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Parole Officer Mf Mdom anal humil


This is a story about sex, nasty, non-consensual, male-dominant, sex. It is
fantasy- I don’t do these things, and I don’t think you should either. It is
probably not for the easily offended feminists, definitely not for minors,
and absolutely out of the question for uptight holier-than-thou religious
morons. If you are either of these, you should be somewhere else.

Don’t even think of emailing me a flame or some moralistic nonsense. I
do plenty of charity, treat my fellow humans well, and if that doesn't get
me into heaven, so be it.

On the other hand, if you enjoy sex stories, I would love to get your
feedback. The alt-sex-stories business model doesn’t make for big profit,
so the only reward I get is some feedback- either positive or negative.
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Nick was bored. He was sitting in District Court, Judge Harmon’s
courtroom, trying to stay awake. Not that the matter wasn’t serious
enough, or that it lacked points of interest, Nick has just heard it all
before. Mentally, he cursed himself for the thousandth time- it had
seemed like such a good idea back in college– switching his major from
pre-law to psychology. It just hadn’t occurred to him that while
psychology majors weren’t exactly a dime a dozen, they did max out at
$30,000 each.

Nick Adams was a parole officer, the lowliest of county workers. He
worked in Union County, New Jersey, home to the collection of slums
that called itself Newark. Even prison guards at the local state prison in
Rahway looked down at parole officers. Nick had thought about quitting
more than once, but to do what? He thought about applying for a
teaching credential, but teachers made about the same as parole officers-
although they did have the summer off.

Even worse than the job, Nick hated the pay. By the time he paid the
rent for his miserable one bedroom apartment and made the payment on
his 1991 Mitsubishi, Nick didn’t have much money left. Certainly not
enough to chase the higher-class New York suburban pussy that he so
desired. Nick was currently between girlfriends- his last one was sick of
going out for a big night at Pizza Hut- and he had even worked out the
economics of resorting to hookers rather than dating. At least for $200,
you knew what you were getting. Some of the ones sitting around in the
Airport Hilton were pretty damn nice looking, especially the redhead with
the big …

“Mr. Adams, I won’t ask you again”, barked Judge Harmon. “Please
answer the question”.

“Uh, your honor, could you be more specific. I am not sure what your
line of questioning is aimed at”. The reason Nick had no idea what the
judge was driving at is that he was mentally tuned into the red-headed
hooker from the Hilton, replaying the show she put on last night on the
dance floor.

“Mr. Adams, what my line of questioning is aimed at is that I need to
understand why, in your opinion, the defendant, Mr. Ramirez, can’t hold
a job. Please do your sleeping outside my courtroom, or I WILL charge
you with contempt”.

With that, Nick was back in the real world, and did a nice job of
explaining that while Mr. Ramirez had an excellent skill set, a good work
history and high self-esteem, cocky, arrogant second-story men with 10
priors were just not in demand by high-tech industries in the area.
Ramirez went off to prison, and Nick went back to his office.

His office was a small room in the county office building, but it was
private, quiet, and it did have air-conditioning. It was in the basement,
didn’t have a window, and had peeling paint and thread-bare carpet,
which explained why someone important didn’t want it. Even though it
was one step above broom closed, Nick thought it was nicer than his

As soon as he walked into his office, the intercom buzzed. “Mr.
Adams, Ms. Elkins will be in to see you in a few minutes. The director
assigned her to you, case file 2349784808239234/L3J. Please try to be
on time”.

“That goddamned fuckin’ cunt”, thought Nick. Another crack whore,
no doubt. Or maybe a shoplifting welfare queen”. Nick and the director
didn’t get along well. They were perfectly civil- as long as they were
separated by at least 200 feet- but any closer, and Nick wanted to rip her
throat out. Even worse was her prissy little receptionist, Lisa. She was
certainly cute enough, a sort of Vanessa Williams look, although her skin
was a little darker. Lisa loved to wear short skirts, which just made it
worse for Nick. He wanted to grab her and throw her across the desk and
show her what he thought of case file 234978…..

“Mr. Adams?, cooed a gentle voice accompanied by gentle tap at his
open door.

“What the f… I mean, Can I help you?. It wasn’t often that Nick got
caught off-guard, but this was one of them. Ms. Elkins was absolutely
stunning, even prettier than the stunning redhead, that almost got his ass
thrown in jail this morning for contempt-of-court.

