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Archived Sex Stories

Pentaprism 06 Manori Belle



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


Manori Belle

Jayant loved Anuja's breasts. He loved the way they bounced when
she moved, their shape and weight and form, the way they filled
his hands when he cupped them, jutting proudly over her firm, flat
belly, her nipples hardening immediately and readily at his
slightest touch. He loved fondling them, kissing them, licking and
sucking them, fucking them with his big, erect penis.

Anuja was elated by his devotion. His unbridled adulation and
incessant adoration of her body, bordering on worship, were
exhilarating. She loved the way he fucked her, moving from
wondering awe as he fondled her breasts, to the eager frenzy of
the callow adolescent and culminating in the gently reflective
second round of sex of a man much older. She loved his clean,
handsome features and masculine body, the smooth, hairless torso
that swept in an erotically savage, slashing V from his shoulders
to his hips.

Best of all was his cock, the thick, long mass of cartilage that
filled her cunt or mouth or anus just so, hard and hot and
throbbing hungrily in her flesh. It was perfect, just right, not
too big to cause pain, yet large enough to stretch her flesh to
its fullest, to probe the innermost recesses of her hungry

They missed no chance to fuck and explored each other's bodies
fully, to the minutest detail till there was nothing each did not
know about the other. During that wonderful, erotic holiday in
Bombay, they fucked more often and in more ways than they could

Anuja enjoyed performing for him and Jayant discovered that it
excited him enormously. He watched her get laid by the servant,
Baban, and other servants from the neighbourhood and shot several
video tapes of her in action with them. Anuja congratulated him
when she saw the results, saying they were the sexiest things she
had seen in a long time. She wasn't exaggerating. The footage was
mind-blowing. Jayant had taken shots of Baban fucking her mouth,
standing in front of her; of her going down on him, licking and
sucking his penis wantonly; of him licking her slit, rimming her
anus. There were lengthy sequences of Baban or another servant
fucking her, standing or kneeling behind her or squatting deeply
over her hips and, fingers dug into the flesh of her buttocks,
hammering his hips at her buttocks, plunging his swollen cock in
and out of her cunt while Anuja moaned and cried out in pleasure,
rocking and jerking under him. Her breasts wobbling and jiggling
furiously, her long gold necklace tossing and flapping, she was
the very picture of lust. There were other shots, too, of her
astride a lover, jigging and bucking up and down on his rampant
penis, her head flung back, her hands cupping her bouncing
breasts, crushing and squeezing them in unfaked joy. And still
others, of her on her back, her body rocking and jerking and
thrashing and writhing passionately as a handsome man plunged his
cock into her cunt, thrusting furiously in and out of her teenage
flesh. Jayant even filmed her in menages, two and even three men fucking her simultaneously in every orifice. Anuja was a delight
to watch, lust and pleasure written in every line.

Inevitably, they fell in love. Jayant often said he wanted to
marry only her. Anuja herself wanted nothing else. But they were
first cousins and matrimony was out of the question. They resigned
themselves to the fact and continued their clandestine
relationship. Except the servants, no one in the family suspected
anything unusual. Indeed, their parents indulged them, remarking
how nice it was that the two were such good friends and so happy

As the years passed, both went through other lovers. They kept no
secrets and their letters, when he was in Aurangabad and she in
Bombay, were full of lurid details of their sexual liaisons with
others. Sometimes, she sent him photographs of her with her other
lovers and these he cherished.

The pressure to marry mounted. Oddly, she resisted longer than he.
When they were twenty-two, he succumbed to family pressure and
agreed to marry Vaishali, whom he had been seeing for several
months. Both Anuja and Jayant were relieved at the family's
acceptance of his choice. Vaishali was a childhood friend, close
to both Anuja and Jayant.

Vaishali knew nothing of Jayant's sexual relationship with Anuja.
Jayant suspected that she would not resent the truth -- he told
Anuja that she was a tigress in bed, incessantly horny and hungry
and eager -- but, unquestionably, there was a risk if she refused
to accept the fact. What Jayant did not know was that Vaishali
herself had a colourful and rich sexual history and would not have
minded in the least. Indeed, she found Anuja sexy, too, and while
she, Vaishali, had previous lesbian experience, she was unwilling
to risk her betrothal to Jayant by making any overtures in that

On a hot May afternoon, a few months before his marriage, when
Jayant was in Bombay for a few weeks to shop for his wedding
clothes, Anuja and Jayant slipped away to a small beach hotel in
Manori, a distant suburb, where they could talk things through
without being disturbed. They lied smoothly to her parents, saying
that they would be shopping in the suburbs and would dine out.
They did not expect to return till late at night.

"Be back by midnight," her mother said.

"Oh, ma," Anuja pouted, pretended exasperation. "We're not
children any longer. Honestly."


"Oh, all right, all right."

Her mother smiled to herself. It was good to see the two young cousins so close to each other. Just like brother and sister.

The two lovers hurried to the hotel, impatient and hungry. Jayant
drove her father's car, cutting recklessly through the traffic.
Avoiding the ferry crossing, which would have meant dumping the
car on the far side of the creek, they took the considerably
longer road route, looping around the northern suburbs and then
heading south-west. They arrived at the hotel just before lunch.

They had used the hotel frequently, on Jayant's previous visits,
occasionally staying overnight. Set in several acres of
beach-front property, it was a pleasant place, with little shacks
and villas turned into guest rooms. It was quiet, comfortable,
secluded and safe: every visit, Anuja fucked the resident manager
to ensure silence. They checked in as husband and wife. The
resident manager came out of his office to greet them personally.

"Hello, hello," he beamed. "It's nice to see you again. Long

"Too long, Osmond," Jayant grinned. "Much too long."

"You know, just the other day, men, I was thinking, hey, man, I
haven't seen these two in such a long time. And what do you know?
The next thing, the telephone rang and it was you!"

"A miracle," Jayant murmured.

"No man, really. It is always a pleasure."

"You can say that again." Jayant stifled a grin at the man's
peculiar accent, typically lower-middle class Catholic, and earned
a sharp elbow in the ribs.

"And how is the young lady?" Osmond leered at Anuja as he ushered
them out of the reception office to a little villa set back from
the others.

She forced a smile. "Very well, thank you."

"Good, good. That is good. You know, men, this is just the place
for young couples like you. You must come more often. Come and
have fun, enjoy, just relax, eat, drink, dance and ..." He looked
sidelong at Anuja, his eyes glittering. "... and you know what
else. Oh, yes, here we are. Please. After you."

They stepped into the villa and he scurried around, switching on
the lights and fan and air-conditioner, running the water in the
taps, checking the mini-bar and fridge. A young bellhop came in
with their small travel bag. It held only a change of clothes,
swimsuits, a few odds and ends. They used it more to lend
respectability, since they hardly needed their clothes. Anuja
noticed that the bellhop was an attractive lad, lean and muscular,
with a handsome, clean-shaven face. She caught his eye and smiled
and, when he smiled back, decided that she would have to find some
way to get him into the room to fuck her. Very sexy, she thought,
looking him up and down, not missing the interesting bulge in his
crotch. Definitely very sexy.

The manager bobbed and weaved around the room and Anuja sighed in
exasperation. He really was a nuisance. Thick-set, now running to
fat, with a dark, shiny body like an eel and a fleshy face that
spoke of too much food and drink. She knew that he would fuck her
later that day, extracting the toll for his silence. Anuja didn't
enjoy sex with him at all, but at least he had a decent cock, fat
and thick and long. If she let him fuck her from behind or in the
ass, she could close her eyes and imagine him to be someone else.
Fortunately, he liked fucking her like that, so there was never
any unpleasantness.

"So," he said, rubbing his hands. "Everything is okay? Good, good.
Then I will leave you now, men. If you need anything, please call
me on my direct line, okay? Direct line. Straight hot line,
*hanh*, it will ring me up on my desk, okay. Happy to help, boss,
happy to help."

"Thank you," Anuja said, forcing another smile. "That's very kind
of you. Perhaps you might join us in an hour or so?"

