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Archived Sex Stories

Pentaprism 07 Beach Ball



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.

Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


Beach Ball

They are fortunate. Anuja's parents go off for the weekend with
some friends to Lonavla, a hill station south-east of Bombay.
Anuja knows that the house where they will stay has no telephone.
She needs to make no excuse to spend the night out at the beach.
She calls Osmond when she learns of her parents' plans and accepts
his offer. He is delighted.

Anuja has always loved fucking in live sex-shows. It appeals to
the exhibitionist in her. She is not unduly concerned about a
scandal; after all, she regularly does shows for Hedon & Venery.
Jayant is as excited as she. Osmond has offered fifty thousand
rupees in cash, the price they negotiated the previous week.
Jayant himself will be there and promises that if she suspects
anything, they will pull out. He will be her chaperone.

"And," she says, grinning. "My pimp. Ten per cent is yours,

He laughs, knowing she will not refuse now. Not that either of
them needs the money -- they have enough of her own -- but he
knows her and knows that being paid for having sex, becoming a
whore is one of her most ardent fantasies. This is a chance to
realise it. As he expects, she agrees and he smiles and bends his
head to kiss her, rocking his cock slowly in and out of her cunt.

Once committed, Anuja thrills in eager anticipation. She is
impatient to get there and Jayant torments her by dawdling, taking
time to fuck her again when they should be leaving. He refuses to
budge till she lets him fuck her and she sighs and turns on her
front, on her forearms and knees and lets him fuck her heavily and
unhurriedly from behind, gripping her hips and thrusting his cock
in and out of her cunt.

Their destination is good two hours away by road. They take the
car with Tony, the family chauffeur, at the wheel with Baban in
front. Anuja and Jayant ride at the back. Tony has been let in on
the secret assignation and worries slightly for her safety. He
insists that they not leave the car on the far side of the creek
and cross by ferry but take the longer route looping round the
north and then heading west. They will need the car if they have
to leave in a hurry, he says. Anuja kisses him gratefully,
promising to spend some time with him when they return.

The entire hotel has been booked for the private party. It is
perfect, quiet and secluded, far removed from the nearest village.
The surrounding roads are deserted, and there are no other houses
nearby. Tony draws the car up the gravel driveway and Baban,
Jayant and Anuja alight, while he parks in a separate lot next to
several swanky cars.

At the front office, Osmond greets them effusively, beaming

"Welcome, welcome," he says. "So nice of you to make it.
Everything is perfect," he gushes. "The hotel has never looked
better. Come, come and see. I must introduce you to yours hosts."

He ushers them out of the office and, in the restaurant by the
pool, Anuja and Jayant are introduced to their hosts, a good
looking middle-age man and his attractive wife. Anuja notices that
the man is lithe and well built with a trim, muscular body and
handsome features. His wife is a tall, slender, lissom beauty with
finely chiselled features and a beautifully curved body. She takes
Anuja aside while the man confabulates with Jayant.

Anuja learns that her hostess' name is Seema and her husband,
Vinay, is a millionaire businessman. They are hosting this party
for some important business associates Vinay feels he must
impress. Jayant and Vinay finish their discussion and Osmond
escorts them to a large villa that has been reserved for them. It
is superbly furnished with a big, wide bed, armchairs, sofas,
coffee table, elegant wall hangings, attractive lights. The
bathroom is in black and green granite with gold fittings and
trim. There is even a jacuzzi built in. Anuja dumps her tote bag
on the bed and wanders through the suite. She strolls onto the
wooden sundeck and looks out at the darkening sky, the white tops
of the crashing surf. The wind tugs at her hair and ripples her
light shirt. Before her, the swimming pool glistens and glitters.
There is a round white table under a bright umbrella on the deck
and several matching wrought iron chairs. Jayant watches her with
quiet amusement.

"This is fabulous!" Anuja says. "Jayant, this is what we should

"Cost us an arm and leg."

"Aren't I worth it, though?"

"Mm. I'll have to think about it."


They laugh. Jayant goes up to her and puts his arm around her. She
leans her head on his shoulder.

"You know what to expect, girl?" he asks gently.

"Not the details, no. Did Vinay tell you?"

"Yes. It's pretty much what we thought."

"So I'm expected to fuck a guy in front of an audience."

"Something like that."

"One of the guys here?"

"No. A stranger. Presumably a gigolo. Anji, you haven't done this
kind of thing before, have you?"

"No. Never. But I've often wanted to. Idiot, if I had, I'd have
told you now, wouldn't I?"

Jayant smiles. "Guess so. I think it should be fun."

"You know, I'm wondering."

"What about?"

"Seema. She's very lovely, very sexy. Why not her?"

Jayant chuckles. "I asked Vinay just that. Seems he's entertaining
some important business guests and wants to do something
different. He says Seema's done this kind of thing before, but
only for friends, never formally. They wanted someone younger,
preferrably a teenager. And Osmond suggested you."

"Did they find me good enough?"

"Very. Vinay wanted to fuck you right away."

Anuja laughs. "Perhaps he'll get the chance."


"Where's this to happen, d'you know?"

"Outside. On the beach."

Anuja's eyes dance. "That's sexy. How many people are they

"About two dozen."

"So many!"

Jayant smiles. "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do well."

"All men?"

"No. Couples, mostly, Vinay says, and the odd lone wolf. And
there'll probably be an orgy later. Vinay says he and Seem will
both be fornicating. When I told him I was here with Baban and
Tony, he just said not to worry, we could have any woman who was
willing to have us. Apparently, it's going to be free for all
after the show."

"Am I expected to fuck any of the guests?"

"Only if you want to. Of course, they'll pay extra for that. The
fifty grand is only for the performance."

"I see. That's fine, then. Incidentally, who's the guy I'm
supposed to fuck?"

Jayant grinned. "That he wouldn't say. He assured me he's clean,
exceptionally well built and handsome and a very, very skilled

"How does he know?"

"Seema fucks him all the time."

Anuja laughs. "A local then."

"I think so."

They hear cars rolling up. Jayant kisses her quickly. "The guests
are arriving. Perhaps you should get ready."

"How long do I have?"

"About an hour. Enough time. Someone will call us. What are you
going to wear?"

