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Archived Sex Stories

Pentaprism 09 Pit Stop



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar



The taxi driver spun his cheap cigarette out of the window when he
saw them coming towards him. He uncoiled his slouched body as they
reached the cab and slid across the front seat and put his hand
through the passenger window to flick his meter.

"Where to?" he asked as they tumbled into the back seat together.

The girl gave him an address in the suburbs, a good hour away in
the traffic. The cabbie nodded and fired the engine. The battered
taxi wheezed into life and grunted into the traffic.

He flicked a glance in his rearview mirror. They were laughing and
chattering brightly. college kids, no doubt, with the freshness of
youth in full bloom. The girl was very attractive, earthy and
sensual. She had a straight, somewhat fleshy nose, full, luscious
lips over pearly teeth, the front one crooked sexily over its
neighbour, long dark hair tied in a braid, lovely large eyes
rimmed with kajal . She had no other makeup. There were several
pretty marks on her face. She wore a baggy striped T-shirt and
jeans. The T-shirt clung to the contours of her breasts. The taxi
driver eyed them with interest. They were full and ripe and looked

She wore small diamond earrings, finger-rings, a gold necklace,
two gold bracelets, a small nose-stud. Her skin was honey gold,
smooth and clear. She had full hips. Her wrists were slim, her
fingers slender, her arms nicely turned. He imagined her legs
would be similar.

The boy was a lean, muscular youth, very good-looking. He was tall
with a rangy, attractive body and a devilishly handsome face:
strong teeth, straight nose, full mouth, square, hard jaw, dark
eyes, thick black hair. His shoulders were broad, his torso a
sharply tapering V with a muscular chest and a hard belly above
high hips. His arms and legs were long and strong.

It was winter and darkness came early, within a few minutes. He
had barely gone a mile when he had to turn on his lights. The
traffic was dense and he coasted along, bored, one arm hanging out
of the window, his body crushed into the corner of the front seat
behind the wheel. In the back, the two laughed and jabbered. The
cabbie paid no attention. As he passed through the city, the
traffic eased and he put his foot down. The car was too old and
decrepit to build up any real speed, but at least he was out of
second gear. The wind ruffled his khaki tunic shirt through the
open window. At a light, while the car idled, the cabbie lit
another cigarette. The lights turned and he crunched into first.
The taxi lurched on. He flicked a glance at his watch. It would
take another hour at this rate.

It was a while before he realised that his passengers had suddenly
gone very silent. The cabbie flicked his eyes to his rear-view
mirror. What he saw almost made him ram into the road divider. He
swerved, missed another car by inches, earned several curses that
questioned his father's relationship with his mother, then
steadied himself.

The guy had lifted her T-shirt high under her arms and he was
squeezing and fondling her breasts. The girl slouched on the seat,
her head back, her eyes closed. The guy bent his head to hers and
they kissed. Her hand slid up his thigh and pressed into his
crotch. The guy groaned and bent his head to her breasts. The
cabbie swore silently, grinned, adjusted the mirror.

He drew into the left lane, with lighter traffic and eased up on
the accelerator. The taxi puttered slowly down the road. The roads
were broader avenues now, poorly lit and it was clear up ahead.
The cabbie relaxed and, keeping a peripheral eye on the road,
looked in the mirror again. The sight broadened his smile.

The guy was sucking on the girl's breasts, tugging at her nipples
with his teeth. She bit her lower lip, stifling a gasp. Her jeans
were unbuttoned and unzipped and the boy's hand was between her
legs. He pulled the jeans lower and the cabbie just saw that she
wasn't wearing anything under them either. Her legs opened up and
the guy pushed his middle finger into her slit and started
masturbating her. The girl's head turned to one side, her forehead
on the guy's shoulder. Her hips writhed and jerked. The cabbie saw
her lick his ear. Their lips met and they kissed wantonly, their
tongues in each other's mouths.

Her hips bucked and tossed, and the guy's hand pumped between her
thighs, moving faster and faster, his finger ramming in and out of
her cunt. She came, arching, choking back a gasp or a moan,
clenching his head and shoulders. He sucked sharply on her
breasts, his finger still in her cunt. Then, chuckling softly, he
sat back. The girl didn't straighten her clothes, stayed as she
was, eyes closed, one hand between her legs, the other on her
breasts, her chest heaving.

