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Title: Peer Pressure
Keywords: inc, mF, teen, voy, mom, son
Author: Caesar

There once was a boy named Carruthers
Who was busily fucking his mother "I know it's a sin,"
He said, shoving it in,
"But it's better than blowing my brother."

Peer Pressure

by Caesar, Copyright 1998-2002

$Revision: 1.8 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:27 $

I couldn't believe what I was seeing!

Jim looked right at me and smiled the smile of the victor. Damn him.
I could not believe what I was seeing was for real!

It was nearly midnight and, as planned, Jim left his curtains open
enough for me to peek in. It all felt like some type of dream; the
gray night, the hazy sight through the dirty window glass, the pale
nightgown that Jim's mother wore.

Yes you read correctly, the nightgown that Jim's mother wore. Or more
correctly, the nightgown that she barely wore. You see, it was now
open to her navel and had her white creamy skin exposed. In fact, her
smallish sized breasts practically glowed in the near darkness. Or
perhaps it was just my obvious fascination of this new image of her.

What was Jim's mother's name? Gloria I think, Gloria Elliot.

It was not so much that I saw her white breasts, no, that was only the

I have stood here in this damn bush next to Jim's house for over an
hour, waiting. As planned. Gloria, when she finally appeared much to
my genuine surprise, I could never believe Jim's claims, she flung
herself into her sons arms as soon as his bedroom door was closed. I
couldn't hear anything but she made motions for him to be silent as
she walked and kissed him towards his bed.

When I write 'kiss', I mean a wide open mouthed, head turned, sloppy
wet kiss. I think I could even see the odd slip of the tongue, whom
it belonged to, I could not tell. Definitely not the kiss a mother gives to a son.

His hands, as she moved him awkwardly and slowly backwards to his
messy bed, were fumbling between the two bodies until he pushed the
white nightgown to either side of her chest. That was when I saw the
first sight of live female breasts. Oh sure I've seen pictures, on
the Internet and in magazines, but never have I seen a living
breathing woman's breasts.

Gloria's were beautiful. A handful of creamy white flesh that moved
each time she did.

I was enthralled and pressed my nose against the dirty window.

Jim's hands moved upon his mom's bosom in a very non son-like way. To
me, it looked as if he was rough with those round globes. Pulling the
nipple in all directions, squeezing the flesh violently and pinching
the nipples between thumb and forefinger. Gloria's reactions were
anything but negative to this stimulation of her chest, she was
gasping into her son's mouth as his tongue explored hers.

She suddenly moved her hands from her son's back down between the two
bodies, and it was her turn to fumble with his clothing. As she was
undoing the belt and zipper of her son's jeans, Jim bent over and took
a dark aureole into his mouth to roughly suck.

His sucking stopped as soon as she had his hard member in her hands,
holding with a firmness that was easy to see even from my vantage
point. I was amused to notice, my own cock was quite a bit larger
than my friends. But I soon forgot that when Gloria took her son's
hand from one of her breasts and shoved it up between her thighs.

Gloria's body shivered visibly and she ground herself down into her
son's hand. Even with the fabric of her nightgown protecting her sex,
it was evident she was enjoying Jim's hand.

At that point she spoke to her son. Her face spoke volumes, as she
looked very different from the woman I had known for these last
several years. What I guessed she asked, was for him to take her.
For her only son to fuck his mother.

God, didn't that sound kinky?

Jim nodded negatively, and spoke only a few words. He then moved back
and sat upon his bed with knees widespread.

Gloria was only a second behind her son and knelt quickly down between
his feet and lowered her face to his lap.

Now, when I say I've never seen live breasts before it also means I've
not seen anything overtly sexual. So when Gloria started to raise and
lower her head upon Jim's lap, I knew what she was doing but had
certainly not seen such a sight.

It was at that moment when Jim looked up and smiled right at me.

Not only was I amazed, excited and nervous, I was also mad that I had
lost our little wager.

You see, Jim had confided in me that he was having sex with his mom.
No way was I gonna believe that. His mother, Gloria, was nearing
forty years old, an age that seemed very old to our own fifteen, and
though she was attractive, she did look her age. I had not ever
looked at her in a sexual eye before. How could I, she was the parent
and we the teenagers, in all ways that that implies.

Though I was a little behind and to the side of the two in the room, I
could sometimes see past Gloria's shoulder length hair and see my best
friends white hard penis move in and out of her wet lips. What a
sight. I think, more than any other, that is what gave me new
ideas. Kinky ideas. Wild images. Ideas and images that involved my
own cock.

Jim feigned a yawn and then stuck out his tongue to me all the while
his mom didn't alter the steady movement of her face upon his crotch.
Up and down, again and again. When his antics became old and his
pleasure mounted, he closed his eyes and grabbed the back of Gloria's
head with both hands.

I could tell what was about to happen. Silently, Jim opened his mouth
and fell back upon the bed as his back arched upwards. Gloria didn't
stop moving her head but both her hands came around and held her son's
hips, as if to hold him from bucking her off.

