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"Equal Partners "
Story codes: tv MM FM humil tg

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) by the author. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Posting an unaltered
copy of this story to newsgroups or on websites is
permitted as long as no money is charged for access and
as long as the author's byline and e-mail address and
this paragraph remain on the story. No alteration of
the contents is permitted.

" I know it looks like a great account on paper, but
I don't think that we should pursue it. "
Martin could hardly believe his ears. Their newly
formed marketing company was barely scraping by, and
his partner Judy seemed to be passing on a great
It wasn't like her. Her aggressive attitude towards
business was one of the reasons Martin had been so
eager to partner up with her. That, and the fact that
he was in falling in love with her. But there was
something she wasn't telling him. He was sure of it.
" Come on, Judy, this account is huge. If Berkeley
comes over, other accounts will follow. He's obviously
interested. We just have to reel him in. "
The two partners were having an early lunch
together. Judy wouldn't raise her deep brown eyes to
meet his gaze. Yes, something was definitely bothering
her. He could see it in the way that she was biting her
lower lip.
" I'm not sure Berkeley is worth the trouble,
Martin. I think he wants a little more of a
relationship than strictly business. "
It took a second for her words to sink in. Then a
minor surge of jealousy coursed through Martin's chest.
No, he didn't have a right to be jealous. He had no
claim on Judy. He hadn't even told her his feelings.
Nonetheless, during the last few weeks, while
consummating their business partnership, Martin had
felt closer than ever to the striking brunette.
" Did he proposition you ? God damn it, why does
shit like that have to come in to it ?"
" Not exactly. "
Martin puzzled.
" One of the girls at the office then ?"
" No. " She raised her eyes for the first time in
the exchange. " He wanted you. Berkeley wanted you to
be his 'girlfriend' for an evening, and then he'd give
us his full account. I turned him down flat. "
Of all the unexpected twists, this was the last one
that Martin would have envisioned. It was almost funny.
One of the reasons that Judy had wanted to leave
Pearson Marketing was because of constant sexual
advances by upper management. Needless to say, as a
guy, Martin had never had that problem.
It wasn't surprising for a beautiful girl like Judy.
Her mother was partially Asian, passing on an exotic
look that so many men around the office had found
irresistible. The only reason Martin hadn't made any
moves himself was because she always complained to him
about the advances. So they settled into a close
friendship that later developed into a business
Martin reacted with disbelief in his voice.
" Oh my god, what kind of a sick bastard is this
guy. He doesn't think I'm gay, does he ?"
" I don't know. It doesn't matter. You certainly
wouldn't expect me to do anything like this, and I
didn't even consider his proposition for a moment. No
account is big enough to make that kind of sacrifice
for. "
Martin shook his head, stunned.
" Okay then. I guess we'll just have to forget about
Berkeley. "
And the topic was closed.

Except for the fact that it wasn't quite so easy for
Martin to simply forget about Berkeley. As much as he
knew that Judy didn't blame him, the loss of the
account weighed heavily on his mind. In marketing, if
you can't close the big accounts, you're finished.
Small businesses just don't have the kind of cash flow
that it takes to support a large marketing campaign.
So far, they had come up almost empty. More each
day, Martin could see discouragement setting in around
the office.
And more each day, Martin's mind was drawn back to
the unusual lunch-time conversation.
Evan Berkeley wanted Martin to be his 'girlfriend'
for an evening.
How bizarre. Martin had only met the large man once,
and then only briefly. In that meeting, the man had
seemed strictly interested in business.
It was just too hard to figure out. Almost too hard
to even think about.
Another thing that Martin was trying not to think
about was the financial realities of the newly formed
venture. Each day brought new expenses, mainly covered
by Judy's dwindling savings. Martin's own meagre
savings had already been swallowed.
Sure, Judy had been able to win over a couple of
mid-sized customers from her previous client list, but
it wasn't enough to support the company. Martin had
been less successful. While creatively talented, he
hadn't had much personal contact with his clients. That
was hurting the small firm now.
They had hired three employees right from the start.
Now, it was getting to the point that they would have
to consider laying them off. Martin and Judy were
delaying that decision as long as possible. The problem
was, without the other employees, the small firm
couldn't handle a large account even if they landed it.
If the partners lost these talented people, they might
as well close the doors.
Again, thoughts of the Berkeley account floated
through Martin's head. It was impossible to ignore the
kind of impact that the large corporate account could
have on their future. An account that size could put
the little firm on the map. Other accounts would
They were so damned close. A slight jostle of
fortune would either make the firm a success, or an
utter failure.
Judy knew it too. He could see by the tension on her
face. He hated to see her that way. Of course she would
never ask him to consider Berkeley's offer. She had
dismissed the possibility instantly. There's no way to
know whether she would have considered the offer if it
had been directed at her instead. In a strange way,
that would have been even more distressing to Martin.
It was far too much to ask for either of them.
Or was it ?
Martin wondered himself. No one wanted the
partnership to succeed more than he did. He had
convinced Judy to quit her job. He had found the office
location. In the end, it was him who had pressed
forward. For what ? Because he was in love with her ?
For the chance to become closer to her ?
Now, they were failing. All he had to do was give up
his pride for one night, and it would save them. A
single sacrifice, and neither one would have to go
crawling back to Pearson.
How bad could it possibly be ?
That was the final question. Ironically, Martin
wondered if it was the same question that Judy had
asked herself dozens of times when faced with
harassment at Pearson. He never wanted her to have to
go back to that.
The sickening answer to the question inevitably came
to him.
Whatever it was, he could probably handle it. Not
for himself. For her.

Martin waited until Judy and the staff were out for
lunch. He and Judy shared the one private office, and
he definitely didn't want her to overhear the
conversation. Even once he was totally alone, he had a
difficult time getting himself to make the call. It had
been over a week since Berkeley had visited the office.
Martin wasn't sure about how he could approach the man.
He held his breath as his finger hovered over the
final digit of the phone number.
Now or never.
" Evan Berkeley's office, " a female voice chirped
from the other end of the line.
" Yes, could I speak to Mr. Berkeley ?"
" I'm afraid he's in a conference. Could we call you
back ?"
Martin paused.
" Okay. It's Martin Coleman from Creative Designs
Marketing. Should I give you the number ?"
