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Pam's Continuing Transformation


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Pam's Continuing Transformation by Andy
Pam's Continuing Transformation


The next day arrived and Pam woke up feeling exhausted and full to the brim.
She had to take a piss badly and the walls of her ass were exploding with
pressure. The feeling was too delicious to get rid of and she just lay there
reveling in the fullness.

As she began to awaken fully, she realized that she had undergone some very
unexpected events in the last few days. One moment she was a downtrodden,
filthy, out of work bum with no shred of hope for anything. She had
scrounged around picking up aluminum cans from the garbage to trade them in
for cash.

After walking around for the better part of the day she had managed to get
enough cans together to get a payday of $6.15. She had gotten on to the bus
to go downtown to see if she could find a place to stay.

After she sat down on the bus, Pam took notice of some well-dressed white
businessman sitting across from her. Was he actually looking at her with
interest? She decided to let her legs part and show him her un-pantied cunt.
The old bag sitting next to her noticed it and got pissed off.

The man smiled, got up to get off, and handed her something. His smile was
warm and just as quickly he was gone. She looked in her hand and realized
that he had given her $100. Shit, that was more than she had in her hand in
3 months. She was not about to let him get away. She got off the bus and
walked up to him.

She startled herself out of her trance. Here she was in an opulent bedroom,
with exquisite furniture, surrounded by silks and fragrances and all the
luxury she could imagine. She had, in the last 48 hours, eaten shit, drank
urine, swallowed vomit, fucked and sucked horses and dogs, had sex with
young girls, mothers, sluts and best of all her benefactor.

He had taken care of her, lavished jewelry, clothes and cash upon her and
generally made her feel better in two days than she had ever felt in her
life. She wanted to go back to sleep so that it wouldn't end.

Pam welled up in tears thinking that with the new day, he would probably
thank her and return her to where he found her.


Michael Hunt, the unnamed man of the hour, was in the barn laying out fresh
hay and feed for the menagerie. He loved this earthy life and was gratified
that he was rich enough to not have to worry about all the bullshit in the
working world.

Mike was finishing up his chores when he thought of his new friend, Pamela.
He went into the house and went up the stairs two at a time eager to see
her. He had been thinking that she would probably want to get back to her
life, if you could call what she did a life, and was determined to talk her
out of it.

He knocked on the door lightly in case she was still sleeping. Pam was
buried under the covers lost in her own thoughts and fears and did not hear
him. When there was no answer, he tried the knob gingerly and peeked inside.

He smiled to himself when he just saw a lump in the middle of the bed. Pam
had probably never slept like this and he started to leave when she noticed

He went over to her and kissed her good morning. Pam reacted by hugging him
fiercely with a death grip. She seemed upset and all he could do was hang on
and hold his new friend. After a few minutes Mike asked her if something was

Pam decided to come clean and told him that she was not looking forward to
leaving. She was grateful for all he had given her and that she had enjoyed
the time they had very much. Mike thought to himself that this was not what
he expected. Everything might work out after all. He had never considered
having a black woman for a mate. What a silly way to feel, he thought.

He said to her "why are you leaving?" He knew he was toying with her but he
needed to know whether it was the money, the sex, the surroundings or what
that interested her.

"Pam, look do you have anyone back in that shit hole that gives a fuck about
where you are?" Pam admitted that there was no one who even knew she
existed. She began to sob just a little stronger, prompting Mike to grab her
face in his hands and simply press his lips to hers and not stop until she
calmed down.

When they came up for air Mike began to reassure Pam that he wanted, more
than anything, for her to stay and find out if they could make it together.
He assured her that he would provide for her even if they didn't succeed.
Well, the only thing I can say is that they were on the same page from that
point on and the fears each had almost never came up again.


Pam was startled when a blood curdling loud fart burst from her ass. The
stench brought tears to their eyes and made Mike's cock rise from its
mid-morning slumber. Pam was now smiling broadly and said that she was about
to burst.

Mike picked her up in his arms and carried her down to the kitchen, kissing
her all the way. Pam was in a state of mindless happiness. When he pushed
open the kitchen doors he was greeted by Rita and her daughters Susan and
Barbara, who were busy preparing breakfast and performing other duties.

Mike announced that they had someone who was bursting and asked for
suggestions as to what they could do about it. Rita, who knew her boss
better than anyone, asked him if the "new lady" of the house would be
staying. "As long as she likes," replied Mike.

The girls all huddled around Pam and showered her with kisses and hugs. Rita
then led Pam to the patio where there was a large glass bowl big enough for
two people to sit in and not have their heads over the top. The bowl was on
a small raised platform and was unique in design and purpose. There were
small ledges around the interior of the bowl that allowed the occupant to
balance on them enough to take pressure of the legs.

Rita instructed Pam to climb in and get comfortable. As Pam entered she
found it quite comfortable, and mentioned that it left her cunt and asshole
totally accessible. The rest of her friends laughed knowingly and gathered
around the bowl with their faces pressed against the sides.

Pamela knew exactly what they wanted and was only too willing to oblige. She
removed her PJs and stretched while lifting her bust briefly and twisting
and turning to get the morning kinks out. Now she sat back down with her
long brown legs spread wide and smiled at her lascivious friends.

First a strong torrent of hot morning piss erupted from her erect piss hole.
The stream splashed over the side of the bowl and ran down the sides
gathering in a pool at the bottom. "Oh you people are wicked" she cried!
What a perfectly wonderful idea. You can see everything and you don't waste
a drop. Then another fart flew from her ass, followed by the emergence of a
fat brown bomb. The shit crawled out of hairy asshole without breaking. The
audience was captivated and slobbering at this choice morsel.

The shit reached to the bottom of the bowl, which you can imagine was quite
a distance, before it broke off with a splash. This was followed my an
explosion of fecal matter of various sizes and consistencies and the
continuing vestiges of urine that Pam's insides had concocted during the

When Pamela was done she was about to reach down for some of her shit when
Rita told her to stop. "Darling, get out now so the rest of your family can
continue to make breakfast. Pam was happy to oblige. At this point only her
feet had any traces of shit and piss on them. That is except for her wet
cunt and filthy, puckered asshole.

