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Pamela's Transformation


Pamela's Transformation by Andy
Pamela's Transformation
Just saw a great short 14-second clip. A thin woman is seen bent over under
a large horse. She is nude but you can only see her outer thighs, arms and
small breasts with protruding nipples. She has a couple of bangles on her
arms that are kind of funky. I like this woman very much because of what she
is doing.

This raven-haired beauty is holding a horse's very large penis in her hands
as she inserts the head of the animal's cock into her mouth. After sucking
hard you hear the horse whinny as he fills the woman's mouth with horse
come. The woman gags on the copious spend, removes the horse cock from her
mouth, spits out a large mouthful of the insipid semen and with the cock
still throbbing and the stallion jism still hanging from her chin, reinserts
the giant member into her mouth.

I've always been fond of women with no self-respect when it came to sex.
After bouncing around with various relationships, I sank to the bottom to
find the tramp I wanted. I was riding on a bus in Manhattan after having
scored some blow. Naturally I had fired up and was nicely lit. It was a real
hot day in the middle of August and I didn't want to walk 15 blocks to my
train. I was sitting in the back when a black woman got on. This woman was
tired-looking, disheveled and spaced out. She had on a dirty cotton skirt
that barely reached the middle of her thighs. What made me notice her was
that she was wearing a zippered jacket in this steam bath atmosphere.

Well this woman sits directly across from me and the first thing she does is
drop down in the seat exhausted. Her legs were spread so wide that I
actually could see her cunt. My prick got hard and I realized that she
noticed me adjust my hard on so that it would point upwards rather than
straight out. The woman looked in to my eyes tiredly and opened her legs
even further. A woman sitting next to me noticed too and got off the bus in
a huff. The open-legged girl gave the woman the finger.

I had my eyes riveted to her cunt when my stop approached. As I got up to
leave I reached into my pocket and gave the woman a $100 dollar bill telling
her that she looked like she could use it and to thanked her for showing me
her vagina.

I got off the bus and the bus started to pull away and then stopped again.
The black woman got off and stood next to me. She thanked me for the money
and asked me if I would like to spend some time with her. I really had
nowhere urgent to be so I asked her if she wouldn't mind coming to Jersey
with me. She agreed instantly and we must have made quite a sight. I looked
immaculate in a suit and tie and this washed out black woman was hanging
onto my arm.

Well we made it to my car and I opened the door for my "date". Before I
could say anything she told me that she wanted me to use her in any way I
chose. I told her that I was glad she felt that way and gave her another
$1000 dollars to tide her over. She said that she had no place to put the
money and would I hold it for her. I suggested that she roll the bills into
a tube and insert them up her ass. She did so immediately and we had a good
laugh over it.

I asked her why she was wearing a jacket on such a hot day. She told me it
was because she had nothing on underneath it and did not want to get
arrested again. Her name was Pamela Brown and she was doing her best to
enjoy the moment. As we talked I assured her that if she had no where urgent
to be I would buy her some clothes give her some money and that she needn't

Pam stated that she felt real good and that we would have a good time. The
air-conditioning was on and the windows were tinted. I suggested that Pam
remove all her garments and throw the rags in the back. She pulled down the
zipper of the jacket and revealed a very large bust. These fuckin' cans hung
down to her waist. They came from the sides and literally exploded into
view. Pam immediately cupped her bust offering them to me. I told her she
had the most perfect bust that I had ever seen. She removed her skirt and
asked me if she could keep her shoes on.

So before long I was heading for my apartment with a large busted, open
legged whore in my car who did not have anything except high heels on. As we
had another 40 minutes of driving time ahead of us I told her what I
expected of her. When I started telling her that she would not be hurt in
any way, she stopped me. She told me that there were some forms of pain that
she enjoyed as long as she trusted the person she was with. Pam mentioned
that she liked to have lit cigarettes put out on her bust. I stubbed out the
Marlboro I was smoking on her left breast and she cooed nicely. She then
mentioned that she had to go to the bathroom and wasn't sure how long she
could hold it.

