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Party Time

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explicit permission.

This story contains material of a sexual nature that is inappropriate for minors
and which may be controversial and/or offensive to some adults. Please don't
read it if you have not reached the age of majority, or the laws in your state
or local province prohibit the viewing and/or use of this type of material.

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Party Time
MF, cons

The party was starting to bore me. Kathy was my best friend, but she did a lousy
job throwing a party. The music was outdated. There were more women present then
men. The caterer left a lot to be desired. The only good thing was the well
stocked bar.

I spotted Kathy talking to her ex-husband, Jack. She was standing in the far
corner of the room behind a tall plant. I could tell Jack had his hand up her
skirt. The look on Kathy's face told me she didn't mind. I made my way over to
them, fighting my way through the crowd of people dancing in the middle of the
living room floor.

"Kathy," I yelled over the music. Jack jumped and yanked his hand out of her
skirt. He looked like a school boy who just got caught with his hand in the
cookie jar. I gave him a "you sly dog" look.

"I gotta go," I told her.

"Oh please stay, Jill. I have a surprise for you."

I knew she had something up her sleeve by the way she smiled at me. "What? Can't
you give it to me now?"

"No. It hasn't arrived yet. You'll have to wait."

I rolled my eyes at her. "Fifteen minutes and I'm out of here." Now she had got
my curiosity going. What was she up to?

I went over to the bar and ordered a drink. I must have already had six drinks
tonight, but another wouldn't hurt. I wasn't driving. I felt the liquid slide
down my throat, warming it all the way to my stomach. It made me think of
swallowing hot cum. It made my knees weak and my pussy wet. I always got horny
when I drank. Another one of these babies and I might just jump behind the bar
and start fucking that cute bartender.

The door to Kathy's apartment opened. Maybe it was the alcohol, but it seemed to
me that all eyes in the room were on the man who entered. He was definitely
handsome, but there was more than good looks about him. He carried an air of
sexuality about him. His cotton shirt clung to the curves of his tanned muscular
arms. His jeans were snug against his flat stomach and I couldn't help noticing
the nice bulge his cock left in the front of his pants. I looked into his hazel
eyes and he gazed back at me for a moment.

I felt the heat between my legs and looked down quickly into my drink. I crossed
my legs and squeezed my cunt tightly in the attempt to discreetly stimulate my
clit. I looked up from my drink and noticed Kathy had him by the hand and was
leading him my way. All I could do was stare at the front of his jeans. I
thought I might cum all over the bar stool.

"Jill, this is the surprise I told you about. This is my cousin, Dick."

I almost spit out the ice I was holding in my mouth. "Hello, Dick." I had such a
hard time saying his name.

"Hi, Jill." His voice was smooth as silk.

"Well I'll leave you two alone. Jack and I have some important business to take
care of."

I watched her leave. Dick sat down next to me and ordered a draft beer. I didn't
really know what to say to him. I was so full of alcohol that if I opened my
mouth I knew I would say something foolish. He would think I was just another
blonde bimbo.

"You know, Jill, Kathy has been trying to set me up with you for a long time.
She has said a lot about you, but didn't do you justice." He looked me over

"I didn't know. She has never mentioned you to me, but thanks." I was starting
to sweat. I wish he would stop looking at me. It made me hornier than ever. The
bar stool was so wet I could slide right off it. "Bartender! Ice please."

The bartender took my glass and opened the ice bucket. "No ice. Sorry. I'll have
to go to the kitchen and get some."

"Oh, allow me," I said.

I needed to get out of there quick and cool off. I picked up the ice bucket and
headed for the kitchen. I was glad there wasn't anyone else in there. It would
give me time to relax. I moved behind the counter and opened the freezer door. I
filled the bucket with cubes of ice. I sat down on the counter for a moment. I
stuck my hand into the bucket of ice and let my fingers turn cold. I opened my
legs and hiked up my black mini skirt. I pulled my white silk panties to the
side. I layed my cold fingers on my wet cunt.