One by one Rita, Barbara, Susan and finally Michael entered the bowl. The
urine flowed without end as if no one had gone to the toilet in a month.
Rita took such an enormous shit that the watchers stared goggle eyed as turd
after turd came out of her filthy pucker hole. When every one had dumped and
drained, Michael announced that all toilets in the house, and the entire
property for that matter, were now off limits.

>From this moment forward only mouths, faces and bodies or this majestic bowl
could be used for toilets. Everyone got a far-away look in their eyes as
they thought of the days ahead.


At this point all were refreshed and actually sat about enjoying a fabulous
breakfast. Crepes, eggs, meats, potatoes, breads, butters and jams, cakes
and fruit were served as if twenty hungry visitors were coming later. They
virtually gorged themselves. They washed down this feast with plenty of hot
coffee with lots of cream and sugar, fruit juices of every variety, soda and
ice cold spring water.

Pam commented that "if every meal is like this, I'm going to weigh 500
pounds before the week is out." They all laughed. Rita was quick to remind
them that there was also a very regimented exercise program that Michael had
devised and that she doubted any one would be putting on any real weight
soon. Rita had been a nutritionist before coming to work for Mr. Hunt. She
had the responsibility to cook and prepare foods that were conducive to the
style of life that they wanted.

Even though it seemed like they just lolled around shitting, pissing,
fucking, eating and drinking they all came to realize that there was plenty
to do to keep their well-being up to the boss's standards. The two young
girls were students at a very exclusive private all-girls school that asked
no questions due to "her families" generosity.

Michael took time to show Pam all of the things that needed doing and
assured her that they would all do them together. So, in quick order Pam
learned to pitch hay, clean out stalls, provide feed and tend to gardens.
This in addition to calisthenics, swimming, running and kick boxing classes,
taught by Mike, made for a very full and rewarding

They swam in the pool every day and night. It was exhilarating to watch how
their shapes develop to the peak of perfection. Pamela's waist decreased 3
full inches thereby magnifying her bust dramatically. Susan and Barbara had
the perfect bodies of gymnasts, the only differences were that they were
much bustier and taller. However they were just as supple if not more so.
Susan was, in fact, so supple that she could, without any help, bring her
head under her legs and lick her on cunt. I don't mean a snaky little lick.
She could actually eat herself out. Everyone encouraged her to do it often
both for her gratification and theirs.

Michael had large muscular arms and forearms the rival of a weight lifter,
but he was narrow of hips on top of very powerful thighs and calves. Rita
maintained her pot belly and was simply too wonderfully rotund to want to

Barbara, the "baby" used her ballet skills to become so graceful and
birdlike that she just flowed and could stand on your head and you wouldn't
realize she was there.


Pamela, was taking stock by the pool after a pretty strenuous day. While she
was day dreaming she happened to notice that the glass toilet seemed to be
much fuller. The realization led her to remember that she hadn't gone since
she christened the bowl early in the morning. Obviously, the rest of her
friends had left a major portion of the day's meals as a tip.

Pamela jumped in and realized that no one else was around. Well, too bad,
she was feeling a little horny so she climbed in. As the aroma of the stew
filled her nostrils, she felt a shudder run through her as she realized that
she was alone and free to indulge herself in any manner she chose.

She sat down in the mixture and squished around until her legs, ass and
pussy were drenched with the pungent mixture of excrement and urine. She
grabbed a nice long bomb trying to guess whose it was. No matter, she held
it in both hands and began to massage her breasts with it. She had her eyes
closed as her own urine began to flow. At first a trickle followed by a
steaming geyser that actually splashed on the side of the bowl.

She cursed herself for not remembering to bring a glass or bowl in with her.
Mentally she made a note of having such items in close proximity for herself
and anyone else who felt the need.

Pamela, was raising her butt of the platform in order to shit. As her urine
was flowing she was able to squeeze out the entire contents of her bowels in
one never ending explosion. Her large breakfast had utterly cleaned out her
bowels to make room for the recent intrusion of this mammoth breakfast. Pam
grabbed a handful of the turd and began to moan as shudders began to ravage
her body.

She remembered thinking "why does this turn me on so much?" All she could
consider was that the filthier sex was the more delicious it was. She loved
the evil depraved feelings she got when she played shit and piss games.
Animals were just as much of a turn on.

Her orgasms were maximized to the fullest intensity when she thought of how
perverted it was to eat your own shit and drink your own piss. The first
time she had done it was when she was thirteen years old and wandering the


Pam was out late at night for a thirteen year old, and wandering to her
home. If you could call a broken down apartment with no amenities at all in
the worst section of the Lower East Side, a home.. It was summer and she was
improperly dressed even for a child. She had a dirty cotton dress that was
two sizes too small and totally unfit to cover her already large breasts.

She was walking with her head down when two young punks were suddenly
standing in front of her. They began to taunt her and one of them started to
feel her tits. Before she could protest, she felt a pulsation working around
her thighs. She tried to get away but one of the punks grabbed her by the
back of the dress and tore it off her back.

The dress fell to the alley leaving Pam standing there naked. The guys got a
load of her breasts and started to fondle them. The bigger bastard forced
her down to her knees and took out his fat cock, waving it in her face. The
next thing she knew he was grabbing her roughly by the chin and forcing her
to open her mouth. He plunged his black grimy cock into her mouth. The thug
was fucking her face with a furious slamming as if he was trying to put a
hole in the back of her head. He immediately began throbbing as a thick
flood of semen filled her mouth and made her gag. She swallowed as fast as
she could just to be able to breathe.

While this was going on the other scumbag was jerking off and waiting for
his turn. The first guy pulled out and was immediately replaced by the
second dirt bag. He was so overcome that he barely got a few strokes in when
he shot his load all over her face. Pam was sobbing and scared shitless.

What the two guys didn't realize, was that she was not crying because of the
situation, but because her body was betraying her. Although she was
powerless to get out of the situation, what worried her most was the feeling
within her body. She was loving this. The taste of their spunk thrilled her.
She wanted more. MUCH MORE. What the hell was wrong with her?

When the scumbags were done they both pissed on Pam's dress and ran away
after emptying their bladders. Pam could not recover quick enough from all
the mixed emotions building up within her. She was disgusted with the forced
sex, repulsed by the encounter and yet could not understand why she was so
close to having orgasm after orgasm.