"I don't know. What do you think?"

"That bikini. It's guaranteed to give every guy a hard-on right

They turn back into the bedroom. Anuja strips and moves to the
high, wide bed. Lying down, she begins to fondle herself.

"Jay," she says. "Get Tony up here. I want a quick fuck."

"What's wrong with me."

"I want to fuck him, not you."

Jayant grumbles good-naturedly and goes out. He returns a few
minutes later with a grinning Tony.

"Come here, Tony," Anuja says. "Come and fuck me. I'm hot."

The chauffeur strips quickly and moves to the bed. Jayant sighs
and sits in a chair and watches Tony fuck her steadily and
relentlessly for the next half hour. Tony is a strong young man with a dark, muscular body and clean-shaven, handsome features.
His penis is over eight inches long and more than an inch and a
half thick. He keeps it shorn smoothly to the hilt. His balls are
thick and heavy. Anuja sucks his cock greedily for several minutes
and his penis swells and hardens rapidly, thickening and
lengthening in her mouth, distending her face. He fucks her mouth
slowly, rocking her head back and forth in his hands, pumping his
hips at her face, his head bent to watch her. Pushing her head
away, he bends and thrusts his face into her crotch and licks her
slit, finger-fucking her simultaneously. Anuja moans and writhes
on the bed, her hips at the edge, her legs hanging over, her body
jerking and rocking, her cunt heaving up and down. She squeezes
her breasts erotically, clenches his thick hair and moves his head
round and round in her crotch, moaning obscenely.

At first, Tony fucks her on her back, standing upright at the edge
of the bed, holding her thighs apart in his hands and rocking his
hips smoothly back and forth. Jayant watches them, staring at the
sight of the chauffeur's distended erection grinding rhythmically
in and out his cousin's wet cunt.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes, Tony, yes! Ohh uhh ohhh uhh ohhh
uhh ohhh uhh yes uhh yes oh god yes ... fuck me! Oh fuck me ...
fuck me ... fuck me, baby ... fuck me!" Anuja cries, her body
jerking and rocking back and forth under the chauffeur's demanding

Her breasts bounce and wobble and she squeezes them erotically,
lifting and cupping the swollen mounds, pinching and tweaking her
erect nipples. Her head flips languorously from side to side. The
chauffeur moans thickly.

"C'mon ... take it ... take it, baby ... oh fuck yes ... take my
cock ... ohhh uhh ohhh uhh yeh ... oh yeh ... oh yeh ... that's it
... take it all, bitch, take it!"

He slows and stops and, moaning and panting, Anuja turns on her
front, on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed, her legs
sticking out over the side. Tony takes his cock and slowly
squeezes it into her cunt, pushing it in deeper and deeper. Jayant
watches in fascination as the huge cock disappears inexorably
between the smooth curves of her buttocks. Anuja moans and arches
her back, lifting her head. The chauffeur groans and begins to
fuck her smoothly, with long, deep thrusts, holding her hips and
rocking his back and forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing
rhythmically. His cock saws in and out of her cunt, glistening and
gleaming with their comingled coital juices. Anuja rocks and jerks
to and fro on all fours, her heavy, swollen, pendulous breasts jiggling and bouncing, her gold necklace swinging back and forth.
Faster and faster Tony goes, his thighs slapping softly at her
buttocks as he grinds and rams hungrily into her hot, tight, wet

"Oh Tony! Tony! Oh yes! Oh ma yes! Oh god yes uhhh yes uhhh yes oh
yes oh god yes!" she gasps desperately, her voice raw and husky
with lust.

"C'mon take it ... take it whore, take it ... oh fuck yes oh yes
oh yes oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh OHHHHHH!" he cries.

They orgasm simultaneously, her body stiffening and arching, her
buttocks squirming against his thighs as the pleasure lights her
face. Seconds later, the chauffeur plunges deep into her cunt,
making her moan thickly and, growling in relief, explodes, his
hips twitching at her buttocks as he empties his load.

A few minutes later, Tony leaves and Anuja gets off the bed
unsteadily. Jayant rushes to her and holds her. She is still
panting and gasping, moaning softly.

"You okay?" he asks, brushing her forehead with his lips, stroking
her hair.

"Yes. Fine. A bit tense, that's all."

"You want a drink of water or something."

"No. Not right now. I'll be fine. Come, I should get ready now."


Anuja goes into the bathroom to shower and clean up. Several
minutes later, she steps out naked. Jayant gives her a towel and
kisses her gently. She smiles at him as she towels herself dry and
begins to dress. She has just finished when there is a knock on
the door, summoning her downstairs.

"Jayant, go ahead."

"What for?"

"Just check it out. I don't want to come down and then turn back."

Jayant nods and leaves. Five minutes later, Anuja goes down and
walks through the house and down the wide, curved steps to the
garden and the pool. The house is quiet and deserted. She sees
people on the beach and walks down the paved walkway, lit by low,
calf-height shaded lamps to the beach.

There are nearly thirty people on the beach, some sitting on the
sand, some in deckchairs, chatting, smoking, laughing. All are
casually dressed, some in shorts, others in Bermudas, T-shirts,
swimming wear. Servants in white uniforms flit between them with
trays of canapés and drinks. Anuja sees Jayant, Tony and Baban
standing just inside the curved bower that opens onto the beach
and she smiles at them.

"Wish me luck," she whispers. "Here I go."

"Don't worry, babe, we're here," Jayant says.

"I know. I can't tell you how comforting that is."

"Go." Tony's voice is gentle and concerned.

She smiles at him and steps out onto the beach. The hubbub dies
and face turn to her. Anuja hesitates, a case of last-minute
nerves. Quickly, she controls herself. There is nothing to fear,
and she has done this before. Seema is at one corner and she
smiles gently, in encouragement. Anuja's pulse quickens.

Her step falters, and then she takes a quick breath and steadies
herself. There is nothing to fear, she reasons. She is here to be
fucked and that is something she knows how to do and to do well.
She moves forward, seeing a small, cleared space in front of the
guests and walks to it.