" No, I'm sure we have it on file. We'll get back to
you in the next half-hour. "
He almost hoped that they wouldn't. It would take
the choice out of his hands. His heart raced with the
uncertainty as he prayed that he would get an answer
before Judy came back.
As the end of lunch neared, and the staff began to
reappear in the office, the phone rang again. Martin
had to be quick to answer the phone before anyone else.
" Creative Designs..."
" Hello, is this Martin Coleman ? "
" Yes. "
" Hi, this is Priscilla from Evan Berkeley's office.
Mr. Berkeley was quite pleased to hear from you. He
would like to meet with you tonight. He will award the
marketing contract based on the outcome of that
meeting. Can I schedule you for 7:00 ?"
" Um yeah."
The woman gave him the address of a downtown hotel,
a room number, and the name of Evan Berkeley's personal
assistant, Pauline McDonald, who would meet him there.
Martin scribbled down the details, all the while
nervously watching the office door. Judy would be back
She would probably figure everything out anyhow, he
imagined, after the Berkeley account fell into place.
She was too smart to not figure it out. But right now,
he didn't want her to know. It was too embarrassing.
She might even try to convince him not to go through
with it. Once it was done, and they had the account, he
just hoped that he could live with this decision.

Martin stood nervously at the door to Evan
Berkeley's suite. All day, he'd been trying to argue
himself out of doing this. The idea of having sex with
a guy was one that Martin had never really considered.
The women in his life had always provided enough
fantasies to fill his imaginings. More than enough,
really. He loved every wonderful curve of womanhood. He
had never considered anything else. Now his mind was
forced onto unfamiliar images. The idea of pleasing a
man sexually was entirely foreign to him.
The fact that this was probably the most expensive
suite in the city didn't do much to calm Martin's
nerves. A security guard had quickly frisked him when
he stepped out from the elevator, and now eyed him
suspiciously as he paused outside of Evan's door.
As much as some part of him wanted to, Martin wasn't
going to allow himself to back away now. Not with
everything at stake. He tapped lightly on the door.
The girl who answered wasn't much older than Martin.
Somehow, he had expected a slightly older woman to be
Berkeley's personal assistant. The twenty-something
girl seemed almost as nervous as he was.
" Please come in, " she told him, and then, as an
afterthought, "oh, by the way, you are Martin Coleman,
aren't you ?"
" Yes, I am. You must be Pauline. "
" Oh, you can call me Paula. Um, I'm expecting Mr.
Berkeley to be here around nine o'clock, so that gives
us enough time to get you ready. "
Two hours to get ready ? Martin shook his head. What
the hell did this guy have planned ?
Paula must have caught his confused look.
" Oh goodness, I guess no one went over the details
with you. "
The girl's face went a little red.
" What details ?" Martin asked.
" I'm sorry. I'm a little embarrassed about this.
You see, I've only been employed with Mr. Berkeley for
a couple of weeks now, and I wasn't quite prepared for
his more exotic tastes..."
The whole thing got weirder by the minute.
" Exotic tastes... " Martin repeated, with a
question in his voice.
" Well, I assume you know that he wants you to be
his 'girlfriend' for the evening. "
It was Martin's turn to blush. He had been trying to
avoid thinking about the phrase. Admitting it to this
attractive young woman compounded his shame.
" Uh, yeah. "
" It seems that Mr. Berkeley wants you to be dressed
like a girl. That's what it means, to be his
" Why ? I mean... " Martin could barely gather his
thoughts, " if he wants to have sex with a woman, why
doesn't he just get a woman ?"
Paula didn't seem comfortable explaining Mr.
Berkeley's sexual preferences.
" Oh, that's not it at all. I think he's bisexual,
actually. From what I've heard, he doesn't much care
who he's having sex with, as long as he's in control.
He's very dominant that way. He finds that it's the
ultimate expression of his natural dominance to make
people do things they wouldn't normally do. Most of the
women we find for him are actually lesbians. He likes
to control and humiliate his sexual partners. "
If humiliation was what the man was after, he's
already got that, Martin thought to himself. He
couldn't believe that he had actually come here to have
sex with the man, much less that he was going to let
this young woman dress him up like a girl.
He wondered briefly if Berkeley had humiliated Paula
as one of his sexual partners yet. No, the girl seemed
too innocent for that. It was hard for him to imagine a
straight laced girl like her participating in any of
Evan Berkeley's twisted sexual games. Nonetheless, the
girl retrieved her notebook from a conference table in
the room, and began to read the instructions.
" Well, I guess we'd better get your clothes off. He
wants me to apply a cream, and to bathe you. "

The view from this penthouse suite was breathtaking,
and the place was huge. The front door opened into a
conference room, adjoined to Evan Berkeley's private
living area. The girl led Martin through the living
room and into a lavish bathroom. Even here, the
trappings of wealth were apparent. The floor was a
richly textured marble, and dominating the floor space
of the room was a large bath tub, already filled with
soapy water.
It looked like Paula had everything prepared. One of
the counters was piled with a selection of women's
clothing, and she had several other shopping bags
She watched Martin expectantly.
No point in delaying, he thought. In fact, the
sooner this is over, the better.
He tried not to look at the young woman as he shed
his clothing. Instead, he watched himself in the
mirror, trying to figure out what it was that made Evan
want to see him as a girl. Certainly, he wasn't a
muscular guy, but he tried to keep himself trim. There
wasn't anything about the reflection that struck Martin
as particularly feminine, but it was difficult to make
those kinds of judgements about himself.
Martin stripped off his underwear, and then self-
consciously folded his hands in front of his erect
penis. Not much cover, really. Stripping in front of an
attractive girl definitely had an effect on him. He
caught Paula blushing. This scene was awkward for both
of them.
" Okay, let's get the cream on you. I'll have to be
thorough. This cream is to remove excess bodily hair,
and Mr. Berkeley has put in my instructions that he
wants your body smooth. "
Martin found himself wondering what other
instructions were in that book. Was there any limit to
the humiliation that Evan Berkeley had planned for this
evening ?
Paula began to wipe on the thick cream with a
sponge. The sweet aroma of the pink gel quickly filled
the room.
" This stuff is pretty strong, You'll probably feel
it tingling after I apply it. "
Had she done this before ?
She was right. Soon after she applied the cream to
Martin's back and arms, he could feel a warm tingling
sensation spreading over his skin. She circled around
front, and began to apply the cream to his chest.