Pam put on the piss soaked dress and ran home as fast as her legs would
carry her. The shack was empty. No one else was around. The same as usual,
she had to fend for herself. After removing the dress in the rundown dirty
bathroom, Pam became aware of the stench that filled the room. She realized
that the room was as it always was with a new smell permeating the already
musty aroma that filled the room like a molasses that could not be washed

Pamela put her tattered dress to her nose and took a whiff. She could smell
the urine soaked rag with a pungency that she had never experienced. God,
she thought, why does this smell turn me on. As if in a trance, Pam began to
wring out her dress in the dirty sink until there was no more liquid left in

The sink was 1/4 filled with this putrid urine. It didn't flow down the
drain, because the pipes were clogged. She stood there, naked, staring at
the piss. As if she was hypnotized, she put her right hand to this cold piss
and swished it around. All at once she brought her fingered to her mouth and
tasted the piss. Without any warning whatsoever Her body was racked with a
convulsive orgasm that knocked her to her knees.

After the spasms subsided, Pam began to cry out loud with a deep sobbing,
guttural wail. She actually cried herself to sleep lying on the dirty
bathroom floor.


Somehow, she slept until daybreak. No one was there for her, the same as
usual. Pam awoke, and was reminded of last night by the dress lying next to
her. This time she had control of her emotions and made sure that she would
be prepared for any future attacks. This would never happen to her again.

She also realized that she loved the feeling that stirred within her as they
made her come alive. Hell, she would gladly have done everything willingly.
But she would never forget those two scumbags as long as she lived. She owed
them a small debt of gratitude for awakening her desires, and that evened up
the score for their wanton disregard of her feelings and safety.

Pam, stepped into the dirty, stained, bathtub. The best that could be said
for the tub was that it worked and the water was hot. She washed herself
carefully and dried off. When she went into the dingy kitchen, she sat down
at the table after finding a stale roll and an unfinished can of beer in the
fridge. She had her breakfast without noticing it, but just mechanically
eating and drinking.

After she was done she put her hands in the middle of her lap. She found
that her fingers had a mind of their own and softly found their way to her
vagina. She began to respond as she thought of the piss in the sink. Pam was
startled to realize that she wanted to taste the piss, very badly. She went
into the bathroom, looked into the sink and saw that there was only a small
puddle left. She put her fingers in and bringing them to her lips was
disappointed to find that the cold urine had no taste at all. This simply
was not a thrill.

Back to the kitchen, sitting down at the table, she was in consternation at
her feelings. She realized that her bladder was bursting, as she had not yet
relieved herself after awakening. Her face lit up. She went to the counter
and found the biggest glass she could scrounge up. She sat back down and
positioned the glass under her cunt. She concentrated and soon a veritable
gusher of urine filled the glass in no time flat. She placed the glass on
the table as her urine continued to flow.

Pam pissed all over her legs and hands. All over the floor. Everywhere. Her
piss soaked hands began to fondle her breasts, massaging the hot urine into
each large globe with a combination of tenderness and erotic frenzy. Her
body began to experience throbs of pleasure when she looked anew at the
large glass of her own urine sitting on the table beckoning.

Pam grabbed the glass in both hands and brought it under her nose. She took
a deep, deep breath inhaling the aroma. Her vagina throbbed again to a mini
climax. She brought the glass of piss to her lips and stuck her tongue in.
The salty taste was overpowering. She savored it. Then for the first time in
her life, she actually took a large mouthful of urine until her cheeks were
exploding. The thrill of it brought her to another climax, more intense then
the last one.

Pam closed her eyes and made the decision to swallow her urine. She
swallowed the mouthful greedily. As the hot urine cascaded into her belly,
her loins exploded into the most intense orgasm her young body had ever
felt. As if her hands had a mind of their own she poured the rest of her
piss over her head and face. She even kept her eyes open so that she could
fell the salty waste stinging her eyes. For the rest of the day, the young
Pam repeated these acts with every method she could think up.

As she replenished her bladder often by drinking whatever she could find,
she even began to notice the various and different flavors that she
produced. Pam lied her back on the floor and practiced urinating directly
into her own mouth. This drove her batty with exhilaration.

Needless to say this private perversion carried Pam through the early parts
of her life, and were the only things that kept her happy and gave her even
a modicum of pleasure.

Then, of course, she had to take the bus.


Pam was still thinking about her life when she was startled by Michael
calling her name. "Hey shitty lady, watscha doin?" She turned around in the
bowl to see Mike making strides towards her. Holy Shit!! he was naked and
his immense hard-on looked like a jousting spear held by a knight. Her
Knight. He ambled over to her smiling and climbed in with her. Before he
could sit next to her, Pam grabbed his dick and placed her mouth over the
head. She began to fellate him slowly and thoughtfully. Each stroke downward
was soft and luxurious making the velvet connection between her mouth and
his cock totally symbiotic. The upward strokes however were much more
demonstrative as she dragged her beautiful overbite along the shaft
culminating with a nip of his helmet. Pam continued this for a long time.
Mike began to shiver, shudder and shake. He lost all will power and control.
Each downward stroke culminated in the head of his prick being pressed into
the back of her throat. Each upward stroke made him practically cry out.

Pam stuck one, then two fingers up his ass. His shakes were now spasms. She
added a third finger until she could feel the fudge package that was lying
there, dormant. Mike was so delirious that he could not control one single
bodily function, except for the ability to stay on his feet. He couldn't
touch Pamela because if he released his hand, or hands, from the side he
would have fallen over.

After a few more strokes, Mike knees started to buckle. Pam had not changed
her tempo by one single beat. As Pam's upward motion reached his helmet one
more time she squeezed his shaft just below the tip with a death grip using
her teeth covered by her gums. This sent Mike into a frenzy as he felt the
semen explode from the depths of his balls. he came torrents of hot white
musty seminal fluid into her clamped tight mouth.

As Mike was throbbing and mumbling incoherently, Pam removed her fingers
from his ass, roughly and suddenly. This sudden escape caused mike to shit
without realizing that he was doing it. He was so unfettered by control he
started to cry. A snot bubble flew from his nose. He was sobbing and
laughing at the same time.