Anuja looks lovely. Her long hair is braided and coiled, held high
behind her head. She wears a short terrycloth robe that just
reaches her knees and is loosely belted. Around her neck, she
wears her long gold necklace. There are rings on her fingers and
small stud glitters in her left nostril. Her eyes are thickly
rimmed with *kajal*. Her feet are bare.

There is silence, only the sound of the wind and the sea. Even the
servants have stopped moving and have stepped back to the rear of
the crowd. Anuja pauses, looking at her audience and then slowly
unbelts her robe. It falls open. Slowly, she pulls the lapels
wider and wider, lower on her shoulders and then, sensuously,
gently, lets it rustle to the sand. She smiles and steps forward
out of the puddled robe at her feet.

There is a collective intake of breath, a gasp from the crowd and
suddenly, Anuja exults, her mind leaping with excitement and joy
at the knowledge that all these strangers find her sexy and want
to see her being fucked right there on the sand in front of them.
Fucking live before an audience is still one of the sexiest ways
to orgasm. Her cunt tingles and her breasts swell.

"Good evening," she murmurs. "My name is Anuja."

She is wearing the outrageous string bikini. The bra has thin,
fine strands, the cups little more than the size of Band-Aids,
barely covering her nipples. It is small and taut and her full,
heavy breasts strain at the cloth, her cleavage deep and enticing,
the gold chain nestling in the dark valley. The panty is
ridiculous, a narrow, long strip of cloth descending from the
strings that girdle low on her hips and barely covering her
cunt-lips, leaving most of her crotch exposed. Between her thighs,
it tapers and narrows again to a single strand that rises between
the curves of her buttocks, leaving them entirely naked.

Anuja's body tingles with excitement. She finds the situation very
sexy. Her nipples stiffen and her pulse quickens. Her breasts swell, grow hot and hard in the tiny bikini cups. Slowly, she
tilts her head back, lifting her chin and draws her hands up her
sides to her breasts, her fingers spread wide, her palms open. Her
hands pause over her breasts, the heels of her palms over her
nipples and she opens her mouth and runs her tongue sensuously
across her upper lip, slowly rolling her hands over her breasts in
circular motions. Her body writhes visibly. Hunching her
shoulders, she squeezes her breasts together, crushing them hard
in her hands, her mouth now forming a wide O. Her eyes flash with
lust, inviting every man in the audience to come up and fuck her.
She lifts and squeezes her breasts in her hands, the outsides of
her palms meeting in her cleavage, her face soft and radiant with
lust and arousal. Slowly, she releases her breasts and begins to
slide her hands down her belly, drawing it inward.

A lascivious smile in her eyes, her body quivering with excitement
and delight at the attention, she slides her hands lower,
reversing her palms so that her fingers are pointed down to her
crotch. Lower and lower her hands go, her fingers spreading wide.
Her feet shuffle apart. Her hands slide down and in from her hips.
Her palms pressed to her lower belly, her first fingers raised
delicately, she drags her forefingers along the two sides of the V
of her crotch, on either side of her cunt. She drags her
forefingers together, closer and closer, and they crawl under the
bikini panty to her cunt-lips. Her fingers pressed to her slit,
she starts masturbating, moving her fingers sensuously up and
down, back and forth. Her hips start to grind and sway and writhe
and pump. She bites her lower lip, then opens her mouth and
presses her tongue sexily to her upper lip. Slowly, she draws the
edges of the bikini panty together, squeezing and twisting them
into a single thick strand that runs down her cunt-lips.

"Yes," she breathes, "yes ... I want it ... I want it!"

Her voice carries over the breeze, audible to every person
present. She hisses softly, her fingers pumping gently in her cunt under the bikini panty, her hips writhing and rocking slowly back
and forth. With one hand she lifts the bikini panty strand aside.
Now her cunt-lips are completely exposed and, with a soft moan,
she arches a finger into her slit, her hips writhing, her buttocks
flexing and unflexing making her body rise and rock gently up and
down on her feet. Her finger is visibly wet.

Still masturbating, she turns around, her back to the audience and
they can see her naked buttocks now and the rear strand of the
bikini panty emerging from the dark cleft between the smooth
curves. She slides her hands to her buttocks, bends forward
slightly, pulls them open, exposing her sweetly puckered anus with
the bikini strand running over it and looks over her shoulder at
the audience with a wanton, glassy, lust-filled expression.
Slipping hand down into her crotch, she lifts the front of the
bikini panty and arches a finger into her cunt again so that from
behind the audience can see her masturbate.

"Yes," she says again. "I want a man ... I want a cock ... I want
to be fucked!"

On cue, timing it to perfection, a figure shimmers out of the
shadows in front of her. A man steps silently over the soft sand
and Anuja straightens as he comes up before her.

The man is tall and dark and handsome, with a stunning physique.
He is wearing nothing but tight, small swimming trunks. His face
is lean and hard, with a sharp nose, dark eyes set deep, a thick shock of black hair. He is clean shaven and his jaw is square and
hard, his lips slim and wide. His cheeks are hollowed and lined.

His body is tanned and dark, the skin smooth and supple with not
an ounce of fat anywhere on him. His shoulders are wide and broad
and his torso is a savagely slashing V from shoulder to hip. His
chest is deep and cleaved, the pectorals bulging, small hard
nipples pulled wide and low on either side. His belly is
rock-hard, every muscle ridged and defined. His arms are thickly
bunched with strength, his wrists as thick as his forearms. His
legs are long and strong, the thighs sturdy and rippling with
muscle. His waist is narrow, his hips high, his buttocks small and
taut and lean. His torso is entirely hairless, even the armpits
depilated. The bulge in his crotch is thick and promising.

His body glistens and Anuja realises that he has oiled it lightly
to accentuate his physique. He looks very sexy. She trembles in
excitement and pleasure. Seema has chosen well, she thinks. This
man will be a magnificent lover.

A brief smile flickers on his face. He comes closer, and his hands
go around her, slide down her body to her buttocks, pulling her to
him. Anuja arches against him, her groin pressed to his, her back
bowed, her hands on his arms. He bends her further back, more and
more steeply and her body curves backward in a steep bow. He holds
by the waist with one hand and bends his face to her upthrust
breasts. Anuja gasps loudly as he draws one fleshy mound into his
mouth, with the bikini cup and sucks on it. Her head falls back,
upside down. He squeezes the other breast with his free hand.

