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Passions Pt 2


The following totally fictitious writings of Faibhar are intended for the
sole readership of those of LEGAL AGE. The ADULT ONLY material contained
within is also for personal use only where local standards permit scenes of
extreme violence, torture and sex. Please do not read further if any of
these subjects offend, or if you are not of legal age.

The following is for your sole enjoyment and your cooperation in not
using the material in any other application without the express permission
of the author is requested.

Thank you.


The Passions of Zeema, Part 2

Galluble stood in a corner. Iron manacles rattled each time she moved
her writing hand, but all of her focus was on her partner. Despite her
protests, they had stripped Zeema and taken her out to the middle of the
chamber where she now doubled over, nude legs spread wide, ankles chained
and strong arms stiff as they held up the rest of her.

"Getting this, so far, Scribe?"

Galluble tore her gaze from the sight of her partner so embarrassingly
displayed and shot a snide glance at Julius. "Depends on what you're
looking for, Big Dog."

Julius ignored the slight and placed a hand on Zeema's smooth buttocks.
It felt warm. He squeezed ever so slightly. The firm flesh tensed.
"Eminence…Given your vocation and all, I would not fault you if you decide
to leave at this moment. You, of course may stay, as you wish."

Scarlet robes rustled as the Prince of the Church nodded but kept his
feet rooted in place. On the walls alongside of them flames crackled and
popped from the wall sconces.

"I, of course, will be the first to rape this prisoner but someone do
summon my favorite officers and senior enlisted. They shall get their
turns in savoring this fine female as well." He looked to the bishop
standing next to him and queried, "Rape is part of the ancient execution,
am I correct?"

A chorus of agreement enthusiastically resounded just when a burst of
light flashed so bright, all those in the dark chamber were momentarily

"No need for the church guy's imprimatur," the newcomer's voice said,
"rape is part of the whole thing, but as something of a demi-god I deserve
first crack at things. After all, even if she is just a warrior princess
wannabe I've waited longer than any here for a piece of that tail." He
pointed to the mass of black curls on his head and said, "See these horns?"

Julius the Sweet joined even the lowliest in exclaiming the sudden
entrance. Before them stood a muscular, black and studded clothed man with
a thin beard.

"Who might you be, Stranger? I," Julius proclaimed as soon as his
vision restored along with much of his officiousness, "am lord and governor
of these parts."

"Stupid," Zeema muttered from her linebacker position, "you're talking
to Ares the god of war."

"At least you do have some appreciation for the finer things in life,"
the stranger smiled with a nod to the proffered female, stroked his goatee
and ran a discerning eye over the nude's toned right flank. Choice. He
approved. She must work out, he thought.

"Who said anything about finer, Pig? I just told Uncle Julie here what
your name is."

Ares whirled to face Julius and his astounded party. "Is the girl irascible, or what?" He pouted and said, "Hey, if any don't know the
meaning of that word, go look it up. In the meantime, I'd say it's about
time for me to start laying some godly pipe."

With the others remaining speechless Ares stood behind Zeema's spread
legs and hesitated as if trying to make up his mind. His hands finally
moved again. Fingers began to unbutton his britches.

"You men are lucky as I only have so much time before I have another
meeting coming up, so right now I'll only use part of this woman. Her arse
does look fine, but I choose her pussy."

Galluble gulped as she watched Ares position himself and then probe
Zeema's sweet spot with his male member. Absently mindedly, she licked her
lips. Tears started to roll over her partner's cheeks. Zeema's white body
began to lunge forward as the god of war thrust. Galluble's own eyes
welled with stinging tears. The ends of Zeema's black hair brushed back
and forth over the cold stone floor.

"YES!" Ares grimaced as he shot his demi-godly load of jizm into Zeema.
Slowly, he withdrew and buckled up his pants. "Well, fellows. Like I
say…Got to run. But," he looked back down at the panting female, "this has
been, ah, a real pleasure. Enjoy!"

Another explosion of light filled the underground vault. When the smoke
cleared, all remained frozen save for the stranger called Ares. He no
longer was among them.

To be continued


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