I had Pam open the glove compartment and remove a 12 oz glass that I had in
there. Urinate in the glass if you don't mind as I can't yet justify you
walking into a rest area naked. Miss Brown then says that she would go
anywhere naked for me regardless of what happened to her. Anyway she was
worried that her urine would mess up this beautiful car. I assured her that
it would only enhance the car and so what.

Pam placed the glass under her vagina and filled it to the top in an
instant. She said, "Oh fuck, I still have more to go."

I had her hand me the glass and I guess she thought I was going to chuck it
out the window. I raised it to my mouth and downed her hot salty piss in one
gulp smacking my lips as I burped urine breath into the car. Pam was staring
at me wide-eyed. I asked her if she was upset with what I just did. She
answered me by grabbing the glass from my hand and repositioning it under
her cunt. She peed again until the glass was full. Then without taking her
eyes off me, Pam raised the glass to her mouth and drank her own hot urine.
I could swear that she truly enjoyed this as I realized I had to stop for a
light. When the car came to a halt, Pam reached over to me and kissed me on
the lips, openmouthed, passing a little urine into my mouth. We embraced
kissing deeply as the people behind me were honking their horns.

I pulled away thrilled and speechless. Pam broke the silence by telling me
that she had never been hopeful of meeting someone who would play piss games
with her. She told me that she would drink her own urine often but that she
rarely got even a droplet of any human piss. I asked her why she said human
piss. She seemed a little embarrassed but told me that she hoped I wouldn't
be turned off but that sometimes she put her hands in fresh dog urine when
she saw them peeing on the street and tasted it.

I assured her that I thought she was wonderful for being the kind of person
honest enough to admit to it. I told her that I thought it was proper
behavior and that she shouldn't be afraid to tell the right people. I told
her that in addition to urinating in her mouth myself, I had access to dogs,
horses, pigs and monkeys that we could have a lot of fun with.

She was laughing out loud and I could see the transformation of her
personality as she became totally comfortable with me. At this point it was
time to cross the last remaining bridges with her. I told her that I loved
urine games, animal sex and was also a devotee of shit. I explained that I
ate my own shit and loved anyone that would join in shit-eating. Pam told me
that she was afraid to mention that deep-rooted desire but that she had
never had the opportunity to try. She had liked the smell of her own shit
but had been afraid to try the taste test. I asked her if she had to shit
now and she said that she had to go badly. I mentioned that we were
approaching the apartment and that she should try to hold on a little

I pulled into the garage and Pam and I got out of the car and walked into
the apartment. I went in first so that my two Doberman's wouldn't feel
afraid. Pam, much to my surprise was very comfortable, even though she was
naked and bent down and let the dogs smell her hands. Soon she was petting
them and they nuzzled her.

I grabbed a couple of beers out of the fridge and tossed one to my new
woman. I had the feeling that this would be a magnificent time. Pam wolfed
down three quick beers in a row and told me that she couldn't hold in her
shit any longer. I had her squat on the kitchen table and I placed a large
platter under her ass. In no time at all she was expelling large brown turds
onto the plate. It was an incredible amount and when she passed the last
wind she looked flush with expectation.

I removed my clothing and revealed my large cock and balls to Pam for the
first time. She drooled over it and quickly festooned her mouth on my cock.
I started to fuck her hot mouth just to get the mood started. The smell of
the shit began permeating the kitchen. I stopped Pam's sucking and motioned
her to sit down at the table.

I grabbed some silverware and a few large 32 ounce goblets. I proceeded to
fill to entirety, one whole glass with my urine. Pam had recently just
pissed in the car and I was ecstatic that she reached for a goblet of her
own and proceeded to fill it to the top. We set our glasses of micturation
directly in front of us on the kitchen table. I reached under my ass and
filled one of my hands with a large hot turd. I took the shit and bit off a
mouthful showing Pam how I was eating my own shit. I made sure to chew it
all and show her that I indeed swallowed the entire handful. I drank some of
my own urine to wash it down. Pam was cupping her bust and frigging her cunt

I then took a fork and filled it with Pam's excrement. I asked Pam is she
was still afraid and she showed me by guiding the forkful of her own shit
directly into her mouth. She chewed slowly as I had moaning in ecstasy all
the way. I fed her about ten forkful's before I had her wash it down with
her choice of urine. She got up and went to where I kept the glasses, got
another and made a half and half mixture of both of our urine's. She drank
the mixture in one gulp.