That was his cue. He beamed. "Oh, yes, yes, definitely yes.
Pleasure, pleasure. Certainly I shall come. At one o'clock."

"Yes, that's fine," Jayant said quickly, and, to Anuja's relief,
ushered him out.

She sighed as Jayant closed and locked the door behind him.
"Honestly, than man. He's so tiresome."

Jayant chuckled as he came back to her. "Well, that's Osmond for
you. Don't let him get to you, love."

"I just wish he wouldn't go on and on and on so."

"Personally, I can't blame him. He genuinely wants to please, and
then there's you."

"Meaning what?"

"Well, just think. How often does he get the chance to fuck
someone as lovely as you? For free? No wonder he wants to
ingratiate himself. He likes to feel important, that he's liked,
that he has friends who want him. He's lonely."

Anuja smiled. How typical of Jayant, she thought, uncritical,
gentle, considerate, always putting himself in another's place to
see his point of view. Holding her in his arms, he smiled tenderly
at her now. Anuja's eyes locked with his and she felt herself
drowning again, as she always did with him.

"Too long, love, too long," he murmured. "I've missed you."

Anuja tilted her face to his. "Jayant," she whispered. "Please ...
take me ..."

His lips met hers and his hands slid over her body and under her
shirt and over her breasts. The fever rose and her desire grew and
spread through her body, pulsing in every vein and she felt his
hardening hunger. The long separation sharpened their lust and,
within minutes, they were struggling out of their clothes and she
was sliding to her knees, moaning and whimpering, kissing and
licking his body, going down to suck his already rising penis.

They fucked feverishly on the floor, each wanting to devour the
other utterly and entirely. She sucked his cock and then he licked
her slit furiously, finger-fucking her at the same time. When he
had her thrashing and heaving on the brink of an orgasm, he fucked
her on her back, bending over her and thrusting his hard flesh
deep into hers, ramming and reaming like a man possessed. Anuja
gasped and cried out, rocking and lurching under his thrusts, her
cunt convulsing in a frenzy on his plunging, pistoning penis, her
breasts jiggling and bouncing furiously. On and on he went and,
despite the air-conditioning, they broke into a hard sweat and
their bodies squelched together. She came violently and he gasped,
arching his head, grinding down deep into her, slid slowly
outward, rammed into greedily again, and yet again, each thrust
drawing a choking gasp of joy from her throat.

He paused, slowed, slid out of her, turned her on her front on her
hands and knees and fucked her again from behind, taking her
rapidly and for his own pleasure, gripping her hips and jerking
her body swiftly back and forth under his, moving her cunt up and
down the length of his throbbing penis. Anuja whimpered and
gasped, lurching and jerking and rocking under her cousin, her
swollen, pendulous breasts bouncing back and forth, her gold
necklace tossing and swinging. She came again and yet again and,
finally, with a shuddering gasp of relief, he thrust deep into her
and exploded, making her moan in joy when she felt the sharp,
stinging jets of jizz spume into her hot, wet slit. Groaning, he
bent over and squeezed her hot breasts, nuzzled the nape of her
neck, still rocking gently in and out of her cunt.

Anuja turned her face over her shoulder to his and he kissed her
slowly and deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She
squirmed her buttocks against his crotch. His cock was still hard
and thick. Nothing had changed. Jayant was still a magnificently
powerful lover.

"Fuck me again," she murmured as he tongued his ear.

"Yes," he whispered, kissing her again. "God, yes."

Slowly, they broke apart and lay on the cool tile floor, kissing
and caressing each other. Jayant stroked her curved, smooth body,
cupping her breasts, which were still turgid with sexual tension,
tweaking her thick, rigid nipples. She stroked and fondled his
erection, raking the shaft with her shapely fingernails. Jayant
loved her body and he couldn't take his eyes off her. Her long
hair was tied in a braid that hung down to her waist. She wore two
earrings in each ear, the lobes pierced twice. Her small nose-stud
winked at him. The gold necklace lay cool between their fingers
and her beautiful diamond and gold finger-rings glittered on her
long, shapely fingers. Her skin was like deep honey, soft, yet
firm like a ripe grape, smooth and silky, without a trace of body
hair. The delicate birth marks on the side of her face, the inside
of her left breast and on her midriff were intensely sexy. She
smiled gently at him, her teeth very white. The leading edges of
the two canines were bent forward over the incisors, another small
irregularity that he found enormously attractive.

"What're you gaping at, silly?" she murmured.

"You. I like gaping at you."

"Now I wonder why?"

"Because you're lovely and stop fishing."

"I happen to like fishing, especially with this wonderful rod of
yours. And you're lovely too."



"You're lovely, I'm handsome."

"My, my, such conceit. Lovely, handsome, a distinction without a
difference. Same thing."

"No, it's not."

"Yes, it is."


"Oh, god, all right. You're handsome."

"Good. Thank you."

"You're welcome. But your cock is still lovely."

He laughed. "If you say so."

"I do say so. And I also say I want to suck it and be fucked by it
again and again and I want it in my cunt and I want it in my ass."

"My joy knows no bounds."

"What a coincidence. Neither does mine."

They laughed and Anuja pushed him on her back and, bending over
him, her body moist and soft against his, kissed him slowly. Her
breasts were hot and heavy on his chest. Her cunt writhed against
his crotch. He fondled her gently.

"C'mon ... suck me, Anji. Suck my cock hard."

She slithered downward, kissing and licking his body wantonly,
tracing the contours of his deep chest and hard, muscular belly
with her tongue, going lower, tonguing his belly and nuzzling his
crotch. His penis was thick and hard between her breasts and she
squeezed them in a delightfully warm sheath over the shaft and
tit-fucked him for a few minutes. He loved the touch of her lips
and tongue on his body, the hard scrape of her nipples on his
chest. She slid lower and he gasped softly as her lips slipped
around his cock-head and she engulfed him in her moist, warm mouth
once more.

They fucked slowly and gently this time. He sat on the floor with
his legs spread wide and she sat astride his lap, her legs on
either side of his hips, her cunt impaled deeply on his penis.
Slowly, they rocked back and forth together, the gentle motion
serving to keep them both stimulated and aroused while staving off
their orgasms. It was an easy, comfortable position, one they
enjoyed for it allowed them to fuck at length. She cupped the side
of his face in one hand and kissed him tenderly, while he fondled
her large, swollen breasts, twining his fingers in her long gold
necklace and scraped the hard metal over her nipples, making her
shudder in pleasure.

"How's Ramu?" she murmured, her tongue in his ear.

"Fine," Jayant grinned. "He misses you, too. So do the others.
They keep asking when you'll visit."

Ramu was his servant, a hard-bodied, muscular, handsome youth who
fucked her demonically whenever she visited Aurangabad. They
usually stole away to the gardening shed at the bottom of the
large garden where, on a rickety *charpoy*, Ramu fucked her
demonically, taking her repeatedly in every orifice, while Jayant
stood guard. When the servant was done, the gardener took his
place and, after him, it was the family chauffeur. An hour later,
it was the young cook, the last of the family retainers and Anuja
was tired and sweating and delirious with pleasure.

"And the golf caddies? Do they remember me, too?" Anuja grinned.

She had happy memories of Jayant's hometown. It was quiet and
pretty with lots of place in which to disappear and fuck. Once,
she had been fucked by a gang of caddies and the young course
ballboys, in a copse of trees bordering the golf course for over
three hours while Jayant and his father played a full round of
eighteen holes. Half as many men fucked her in the meantime,
plunging and pistoning in and out of her flesh, taking her on her
back, on her front, sitting, standing and lying down, in her
mouth, in her cunt, in her anus, two and even three guys fucking
her simultaneously at one point. On the turf, Jayant struggled to
focus on his game against his father.

Jayant laughed softly. "Oh yes. All of them remember you. Every
time I hit the course they come around and ask about madam. *Madam
hasn't come? Madam isn't here? When will she come back?* One would
think they'd never fucked a dame before. You should see them grin
and snigger when we drive past that clump of trees where they
gang-banged you."