Slowly, her breathing steadied. She smiled at her companion, and
they kissed deeply again. The cabbie saw her hand moving around
between his legs, heard the soft krik of a fly zipper being
undone. He coasted to a stop at a red-light and looked in the

The girl had the guy's cock out and she was jerking it gently. The
boy grunted and slouched low, his head back, his eyes closed. The
cabbie could see the guy's penis. It was big and long and thick in
her fingers. Her fist pumped up and down. The guy squeezed her
breast. The girl bent over and her head disappeared below the
front-seat's back-rest. The cabbie heard the guy gasp.

Behind him, a horn sounded impatiently. The light was green. The
cabbie ground into first and juddered past the intersection. The
car behind him flashed its lights, then pulled out and passed him
with another vile invective, this time accusing him of excessive
affection for his sister. He didn't have one.

Cruising along, the cabbie's eyes kept returning to the mirror. He
could see the back of the girl's head bobbing and bucking up and
down over the guy's crotch. The guy gasped and grunted, his mouth
hanging open, his head on his chest, watching her. He caressed her
breasts under her T-shirt. The cabbie saw her move, obviously
taking his cock between her breasts. Then she went back to sucking his cock, and now her head moved rapidly up and down and the guy's
body jerked and writhed uncontrollably. Suddenly, the guy gasped
softly, stiffened, his head back, his eyes closed. A few seconds
later, the girl straightened, licking her lips and fingers, wiping
her face and sucking her fingertips, her hand still between his

The cabbie grinned at the sight. His erection was enormous. Fuck,
what a turn up! He watched as the girl smeared gunk on her nipples
and aureoles. Her nipples were long and hard, and her breasts were
large and heavy. The cabbie wondered what kind of fuck she would
be and imagined her heaving and writhing passionately under him.
He looked back. The kids had straightened their clothes and the
guy was smoking a cigarette. The girl leaned her head on his
shoulder, her eyes closed. He put his arm around her.

Five minutes later, as they neared their destination, they moved
apart. The cabbie turned into a small, shaded lane as he was asked
and then cruised to a stop. The guy opened his door. He said
goodbye to the girl, thanked her, they arranged to meet in college the next day. The girl didn't move. The cabbie's pulse quickened.
Maybe, just maybe, he was in luck. He had imagined that the guy
would drop off the girl and then go on home.

"Okay. Fine. See you tomorrow."

"'Bye, Anuja. Thanks again."

Anuja. Nice name. The cabbie waited, leaning forward, his head
half-turned, hand on the key in the ignition, waiting for her to
tell him her destination.

"Where to?" he asked.

"What? Oh yes. Sorry. Uh, Chembur please. Shell Colony."

The cabbie shook his head. Chembur was clear on the other side of
town, across the railway lines. This effing detour just so that
the guy could finger-fuck her and she could suck his dick? These
kids were crazy. He turned around and headed across the city.

Anuja sat back, feeling relaxed. Anish was a good lover and he
enjoyed doing wild things like this. It had felt good having his
finger in her cunt, his tongue and teeth working her breasts. And
she loved sucking his cock, swallowing his jizz. Her cunt tingled
at the memory. She smiled to herself. She was going to have a good
time tonight with Mark. This was the first time she was going to
his house. Mark didn't stay there during term; the commute was too
long. This weekend, they were out of town and he had invited her
to spend the night saying they'd have the duplex row-house and
garden and small pool to themselves. By the sheerest luck, her
parents were away in Aurangabad, too, with Jayant's family, and
she could get away. She thought of Jayant and smiled. What a
terrific pair they made. Sex with Jayant was the best of all. They
could go on and on and on, never tiring of each other.

The cabbie's eyes flicked casually to the mirror again. This time,
they met hers. He looked away and looked back. She was still
looking at him. Instantly, Anuja knew that he had watched them,
seen everything. She smiled to herself. That was sexy. She felt no
embarrassment. She liked being watched. She looked at him in the
mirror, and their eyes met. His face was handsome enough, dark,
clean-shaven, with deep eyes, a lean jaw, full lips. From where
she sat, the rest of him looked good, too, the shoulders broad,
the body lean and tough. A small smile danced on her lips. He
caught it, fought his grin, then gave up.