Pam released his cock and stood up and grabbed him by the face. She placed
her mouth on his and sucked his tongue deeply into her warm, semen filled
mouth. Mike was now trying to climb into her mouth, tongue first. He let go
of the sides and wrapped his arms around her. Words were not necessary, but
you can imagine what he said to her. The two of them stayed in this position
for a long time unwilling to let each other go.

When Mike finally became lucid, he helped Pam climb out and joining her on
the patio, suggested that they jump in the pool. They splashed around like
ten year olds on the first day of summer vacation.


After their swim and splash they climbed out of the pool and sat poolside.
Rita had just come back from picking up Susan and Barbara from class. Rita
was unloading some groceries when a car pulled into the driveway. Wendy
Tiffany got out of the Mercedes she was driving and strode purposely to the
door. Before she could ring, Rita opened the door and greeted her warmly.
"Nice to see you Mrs. Tiffany, how are you?". "Call me Wendy, Hon., not so
well and its nice to see you too." "Are Mike and Pam here?" Rita nodded and
tilted her head to the pool.

Wendy saw Pam first. She stood there looking at her new friend and her eyes
began to well up. Pamela noticed her and jumped up and immediately put her
arms around Wendy and asked her what was the matter. Mike was now at their
side holding both of them. He suggested a drink was in order and pulled up
another chair and went off to get the drinks.

Wendy stated that it was real nice to see naked bodies again. Pam took over
the mood and started to help Wendy out of her things. She told her friend to
take a quick swim while Mike made drinks and they would have a long talk.
With that suggestion, Wendy now naked, her large breasts hanging
seductively, plunged into the pool and swam to the other end and back

Mike had a portable bar wheeled over to the poolside. Wendy climbed out and
sat in her chair and asked for a nice stiff vodka martini. They all joined
her and took a few gulps, lit cigarettes for everyone and settled in.

Mike made sure Wendy was comfortable and asked her what the problem was. To
make a tedious story short, her marriage seemed to be over. There was a
strong difference between her and her husband on sexual matters. He was
simply not interested. She was. They had been having bitter arguments and he
threw her out of the house.

She didn't know where to go, so she drove over to see if they could help her
find a place to stay. Mike and Pam started to giggle. At first Wendy was
appalled to see her friends laughing at her predicament. Mike was quick to
explain. "Doll, you can stay here as long as you like, we have plenty of
room and besides, everyone here loves you."

So at this juncture, a large ominous weight was lifted off Wendy's
shoulders. Mike told her to not worry about getting her stuff or anything.
He encouraged her not to think about anything and let matters sort
themselves out. He suggested that he have some "friends" of his look into
matters. In the meantime they would explore their growing relationships


Pam was anxious to relieve her friends' tension. She had Wendy lie on a
chaise lounge and began to run oil all over her body. This particular
service was not intended to be sexual in nature. They chatted amiably and
comfortably like friends. Mike was staring into space and realized that he
was in a mild predicament. Pam, Wendy, Rita, Barbara and Susan equated it to
5 very horny lustfarms. No matter what kind of cock he had how could he
possibly satisfy everyone there without wiping himself out. Sure they had a
menagerie of hoofed animals with all matter of cock from the corkscrew pole
of a pig, to the fat dog cock with their "bulbs" and of course the fabulous
stallion dicks. But there simply was a need for more males, the human kind.

Voicing these thoughts to the ladies made them laugh uproariously. They
playfully assured him that he and the pets could more than satisfy them, and
besides how easy would it be to find interested men who weren't control
freaks who would try to take over the situation.

Mike assured them that that was no problem but he would continue to work on
a better solution. They would have to come up with some new meat so to
speak. Mike then mentioned that he had someone in mind and that he was going
to call him and invite him over. They began to quiz him as to the
particulars. Mike clammed up and refused to give any details, telling them
they would find out soon enough.

Pamela came up with the notion that she wanted to do a little searching
herself. She also refused to divulge her intentions. Pam got up from her
massage job and asked Mike to "massage Wendy's insides while she went to
take care of business. She told them that she "may be gone one or even two
days, but not to worry."

Pam strode off into the house to prepare. When she reappeared she was
dressed to the nines. A very conservative skirt that was about 1 inch over
her knees, topped off with a very loose fitting silk blouse that allowed her
fabulous bust freedom of movement but did not reveal anything to the eye.
She was not wearing hosiery and had on black pumps that accentuated her
great legs without giving a sluttish sensation. She was simply ravishing.

Mike was involved in a plunge job, impaling Wendy's bubbling cunt
energetically. They both whistled to Pam as she patted their fannies on her
way out. Mike had already made his phone call, and was now awaiting the
outcome of this effort.


Pam drove into town and was examining her thoughts to see what she could add
to their growing family. She thought of her old neighborhood, but quickly
dismissed that as too dangerous. She was not into upscale men as they would
try to take over the situation. She realized that it wouldn't be so easy to
attract their kind of person.

It wasn't every day that you could meet someone who was into urine, scat,
animals, teenagers and just about any other form of deviant behavior you
could think of.

While she was strolling down 7th Avenue she passes by an adult book store
that she remembered getting thrown out of, years ago. Seems she was trying
to solicit 10 bucks in return for a blow job. She went into the "peep" with
the guy and started to blow the "John." He came all over her face and bolted
leaving Pam unpaid and with sperm all over her face and hair.

The owner of the place, gave her a paper towel to wipe her face with, and
asked her to leave. He was sorry to do so but the recent crack down on the
adult book stores in the area made the danger far to great. He had given her
a couple of dollars and escorted her out the door kindly.

Pam thought about this in a flash and decided to pay the store a visit. She
was curious to see if the same man owned the store. Well, so far so good,
there he was putting some price tags on a bunch of films.

He was a middle aged (45-50) man, she guessed. He was heavy, but not obese
on his 6'0" frame. He had brown hair blue eyes and very muscular arms and
thick legs. He did not seem like the kind of man you wanted to rile.
Suddenly he looked up and noticed her. "Can I help you miss?".

Pam decided to string him along a bit to see if she could draw him out. "I
hope so, but I don't know where to start." "Well, look around, take your
time, I'll keep an eye on you and make sure nobody bothers you." "If you get
up the nerve (he winked at her) to ask for what you want I'm sure I have
it." Pam thanked him and realized that her knees were shaking and her
nipples were hardening.