I wondered what that felt like, I really really wanted to know. I
hated my friend with envious jealousy. Imagine, having your own mom suck your cock? It was almost too kinky to imagine, almost.

The scene before me slowed down until Jim lay, as if asleep upon his
unkempt bed, and Gloria finally raised her face. I could see a small
smile of pleasure written there... and something else. Desire. She
looked upon her son with a urgent need.

Could anything else happen? Wasn't this the end, once the guy
orgasms? Doesn't he just roll over and go to sleep?

Gloria spoke a few words and keeping his eyes closed Jim moved up upon
his bed until he lay full length.

The nearly forty year-old woman stood up and immediately dropped her
nightgown. Before me, mere feet away, stood a naked woman. Her wide
hips, soft round ass, her thick thighs, her dark triangle and her
slightly hanging beasts. A parent she may be, but I thought she was
beautiful at that moment.

Jim had opened his eyes and looked upon his mom, with only a fleeting
glance past her to again wink at me. He again spoke and Gloria slowly
turned about, lifting her hands to hold her brown hair from her neck.
When her face was towards me, I could see that her eyes were closed
but she wore a face of pleasure. She got off on this, the kinky old woman!

My friend grabbed his cock and slowly stroked its wet gleaming
softness as he watched his mom. When her back was to him, he spoke
another request. Gloria bent over and spread her feet shoulder width
apart. She then reached around her body and grasped each buttock in a
hand and pulled. I couldn't see what my friend saw, but his eyes
regained a new sparkle from their earlier weariness.

The two stayed in that position for a long moment before her son again
made a request of her. Staying bent over, she she moved one hand
between her thighs, the other hand moved further inwards behind her.
I wished I could see what Jim saw.

With my heart racing and my head pounding, I was in nirvana. The
dream just became heaven as my body responded to all that my eyes

I didn't see Jim speak anything, but eventually Gloria stood up and
turned back to face her son. I had caught a glimpse of her own dew
upon both her hands, especially the one that had been between her
thighs. In fact, with her back to me, I think I could see the
glistening of moisture upon the inside of her full white thighs.

Though she didn't stand thus for very long, just long enough for her
son to get an eye full. Gloria moved with quivering muscles towards
the bed and crawled upon it and over her son. I watched, unblinking,
as Gloria expertly manoeuvred her body till she moved her pelvis down
towards the bed and her son. Without any hands to assist, Jim's white
tiny cock disappeared into the darkness between his moms legs.

They were fucking.

Or rather, they started to fuck. As Gloria became an animal upon her
son. His hard cock appearing and disappearing with such a rapid and
violent movement that I wondered how Jim's father and two sisters
didn't wake. Gloria was kneeling upon her hands and feet, and
actually driving her cunt down until Jim's messy bed bounced in
response. It was comical if not for the fact it was so damned
exciting to witness. Her head was whipping around with her mouth open
and her eyes closed. Her pale creamy skin now bright with sweat and
little muscle tremors could be seen intermittently.

What a sight. If you have never seen a mother fuck her teenage son, I
would suggest it. Especially if your also a teenage boy with an
attractive mom.

Do you know where this story is going? Can you guess what lay in my
mind even as I watched Jim getting fucked by his, surprisingly, wild

No? I think you do.

Her wild motions came in waves and I could tell she was getting
exhausted. So much energy must go in her animal motions that surely
her slight padding and lack of exercise must be catching up with her.
Gloria would drive herself down upon her son again and again, before
without any forewarning, she slowed down and only moved her body in a
snail-like pace. Her slowing motions were now happening more than the
faster animal-like ones as her body could not be driven to keep up
with her desires.

When I thought she could go no longer, Jim reached around and firmly
spanked his mother with several hard slaps. She dropped her torso
down and wrapped her arms around her sons neck, the two mouths again
coming into contact. Wow, she liked to get spanked, imagine! Jim,
though, now moved that hand between the crack of her ass and I could
just make out as his centre finger press firmly into what could only
be her anus.


With her laying down parallel with her son, I had a better view where
they were joined. Jim's small penis was still moving in and out of
Gloria, but he was now doing the work from beneath her. She was so
full of pleasure that she could no longer kiss her son with the same
passion as before, instead he sloppily licked her face. From her
eyelids to her chin and back until her face was dripping with his

Just when I thought Jim was near the end, he gently rolled over, his
mom moving with him. When he was laying upon her, her ankles locked
behind his ass, he began to drive his cock in a fast and furious pace.
I almost started to giggle when I realized he still wore his pants,
socks and shirt.

This furious fucking lasted but a moment before Jim suddenly backed up
off his mom and grabbed at his own member. I saw him stroke it only
twice before a small nearly-white substance shot out the tip of his
cock. That first shot landed upon his moms chest, right between her
breasts. More appeared from the tip of his white slimy cock but only
in dribbles, as his come dropped down upon his moms stomach and dark

As soon as her son's orgasm hit her chest, Gloria's face and body
started to contort. I knew what I was seeing and watched amazed, as
if blinking I may miss something. Gloria, Jim's mother, was having
her own orgasm even as her son's come landed upon her skin.