At this point I wrapped my arms around her and we embraced tenderly. Our
mouth stunk from our meal of waste but it was a garden of wonderful aromas
to us.

I went into the bedroom and had Pam try on clothes that I had accumulated
from various women friends. We outfitted this woman into the most perfectly
adorned goddess you could ever imagine. She had chose a short tight fitting
black wool dress that reached only to mid thigh. Her bust was bursting
through the strands of material but were perfectly situated to reveal the
heaviness and contour of this now beautiful woman's giant breasts.

I picked out some diamond earrings and a necklace for her as presents. We
then went out to eat and drink. Heads turned as I walked into my country
club with this black narcissus on my arms.

We ate a fabulous meal of beef and chicken along with starches and breads
all designed for later use. We had 4 bottles of champagne between us and
were totally soused when we left.

When we were leaving one of the other member's wives that I knew intimately
came and introduced herself to Pam. Wendy Tiffany was a large busted
dish-water blond whose husband didn't understand her one bit. When I
inquired about her mate, Wendy said that he was away on business. Before I
could even think that far ahead, I was pretty shit-faced, Pam asked Wendy if
she would like to come over to our place. That quickly, the three of piled
into the car and took the short ride home.

As soon as we got inside I whipped out some blow and dusted off my guests.
Just so Pam would understand perfectly I immediately took my cock out of my
pants and walked over to Wendy. Mrs. Tiffany knew exactly what to do. She
opened her mouth and waited until I was urinating down her throat. Pam was
instantly naked and waiting for her turn. I gave Wendy about five good
mouthfuls and moved over to see what Pam would do. Pam squatted down between
Wendy's leg waiting for a drink. Wendy didn't keep her waiting long as she
urinated directly into Pam's mouth. Pam did not spill a drop. We stripped
our clothes off and watched as Wendy stuck her hand down a throat and made
herself vomit. This fetid puke splashed all over her bust. After barfing,
Wendy started picking up chunks of puke and reinserting it into her mouth.
Pam situated herself so that Wendy's ass was over her head and face. Wendy
shit directly into Pam's mouth. As Miss Brown was eating her new
girlfriend's waste, I plunged my very hard and hurting dick up Pam's ass and
urinated until my piss forced its way back out.

After I emptied my bladder in the Pam's ass, she got up and situated her
asshole and cunt over the white slut's mouth, face and hair. Pam covered
Mrs. Tiffany in torrents of turds and a mixture of shit stained urine from
her ass and fresh nectar from her own cunt. Wendy was so thrilled she came
at least three times in a row.

At this point I allowed the Dobermans into the room. Rufo's cock was already
erect. His dog member measures 17-inches long and 5 around. The base of the
dog's animal cock was as large as an onion. Driller was not quite as long in
the cock area but was equally ready and awesome.

When Pam saw the dog's giant cocks she reached out for them. I had both
women sit with their backs against the couch. I had the dog's mount their
thighs until their nails drew blood. Both women relished the pain. The dogs
did not commit until I commanded them and just stayed there with their giant
cocks dripping, hanging in front of the women's shocked faces. I told the
women to open their mouths and prepare for a sacrament. They did so with
great joy and gusto laughing nervously. I then commanded the dogs to INSERT.
The mutts jammed their cocks into the women's mouths but did not move. I
told the women not to suck their cocks just yet. I then gave the PLUNGE
command. The dogs started to pound furiously into the slut's mouths. The
women were gagging but relishing every moment. "STOP!" I ordered. I then had
the dogs dismount the women. They were aggravated but attentive. I told them
not to worry, I was just going to create a little more pleasure for them.