She walked around looking for something and noticed that he was true to his
word and did keep his eye on her. It was not even that he was staring at her
body or legs or anything but seemed to be genuinely concerned.

She took a deep breath and asked him if he would come over. "I am going to
embarrass myself, I'm sure, but I want to buy videos that involve pissing,
shitting, animals and some other raunchy topics." Pam actually kept her eyes
glued to his to judge his reaction. He was completely nonplussed. "No
problem, Hon, I have them near the register so no one can steal them from

They walked over and she was thrilled as to how matter-of-factly he had
responded to her request. He didn't make the typical gruff response she had
expected. Instead he showed her the cabinet with over 300 tapes that fit her

He went back to his work, leaving her to make her selections. Pam kicked her
ever developing plan into high gear. She picked out 2 Tokyo Scato flicks,
(#2 and #3 as she had already known that #1 sucked). Then she zeroed in on
some Veronica Moser classics from Spergebeit, Grau-Zone and other special
brands. She was thrilled to find six movies featuring the new Hungarian
trollop, Sylvia, (Sper #30--35). Pam especially liked this new star as she
ate a lot of shit, swallowing it for the benefit of the camera.

Pam handed the man a dozen videos and his eyes lit up at the prospect of the
sale. "I don't see any animal flicks in your selection, would you mind if I
suggested some you might want to take a look at." Pam assured him that she
would really, really appreciate his help.

He said in a no bullshit tone, but still respectfully, "I have a three hour
Japanese bestiality flick you may like. It involves two cute young women who
fellate horses and dogs until the animals come all over their faces and in
their mouths. One of the horses actually pisses down the girls throat as she
swallows every drop." "I'll take it," Pam says, "along with any others you
can pick out for me with the same general theme as that one."

At this point Pam was about to purchase almost twenty-four videos at a cost
of almost 400 dollars. She handed him 4 clean crisp 1 hundred dollar bills
and asked him if it was possible for him to wrap these carefully as she did
not want to walk around with a bag of videos.

He assured her by introducing himself and giving her his card. His name was
Sam Worton. The card gave this address and two phone numbers. He told her
that she could take care of all her other business first, and in the
meantime he would take care of her package, wrapping, tying and hanging on
to it until she returned. Pam smiled, thanked him and turned on her heels to
leave. Sam called out to her and asked her for her first name and mentioned
that when she came back she may find a woman at the counter and not to
worry, that she was his wife, Lucy. Pam told him her name and waved


She jumped in a cab and went to the Plaza for dinner and a drink or two to
think out her plan of action. She hadn't thought about a wife, but, what the
hell they both owned the store.

Sam was thrilled with the sale and had really enjoyed this ultra-classy
black woman who walked into his store moments ago and in contrast purchased
two dozen of the grossest, vilest films he had in hand. The pain from the
hard-on he had carried around since her entrance was excruciating.

Just then Lucy came in from the back and asked him how it was going. Lucy
was a little overweight just like her husband but she was extremely sexy in
her blatant disregard for clothing that hid her gut. Her breasts flopped
around wildly and were a perpetual of stares from their customers. She gave
Sam a big kiss that he returned hungrily.

They had been married for over twenty years and still attracted each other
enormously. She felt Sam's boner in his shorts and gave it a good squeeze.
Sam almost shot his load in his BVDs. He then told his wife about Pam. She
listened with open ears and a big grin on her face. "God, she was gorgeous.
Very well dressed and the wad of bills she had in her purse was obscene. She
bought shit, piss and animal flicks like they were candy."

Sam mentioned his arrangement with her and made sure that Lucy looked out
for her. Sam was going in the back to rest and eat some dinner. Lucy laughed
heartily and said that he was probably going in the back to piss on himself
and jerk off while he thought of his latest customer. Sam walked off
muttering "Good idea."

Meanwhile Pam was downing her third martini after a light fish dinner. She
was trying to figure out how to entice Sam and hoped that his wife wouldn't
be a fly in the ointment.


When Pam returned she was somewhat disappointed to see his wife at the
counter. Oh well, at least she had made some good purchases for the library
at home. There was no one else in the store as she approached the counter.
Lucy looked up and smiled when she saw her. "You must be Pam, she said
pleasantly. He said you were beautiful and I can see he wasn't
exaggerating." "Thanks very much, your husband was a dear to me."

Lucy could not resist what she was about to do. It was as if she was driven
by some demon inside her. She sucked in her gut and thrust her chest out
revealing her very large breasts whose nipples were plunging through the
T-shirt she was wearing. "My husband was so horny when he left, I think he
went to pee on himself and jerk off thinking about you. Now that I see you,
I may join him after you leave."

Lucy's face was red with embarrassment but she plunged on. "He told me about
the videos you bought and I know you are going to love that Hungarian woman
Sylvia. Does your husband like that stuff too?"

Pam was speechless, but only for a moment. She made sure it was obvious that
she was staring at Lucy's bust. Lucy was on fire when she had to sit on the
stool they had near the register. Her legs opened enough to exhibit her
upper inner thighs. Pam's eyes were glued to her. "Does your husband really
piss on himself, Lucy?"

"I'm afraid he got that habit from me," Lucy cooed. "I love to drink my own
urine and my husband always gets off watching me do it. Now we are both
habitual pissers. Oh God listen to the way I'm talking to you."

Pam assured Lucy by placing her hand on Lucy's arm. Pam asked if Lucy and
Sam wouldn't mind spending some time with her over a few drinks. As quick as
a flash Lucy chucked a few browsers out of the store and locked up. Pam
offered to make up for lost receipts. Judy looked at her strangely and said
that there was absolutely no need for that at all.

Lucy led Pam into the back. She stopped for a moment and asked Pam what her
intentions were. Without hesitation at all, Pam told her that she wanted
nothing more than to share these wicked ideas with them. She told Lucy that
she was also addicted to urine. She also had an affinity for shit, animals
and all vulgar forms of sex. Lucy kissed her full on the mouth to see what
reaction she would get. Pam gave back equally trying to suck Lucy's tongue
out of her head. Their hands were all over each other. Before they could get
carried away. Lucy motioned to Pam to be quiet as they looked through a
small window that pointed into the back room.