Anuja giggled. "It wasn't a gang-bang, you know, at least not
rape. Okay, it was a gang that banged me, but I wanted it."


"It was wonderful," she murmured. "They just kept going on and on
I couldn't get enough of it. There was that kid, remember, the one
I told you about, what was his name, Suhas, fourteen years old and
thin as a stick with a cock like a stallion's. Oh god, Jayant, it
was fabulous! He just kept shoving it in and out of my cunt,
fucking me again and again. I came so hard and so often I almost
passed out."

"You crazy, horny bitch," Jayant chuckled. "You could have got

"Not a chance," Anuja giggled. "Don't forget you threatened to cut
their cocks off if there was so much as a scratch on me."

"You made me do that."

"You didn't mind. You wanted to. You were so worried."

"I always worry about you with other guys."

Anuja smiled tenderly, her arm on his shoulder, as they rocked
gently to and fro. "Is my lover jealous?"

He smiled thinly. "A bit. I've always wanted to be the only guy
you fuck."

"That's not fair. You want to fuck other women at the same time."

"I agree. That's why I don't say anything. But it doesn't mean I
don't feel possessive about you. Aren't you jealous of my

"Honestly, no. I like to think you're enjoying yourself. You
should. It makes you happy and that makes me happy."

"I could never think like that. Not entirely, anyway. I try to,
but sometimes it becomes too much."

"What do you do then?"

"I find a girl I can fuck hard and I do, really hard, and I close
my eyes and think of you."

"Oh, Jayant, you're such a sweetheart," Anuja said, bending her
face to his and kissing him deeply, her tongue slipping in his
mouth. "I love you so much."

"I love you, too, Anji," he murmured, gently fondling her breasts.

"Oh god, Jayant, Jayant ... what are we going to do without each

He cupped her face in his hands and looked at her. "You mean about


He sighed and touched his forehead to hers, kissing her briefly on
her lips, toying them with his. "I know, Anji. I've been wondering
about that, too."

"Have you told her about us?"

"Are you crazy?"

"Do you think she'll mind?"

"I don't know. Very probably."

"She may not, you know," Anuja said thoughtfully. "I mean, look at
it like this. She's perfectly willing to fuck you without a
commitment. That should say something about her attitude."

"Like what?"

"Well, I mean, if she's open enough about that in a town like
Aurangabad, she's probably open to a whole lot more."

"How can I chance it, babe? Would you, in my place?"

"I don't know, Jay. I really don't know. Isn't there some way of
finding out?"

"What do I do, just go up to her and say, look babe, I've been
balling my first cousin since we were seventeen, and I want to
keep fucking her and I hope you don't mind?"

Anuja laughed. "No, silly. Something else. Some way of, sort of,
testing the water, if you get what I mean."

"Think of something."

"We'll have to, won't we? Otherwise it'll mean the end of this."

"God, don't even think it. I couldn't give you up for the world,

"Mm. Let's see. You can't tell her so ... hey, slow down, stud,
I'm not ready yet ..."

"Fuck, come on, bitch ... I want to fuck you hard now."

"A few minutes more. Please."

"Okay. Just a few minutes."

"Jayant, listen. You can't tell, so ..."


"So why not show her?"


"Oh god, don't stop moving, damn it ... yes ... that's it ... mm,
yes ... oh god ... yes ... keep going ... there ... just like that
... ahh, yes ... yes, well ... since you can't tell her, let's
just show her that we fuck and see what happens."

"How does that solve the problem? She might still freak out."

"True. But it's sexy to see us, and if she's as sexy as I think
she is, it'll turn her on and things might work out. It's not as
cold as just telling her. Words are difficult in these things."

"True. It might just work. Still risky."

"Aren't I worth the risk to you, Jayant? That's what you've got to

He stared at her. "That's a horrid way to put it, Anuja."

"It's the truth. Face it. We can't -- won't -- do without each
other. So we have to risk it. Granted that it's sailing pretty
close to the wind, but what choice do we have? Unless you can
think of something else."

"At this moment, bitch, I can't think. Period. Come on,

Jayant eased himself down onto his back and his cock reared into
her cunt, making her groan thickly. She knelt over him with her
arms outstretched, her cunt deeply impaled on his cock and smiled
down at him. Her braid hung over her shoulder, and her hair swept
over one side of her face, framing it sweetly. Jayant smiled and
slid his hands up her body, cupping her full breasts. She moved
slowly, grinding her hips in slow, tight, erotic circles on his

"Well?" she murmured, smiling sexily.

"Well what?"

"Thought of anything?"


"Then shall we just decide to do it?"

"What's the hurry, Anuja? Let's wait, we'll think of something."

"No, Jayant. Decide now. Otherwise things'll just slide and we'll
get stuck."

He debated for a long moment, weighing the odds. She watched him
think, moving gently and slowly, grinding her cunt around, mashing
her cunt-flesh and clitoris with his thick, long hard cock. He
looked at her with a rueful smile and nodded slowly.

"Okay. I can't think of another solution. This might just work."

She smiled brightly. "Good. I think it's nice and sexy, too. How
do you want to play it?"

"Well, for one thing, it'll have to be in Aurangabad. Vaishali's
not coming to Bombay before the wedding."

"We could do it after the wedding."

"No. Too traumatic. Let's do it before. That way, if she wants
out, she still has the choice without too much disruption in the

Again, he was putting everyone else before himself. He spared no
thought for the trauma that he might have to undergo. Anuja glowed
with pride for him. Vaishali was luckier than she imagined.

"Okay, so before."

"In Aurangabad."

"That's not a problem. I'm coming to Aurangabad for the wedding
anyway. I could come a little earlier."

"Good. We'll set it up so that she sees you and me and, I think,
we should have a guy on standby if she gets turned on and needs to

"Ramu? He'll do it happily. I've seen him ogling her."

Anuja giggled. "That's wonderful. Ramu, then. He'll fuck her nice
and hard."

"Yes, right. Nice and hard. Like I want to fuck you now. C'mon,
bitch, move! Move! Take it! Yeh, that's it! C'mon! C'mon whore,
take my cock! Oh fuck yes, come on, come on, come on!"

And then they burst into a frenzy, bucking and heaving and tossing
frantically on the floor, their lust rising to its final

"Oh Jayant-Jayant-Jayant-Jayunhhhhhhht uhhhh OHHHHH uhhh OHHH uhhh
OHHHH uhh yes! Oh god yes oh god oh god oh yes oh fuck yes oh ma
oh ma oh ma uhhh ahhh uhhh ahhh uhh *hanh*!" she cried.

She rocked and bounced and jerked up and down on his cock,
squeezing her cunt tightly around it, making him gasp at the hot
convulsions of her flesh. Her breasts jumped and wobbled and her
gold necklace tossed and danced on her smooth skin. He squeezed
her breasts hard, pinching her nipples and she flung her head back
and moaned as the orgasm crashed over her, making her cunt convulse feverishly on his throbbing penis. Beneath her, Jayant
cried out and, gasping, arched deep into her, thrusting up again
and again and then moaned in relief as the heat spewed from his
loins and burst into her flesh, thick, sticky, hot jizz flooding
her hungry cunt.

The sex made them drowsy and they moved to the bed and snuggled,
dozing lightly. Half an hour later, Jayant shook her gently.

"Anuja, wake up."

She stirred in her sleep and burrowed into the covers.

"C'mon, Anji, it's almost one. Osmond will be here soon."

"Oh god," she mumbled. "Tell him to come back later."

"No. Finish it off now. Then we won't be interrupted later."

"Mm, oh, all right," she murmured, turning on her back and

Jayant smiled and bent to kiss her, his hand on her breast. She
caressed his hard back gently and her hand slipped down into his

"Hello, beautiful," she smiled. "How's my alarm cock doing?"

"It'll ring if you keep doing that," he snorted and, springing out
of bed, pulled on his trousers.

Anuja rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom to wash. Jayant
switched on the tv set and began munching an apple from a basket
on the sideboard.

"Jayant," she called from the bathroom.

"What?" he said with his mouth full.

"What shall I wear?"