Embarrassingly, the close physical contact with Paula
made Martin's cock twitch. She was trying hard not to
Until, of course, she applied the cream to that part
of his body. Martin tried not to look down as the
pretty personal assistant dropped to her knees, and
began to massage the pink cream into the flesh of his
cock and balls. The arousal was hard to fight. His
swollen prick was only inches from the girl's face.
Finally, she applied the cream to Martin's legs, and
circled around him to do a thorough job on his ass
" Good, we'll just give it a minute or two, and then
you can get into the tub. "
To say that he felt silly, standing there covered in
pink cream, would be an understatement. The sweet,
almost fruity, smell was becoming overpowering. Warm
sensations surrounded him. It was a relief when she
asked him to climb into the bath.
The warm water was covered in a thick layer of
Cute. A bubble bath.
" Let me wash you. There's still plenty to do. "
" Is that really necessary ? I can wash myself. "
" I'm afraid so. It's in the instructions. "
The cute blonde girl took a wash cloth, and began to
scrub his body. It quickly became apparent how
effective the cream had been. As Martin assumed various
positions to allow Paula to wash his body, he could see
how smooth and hairless the cream had left him. Even
course hair, like under his arms, and his pubic hair
were easily wiped away.
" Lean over the edge of the tub, " Paula instructed.
" Mr. Berkeley wants your ass to be particularly
Martin obeyed silently. What would be the point in
complaining ? He wouldn't have gone this far if he
wasn't willing to let Berkeley use his ass.
Even in this shameful pose, he found it impossible
to control his arousal level. Certainly, Paula was a
pretty girl, and this was an intimate situation. But
there was an additional element to his arousal, and
presenting his ass in this lewd display was making it
perfectly clear. There was definitely something about
being in this humiliating position that was turning him
The girl gently washed his ass with the washcloth,
and warm, soapy water.
" Good girl, " she told him.
Was that in the script ? Martin's cock twitched
Paula's soapy hands explored every part of his now
smooth ass. It was surprisingly easy for the girl to
slide first one finger, and then two, into Martin's
tight rear hole.
" That's a good girl. Let me in. Mr. Berkeley wants
me to be very thorough. "
He tried to relax as the personal assistant pushed a
third finger into his ass. She began to splash warm
soapy water into the crack of his ass with her free
hand as she continued to work her fingers inside of
him. The treatment continued for a full five minutes,
as Martin remained on his knees, leaning over the edge
of the tub.
" All right now, let's put in your butt-plug. That
will keep you loose enough for Mr. Berkeley. I've heard
he's quite large. "
Just another piece of information that Martin
Coleman had never expected to know about any of his
customers. Paula retrieved the rubbery device from one
of the shopping bags, and paused to lubricate it before
coming back to Martin.
" Nice and easy now. Just let it into you. "
This new anal intrusion served as a reminder to
Martin about what kinds of things Evan Berkeley had
planned for him this evening. He tried not to think
about it as the widest part of the plug pushed past his
anal ring.
" Great. Now you're ready to be used like a girl.
All that's left is to pretty you up a little. Come on
out of the tub. "
Paula seemed more confident in herself now. Her tone
seemed almost condescending. An easy tone to take, he
had to admit, with a man who accepted this kind of
humiliation so easily. He stepped gingerly out of the
tub, his body still adjusting to the discomfort of the
As the young woman began to pat him dry, Martin
caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror again. This
time, his body was hairless, and he had to admit that
the change made him appear more feminine. It certainly
felt strange.
When he was fully dry, Paula patted his bottom with
a hand full of baby powder, and lightly misted his body
with a touch of perfume. She then went back to her
notebook. Her face went red.
" Well, it looks like Mr. Berkeley wants you to be
wearing 'real' girl underwear tonight. His instructions
are for me to take off my own panties and bra set, and
dress you in them. "
Martin couldn't help but be ashamed at his physical
reaction to Paula's words. He would do anything for a
moment alone to masturbate. Instead, he watched almost
breathlessly as the young blonde girl reached one hand
under her skirt, and began to squirm out of her
panties. In a moment, Paula's white satin panties
dropped around her ankles.
" There, you can start with those. They might be a
little tight for you, but I'm sure Mr. Berkeley won't
mind. Would you mind turning your back while I take off
my bra ?"
He took the panties from her, and then turned his
back. It was an odd contrast, that the girl would take
this measure to preserve her modesty, while he was so
indecently displayed. While she worked to remove her
bra, Martin stepped into the white panties, and pulled
them up his legs.
A snug fit, surely. The cut of the panties would
accent his now smooth ass cheeks. His penis poked up
past the waistband in the front, and again, he wished
silently for a moment to relieve his sexual urges. He
hoped that Paula wasn't getting the idea that he
enjoyed 'being a girl'.
" Here you go, " Paula handed the young entrepreneur
her white satin bra while she re-buttoned her blouse. "
There are some inserts on the counter to give you the
right shape. "
Martin scanned the counter until he found the gel-
filled inserts.
" Let me help you with those, " Paula offered. She
held the two soft inserts to his chest, and helped him
to fit them properly into the bra. Once the garment was
clasped on, he could feel the weight of the false
breasts on his shoulder. The shape was quite authentic.
He avoided looking in the mirror now, knowing how
silly he must look in Paula's underwear. Next came some
pantyhose. Paula had him sit on the edge of the tub
while she fitted the tight nylon over his legs. These
weren't the full hose, that would be pulled over his
white panties, but rather the kind that terminated just
below his crotch.
What's next, a garter belt ? Martin wondered how far
Berkeley's instructions went. But Paula seemed content
to leave the tight skin-toned hose clinging to his
upper thighs.
Paula went through the various clothing on the
counter. On several occasions, she had Martin hold up,
or even try on the garments, while she mixed an
matched. Finally, she settled on a tight black skirt,
and a shimmering pink blouse.
" Great... you fit into those, and I'll start
getting the make-up and jewellery together. "
His erection was still apparent. God, he hoped that
he could get himself under control once Paula wasn't
around. As it was, he could make out the form of her
bare breasts through the material of her blouse, and
the knowledge that she was wearing no panties wasn't
helping either.
Once Martin was into the clothing, Paula was quick
to add the finishing touches to the look. She chose
black leather shoes with moderate heels, gold
jewellery, including dangling clip-on earrings, and a
shoulder length wig of straight brown hair.