He pulls her up slowly and she moves smoothly, in perfect,
unspoken understanding. She licks his chest lasciviously, sucks
and licks one nipple, then the other, slowly descends to her knees
in front of him. Groaning audibly, she presses her face to his
crotch and sucks his penis through his swimming trunks. The man grunts softly.

Gently, she slides her fingers into the legs of his trunks. Her
fingers close around his penis. It is huge, at least eight inches
long, over an inch thick and not yet erect. Anuja grows hot with
lust. His cock is uncircumcised, the shaft, she notices, shaved
smooth to the hilt, the balls heavy and low. Slowly, she drags his
trunks down, lower and lower. His cock springs out, thick and
long, better than she had hoped. Whimpering softly, she takes it
in her hand and jerks it gently, deftly. It quivers and begins to
thicken and grow. She flips back the foreskin, caresses her face
with it, her lips open, running it over her lips and cheeks. Her
tongue flickers out and swirls over his cock-head. The man grunts
and his hands go down to her head. She looks up. His head is bent,
watching her. His hips grind forward. Jerking his shaft gently,
she opens her mouth wider and slowly takes his cock into her
mouth. The man's head arches back and he groans loudly, pulling
her head deeper into his crotch.

Anuja sucks her anonymous lover's cock slowly and deeply and
heavily, jerking his shaft in her fist, her head rocking back and
forth between his thighs. He fucks her mouth unhurriedly, rocking
her head back and forth with both hands, pumping his hips at her

Her back is to the audience and they cannot fully see her sucking his cock. Somehow, this only adds to the eroticism of the scene.
Her buttocks rest on her heels, her toes digging into the sand.
The viewers only see his hips jerking to and fro and her head
rocking back and forth between his thighs.

Anuja pauses and lifts her head slightly, tonguing his navel,
taking his cock between her breasts. She feeds it down her
cleavage and squeezes her breasts over his penis through the
bikini top. The man groans loudly. She bends her head and resumes
sucking his cock, dipping her head now and then to suck and lick
his heavy, low balls.

"Mm ... yes ... suck it ... suck my prick, c'mon ... do it!" the
man grunts.

His cock is enormous now, over nine inches long and two inches
thick, hot and hard and throbbing. Slowly, he shuffles around and
she moves with him so that they are now turned sideways with their
profiles to the audience. The viewers watch her suck his cock
harder and faster, her head rocking swiftly back and forth, his
cock glistening between her lips, distending her face. Pausing,
her head tilted to one side, her eyes hooded, jerking his cock in
her fist, she opens her mouth wide and swirls her tongue cunningly
around his cock-head. The man groans. His hands slide down to her
shoulders and he slips off the straps of the bikini top. It falls
away, revealing her heavy, full breasts. sucking his cock again,
she caresses her breasts erotically. Pre-cum gunk spurts from his
cock-head and she moans and catches it on her face and in her
mouth, swallowing it lasciviously. The man shuffles around slowly,
fucking her mouth as he moves, pausing briefly with his back to
the audience so they can see his buttocks flexing and unflexing,
his hips grinding back and forth. He moves in a three-quarter
circle, returning to their original position facing the audience,
her back to them.

The man pushes her head away and sinks to his knees before her.
They kiss slowly, deeply, sexily, their mouths wide, their tongues
fencing with each other, his hands on her breasts, her fingers
stroking his cock. They fall to the sand with her on her back. She
spreads her legs, lifts her knees, pulls the bikini bottom wide,
draws her cunt-lips open.

"Fuck me," she moans loudly. "Fuck my cunt!"

The man bends over her between her thighs on outstretched arms and
knees, his knuckles on the sand. Anuja groans and arches under

"Yes," she says, her hands on his cock, guiding him to her cunt.
"I want it! Shove your cock into my slit! Fuck me!"

The man dips his hips, flexes his buttocks. His cock slides into
her cunt, past the twisted band of the bikini panty. He gasps,
arching his head, his hips dipping lower and lower, his buttocks
flexing taut. Beneath him, Anuja arches and moans, her hips
lurching upward. His cock disappears inexorably into her flesh.

"C'mon ... do it! Fuck me hard!" she gasps, clenching his thick forearms, her legs splitting wider still.

The man groans and begins to fuck her on the sand before the
silent, gaping audience. His hips rise and fall in a steady,
mesmerising cadence, his buttocks flexing and unflexing. Anuja
gasps and whimpers as his cock strokes smoothly in and out of her
cunt. It feels wonderful in her slit, hot and thick and hard and
long, and she has no need to fake her pleasure. Her body rocks and
lurches under his thrusts, her hips heaving and rocking under his,
her breasts wobbling and jiggling as he strokes powerfully and
unhurriedly in and out of her slit.

"Ohhh uhhh yes uhhh yes oh god yes ohhh uhhh yes oh fuck yes ...
fuck me yes ... do it ... ohhh god yes uhhh oh ma uhh ahhh uhhh
yes!" she gasps.

"Take it! Take my cock, whore ... take it all ... oh fuck yeh ...
oh yeh that's it ... take it ... ohhh uhhh ohhhh uhh ohhh uhhh
ohhhh!" her lover responds.

He swings his hips in tight circular motions as he drives into
her, entering her cunt from all angles. Anuja hisses in pleasure,
her head arching, her back bowing. Her face flips from side to
side. She squeezes her breasts erotically, moaning obscene
encouragement. The man moves faster, steadily gathering speed. She
cries out sharply, moving in unison with him, hissing in joy.

"Oh ... uhh ... ohh ... uh ... ohhh ... uhhh ... oh uh oh uh oh
uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh ohhhh!"

Her cries are sharp and staccato as he moves faster and faster.
His hips now snap sharply as he plunges into her and his buttocks
flex and unflex rapidly, bobbing and bouncing over her heaving
groin. Her body lurches and jerks and rocks under his thrusts, her
swollen breasts jiggling and wobbling heavily. Her face contorts
in an agony of joy, her mouth open, her eyes screwed shut, her
head flipping from side to side. She squeezes her breasts eagerly,
crying out loudly.