"Anything. Nothing. Whatever's easy. It's coming off anyway."

"Don't be a pain, Jay. Something to turn him on quickly."

"The nightie then."

"Or the bikini?"

"The bikini's fine. Very sexy."

"You sure?"

"Yes. C'mon, hurry up, I can hear someone."

There was a knock on the door. Jayant strolled to answer it, his
muscles rippling smoothly, barefoot and clad only in his trousers.
Osmond stood at the threshold, grinning from ear to ear.

"Hello, hello, good afternoon, sir, is everything all right?"

"Yes, fine, come on in, Ossie." Jayant locked the door behind him.

"Are you having a pleasant stay, sir?"

"Oh, cut the crap, Ossie," Jayant said with uncharacteristic
terseness. "We've been fucking and you know it. Now it's your
turn. Go fuck her."

Osmond looked startled, and then grinned sheepishly. "I really
like fucking her, you know."

"I know. I can see. I have eyes. And ears."

"You are angry about it?"

"No. I don't care one way or the other. Just get on with it, would

"She is hot and ready for me, then?"

"Presumably." He called to her. "Anuja! Osmond's here!"

"Coming!" she called back. "Be there in a minute."

Jayant bit into his apple and flung himself into a chair, hooking
a leg over the arm. He looked at the TV, bored. A silly chat show
was on, a fat black lady firing questions at a particularly inane
audience. Osmond shuffled his feet, sat on the bed, got up,
fiddled with the air-conditioner, sat on the bed again.

"Turn it down, Jay," Anuja said, stepping out of the bathroom and
looking at him sharply. She didn't like it when he got brusque
like this.

She turned and smiled warmly at Osmond. He tottered to his feet,
sucking in his breath sharply through a gap in his front teeth.

"Oh my," he said. "Oh my, oh my."

Jayant grinned to himself and tossed the core of the apple into
the waste-basket in the corner. He looked at them. Anuja was
wearing her outrageous string bikini and Osmond couldn't take his
eyes off her. She looked devastating. The bikini bra had thin,
fine strands, the cups little more than Band-Aids, narrow strips
of cloth that barely covered her nipples. It was small and taut
and her heavy breasts strained at the cloth, forming a deep and
enticing cleavage in which her gold necklace nestled.

The panties were small and tight and utterly ridiculous. A long
narrow strip of cloth descended from the strings that girdled high
on her hips and low beneath her belly and above her buttocks. The
triangle of cloth barely covered her cunt-lips, leaving most of
her crotch exposed. It tapered between her thighs and narrowed
again to a single strand that rose between the curves of her
buttocks, leaving them entirely naked.

Osmond gulped, his eyes popping, his jaw open. Jayant grinned at
the sight. Anuja giggled softly at Osmond's expression and moved
across the room to him, her hips swaying sensuously, her breasts bouncing excitingly. Osmond quivered as she came close. Anuja
smiled up at him, her dark eyes, lined thickly with *kajal*,
glittering erotically. Moving with deliberate slowness, she hooked
her fingers in the tight waistband of his trousers and plucked
open the button and slowly peeled down the zipper fly. His
trousers collapsed in a puddle to his feet, and his shirt hung

Anuja slid her hands under it, stroking his round pot-belly,
curving them down to his crotch. His penis was already hardening
rapidly, growing long and thick, springing proudly from the thick thatch of pubic hair. It was a respectable eight and a half inches
long, over an inch thick, with low, heavy balls. She stroked it
delicately and the fat man grunted thickly, licking his lips.
Slowly, she unbuttoned his shirt, from the bottom up, and pulled
it open, running her hands over the rolls of fat that rippled from
his neck to his thick waist. His torso was smooth and hairless and
he had thick, low breasts. She squeezed them gently, flicking his
small nipples with his fingertips. Osmond gasped.

"Do you like my bikini, Osmond?" she teased gently.

"Yes. Oh, yes!" he gasped, gulping.

She smiled. "Come, Osmond. Squeeze my tits."

His hands trembled as he slid them up her mostly naked torso and
cupped her generous, full breasts. They were heavy and warm with
unfaked excitement. Despite his unattractive figure, Anuja was
able to turn herself on by teasing him and watching his reaction
to her. He squeezed her breasts in his pudgy hands and her nipples
shot erect under the bikini bra.

"I want your cock," she murmured, lazily tonguing his lips, his
ear, making him shudder and groan, her hands working his crotch.
"I want it in my hot slit, Ossie. See, feel my cunt ... I'm hot
for you, lover ... very hot ... yes, c'mon, feel my butt, too,
babe ... mm, yes ... put your finger there, Ossie, on my ass ...
you will fuck my ass later, won't you? I like it when you fuck my
butt. Oh, yes, lover, you're so good ... mm, yes ... here, give me
your hand ... now feel my cunt ... isn't that nice, Ossie? See,
I'm so wet already ...,"

Her words aroused him as she knew they would. The obese manager
squeezed her breasts, her naked buttocks, pushed his hand into her
crotch and felt her wet slit. Anuja bent her head and gently
sucked his nipples one by one. The man groaned thickly. She kept
masturbating him slowly as she moved from one to the other. Then
she slid lower, licking his round paunch, tonguing his navel,
going lower and lower till she was on her knees before him. His
erect cock bobbed and throbbed at her face. She groaned and
caressed her face with it, deftly slipping back the foreskin to
expose the bulging cock-head. She kissed his penis and then,
cradling it in one hand, lifting her eyes to watch his reaction,
swirled her tongue wickedly over his cock-head. The fat man gasped, his head snapping back, his mouth jerking open. His penis
quivered and throbbed and his body jiggled. Beads of sweat
appeared on his forehead.

"Shall I suck you, Ossie?" she murmured. "Shall I suck your cock?"

"Oh yes!" he gasped. "Oh my, oh please yes!"

"Ask me, Ossie. Ask me nicely, with dirty words."

"Please ... suck me! Suck my cock ... please ... suck it."

"Call me a whore, Ossie. Call me a bitch, a slut and say it

"Please ... suck my prick, whore ... suck it hard!"

"Oh yes," she moaned. "It's so sexy when you talk like that."

Encouraged and emboldened, the corpulent lover grinned. "Yes,
bitch ... suck my cock ... c'mon, do it, whore! Do it!"

Anuja took his penis in one hand and slipped her lips around it.
The man gasped, a hand flying to her head. She drew his cock
deeper into her mouth, working the cock-head cunningly with her
tongue. He gasped and pumped his hips back and forth. His buttocks
wobbled and the rolls of fat on his chest jiggled as he stuffed
her face with his cock. Anuja sucked him slowly and deeply, her
face distending and bloating with the size of the penis, her head
rocking to and fro, back and forth between his thighs. Osmond
groaned and gasped, moving her head to suit his pleasure.

"Yes! Oh yes, sir, yes! Ohhh yes ... suck it harder, bitch ... yes
... ohhh fuck yes ... do it ... suck me, baby ... suck me hard!"

He was perspiring freely now, sweat trickling down his fat body.
He gasped and groaned, his chest heaving, his belly trembling and
wobbling as he moved. Pre-cum gunk shot from his cock-head and she
groaned and shook his cock eagerly, swallowing his shoot, taking
more on her face and breasts. Rising slightly, she kissed his
protuberant belly and bent his cock down into her cleavage,
squeezing her breasts in a warm, tight sheath over his cock while
she fingered his balls gently. The man gasped and groaned. Ducking
her head, she sucked his testicles, flipping her tongue erotically
at them, then rose again to suck his cock once more. The man whimpered in delight.

She sensed the imminence of his orgasm and slowly released his
cock, gently slipping it out of her mouth, coiling her tongue
sexily around the bulging cock-head. Osmond gasped and moaned,
panting heavily, his face flushed. Anuja smiled and rose to her
feet, caressing his body, her hands working his cock gently,
rubbing herself against him. Her lips and face shone with his
pre-cum gunk. Grunting, he squeezed her breasts and buttocks,
pressing her body to his.

"Come on, Ossie," she hissed. "Fuck me. I'm on fire."

