a climax. Trish's body stiffened and quivered, her bottom vibrating eight inches off the floor. "Oh, yessss." Alec moaned loudly in response and spurted a thimbleful of cum, his pelvis straining. There had been bigger eruptions earlier, going by the copious stain on the carpet in front of him. Those gathered just stared as the couple lapsed into a brief silence, then started to twitch and groan again. Finally, someone thought to pull out the wires.#(From "VRWorld" online trade journal, one year later)Jarnaugh Entertainment has announced the followup program to its million-selling "sexcapade" VR, "Painted Ponies."The new program, "Ejaculation 3000," follows the high-speed journey of a sperm cell towards its ultimate goal, utilizing techniques derived from state-of-the art flight simulators. "I believe we're the first adult-oriented VR company to explore the possibilities of motion and freefall," says President Alec Jarudian. "We're really excited about this one. Testing it was a blast.""The success of 'Painted Ponies' has encouraged us to add to the line," adds Vice President and Marketing Director Patricia Cavanaugh. The two formed Jarnaugh Entertainment last year after leaving CoExis Software, an incident that was not without its controversy. "We are planning many more for the 'Sex Flags Over Texas' theme park series," she continues. "After all, we've barely begun to explore this market."ENDThis work is copyrighted 1997 by Cobalt Jade ( This work may be be freely distributed over electronic media provided no fee is charged for its use. Charging a fee for this story, or publishing without author credit or this notice violates my copyright.


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