Then it was just the finishing touches. She took her
time applying make-up. She seemed to be a
perfectionist. Twice, she wiped his face clean entirely
and began her efforts again. Martin sat as still as he
could, his heart now pounding furiously. Time was
ticking down. Soon, he would be expected to complete
his act as Berkeley's girlfriend.
" That about does it. Quite a change, if I do say so
myself. " Paula directed Martin's eyes towards the
mirror, and despite himself, he drank in the changes.
Would he pass for a woman ? The answer surprised
him. A definite maybe. It would be hard for him to
judge, but a fresh set of eyes would probably never
think that he was a guy. Berkeley would know, of
course, because he had met Martin before. But then,
that wasn't the point for him.
In any case, the difference was breathtaking.
So was the feeling. The feel of the pantyhose, the
weight of the bra, the texture of the clothing... they
were all new sensations. And why, for god's sake, was
he still turned on ? If he didn't control this soon,
Evan Berkeley might get the idea that this was one of
his kinks to begin with.
" It's getting close to nine o'clock now, " Paula
said, as she began to clean up the clutter in the
bathroom. "Why don't you wait in the living room, and
I'll make the rest of the preparations. "
It was a relief for Martin to finally be away from
the pretty young woman. Perhaps a few minutes alone
would give him time to tame his arousal. He stepped
unsteadily on the heels of the little black shoes, and
quickly took a place on the sofa.
Paula continued to make last minute preparations.
She dimmed the lights, and lit a couple of candles at
the little glass table in front of the sofa. A quick
trip to the kitchen produced a bottle of red wine, as
well as a couple of crystal bowls containing
strawberries and whipped cream. Just as she finished
setting down these items, Martin could hear someone
coming in through the conference room.
" My, my, Pauline... you've done a wonderful job
setting everything up, " the large man said, as he
quickly scanned the room. His eyes rested on Martin. "
Can I assume that my girlfriend has been prepared
according to my instructions ?"
" Oh, yes sir. And I must say, it seems that she's
quite excited about this evening. "
" Good. I like my dates to be eager. "
Martin stood awkwardly to greet the large man. Evan
Berkeley stood nearly a foot taller than his date for
the evening. He was known as an intimidating man, and
given his current state of dress, Martin couldn't have
felt more humbled in his presence.
" Oh, please, sit down my dear. I'll be over in a
moment. "
Paula made no move to leave the room. As much as he
had already humiliated himself in front of the girl,
Martin was eager to have her leave. The idea of
actually acting the part of Berkeley's girlfriend in
front of the cute personal assistant was more than he
could bear.
Just one night, he reminded himself. Then he could
forget the whole thing.
Evan dropped his briefcase to the floor, which Paula
dutifully put away. He then pulled of his suit jacket,
and Paula took it from him.
Finally, he came in for a closer look at his date.
" An extraordinary change, " he said, with a wide
smile. " It always amuses me, the things that people
will do for money. Take Pauline, for example. A
conservative girl, straight from a Christian college.
For the promise of money and success, she's set aside
her moral problems, and helps me to do the most
perverted things. Why, right now, if I'm not mistaken,
she is wearing no panties or bra... and she has spent
the last two hours preparing my girlfriend to be
fucked. Quite a stretch for a girl with such high moral
values, wouldn't you say ?"
The girl was nearby, and her face was flushed red.
He was taunting her. Martin wasn't sure if he was
supposed to respond. He opened his mouth to speak, but
Berkeley raised his fingers to Martin's lips.
" Quiet, girl. When I have use for your mouth, I'll
let you know. In the meantime," he snapped his fingers,
"pour us some wine, Pauline. "
The personal assistant poured two glasses of red
wine, and set them on the glass table. Evan Berkeley
took one, and prompted his date to take the other. He
raised his glass in a toast.
" To the things people do for money..."
A crystal ring, and then a sip of the strong
flavoured wine.
At first, Martin tried to sip the wine, but Evan
brought his hand up, and helped the younger man to tip
the glass back.
" swallow for me now. I wouldn't want to ruin your
make-up. "
Martin gulped down the wine, and no sooner did he
set the glass down than Paula refilled it.
" Very considerate, isn't she ? You don't mind her
being here, do you ?" He watched his date's eyes for
reaction, but didn't wait for a spoken answer. " Of
course you don't. By this time, she has seen all of
your secrets anyhow. "
Evan turned his attention to the strawberries. He
took the first taste, savouring the sweet fruit. Then
he dipped a second one, and raised it for his
" Now, you may open you lips, girl. "
Such a sensual act felt intensely wrong to do with
another man. Martin allowed himself to eat from the
hand of his soon-to-be lover, all the while cursing the
man for allowing Paula to stay in the room. It was hard
for him to control his arousal with the girl around.
The situation was simply too charged with sexuality for
him to ignore.
Evan fed his date another of the cream dipped
strawberries. As the younger man swallowed down the
dessert, Berkeley reached to the cream bowl again. This
time, he dipped no fruit, but one of his large fingers
into the bowl. He raised his hand again, and his
girlfriend obediently took the finger in between his
painted lips.
" Mmm... I can think of a better use for those lips.
The large man leaned back now, and unbuckled his
belt. The message was clear. It was time for Martin to
please his new client.
The shame of it really hit Martin, as he dropped to
his knees in the hotel suite. He knew that Paula was
watching as he positioned himself between her boss's
legs. The reality of this was impossible to avoid. Not
only was he dressed as a girl, but now he would be a
cock sucker for this man.
Evan pulled is pants to his ankles, bringing his
large cock into view. The man was fully erect, and he
stroked himself in preparation of his girlfriend's
There was very little delay. Everyone knew what
Martin was here for. He began to lick the underside of
Evan's prick. The large man groaned his approval. The
size of the tool made it difficult to fully engulf, but
soon, Martin was sinking the head of it into his mouth,
and using his hand to stroke the saliva covered organ.
" Oh yes, this is nice. Sometimes, my little bitches
are reluctant. Like you were, I suppose. Eventually,
though, they all end up doing what I ask. Isn't that
right, slut ? Every bitch I ask for ends up crawling to
me on her knees, just the way you are now. "
Martin could feel the shame washing though him. It
was almost too much. This is exactly what Evan Berkeley
wanted from the start. He reminded himself of Paula's
words. The man liked to 'control and humiliate' his
sexual partners. Now the girl was watching it happen to
just another 'bitch'. The young man's cock twitched
again. His arousal only compounded the shame.