I then had Driller stick his cock up Rufo's ass. The dog fucked his partner
up the ass until his cock was covered in the Doberman's shit. Off course I
reversed the position until both of the dog's cocks were covered in each
other's shit. Then I had the dogs remount the women and reinsert the now
dog-shit covered cocks in the women's hungrily sucking mouths. Before long
the dogs were ejaculating large loads down the both of my tramps throats.
They swallowed every drop and had a little left to smear on their faces. I
saved my surprise for last. The girls were still licking the limp cocks when
I commanded them to PISS. The dogs filled both women's mouths with hot gamey
dog urine. After the women swallowed every drop of dog piss, I shit in their
mouths. Pam chewed a very large turd until it was between her teeth and
gross. She smiled at me as I became her toothpick.

After they finished eating my shit, I ate thiers. The dogs fucked me in the
ass until they came copiously. Rufo urinated directly into my mouth. The
women were eating more food and drinking bottles of liquor to reload.

This was our first date as we collapsed into each other's arms contently.
The next day we all drove out to the farm. Pam and Wendy refused to wear
anything while they were in the car. They both had made up their faces with
an expert makeup job punctuated with high gloss yellow lipstick, yellow
contact lenses and long hoop earrings. They had also used a piece of wire to
keep their large busts in the cupped mode. What they did was to tie a tight
loop around each breast tight enough to turn their busts blue. In turn this
highlighted the veins. This small wire was then draped around the neck so as
to uplift the bust making the breast bottoms visible and magnifying the
contour of the bust for viewing. I wanted both women to sit in the back to
which they each protested that them I would be sitting up front alone.

After explaining my reasoning, the girls sat in the back keeping their legs
open. I stopped for coffee for all of us. People peered into the car and
gawked at the sluts sitting there open-legged.

Before we left I installed butt plugs in each of their rectums to inhibit
and build up the shit in the bowels. I also attached urine-restraining clips
to the urethras of my women.

It took us three hours to get to the farm and when I pulled into the gate
the first thing the girls saw was a very large black stallion galloping in
the corral with his giant semi erect penis dangling as he ran. The shudder
in both women was audible. When the car stopped it was a wonderful sight to
see two large busted, naked women running to the corral, hopping the fence
and approaching the stallion with a combination of caution and exuberance.
Suddenly Wendy slipped on horse-shit and fell on her ass into a pile of
gamey sticky horse pucky. She laughed and realized that her hands were
buried in the shit. Without hesitation Wendy grabbed the largest ball of
shit she could get her hands on and smeared it all over her face and bust.
Then she stuffed the stinkin' horse filth into her mouth and chewed and
swallowed the entire pile. I was so transfixed by this sight that I didn't
even notice that Pam was trying to lie down under the stallion as he was

I asked Pam what she was trying to do, and as she lay there with her legs
wide open and her large black bust cupped, she told me that she was hoping
the horse would urinate. I told her that the best way to get the horse to
urinate was to put her mouth around one of the horse balls and to bite down
hard enough to draw blood. She did so apprehensively at first but soon
warmed to the task and bit down. The horse did not react violently but
instead started to drizzle his insipid urine until it became a veritable
downpour. Pamela placed her open mouth right in front of the horse's
pulsating penis and directed the horse's urine directly into her mouth as
she swallowed furiously.

She had swallowed at least a full bucket of this gamey piss and there was no
end to the stream. By this time Wendy was lying next to her friend with her
mouth wide open and was also gulping down huge amounts of horse piss.

Pam was sitting up and started to vomit deeply. Long gut wrenching gags
produced torrents of the swallowed horse urine. Wendy glued her mouth to
Pam's and started to drink her friends vomit. Pamela was throwing up into
her hands and rubbing the pungent puke into her hair.

I coaxed my lovely women from under the horse and led them into the house
with my arms around each of them tenderly. At this point I asked them if
they were glad that they still had their butt plugs and urine inhibitors on.
They laughed and suddenly realized what was in store for us all.