Anuja laughed softly. Stretching her arm, she rested her hand on
the seatback behind his head. The cabbie squirmed, tensed, when he
felt her cool fingers brush his hair, sliding under his collar,
caressing his skin. She toyed with his earlobe, ran her fingers
through his hair. With her other hand, she lifted her T-shirt
again, lifting it higher as he watched in the mirror. Lifting her
hips, she pulled at her jeans, opening and unzipping them, pulling
them down her thighs, and pushed her hand between her legs. Her
hand moved from his head and she pulled her T-shirt high under her
arms, cupping and squeezing her naked breast, lifting it in her
hand. Her nipples jumped erect.

"Hey," she said softly. "Do you like me?"

The cabbie swallowed, sputtered, swerved, corrected. She giggled.

"My cunt is on fire. Want to do something about it?"

His head snapped around, he stared at her, then jerked his head
back and looked at her in the mirror.

"Well? Do you?"

The cabbie nodded slowly.

"Good. Tell me what you want to do."

The cabbie grinned, opened his mouth and waggled his tongue as
though licking slit. The girl giggled. She looked lovely, and his
eyes lingered hungrily on her splendid breasts.

"Good. I like having my cunt licked. What else?"

The cabbie lifted his fist and pumped it in the universal gesture
for a fuck.

"Right. You can fuck me. Where?"

The cabbie looked at her in confusion. She grinned.

"Where do you want to fuck me? My mouth? My cunt? Or --" she
leaned forward, her lips very close to his ear. "Maybe even my

"Fuck!" The cabbie swore violently, pop-eyed.

"Tell me," she murmured, her lips at his ear, nibbling his lobe,
her hand in his hair again. "Tell me how you want to fuck me."

"All of it," he croaked stupidly. "Everything."

The girl leaned back, smiling prettily. "Good. That's what I want,
too. So come on, let's go somewhere and fuck. Are you clean?"


"Are you clean? No VD, AIDS, that kind of shit?"

"No. I'm clean."

"Fine. I'm yours then. You can do anything you can like with me,
it's okay. But I have to meet this boyfriend at his house soon, so
if we're going someplace, you'd better hurry."

The cabbie grinned hugely and jammed his foot on the accelerator.
The car shuddered and slowly built up speed. Now he drove like a
maniac, concentrating on the road, nipping deftly between cars,
swapping lanes at random, slicing through the traffic expertly. He
worked his way off the main road and dived through a series of
criss-crossed by-lanes, heading east, away from the sea. He turned
into a dark, deserted lane. The car coasted up to a big, dark
structure. He killed the engine.

"What's this?" she said peering out of the window.

The building was a half-built high-rise, abandoned midway through
construction. A board outside gave the name of the builder, the
architect, the engineer and another board announced that the
property was in litigation and in the hands of a receiver. Anuja
smiled in approval. This was safe.

The cabbie opened his door, pulled the key from the ignition. She
stepped out. He rolled up the windows, locked the car. She waited.
He led her through the rubble-strewn yard and through what would
have been a car park between stilts under the building.

"Careful," he said. "Mind your step."


Half-finished stairs led up from the center, around an empty
lift-well. It was very dark. The cabbie went ahead and held his
hand out for her. She took his hand in hers and they went up the
steps, stepping over construction material, rubble, empty cement
sacks, old rusty iron bars, stacks of floor tiles. They climbed
two floors he led her around some columns and stopped. They were
in what would have been an apartment, half-built walls on two
sides, the one facing the road an empty hole. Anuja stepped past
him and peeked cautiously out. The lane was deserted, and around
the corner, she could see the ocean.

She smiled and stepped back. The cabbie was right behind her. She
pressed her buttocks against him and leaned back against his body,
lifting her arms over his neck, tilting her head back. The cabbie
felt a rush of excitement. His erection strained at his trousers.
She writhed her buttocks against his and felt his hardness
throbbing eagerly.

"Poor thing," she murmured. "Poor prisoner. Never mind. He'll soon
have his freedom."

The cabbie put his arms around her and squeezed her breasts. He
slid his hands under her T-shirt, over the heavy mounds. Anuja
closed her eyes and murmured softly, writhing erotically against
him. He pulled her T-shirt up, fondling her heavy, wonderful
breasts, pinching and tweaking her nipples, then opened her jeans
and pulled them down. She squirmed against him as he caressed her
buttocks and thighs and cupped her cunt-mound, rubbing his fingers
over the soft, downy hair of her pubis. Her hand slid up his thigh
and she squeezed his penis through his trousers.