Gina Elkins strutted into Nick’s office. She was dressed in ordinary
jeans and a sweater, and even though both were quite loose and baggy,
there was no doubt about the charms hidden underneath her clothes. Her
face was made up to highlight her auburn hair and red eyes, with big,
moist lips and a deep red glow about her skin. More than anything, she
resembled the movie actress Jill Ireland.

“Sit down and lets get a few things straight. Beginning Monday, we will
have a weekly meeting for twenty minutes, starting at 10:20AM. That
means twenty after ten. Steal yourself a good watch, because if you show
up at twenty-one minutes after ten, I won’t meet with you, and you will
be remanded back to prison. When I tell you to do something, that means
do it- no arguments, no excuses, no explanations. I am a busy man, I
have lots of work to do, and the easiest way for me to cut down on my
workload is to send you back to prison. I get paid whether your ass is in
prison or the penthouse. Remember that! Now get the fuck out of here,
and come back Monday. I don’t have time today.” Even Nick had to
admit the performance was a little strong, but pretty women just pissed
him off. Always thought they could flash a smile and a little tit and get
whatever they wanted. Well, fuck ‘em all.

Nick went down to RECORDS and pulled Ms. Elkins’ file. Certainly
no angel. A couple of drug convictions, although she seemed to have
given up the narcotics. Her exploits were arrests and convictions for
prostitution along with a score of arrests and acquittals for theft, robbery.
The latest conviction was for conspiracy, robbery and pandering. Quite
an impressive career for a 25 year-old, thought Nick.

Her last conviction was for running an escort service preying on
merchant seamen calling on Port Newark. It seemed to Nick that she was
prosecuted, not so much for the prostitution, but for scamming the sailors
and sending large knucklebusters out with the girls to collect money from
the johns and then and take off without delivering the goods. It should
have been plea-bargained, but there was no deal. Nick chuckled to
himself…how could she have known that the judge in the case was a
former merchant sailor? Five years of parole and a $10,000 fine- sounded
to Nick like the good judge had a score to settle with a former madame
somewhere. Even the parole instructions were extremely harsh- just
about guaranteeing that the offender would violate one of them and be
remanded to prison. “Tough luck, bitch” thought Nick.

Nick had another of his usual weekends- thank god for strip-clubs or
Nick would never get to see any pussy. He had dropped $25 in the Pink
Pagoda on Saturday night, and didn’t get so much as a second look from
any of the strippers. Nothing unusual in that, but Jesus, thought Nick, at
least they could smile at him when he tried to cop a handful of cunt with
one of his dollar tips.

Monday morning came soon enough, and Nick spent the first part of the
day with the usual collection of lowlifes. His ten o’clock appointment,
Danny Quinn, had a hard luck story about how he lost his job after just
being late one time for five minutes. A quick phone call to his former
boss revealed that Danny was on-time exactly once, and usually didn’t
show up at all. Nick sent Mr. Quinn on his way- with instructions to
show him a paycheck next week for at least $150, or else be ready to go
back to prison.

No sooner did Nick sent Mr. Quinn on his way, than his phone rang.
The director was on his phone, reminding him that his rate of remanding
parolees back to prison was 20% over the average, and nearly in violation
of county guidelines. Nick solemnly promised to do better, and just
barely managed to get the phone hung up before blurting out “fucking
bitch needs a dick up her ass”.

Gina Elkins was standing in his doorway and heard the outburst, but
had the good sense to ignore it. Nick grunted to her, pointed to his
“interrogation chair”, and waited for Gina to be seated. Perhaps Nick
should have taken a few minutes, or maybe he was just in his job for too
long and didn’t give a fuck anymore, but the next 20 minutes were as
much of a surprise to Nick as to Gina.

“So, got caught gaslighting the merchant-marine, did we Ms. Elkins?
Really pissed off old Judge Welkins, but you didn’t know he was a
captain in the merchant marine, did you? Well then, that puts you in a bit
of a spot. You see, I take my orders from the judge, and he has laid out a
pretty tough parole for you. If for any reason I even suspect you are not
on your way to being a model citizen, you are on your way to Rahway
prison, habitual female-offenders section. I don’t have to tell you, you
won’t like it very much.”