The show was over. After several long seconds of gasps and body
twisting, both collapsed upon the bed and lay silent in the dark.

I had to force my hands from the window ledge, sore from grasping the
wood in such a strong grip, and turned to head back home. The show
was over and Jim had won the bet, damn his lucky hide.


Mom came down to check that the doors and windows were closed and
locked. As she does each night after everyone has gone to bed. I had
just returned from outside Jim's house and watched unseen as she went
about her chore.

My mother, a year older than Gloria and a few pounds heaver. But you
know what, I think she is much more attractive than Jim's mom. By

Mom was wearing her light pink cotton pyjamas, the kind with pants and
buttoned up shirt. Oversized of course. I was sitting at the
breakfast table just thinking intently, you can guess upon what, as
she walked by me. She went to the laundry door to ensure it was
locked and then she eyed the windows on her way back to the kitchen.

I had never thought much about my mom as a woman before, at least not
till yesterday when Jim and I made that stupid bet. Since that moment
I wondered and looked upon my own mother in a different way, a way a
son should not look upon a mom. Now, after witnessing Jim's coupling
with his mom, my own desires felt more real than fantasy. As if my
simple desire could become reality, Jim's did.

Her large breasts swayed when she walked and the chest of her pyjama
top moved in a inviting motion. She nearly passed by me again before
I spoke up, "Hi mom."

"Geez", I had surprised her, "...I never saw you there dear." She
moved over to stand near my left side. "When did you get in? Its
after midnight." I was supposed to be in bed by midnight on a weekend
night, today was Saturday. Or rather, it was Saturday when I stood
outside Jim's bedroom window.

I hoped the near darkness hide my eyes as I lifted them from her chest
up to her face. "A few minutes ago."

A few seconds of awkward silence, something that was not so particular
especially since I got older. I figured it was because mom didn't
know how to talk with me any longer, I was no longer her little boy.
It had been like this between us for a couple of years.

"You should get to bed or your going to be tired at church tomorrow."
Today actually, but lets not get picky.

"I will mom, soon."

She smiled sweetly and was about to turn and leave when she stopped
and asked me, "Are you okay Simon, you look different?"

I just nodded, what could I have said?

"If you ever need to talk with me, you know that I'm always
available?" Again I nodded.

Mom just stood there for another awkward moment until she asked,
"Could I make you some hot chocolate or a quick snack?" That was my
mom, always sweet, caring and a generous person. Right now she was
trying to communicate with her eldest child, one that she was finding
it harder and harder to understand. Right now, though, I doubted she
would want to understand me.

I was about to nod 'no' again but changed my mind and nodded a 'yes'
instead. That put a smile upon mom's face, as I rarely opened an
avenue for her. She turned about and moved into the kitchen.

The light over the stove was turned on as I watched mom go through the
motions of making two cups of hot chocolate. This is what she likes
to do best, to be able to help her children and be a mother to them.

God, was I evil to think of her in this new light that I saw her in.
I didn't see her now so much as my mother but as a sexy woman that I
very much desired.

I soon followed her into the kitchen and stood a few feet away. She
only acknowledged my presence with a quick smile and, "Just a couple
of moments dear."

The light was behind her and I thought she the most beautiful creature
in the world right then. The pale bulb shone through her sandy-brown
mid-back length long hair and she radiated the side of her face in
such a way that I remembered thinking Gloria an angel. She was just a
pale imitation to my mom, who, at that very moment was an angel sent
to me.

I moved a step forward and leaned my face in. Being several inches
taller than her, my nose nearly touched the top of her head when I
took a deep drought of the smell of her hair. Clean. mom normally
showered before going to bed each night, since the bathrooms were busy
with everyone getting ready for their day every morning.

It was only a second, maybe two, before she turned her head in
surprise at my proximity. "Simon?" I backed up again. "Go wait at
the table dear, I'll be right in." The water was boiling. She never
even thought to inquire why I had stood over her, or she perhaps she
didn't notice.

Mom came carrying a platter loaded with three different types of
cookies and two steaming mugs of hot chocolate. She set this down and
sat on my right side, only a foot from me, perpendicular to me. It
was probably my imagination, but I thought I could feel the heat from
her body warm me.

How could I make what I desired happen? How could I have my mom sneak
into my room late at night and devour me with her lust?

She reached over and took my nearest hand in both of hers, "Now tell
me what's on your mind dear?" I stifled a shiver at the touch.
Probably two minutes passed before she asked, "You know that I love
you Simon? And that you will always be my little boy?"

More rough than I intended I blurted out, "I'm not your little boy!"