Anuja turned around and arched her face to his, drawing his head
down to hers. Her soft, moist lips flowered under his and her
tongue slipped hungrily into his mouth, fencing against his own.
The cabbie's pulse raced with excitement. Anuja opened the buttons
of his tunic, slowly pulling it wide, her fingers caressing his
chest. The cabbie was an attractive man, with a firm, hard body, a
deep chest, a flat belly, his torso strong and smooth, hairless.
The girl broke the kiss and smiled wantonly, dipping her head to
kiss his chest, her tongue flickering over his small, hard nipple,
sucking it gently.

"Nice," she said. "Very nice."

Her fingers crawled down his belly and she flipped open the button
of his trousers, slowly pulled down his fly. His trousers puddled
to his feet. The girl slithered down, kissing and licking his hard
belly, to her knees before him. His erection strained at his tight
undershorts. She smiled and nuzzled his crotch. The cabbie tensed.
Her fingers crawled up his thighs and slipped under his shorts,
her fingertips tracing the contours of his shaft and balls. His
cock was big and thick and long, rock-hard already. His balls were
heavy and low. Anuja pressed her lips to his cock-head through his

"Oh fuck!" The cabbie groaned as he felt the warmth of her mouth
through the cloth.

"Mm, this is just getting better and better," she murmured with a

Slowly, she rolled his shorts down, tugging them off his penis.
His cock bounced out at her face, quivering, hard, thick, swollen.
Uncircumcised, it was nine inches long and correspondingly thick.
Anuja's eyes danced with pleasure.

"My, my," she said. "What a beautiful cock."

She jerked it in her fist and, opening her mouth, swirled her
tongue around the bulging knob in a lightning, snake-like action.
The man grunted sharply, hissing, his hard belly rippling inward.
Anuja smiled and tilted her eyes up to his face. He groaned,
looking down at her. Her tongue snaked around the slimy cock-head

"C'mon! Suck it!" he gasped, tugging her head forward, pushing his
crotch at her face.

Anuja groaned softly and, opening her mouth, slipped her lips
around his cock-head and shaft. The man gasped, arching his face,
flexing his buttocks, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. It
was wonderfully warm and moist and her tongue worked his cock-head
with a languid cunning that took his breath away. Slowly, she drew
him deeper into her mouth, her face distending with its size and
began to suck. The cabbie moaned in joy and pumped his hips back
and forth at her face, rocking her head to and fro in his hands to
suit his pleasure.

"Ohhhh uhhh yes! C'mon! Suck it! Ohfuckyes! Fuck yes -- that's it!
Suck it, baby! Suck my cock! Ohhh uhhhh yeh uhhh yeh oh fuck yeh
that's it -- that's it, baby yes!"

Anuja sucked his cock harder and harder with a steadily increasing
pressure. The musky, tangy smell and odour of his cock and slimy
jizz aroused her. Pre-cum gunk spurted into her mouth from the
long slit in his cock-head. She sucked in delight and he moaned.
She slid her hands up his strong thighs, her fingers and thumbs
spread and cupped and squeezed his heavy balls. Encircling the
base of his shaft in the web between her thumbs and forefingers,
she took him deeper still into her mouth, sucking and licking
lasciviously. He gasped, his loins blazing with lust-fire. She
slid her hands around and squeezed his buttocks open, pressing her
fingertip to his anus. The man gasped in delight. She sensed the
imminence of his orgasm and stopped sucking slowly, gently licking
his cock-head, scraping her teeth along the length of his shaft.

"You don't want to cream in my face, do you?" she murmured.

He looked down at her, the indecision visible on his face. The
temptation was overwhelming and yet, and yet he didn't want to
miss fucking her cunt -- or her ass -- she had offered him that,
too -- Anuja smiled.

"Don't worry," she said softly. "I like it when guys cum in my
mouth. And I'll get your cock up again so you can fuck my slit."

He still wasn't convinced. She grinned.

"Don't believe me? Here, let me show you."

She drew her discarded jeans towards her and, from the front
pocket, drew out a small beaded bag with a draw-string. Opening
the knot, she tipped the contents on the jeans at his feet. The
cabbie gaped at the jumble of vials and ampoules and brightly
coloured pills on the denim. She giggled.

"Yup. Sex-dope. High powered, classy stuff. Ever tried it?"

He shook his head.

"I just love this stuff. Use it all the time. Here, pop this." She
handed him two pills, swallowed two herself. "Now. The ampoule.
Crack it open and sniff it. Quickly! You've got to inhale it all!
Oh fuck yes! Ohhh god yes!"