“I am so sorry, but I never meant to cheat anybody, You see, there was
this guy, and he was in the mob, and he threatened …” Nick cut Gina off
in mid sentence.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch. I’ll give the orders from now on. As far am I
am concerned, the butch dykes in Rahway can have at your pretty little
cunt all they want. I hear fisting is the latest fad down there, and I am
sure you will get the hang of it soon enough.” Nick stopped talking, and
let the silence hang in the air for a few minutes. He could almost feel
Gina scheming, trying to size up his weak points and plan her attack.
Gina broke eye-contact first, and Nick knew he had just gained the

“Look, I can make it worth your while”, said Gina. “How would you
like to enjoy life a little? How about some help with dating? I can
introduce you to some nice girls- say one a week- who would love the
chance to go out with someone nice and hansom like yourself. Since
these girls are friends of mine, I would even help out with expenses for
the dates- say $200- just to make sure you can go somewhere nice.”

Nick was tempted, and had a very brief inner discussion between his
good and evil sides. He could almost see the little cartoon characters with
the halo and horns on either shoulder, each arguing their case. His mind
was made up when he saw the little guy with the horns ram his pitchfork
up the ass of his halo-bearing rival.

Even so, Nick’s little head hadn’t totally taken over from the big one.
“No, Ms. Elkins, that isn’t going to work. I don’t trust your friends
nearly enough, and they wouldn’t have anything to lose by blabbing.
You, on the other hand have a much greater interest in keeping quiet So,
lets discuss what you can do for me. A weekly date sounds like a good
idea, and certainly the $200 is a good start, but $500 would be so much
more appropriate.”

“I can’t pay you $500 a week, where wou…”

“Shut the fuck up, cunt. I am not going to tell you again. Now then,
lets get the rest of the rules straight. You will keep this weekly
appointment, and all the same rules apply. Only next time, I don’t want
to see jeans and a sweater. What I want to see is your legs- in the fucking
shortest skirt you have. And don’t forget the black stockings and the
fuck-me pumps. And make sure those tits are shakin’. And for christ
sake, use the basement entrance- don’t go parading through the lobby like
some fucking $50 hooker.”

Nick opened the door, and indicated that the interview was over. As
Gina walked out, Nick reached down and grabbed her ass, and pinched it,
as hard as he could. When Gina screamed, Nick used his other hand to
grab her left tit and pinch her nipple. Gina hustled out the door and left.
After another of his usual kick-ass weekends getting turned down,
Monday morning arrived. Mr. Quinn showed up at 10:00, and of course
did not have a job, nor a paycheck. “You must like prison, Danny-boy,
since you are on your way back there”.

“Wait a sec- I got me a job, and I made the c-and-a-half, just like you
told me. But they don’t pay by check, they pay in cash”.

“And your supervisors name and phone number is?” Nick picked up
the phone and reached down to dial.

“Look, supervisor ain’t got no phone, it’s a new business- one of them
virtuous businesses that ain’t got no building or nothin’. But here’s the
one-fifty.” Quinn counted out fifteen crispy tens on Nick’s desk.

Nick was sure the only virtual thing about the business Mr. Quinn
worked for was its legality, but the tens looked real enough. “Fair
enough, get out of here”. Quinn left, not bothering to pick up his money.
“See you next week, Danny boy”. Nick pocketed the money has he heard
the clip-clopping of high-heels coming down the hall.

Gina was dressed very nicely. She was wearing a black dress, cut three
inches above the knee and with a scoop neckline that just hinted at her
cleavage. Black hose and sensible pumps completed the ensemble. As
soon as she walked into his office, Nick slammed the door behind her.
Gina sat in the guest chair in the office, and crossed her legs, letting her
dress ride up just a little bit. She reached over to Nick’s desk and put
down an envelope- from which Nick could see top of a Ben Franklin.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing? Is that what I told you to
wear? How dumb of a fuckin’ cunt are you, anyway?”

“I brought you the money, what else do you want? Can’t you just take
the money and be happy with that? I thought that the money would be
enough for you to go out and find …”

“Look, bitch, I don’t give a flying fuck what you thought. You were
ordered to show up here, dressed a certain way, and you chose not to do
that. I hope you have been doing cunt-stretching exercises, because when
those dykes and Rahway get their fat fists in you, you are going to feel
it”. Nick didn’t say another word, just stared at Gina, watching the
arrogance fade from her pretty green eyes.

Gina started to apologize, once again looking for the mercy that didn’t
exist in Nick’s heart. “OK, I am sorry, next time I will dress just…”

Nick cut her off again. “I don’t need no fuckin’ excuses. You
disobeyed because you thought you would get away with it. Now let’s
get that dress off, and we’ll see about your spanking.”