The man gasps and grunts, his head bent, watching her face, his
mouth hanging open, panting and groaning. His muscles cord and
stand out in hard ridges. Sweat breaks out on their bodies. His
cock pistons and plunges in and out of her slit.

"Take it ... take it, whore ... take it ohhh uhhh yes uhh yes ohhh
yes ohhh god yes oh fuck yes oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes oh fuck

Faster and faster he goes, his body rocking and bouncing furiously
over hers, his hips slamming up and down, his cock plunging and
pistoning and reaming and ramming feverishly in and out of her
cunt. Her orgasm nears, grows, looms. He senses it and slows
immediately to a long, skewering, spiralling, thrusting action.
Anuja groans and arches in pleasure under him, gasping and panting
deliriously. The man gasps as her hot, tight, sopping wet cunt convulses on his throbbing penis.

Slowly, he draws out of her, making her moan loudly. He turns her
over onto her front, facing the audience. Anuja whimpers, her hips
writhing, and waits for him to fuck her again. Her swollen breasts are pendulous. Sand flecks her back and thighs and buttocks. The
man kneels behind her and pulls off her panties. She kicks them
aside. He squeezes his cock-head between her buttocks and smoothly
feeds it into her cunt. Anuja hisses in pleasure, rocking forward
on her hands and knees, her face rising, a vision of pure, naked,
unfaked lust. Her mouth is open, her eyes hooded, and her tongue
presses sexily to her upper lip. She turns her face over her
shoulder to her lover as he flexes his buttocks and pushes his
cock deeper and deeper into her cunt.

"Ohhh yes ... ohh fuck yes ... that's it ... shove it in, lover
... shove it all in! Ohhhh yes!"

The man bends over her and kisses her deeply, his hands under her
breasts, squeezing them hard. Her buttocks writhe against his
groin. He straightens and, holding her hips, begins to fuck her

Anuja groans thickly, her face raised, her body jerking and
lurching and rocking with his thrusts, her breasts jiggling, her
gold necklace swinging back and forth. Her cunt is on fire and it
convulses and spasms frantically on his pistoning penis. The man has hit a swift, hungry rhythm, jerking her body back and forth,
dragging her cunt up and down the length of his shaft, groaning
and gasping his pleasure. His thighs slap softly against her
buttocks, his balls pressing to her cunt-lips. She is an
exceptionally fine fuck, he thinks and groans aloud. Faster and
faster he goes, building up speed again, his hips snapping back
and forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his cock glistening
as it goes in and out, appearing and disappearing between the
smooth curves of her buttocks. He stretches his hands forward and
squeezes her breasts hungrily. His loins ache for release.

"Fuck me ... yes ... ohh god yes ... fuck me, baby ... fuck me
hard ... ohhhh yes ... ohhhhhh uhh ohhhhh uhh ohhhhh uhh oh uh oh
uh oh uh oh uh oh uh OHHHHHH!" she cries.

The man groans, on the verge of an orgasm. He flings his head back
and gasps, taking several deep breaths, his fingertips in the
small of her back, moving her back and forth to suit his pleasure.
They form an erotic sight, the man with his superbly sculpted
physique kneeling behind Anuja's luscious curved body, his hips
swinging and snapping and rocking back and forth, her body
lurching and jerking to and fro with his thrusts.

Several minutes later, they pause, both teetering on the brink of
an orgasm. Anuja is panting with lust, hot and hungry as a vixen.
The man turns on his back on the sand, his head to the audience
and Anuja kneels between his legs and bends her face over his lap.
Jerking his upright, sticky, rampant erection, she drags her
tongue lasciviously up and down the shaft, swirling her tongue
over the bulging cock-head, teething the stem. Bending her head,
she starts sucking his cock, jerking it in her fist. Her head
bucks and bobs over his lap, her face distended with the thickness
of his penis. The man gasps and groans, holding her head and
moving it up and down to suit his pleasure. She sucks harder and

"Yeh ... oh fuck yes ... suck it ... c'mon, whore ... suck my
prick ... oh fuck yes!" the man gasps.

He pulls at her arms and she stops and rises, dragging her tongue
up his hard body in an utterly wanton action. Higher and higher
she goes and pauses to kiss him deeply, thrusting her tongue into
his mouth. He squeezes her heavy breasts. She moves higher and
feeds her breasts to his mouth. He sucks them one by one and then,
squeezing them together, on both simultaneously. Anuja moans,
arching her head. His hands are on her buttocks, probing her anus
and slit. Her hips grind. She moves higher, straddling his face on
her knees. With one hand, she claws her cunt-lips open and sinks
her hips. The man grips her thighs and thrusts his tongue into her
cunt. Anuja gasps, her head arching back, her face twisting with
lust, her hands on her breasts, crushing and squeezing them in
unfaked pleasure, moaning erotically.

"Ohhh yes ... c'mon ... do it ... lick my slit, baby ... ohhh ...
uhhh yes ... that's it ... ohhhh yes ... ohh that's good baby ...

She looks devastatingly sexy, her hands on her breasts, her hips
writhing and grinding on the man's face. He drives his tongue up
deep into her slit and she gasps and arches her back, squeezing
her breasts in a frenzy, pinching her nipples between her
forefingers and thumbs. She hisses in pleasure, and rubs one hand
over her breasts, the other sliding down her sucked-in belly,
fingers splayed wide.

"Ohhhh ... yes! Ohhh god yes!" she gasps. "Do it! Ohhh yes ... do
it, baby ... lick my slit ... oh fuck yes ... ahhh yes ... there
... oh that's it ... ahhh yes there!"

Her cunt is sopping wet, streaming with cunt-juice and she can
barely contain herself. Whimpering, gasping, panting, her chest
heaving, she slides off his face quickly and shuffles backward,
astride his cock. She jerks it quickly in her fist. The man moans
softly. She moves her cunt over and then, with a loud, shuddering
cry, impales herself deeply on his shaft. He gasps and arches
under her, thrusting his cock up into her cunt. She cries out, her
head arching back, her mouth wide open, her back bowed. He
squeezes her breasts and begins to buck under her.