She snapped a vial under her nose, inhaled deeply. The effect was
astounding -- her head jerked back as though pulled by an
invisible string, her mouth flew open, her eyes went glassy with
lust, her breasts swelled visibly, her nipples shuddering erect,
her belly rippling inward. Her hips and groin lurched as though
she was fucking. She squeezed her breasts in a frenzy and jammed a
hand into her crotch, masturbating wildly. An orgasm shook her
body. The cabbie stared in awe. He popped the two pills she'd
given him and, taking the ampoule, snapped it open and sniffed
tentatively. It smelled good. He took a deeper breath and another.
The drug shot into his head and lungs and blood and instantly
powered its way through his system. The man gasped. It felt like
he had been hit by a heavy electric charge. His body tensed, his
muscles corded and popped, rippling downward through his body like
little serpents under his skin. His diaphragm heaved up, forcing
the breath from his throat. His skin seemed to tighten over his
flesh. His cock felt enormously hard and big, hotter and thicker
and longer than he had ever known it. His balls surged with jizz and the heat in his groin was unbearable. He gasped, rocking on
his feet and jerked her head back into his crotch. She moaned and
took his cock deep in her mouth and sucked it furiously, rocking
her head back and forth, sucking sharply, letting go, sucking harder and harder, whipping her tongue at his cock-head.

"OHHHHHHH uh oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes!" the man gasped. "C'mon!
C'mon whore! Suck it! Suck my dick, bitch! Take it! Suck harder,

Anuja whimpered, exulting at the knowledge that the last of his
inhibitions had vanished now with the drug, that he was in his
most elemental, animal, primal state. The change in his language
reflected it, for he was no longer reticent about using the coarse
obscenities she so loved to hear. She moaned deep in her
cock-filled throat and sucked harder and harder. The man gasped
and lost control. The heat surged from his balls and out of his
cock. He groaned in relief. Anuja moaned in joy, jerking his cock
and opening her mouth wide under it so that he could see his jizz spuming into her mouth and down her throat. The load was
prodigious and it filled her mouth and dribbled down her chin and
cheeks, spattered her face and neck and breasts. Swallowing the
jizz, she kept jerking his cock, licking it slowly as the flood
sputtered out.

"Mm," she said, smiling lasciviously up at him, her eyes glassy.
"That was lovely." She took his cock in her mouth again.

The man gasped in shock and wonder at the realization that his
erection had not waned at all, that his balls still surged with a
full load of gunk.

"Fuck, what is that stuff?" he gasped.

"Magic," she mumbled, his cock between her lips and under her
tongue. "Pure magic. Like it?"

"It's great."

"Mm. I agree. Never leave home without it." He'd heard that
somewhere. She giggled. "Don't worry. That was just the initial
overflow. With the dose you took, you'll be able to fuck me hard
for a good long time."

He grinned. He felt immensely powerful and strong, fully in
control. His cock was hard and throbbing and he felt he could fuck
her endlessly without coming. He pushed her head away.

"C'mere you," she muttered, going down on her back on the rough
floor and tugging his hand. "Fuck me!"

The cab driver was mesmerized by the teenager. She was lovely,
earthy, sensual, erotic beyond belief. Her face was radiant with
excitement, the nostrils flared, her little nose-stud winking, her
full lips parted, her eyes glassy. Her large breasts were swollen
turgid and her nipples were stiff and nut-hard, the aureoles
puckered sexily. He bent his head and drew one breast into his
mouth, sucked it tenderly, whipped the nipple's hard point with
his tongue, scraped it across his teeth and gums and the roof of
his mouth. Anuja moaned, her body writhing with lust. He squeezed
her other breast. Her legs forked open. Her body burned with
excitement. She loved this, it was too sexy for words: Fucking in
an abandoned, half-built building, surrounding by silent brick and
mortar, no walls to hold them in, the rough stone and grit under
naked back, the man with her, a stranger an hour ago, now
exploring the innermost recesses of her body. She felt like a
whore, and she loved it.

"Yes," she moaned as he moved to her other breast. "Oh god yes!
Suck my tits hard! Ahhhhh uhh yes! Ohhh that's it -- yes!"

