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Pentaprism 05 Embraces of Men Past



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


Embraces of men Past

Anuja moans ecstatically. She is on her front, on her forearms and
knees, her body rocking and lurching back and forth, her breasts hot, swollen, pendulous, jiggling and bouncing, her gold necklace
swinging to and fro. Kneeling behind her is a thin, reedy
teenager. He is no more than fourteen or fifteen. He has a thin,
sharp, almost cruel face, with a knife-blade nose, fleshy lips
with a wisp of a mustache over the upper lip. His eyes are small
and wide, and he has long hair that curls over his scrawny neck.
His light coloured body is almost painfully thin. He has small,
dark nipples. His chest and belly are flat and hard, hairless, but
without defined musculature. Tufts of hair peep from under his
arms. His buttocks are flat and taut, his hips narrow, his arms
and legs thin and long. He wears a black thread with around his
neck, another on one wrist and a third girdles his waist.

The boy's cock is of terrifying, impossible proportions. Baban
thinks the gargantuan organ, fully ten inches long and over two
inches thick, with enormous, low, heavy testicles, the shaft shorn
smoothly to the base, the scrotum, too, is incongruous, even
ridiculous, on the boy's spindly physique.

Anuja obviously doesn't share his opinion. Judging by the
expression on her face and her love-calls, she loves it. She moans
and gasps loudly, rocking and jerking and lurching back and forth
on all fours like a rutting bitch. Her cunt slides up and down the
length of the gargantuan penis. Her gold necklace swings wildly,
her swollen, pendulous breasts jiggle and bounce. Her face is a
vision of lust, the eyes hooded, the mouth open and her cries are
sharp with excitement.

"OHHHH ... uhhhh OHHHHH uhhh OHHHHH uh OHHHHH!" she moans. "Oh ma
uhh *hanh* uhh *hanh* uh *hanh* uhhh OHHHHHH!"

The boy fucks her unhurriedly, scarcely out of breath. His hands
are over her buttocks, spreading them open, his fingers curved up
towards her back, his thumbs angled down, pointing inward to her
anus. His penis glistens, thick and long and hard, shining with
their juices. It rasps and grinds in and out of her cunt,
distending and filling it, mashing her cunt-flesh and gorged
clitoris. He swings his hips in a smooth, steady rhythm, his
buttocks flexing and unflexing alternately. He moves her body back
and forth to suit his pleasure.

"Mm ... yeh ... c'mon ... c'mon, slut ... take it ... yeh ... take
my prick, bitch!" the boy mutters in his thin, adolescent voice.

He grins at one of the waiting men, who is watching him

"Hot piece of ass," he chuckles softly, fucking her with sharp,
jabbing thrusts now. "Nice tight cunt. Hot, too. Real sweet."

Grinning, showing uneven teeth, he slides his hands up her fair,
smooth body and squeezes her heavy, pendulous breasts. Anuja gasps
and moans, her face arching, suffused with lust. The boy bends
over her and she turns her face over her shoulder to his. He
kisses her roughly, jamming his tongue into her mouth, crushing
her breasts in his bony hands, his hips rocking swiftly back and
forth, his cock plunging greedily in and out of her cunt. He lifts
his hips, sliding his cock out of her and then, with a sudden flex
of his hips, rams into her cunt hard, his buttocks snapping
together. Anuja tears her face away and cries out loudly, her face
contorting in lust. The boy chuckles and grins and pinches her
nipples, squeezes her heavy, hot breasts. She writhes her buttocks
against his. Again he jerks out and slams into her, and yet again.
Anuja cries out, lurching and gasping and rocking under him. He
fucks her faster, his thighs slapping loudly against her buttocks,
bouncing off her flesh.

"C'mon ... now c'mon bitch ... take it ... yeh ... take it ... oh
fuck yes ... take my dick, whore ... c'mon! Take it! *hanh* uh
*hanh* uh *hanh* uh *hanh* uh *hanh*!"

He is upright on his knees again and now his face is flushed with
rising excitement. His fingers dig into the soft flesh of her
waist and hips as he grips her fiercely and jerks her body
violently back and forth, slamming his hips to and fro, ramming
his enormous cock in and out of her cunt.

"OH! Oh ma uh *hanh* uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OHHHH uh
OHHHHH uhh OHHHHHHHH!" Anuja cries loudly.