" Ungh... I think that will be enough..." Evan
pulled his cock free. Martin was half disappointed. He
had hoped for a quick end to this.
" Put on some music, Pauline. I think my girlfriend
wants to dance. "
Berkeley pulled up his pants again, and took his
date's hand. They stood together in an open area of the
floor, while Paula put on a slow jazz song.
Now in the arms of the large man, it wasn't hard for
Martin to imagine that he was actually a girl. He
caught his image reflected on the inside of the
windows. He seemed so small and feminine in the arms of
such a large dance partner.
Evan's hands roamed as they danced. He traced the
lines of Paula's panties through the thin material of
his dance partner's skirt. His big hands cupped the
smooth curves of his date's ass as their bodies swayed
gently to the rhythm of the music. The tight nylon of
Martin's pantyhose brushed against the tick material of
the older man's suit pants.
Then their lips met.
It was more than an awkward moment for Martin. Even
when he had anticipated his time with Berkeley, he had
never envisioned any kissing going on. In a strange
way, this contact was more disturbing than any sex act
he had imagined. It was too personal.
While they kissed, first slowly, and then with more
passion, one of Evan's hand went to his date's crotch,
and stroked the bulge in the front of the younger man's
panties. His other hand continued to explore the firm
flesh of Martin's ass.
Despite the barrage of sensations, Martin's mind was
drawn back to his reasons for doing this. It was for
Judy. He wanted, no... needed for her to succeed. He
wanted her for himself. And he wondered, would she
still respect him at all if she could see him now,
dressed like a girl, and held in the big arms of Evan
" Are you horny now, bitch ? Do you want to be
fucked ? " Evan taunted. As was his habit, he answered
the question himself. " Of course you do. I can feel
how hot you are for me. Let's go to my room. "
The next move surprised Martin. With little effort,
the large man lifted his girlfriend into his arms and
toward the door to his room. Paula followed a few steps
Once in the large room, Evan dropped his date onto
the bed.
" You just watch, Paula. I'll show you how a real
man fucks his bitch. "
Martin began to roll over onto his stomach to
present his ass to Berkeley.
" Not that way, slut. Stay on your back, and spread
your legs for me. "
The large man was undressing himself. Martin's eyes
went back and forth between the wealthy man and his
personal assistant as he lay back on the bed and spread
his legs as commanded.
" Good girl. Take off your panties for me. "
Martin raised his ass off of the bed, and pulled the
panties down to his knees. Evan watched with some
slight amusement at the entrepreneur's butt-plug was
exposed. Once the panties were off, the large man took
them, and tossed them towards his young assistant.
" You can put those back on now Pauline. "
He laughed to himself as he positioned himself on
the bed between his girlfriend's nylon covered legs.
His big cock swayed from side to side as he reached
forward and groped the fake breasts that Pauline had
taken so much trouble to put in place.
" Open your blouse, bitch. I want to see your tits.
With trembling hands, Martin began to unbutton the
pink blouse. In the meantime, Evan reached down, and
took hold of the end of the butt-plug. With a single
cruel twist, he popped it free, leaving his date's ass
gaping open for him.
The skirt was around Martin's waist now, leaving a
narrow band of pale flesh visible before his legs were
covered in the pantyhose. His feet dangled in the air,
with the little black shoes still on. Evan fondled the
fake breasts of his girlfriend as he positioned his big
cock to enter. The head of his tool was moist with pre-
cum, and rubbed against Martin's lubricated hole.
" Are you gonna squeal like a girl while I fuck you
? Huh, slut ? I want to hear how much you love it. "
The first squeal came almost immediately, as he
pushed his big cock in. It was a squeal of surprise and
discomfort as Martin felt his tight ass stretch to
accommodate the larger man. Berkeley was relentless.
Martin wrapped his legs around the large man, and
raised his ass off of the bed to try to find a more
comfortable angle of penetration.
" That's it, bitch. Wrap those cute little legs
around me. I can feel how much you want it."
To prove his point, Evan reached down and grabbed
hold of Martin's erect cock. The younger man was no
match for Evan in size, but he was rock hard. The
combined sexual humiliations of the evening made it
impossible for Martin to control himself.
Like any other bitch who ended up in Evan Berkeley's
bed, he surrendered himself completely to the obscene
feelings. Even as the pressure in his tight opening
increased, he could hear himself moaning in response to
Berkeley's touch.
When the large man was finally buried deeply into
his ass, the fucking truly began. Just as the large man
had predicted, Martin squealed with every stroke. The
intense feelings of the large penis filled him
He looked at himself now, blouse open, and breasts
bouncing with each thrust. His skirt was pulled up,
revealing his hairless crotch. His nylon covered legs
were wrapped around Evan Berkeley, who was fucking him
with an amused sneer on his face.
God, let him be done soon, Martin begged. He wanted
nothing more than to leave this place, and leave behind
all memory of this wretched evening.
His body, on the other hand, was responding
shamefully to being fucked for the first time by a man.
Evan continued to stroke his little cock with his big
fist, bringing Martin dangerously close to orgasm. That
would be the final degradation. He fought in vain to
keep the feelings under control.
Berkeley grunted in unison to his girlfriend's
" That's right, " he said between breaths. " I know
you're enjoying this. Do you like that Pauline is
watching you get fucked ? She sees what a sissy you
are. You know it too. That's why you're going to take
my cum, bitch. I'm going to cum deep in your smooth
little ass. "
The tempo increased. Every thrust pounded into
Martin's ass just a little bit further.
" Say you want it, bitch. "
It wasn't a question, it was a command.
" Yes, I want it. "
Yes, anything to have this over with.
" Beg for it, slut. "
Martin tried his best to sound like the desperate
slut that Berkeley wanted him to be.
" Oh, please... please... cum in my ass... make me
your bitch... I want it so bad..."
The words hung in the air as orgasm hit. Not
Berkeley first, but Martin. His hairless little cock
erupted as Berkeley laughed out loud. As his balls
emptied themselves, his ass tightened rhythmically
around the cock of the larger man.
With a final groan, Evan was over the edge too.
Martin could only look up at the twisted face of the
large man as he emptied his cum into Martin's tight
ass. The fluid felt warm and soothing against the
stretched walls of Martin's ass. Again and again, the
large man groaned as his body convulsed.
Breathlessly, he looked down on his conquest. His
expression was unmistakable. It was gloating.