Anuja took a step back and, smiling lasciviously at the manger,
shrugged off the bikini bra. She slid her hands up her body and
lifted and squeezed her breasts, rolling her palms sexily over the
fleshy mounds.

"Take me, Ossie. Fuck me. Fuck me hard," she murmured.

Moving forward again, she pushed him down onto the bed on his
back. The fat man sprawled on his back, his chest heaving, his
belly trembling and wobbling, his body shiny with sweat. Anuja
hooked her fingers in her panties and pulled them down. She got on
the bed, straddling his hips on her knees and smiled wantonly down
at him, fondling her breasts, caressing her slit. The manager
groaned, staring at her, and ran his hands up her thighs to her
breasts. She took his cock in her hand and jerked it gently.
Suddenly, bending, she pushed her face into his crotch and took
his cock in her mouth again.

"OHHHHH uhhh ahhhh yes!" the man gasped, arching his back.

Anuja sucked his cock furiously, her head rocking and jerking
rapidly up and down over his lap. He gasped and cried out, his
hips bucking and writhing and twitching, his hands on her head,
moaning desperately for her to stop.

She gauged it to perfection again and stopped just in time. He was
panting heavily when she rose and straddled his hips and took his
cock in her hand again. Her eyes glittered with excitement, and
her face was soft with lust, her nostrils flared, her lips parted.
Her breasts were hot and swollen. Moaning softly, she moved her
cunt over the thick penis and lowered herself slowly onto the
upright shaft. Her cunt-lips slipped around the thick cock-head
and she gasped and arched her back, her face tilted up. Osmond
whimpered and quivered under her.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Oh god yes!"

She looked down at him again, naked lust on her face. Her eyes
were hooded, glassy with lust; her mouth was open and now she
hissed softly, running her tongue over her upper lip in an utterly
wanton action.

"Ohh baby yes, that's so good!"

Opening her palms, her fingers spreadeagled, she slid her hands up
from her buttocks and over her flanks to her breasts, lifting and
squeezing them sensuously, then moved them higher, up to her face
and then to the back of her neck, her elbows high above her head,
her face turned to one side, lips against the inside of her arm.
Her belly trembled and sucked inward. Osmond watched her,
transfixed and squeezed her hot, heavy breasts. Her nipples were
nut-hard and he pinched them sharply, making her gasp and wince.

"OHHHHH uhhh yes!" she gasped, still hovering over his crotch, her
cunt holding the tip of his cock delicately within her. "Ohhhh
uhhh yes!"

Whimpering ecstatically, she leaned forward with her arms
outstretched and her hands on Osmond's chubby chest, her fingers
digging into the soft flesh, and began to grind her hips in tight,
snapping circles, whipping them at each turn, her buttocks flexing
and unflexing rhythmically. Her face was suffused with lust. She
panted like a bitch in heat, gritting her teeth and sucking in her
breath, exhaling sharply through loosely pursed lips, her
breathing rapid and shallow, her cries loud and lewd.

"Ah-fff-ahhh-fff-ahhh-ff-ahhh-fff-ahhh-fff," she puffed, her hips
swinging round and round. "Oh yeh ... oh yeh ... oh yes ... oh
fuck ... oh fuck ... oh fuck ... oh fuck ... oh uh oh uh oh uh oh
uh oh yes ... fuckme ... fff ... fuckme ... fff ... fuckme ...
ffff ... fuckme ... ohyes ... ohyes ... ohyes ...
OhhhuhhOhhhuhhOHH uhhOHHHuhhOHHHuhohuhahhhhuhahhhh uhhh ahhhh uhhh
ahhh uhh ah uhh ahhh uhh AHHH uhhh AHHH uhhhh ... AHHH ... uhhh

Faster and faster she went, her cries rising in pitch and volume,
her head flung back, her eyes hooded, her nostrils flared, her
gold necklace tossing and swinging wildly, her breasts bouncing

Beneath her, Osmond moaned and gasped, watching transfixed,
immobilized by her naked, overpowering lust. Faster and faster she
swung her hips and her cunt spiralled and corkscrewed downward,
taking his cock deeper and deeper in her cunt till her buttocks
were on his thighs and his penis was fully embedded in her flesh.
It was too much for him to bear and he squeezed her breasts hard
and thrust up violently under her.

"OHHHHHHuhhhOHHHHHHuhhOHHuhhhOH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OHH uhh OHHH
uhh!" she cried. "YES ... UHHH ... YES ... UHH ... YES OHHHHH YES

Jayant watched in fascination as the two bodies bucked and tossed
violently on the bed. Her body bounced and rocked furiously up and
down, her cunt rising and falling steeply along the length of the
swollen penis, her buttocks bouncing off his chubby thighs, her
head flung back, her fingers squeezing her sagging chest. Beneath
her, the corpulent manager moaned and gasped and panted, heaving
his soft hip up and down furiously, tossing her wildly on his
cock, his hands crushing her hot breasts. She arched back and
moaned as an orgasm hit and squeezed his balls eagerly.

"OHHHHHHHH c'mon ... c'mon ... c'mon ... OHHHHH uhh OHHHH uhh
OHHHHHH!" she cried desperately, her voice raw and husky. "Do it!
Fuck me! OHH uhh Oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma oh uh ma uh ma uh ahhh
uhh ahh uh ahhh uhh AH uhhhh yes uh oh yes OHHHHHHHHYES!"

Her orgasm peaked and slowly ebbed. Anuja whimpered, slowing
gradually, returning to the gentle rocking and grinding action.
She moaned, her chest heaving, her eyes glassy with lust.

"God," she murmured. "That was great, Ossie. C'mon, fuck me again.
Take me from behind. Like a bitch. Fuck me, c'mon!"

She got off his lap and turned around on the bed on her forearms
and knees, spreading her legs wide for him. The flabby man lumbered to his knees behind her. She turned her face over her
shoulder and, thrusting a hand into her crotch, clawed her
cunt-lips open for him.

"C'mon, stud ... shove your fat cock into my hot cunt," she said.
"Shove it in nice and hard and deep ... give it to me, lover! Give
it all to me!"

Groaning, gasping, panting like a rutting elephant, the fat
manager squeezed his cock into her cock quickly with a single
rushing thrust. Anuja gasped and cried out, her head snapping up,
her mouth tearing open as the thick penis burst into her cunt. It
convulsed and spasmed on his penis, and Osmond moaned and began to
fuck her with deep, jabbing thrusts, his fingers digging into the
soft flesh of her waist, his hips jerking and rocking back and
forth, his buttocks wobbling and jiggling. His fat jiggled and his
protuberant belly and thighs slapped loudly at her buttocks. Anuja
moaned and gasped, rocking back and forth on her forearms and
knees under him, her gold necklace swinging, her breasts jiggling
and bouncing with his thrusts.

"Ohhhhhhh yes ... oh ma yes ... ohhhh uhhh yes ... yes ... that's
it ... c'mon ... do it, baby ... shove it in ... shove it in all
the way, lover ... c'mon ... that's it ... ohhh yes ... that's it
... ahhhhh uhhh yes ... there! Ohhh yes! C'mon ... fuck me, Ossie
... fuck me hard ... ohhh uhhh yes!"

"Oh Jeez oh Jeez oh sweet Jeez," the man gasped. "Ohhh uhh ohhh
uhh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh OHHHH!"

Faster and faster he went, hammering his hips at her buttocks,
sending her body lurching and jerking back and forth with his
thrusts. In the large mirror on the wall above the bed, their
reflections were erotic and Osmond stared at the expression of
naked lust on her face. She hissed sensuously, her eyes hooded,
her mouth open, her tongue arching over her upper lip, goading him
on with louder obscenities. Inflamed, he gripped her swinging
breasts and squeezed them hard, making her gasp and wince and
writhe and squirm against him, begging for more and still more.

"Ossie! Ohhh Ossie yes! Ohh god yes ... c'mon Ossie ... now ...
now fuck my ass ... please ... I want it in my ass! Please ohhh
god please, baby, please!"