"Ohhhh ... uhhh ... ohhhh ... uhhh ... ohhhh!" she groans. "Ohh
uhh ohhh uhhh OHHHHH!"

"Yeh! C'mon! Take it! Oh fuck yes oh yes oh yes oh yes!" he goes.

Kneeling over him on outstretched arms, Anuja rocks up and down on
the man's cock. Her cunt slides up and down the length of his
shaft. Her breasts bounce and jiggle. Her gold necklace tosses and
flaps on her tawny flesh. She rears up, her hands on her breasts,
grinding her hips round and round on his cock, flexing her
buttocks sharply and repeatedly, squeezing his cock with her hot,
tight cunt. The man gasps and thrusts and bucks feverishly under
her. Faster and faster they go, their bodies writhing and bucking
frantically. Bending over, she kisses him hungrily, thrusting her
tongue into his mouth. He cranes his head and sucks her pendulous,
swollen breasts.

Somehow, by unspoken accord, both manage to stave off their
orgasms which thunder at their loins now. They slow their
movements and she smiles down at her lover in pleasure.

"Will you fuck my ass?" she murmurs. "I like being fucked in my

He grins and nods. She smiles, her eyes glittering, oblivious now
to everything but him, her audience forgotten. Slipping off his
cock, she kneels on the sand again and bends low on her forearms,
lifting her buttocks and hips high, her legs and buttocks spread
to offer him her rear channel. The man grins at the sight of her
temptingly taut anus.

"Hold it open for me," he commands

Anuja nods and obeys and bends further forward, her shoulders on
the ground, her face turned to one side, her arms twisted behind
her to pull her buttocks open and offer him her anus. The man moves back smoothly and, licking four fingers, moistens her anus.

Anuja's hips squirm in wanton desire against his hand. The man chuckles and bends steeply forward and thrusts his face between
her buttocks. Anuja moans softly as she feels his tongue ripple
over her asshole. She loves being rimmed and he is very good. His
tongue swirls over her anus, caressing the puckered flesh
tenderly. Her buttocks and hips quiver and sway with excitement.
Her anus is musky and heady and the man presses his tongue into
the cleft, making her moan in lust.

"Yes ... Ohhhhh god yes! Yes!" she gasps.

His fingers press to her cunt and two slide into her flesh. Anuja
groans, trembling with lust, her body aflame with desire. His
fingers tease her gorged clitoris, his knuckles pressing and
mashing it deftly while his tongue sweeps in dizzying circles over
her anus.

"Please ... fuck my ass ... fuck it hard!" she gasps.

Laughing, the man rises to straddle her hips. He adjusts himself
slightly, flexing the taut muscles in his legs. He leans over her
on outstretched arms, his feet on the ground, his knees deeply
bent and dips his hips. Anuja holds her buttocks open with the
fingers of one hand and holding his slippery penis in her other,
guides him to her anus.

"There," she gasps, pressing his cock-head to her anus. "I want it

Again the man's buttocks flex slowly and his hips dip. His
cock-head squeezes into the young girl's asshole. Anuja's face
twists in an erotic mixture of pain and shock and joy. Her mouth
jerks open and she cries out thinly, her neck arching, her face
pressed to the earth. Her hands remain behind her, one on his
shaft, the other at her buttocks. The man waits, letting her catch
her breath.

"Come on, bitch," he rasps softly. "Come on ... take it!"

Anuja moans softly and releases his penis and, gripping her
buttocks, pulls them as far apart as she could. She yields slowly,
her sphincter spasming, and the man gasps and slowly thrusts
downward. Anuja's breath comes in short, sharp, ragged, moaning
gasps as the huge penis bursts into her rear channel, surging
inexorably inwards. Her sphincter convulses frantically on his
penis, and the man's head arches back, suffused with pleasure.
Under him, the young girl moans and writhes. Deeper and deeper his
penis goes, till he has buried himself to the hilt in her anus.
Her hand is pinned between his thighs and her buttocks.

"Come on," she moans in a shaking voice. "Fuck my ass! Oh ma oh ma
oh ma oh ma oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh yes do it!"

They are like two inverted hairpins, one in the other. Anuja's
buttocks and thighs form a great obtuse V under him. Her anus is
completely and helplessly impaled by his swollen, massive shaft.
She feels dizzy with the exquisite pain. Her pulse hammers, and
her breath is ragged and her voice hoarse. Her breasts are hot and
swollen. The man rears, taking his weight on his feet and squeezes
her pendulous breasts. Anuja groans. He pinches her rigid nipples
and she gasps thickly. The pain recedes, yielding to delirious joy
and desire.

Crushing her breasts in his hands, the man begins to move his
hips, slowly fucking the young girl's ass. She gasps as he lifted
his hips, drawing his cock out of her anus till only the cock-head
is held within. Moaning, she digs her fingers into the cleft
between her buttocks and pulls them wider.

"Come on," she gasps. "Put it in again, quickly!"

There is nothing fake about her lust. She wants it, and she wants
it badly. The man smiles and thrusts smoothly into her anus again.
Anuja gasps and now it is a call of pure pleasure.

"Yes," she moans. "Oh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard!
Come on, do it ... fuck me like a whore!"

The man bends forward again, leaning on his broad, thick forearms
and, toying with her breasts, begins to fuck her ass smoothly and
quickly. His buttocks flex and unflex powerfully, his hips rise
and fall and his cock glistens as it goes in and out of her anus.
Beneath him, Anuja moans and gasps, her body rocking and jerking
back and forth and she wants it, too, and her motions reflect her

Her face is twisted to one side and, crushing her swollen breasts in his hands, the man kisses her fiercely, forcing his tongue into
her mouth. She sucks on his tongue, squirming her bottom against
his hips, bucking her buttocks against his thighs in ardent
desire. Her cries are lewd and obscene and, spurred by the erotic,
throaty, love-calls, the man begins moving faster.

Steadily, he gathers speed till he is ram-fucking her ass,
plunging greedily and deeply into her anus, reaming and ramming
his cock into her. Anuja cries out in a shrill tone, panting and
gasping. He claws at her cunt-lips and she gasps as he slides
three fingers into her cunt and begins masturbating her furiously.
Instantly, her anus, separated from his fingers by the merest
membrane of flesh, convulses frantically on his penis. He cries
out in joy and thrusts hard into her. She orgasms violently,
shuddering, gasping, mewing, keening and panting all at once. The
man groans and thrusts his cock into her savagely, slamming his
hips at her buttocks, burying his cock in her anus. Finally, he
loses control.