Berkeley patted the younger man's ass as he pulled
himself out.
" You've got the contract, whore, " he said. That's
exactly what Martin felt like right now. A used whore.
Berkeley called over to his assistant as he reclined on
the bed. " You can make sure that our guest finds her
way out. "
Paula led Martin back into the bathroom. The warm
cum began to ooze out of his battered ass while he
walked. There's no kind of small talk that you can make
with someone who just watched you become a complete
whore, Martin thought to himself. He couldn't even meet
the young woman's eyes.
She left him there in the bathroom. Martin changed
his clothes as quickly as he could, and then found his
own way out.

Monday was supposed to be a good day. It would be
the day that his sacrifice paid off. Martin had spent
the entire weekend trying to force his mind to let go
of the images of the things he did for Evan Berkeley.
He tried to forget the shameful way his body had
reacted to the unwanted advances. He tried to look
forward to the inevitable celebration that would follow
the receipt of the contract. Nonetheless, his body and
soul still reminded him of the cost, and as he watched
Judy opening a courier envelope from Berkeley's office,
the taste of shame lingered on his tongue..
" Oh, my god... " Judy lifted her dark eyes from the
page briefly, " we got the contract. The bastard gave
us the contract. "
She was stunned. She read the letter a second time
to make sure it hadn't changed in the meantime.
Suddenly, there was hope in her face. Joy.
Yes, this is what he had wanted.
He could take some pleasure in this. The staff too
was shocked by how quickly the fortunes of the small
marketing firm had changed. The news was so exciting
that the staff hugged and cheered in triumph. Martin
hugged each of the girls in turn, enjoying the moment,
but he didn't feel truly happy until he was in Judy's
She was shaking.
He held her tightly, and, in that moment, all
thoughts of Evan Berkeley were banished. This is
exactly where he wanted to be, forever if he could.
" We're really going to make it, " Judy whispered
into his ear. " I can't believe it. "
The moment was finally broken by a visit from
another courier.
It was a flower delivery, actually. Martin wondered
who the bouquet was for. First, one sick feeling hit
him in the gut, as he wondered if Evan Berkeley had
sent them as yet another reminder of their time
together. But when the delivery driver spoke, he was
hit with an altogether different kind of blow.
" Is there a Judy Sinclair here ?"
Then she escaped Martin's arms.
" Who are they from ?" one of the girls asked
Judy opened the card.
" Oh, they're just from Trevor. "
She didn't get off the hook that easily. The girls
demanded to know who Trevor was. Judy blushed a little.
" He's just a guy we used to work with a Pearson. I
had drinks with on Friday. Really, it's nothing
Martin tried to conceal his feelings. He had worked
with Trevor on several occasions, and certainly didn't
want him as competition. Not only was he bright, but he
was also a bit of an athlete. He was always bragging
about his college hockey career. If you were to believe
his stories, he would have made it as a professional if
it weren't for that knee injury.
There was still hope, of course. She had said that
it was nothing serious. Maybe Martin didn't believe
that entirely, but it was still hope. And hope had
brought him this far, hadn't it ?

The rest of the week, the atmosphere in the office
was electric. They had gone from near dormancy to a
manic pace in the course of days. Martin and Judy ate
lunch together nearly every day, and work kept them
late as well. With all of the new business on their
hands, Martin could be sure of one thing, Judy wasn't
going to be seeing much of Trevor these days.
Surprisingly to Martin, Judy didn't seem to suspect
anything about what he had done with Berkeley to get
the contract. Perhaps with everything that was
happening, she just hadn't stopped to think about it
much. Martin was more than pleased about it. Every day,
he thought less about it.
Then Friday came. Martin came in a bit late after
running some errands, and found Judy in a very
different mood.
" Would you close the door ? " she asked him, as he
entered the small shared office.
" Um, okay... is there anything wrong ?"
janet paused while he closed the door.
" I just received another package from Evan
Berkeley. "
Martin's heart sank straight through the floor. He
knew what was coming.
" Did you really... ?"
The package was on her desk. There was an unopened
box, and a note, which Judy held in her hand.
" I didn't want you to know, " Martin said, without
thinking. " I mean, it was the only way. I didn't want
us to lose the business. "
" God, Martin, I never would have asked you to do
such a thing. You didn't have to. "
" Don't worry about me, really. I'm okay with it
now. The business is what's important. Once we get
rolling, we won't even need Berkeley any more. "
Judy set down the note.
" Right now, though, " she said, " we really do. God
help us, he has us right where he wants. In this note,
Berkeley writes about what you did. I tried to skip the
details, Martin, but..."
" It's okay. Go on. "
" He says he wants to send some more business our
way. One of his asian partners wants to begin an
American publicity campaign. It's another huge account.
The problem is, he wants you again. "
" What ?" Martin couldn't believe his ears. Berkeley
couldn't possibly think that he would go through with
another evening.
Judy cast her eyes downward.
" You know I wouldn't ask this of you, except..."
What was she asking ? Martin held his breath.
" Well, he says that if you don't do this, we'll
lose both accounts. I'm so sorry, Martin. I shouldn't
even have told you. I should have ripped up this
horrible letter. But, goddamn it, we're so close. This
last week has been amazing. Please don't think I'm a
horrible person..."
" I could never think that of you. "
" Then you'll do it ?"
Martin swallowed hard.
" Yeah. "

In the package were further instructions for Martin.
He read them alone, after the other girls went home.
' Meeting is set for this coming Thursday. Be prompt
at 7:00 for preparations. Mr. Berkeley and his business
associates will be present. In preparation, you are to
wear the enclosed corset every day to help you achieve
a more feminine figure. In addition, please wear your
butt-plug each night after your bath until morning, and
apply the smoothing cream before your morning shower.
Everything about this was wrong. Judy had no idea
what he was willing to go through for her sake. Not
only would he be Evan girlfriend again, but the mention
of 'business associates' made Martin's skin crawl.
In the package was the tight corset, butt-plug and
the familiar pink cream. Applying the cream daily
seemed a little excessive to Martin. Since he visited
Berkeley's suite a week before, his hair had hardly
begun to grow back, and seemed to grow in lighter than
Nonetheless, he began followed the instructions. At
least he didn't have the humiliation of doing it in
front of Paula this time. And when he got horny from
the butt-plug, at least he could jerk himself off.