Faster and faster he goes, fucking her brutally now, ramming and
reaming his cock deep into her cunt, hammering his hips at her
buttocks. Her body lurches and jerks under his thrusts, her
necklace swinging wildly, her breasts jiggling and bouncing
furiously. Her cries are sharp and loud.

"Oh uhh ohh uhhh oh ma uh *hanh* uh *hanh* uhhh yes! Oh god yes!
Oh yes Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh ma uh ah uh yes! Fuck me! Fuck
me hard! *hanh* uhhh *hanh* uhh oh ma *hanh* fuck me hard!"

The boy gasps and ram-fucks her swiftly, his mouth open, panting
and gasping, his penis plunging in and out of her flesh, his
thighs cannoning off her buttocks, her breasts jiggling and
bouncing furiously under his mad thrusts.

Anuja was congenitally unfaithful. She continued her torrid affair
with Dinkar and his brother. They introduced her to three black
students who lived in the college hostel and had incredibly
muscular bodies and huge cocks. She fucked them all. On one
glorious Saturday night, she fucked all three blacks
simultaneously, while Dinkar looked on. She fucked other students.
She continued fucking Baban and the other servants. And whenever
Jayant visited, they fucked like wild demons.

On holiday in different parts of the country, Anuja found new and
exciting ways of escaping into her heaven of desire. There were
horsemen in Matheran; a boatman in Kodaikanal and another in
Mahableshwar. A gang of golf caddies and ballboys fucked her for
three hours in a thicket at the edge of the Nagpur golf course
while Jayant and his father played eighteen holes. A tour guide
showed her Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati's love pavilion in Mandu
and, aroused by the history of the place, they fucked in a little
alcove overlooking the valley. On a cold spring morning in Simla,
Anuja walked in the forests and found two woodcutters, already hot
and sweating sexily. They did not hesitate when she offered
herself to them.

In the sweltering summer heat at Halebid, there were four athletes
at the local gym, the *akhada*, big men with strong, sculpted
bodies and thick penises. They fucked her heavily and slowly for
over an hour. In Rajasthan, the men were magnificent, handsome and
virile. She had a lover in the Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur who
fucked her through the night in a stunning suite while, outside
the carved window lattices, the moonlight danced on the water. She
went on a camel ride in the desert outside Jaisalmer and they
camped at night among the dunes and Anuja whimpered and writhed
under the canvas as the two camel drivers fucked her together in
her cunt and anus, their bloated penises sawing in and out of her
flesh. Outside, the wind caressed the sand.

Among the erotic carvings on the temples at Khajuraho, Anuja found
a handsome young priest to fuck her after the tourists had gone.
She writhed under his lithe, hot, sweating body on the temple
plinth. Around them, the stone danced under the stars in
bewildering sexual contortions, inspiring Anuja and her lover.
They attempted as many of the depicted positions as they could,
till at last they were exhausted, their bodies sticky with sweat
and sex.

At home, there was no dearth of new adventure. There were handcart
pullers and construction gang workers, dark, strong, muscular men with thick penises and a rough demanding manner in bed that
excited her. There was the milkboy early in the morning while the
household slept and the lad who delivered the newspapers, even the
odd urchin who caught her fancy.

The teenage milkboy continues fucking Anuja. She is on her back
now and his body is angled over hers on knees and outstretched
arms, his hands crushing her breasts while he swings his hips
rhythmically back and forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing.
Anuja whimpers and cries out thickly, her head rolling from side
to side, clenching his forearms. The boy's shoulders are hunched
and his head is bent between them. His enormous penis grinds
deeply in and out of her cunt. Her legs are spread wide and raised
high, the knees bent, her feet in the small of his back. His huge
penis squeezes and crushes into her cunt, mashing her cunt-flesh
and gorged clitoris.

"OHHHHH uhh OHHHHH uhhh OHHHHH yes!" Anuja cries. "Oh ma oh ma oh
ma oh ma yes uhhh *hanh* uhhh *hanh* ... fuck me! Fuck me hard ...
ohhhhhhh uhhh *hanh* ... that's it!"

The boy grins down at her and thrusts deep into her cunt, making
her gasp and moan, driving the breath from her throat. He pulls
out and thrusts in again, and yet again, and gradually picks up
speed. His hips rock smoothly up and down, back and forth and his
huge cock pistons and plunges in and out of her cunt in a
mesmerising rhythm. Each thrust rocks her body up onto the small
of her back. Anuja's head is arched, her neck craned, her face
tilted up.