Like little girls peeking at their parents, the two women looked in. Sam was
in all his glory, naked and lying on the couch with his feet over the back.
His hands were mangling his good sized fat cock. A few drops of pee escaped
from his pee-hole but he didn't seem to be able to get a full stream going.
His prick was too hard. Lucy was giggling as she motioned for Pam to get
closer. Pam moved in next to Lucy and smelled the odors of a woman in heat.
Pam could not hold back any longer.

She started to remove her clothing. When she was totally nude except for her
heels, Lucy stared at her in awe. This woman had a better body than any
woman she had ever seen, whether live or from the videos. Pam reached over
to Lucy and tore her shirt off and got her naked like she was. They were
kissing and also looking in on Sam and his dilemma.

It seemed that Sam would rather come after he peed. The girls decided to
help him out. Lucy told Pam to wait for signal before she entered. Lucy went
in and when her husband saw her he was quick to start grabbing his wife's
bust and kneading her nipples roughly. Lucy responded lewdly. She directed a
small stream of urine into his mouth and he drank it down hungrily.

Then she told him to close his eyes and not open them until she said to. Sam
did as he was told still pounding his fist on his cock. His wife replaced
his hand with hers and continued stroking. Sam's eyes were closed tight when
Lucy motioned for Pam to enter. She motioned for Pam to straddle his face
with her cunt and piss into his mouth.

Pam moved quickly and happily. She placed her open thighs around Sam's face
without touching him at all. He had no idea what was going on as his bride
continued to pound his dork. Pamela opened her vagina with her hands and
concentrated on her urine floe. She stifled any dripping and made sure that
the first vestiges of piss would be a torrential explosion into his wide
open mouth.

Whoosh! Pam was exploding her hot salty urine into his mouth. At first he
choked but quickly matched his swallows to the tempest and drank every drop
thirstily. Lucy had him open his eyes, and you could see his genuine
surprise as this beautiful woman's vagina was raining down his throat. He
knew it was Pam right away. His cock, still being pounded for all it was
worth, began to throb under his wife's furious handling. As his spunk came
to a boil, Lucy festooned her mouth on his member and sucked the entire load
down her throat.

Sam was throbbing wildly as he came while Pam's delicious hot urine cascaded
down into his belly. When her last drop fell she got off his face and went
to his mouth and kissed him deeply ramming her tongue down his throat. Lucy
not to be left out squatted over their kissing faces and urinated all over
their heads. Pam turned around to get her mouth under the flow. She was
swallowing deeply as Sam's, now spent, cock was flaccid enough to allow his
urine to explode out. Lucy cut off her flow so she could drink her husband's

When every one was drained Pam sat up with her beautiful face glistening
with piss and said to Sam, "Hi remember me." They all laughed out loud and
got down to the business of exploring each other's bodies. Pam was eating
out Lucy and demanding that Lucy finish her piss down her throat. Sam
stuffed his reinvigorated missile into Pam's cooze fucking her with slow,
deliberate, passion filled thrusts that showed that he had lots of time and
did not want to waste a moment. As he fucked her soaked cunt, he fondled his
wife's large hanging bust while soul kissing the wonderful woman who had
given him an early birthday present.

They tried many variations and were now totally spent. They were sitting on
the couch, limp with Pam nestled between the two of them.


As Mike began coming into Wendy, She lost control (yeah right) of her
bladder and rained all over them. Mike was in the process of gluing his
mouth to her pissing pussy when he was startled to here to voices calling
him. "Hey big brother, look at you." Mike turned around to see Todd and
Billy, his 16 and 14 year old brothers staring at Wendy with their mouth
open. Wendy noticed them and sat up posing lewdly. They stared at her as she
got up with her cunt still pissing up a storm. Mike's cock was pointing
straight upward as he cried out in glee. "It's about time you got your asses
over her. mom and Dad told me it would be great if you could spend some time
with me."

The lads could not take their eyes off Wendy. Mike introduced them and
suggested that they get to know each other better while he threw on a pair
of shorts and went out to help them with their luggage. He gave each of his
younger brothers a big kiss and a hug. Billy grabbed Mike's cock and
squeezed it much to Mike's surprise, but not dismay.

As Mike went off to his chore Wendy stood in front of the boys and
seductively cupped her bust to their wanton lust crazed eyes. Todd was the
first to react. "Ma'am may I please feel your breasts?" "Of course you may
silly" she replied. "But first both of you should get out of those clothes.
They stripped in record time and were soon standing naked and ready for
action. Both of their cocks convinced her that they were indeed Michael's
brothers. Billy's prick was throbbing and hairless. He couldn't hold down
his 'ready to come' cock. As he started to spew Wendy non-chalantly lowered
herself to take the force of his ejaculation on her face. Todd pushed her
down on the terrazzo patio and stuffed his rigid boy cock into Wendy's moist

Billy, as is the gift of youth, re-erected quickly and was plunging his
peter into Wendy's mouth. Mike walked in and started to laugh when he saw
his young men working Wendy over. Todd was moaning as he came into her cunt.
as he came he let out a loud stinking fart that really made Wendy's eyes
tear. She made him turn around and started to lick his ass. Billy was
pounding his dork up and down. Michael sat on the deck and made Wendy impale
her ass on his cock.

There they were, Mike sitting down with his cock crammed up her ass while
she tongued out Todd's smelly ass and Billy was coming all over her bust.
Wendy forced her finger up Todd's ass and literally pulled a turd from his
violated asshole. She plopped the stinking brown bomb into her mouth and
chewed while Billy spent into her hair and face. Mike shot his load up her
ass and pulled his cock out and proceeded to piss all over himself and
anyone who was in the flow's path.

When they were done Wendy was staring into space and mumbling incoherently.
The boys were excited and wouldn't leave Wendy's side, which she
reciprocated gladly.

When Barbara and Susan walked onto the patio, their mouth's hung open. These
two boys were handsome, hung and perverted just like Michael. Oh happy day!!


After spending a few more hours debauching Lucy and Sam, Pam got dressed to
take care of business. She had convinced her newest friends to close the
shop and take a small vacation in the country with her and her family. She
gave them no further details. They asked her question after question but she
would only assure them that they would not regret it.

After leaving addresses, phone numbers and directions with them she planted
a long moist kiss on each of their mouths and told them to be there for the
long weekend and she couldn't wait to see them again.