We were going to sit down to a formal supper. I would be wearing a black
tuxedo complete with complement. I showed the women where their wardrobe of
finery was and had them pick out stylish outfits.

Wendy chose a long tight tube type shift with that accentuated every curve
of her body. Her hair was perfectly styled by appearing as messy as possible
but perfectly so. Her black outfit highlighted her skin to perfection.
Pamela wore the exact same outfit but in yellow. If you can visualize this
beautiful brown and olive toned goddess with her very large bust bursting
from her top, her yellow contact lenses, her yellow lipstick topped by the
tight bright yellow dress you can imagine how stunning she was.

I called for my servants whom the girls did not know I had. My chief valet
was not a man but a single mother of two young girls, 12 and 14. Her name
was Rita and she had been with me for 3 years. Rita was a 50-year-old woman,
with a large bust an a penchant for the filth that we all reveled in. She
was an expert house-keeper and I could not live without her. I took care of
all her family's needs. She trained her girls to fit in with the spinage of
the house.

When I rang for Rita she came in and I introduced her to Pam and Wendy. Rita
greeted each of my friends warmly and bowed down. Rita mentioned that she
would cook them the most delicious meals that were geared towards providing
their bodies with the necessary content to produce the best shit possible.
She would concoct the proper diet to produce the best shit for their eating
pleasure. Rita mentioned that she would also provide the proper liquids for
the necessary urine production. My maid then called in her daughters and
introduced the 12 year old, Barbara, and the 14 year old, Susan. Both of the
children were nude and reposed. Their young breasts were quite large for
their ages and their vaginas were incredibly hirsute for such young girls.
Rita said that the girls would perform ritualistic acts of any kind and that
they were assigned to Pam and Wendy for their use.

Pam chose Barbara, picked up the busty little vixen and tongue kissed the
little trollop tenderly. Wendy did the same with Susan. Rita asked me if it
would be all right if she removed her clothing and functioned naked. I
strongly agreed and helped her remove her things. Rita weighed 174 pounds
but had the largest bust I'd ever seen. Her bust measured a full 126 inches
in circumference and the cup was gggg. They hung down to her svelte hips
with ease.

Our dinner party was about to get under way. Cameras were set up throughout
the house so that nothing went unrecorded. Every angle would be seen, every
depraved act would be taped and photographs would be posterized and hung all
over my estate.

Rita instructed Pam and Wendy in the proper way to handle her daughters.
They loved rough degrading treatment. For example this is the way you treat
them, she said. She walked over to Barbara and Susan and grabbed handfuls of
each of their hair. She told Barbara to put her mouth on her mother's ass.
She shit a large turd into her daughter's mouth, waited until her girl ate
the bomb and filled the young girl's mouth again and again. The girl ate her
mother's shit smiling all the way.

At this point the dinner was about to be served. My menagerie sat at the
table and a feast of veal, chicken, beef with potatoes and corn was served
with heaps of gravy and copious amounts of beer, wine and coffee. Each
person had quart bottles of amyl-nitrite (rush) to snort at will. We took
two hours to consume every morsel and every drop of liquor. We finished off
7 cases of beer, 12 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of scotch and a gallon of
coffee. Everyone was 1 inch from bursting.

The second course was about to begin. We had the finest china and crystal
placed before us. I sat at the head of the table. Pam was to my right with
young busty Barbara to her right. Wendy was to my left with her Susan right
next to her. Rita was outside selecting beasts for our pleasure. When she
returned the girls were stunned and exhilarated to see what she had brought
us. My maid had 5 male Shepards with huge dangling cocks stationed next to
each seat including her own at the opposite head to my own chair. Rita had
the large stallion tied up in s sling and raised 6 feet off the floor, on a
winch, to make it easier to access his ass and cock. She also brought in a
few female Dobermans, 2 Mandrils with big cocks, and a large pig with the
largest corkscrew cock I'd ever seen. The party was planned perfectly so
nothing was done haphazardly. That is why we were drugged. There was no
rush, no time limit, no nervousness, no anxiety and no pressure. We were all
ready to enjoy everything while waiting to join in ourselves.