Gina started taking off her shoes when Nick snarled again. “Did I say
anything about the shoes? Leave them on, just get the fuckin’ dress off.

Gina still managed to maintain her poise- she had stripped for enough
men to know how to do it. She reached down and lifted the bottom of her
dress and slowly lifted it. As it rode up her thighs, Nick was surprised to
see that she only wore pantyhose underneath it. Gina lifted it further, and
Nick could see her bush, just barely visible through the nylon. Gina had
trimmed her bush into a neat strip, and even though the color was tough
to discern, Nick could tell that Gina was a real redhead.

Gina kept lifting the skirt, up over her waist, and bringing the bottom of
her bra into view. She wore a black push-up bra, which stopped just
above the nipple line. The tops of her aereola were visible over the top of
the bra, and she was obviously proud of her 34C tits. Finally, the dress
was over her head, with her long red hair falling back into place.

Nick walked over to Gina, and grabbed the tops of the bra cups. He
pulled down hard, and Gina squealed as her hard nipples were pulled by
the top of the bra cups. Nick pulled her bra down so that her tits were
completely exposed, and grabbed her right nipple and pulled it, hard.
Gina gasped in pain, and Nick kept pulling, finally stopping when her
nipple was red and erect to its full half-inch. Without letting go, Nick
reached his head over to her left nipple, and bit down on it, not hard, but
long and steady, cutting off the circulation. Finally, Nick let up with his
teeth, and Gina screamed as the blood started circulating again.

“Now, cunt, you will see the price of disobeying an order from me.”
Nick sat down in his guest-chair, the one without arms, and grabbed Gina
by the nipple and pulled her down so she was stretched across his lap, her
lovely pantyhosed ass pointed up in the air. Nick reached his one hand
underneath Gina, and used it to force her legs apart. When she finally
yielded, Nick poked three fingers through Gina’s pantyhose, and forced
them into her dry cunt. With his other hand, Nick gave Gina series of
resounding swats across the ass, first on the left cheek, then the right.
When each cheek had 20 swats, Gina started crying and her pussy started
getting moist. By 30 swats she was bawling and wet, and by 40 she was
nearly hysterical and leaking like a faucet.

Nick gave Gina a few seconds to catch her breath, then pulled her up by
her hair. He directed her mouth to his belt, and ordered her to unzip his
trousers and pull out his dick- with her mouth. As Gina struggled to get
his zipper undone, Nick grabbed her left tit with his hand, and started
squeezing. When Gina finally got Nick’s hard dick exposed, Nick pulled
Gina’s head down, and stuffed his dick into her mouth.

Gina knew how to suck a dick, and gave it her best effort. It was tough
to keep her mind on her work, though, since Nick had her left tit in a
death grip, pulling hard on her nipple. Nick was pulling on her tit,
digging his fingers into the side of them. He enjoyed pulling her nipple
as far from her body as he could, then letting it go and watching her tit
jiggle. “Make me blow my load, bitch, and I’ll take it easy on your tit”.

Gina was very motivated, and sucked as hard as she could. She ran her
tongue into the slit at the top of Nick’s cock, then deep-throated Nick and
managed to even get part of his balls in her mouth. Nick could only
handle so much of this, and was close to orgasm. His grip on her tit and
not lessened one bit. “Make sure it splatters all over your face, or else
you are going to have to do it again”.

Gina took her orders well, and pulled Nick’s dick out of her mouth, and
caressed his balls as he neared orgasm. Gina positioned her face directly
in front of Nick, and managed to direct his spurts so that the first one hit
her on the forehead and dripped down on her red hair and over her eyes.
The second splot hit right on her cheek, and ran down onto her lovely lips
and into her mouth. The sight of Gina’s pretty face heightened Nick’s
orgasm, and the third and final spurt hit her right on the chin and splashed
into her mouth and up her nose. Gina’s face was covered with sperm
when Nick finally let go of her tit, and watched as the color finally came
back where Nick had been grabbing it.

“Now put your dress on, and get the fuck out of here. Make sure you
dress properly next week, or you will enjoy it even less”. Nick stood up,
and pointed to the door as Gina hurriedly tried to get her dress back on.
Nick went back to his favorite strip club over the weekend, and this
time, things went better. His favorite stripper, Monica was working on
Friday night, and Nick arrived as she was beginning her set. Monica was
a perky little brunette, probably about 5’1, but with a small perky set of
tits and an ass that just begged to be fondled. Monica did not have long
legs, but they were exquisite, and looked excellent in the high heels she
was wearing. Monica’s act was a businesswoman strip, and she started
out dressed in a conservative grey business suit, white blouse and tan
stockings with white heels.

