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Paris Love story
By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
"Excusez-moi, etes-vous detruits?"

"I'm sorry. I don't speak French."

Just my luck the best looking woman I've seen in ages wants to talk to
me and I can't understand a thing she's saying.

"Oh you're American. You seem to be lost. I wonder if I can help you."

"A cab driver let me off here and said this is the Marriott Champs
Elyees which of course it isn't."

"Ah, the hotel is just a few blocks down the Champs, toward the Arc de
Triomphe. I'm walking that way. Let me show you."

I couldn't believe my luck. The best looking woman in Paris stops to
help me and she ends up carrying one of my bags. Four blocks didn't
seem like much distance at all with this sexy woman walking at my side.

"My name is Mireille de Torneaux. Are you on vacation?"

I told her my name was Annabelle Rouseau and that I was here trying to
get away from a lot of things. After I checked in she ended up in my
room and seemed to have a real knack at unpacking and getting things

"Thanks for your help, Mireille. I hate unpacking and your really are

"Why did you pick Paris as your get a way place. Annabelle?"

"I heard that French women were the world's best lovers and so where
else would I come?"

Her mysterious smile was as interesting as the Mona Lisa. Our eyes
locked and I found myself being pulled toward her. Her arms lightly
touched my shoulders and moved around to my back. I put my hands on her
waist and pressed my lips on hers. I felt her press back and what was a
tiny kiss between friends became a warm embrace and then a passionate
attack. My tongue forced its way into her welcoming mouth. Our tongues
met and enjoyed the luxury of each others embrace.

My hands found her well formed ass. It was so firm and round. I wanted
to kiss it and bite it. Instead I explored it with my hands hoping for
more than just this.

We kissed and kissed again. We touched and explored and held and so
much more . Her hands were in my hair and then holding my face. Her
hands were on my breasts and my chest heaved at her touch. Her hands
were on the buttons of my blouse and I soon found that garment floating
away from my body. She kissed my breasts as she pushed the front of my
bra down just enough to free my nipples. She kissed and sucked those
rigid soldiers and nipped at them with her teeth.

I don't know what happen to our clothes. I don't know how we got on the
bed. I just knew that I was being loved. I just knew that the most
beautiful woman I could imagine was doing things to my body that
started a fire in my tummy and moved everywhere else like electricity
in a grid. When the fire reached some secret place in my mind I started
to moan.

"Oh Mireille. Hold me. Kiss me. Touch me. More more more."

"Annabelle, your are so beautiful. So lovely and sexy."

She started kissing down my face and down to my breasts. She kissed in
a circle around the rosy pink place that surrounds my nipple. I longed
for her to take it in her mouth but she teased me over and over again.

Finally she sucked my nipple into her mouth and bite it gently and then
a little harder. I felt what she was doing throughout my whole body.
She played my body like a new instrument. And she wrote the music just
for me.

When she put her head between my legs, I pulled her leg over my head
and saw the perfect splendor of her pussy. It was wet and so was mine.
I wanted to taste her juices so I pulled her down on my face and
started licking her.

She had the most wonderful taste. I felt like the guest of honor at a
banquet in paradise. I licked all the juices that filtered out of her
cunt and then forced my tongue inside her to get more. I moved my hand
on her clit and slowly moved it back and forth. I rubbed hard and let
her know that a real woman lusted for her. I let her know that I was

Somehow she sucked my clit into her mouth and tortured me with her
playing. Her tongue found the depths of my pussy and searched for the
pleasure hidden there.

We went on and on and on and on till I could hardly stand the
excitement. My body felt like it was on fire and lust slipped out of
somewhere and decided to take over.

My scream must have surprised her. She started to come just as she
heard it and we both exploded in an orgasm unlike any I ever had. My
body was surprised and the thrill seemed to go on forever. Our sounds
merged and our bodies merged and for a small amount of time we were one
being designed only for love.

"How did that happen?", Mireille said with a look that told me she knew
and loved every minute of our afternoon delight.

We laid together on the bed holding each other. Before we started up
again she stopped and wanted to talk.

"Today is Fat Tuesday. My husband and I are having a costume party
tonight. Why don't you come and have some fun. Perhaps we can find some
time together later?"

I said yes before we got back to making love. I don't remember much of
what happened next. We seemed to merge one pleasure after another.


"Annabelle, I like you to meet my husband, Francois."

"Charmed my dear. I love your costume."