I could see that that stung her, and she pulled one of her hands away
and sat back a little in her chair. "Your right dear, I'm sorry. You
are no longer a little boy." She tried a small smile towards me,
apologizing for her comment with but a look.

If she only knew what she was doing to me, that my pants were stuffed
painfully so with my hard member. After watching the show Jim put on
and now my own desire for my mother, it was hard to keep my body from

"Your nearly a man Simon but I'm still your mother."

"I know mom." My throat as so dry this came out as a hoarse whisper.
I looked right into her hazel eyes, "I love you!"

My hands, for a long while, fondled my hardness through my jeans
almost to the point of orgasm even as we sat and spoke as parents do
with her sons.

She smiled gently and looked like she was about to cry. "I love you
too dear."

Beneath the table I freed my cock from the confines of my pants, it
shot up aiming towards the table as a missile, without even a quiver
it held its position solidly.

I felt a drop of nervous sweat drop down my forehead and the sound of
the clock pounded loudly in my head. My cock was out and my mind
could not think without its interference. mom said she loved me, and
I certainly loved her but I wanted her to prove it. I didn't know
how, so I simply acted upon instinct or rather upon my desire. I let
the animal side of my take the lead to my desire.

Grasping the hand that held mine, I pulled moms hand beneath the table
even as I spoke the words, "No, I mean I really love you!" I felt her
chilled fingers wrap around my throbbing hot shaft.

With a surprised gasp she froze for only a second. Long enough for
several things to happen. mom immediately knew what it was that she
held, and she opened her mouth in surprise, her eyes never leaving
mine. As she did this my cock, that had experienced so much tonight
began to jerk with orgasm. My come shot out of my dick with such a
force I'm sure it hit the underside of the table. But I kept on
spurting until, what felt like, a litre of come came out the head of
my circumcised dick.

Without looking I knew moms hand was coated with my spend, that my lap
was soaking and that the bottom of the table would need cleaning. I
smiled in relief and pleasure. It was a volcano that had been
building up with incredible pressure for some time and all it took was
the simple touch of the one I desired to allow it to explode.

I had not taken my eyes from her even as I felt my energy drain from
my cock. It only took a second or two after my last blast from my
dick that I saw the surprise and disgust in my mothers eyes. Never
before had I seen such a look in her face. Especially towards me.
Her hand was still holding my manhood and we both must have realized
it at the same time. mom tore her fingers from me and then she held
it up before her, her wide eyes looking upon the pearl-coloured spend
that was generously coating her hand in disgust.

Her mouth opened to say something but nothing came out. I sat back,
tired and surprised at her reaction. No, I had no idea what to
expect, but disgust was not a reaction I would have predicted. She
bolted out of her chair and just stood near the doorway towards the
family room. With her back to me I could see that she was just
standing, swaying slightly, staring down at her covered hand.

Slowly, deliberately, she stalked over to the kitchen sink and turned
the water on. I watched, still sitting at the table, as she allowed
the water to clean the spend from her hand. Neither of us moved for
what must have been two long minutes until she turned off the water
and spun and began to stalk away.

I blurted, "Mom, I..."!

She stopped and without turning towards me she interrupted, "Simon,"
her voice sounded angrier than I had ever heard it before, "if you
want to be treated like an adult I will treat you like one. But you
will do the same for me." mom disappeared through the dark doorway.

I sat alone for a very long time. The dampness of my pants and the
cool night air upon my still exposed soft cock a firm reminder that
what had just happened was not a dream. In fact, I started to feel
angry at myself, at my own actions. mom had never done anything to
warrant this nights behaviour towards her, if anything it was to the

Certainly I was impassioned by watching Jim and Gloria, viewing for
the first time a naked woman and then the full wanton pleasure that
her son gave to her. And then, my imagination created images and
thoughts in my head regarding my own mom. My anger started to turn to
disgust. I started to understood mom's reaction to what I had done.

I finally tucked my penis back into my jeans and then cleaned up the
mess I had left beneath the table before retiring to my room. All the
while, contemplating on how to make it up to mom.


It was like a whisper as my door swung inwards. Silently I watched as
my mom slipped into my room and closed the door behind her. It felt
eerie, as if I had already seen this before. But I had, only hours
before outside Jim's window. His mom had slipped into his room in
much the same way.

I sat up onto my side, on one elbow even as mom came towards me and
sat down so softly that I never even felt the bed shift.

Since retiring to my room, I had lain with only my underwear on
beneath the covers staring up at the ceiling. Again and again I had
relieved what I had endured this evening. To the point that my anger
dissipated and my cock again hardened, but my disgust still sat firmly
with me.

My bedroom was in the basement to our home and everyone else in my
family slept on the top level of our house. I only had a small
basement window that now allowed the near-full moonlight to bathe my
bed in a blue-gray glow. Mom, in her light pink pyjama's glowed with
a gray light as I felt her eyes looking upon me.