Squeezing her breasts hard, he grinds into her anus again and
again, his hips jerking at her buttocks. Jerking out of her at
last, masturbating violently, he explodes, with a gasp of relief
as the heat surges from his cock. jizz spurts from his cock-head
and spatters her buttocks and back and thighs, dribbles down the
cleft between her buttocks, over her cunt-lips. She moans thickly.
Gasping, the man squeezes his cock back into her anus and
sodomises her again for a few minutes. Anuja groans, rocking and
lurching under him. Satisfied at last, he slides out of her and
sinks to his knees.

Anuja remains bent over, moaning and gasping, her breath coming in
ragged, heaving sobs. There is a long silence and then the
audience bursts into thunderous applause. Cheers, claps, whistles,
calls for more, encore, encore, brava, bravo, brava, way to go
rent the air.

Slowly, Anuja lifts her head, rises to her knees. The audience has
gone berserk, men and women on their feet, whistling and clapping,
cheering. Vinay and Seema are beaming, applauding loudly. Anuja
grins in delight. She looks over her shoulder. Her lover gets to
his feet and walks up behind her. She smiles at him and, turning
her face, kisses his cock, takes its tip in her mouth. While the
cheering audience watches, she begins to suck his cock again. The
applause becomes a rhythmic beat, in time to her incessant back
and forth movements of her head. The man grins and fucks her mouth

She keeps sucking him, moving her head faster and faster and the
man groans thickly and lets himself go. Anuja senses his orgasm
and, in the nick of time, jerking his cock, opens her mouth
beneath its tip. jizz shoots from his cock-head and into her open,
hungry mouth, spatters her face and breasts as she jerks it,
moaning thickly. The applause is deafening.

The man grins and, holding out his hand, pulls her to her feet.
She leans against him, an arm around his neck, his hands on her
breasts. He nuzzles the nape of her neck, fondles her breasts,
slides his hands down to her cunt, spreads her cunt-lips open for
the audience to see. There is more cheering. Gradually, the
applause dies. Seema steps closer.

"Thank you," she says. "That was absolutely wonderful."

Osmond scurries forward, rubbing his hands gleefully. "That was
bril," he says. "Very bril. I have never something so divine."

Anuja smiles at Seema, ignoring Osmond. "I enjoyed it. Thank you
for inviting me."

The audience is dispersing, Anuja notices, people pairing off.
Someone calls for Seema. She excuses herself and turns away. Anuja
looks at her lover.

"Thank you," she smiles, kissing him on the lips. "That was
incredibly good fucking."

"Thank you. You're fabulous."

"What's your name?"


"The god of love." She smiles. "I'm Anuja."

"That's a pretty name. To suit a pretty face."

Anuja grins. "You're sweet. So. What happens now?"

Krishna laughs. "Everyone fucks everyone else, that's what. Look
around. They're all over the place. Want to take a round?"


He takes her hand and they stroll away, their clothes in their
hands. Anuja sees that there are people fucking everywhere. Even
Jayant and Baban and Tony have joined in. She sees Baban fucking a
lovely looking young woman by the pool, bent over her on his knees
and outstretched arms, his hips rocking furiously up and down, his
cock plunging madly in and out of her cunt. The girl, no more than
twenty, gasps and cries out, writhing and thrashing deliriously
under him. In the garden, Tony is sodomising a curvaceous dark
girl, slowly squeezing his cock in and out of her tight little
ass. She gasps and cries out, her face contorted in a rictus of
agonised lust. Tony buggers her slowly and heavily, pushing his
heavy cock deep into her ass. Anuja smiles; she knows how good it

There are people on the beach, in the pool, in the living rooms,
in the restaurant and in the gardens, in the villas and guest
suites, all fucking. Even the staff has joined in. Krishna smiles
at her.

"How about it? Want to join in?"

"Oh yes, certainly. I'm feeling very horny."

"Good. So am I."

"I'll see you later, then, perhaps."

"Yes. Again, thank you and goodbye."

"Thank you, Krishna. It really was good."

He smiles and turns away, heading for one of the guests, a tall,
fair-skinned slender beauty. She smiles at him and Krishna
swaggers up to her and grabs her. The girl laughs and says
something and drops to her knees in front of him. Anuja turns

Going up the path, she finds Jayant fucking a dusky young girl in
her late teens behind a thick, flowering shrub. The girl is on her
back and Jayant is bent over her, fucking her demonically with
savage, plunging thrusts, his hips rocking furiously up and down,
his buttocks flexing and unflexing feverishly. Beneath him, the
pretty girl moans and cries out loudly, her body jerking and
rocking with his thrusts, her breasts bouncing wildly. Anuja steps
back without disturbing them.

She gets herself laid in the dining room, bent over a dining
table. A handsome young waiter drops his trousers and pushing her
forward, squeezes his cock between her buttocks and into her cunt.
Anuja moans softly, closing her eyes and enjoying the rhythmic
sawing of the thick long cock in and out of her cunt. She comes in
a few minutes and the man follows suit, driving deep into her and

Anuja sighs and moves on. She finds another lover, a guest, and
they go into one of the villas, where he fucks her on the bed,
taking her on her back, pumping furiously in and out of her cunt till he is done. By the time she gets a third lover, another
guest, Anuja is beginning to feel bored. She lies on the tiles by
the swimming pool and lets him enjoy her till he is done. He
thanks her and she gets up and goes into her villa, packs her bag.
She is quite fed up. She collects her bag, straightens and turns
and finds Krishna standing at the door, smiling at her.

"Krishna. I thought you were having fun outside."

"I was. Then I wasn't."

She laughs. "Same here. Do you want to fuck?"

"Only if you do. It's you I want to fuck." His voice is gentle and

"Can you drive?"


"My car's outside. Let's go home and fuck. Spend the night with

Krishna smiles. "Dressed like this?"