The man moved to her other breast and worked it with his lips and
teeth and tongue. She shuddered and writhed under him. It felt
wonderful. Ribbons of pleasure leaped from her breast-tips and
loin and crackled through her body like liquid fire. He squeezed
her breasts together and took both nipples in his lips and whipped
them with his tongue, flicking the hard stubs back and forth. She
gasped and moaned, her head rolling languorously from side to side
as she mouthed erotic obscenities.

"Ohhhhh uhhhh yes -- ohh fuck yes -- ohhh that's good -- suck
harder! Ah uhhhh yes! Oh ma uhhhh ahhhh uhhh yes that's it oh god

The man let her breasts go slowly and slid downward. Anuja
whimpered. He dragged his tongue over her belly, swirled it
through her navel, went lower.

"Oh fuck -- yes -- do it!" she gasped, lifting her hips erotically
to his face as he nuzzled her crotch.

She parted her legs wide and, reaching down, clawed her cunt-lips
open for him. Her cunt was wet and open and he could see the moist
pink flesh and the delicate stem of her clitoris. He thrust his
face into her crotch.

"OHHHHH uhhh yes! Oh ma uhhhh yes!" Anuja gasped, her body arching
on the bench, her fingers twining in his hair.

The cabbie's tongue was thick and heavy and long. It jabbed deep
into her cunt, swirled through the wet flesh, lapping at her
flowing juices, whipped her gorged, stiff clitoris, rippled up and
down and in and out. Anuja's hips heaved and writhed, bucked up
and down. Twining her fingers in his hair, she moved his head
around in her thighs to suit her pleasure.

"Ohhh yes uhhh yes! Oh god yes! Oh ma yes uhhh oh ma uhhh ahhh uhh
yes oh fuck yes!"

She moaned and whimpered ecstatically, her head flipping from side
to side, a vision of lust with her eyes half-closed, her mouth
open. Her body rocked on the hard floor with rhythmic little
jerks, as though she was being fucked. Her breasts jumped and
jiggled, and her gold chain tossed and danced on her skin. Her
body glistened with sweat. She slid her hands up her body, lifting
her breasts, squeezing them erotically, pinching the nipples in
her long fingertips. Her cries rang in his ears, exciting him
further. He stabbed a long finger into her cunt and began
masturbating her rapidly, rocking his arm to and fro vigorously.
Anuja cried out, her back bowing steeply, her hips crashing up and
down, her head flipping wildly from side to side. Her cunt was hot
and tight and it convulsed greedily on his finger. He twisted his
finger around in her cunt, pressed his knuckle to her hard stem of
her clitoris, curled his finger into a hook and flicked it hard.
Anuja cried out, crushing her breasts in frenzied delight.
Meanwhile, his tongue continued lapping at her streaming juices.

"OHHHHHHHH uhhh OHHHHH uhhh OH UHHHHH uhhh Oh uhhh hanh uhhhh hanh
uhhh hanh uhhhhh OHHHHHH!" she cried.

He jabbed a second finger in and masturbated her even more
rapidly. Her body whipped frenetically on the floor, her hips
crashing up and down. The cabbie's biceps flexed and unflexed as
he rocked his arm back and forth and from side to side. Without
pausing in his masturbation of her, he shuffled around on his
knees and straddled her face. Beneath him, Anuja moaned, her mouth
already open in avid expectation. He lowered his hips over her
face and grunted softly as her lips encased his cock. He began
fucking her mouth in the sixty-nine, his hips rising and falling
in a measured rhythm over her face while he finger- and
tongue-fucked her simultaneously. Her cunt was sodden, streaming
with juices. He lapped them greedily; they tasted wonderful, warm
and sticky and musky, with a heady erotic smell that made his head
swim. He ran his tongue into her slit for more, found her clitoris
and tortured it.

Anuja groaned, her mouth filled with his thick, long cock, his
balls brushing her face. She took him deeper into her mouth and
bucked her hips under his face as she soared towards a wild
orgasm. She was on its brink when he stopped and rolled off her.
She moaned in frustration and dismay and pleasure, pleased that he
had bothered to care about her at all.

Grinning, he turned around between her thighs, pulling them wide
and leaned over her.

"Real hot piece of ass, aren't you? Right randy little bint!"

"Yes!" she gasped. "God yes!" She took his cock in her hand and
guided it to her cunt, moaning at the heat of his cock-head at her
cunt-lips. "Fuck me!" she whimpered, her face glowing with
passion. "Fuck me lover! Shove it in!"