I didn't know what to say, and felt like begging her forgiveness, but
the words would not come. My male hardness, which had appeared soon
after I had lain down upon my bed and relieved this night in memory,
began to soften. When I opened my mouth to try and speak, though I
doubt the words would come, mom placed her finger upon my lips to
still me.

I'm not sure why she had come down to see me, but she did not look
angry any longer. If I had to describe her, I would say she looked
serene, as strange as that sounds, calm.

The seconds turned to minutes and I shifted awkwardly on my bed. Just
when I thought I could not lay silently any longer, that I should
apologize for my crude behaviour earlier, mom's hands came up and she
started to unbutton her pyjama top.

Stunned was not the right word, but that is exactly how I acted. I
lay on my side, upon my left elbow and froze with my eyes on her
working hands.

It was like a dream, and though it be about three in the morning, I
wondered if perhaps it was. There were only four buttons to undo on
her top and those were quickly opened. She again dropped her hands to
her side and sat there, I could see the pale skin between the open
folds of her top, but nothing else.

She just sat there looking at me as if waiting. Again, the silence
was deafening and time slowly passed. When I saw a tiny shiver run
through my moms body, I knew what to do. Or rather, I felt what to

My right hand lifted and grabbed one side of her open flannel top.
She just starred into my eyes as I drew it to her side, exposing her
large white breast. Up till now, Gloria's was the only live woman
that I've seen naked, but she could not compete with the simple
voluptuous beauty of my own mother. Mom's breast was large, extremely
so. It had a large dark nipple larger than a dollar coin and in this
light looked dark brown. It hung down and was definitely more than a
handful I speculated.

I only enjoyed the sight for a couple of lengthy seconds before
bringing my hand back up and grasping the boob with the nipple right
in the centre of my palm. It was the first sound that I heard, mom sighed deeply then allowed her head to drop back.

Wow! I never imagined that a breast could feel like this. It was
warm, smooth and very soft. There was also the hard point pushing
into my palm, as the nipple hardened. This coincided with my own
hardness now pushing against my underwear.

Mom was breathing deeply and didn't utter a sound as I sat up and
using my other hand to reach in and grab the second breast. Both
hands were now overflowing with warm soft tit flesh. I had made jokes
about such a thing, but having two huge breasts was not "more than a
handful" but a very desirable thing.

I suddenly wanted it all. I wanted my own mothers mouth upon me, I
wanted to feel her sex wrapped about mine, I wanted to fondle her anus
and I wanted her to beg for me. Oh god, every little thing my
adolescent mind had ever thought of came to me; wrapping my cock with
these delightful globes, shooting my come upon mom's face, watching
her strip and dance for me, reaching beneath her skirt to fondle and
excite her. The options were limitless.

Though, my mind stopped rambling, I had to take it carefully else she
again look upon me with disgust and anger. Something I did not relish
or desire. Instead, I wanted her to feel exquisite. To feel so
wonderful and sexy that she wanted and trusted me enough to come to me
again and again. This I desired more than all other fantasies. And
with this desire, I could have all my other fantasies.

My hands were trembling with anticipation and with pent-up pressures
as I leaned in the last few inches and placed my lips upon mom's neck.
I have kissed girls before, and I knew to place slow soft kisses
patiently upon her would incite the best reaction. I was not
mistaken, as a low guttural groan of pleasure escaped from mom.

Then the first word was spoke, "Yes!" Her face came down and her lips
searched out my own. I was kissing my mother as I had never kissed
her before. God was her lips hot, and moist! I was lost in bliss as
her tongue roughly fondled my own. I let go of her breasts and she
pressed forward with her flesh smashed against my own naked chest.
Her arms came around me and I held her firmly against me.

She gasped between sucking upon my tongue, "This
is... wrong... Simon...!"

I grabbed her thick hair and pulled till her head was again forced
back obscenely. I licked from her sternum to her chin and answered,
"I don't care." I bite, gently, upon her chin to enforce my words.

Mom giggled.

I have never before heard that sound from her, and I knew everything
would be as I wished. She was mine this night.

My lips again tasted hers as my hand which held her hair manoeuvred
her head in tandem to my own. She groaned somewhere deep in her
throat as it was my turn to go on the offensive with my tongue. mom seemed to love my mouth upon her and my hand forcibly guiding her
head, it was a side of mom I had not imagined.

As great as all this sounded, as experienced as this seemed, this was
the total of my sexual knowledge. I had kissed several girls this
way, all had enjoyed it. My mother now received the benefit of that

Except, that was all I knew. I didn't want to appear too juvenile or
immature by doing something untoward, but at the same time I was
quivering for a release of my frustrations. I wanted to do everything
at once.

Mom, though, knew me better than I thought she did. She took the
initiative without being dominant in her actions, she gently moved
aside my bed sheets and then quickly tore my shorts from my body. I
was now naked. mom slowly stood up, stooping over so our lips didn't

In this position her breasts were much heavier and I felt her
awkwardness in undressing in this position so I disengaged my mouth
from her own. She groaned in need but smiled as my face moved to her

It was the first breasts that I have ever tasted, that I've ever had
such intimate contact. My mom quickly shuffled about as she undressed
even as I drew in a nipple deep into my mouth. Certainly it was
awkward, but not enough to distract. Next time, when I knew my
boundaries I would be better, I promised myself.