The manager was almost delirious with joy. The broad was begging
him to raid her butt! He loved fucking ass, and this chick took it
better than any other. He moaned and fought to control his
imminent orgasm, exhaling rapidly and repeatedly and only narrowly
succeeding. He drew his swollen, throbbing organ out of her cunt and it glistened and shone with their comingled coital juices.

Anuja groaned and bent steeply forward, lifting her buttocks
higher still, pressing her shoulders to the bed, her face turned
to one side. She shuffled her legs wider apart, exposing the
puckered flesh of her anus.

"C'mon Ossie ... fuck my ass," she gasped. "Do it! Quickly!"

In the armchair, Jayant watched, his lust mounting quickly.
Unbuttoning his trousers and unzipping his fly, he drew out his
erect penis and slowly started masturbating, pumping his cock in
his fist.

On the bed, the corpulent manager pressed his cock-head to Anuja's
taut anus. She tensed and then, exhaling, relaxed her sphincter.
Osmond dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her buttocks,
pulling them wider apart and pushed his hips forward. His
cock-head burst into her anus.


Anuja cried out thinly, her face contorting in a trismus of lust,
her head jerking upward, her eyes screwed shut, her lips jerking
back over her teeth, her mouth wide. Her fingers scrabbled at the
sheets. Above and behind her, the fat manager groaned and pushed
his cock deeper and deeper into her hot, tight, rear channel.
Anuja's breath came in deep, rattling, broken, sobbing gasps as
the big penis tunnelled deeper and deeper into her anus. It was
wonderful and her body burned with lust. She thrust a hand into
her crotch and arched a finger into her slit, vibrating her
knuckle against her stiff clitoris. Her anus convulsed on his
throbbing penis.

"Ahh uhh ahh uh ahhh uhh ohhhh uhh ohhhh uhhh ohhhhhh uhh ohhh uh
ohhhh uh ohhh uhh oh ma uhh ahhh uhh ahh uhh ohh god oh god oh uhh
ohh uhhh ohhh," Anuja sobbed.

Osmond was nearing the end. He sodomised her slowly and heavily,
rocking his hips back and forth, squeezing and pushing and
cramming his cock into her anus, panting and moaning loudly, his
chest heaving, his head flung back, his body streaming with sweat.
Her anus was hot and tight as a vice and it spasmed frantically on
his throbbing penis. In and out he went, wanting it never to end.
She whimpered and moaned, writhing her buttocks erotically against
his thighs, grinding her anus up and down the length of his shaft.
Bending and curving her body, she reached deep between her legs
and squeezed his heavy, hairy balls.

It was too much for him to bear. With a strangled moan, he lurched
out of her and, shaking his cock in his fist, exploded. jizz shot
from his cock-head and spurted over her buttocks and thighs. He
came and came and came, emptying his load, dribbling jizz between
her buttocks and over her anus and down her cunt-lips. Anuja
whimpered and writhed. Moaning, he squeezed his cock into her anus
cunt again, fucking her gentle for several minutes more. At last,
he tottered away, sliding out of her. She collapsed on the bed,
panting and moaning, her chest heaving. Osmond sank back on his
haunches, dripping sweat. Slowly, Anuja turned around to face him
on her front. He grinned weakly at her. Smiling wanly, she
slithered up and pushed her face into his crotch, taking his cock
in her mouth again. He moaned softly. She sucked his penis gently,
savouring the taste of her cunt and anus and his jizz. At last,
she let him go.

"Thank you, Ossie," she murmured, breaking away and getting up.
"That was very good. I enjoyed that very much."

The fat man looked ridiculously pleased. "Really, swear?"

"Yes. I mean it."

"I also enjoyed. It was very nice."

"Now, please excuse me." Anuja turned and headed for the bathroom

"Yes, yes, certainly. Thank you again."

"Most welcome."

"You must return soon. Even," he looked at Jayant uncertainly,
"alone, one day, maybe?"

"Maybe," she smiled and disappeared into the bathroom.

Jayant tucked his cock back into his trousers, zipped up and got
to his feet.

"Okay, stud. You've had your share. Now bugger off."

"Certainly, sir, and thank you also. If you need anything --"

"We need to be alone. That's all. Got it?"

"Oh yes, sir, certainly. Thank you again. I shall see you soon."

"You should be so lucky."

"Excuse please?"

"Oh, forget it. C'mon, Ossie. Off you go, there's a good chap.
Yes, fine, glad you enjoyed it, can I have my hand back? Thanks

Jayant hustled him out of the suite and returned to the bathroom.
Anuja was in the shower. He stripped and went in with her. She
frowned at him.

"What's the matter, babe?"

"I hate it when you get so rude with him."

"I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. I guess I've just been so keyed up
about this marriage thing and then not seeing you for so many
months. All I want is to fuck you and be with you."

"Still, it's not fair. Remember, you were the one who understood
this morning when I got annoyed."

"True. I really am sorry. Forgive me?"

She smiled. "Never, never ask that of me, love. There'll never be
anything to forgive. Ever."

He kissed her under the warm, hard spray and, reaching behind her,
turned off the water and picked up the soap. Gently, he lathered
her, fondling her body. She responded in like fashion, caressing
and tracing the contours of his body, fondling his penis and
balls. It began to thicken. They showered and rinsed off the suds
and Anuja slid down to her knees and began to suck his cock again,
gently tormenting him with her lips and teeth and tongue till his
penis was throbbing and hard. He groaned softly, fucking her mouth
slowly, rocking her head back and forth with one hand, pumping his
hips at her face. When he pushed her head away, she rose and
turned around, her back to him and leaned against the wall.

"Jayant," she murmured. "Fuck my ass. Please. I want it."

She spread her legs wide apart and pushed her buttocks out towards
him. Jayant held his penis and squeezed it between her buttocks
and to her anus. Anuja groaned and yielded, and gasped sharply,
biting her lower lip and flinging her head back, her face
contorting when his cock-head popped into her rear channel. Jayant
moaned and slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her
asshole. His pulse raced and the lust pounded in his veins. Anuja
moaned and gasped thickly, her buttocks writhing and squirming
against his groin. Jayant sodomised her thoroughly in the shower,
squeezing her breasts as he rocked his cock gently in and out of
her asshole. She turned her face over her shoulder and he kissed
her hard, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Anuja came
violently, her body wracked by sobbing gasps of pure ecstasy.

They dressed in jeans and T-shirts and lunched in the small,
cheerful restaurant by the pool. They ate sparingly, choosing
green salads and iced tea over the more elaborate offerings. As
they ate, they talked softly about their plan to disclose their
relationship to Vaishali while they waited for their orders. The
waiter cleared their plates and put large bowls of fresh fruit
salad before them. Jayant ordered coffee.

Sipping her coffee, Anuja looked out of the open window at the
pool. The handsome attendant she had been ogling discreetly since
they came into lunch was levering himself out of the sparkling
water. Jayant followed her glance and grinned across the table.

"Want to fuck him?" he whispered with a twinkling grin.

"Mm. I'm seriously tempted," she murmured. "He's very dishy. But
no, not today. Another time."

"Do it if you like. I'll ask him for you."

"No, Jayant. Please."

Jayant grinned. Over the years, he had grown accustomed to finding
lovers for her. Despite his confessions to envy, he enjoyed
watching her with fuck with other men. It turned him on intensely.
The jealousy was more emotional than physical or sexual.

They left the restaurant and returned to their room. Jayant went
to the toilet. He returned to the room a few minutes later. Anuja
was already in bed, wearing only her T-shirt. Jayant stripped off
his T-shirt and dropped his jeans and got into bed with her.



"Are you sure about that guy at the pool?"

"Yes. I don't want him. Not today."

"Somehow I don't quite believe that. But never mind, I'm not

"Good." She smiled and yawned and stretched, arching her back.

Jayant bent his head and took one of her breasts in his mouth
through the thin T-shirt. She wore no underclothing and he slid
his hand under the shirt and cupped her breasts. Her nipples
stiffened and her breasts grew warm and heavy at his touch.