He tried not to think about how much it all aroused
him, to be doing this for Judy. Each day, he grew
closer to her at work, and at night, he went to bed
naked, except for the corset and butt-plug, and dreamed
about her. When this was all over, he hoped that she
would be in his arms again.
At work, he wore an extra undershirt to conceal the
tightly fitting corset. The restrictive garment limited
him to light meals, as it stopped his stomach from
stretching to accommodate more.
On the bright side, Martin could see that Judy was
benefiting from sacrifice. Now that the money was
rolling in from the Berkeley account, she radiated
success. This was what she had always wanted. She often
talked about the kind of money they would be making
after the new asian account came in. She even had plans
for hiring another couple of employees.
And no sign of her seeing Trevor either.
If it weren't for the impending Thursday night
session, Martin would be as excited with the new plans
as she was. All he could do was wait.

" Good to see you again, " said Paula, with some
amusement in her eyes. "We had better get you ready for
our guests. "
She led him directly to the bathroom, and waited for
him to remove his clothing.
As much as the last time, Martin just wanted to get
this over with. He hoped, against his instincts, that
Berkeley would soon tire of him, and move on to other
conquests. He stripped out of his clothes, revealing
the tight corset underneath.
" Oh, my... that looks pretty on you. Your skin is
quite smooth, and it looks like you may have lost some
weight too. Wonderful. Mr. Berkeley will be pleased. "
The same humiliating preparation as had taken place
on the previous occasion went much more quickly this
time. He took each humiliation position as Paula
cleaned him, and chose another set of clothing for the
evening. This time, it was a light summer dress, and
the breast inserts were larger. The feeling of the
cotton dress against his smooth skin was light and
This time, when he looked in the mirror, he hardly
recognized himself.
" Okay, wait in the other room, dear. " Paula said,
patting Martin on the behind.
It was a little over a half hour before Berkeley
arrived with his guests. They were loud coming in, and
Martin got the impression that they had been drinking.
He stood to greet them as they came in through the
conference room.
" Ah, here's the lovely girl I told you guys about,
" Evan said loudly.
The two other men were Asians, and it struck Martin
immediately that these might be the new ad clients from
Korea. Berkeley's guests laughed.
" You say this one is a boy... "
" Yes, but she likes to be treated like a girl.
Either of you guys want to try her out ?"
They nodded in unison.

Martin was too sore to work on Friday. The two
Korean men had been so amused to have a 'white boy'
dressed up like a girl for them, that they had each
taken multiple turns using his ass and mouth. If Martin
had ever been unfamiliar with the idea of pleasing a
man, it was certainly no longer the case.
Judy understood. They were busy at the office
nailing down all of the terms of the new contract.
As he spoke to her, he thought he could hear one of
the Koreans talking in the background. Yes, this was
definitely one meeting that he wanted to miss.
By Monday, he was anxious to be back at work with
Judy. He had been thinking about her all weekend.
Everything was so hectic around the office, that he
didn't get much of a chance to speak to Judy. A new
employee now manned the front desk.
Wait a second, thought Martin. Aren't we supposed to
make all of the hiring decisions together ? Granted,
things were happening quickly, but he was a partner
here. Still, Judy seemed in her element now. He was
glad to see her so happy.
A fresh bouquet was on her desk. From Trevor.
" Still nothing serious, " he overheard Judy
explaining to one of the girls. " We just don't have
much time to see each other. "
Martin was glad of that. It was the way he intended
to keep things.
Once home, Judy was all he could think about. For
some reason, he had to fight the temptation to wear the
butt-plug again at night. There was just something
about the act of laying in bed, naked and hairless, and
with a large plug in his ass, that made him feel like
he was serving Judy's wishes.
The next day, they had lunch together, but it was
all business. Judy was so confident and assertive these
days, it was really quite a marvel how she had changed.
No longer was she the 'eye candy' at Pearson Marketing.
She was her own boss.
As they finished with office business, Judy closed
up her briefcase.
" Oh, there's one more thing, Martin..."
" Yeah. "
" It looks like Berkeley wants you again this
weekend. " Her tone was almost matter-of-fact about it.
"Don't worry... I'm pretty sure that this is the very
last time. "
Martin was stunned by the casual way that she
brought it up. Had she and Evan Berkeley been talking?
" I'm not sure I want to..."
" Look, Martin, you didn't bring us this far just to
let us fail, did you ? It's only one more time. You've
already done it twice, so you couldn't be all that
opposed to it. Just do it for me this one last time,
and I promise I'll make it up to you. "
The way she was looking at him made Martin blush.
Did she know the kind of influence she had over him?
" Okay. I'll do it once more. "

There were other disconcerting changes in Judy's
attitude. With her new confidence, the staff seemed to
defer all of the important decisions to her desk, and
she often seemed reluctant to involve Martin in the
Once more that week, she received flowers from
Trevor, but this time, she made no disclaimer about
their relationship.
Martin's mind raced. Even if Judy had been sharing
the partnership decisions with him, he wasn't sure he
could keep his mind on business. All he could think
about was a way to have Judy for himself.
He watched her while she worked. She was so
beautiful and dynamic. Like a force of nature.
Right now, she needed him. He was her partner, and
his dates with Berkeley were what was making their
success possible. It wasn't much, but it was the only
thin he could give her. That was what he was clinging
to. There was just a shred of hope, ever so small, that
he could hold onto her. Maybe after this weekend, when
Berkeley was done with him, he could rebuild his
respect in her eyes.
Each night he returned home, and took his bubble
bath. He hadn't received any instructions, but he knew
that Berkeley would want him this way. His skin was
soft and feminine now, with not a hair to be found. He
had lost more weight too. Even the butt-plug fit easily
into place.
Yes, he felt every bit the sissy.
For Judy, he reminded himself, as he slid his bare
flesh under the covers, and began to jerk himself off
for the first time of the night.

Paula brought Martin into the bathroom again, and
waited as he shed his male clothing.
" Oh, this is very nice, " said the young blonde,
running her hands along the soft skin of Martin's ass
cheeks, and tugging gently on the end of his butt-plug.
He had worn it the whole day today. " I'm sure our
guests will be pleased. "
Guests ?
God, Martin thought to himself, please don't let it
be the Koreans again. The two men had taunted him
mercilessly as they fucked him from both ends.