Rita announced that the second course to be prepared would be pig urine
cocktails. She bent down under the grunting pig and bit down on his ball
sack. The pigs corkscrew cock escaped from the sheath and soon pig urine was
flowing from the porker. Rita calmly filled the beaker she had in her hand
and got up and came to the table and filled each cocktail glass marked pig
urine up to the top. The piss was a milky white and had a acidic odor. By
the way each glass was an 8 ouncer lest you think that the drink was just a
sip. Each of us grabbed the pig urine cocktails and applauded each other as
we swallowed the pig piss one at a time.

The next course was a little more robust and was prepared to get the evening
off to the right start.

All 5 of my goddesses were required, one by one, to remove their clothing
and squat in the center of the table. They were ordered not to release the
entire contents but rather to concentrate in releasing a salad plate full of
shit only. Susan and Barbara squeezed out the exact amount to perfection.
Rita had taught her daughters well. Pam and Wendy were perfectly lewd by
inserting their fists into their rectums and actually pulling out a large
lump of their own shit and manually placing it in the dish. Rita stuck her
fist up my ass and I rewarded her my first farting in her face and then by
letting one right sized shit ball to expel from my ass. Rita filled her dish
with a warm pasty concoction that was equal to chocolate pudding.

I then went around and poured a large shot of grappa into each dish. Rita
blew snot into each dish. We were advised to sample one fork full from each
dish each, both chewing and swallowing the crap. We would then vote on the
foulest tasting waste. Explanations had to be given as to why a particular
selection was made. After finishing the last of the shit salad, we
eventually that Wendy's shit was the most aromatic. Barbara's shit was the
firmest. Pamela suggested that Rita's shit pudding was the tastiest because
you could drink it right down.

It was entree time. 3 large industrial sized cooking pots were brought into
the room. Everybody would have to empty their bowels completely. The fucking
horse had just dropped a large load on the dining room floor and Susan and
Barbara collected enough to fill the bottom third of each pot. Each of the
dogs were fucked in the ass by me causing my prick to bleed. This in turn
caused each of the dogs to shit into the pots also. Horse, dog, pig and
monkey urine was drained form the animals and a mixture was made.

Rita took a large handful of this disgusting mess and smeared it into her
hair. Wendy, Pamela, Barbara and Susan did the same until their hair was
matted and smelled awful. I took a large handful and also covered my grey
hair until it was brown and filthy.

We than began to feel the beauty of directive basality. The youngest girl,
Susan, lay on the floor as I straddled her mouth with my ass. I shit turd
after turd into the little girl's mouth and watched her a she ate every bite
of my hot steamy shit. Rita filled Pamela's mouth with the pudding shit
until she was gagging. Barbara shit into Wendy's mouth. Then we switched.

When everyone's asshole was completely emptied I had the women get on their
knees and I commanded the dogs to mount them and urinate directly into their
asses. Wendy also took this opportunity to eat the female Doberman's vagina.
The lady mutt filled Wendy's mouth with her salty dog urine. Each dog then
mounted the women and inserted their pricks into the woman's cunts and were
commanded to fuck until the vaginas of my family had been ejaculated in.

We had vomit and menstrual blood daiquiri's for desert. Rita had managed to
get the stallion 47-inch penis into her cunt. The horse ejaculated in her
vagina with such force that she was expelled across the room.

At this point we were ready to retire for a little rest. Each of the women
had not yet urinated.

There would be a contest to see who would be the toilet. Pamela said that
she had a better idea. We should fill up as many glasses of piss as possible
and drink our own urine first and then mix the remainder into one giant
elixir and all of us could down that.

Pamela peed into 5 16 ounce tumblers. Wendy did 4. Susan did 3 1/2 and her
sister did 3 even. I managed to fill 6 glasses and Rita did a little more
than I. Susan remarked that this was great because we could each drink at
least one full glass of our own urine, pour one glass over our heads and
have plenty of urine left for the rest of us.

After we had doused ourselves with this flood of urine, the girls decided
that it was time to make plans for the next day.

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