Most of the guys in the room loved my costume. Mireille threw something
together which she called a Woman of Ill Repute. That's just what I
felt like. I wore a black bustier which pushed my tits up and out. They
looked more that interesting. The bustier pinched in my waist and made
my butt more prominent. I never wore a thong before and felt this one
trying to sneak into the crack in my ass. I'm glad I shaved my pussy
hair to just a tiny tuft because the thong hardly could cover more.
Long suspenders attached to black silk stockings with seams running
from the black border at the top down to the shoe. Four inch heels, a
riding crop and mask toped off the costume. I was getting a lot of

Mireille rescued me and said, "Let me show you around our place."

She was dressed up as a French policeman to include the cape and funny
little cap. She was the sexiest French policeman anyone could imagine.
Her pants were tailored to fit her body from the waist down to her
ankles. They appeared to be painted on. She wasn't wearing underwear
and her breasts bounced and jiggled with each step she took. I wanted
to reach out and touch her. I wanted to relive the afternoon and I
could tell from the looks she was giving me that she was thinking the
same thoughts.

We went on a tour of the very large house and I was impressed with its
beauty. I was amazed at all the antiques and art works. The house was
worth a fortune.

"It must be wonderful living in a place like this, Mireille."

"No it's very sad. It's my husbands home and he is not a nice person.
If I leave him I get nothing and if I stay I have to put up with his

"How sad. Isn't there anything you can do?"

"Yes, I have a plan, but I think my husband knows what I'm going to do
and he has been watching me like a hawk. Tonight would be a good time
to give it a try if you want to help?"

I was to distract her husband. I didn't think that would be much of a
problem. I just hoped I didn't distract him to much. The thought of
running out of the place with half my clothes torn off didn't have a
lot of appeal. I asked him to show me around the house and just as I
thought, he made a move when we arrived at one of the guest bedrooms.

"What's going on here, Annabelle? What have you done to my husband."

Francois was tied to the bed. He was naked and had a throbbing erection
which I kept teasing to make sure he still thought he had a chance to
get some action. I was happy to see Mireille come into the room.

"Well he hit on me just like you said so I told him I'd go for it if
he'd get kinky. I've just been seeing how long I could keep his dick
pointing up in the air, waiting for you."

"Francois, I transferred a sum of money from your secret Cayman Island
bank account. If you try to find me and tell anyone I did it, I'll tell
about the account. I know you can't explain it and the police would
certainly be interested in the details."

We turned and walked out of the room and kept on walking out to the
street where we were able to get a cab. Mireille had a small over night
bag waiting for her next to the door.

Mireille sounded stern as a policeman when she said, "Don't put down
the flag driver. Here's a hundred franc bill. Take us to the Marriott
and then forget you had us as passengers."

The cab driver seemed quite pleased with himself as he drove the short
distance to my hotel. We watched him drive away before we entered the
building. The elevator took us up the seven floors to my room and in no
time at all we were safe.


"Five million dollars, Annabelle. Freedom from that doddering fool
whose only used me for a sperm bank and a decoration. It's done

She wanted to know every detail. I told her about him grabbing me and
pulling down the top of my bustier. He pushed my thong away at the same
time and forced his finger into my pussy. It hurt and I made a sound,
but he didn't care. He threw me to the bed and took off his clothes as
he looked at my nakedness. He was waiting for me to make a run for it
and enjoying my discomfort. When he jumped on me, I asked him if he'd
like someone more cooperative.

I slowly took off a stocking and wrapped it around his cock. I knew if
I didn't seem to cooperate I would get badly hurt. I was stalling.

I removed my other stocking and trailed it up and down his chest. I
pretended to whip him with the stocking and the very idea made him
whimper like a little boy.

I took of the rest of my clothes off and ignored him as he played with
my body. He forced my face down and I had to suck his cock. He finally
released me just before he came. It was then that I had the idea. When
I started to tie him up to the bed with my stockings he almost went
crazy. I gave him my most seductive looks and kept telling him how much
I loved doing this.

Once I had him tied up, I put on what was left of my clothes and
waited. I figured I'd see how many times I could get him close to
getting off without letting him come. I think he might have been having
some discomfort when we left.

Mireille asked me to go over different parts of the story and I could
see she was getting very hot. She sat next to me on the bed and started
touching and holding me while I went over each detail of the story."The
part with the stockings makes me so excited, Annabelle. Let me try it."

Somehow I found myself lying on my tummy tied to the bed with my
stockings. I was naked. Mireille looked at me as she slowly took off
her clothes.