Pam left, strutting proudly, heels clicking as she strode down 9th Avenue.
She hailed a cab and three taxis made a beeline to her. She got in the cab
driven by one of those men whose name looked like an eye chart. She gave him
directions to a very seedy and rundown tenement on lower Broadway.

The driver groaned and muttering to himself, floored the pedal and brakes
simultaneously getting into traffic. This caused Pam to realize that she was
going to have a very delicate time at in her former neighborhood.

The best she could do was to accomplish what she had planned to do all
along. No one knew her plans or thoughts.


When the cab screeched to a halt in front of the address she had given. Pam
tipped and got out quickly. The eyes of the slums were upon her. They
refused to acknowledge her as a former denizen. She strode purposely into a
long dinghy hallway and opened a door in the back with her key.

The room was sparsely furnished and wreaked of filth. Pam was memorizing
every facet, because she would never see this again. She did not consider
taking anything at all from this hole. She took out a hundred dollar bill
that was a month's back rent and put it on the table. Second thoughts, made
her place her ass over the spot and squeeze out a nice brown bomb. Pam the
rolled the bill into a tube and placed it in the shit.

Realizing that she would never get the chance to relive her past again, if
she left everything alone, Pam turned away and left proudly. The Guy who
always beat the shit out of her when she couldn't pay the rent showed and
did not recognize her at all. He was trying to paw her ass. Pam was thankful
that her new family kept in great shape. She felt so powerful that she
reacted with an urgency that she did not know she possessed

Pam's teeth were shining as she grabbed this piece of shit by the shirt. She
drilled him with a chop to the throat that made him spit out his cigar. When
he went down to one knee, she brought up her knee and cracked his jaw so
hard she broke two of his teeth. The landlord had now become the victim. Pam
hit him with a left-left-right uppercut-left jab combo that blackened his
eye, fattened his lip and made him puke from the force of the blow to his

He was bleeding on her beautiful outfit and this really pissed her off. Her
anger allowed her to grab him by his belt and the collar of his shirt and
toss him down the stoop front of the flea bag apartments he ran. He landed
in the un-cleaned, un-emptied garbage cans with a very loud crash.

Now sated and returning to her icy calm, she remover her blouse in the open
and threw it in the garbage with the rest of the trash. Her bust was heaving
and bathed in sweat. Her cunt was also moist, but the sexual tension was not
something she enjoyed. Not here. Not now.

Her anger had made the situation a little sticky. She was calming down and
realized that although she had her purse and a sizable bankroll with her, it
may not do her too much good. She couldn't very well hail a cab with her
bust flopping around. She went back inside for one last look.

A door across the hall opened slightly. Pam had no intention of causing any
more trouble. She just wanted to put an end to this part of her life. A
small tiny black hand, soft yet old held out a sweater. Pam grabbed it. She
was actually grateful for the gesture. Pam put the sweater and reached into
her bag and grabbed a bill and shoved it under the door. Outside now, she
actually got a cab to stop for her, mainly due to the fact that the light
was red.

Pam did not look back. While contemplating her little revenge with one of
the son-of-a-bitches who treated her like dirt she realized that while she
was a little bruised and a touch disheveled. She was also quite lucky.

Pam thought about what she was doing a little differently now. She was
actually taking a large risk. He new relationship with Michael was in
jeopardy, especially of something stupid happened to her. She decided at
that moment that she was going home to start a new life, immediately. Mike
wanted her. He might even marry her. Even if he didn't, she was sure that he
would not just throw her back into the street.

As the cab was approaching the entrance to the tunnel, a van pulled in front
of the cab. Three dirty, angry, big, black men got out and told the cab
driver to get the fuck out of the car. One of the thugs kicked the cabby
upside the head and knocked him out. The other two got in on either side of
Pam and forced her to remain still at knife point. She tried to be brave.

Pam was trying to be grateful that she had at least had a taste of the good
life. Fuck these cocksuckers. She would fight them every step of the way.
She also wasn't stupid and did not plan on committing suicide. She waited
for her chance.

One of the toughs got in the front of the cab and drove away. He was
following the van back to the downtown slum where all of his started.


Mike and the rest of the gang began to wonder about Pam's absence. She was
expected hours ago. Her friends Sam and Lucy had shown up not having a clue
what they were doing there. Sam explained to Michael that Pam had given him
and his wife this address and told them to come up for the weekend. "There
must have been some mistake," said Sam, as he turned to leave. Mike grabbed
his arm and replied, "there was no mistake, Pam knew what she was doing and
you are both more than welcome."

Everyone was introduced and was sitting around the pool preparing for a
snack. They had various bathing suits and pool attires on but nothing out of
the ordinary. Lucy whispered to Sam that every one looked to be in great
shape and that there seemed to be a secret smile on everyone's lips. Rita
got some drinks into them and food was being served all around.

Mike asked Sam of he knew what Pam's intentions were regarding her return
home. Sam said that he wasn't sure but she had said she had something to
take care of downtown before she returned "home."

Mike was stewing a bit. Something was not right. He just couldn't pit his
finger on it. Then when he watched Wendy talking to Lucy about her past
life, The light bulb went off in his head.

He excused himself and told every one to have a good time but to wait for
his return. He had an errand to take care of and would be back as soon as he

Mike called a friend of his who had a helicopter available. They both
managed to dig up a few acquaintances of theirs who had attitudes about
protecting their friends.

In ten minutes a car met Mike and whisked him to the heli-pad. Ten more
minutes and they were headed to the Wall Street Heli-port. It was only a 35
minute flight, which was fortuitous.


>From the heli-port Mike and his friends had arranged for a car to meet them.
Pam had once told Mike where she used to live and he actually remembered the
address. They made a bee-line to the neighborhood.

Meanwhile the thugs were starting to punch Pam around. They asked her if she
thought she was some high class bitch living a lie. Pam did not answer and
was promptly smacked in the mouth, drawing blood. The cab and the following
van pulled into an alley. The four scumbags got out of the car and dragged
Pam out by her hair. They began pushing her around and threw her into a pile
of garbage cans. One guy tried to rip her skirt off and was rewarded with a
kick in the balls.