The sensation sent a shudder of pleasure up my spine. I closed my eyes and
tilted my head back. The cool sensation made my cunt swell. My clit protruded
from between my pussy lips and I pinched the little bud. I slid my fingers into
my dripping hole and smeared my juices over my cunt as I fantasized about
fucking Dick.

I heard the door behind me open and I quickly took my hand away from my aching
pussy swollen with desire. I turned to see who was there. It was Dick.

"You were taking so long. I thought you might need help." He came around to my
side of the counter.

"You might say that."

He grabbed my hand and lifted it to his nose, breathing in the scent of my
cunt. He kissed it and slowly worked his way up my arm to my neck. He closed in
to my mouth. His tongue explored every inch of my mouth and throat while his
hands caressed my breasts. My cunt was gushing now. I opened my legs for him to
get closer to me. His hand traveled down my stomach to my thighs. They found
their way under my skirt to my wet panties. He helped me remove the panties like
an expert. His right hand returned to my treasure.

A look of surprise and pleasure crossed his face. "I love fucking a shaved

His thick strong fingers explored me. He felt every little crack and hole. Dick
inserted two fingers inside me. Together they were as big as a cock. As he
touched me inside my hips responded. While he finger fucked me with one hand he
unbuttoned my red silk blouse with the other. He un-snapped my bra and my
breasts tumbled out. My nipples were erect and hard, ready to be sucked.

He took one into his mouth and sucked so tenderly. His pointed tongue moved
around my nipple in little circles. Then he turned his attention to the other.
His fingers moved in and out of me like a well oiled piston. Dick let me lead in
setting the pace. As I moved faster or slower, so did he. My ass was sore and
red from rubbing against the formica counter. Thank God it wasn't made of wood.

It didn't take long to bring me to the edge of ecstasy. I had been aching for
this since he walked in the room. I felt a quiver start deep inside my cunt. I
began to move faster and harder working for those few seconds of heaven. As the
sensation grew stronger, I opened my legs wider.

"Are you ready?" He whispered in my ear.

"Oh yes!" I panted.

"Good," he replied. He removed his finger quickly from my hole, leaving me
fucking thin air.

"What are you doing?" I cried. He had robbed me of my ecstasy.

He helped me off the counter. He took my hand and placed it on his cock. "You
feel that? I need it as much as you."

"What if someone walks in?" I asked.

"Would it be any different than someone walking in on me finger fucking you?"

I thought for a moment. It was now or never. I un-snapped his jeans and helped
him get his cock out. The front of his briefs were already stained with pre-cum.
He made me lean against the refrigerator, facing it. I bent over exposing my
shaved cunt from behind.

Dick penetrated me with his long cock from behind. As he stroked in and out he
reached in front of me and fingered my clit. With the other hand he reached
inside my open blouse and pinched my hard nipples. He pumped in and out at a
nice tempo for a few minutes. I ground my ass against his cock. His balls
slapped gently against me. The party outside grew louder as we fucked. More
people had arrived. More people meant more drinks and more ice. Someone would be
looking for us. I became excited at the thought of being caught.

"Hurry! Fuck me harder, like a stallion," I pleaded. He needed no encouragement.
His pace increased and he pounded me harder. His cock touched me inside. I
reached between my legs and touched his balls. He was sweating. I felt them
retract and I knew he was about to come.

I arched by back higher to lift my ass. He pumped harder and faster his shaft
sliding in and out. I felt him going rigid and ground my cunt against him with
his cock buried deep inside. I fingered my clit bringing myself to orgasm. As he
shot his hot load into me my spasms squeezed him dry. We both groaned and he
leaned his head against my back for a moment.

He slowly removed his cock from inside me. He was still hard and I winced
thinking how uncomfortable it would be for him to put his jeans back on. I took
my panties off the counter and wiped the cum from between my legs. I tossed them
in the garbage just as Kathy burst through the door.

"There you are." She smiled knowingly at me. "Jack and I just came to get some

Dick and I chuckled. "Have at it." I said.

Dick grabbed the bucket I had filled earlier. It was now half melted. We left
Kathy and Jack to get their own ice.


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