They fucked unhurriedly and slowly for the next couple of hours,
enjoying each other's bodies at leisure. They alternated between
slow, gentle copulation and a more demanding, hard, rapid rhythm,
switching tempo deftly to stave off their orgasms and to prolong
the pleasure. He fucked her standing up beside the bed, her body
hanging from his waist, her shoulders on the bed, her legs locked
around his lean hips, her thighs in his hands, her hands on her
breasts. She gasped and moaned as he plunged and pistoned
vigourously in and out of her flesh, ramming and reaming into her
cunt. Then they slowed and he fucked her from behind, lying behind
her and stroking smoothly and slowly in and out of her cunt while
he fondled her breasts and she turned her face to his over her
shoulder. She mounted him in a deep squat, bucking and jerking
eagerly up and down, her supple thighs flexing and unflexing, her
cunt rocking rapidly up and down the length of his cock-shaft, her
swollen breasts bouncing. He heaved and pumped under her. He
fucked her again, kneeling on the bed, her body on its side, his
cock gliding gently to and fro.

On and on they went, untiring, their hunger for each other
insatiable. He fucked her from behind, kneeling on the bed on his
haunches, his buttocks on his heels and she knelt on his lap, her
legs folded outside his and ran her cunt up and down his
cock-shaft while he fondled her breasts and kissed her when she
turned her face to his. Anuja turned on her back and he bent her
legs up high, his hands on the insides of her thighs, folding her
in half and fucked her demonically, thrusting madly in and out of
her cunt, his thighs pounding and pummelling her buttocks, her
body rocking and jerking wildly, her breasts bouncing, her face
spinning from side to side. Then he sodomised her again, on her
back, her legs still raised and bent up over her torso, pushing
and squeezing his cock as deep as he could into her anus. Anuja
masturbated wildly. He paused and they sixty-nined and she
orgasmed again and again, the pent up tension now bursting
through. He could not hold back much longer and, standing on the
bed, fucking her mouth as she knelt before him, he came in her
face. Anuja moaned and swallowed his jizz, shaking his cock and
spattering her face and breasts with his seed. They fell asleep in
each other's arms, their limbs entangled.

She woke him at half past five. Jayant stirred and yawned and
stretched luxuriantly. She smiled and kissed him gently, then
slipped down to take his cock in her mouth again.

"You want tea?" she murmured.

"No, I'm fine. What time is it?"

"About five-thirty."

"Mm. When do you want to leave?"

"As late as possible. We have till midnight."

"Good. Ohh ... yes ... oh god yes ... mm, suck it Anji ... suck my

They fucked again, long and slow and the heat and softness of her
body engulfed him repeatedly. She rocked slowly up and down over
him, her breasts swinging and bouncing, her necklace tossing.
Rolling her on her back, he fucked her slowly from top, stroking
smoothly and steadily in and out of her cunt. They finished with
him fucking her from behind, squatting astride her hips and
fucking her rapidly, ramming and reaming his cock in and out of
her cunt.

At sunset, they strolled out barefoot on the beach. He was wearing
only a pair of shorts and she pulled on a button-down shirt, its
ends knotted below her breasts, leaving her midriff bare, and a
pair of tight white shorts that might as well have been painted
over her. With her hair coiled prettily in a bun above the nape of
her neck and her eyes freshly lined with *kajal* and no other
makeup, she looked ravishing.

The hotel owned the entire beach-front property along the cove and
effectively had a private beach. It was deserted except for the
odd couple on the beach near the hotel. The tide had begun to come
in. They watched the sun dip below the curved horizon, a huge fat
ball of orange and gold that sank inexorably into the water.

The sunset was glorious, a deep blue burnished with streaks of
crimson and gold and purple tinged clouds. As the darkness crept
up, the moon appeared high overhead, a pale three-quarter orb.
They ambled on hand-in-hand.

When they reached the far end of the cove, it was much darker, and
the wind had picked up, rustling the palm fronds and whipping the
waves. The moon cast a silvery sheen on the sand. Turning at the
far end of the beach, they walked down to the water.

Standing in ankle deep water, Anuja leaned back against her
cousin. He wrapped his arms around her and they stood in a
comfortable, companionable silence, enjoying the wind and the
waves and the sand. He bent his head and pressed his lips to the
nape of her neck, just below her hair. She sighed and closed her

"I love you," he murmured. "With all my heart. Have I told you

"Only about a million quadrillion times. Mostly after you cum."

"I like coming."

"So do I."

"Who'd have guessed?" he chuckled softly.

He nuzzled her throat and she turned her face to his, her full,
luscious lips fluttering under his, her tongue slipping sexily in
and out of his mouth. Jayant slid his hands up her body. Her shirt was unbuttoned, its ends knotted below her breasts, and the fleshy
mounds strained at the tight cloth which squeezed them together to
form a deep and inviting cleavage. His fingers trickled under her
shirts and he loosened the knot and pulled the shirt open over her
breasts, exposing them to the elements and his tender caresses.
She responded instantly, her tongue quickening in his mouth, her
breath soft on his face, her breasts growing heavy and warm with
excitement, her nipples jumping erect. He lifted and squeezed her
breasts, enjoying their weight and size and superb form, squeezing
them gently. Anuja swept her tongue through his ear. Jayant moved
his hands down her body gently and unbuttoned her shorts, slowly
pulled down the zipper fly and, peeling them open, rolled them
down her legs. They puddled in the waves lapping at their feet.
Anuja turned in his arms and, slipping her hands around his neck,
kissed him fiercely, grinding her naked body against his. Jayant
held her tight and close, his hands on her buttocks. Her hot
breasts squashed against his hard chest.

Anuja's face was soft with desire when she moved her lips from his
and dragged her tongue sexily down his body, kissing and licking
his small, dark, hard nipples. Her fingers traced the contours of
his chest and belly and, moving lower, flicked open the button
clasp of his shorts, unzipped them, pulled them open and down his
legs. They too fell in the water at their feet. Jayant grunted in
pleasure as her gentle fingers curled around his long penis and
began to work it deftly. Her mouth was hot and her teeth sharp on
his nipples, sucking, letting go, sucking again, letting go.

Slowly, Anuja sank to the sand before him, her fingers working his
cock, masturbating him dexterously. As his cock thickened and
swelled, she flipped the foreskin back and, opening her mouth, her
head tilted to one side, her eyes half-closed, swirled her tongue
lasciviously over the bulging cock-head. Jayant grunted softly,
his belly rippling inward, his head bent to watch. Round and round
her tongue went, coiling sinuously around the thick knob while her
graceful fingers pumped his shaft, her finger-rings glinting in
the moonlight. Jayant waited patiently, savouring the delicate
pleasure of her soft, moist tongue winding around his cock-head,
the warmth of her breath on his groins.

The heady taste and odour of his cock aroused her; it was too much
to resist. She opened her mouth wide and slipped her full, sensual
lips around his cock-head and shaft, her teeth scraping down the
stem. Jayant groaned softly. Her mouth was wonderful, warm and wet
and moist and she began to suck his cock heavily and deeply, still
working the cock-head in her mouth with her tongue. The sensation
was exquisite and his cock ballooned swiftly, filling her mouth
and distending her face. Jayant moaned softly in pleasure, moving
her head with his hands, rocking his hips back and forth. His cock
glistened and gleamed between her lips. Pausing, breathing hard,
she licked his balls, caressed her face with his penis, squeezed
it between her breasts as she tongued his navel. Gently, he pushed
her head down and she took his cock in her mouth again, sucking it
with a deep and abiding hunger.

"Mm ... yes ... ohh yes ... oh yes, Anji, yes ... suck it ... oh
yes, that's good ... yes ... ohhh uhh yes ... ahh, yes, that's it
... c'mon ... suck it!"

The tide rose steadily and now gentle waves lapped at her naked
buttocks as she knelt before him, washing around her knees and
calves and his feet and ankles. His penis throbbed hot in her
mouth and spurted pre-cum gunk. She whimpered and slowed her
cock-sucking, lasciviously licking the slimy seed off his
cock-head. Jayant pushed her head away, yearning for the rest.