"OHHHHHH uhhh OHHHHHH uhhh OHHHHHH!" she cries as the huge penis
bursts in and out of her cunt. "Oh ma oh ma oh ma OHHH!"

The boy gasps thickly. "Take it ... c'mon, whore, take it! Oh
fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck yes ohhh yes ... take it! Take my
cock, whore! Take it!"

Anuja fucked incessantly. She was not a nymphomaniac; there was
nothing pathological about her desire for sexual gratification.
She enjoyed sex enormously, it was as simple and uncomplicated as
that. The physical pleasure was for her so intense and satisfying
that she saw no reason to deny herself, nor to complicate her
enjoyment by complex emotional ties that could only cause pain.
Sex was a passion she indulged. With each lover, she gave herself
utterly and entirely. There was nothing mechanical or arid about
her copulation.

She told Baban of her affairs. He did not mind; after all, it was
he who had brought other men to her. While he was still
passionately fond of her, he was resigned to the fact that they
could never share a life, no matter how much his heart desired it.
She was a *memsahib*, he a mere servant. He felt no remorse or
anger, and enjoyed hearing her narrate how her various lovers
fucked her. It aroused him, and Anuja learned how to goad him
during sex by comparing him to other men.

"Come on, Baban," she would gasp, writhing and heaving under him.
"Fuck me ... fuck my cunt, Baban ... like Philip does ... oh yes
... shove it in, Baban ... all of it ... Ohhh yes ... just like
Mike ... his cock's ... bigger ... you know ... harder ... so is
... the cook's ... he's good, too ... loves fucking my ass ... I
love being fucked by him ... come on come on come on ohhhh yes!"

Even as her servant fucked her, Anuja was thinking of the
handsome, muscular youth with the expensive after-shave who had
driven her to such paroxysms of joy the previous evening. His name
was Arvind, and he was her latest lover. Mark had graduated and
left for America to do a doctorate.

Arvind took her to his house and fucked her in his bedroom, plying
her body relentlessly with his tongue and teeth and wonderfully
swollen penis. It was bigger by far than Baban's, longer and
thicker and harder. Though not much older than herself, he had
considerable sexual experience, and his lovemaking had a heavy,
demanding, relentless rhythm that finally exhausted her. Anuja lay
naked beneath him, her legs spread wide, her fingers digging into
his thick shoulders, her body jerking and lurching and rocking
with his thrusts. His enormous penis surged into her cunt-flesh,
rasping and grinding deeply in and out, in and out, in and out.
Anuja was dizzy with the pleasure. She moaned delirious
obscenities, goading him to fuck her harder. His cock seemed to
fill every inch of her cunt and she could feel the thick veins
throbbing along its length. Her swollen breasts wobbled as she
jerked and writhed beneath him.

"Ohh Arvind! Yes! Ohhh god yes!" she gasped. "Fuck me! Fuck me
hard, Arvind! Fuck my cunt! Ohhh god yes!"

The handsome youth took her powerfully and relentlessly, driving
her from one orgasm to another, changing positions frequently,
pausing deftly, just as she was on the verge of a climax, to make
her suck his cock or to lick her slit.

Laughing at her obscene love-calls, Arvind fucked her again and
again till she was feverish with lust. At last, fucking her on her
back once more, plunging his cock hungrily into her cunt over and
over, making her gasp and cry out sharply with each piercing
thrust, he came violently, timing his orgasm seconds after hers.
He flung his head back and rammed his cock deep into her, his hips
twitching rapidly at her groin. Anuja gasped as his penis erupted.
It was a copious load, stinging hot jets of jizz spurting
endlessly into her cunt. Finally, it ebbed and he smiled down at
her and gently rocked his hips back and forth, pulling his penis
out of her slowly. It was heavenly.

"You're great, babe," he murmured, kissing her. "Really good."

Anuja's afternoons with Baban grew shorter and more infrequent as
she spent more time with other lovers like Arvind. Like Baban and
Mark and the others, Arvind, too, delighted in her flesh and she
surprised him with her skill and enthusiasm. Despite his
experience, he had never fucked a woman's ass. Anuja loved being
butt-fucked. She invited Arvind to try it, taking him unawares. He
looked stunned.