Paula did her usual job of bathing and dressing him
like a girl. Tonight it was a tight black evening
dress, over lacy black panties. As much as he tried,
Martin couldn't control his arousal. He couldn't deny
that the feminine transformation now seemed to trigger
a state of sexual anticipation.
He waited again for Berkeley. The large man came in
with an apology.
" I'm afraid our guests will be a few minutes late,
my dear. That will give us a little time to get
started. "
Berkeley unbuttoned his pants, sat on the edge of
the sofa.
Dutifully, Martin dropped to his knees. The size of
Evan Berkeley's cock was still a little difficult to
handle, but Martin tried his best to slide it into his
" I knew you'd be a good slut, right from the start.
I even told Paula, before you called, that you would be
a good little whore. Didn't I, Paula ?"
" Yes sir, " the young woman answered from not far
away. As always, she was around to attend to any of
Berkeley's whims.
" I want to hear how much you like it. Groan for me
while you suck, bitch. Show some enthusiasm. "
Martin began to make the kinds of sounds that
Berkeley wanted to hear.
" Mmmm... mmfff...nnnng..." he groaned against the
shaft of the large man's cock, while bobbing his head
hungrily along its length.
Berkeley was taking his time tonight. He forced his
girlfriend to slow down a couple of times, to prevent
him from cumming before he wanted. All the while,
Martin continued to make the slutty sounds and slurp at
the cock like candy. In only a few minutes, his jaws
ached from the effort.
Paula answered a knock on the front door, and
brought the guests in. Berkeley made no move to get up,
and just smiled at Martin as the new arrivals were led
into the room.
" My god, I would never have believed it, " Martin's
blood ran cold. The voice definitely belonged to
Trevor, his rival for Judy's affection. While
continuing his sucking, he twisted his neck to see who
else had come in.
Then he saw her.
It was Judy, watching him with the greatest of
amusement in her eyes.
" Didn't I tell you, hon ? " she said to Trevor, "
Martin is quite the girl now. Look at the way he sucks.
Martin wanted to scream. Yes, he was being a girl.
But didn't she know that it was all for her ? That he
would do anything for her.
All of the feelings of the last few weeks were
coming to a head. Shame. Regret. Jealousy. Corruption.
Arousal. More arousal than he had ever known.
He had no idea how it could possibly turn him on to
be seen like this by her.
" Keep sucking, slut, " Berkeley growled, and Martin
continued without even thinking. What he really needed
was a calm moment to think. Everything was out of
Judy and her new boyfriend stood by, watching as the
older man grunted in pleasure. The long oral session
was finally coming to a conclusion.
Evan held him by the back of the head now, forcing
his big cock ever deeper into Martin's throat.
" That's it whore, suck it all out of me. I'm giving
you my cum now. "
Martin sputtered and choked as the thick semen
filled the back of his throat. He could hear Trevor
laughing in the background, as he watched his former
colleague be used as a whore.
Finally, Berkeley let go of Martin's wig, and
allowed the young man to lick up the cum that had
leaked out the corners of his mouth.
" Oh, man, that was hot, " said Judy. " It's making
me wet again. "
" Why don't you try her out, " Berkeley suggested. "
I'm sure she wouldn't mind. "
Martin looked up hopefully. Despite the utter
humiliation of his position, there was nothing he
wanted more than to be with Judy. To touch her. To
serve her.
That would be worth any cost.
" I'm not sure, " said Judy, smiling. " Maybe she
only likes guys. "
Berkeley looked down at his girlfriend. " Go ahead
girl, crawl over and show Judy how much you want to
serve her. "
On his hands and knees, Martin began to crawl. Yes,
this is what he wanted. More than anything, he wanted
to be with Judy. His ass was presented lewdly beneath
the tight evening dress as he crawled toward her feet.
Once there, he lowered his face in submission, and
began to kiss the toes of her shoes.
" Oh my, with an invitation like that, how could I
Judy began to work her skirt up her hips, revealing
that she was wearing no panties. Paula brought over a
chair for Martin's partner to sit on. She sat at the
edge of the chair, and spread her legs slightly.
Martin savoured every glimpse. He drank in the
details of her dark pubic hair, and the pale beauty of
her shapely legs. He could smell her perfume as he
crawled forward, and placed his head between her legs.
His face was only inches away now from her pussy, and
his body shook with anticipation.
Judy spread her legs a little more, and let him take
his first taste.
It wasn't what he had expected. Her swollen pussy
lips were more than wet with lust. They were coated
with the cum of another man.
" I hope you don't mind... Trevor and I had some fun
on the way over, in the back of Evan's limo."
The irony of it burned through him. While he had
been sacrificing everything to make Judy a success, she
had been in the arms of another man, and now, he was
licking his fresh cum from her pussy.
He couldn't stop himself. He wanted her so badly.
Even the bitter taste of Trevor's cum couldn't dampen
his hunger for her. He face burned red with shame.
From behind, he could feel someone pulling up the
edge of his dress.
" I hope you don't mind, honey, but I'm ready to go
again. "
Judy was enjoying her own sensations as Martin
explored her sloppy pussy.
" Go right ahead, Trevor. That's what she's here
for. "
Martin could feel his dress bunched up around his
waist, and the black panties being pulled from the
smooth flesh of his ass. The butt-plug slid out with
ease. Trevor was kneeling behind him, ready to take
some pleasure from his ass.
" Mmmm.... Martin, you're so good at that, " Judy
cooed. " I'm going to give you lots of practice, once
you move in with me. "
That sounded nice. Anything to be close to Judy. Her
pussy felt so good against his face.
" You see, Mr. Berkeley has offered to extend our
contract indefinitely, as long as I keep you as a girl.
He'll come by for visits now and then, to see how we're
doing. In the meantime, he's providing all of the
hormones that we'll need to give you some nice little
titties and other girlish curves. You don't mind that,
do you ?"
Martin didn't want to think about it. All of his
attention was centred on her quivering pussy. More of
Trevor's cum leaked into his mouth, but he didn't care.
Even the intrusion of his rival's cock from behind
didn't bother him so much. Judy was close to cumming.
So very close.
" Of course, you won't be much use around the
office, " she continued. " I think I'll have to give
Trevor your position. You can just stay home, and be
pretty, my dear. And of course, you can always help us
to entertain. "
Her words floated off of him. Only one thing
mattered, and it came to him now. Judy bucked her hips,
and filled him mouth a mixture of juices. The orgasm
extended itself into Martin's own body, and he was lost
in it.


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