The cabbie groaned, transfixed by her loveliness and sexiness. He
bent over her on outstretched arms, his knees levering her thighs
apart and slowly flexed his buttocks and sank his hips. His
cock-head popped into her cunt. Anuja gasped softly, arching her
body, tilting her face upward, craning her neck, thrusting her
breasts upward, biting her lower lip. She clenched his thick biceps and slowly arched her hips upward. Her cunt contracted
eagerly on his penis.

"Yes!" she gasped. "That's so good, baby! C'mon -- shove it in --
I want it all -- yes! Shove it right in, baby! All the way!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh uhhh yes! That's it! Oh god that's so good!"

His eyes never left her face. He groaned and slowly sank his cock
into the wonderfully, hot, tight, wet fissure of her cunt. His
muscles corded in tension, his shoulders rippling and flexing and
hunching powerfully, his head arching back, his buttocks flexing
taut as he went in and in and in, driving his cock into her cunt till he was full embedded in her flesh. Her cunt was divine,
convulsed greedily on his throbbing erection, its wet heat
engulfing his being. Beneath him, Anuja gasped and arched steeply,
chewing her lower lip, her fingers digging into the thickly
bunched biceps and triceps of his outstretched arms. Her legs
split wider still, affording him deeper access and her hips rose
to meet his in descent, her cunt grinding up to swallow the
intruder. She wound her legs about the backs of his thighs. Their
groins pressed together, squirming hotly.

"Oh baby yes!" she gasped. "That's so good -- god -- you're so
sexy -- I want it -- I want it all -- I want it hard -- fuck me
lover -- fuck me like a whore -- take me hard! Just don't stop --
fucking me --"

She was incredible. The cabbie's mind whirled in excitement and
lust. He groaned and began to fuck her slowly and heavily and
deeply. He swung his hips up and down and back and forth in a
measured, even tempo, flexing and unflexing his taut buttocks
alternately. His cock slid in and out and in and out of her cunt like a mechanised piston, glistening and gleaming with their
comingled coital juices. It felt wonderful to have the hot, hard,
thick-veined shaft pulverizing her molten cunt-flesh, mashing and
scraping over her inflamed clitoris, invading her body again and

"Ohhhh uhhh yes!" Anuja hissed in pleasure, her head flipping
wantonly from side to side. "Oh baby yes -- that's so good -- keep
fucking me -- yes -- like that -- mm, ohhh yes -- that's wonderful
-- shove it in again -- ahhhhh uhh yes -- ohhh yes -- deeper, baby
-- ahhhhhh uhh oh god yes! That's it! Ohh baby yes! Fuck me! Fuck
me, lover! Fuck me! I want it!"

Her cunt was a hot vortex of cramping, convulsing delight. The man powered his cock in and out of her cunt, revelling in the heat and
tightness of her cunt and his ability to continue seemingly
without tiring or losing control. He felt good, strong and virile
and very macho, as though he could fuck her all night and keep
going even after. He kept up a steady rhythm, taking his time, in
no hurry to finish with her.

"Yes!" he gasped. "Take it, slut! Take it! Fuck -- yes -- take it
all, whore -- c'mon bitch -- take it -- ohh fuck yes -- that's it
-- mm, that's good -- yes -- squeeze it, bitch -- yeh -- that's it
-- squeeze it with your cunt! Harder bitch! Ohh yeh! That's it!"

On and on they went, moving in unison, their doped bodies enabling
them to prolong the pleasure and to draw it out like a fine-spun
thread. She caressed his muscular torso sexily, raking it with her
fingernails, craning her neck to suck his nipples. He pushed her
back and, bending, sucked her breasts and then kissed her, jamming
his tongue into her mouth. Her hips bucked under his. She clenched
his buttocks and drew him deeper into her flesh. Gradually, they
quickened their tempo, moving with rising urgency. His hips swung
faster, snapping from the waist, rocking and bouncing up and down.
She gasped and whimpered, rocking and jerking under him, her body
jerking as he thudded his cock into her, slamming his hips
greedily forward at her crotch, plunging and ramming his cock into
her cunt. Their cries rose and rang in the cool still air.

Suddenly, with a wriggle and a twist he couldn't understand, the
teenager pulled him down and turned him over on his back and bent
over him astride his hips, her cunt impaled on his cock, all
without once letting him slip out of her. He gasped and arched up
under her, squeezing her pendulous, swollen breasts, marvelling at
the perfection of their size and weight and shape. She bent and
kissed him, her hips grinding sexily on his groin, churning her
cunt with his cock. Rearing up on her arms, she smiled down at
him, her braid hanging over one shoulder.

