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Pastor's Lunch Break
By Delilah Parsons (aka: preachers cunt)
**Author's note: While this story and others I've been
writing are true, the names have been changed to protect
the guilty.**

"Can I get you something for lunch, Pastor?" I stand at
Doctor Ron Peterson's office door and give the tall blonde
preacher a wide grin.

Ron returns my smile and asks, "What about the others? Is
there anyone else left in the office?"

He knows the other secretaries have a Church Administrative
Assistants luncheon that day and the other ministers
usually take Wednesday afternoons off to prepare for mid-
week activities and Prayer Meeting. I shake my head and
close the door and lock it behind me.

As I walk over to his big desk he asks, "What would you
like for lunch, my dear?" He looks solemnly at my mouth
with his clear blue eyes, and clears his throat as I lick
my lips. I sure wiped that big smile off his face!

"You know what I want, Ron."

He rolls his chair back from his desk as I walk around it
to face him. When I start at his belt and zipper, he
stands to allow me more freedom. Sweeping my hair aside,
he bends forward to kiss the side of my neck and my ear.
He knows how sensitive I am there.

I yank his nice business suit pants down and grin at the
low-cut cobalt blue jockeys he's wearing.

"For me?" I ask. "You wore those for me. Aren't you the
sweetest, sexiest thing!"

I had given him those sexy undies for our "anniversary."
August 11 marked us being together for one whole year. As
his excitement grew, I knew the swatch of blue wouldn't
come close to containing it.

"Here... You look a little restricted. Let me loosen you up
some." I say this as I slowly slide down the tight sexy
briefs. His already hardening cock springs out. Oh my!
He sure makes my mouth water!

I push him back so that he's perched on his desk. He
quickly yanks my tank top up and over my head, revealing my
small tits and pert nipples. Now, sitting in his desk
chair puts me at the perfect height to access his growing

I run my tongue lightly over the precum that's weeping from
his dick. I love the salty taste. Rubbing my full lips
all around in the slippery ooze, I begin massaging the
beautiful morsel of meat with both hands. I lean forward
and rub his cock head against my puffy nipples, making them
get hard and erect. I just love the nice rubbery feel of
my nipples brushing his prick.

Then, as I pump and suck his now fully erect cock, I let
the mixture of my saliva and his precum run out of my mouth
to coat his huge cock and balls. I love the taste and I
want to swallow it all, but I make myself let the juices
escape until his cock is lusciously slick. I now use one
hand on his cock and the other to caress and squeeze his
heavy, tight balls.

Ron is holding back my long red hair, gently yanking it as
he tries to control my movements. I love for him to play
with my hair... but we both know who's in control of this
lunch break!

He is moaning so loud and he falls back onto his desk,
knocking several items into the floor. I'm glad his office
is insulated for sound. He does quite a bit of ministerial
counseling and the insulation helps to insure privacy and
the quiet atmosphere needed to console the spiritually
needy. And right now, this little girl is definitely

Just sucking on his iron hard dick is making my cunt drip
with wetness. I'm always amazed that giving head makes me
wetter of any other foreplay. You would think that I'd get
hotter and wetter when I'm on the receiving end, instead of
the giving end. Just goes to show you... it IS better to
give than to receive!

I continue to suck Ron's cock deep into my mouth, relaxing
my throat so I can take in more and more. I swallow and
let my throat muscles massage the head of his dick. Then I
keep on pumping his long slippery shaft until I feel it
start to jerk. Ron's whole body goes stiff and starts to
shudder as he shoots the first of his load against the back
of my throat.

Continuing to jerk and pump his turgid cock, I pull it out
of my mouth and let the cum spray across my lips and face.
I keep on licking the puckered little place right under the
head of his dick and let the last squirts of cum slide onto
his balls, further down to the desk and then make a puddle
on the floor. The little semen stain on his nice asian rug
will be a wonderful reminder of our love and lust.

By now the entire Pastor's office smells of sex. And,
talking about puddles... My cunt juices have left a nice
slick spot on his nice leather desk chair. Ron is lying
across his desk so still, I'm afraid he's asleep or
unconscious or something. I go over to the window that
overlooks the church parking lot. I slide it open to try
to air out the room a little and, as I do, I notice Mrs.
Patricia is walking towards the church office door. That
old biddy! She can't ever take a whole hour for lunch like
any decent secretary should!

I quickly shake Ron to rouse him. "Ron! Your old bitch of
a secretary is on her way in right now!"

Ron jumps up, jerks at his clothes and tries to make
himself presentable. I laugh at him softly, grab my shirt
and slide it on. Then I exit quickly by way of the side
door, another measure of privacy installed for the sake of
the spiritually needy.
THE END - for now


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