Laughing at his expression, she turned around and offered her rear
to him, clawing her buttocks open for his pleasure. Arvind
hesitated for a second and then, spurred by her obscene words,
squeezed his thick penis into her anus. Anuja was ecstatic. Arvind
fucked her butt slowly and heavily, apparently unable to get
enough of it.

Later, he confessed that it was the best fuck he had ever known.
After that, they did it regularly, and their affair grew more
torrid. For a few months, the relationship excited and aroused her
and then she began to tire of it. Arvind was handsome and capable,
but now there was an increasing sameness to their sex, and they
seldom talked or chatted as friends as she did with Baban. They
would go to his house, strip, she would suck his cock for a while,
he would lick her cunt and then they would fuck for an hour or so
before she left.

Anuja was not the kind to sever ties abruptly. One afternoon, as
she rocked slowly up and down on his penis, astride his groin, she
told him that she wanted to break off. To her surprise, he
understood. They agreed that their relationship could not last,
and that except for the sex, they shared nothing. The relief
seemed to sharpen their desire and that last afternoon they fucked
like ones possessed. He wanted her in every orifice, and she
wanted nothing else. He fucked her repeatedly and, at the end, she
was sweating and exhausted.

They parted as friends and she returned to Baban. He accepted
this, too, with equanimity, wordlessly communicating his
commitment to her. She smiled happily in his arms and then pulled
him over her with feverish urgency, bucking hungrily under him as
his throbbing, rock-hard penis stroked in and out of her cunt,
calling obscenely to him. Baban fucked her happily, giving without
reserve, knowing with a deep ache in his heart that it was only a
question of time before she found another man. Still, she would
return to him again, and he would always be there for her. That
gave him peace.

The milkboy moves faster, his hands squeezing and mauling her
breasts, his buttocks flexing and unflexing rapidly, his hips
bucking and bobbing swiftly up and down. His gargantuan shaft
plunges and pistons and rams and reams into her cunt, distending
her cunt-lips wide open, mashing her dripping wet cunt-flesh and
gorged clitoris. He cries out suddenly and rams wildly into her,
pauses, lurches out, rams in again. Anuja gasps and cries out,
arching steeply under him, her face contorting and twisting, her
head jerked to one side, her body rocking with his thrusts, her
breasts bouncing violently. With a shuddering moan, the boy jerks
out of her and masturbates violently for a few seconds and then
explodes. Anuja gasps as the thick jizz shoots from his cock-head
and jets over her body, thick streams of it striking her belly and
breasts and even her face. His load is copious and he keeps
coming. His cock still spurting, he squeezes it back into her cunt and fucks her again gently for a few seconds. Anuja's face creases
in a smile of pleasure and she pulls his face down to hers and
kisses him languorously, caressing his smooth, hard back. He fucks
her gently, his hips twitching back and forth at her cunt.

Baban was right. A few weeks after she broke off with Arvind,
Anuja found another lover. That relationship was even shorter than
the one with Arvind. Her new lover was as capable and they fucked
feverishly, their hunger unabated time after time. Soon, he, too,
left her life, going abroad to study. After him, there was
another, a married man with two children and an incontinent spirit
his arid wife had no desire to satiate. He took refuge in Anuja,
who welcomed the handsome man with fine, muscular build and gentle
manner, with open arms and spread legs, offering herself without
reserve for his pleasure, letting him live out every fantasy.
That, too, passed and there were others.

In college, Anuja continued to take lovers, alternating between
them and Baban for another three years. By the time she finished
her Master's, at twenty-five, Baban and she had been lovers for
eight years. In that time, she had fucked more men that most women
did in a lifetime, servants, drivers, cooks, fellow students.

Then she came to know Siddharth and started the most enduring
affair of her life.

Sex with Siddharth was unlike any she had known. He possessed her
utterly, body and soul and mind. Her orgasms were intense,
prolonged, shattering experiences. He aroused to her fever pitch:
By turns tender and rough, fire and ice, silken smooth in his
caresses one minute and rasping over her body like sandpaper the
next, her tormented her relentlessly till she was whimpering like
a whore. His penis was gargantuan, the biggest, thickest, hardest
cock she had ever known. When he fucked her, it was with a
deftness of touch and a sureness of timing that drove her wild.
She had never known a man so finely attuned to a woman's sexual
needs. With him, no words were necessary: Unerringly sensing her
moods and desires, he gave without reserve, sweeping her along in
tidal waves of ecstasy. Anuja could not get enough of him and for
a few weeks, slept with no one else, surprising herself with her
unwonted fidelity.