Pamela was fighting with intensity borne of fear. Kicking and scratching,
yelling for help and striking any way she could. They simply over powered
her. They were slapping her hard enough to cause real deep pain. Her left
eye was nearly swollen shut. At this point they had managed to rip every
inch of clothing off her body. She was naked, lying in garbage and for the
first time in her life was not feeling any sexual overtones to this

She was trying to get to her feet and run when one of the ass-holes punched
her in the stomach with full force causing her to drop to her knees and pass

Mike and his friends were running up and down the stair and hallways looking
for her. One guy ran out the back door and saw the gang in the alley. He got
Mike's attention and they waded in with controlled fury, the worst, most
dangerous, kind.

Well, Mr. Hunt was like an avenging angel. You know those martial-arts
movies where the combatants take 15 or 20 blows and 30 minutes to end the
fight? Or how about when a 300 pound wrestler jumps off the top of the ropes
and lands on his opponents neck and the guy gets up pissed.

Nonsense, martial arts in the "real world" are instantly deadly. Mike
stopped the fat fuck who was about to strike Pam again, with a kick to the
side of the knee that instantly broke it. As the bastard fell screaming,
Mike followed by bending the guy's wrist behind his forearm, tucked his arm
backwards and rifled a chop through the elbow, thereby cracking his arm in
two and permanently ending his career as a woman beater.

The other three cocksuckers were getting equal treatment. This was not a
staccato of blows created by anger. They were quick, effective, deadly and
final blows that broke every bone that stood in their way.

Scratch four women beaters. Fuck'em!!!


Mike was cradling Pam in his arms and tears were welling up in his eyes. Pam
came to with a start, and started flailing away. Mike took a couple of shots
to the face before she realized it was him. Their arms went around each
other tightly. Their mouths met and they both tried to talk at once.

She was apologizing. He was forgiving. He apologized for not being with her.

Mike's buddies had managed to come up with something to cover Pam's
breathtaking but bruised body. They escorted her to the van and began the
trip back to the 'copter. Before you could say WOW they were landing near
home. Mike thanked his friends profusely and they walked into the house.

It was really quite a sight. The "family" had no idea what was going on and
everyone rushed up to Pam to try to take care of her. Rita took command
forcefully and gathered up her friend in her arms and led her upstairs to
repair her hurts.

Mike then told everyone the whole story leaving nothing out. There wasn't a
dry eye in the joint.

Meanwhile Rita assured everyone that Pam was none the worse for wear and was
soaking in a hot tub and would actually be able to join them for dinner
after a little sleep and an ice pack.

Michael then announced that this was going to be a special occasion to end
all occasions. No expense was going to be spared. The phone was buzzing,
deals were made, and within a half an hour, deliveries commenced. Michael
gave instructions about the theme, or a part of it really.

He asked everyone to dress as low down and seedy as possible. Ripped, dirty
clothes, messy hair, lousy makeup, unshaven faces, etc. Don't wash, don't
doll up and to your best to bring down your appearance. They all thought
that Mike had lost his mind. "Trust me, please" he said sincerely and
quietly, as he smiled tenderly at all of his friends and family. Wendy
blurted out, "Michael if you told me to wear cement, I would find a mason to
dress me." Don't worry about anything. "All of you can see me, if you need

As he went off to take care of things he stopped in his tracks and turned to
the bustling group. "Listen guys, prepare yourselves well, this will be a
very special occasion for me, and I hope for you. "We are going to kick out
the jambs, let it all hang out and bark like dogs. We will make Caligula's
parties look like hymn recitals. Just understand that this is the most
important day of my life, and I need all of you to be with me."

They all gathered around him giving assurances and hugs and kisses as he
left to prepare.


Around 8:30PM, everyone had followed the plan perfectly. The pool area
looked like a lower east side flop house after a sterno party. There were no
lights on, except for a small fire in a garbage can. The clothing was not
worthy of the word "rags." Not makeup, not jewelry, not a comb was used by
anyone They even managed to look washed out and out of it. Billy and Todd
managed to dig up an appliance box that they had set up like an apartment of
the FDR drive.

Rita buzzed Mike on the intercom, and told him that Pam had awoken and was
famished. She was in the shower and would be down soon. Mike reminded her to
make sure Pam dressed herself with no help or suggestions from her.

In a matter of a few minutes Pam went looking for everybody and walked right
past the pool area to see where her friends were. She needed them now, RIGHT
NOW! She was looking out through the patio doors when she noticed the small
fire burning in the can. Going out to the poll to investigate, she realized
that there were some pretty seedy looking characters around the pool and she
began to worry.

Flashbacks occurred and she started to clench her fist thinking that her
past was creeping up on her. Just the light over the patio came on to reveal
a man standing under the spot wearing a fine silk tuxedo (black, of course)
with the perfect accouterments for this outfit. As she slowly recognized
Mike, she began to feel a little better. She began to look around at all the
"hobos" sitting around and realized that she recognized the faces.

She was about to comment when Michael called to her. "Pamela, don't say a
word and please stay right where you are." She was about 20 feet in front of
the patio, and everyone but Mike was now behind her.

Mike took center stage. Nobody knew what he was going to do as he had kept
them all in the dark. Pam stood in front of him transfixed. You could hear a
pin drop. "Pamela, we have all grown very fond of you, none more than
myself. In fact, I want to say publicly, right here, right now, in front of
friends and family, that I Love You. I love you so much that I would gladly
go live in the gutter with you, if that's what you wanted. I want you to
know that we all would go into the gutter with you."

"But, he went on, I think I have a better idea for you, for me and for all
of us. I have all the resources I'll every need. I don't give a shit what
the rest of the world wants. I know what I want. I want to be with you
forever, as your husband, your friend, your companion, your mentor, your
partner, your sex toy, anything at all, but together." Before he could
continue, Pam got up and rushed into his arms. Her exuberance, sprawled him
onto his back as she landed on top of him kissing him passionately.

It was only a matter of seconds when the "bums" piled on top of them. After
coming up for air Mike said, "now that that's settled, let's get on with the

The lights came on, the sumptuous feast was wheeled in and the corks started
popping. All that remains is to relate the details of the feast-like orgy,
or was it an orgy-like feast.


At this point, I, the author, would like to invite comments and suggestions.
Does it end here? Do we describe the feast in detail? Do we introduce other
players? Thanks and I hope some of you participate. Andy (


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