I alternated with sucking mom's nipples, while my hands held them
together and towards me. When she stopped fidgeting in getting her
clothing off and I felt her hands cover my own in holding her generous
boobs up, I knew she was naked. My heart thumped so hard in my chest,
I was sure she would hear it.

My mom was naked with me in the privacy of my room. It was a fantasy
come true. It was amazing. I felt a urgent need to see that place
between her legs. I non too gently let go of her breasts, which would
have dropped several inches if not for her own hands, and bent over.

She knew my destination and I hoped she didn't think me foolish as she
stood straight and spread her knees slightly. I saw the dark triangle
of hair and noticed a heady scent that enticed me. I drew closer.

So close that my nose touched the thick short hairs and I pressed
against the body beneath. I inhaled deeply.

Mom giggled yet again, then reached down and held her stomach so she
could see everything I did.

My tongue came out of its own violation, mom inhaled deeply and
stilled before I felt those coarse hairs upon my tongue. I pushed
downwards and my pointed tongue suddenly submerged into a hot, thickly
wet flesh. I was tasting my mothers sex, her very excited sex if what
I read about was true. Within a few seconds my lower face was coated
in her thick-than-water juices.

I touched upon a hard little button near the top of that cleft and
mom's hand grabbed the back of my head with a claw as she squealed in
pleasure. So I did it again... and again. Now both her hands held my
head and her sex was pressing rhythmically towards me. I simply left
my tongue hardened and moved it in and out of the top of her vagina,
and on the down stroke of my tongue-fuck I pressed firmly against her
hard nub.

My hands, during this were not forgotten. At first my hands held upon
my moms wide soft hips until she started to ride my face. I then
moved them behind her to grab her large round soft buttocks, one per
hand. Wow, they were soft, warm and very fun. I loved the feel of
them. Yet, I wanted to experience everything, to sample all my erotic
desires. One of my hands moved inwards, as I saw Jim do, until I was
between her sweaty ass cheeks. I traced, with my index finger, down
from her tail bone until I found what I was looking for. I felt it, a
hard wrinkled little ring of muscle that clenched tightly as I first
touched it.

It was, of course, my moms asshole. I moved my finger around the
outside of it, gently teasing and playing with its hard hot exterior.
Several seconds after this stimulation, mom relaxed her anus and I
began to put more pressure on her anus.

When that finger sunk to the first knuckle, mom surprised me by
gasping, "Yes Simon, deeper dear!" Wow. I pushed harder, worried
that I would hurt her, until I was at the second knuckle. It would go
no further. It was so tight, it felt strange as the hard muscle
strangled my index finger.

Not to be undone, even while my tongue fucked her and my finger
ass-fucked her, my other hand moved between her slippery thighs. They
were slick with sweat and erotic juices, mom was so excited that her
flow was greasing up her thighs. I couldn't think of anything more

My hand moved upwards until it touched the partially opened pouty lips
of her sex. I then turned my hand slightly and aimed two fingers
upwards. It took some doing to find what I was looking for,
especially with mom pumping her hips as lewdly as she was. But
suddenly they submerged fully within her vagina.

Thats when mom started to go nuts. I mean its an incredible feeling
giving a woman the heights of ecstasy, but when its your own

I couldn't see upwards, with my forehead pressed nearly against her
round soft stomach, but her whole body convulsed and spasmed again and
again. My finger in her ass sunk to the third knuckle as she relaxed
before again clenching it in a death grip. I moved both hands in
unison, allowing the fingers to plunge again and again into her body.
My tongue, in time with my hands and her hips, pressed into her
sensitive clitoris even harder.

She was breathing hard and fast, gasping out her breath, mumbling
incoherently and I just continued with my ministrations.

How long this lasted, I don't care. I was in heaven.

Mom pulled my face away from her crotch and she bent over to kiss my
lips gently, "Thank you dear." My finger in her ass had to disengage,
as I could no longer reach, but my finger continued to frig her cunt.
"I never felt that way before... or that good."

All I could do in response was smile hugely. mom looked over my wet
face and smiled devilishly before opening her mouth and licking
slowly. She did this for some time, and the moment was highly erotic
as mom cleaned her own juices from my face and lips. If you've never
had this done to you, a woman cleaning her own juices from your face,
I highly recommend it.

When finally she stopped, she sighed deeply and spoke gently, "If you
keep doing that your going to make mommy come again." God yes.

She giggled and pulled away from me, much to my disappointment.

Mom went around to the other side of my bed and climbed on. This was
it, this was when I finally loose my virginity... to my mom!