There was nothing she would not do for him. He was the most
complete, accomplished, controlled lover she had ever known. He
was already married, to the bewitching nymphomaniac, Sunnu. A few
months after they first slept together, he introduced her to his
clandestine sexual empire, Hedon & Venery.

He told her about it one evening at his stunning penthouse
apartment, while they were fucking. Anuja whimpered softly and
writhed on his lap, her cunt impaled on his mammoth penis.
Siddharth smiled at her and, masterful lover that he was, swirled
his hips deftly under her, mashing her cunt and clitoris with his
cock. She moaned and he craned his neck and sucked tenderly on her
swollen, aching breasts. His hands roamed her body, gliding in
gentle caresses over her breasts, her back, her buttocks, his
fingers probing her anus delicately.

Then he told her about Hedon & Venery in his deep baritone voice,
gentle and caressing, erotic in itself, even as he kept fucking
her, moving deftly so that she was forever on the verge of a
cataclysmic orgasm. Anuja listened in awe, torn between the
exquisite sensations in her loins and the eroticism of which he
spoke. It was the realisation of a cherished fantasy, an erotic
fusion of sex and profit, money and pleasure, anticipation and
fulfilment. He asked her to join.

Anuja was overwhelmed. She had long dreamed of being a whore, of
being paid to be fucked, of making money by having the best fun
there was. The idea of prostitution was sexy, the thought of
fucking rank strangers and succumbing to their demands and getting
paid for it inherently provocative.

He took her to see it, showed her its spreading tentacles. It was
an awesome enterprise. Devoted entirely to the provision of sexual
pleasure, it had grown over the years into an international
colossus. Barring only child abuse (the minimum age was fifteen,
and that, too, was only for exceptional cases), slavery and
torture, it pandered to every sexual need. Films, magazines,
live-shows, aphrodisiacs, sexual aids, gigolos, whores -- it had
them all. Anuja was to be part of this hedonism. She was thrilled.
Here was the finest sex available, on call, and she would pay
handsomely for it, to boot. She agreed, and became a whore.

Always sensible and cautious, perfectly attuned to her interest,
Siddharth imposed a limitation. She would service only very, very
select clients, who could be counted on never to reveal her role
to the outside world. All films and magazines featuring her were
for select circulation in carefully selected international sectors
only. The live shows would be by invitation only. And her hours
were very restricted. All these limitations were subject to
review, of course, he said, if circumstances warranted. But not
for now. Anuja didn't mind. It was sound advice.

The only persons she told were Baban and Jayant and, one evening,
they watched her at work. She was doing a live-show that night,
with three men, for an audience of twelve. Baban and Jayant were
astounded. The performance was incredibly erotic, imaginative,
esthetic and skillfully choreographed. Anuja had multiple orgasms
on stage before a dozen staring eyes. The show climaxed,
literally, with all three men, heavily muscled and enormously
endowed, fucking her simultaneously in cunt and mouth and ass.
Baban came in his pants.

Anuja's life took on a new rhythm. Three times a week, she worked
for the company, and the other afternoons she spent with Baban.
Sometimes, she spent an evening with Siddharth or one of the
several handsome young men from his office or the seraglio.

The next four years were the happiest of her life. Her career was
doing well, and, by any standards, she had the finest of lovers.
At the seraglio, she was much in demand, her high price and
relative inaccessibility only adding to her allure. At home, she
had Siddharth, his friends, magnificent lovers all, Jayant, Baban
and the other servants.

Blissfully ignorant of her abditory life, her parents tried
frantically to get her married. By Indian standards, she was
already too old, at twenty-nine. Her parents searched incessantly
for a suitable match. She was introduced her to a never-ending
stream of young men. Anuja rejected all her suitors: None of them
attracted her in the least.

Then her maternal aunt introduced her to Avinash. He was
devastatingly handsome, superbly built, intelligent, suave and
wealthy. He ran an electronics company that he had built up from
scratch. Already, it was one of the hottest issues in the market.
He came from good, solid Maharashtrian stock.

