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Author: William Edward Godfellow (WEG) April 5,1999

I wrote this story several years ago for my wife but over time lost the
original. So I am re-writing it for her.
************************************************************************ I
had been feeling horny and had decided to leave work early and head home.
On the way I thought about my wife. She has just turned 40 and is a
gorgeous 5'3" redhead. She has 36c breasts with nice nipples which get
wonderfully hard when she gets turned on.

As I approached the house I noticed a car parked out front and wondered
who it belonged to. It was not a car I recognized. I supposed it belonged
to someone visiting across the street or something. I decided to sneak in
and surprise my wife. I walked up to the front door and quietly opened it,
stepped in and closed it slowly behind me. I walked through the living
room and stuck my head around the corner peeking into the kitchen and
dining room. NO wife!

I was just turning to go down the hallway toward the bedroom when I
heard voices in the family room. My wife has a business and works at home.
I quietly moved across the dining room to the louvered doors separating the
family room from the rest of the house. I walked up and looked through the
louvers. My wife was sitting on the couch and was talking to someone in
the chair. The chair set with its back toward me. She was looking hot as
usual. She was wearing that tight pair of jeans I like so much and a shirt that had an American Indian design on the front with fringe angling from
the shoulders down across her breasts. Coming to a point right between

"So what can I do to interest you?" she said.

I could not see who was in the chair. It was a high back chair and they
were completely hidden from my view. Then HE replied.

"Well, why don't you show me what you have to offer." he said.

I did not recognize the voice, however I was extremely interested to see
just what was going on.

My wife stood up and walked across the room toward the back of the
house. I moved quietly back across the dining room and started down the
hall to talk to her and let her know I was home. Then I would go into the
den and work on the computer a while.

The bedroom door was open slightly and I stopped when I came to it. I
looked in and saw my wife standing in front of her dresser with the drawer
open trying to find something. I did not think anything of it right away,
until I realized the drawer she had open was the one she kept her nighties
in. I watched her closely as she pulled out a long red gown I had bought
her. Then pulled out the matching panties. The gown is floor length with
thin shoulder straps and has a section of lace about 8 inches wide going
all the way down the front. You can see right straight through without
even straining your eyes. The panties are the same color and are solid
except for the sides, which are also see-through lace. I have always liked
it on her and find it extremely sexy.

My wife laid the red gown and panties down on the bed. She then stepped
back and pulled the shirt up over her head, reached around behind her back
and unhooked her bra sliding the straps off her shoulders then dropping it
on the bed. Her hands then went to her waist and she unbuckled her belt. I
watched as she unbuttoned them and heard the zipper as she moved it down.
She slid the pants down over her hips, hooking her thumbs in the panties she had on dragging them down at the same time. Then dropping them both on
the bed next to the other clothes she had just removed. I felt my cock
jerk as I watched my wife standing naked in the bedroom.

She picked up the red lace panties and turned with her back to me as she
bent forward to put them on. As she bent forward and raised one leg to put
them on I got a view I had not expected. The lips of her pussy were
slightly swollen and as she raised her leg they separated. She was wet and
I could just make out her hard clit as she stepped in with other leg and
pulled them up over her ass. She turned and looked at herself in the
mirror then picked up the gown and slipped it over her head. She let if
fall down over her body and smoothed it out, running her hands across her
breasts and down over her hips. Her hands came back up and she covered her
breasts squeezing them. I watched as she ran her fingers across them and
drug her nail across her nipples. As she turned I could see the hard
nipples clearly pressing against the gown and through the lace in the front
her cleavage was clearing visible. GOD I loved the way she looked in it.

Her hands dropped back down to her sides and she turned toward the door
which lead out to the family room. I was just about to turn and go back up
the hall to my vantagepoint in the dining room when she suddenly stopped as
if contemplating something. She then turned back into the bedroom and
walked over to her nightstand. She opened the drawer and was moving stuff
around as if she was looking for something. Then she seemed to find what
she was looking for and walked around the bed over to my nightstand. She
knelt down in front of my nightstand, inserting the key and opening the
door at the bottom. The bottom of my nightstand is where we kept our toys.
An assortment of vibrators, dildos, KamaSutra oils, and assorted light
bondage items. She pulled out the larger box and lifted the lid. She was
picking up different items and putting them back, then stopped, put the box
back and closed the door. Leaving the key hanging in the door. She stood
up and turned back moving around the bed again. In her hand was an 18"
long double headed dildo. My mouth dropped open as she walked to the door
leading back out to the family room.

I quickly but quietly moved back down the hall and across the dining
room to the louvered doors again. My wife moved across the room to where
the man was waiting for her and laid the dildo on the coffee table. She
then turned to face him and ran her hands up the side of her gown cupping
her breasts in a presentation, offering them to him. She squeezed them,
the nipples hard and pressing against the thin material.

"Very nice!" he said.

"I thought you might like it. Lets see if I can peek your interest."
she replied. She then started to run her hands up and down her body,
closing her eyes and drinking in the sensations she was feeling. Her hips
started to sway from side to side as she started a sensual dance right in
front of him. I watched her hands moving across her body, grazing across
her hard nipples, then moving down across her stomach. Her fingers moved
down and across the front of the panties underneath, clearly visible
through the lace front. I watched as she pressed the gown down between her
legs. Rocking her hips to press her clit against them. She was working
her fingers between her legs.