She grins. "Preferrably. But we can go by your place. Do you live

"Not far."

"Let's go then."

"What about your servants? And the other guy?"

"They'll manage. They can find their way home when they've had
enough. No reason to spoil their fun."

"Okay. Let's go."

They walk out. Passing another villa, they look in through the big
window. A couple is inside, a servant and one of the guests,
fucking furiously. He is fucking her from behind, hammering his
hips at her buttocks. The woman moans and cries out, lurching back
and forth under his thrusts. Anuja grins and Krishna chuckles
softly. They don't even look up.

Outside, she leads him to the car and gets in, fires the engine,
and backs out smoothly. The car crunches down the drive and he
pulls onto the road. A few minutes later, he draws up at a cluster
of huts off the road, set by paddy fields. He pauses, his hand on
the door.



"Can I bring my brother along, too? He's very good."

Anuja's teeth flash in the darkness. "Yes. I'd like that."

Krishna smiles and disappears. He returns a few minutes later,
dressed in jeans and a shirt with another young man, who looks
very like him, also handsome and well built.

"Anuja, this is my brother, Mohan."

"Hi, Mohan. Come on, get in."

The two men get into the car, Mohan at the back, and Krishna turns
the car about and accelerates down the road. Anuja sighs and
settles back in the seat. The lights cut a swathe through the



"Tell me, does this kind of thing happen often?"

"All the bloody time. Osmond loves arranging it. Good for

"You don't seem to like it."

"I don't. Not much. Oh, we enjoy the live-show fucking, I mean,
Mohan and I. They always ask for us. But somehow, all that mad
banging after doesn't do much for either of us."


"How come?"

"I usually find it sexy. Somehow, I didn't, tonight. Just ...
boring, I guess. No soul. I mean, I loved the way you fucked me,
but this business of going from one guy to the other and getting
banged ... no finesse. No soul. Too mechanical."

"You said it. Give me a slow, easy fuck any day."

"Me, too," Mohan chuckles from the back seat. "Would you like to
come up back?"

Anuja grins and looks at Krishna. He laughs softly.

"Go ahead. You can direct me when we get close."

Anuja slips through the gap between the bucket seats and joins
Mohan in the back. He is a handsome young man with a strong,
muscular body. He smiles at her, puts his arm around her and pulls
her to him, his lips meeting hers, his hand crawling up to open
her shirt, sliding under it to her breasts. She caresses his cock,
unzips his jeans. His cock is thick and long and, with a soft
sigh, she bends her head to his lap and takes his penis in her

It takes them forty-five minutes to reach her house. In that time,
she sucks his cock and he finger-fucks her. Then they fuck, with
her sitting on his lap, her back to him, her cunt impaled on his
cock, his hands on her breasts, rocking slowly up and down. His
penis is thick and long and she groans in pleasure as it tunnels
deep into her flesh. She orgasms wildly and he groans and pulls
her down onto his cock gasping in relief and making her moan as
the heat spews from his cock-head and floods her slit.

Back at her house, Anuja discovers how talented the two brothers
are. They fuck her repeatedly, in turns and together, taking their
time and possessing her utterly and completely, fucking her every
orifice over and over again. When they fuck her in her cunt and
ass together, Anuja is delirious with the joy and pleasure of it.
Their huge penises saw in and out of her cunt and ass, the two
orifices separated by the merest membrane of flesh, her body
writhing and thrashing eagerly between theirs. They go on and on,
swapping places again and again till she loses track of who is
fucking her where; it no longer matters. At one point, she is
astride Mohan, her cunt impaled on his cock while Krishna
sodomises her slowly and heavily from behind, pushing his cock
deep into her rear channel. Under her, Mohan grunts and arches up
into her so that both cocks enter her simultaneously, slide out,
go in again in an erotic cadence. Mohan squeezes her pendulous,
aching breasts, crushing them in his hands. She gasps and cries
out, turning her face and Krishna kisses her roughly, thrusting
his tongue into her mouth.

Changing position, Mohan turns her around with her back to him and
makes her sit her ass on his cock. She cries out, her face
contorting, forcing herself lower and lower on his cock.

Groaning, her anus impaled by his penis, she spreads her legs and
opens her cunt for his brother. Krishna chuckles and bends over
her, squeezing his cock into her cunt. Anuja cries out, her face
twisting and contorting, her head flopping back, her chest
heaving, her breathing ragged, her mind numb, dizzy with lust and
pleasure and joy. The huge penis sears into her cunt while the
other fills her anus.

The two men are relentless. They fuck her repeatedly and orgasm
violently and often. Her body is sticky with sweat and their jizz in her mouth and on her breasts and in her cunt and ass and on her
thighs and buttocks. They fall asleep finally early in the morning
in a tangle of limbs.

She wakes late, squints at the clock. It is past eleven. The two
brothers are gone. The door opens. Jayant comes in, grinning. She
smiles at him.

"Hi. How was it?"

"You were incredible. The fucking was great."

"Why did you disappear? Tony hates anyone touching his precious

"I didn't want to be part of that orgy scene. Krishna drove. He
drives well."

"You want the money?" Jayant waves a wad of notes.

"No. Keep it. Give it to Tony and Babs."

"It's yours, babe. You earned it."

"I don't want it. I don't need it. split it. Keep what you like."

"Love, you worked for it."

"Yes, okay, and I don't want it. I don't want to fuck for money,
after all. Not like that. One on one, as a whore, fine. But I want
to fuck because I want to fuck not because some rich asshole wants
to buy my fucking." She frowns. "And now, I think ... I want to
fuck Baban and Tony. Together. Get them up. And then you."

She flings back the covers. She is naked in bed. Jayant laughs
and, ducking out of the door, calls for the servants. They hurry
in and look pleased when Jayant splits the money between them.
They go into the room and Anuja giggles, naked in bed.

"Come on, get into bed, my heroes. Come and fuck me. I want it
nice and hard. Come on."

The servants grin and laugh and quickly shed their clothes. Anuja
sighs in pleasure and, turning on her front, closes her eyes. A
penis probes at her buttocks. She lifts them. Another one presses
to her mouth and she opens it and begins to suck Tony's cock as
Baban presses his penis to her cunt.
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