Later, her mother, smiling, asked her what she thought. Anuja
looked at Avinash and instantly wondered how good he'd be in bed.
He looked at her steadily, calmly and she felt a frisson of
excitement. He was very sexy, easily the most attractive suitor
she had met. Resigned to the fact that she could not oppose her
parents much longer, and since Siddharth was already married, she
decided that if she had to get married, it might as well be
someone like Avinash. Instead of her usual we'll-see response,
Anuja smiled warmly and accepted. Her mother was ecstatic and
promptly conveyed her acceptance. They were to be married two
months later.

Anuja dreaded the loss of the liberty it portended. Siddharth
took her in his arms one evening as they lay together after sex.
He told her not to worry. One never can tell, he said, life is
full of imponderables. Wait and see. Finish the work in hand.
Anuja was tense and he soothed her, and, in his unique fashion,
gently aroused her with delicate caresses of his lips and tongue
and fingers. Soon, she was trembling and whimpering eagerly,
begging to be fucked. He fucked her slowly and she gasped in joy
as his enormous penis slid into her flesh.

Anuja completed her assignments at Hedon & Venery a fortnight
before the wedding, when they shot the last footage of a steamy
pornographic movie about a young girl's progression from innocent
teenager to accomplished whore. Anuja played the lead role, and,
in a two hour epic, was fucked in eighteen separate encounters by
a dozen men and three women; lesbian sex was one of the many
things Hedon & Venery had taught her to enjoy.

The film ended in a wild orgy, with Anuja being fucked hard by a
series of men who mounted her in a bewildering variety of
positions, plundering her every orifice, taking her singly, in
pairs, in trios and even four at a time. The last shot was a
lingering fade of Anuja lying naked on the floor of a deserted
living room, her body coated in the spunk of a dozen men,
masturbating dreamily with a large dildo, even as the doorbell
sounded. The film was a sizzler, and Anuja got a standing ovation
as she walked off the set.

In her dressing-room, in the traditions of Hedon & Venery, Anuja
entertained three or four spot-boys and lower-echelon film crew.
They were hot, randy youths, massively turned on by her film and
fantasising about being studs themselves someday. Fucking the lead
star was a chance to live out their fantasies. Anuja knew that
many of their kind had risen, in just this way, to become leading
studs in major productions; one, Hari, Neha's husband, had even
risen to a managerial position. In this organisation, if you had
the talent and the required mind-set, there were no limits.

The boys took turns fucking her, and Anuja noticed one who was
particularly good. He took her from behind first, after she had
sucked his cock, and his penis was enormous. He fucked her slowly
and steadily at first and then, goaded by her response, harder and
harder, till he was ramming and reaming in and out of her like a
dervish. Excited by him, she made him fuck her ass, mewing with
pleasure as his enormous penis sizzled into her rear channel. When
he came in her asshole, she decided to recommend him for

The wedding date neared, and Anuja's excitement grew. Avinash
seemed to be almost everything she wanted in a husband. Almost,
but not quite. Only Siddharth had that privilege. She knew she
always had him whenever she wanted; Avinash was a good

She felt sorry for Baban. After all these years, he was a close
friend, a trusted companion, a cherished lover. She would have to
move to Avinash's house and perhaps would never see Baban again.
He would be lonely without her. These past years had been full of
happiness chiefly because of him, and he had devoted himself to
her without question or reserve.

The afternoon before the wedding, she stole away to the seraglio
with him and, in a private room, they fucked for several hours,
exulting in the joy of each other's body, driven by exhilaration
and a sharp hunger born of their impending separation. He fucked
her again and again, in her mouth and cunt and ass, changing
positions repeatedly. Anuja gasped and cried out, thrashing with
him, her body bucking and lurching, her face a vision of raw lust.
Finally, flinging her on her back, he rammed his cock savagely
into her and fucked her brutally, making her gasp and cry out
sharply. Her face twisted and contorted and he gasped, slamming
his hips back and forth, making her arch steeply under him. He
thrust his cock into her repeatedly till he could hold back no
longer. He came violently, spewing thick jizz into her cunt. They
lay together in silence for a long while, their bodies turned to
one another. When it was time to leave, she pulled him back and
kissed him and saw the infinite sadness in his eyes and wept in
his arms, grateful for the past he had given her, apprehensive
about an uncertain future.
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