They fucked slowly and gently, drowning themselves in each other's
bodies, oblivious to the falling night and growling surf. Anuja
lay on her back on the wet sand and, bending over her, his arms
outstretched, Jayant pressed his cock-head to her cunt-lips. Anuja
reached down with one hand to guide him into her flesh, her other
hand on his shoulder. Slowly, Jayant flexed his buttocks and eased
his hips forward. Anuja moaned and arched under him as his hot,
hard, long, throbbing cock surged into her flesh. He groaned
thickly and began to fuck her with long, slow, deep thrusts,
rocking his hips up and down, his buttocks flexing and unflexing,
his cock running smoothly in and out of her wet, hot, tight,
clonic cunt. Anuja whimpered softly, rocking and lurching under
him, her hips rising and falling with his in an erotic cadence,
her legs spread wide and knees raised on either side of his lean
hips. He bent his head and kissed her, his tongue slipping into
her mouth and she sucked it sensuously, her arms around his
thickly muscled shoulders.

This was divine, intense sex, each drowning in the other, their
eyes locked on each other's faces, no words needed, their soft
gasps saying everything. Her face was radiant with pleasure, her
lips parted, her eyes glassy, her nostrils flared. The little
nose-stud winked and the moonbeams picked out the dainty birth
marks on her face and neck and breasts and belly. On and on they
went in a rocking, curving rhythm, neither wanting it to end. The
tide rose higher and the sea lapped at her buttocks and cunt,
curled around her back and shoulders, wetting her neck and hair.
His ankles and knees and thighs spluttered in the hissing waves,
the rocking of the sea seeming to match their rhythm in half-beat.

Suddenly, Jayant was overwhelmed by a sense of despair. He saw
himself losing her forever and the thought was unbearable. He
groaned and rocked deep into her, drawing a shuddering gasp. The
years of loving had so attuned one to the other's needs that she
understood instantly and knew what to do.

"Jayant," she murmured, pulling his head down to hers. "Fuck me
hard. hurt me. I want you to."

He moaned and, lifting his buttocks, rammed down hard into her.
Anuja gasped and arched under him.

"No," she moaned. "Not like this. From behind. Fuck me from
behind. Like the other girls you fuck. Like the other men fuck

Jayant groaned and slid out of her and she turned over on her
forearms and knees in the rising water, facing the far horizon.
Jayant knelt behind her in the white-capped, frothing surf that
curled and swept around their bodies and quickly squeezed his cock
between her buttocks and into her cunt. Anuja gasped loudly,
arching her back, her head rising, her face radiant with pleasure
as his big cock surged into her flesh. Jayant groaned desperately
and, gripping her hips, began fucking her furiously, ramming and
reaming his cock in and out of her cunt, slamming his hips back
and forth feverishly. Anuja cried out, her voice ragged and sharp
as his huge penis plundered her flesh, pistoning and plunging
madly in and out of her wet cunt-flesh. The sea slapped at her
pendulous breasts and the salty spray speckled her pretty face.
Faster and faster he went, fucking her demonically. Her body
rocked and jerked under his, her heavy, swollen breasts swinging,
her gold necklace in the water. She came violently and he gasped,
his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her buttocks and rammed
deep into her flesh again and again till at last he could hold
back no longer. Buried deep in her cunt, he groaned and exploded,
shooting thick jets of hot jizz into her hungry, wet slit.

He slid out of her slowly and they stumbled into the surf, panting
and gasping, letting the water wash over them. The sea caressed
their naked bodies, the new waves running over them, lifting and
rocking their bodies, the retreating tide, slithering sensuously
over their flesh. She turned to him, her body half across his, her
hair loosened, sweeping over her face and smiled sadly.

"My love," she whispered. "I don't want to lose you."

Hot tears pricked his eyes and then she broke down and wept like a
child, her body wracked by heaving sobs. He couldn't hold himself
either and the emotions welled up and poured out in heavy tears
that coursed down his cheeks. His face crumpled and he wept
helplessly, sobbing pitifully. They held each other close, kissing
and hugging one another fiercely.

The outburst of pain and sorrow drained them. Finally, they
quietened and lay together silently, sniffling. He broke down
again and she moaned and held his head to her breast, rocking and
cradling him like a lost child. At last, he shook himself out of
his fear and anguish.

Slowly, they lurched to their feet and scrabbled in the wet
darkness for their clothes. They were drenched and they slipped
into them uncomfortably. They started back down the beach in
silence, her hand clenched tightly in his.

Returning to their room, they showered and then made love again in
bed, slowly and gently with infinite sadness and intense pleasure.
She mounted him, straddling his lap on her knees and slowly
impaling her cunt on his cock. He groaned and arched up into her,
his hands sliding up her body to her breasts, cupping and
caressing them. She smiled at him and her eyes were full of a deep
sadness that overwhelmed him and made him want to cry again. She
saw his reaction and silenced him with a kiss, bending and pushing
her tongue into his mouth.

"No," she whispered. "Not now. Not now, Jayant."

Jayant understood and took a grip on himself. He reared up into
her slowly and she rose on her arms, her face tilted back and,
biting her lower lip, swirled her hips slowly in tight circles,
mashing her cunt-flesh with his massive cock. They rocked together
gently and slowly, her body rising and falling over his bucking
hips, her cunt sliding up and down the length of his cock. Her
breasts bounced and her gold necklace tossed as she moved faster,
climbing rapidly to her climax, not caring about holding back now,
sweeping him with her. They came together, their orgasms colliding
in an explosion of pleasure and grief.

They checked out at eleven and Osmond was at the desk. There would
be no charge, he said. Their stay was on the house. Jayant
protested, but gave in; Osmond was adamant. He smiled at Anuja who
suddenly leaned across the desk and kissed him, feeling sorry for
the fat man in his loneliness.

As they turned to go, Osmond stopped them.

"Listen," he said. "Please."

He looked hesitant and unsure and Anuja smiled. "What is it Ossie?
Tell us."

"I ... er ... well, see, men, it is like this. Next weekend,
Saturday night that is, there is a big party over here. Very rich
people are coming. They have booked the whole bleddy hotel, men.
The whole bleddy hotel."

"So? Good for you."

"No men. I mean yes and business and all will be booming, men, but
this is different, men. Not usual."

"Meaning what?"

"A special party, men. They want special treat and special

"So do it."

"Yes men, that is why only I am asking y'all. See, they are
wanting to have a show, you know what I mean, what kind of show."

Anuja and Jayant looked at him and then at each other, and at him

"You mean a live show."

"Yes men."

"A girl being fucked for an audience."

"Oh, yes, that is right, exactly. On the beach it will be, moon
and all, very pretty. And they will be paying, also, good money,
very good, fifty thousand in cash on the nail."

"And Anuja is the girl you have in mind?"

Osmond choked. "If ... sir, please ... I have promised so many
things ...,"

Jayant looked at her and she nodded briefly. He turned to Osmond
and grinned, clapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey, cool it, dude. We're buddies remember, and we owe you. Thing
is, we don't know if we can make it. You know, getting away for
the night and all."

"I understand." Osmond looked crushed.

Anuja giggled and pecked him on the cheek. "Oh, Ossie, you silly
goose. I didn't say I wouldn't do it. I just meant we'd let you
know. Can I call you tomorrow and confirm? If I can't, I'll send
someone else. Someone as good. OK?"

Osmond beamed, his round face glistening with relief. "Oh thank
you, thank you, Anuja madam. Thank you. You are the best friends
for me, men. Swear on god, men. Swear on God. Best friends."

They smiled and reassured him and he followed them out to the car
and waited as Jayant backed out carefully and then moved forward.
Jayant waved his hand from the window. In the car, Anuja turned
and looked out the rear windscreen.

"I feel sorry for him," she murmured. "He's lonely."

"Are you going to do it?"

"I want to. It's tempting."

"Do it then."

"I will. If I can dodge my parents. You will be here, won't you?"

Jayant smiled at her. "I wouldn't miss it for the world, Anuja my
heart. Not for the world."
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