I watched her crawl to the middle of the bed, but she didn't drop down
onto her back as I expected. I wanted to climb between her thighs and
have her wrap her sexy legs about my waist as I fucked her. Instead,
mom knelt with knees a meter apart and pressed her shoulders to my
mattress. I knew what she was doing, but felt incredible about it. I
had not imagined such a position, had no idea what to do.

Again she must have sensed my hesitancy and reached between her
generous thighs and I saw two of her own fingers sink into her cunt.
She groaned out as the two digits began to stimulate her, "Come fuck
mommy Simon. Come here and shove her cock in mummy's cunt." With
everything else overwhelming my senses, to hear mom speak this way was
a blow. My cock, rock hard and ready, pulsated with a renewed vigour.

I crawled about behind her and roughly pulled her hand from her sex,
she groaned in a pleasant response.

Instead of simply plunging my cock into her sex, I bent over and
forced the length of my tongue to submerge into her overheated
super-wet cunt until her outer lips pressed against my cheeks. She
squealed yet again, "Oh god, not again! Oh Simon, I've never felt
such pleasure...", I pulled my face before again submerging it,
"... never felt a tongue between my legs before... never knew it could
feel so good!"

Did I hear right, she never had her pussy eaten, ever? I had thought
my mom being so attractive and being married so long would mean she
was also worldly. It was the first that I had to consider that she
was as immature about some sexual things as I. What a thought! I had
to know, "Mom would you suck my cock if I asked?"

Breathing deeply she grasped out her answer, "I never... yes... oh
yes, Simon... I want to suck your... cock!" I believed her and my
question was answered. My one great desire, to have my mom suckle my
cock, would be the first time for the both of us. It seemed an
incredible thing.

She continued, "Now dear, do you... want me to suck you now?" mom started to rise, evidently she wanted to do this thing nearly as much
as I did.

I roughly grabbed her mane of hair and pushed her face back into my
pillows. "Oh Simon! I'll do it baby... for you I'll do anything!"
There will be enough time to do that later, I was enjoying myself.
Besides, I was sure she would have my cock inside her mouth many many
times in the near future. As for "anything", I still had many desires
to be enjoyed with her.

My tongue fucked her again and again as she became more animated. I
started to alter my movements when she was frantically pressing her
cunt towards me and I alternated between fucking her cunt to fucking
her relaxed asshole. Honestly, I had never thought about doing such a
thing, but there it was winking at me as I moved my face again and
again against the back of moms buttocks and thighs. I was not
disappointed in her reaction either, she stiffened noticeably and
begged, "No Simon... not there... oh god!"

That was it, mother began her organismic explosion even as my tongue
was still in her asshole. It was clenched inside her as she buckled
in erotic spasms.

Mom collapsed forwards upon her stomach in exhaustion and I sat back
looking down at her spent body. My rod was hard and throbbing
painfully and it was time.

Grabbing her roughly by her hips, I pulled her back to a kneeling
position. She only partially helped. I was able to balance her on
her wide-spread knees and on her shoulders.

It took some fumbling around and some mismatched aims but I found the
target and felt the head of my cock enter that now familiar entrance.
I stopped myself from entering any further and mom, finding enough
energy to push back only found my hands holding her still.

"I love you mom!" I plunged in.

Mother screamed and pressed her face into my pillows, stifling much of
the noise. I had to let out a groan of pleasure of my own, so
exquisite it felt.

I held myself against her, submerged to the hilt. It was so wet, so
soft, so hot - I loved the feeling.

God, I was in heaven.

"Oh god!" Evidently, mom felt the same way. "I love you too!" That
part came out more like a scream than a sentence.

I placed myself into a better position behind her and she accommodated
me by pressing her knees together with my own outside hers. This in
effect, clamped my cock in a delightfully soft vise. I grabbed her
wide soft hips and took a deep breath. The calm before the storm, I
laughed with happiness inside.

Moving slowly, mostly so I could enjoy each millimetre of my cock
inside the most delightful cunt that my imagination could ever
conjure. My snail's pace had the dual effect of causing mom to bite
into my pillow and squeal with delight. I realized she was enjoying
our coupling as much as I, perhaps more.

Goodness, my mom felt the desire to be a slut with her son!

One of my hands moved back to her head and grabbed at her thick hair,
I pulled her head back roughly and continued to fuck her. mom loved
it, as I felt her body again accelerate towards that organismic goal,
I began to speed up my thrusts. My other hand moved slightly inwards
and I pressed my thumb into her asshole, to the first knuckle.

My gentle gliding thrusts turned to hard aggressive slamming. Moms
head, held in my hands, shook about leaving spittle thrown about the
head of my bed. Mom's back was arched downwards and her buttocks
raised high. She was slick with sweat and juices as her muscles
beneath trembled with exhausted anticipation of her next orgasm.