"Do you like my body, Annabelle. Oh you can't talk with you panties in
your mouth. How sad.'

She's was beginning to make me nervous and I started to sweat when she
picked up the small riding crop that was part of my costume.

She let the crop slide up and down my back lightly touching it with the
end of the crop. I didn't know what she was going to do . I was scared
and yet my nipples started to harden and I could feel my pussy getting
wet. I couldn't understand it but I was getting turned on.

She let the crop travel into the crack between my two ass cheeks. She
moved it down until it reached my wet pussy. She pressed as if to push
it in and when I arched my back to accept it, she pulled it away from
my body.

Twack! Twack!

She burned each of my ass cheeks with the crop and laughed at me lying
helplessly on the bed.

Twack! Twack!

Once again I felt the sting of leather on my ass. Each stroke burned
and the pain was coursing though my body. Yet, I was continuing to get
excited. I didn't understand why this was happening. I wanted her to
stop, but I wanted to know how this would end even more. I felt the
riding crop slip into my asshole. It was like a black flag sticking out
of my ass. I felt humiliated but it was in so far I couldn't do
anything about it.

I waited a long time to see what she would do next. Nothing happened
and so I turned my head to look for her and she was gone. She used my
own trick and now I was tied naked on a bed waiting for the cleaning
person to find me. The irony was more than I could bear. I didn't know
weather to be angry or cry. She tricked me and played me for a fool

It seemed like forever. I was lying on the bed unable to get away and
with nothing to do. The cold from the air conditioner made goose bumps
on my naked body. All I could think about was how I'd be the laughing
stock of the hotel when the maid found me this way in the morning. Then
it occurred to me that maybe she's put up the Do Not Disturb sign. I
might not be found for days. I could die. I was terrified when I
realized what she could have done.

"Did you think I left, baby? How could I leave a cutie pie like you?"

I turned my head to see her. I was relieved at first until I noticed
the twelve inch strap on she was wearing. I was going to be abused once
again and there was nothing I could do about it. I was afraid and
couldn't understand why my body was betraying me. My pussy was soaked
and I felt my juices flowing out of my body and onto the bedspread.

"I see you're ready for me."

The strap on slid easily into my pussy. She started very slowly and
moved in and out just enough to get my attention, but not enough to get
my off.

She was moving the large device in and out at a quicker rate and I
could feel an orgasm crawl out of some place inside me and get ready to
explode when she stopped. I cry out.

"Oh, did the little girl want to come. How very sad. Let me try again."

She brought me close again and again. Each time she did she stopped
until I calmed down. I begged for release and she just laughed at me.

"You'll get off when I say so and not before. Would you like me to use
the riding crop again.?"

I felt her pull it out of my asshole and expected her to use it on me
again. I quivered in anticipation.

"Oh I wouldn't want to hurt such a cute butt. Not when I have other
uses for it. I didn't soak my strap on in your pussy for nothing."

I soon felt the strap on nudging against my asshole. My own juices made
it easy for it to slip inside the place where the riding crop used to
be. She plunged it in farther and farther until I thought she had the
whole twelve inches buried in my ass. She slowly pulled it out and then
did it again.

I felt the slow movement of the strap on as it went in and out of my
now not so tight asshole. She started a motion that moved with my heavy
breathing. I was moaning with excitement and could feel each glorious
inch of her love machine as it moved through my body.

She could do what she wanted to me and this was a new thrill. I wanted
her to dominate me and make me do her will. She controlled all and I
glowed in the knowledge.

In and out. In and out. In and out. Relentless. Pound pound pound.

I screamed out my orgasm, but she didn't stop. I screamed again and she
still had more. I don't know how many times I came but she still had
more for me. I thought I was going to pass out and yet still felt
another orgasm rose like an ocean from my loins to take over my very


"Did my baby think I was really going to leave her? Oh I'm sorry. I
just stepped into the bathroom to slip into my strap on and adjust my
make up. I didn't think I was gone that long."

She did it on purpose of course. She was just playing a game of who's
in charge. A game that I was going to love over the years. We left for
the airport in the late afternoon. And we've been together ever since.
I'm still not used to everything she does, but I do know I love her and
wouldn't have it any other way.


"Put this blanket over you lap, Annabelle. I don't want the other
people on the plane to see me get you off."
The End
Tell me what you think about my story!

Katie McN <>

Read more of my stories at my website\~Katie_McN\


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