A moan escaped her lips as she continued to rock her body. One hand
came up to cup her breast and she caught the nipple between her thumb and
fingers. Rolling it then pinching it. She was getting extremely turned on
and raised her other hand from between her legs taking the other nipple
then squeezing and pinching them both. I could see her legs shudder and
she slowly dropped down to her knees in front of him. She sat back on her
legs and continued to work and tease her nipples. Meanwhile she spread her
knees apart and started raising and lowering her panty covered crotch that
was visible through the lace.

One hand dropped down and her fingers started pulling the gown up
exposing her thighs. She pulled the gown to just below her panties as she
ran her fingers up and down the inside of her thighs. From my vantagepoint
I could see everything that was going on and was at this point sporting a
raging hardon. My hand dropped moving across it as I watched my wife continue her erotic dance for the man who had yet to move from the chair or
make any sound at all.

Then he moved. I could see his hand come out from the side of the chair
and pick up the dildo lying on the table. He held it up and I could see
lust in my wife's eyes.

"So did you plan on doing something with this?" he said. Holding out
the 18" dildo.

I watched my wife reach out and take it from his hand, then sit back
down as she had been. Her hands had left her breasts. Her gown had
slipped back down as she sat up to retrieve the dildo and she now grasped
the bottom of her gown pulling it slowly up exposing her thighs. Higher
and higher till she pulled it up to completely expose her panty covered
crotch to his gaze. I could see from where I was that they were soaked
through from her wet pussy. Taking the dildo in her hands she moved it
between her legs and drew it across the wetness, moaning and raising up as
she slid it across her clit. She leaned back swinging her legs out in
front of her. Then planting her feet firmly on the floor, and raised her
hips, the gown sliding almost all the way to her breasts. Sliding her
fingers under her panties she slowly slid them over her hips, then down her
legs and tossed them onto the floor. Keeping her hips up she spread her
legs apart showing her hot wet swollen pussy to the man before her. She
took the dildo and was sliding the length up and down between her legs.
The lips of her pussy could be seen around the sides of it as she coated
with her juices. Her eyes were closed and she was rocking her head from
side to side and fucking up at the rubber cock.

"Go ahead. Do it for me." the man in the chair said.

My wife dropped her hips down to the floor and was grinding her pussy at
him. She stopped and rolled over then came up so she was on her hands and
knees. Reaching behind herself she pulled the gown up over her ass and
spread her legs wide, displaying her wet cunt and tight ass to him.
Putting her hands back between her legs she grasped the dildo and started
moving the head of one end between her lips. Then moved it down to her
clit and pressed the head of the dildo against it.

"AAAAHHHHH.......yes" she gasped.

The man sitting in the chair finally spoke again.

"Go ahead. Slide it in. I want to watch you fuck yourself with it,
then cum all over it.", he said to her.

She looked back over her shoulder. She was looking right at him, lust
in her eyes. I watched as she never move her eyes from him while moving
the head of the dildo back between her lips, settling the head between
them, then pushing it in. Her eyes, her face displaying ecstasy as I
watched the head disappear inside of her. She kept on pushing as more and
more of the dildo slipped up between her wet lips. Then she started to
pull it back out until the head could be seen before moving it back inside
of her. This time another inch or two disappearing inside of her. She
started to move the dildo in and out of her. Grasping the head on the
other end while thrusting it into her. One hand moved down under her
stomach only to reappear between her legs from underneath, taking the end
of the dildo in her hand continuing to saw it in and out of her cunt. Her
shoulders dropped down to the floor and she had bent the dildo down so that
while it moved in and out of her she was working the other end back and
forth across her clit. I could hear her breathing becoming short and she
was now panting. Her ass was moving and she quite literally fucking the
dildo she had buried inside of her. Grasping the dildo with one hand a
fiercely fucking it into her she moved her other hand and grabbed her
breast. Squeezing it hard. Her hand moved as she pulled the gown up
exposing her breast and took the rock hard nipple and pinched it hard,
crying out. I knew she would not last much longer. She pinched the nipple
hard and drove the dildo into herself harder and faster.

"Now..... cum for me." the man in the chair said.

"AAAHHH... yes... now.. I'm Cummins!" my wife screamed.

She continued to work the cock into herself as her orgasm overtook her.
Then drove it in and held it there. She cried out her hips still moving as
the orgasm moved through her.


"Hey! Buddy! You all right?"

I realized someone was talking to me and shook my head clearing the fog.
Looking up, one of the guys I work with was standing next to my desk.

"Hey why don't you go ahead and take the rest of the afternoon off and
go home. You don't look real good."

"Guess you're right. I have been feeling a little run down today."

I gathered my stuff and headed out to the parking lot, climbed into my
truck and headed home. I pulled into the driveway and walked into the
house. There was no one in the living room, or the dining room. I went
into the kitchen and got myself a glass of wine. Then moved out towards
the family room. My wife was sitting on the couch as I walked in and sat
down in my chair. I took a drink of my wine and laid my head against the
back of the chair. Had it been just a daydream? How long had I been in
that trance sitting at me desk? Oh well I was home now and could relax.

I opened my eyes and looked at my wife sitting on the couch. She has a
strange sort of look in her eyes.

"So what can I do to interest you?" she said.

I did not say a word but just sat there and smiled. My wife stood up
and walked toward the bedroom.


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