I felt the desire to orgasm also, a incredibly hard come actually.
Yet, I also felt the desire to finish as my mother did the same. To
simultaneously orgasm seemed to me, the height of pleasure. I greatly
enjoyed the power and the unselfishness of giving my own mother an
orgasm, I loved watching her in the throes of her passions release.
To meet that climax with her was to highlight of this nights

It was also not to be far in the future.

I felt the familiar tightening of my balls and the extra throbbing of
my shaft as it continued to drive again and again into the womanly
fold before me. As much as I wanted to come with her, mom began to
orgasm a few seconds before I. I let go of her hair and she again
bite into a pillow, which stifled her scream enough that it only
echoed throughout my room instead of the house. Mom's body shook and
rocked in her pleasure, for the final time this evening.

The sight of her enjoyment was enough to send me over the edge, I felt
a long hot stream of come shoot out the head of my dick. It felt like
a litre of jism was emptying into mom's cunt. After the first shot, I
began a short rapid jerking that felt exquisite.

I didn't close my eyes throughout my orgasm, but watched the effect it
had on mom. She should have been coming down from her erotic high,
and probably had been, except my orgasm deep within her set off
another wave of thrashing and screaming.

Seconds seemed an eternity as the exquisite pleasure flowed throughout
my body and my mind revelled in it. Finally I allowed my eyes to
close in exhaustion and contentment.

When again I opened them, I was laying back onto my side, with mom in
front of me. My penis was still in mom's vagina and my hands were
about her in a cuddly hug. mom must have sensed that I was awake and
turned her head to look at me over her shoulder. "I didn't want to
leave you yet."

I smiled and realized just how tired I truly was.

"Not while you still slept at least." I kissed her cheek and moved
one hand about to grasp at her nearest huge breast. She smiled gently
at me. She must be thinking what I was, if we could ever do this
again... and I didn't know the answer. I certainly wanted too. And I
didn't want to bring it up at this wonderful moment. I just prayed
she wasn't embarrassed or shamed at our mutual pleasure this evening.

Mom mewed slightly as I jerked my super soft cock within her feminine
folds. "You may slip out if you do that again." She sounded like
that would not be desirable, I know it wasn't for me.

Time passed slowly, as the light of the moon was nearly extinguished
and we were bathed in near darkness. Neither of us wanted to move, to
leave this sanctuary of lust. I tried reaching for my blanket and the
inevitable happened, my soft cock slipped out of my moms sloppy wet
cunt. She groaned in loss and I felt a sudden sadness also, this
evening was nearly at an end.

The blanket now was tucked under both our chins as mom had turned
about to face me, her head against my chest. "I love you Simon."

"I love you too mom."

We fell asleep like that, our bodies warm against the other. Not long
later though, the early morning light awoke us as it radiated into my
room. I woke to find her looking into my eyes, evidently she had been
awake for some time.

"Morning sleepy." She smiled happily and said those words I dreaded
hearing, "I have to go..."

I shook my head rapidly, "No!"

"Yes." That smile melted my heart. At that moment I was more in love
with my own mother than I thought I could feel about anyone.

A new mischievous look lit her face, "Remember what you asked me a
couple hours ago?"

It was all a gray dream, a fantasy that I rapidly scrolled through to
find what she meant. "You mean?"

She nodded, looking ten years younger I may add. "You could ask now?"

My heart was already beating faster, "I thought you never...?"

She giggled yet again, a sound that was for me privately as I'm sure
no one else in our home ever heard it. "I want too!" By the sound of
her voice, I never doubted her. "Ask me Simon... if you want me too?"
She sighed and pressed her cheek again to my chest, and waited.

"Mom would you...?" I let it hang, not wanting to sound too immature
or brutish. I'm not sure how far I could go with mom, at least in
regards to my words as well as my actions.

Her face came off my chest and she again looked into my eyes, "Would I
what Simon? What is it you want mommy to do for you?"

I had to swallow and found my mouth was very dry. "Mom would you,"
she licked her lips and her eyes opened wide in anticipation of my
words, I felt more confidence ride through my veins, "suck my cock?"

She bit her bottom lip and sighed. "Yes darling, I'll suck your cock
for you." mom disengaged her legs with mine and started to wiggle
down my body. "Mommy will suck your cock, or do anything you desire,

Soon a tongue was lapping at my soft member, as if cleaning me of
dried juices. A low humming noise came up from beneath my covers as
mom enjoyed her chore. Rather suddenly, everything was still and my
bed covers were thrown off me and I found myself looking into mom's
sexy eyes.

"Simon, what got into you last night?" She looked rather serious.

How could I answer? I certainly was not going to tell my mom the
truth! She was now mine, how we ended up here was irrelevant. As
well, I did not want her thinking someday that Jim stood outside my
window watching her submit to her son's incestuous desires.

I had to answer as nonchalantly as possible while also not telling a
lie, "Peer pressure." Well it was true wasn't it?

All I got for a response was a raised eyebrow and a frown which slowly
turned back into a sexy smile. I felt mother's mouth take my cock
completely into her hungry warm mouth for the first time.



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