First, Monica opened up the slit in the skirt so that her thighs became
visible as she danced. With each sideways step, Monica’s legs and thighs
were fully exposed, including the garter belt she wore. Monica had seen
Nick in the club a lot, and knew him to be a real cheapskate. She was
amazed when Nick put a $20 down in front of the bar, and she danced
over to pick it up.

Monica was, in fact, a good businesswoman. Her instincts told her that
Nick must have a few dollars in his pocket if he put down a $20 before
she even showed her tits. She decided to play him out and see what
developed. Next, Monica started unbuttoning the blouse and pulling it
out of the skirt. She had a white bra on underneath, and when the blouse
was fully open, she undid the bra and pulled it out from underneath the
blouse. Her tits were now bouncing around as she danced, hiding, then
peeking out of the open blouse.

Next, Monica did the same trick with her skirt. She reached up
underneath it and pulled off her white panties. Now as she danced, Nick
was treated to glimpses of her pussy and tits. Monica was an ex-
cheerleader, and still had the flexibility. She stood in front of Nick, and
slid her legs out from under her until she was doing a split, with her bare
cunt practically glued to the floor right in front of Nick. She twisted
herself around, and gave Nick a “hello pussy” shot, her skirt spread wide
open, her stockings and heels highlighting the shapeliness of her legs.

Monica stood up, and removed the rest of her clothing. It was nearing
the end of her songs, and she did some standard wiggle and spread poses,
making sure Nick got his fill or her tits bouncing and her ass shaking.
Monica could make her cunt wet on command, and she made sure Nick
saw the gleaming moisture on the ends of her pubic hair as he stood with
her back to Nick and bent over.

By this time, Nick was hard as a rock, and pulled another $50 from his
pocket and put it on the bar. Monica got down on all fours, pushed her
tits together to pick up the $50, then stood up without dropping the
money. Nick was amazed.

When Monica finished her set, she got dressed, and came around to
meet the crowd. Needless to say, she made Nick her final stop, expecting
him to buy her a drink. With one look at Monica in her work-clothes,
Nick would have bought her the whole damn winery instead of a single
overpriced Chardonnay. Monica was dressed in a tight bikini top that
covered the bottom half of her tits, but left her cleavage wide open and
visible. She was also wearing a wrap-around skirt that was more wrap
than around- and her legs all the way up to her crotch were frequently
exposed. White, high heels completed the outfit.

Monica asked Nick if he was interested in the VIP room. Even with the
$350 cost, Nick was interested, which surprised Monica- she wished she
had said it cost $400. Everything over $200 was hers. Monica got up
and asked Nick to follow her to the VIP room. Her lovely ass wiggled
with each step, and Nick wasn’t sure which part he wanted to watch.

The VIP room turned out to be a series of small rooms, each with a
couch and a small lamp and table. Nick sat down in the couch, and put
the money on the table. Nick made sure that Monica saw there was
another $200 in his pocket. Monica sat in Nick’s lap, and reached over
and started a 15-minute timer on the table. Monica leaned over Nick and
whispered in his ear “The $350 was just for getting in here and getting to
sit with me for 15 minutes. Anything else is up to me, and only if I like

Nick didn’t even hesitate. With one motion he reached over and turned
off the timer, pulled the $200 from his pocket, and stuffed the money up
the slit in Monica’s dress so that the money was right next to her cunt.
Nick noticed that Monica’s pussy was still wet. Monica smiled, and Nick
untied the back of her bikini, letting her tits loose. Nick always liked to
play with tits, and amused himself for a few minutes bouncing Monica’s
tits up and down. The expression on Monica’s face said that she wasn’t
enjoying this, but well, money was money.

Nick finally stood up, and directed Monica into the sofa. He had her
get on the sofa on all fours, and he pushed the dress up over her ass. Nick
already had his dick out, and it was getting harder by the second. Monica
was spreading her legs to give Nick easier access, and Nick obliged by
fucking her with his thumb from behind. As Monica continued to spread
her legs wider, both her ass and pussy became more exposed. Nick was
as hard as he got, and came up behind Monica and forced his dick into
her ass.

Monica wasn’t expecting this, and screamed in pain. Nick didn’t give a
fuck, and continued pounding away on her ass. Monica’s ass had finally
stretched enough to handle Nick’s prick, and she started moaning in at
least fake ecstasy. Nick wasn’t the least bit interested in Monica’s
orgams, and he pulled out at the last minute and shot his cum all over
Monica’s ass and pussy.

Spent, Nick sat back in the sofa and watched as Monica tried to clean
herself up enough to go on for the next set. Nick gave her a quick slap on
the ass, pulled up his pants, and went home.
Monday found Nick back at work, and eagerly awaiting his 10:20
appointment with Gina. Gina had learned her lesson on the previous
visit, and this time showed up dressed a little different. She was wearing
a short black dress- which just barely covered her crotch. It was cut low
enough on the top that the tops of her tits were visible. The outfit was
completed with black stockings- the lace tops were visible when she
walked- and 4” black high heels. All Nick could think about when she
walked into his office was- “gee, she looks good enough to fuck”.

Even as Gina walked in to Nick’s office, she knew the fake smile pasted
on her face wasn’t going to work. Nick had a cold look about him, his
eyes staring right through her. She couldn’t believe that goddamned
judge, taking out his frustrations for some whorehouse fuckjob on her- as
if it were her fault.

Nick had no intention of being nice today. As soon as Gina walked into
his office, he closed the door and pushed Gina down into his guest chair.
“Spread your legs, slut, and pull your dress up”, ordered Nick. He
watched as Gina again showed off her tight pussy, highlighted by the
black stockings and stiletto heels. “Put your legs up on my desk, and
spread them wide”. Gina did as she was told, and Nick was rewarded
with a nice view of Gina’s cunt, and watched as her clit began peeking
out. Nick reached over and pinched her clit between his thumb and
forefinger, and Gina squealed in either pain or ecstasy.

Even though she was in some pain, Gina felt herself getting wet, and
Nick noticed both the wetness on her cunt lips and the musky aroma in
the air. He reached down and stuffed two fingers inside of Gina while
still pinching her clit. Gina shuddered, and had her first orgasm of the
day, almost in spite of herself. “Who said you could come? Nick was
furious, and rewarded Gina with a sharp slap across her thighs, and then
another slap to her cunt. Gina grimaced, but said nothing.

Nick then forced his hand down the top of Gina’s tight dress, and
grabbed for her tit. He was rewarded with a handful of soft flesh, which
he kneaded in his hand. Nick then used both hands to pull down the
front of Gina’s dress, exposing her tits to his stare, and to a couple of hard
slaps. With each slap, Gina’s tits bounced and got redder, and her nipples
became erect.

Reaching into his desk drawer, Nick pulled out an 9” dildo, and walked
around behind Gina. Without saying a word, Nick pushed Gina down
onto his desk, mashing her tits into a stack of folders and baring her ass
and pussy from behind. Because of her heels, Gina’s ass was a few
inches above the desk, which Nick solved by kicking her legs apart so she
was even more spread than she had been.

Nick took mercy and stuck the dildo inside her cunt for a minute just to
get it lubed. Then he forced in inside her ass, surprised at how easy it
went in. It seemed that Ms. Elkins had some back-door experience, and
had prepared herself for it this morning. Nick fucked her in the ass with
the dildo, amused that Gina managed to come at least one more time.

One thing good about Nick, his ex-girlfriends would agree, was that at
least sex with him didn’t take too long. Watching Gina come with her ass
propped up by high heels and stocking clad legs, being jammed with a
hard piece of latex had gotten Nick really close to the edge. Frustrated,
he grabbed Gina by the hair, pulled her face up, and managed to come all
over her face, hair and dress.

“Use your fingers to gather up that cum and eat it- then get the fuck out
of here!” Grateful for a chance to get out of Nick’s office, Gina used her
fingers to clean Nick’s cum off her face, then licked her fingers clean.
She finished, put her dress back on, and started for the door. As she left,
Nick grabbed her by the arm, pulled her close to him, and whispered
"Next time, don’t forget the half-a-G, and I think you need to bring a
character reference with you to our next meeting. Make sure she knows
the drill.”

Gina left Nick’s office, plotting her revenge. She knew just who to use.
Nick sat back, relaxed, and wondered if Gina realized that when she
brought in a character reference, all Nick had to do was “suspect” she was
cavorting with a known criminal element, and he could remand her to

With a real threat of prison over her head, Nick was sure Gina would do
just about anything for him. His only worry was that he wasn’t sure his
imagination was up to the task.


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