"I don't want to come so soon," she murmured.

"Neither do I," he grinned.

"Good," she smiled. "We'll have fun."

She threw her head back and began to buck and rock heavily on his
lap, lifting her cunt up along the length of his cock, then
forcing it back down again. He grunted and moved with her, heaving
and bucking and pumping his hips rhythmically under her. She
moaned and arched her tongue sexily over her upper lip.

"Mm -- yes -- god I love your cock in my slit!" she murmured.

Her hips gyrated and twisted as she spiralled her cunt down on his
penis. The feeling was incredible and her cunt convulsed and
contracted in a frenzy of its own on his throbbing erection. The
taxi driver pumped his hips up and down under the sexy,
irresistible teenager, fondling her breasts, pinching and tweaking
her nipples. She groaned, her face radiant with lust and, twisting
around, reached behind to cup and squeeze his balls. He gripped
her buttocks, squeezed them open and pressed his finger to her
anus. She shuddered, rearing upright on his lap, her hands sliding
up her body to lift and squeeze her breasts. He watched her,
immensely turned on by her actions.

"Yes!" she groaned. "Oh fuck yes! That's so good, lover! Fuck me!
Ohhhh uhhh yes! Oh god your cock's so good in my cunt! Ohhhhh uhhh
yes! Oh ma uhhh ahhhh uhhh yes!"

"Take it!" he grunted, tossing her on his lap, forcing her to move
faster. "C'mon, you fucking slut! Take it!"

Goading each other, they began moving faster, their bodies rocking
and swinging together. She fell forward on outstretched arms and
began bucking and bouncing her hips over his. Her buttocks flexed
and unflexed and her cunt rose and fell along the long stem of his
penis. Her breasts tossed and jumped and her gold necklace danced,
slapping on her tawny skin. The taxi driver noticed the sexy
little marks on her flesh; there was one between her breasts, too.

This time, it was he who stopped. He drew her cunt down and pulled
her down on him, her breasts hot and heavy on his chest. She bent
her head and kissed him hard, pushing her tongue sexily in and out
of her mouth.

"Now," he grunted. "I want you from behind."

"And in my ass," she reminded him.

"And in your ass."

She slipped off his cock and pulled some of their clothes towards
her. She knelt on them and leaned forward with more fabric
protecting her forearms from the rough, unfinished floor. Her
heavy breasts hung pendulous and her gold necklace swayed against
her chin. The taxi driver was behind her and now he dropped in a
low squat astride her hips and pushed his cock between her
buttocks. Anuja moaned as she felt it slip past her puckered, taut
anus and to her cunt. He grunted and squeezed its throbbing length
into her cunt slowly and smoothly and deeply. Anuja moaned, her
head lifting, her eyes fluttering shut, her mouth opening,
lurching forward as the huge cock surged into her cunt. She
writhed her buttocks against his crotch, squeezing his penis with
her strong cunt muscles. The man grunted. His fingertips in the
small of her back he began fucking her slowly and heavily and
deeply with a steady, but accelerating rhythm. Anuja whimpered her
pleasure. Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts. His
buttocks flexed and unflexed and his hips swung back and forth and
up and down. His cock glistened as it ran in and out of her cunt.

"OHHHHHHh uhh yes! Oh yes oh yes oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh ma uh
hanh uh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh hanh uhhh yes!" she gasped. "Yes!
Ohhhh yes, baby yes! Fuck me! Yes! Ohhhhhhhh uhhh yes! Shove it in
deeper, stud! Ahhhh yes! That's it -- c'mon -- shove it right in
-- all the way! Ahhhhhh uhhh yes oh god yes -- that's so good --
c'mon -- fuck me! Fuck me hard! Yes! That's it! Harder! C'mon! Do
it! OHHHHHHH uhhhhh OHHHHH uhhh OHH uhhhh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh
Ohma uh Ohma uh ohma uhh Ohma! Oh ma! Ohma uhh hanh uh yes!"

Her words and cries thrilled him. He moved faster and faster,
hammering his hips at her buttocks with loud slaps, his balls
bouncing off her cunt-lips, ramming and reaming his cock in and
out of her cunt. Her body jerked and snapped violently under his
thrusts. He savaged her slit, thrusting and pounding and plunging
madly in and out of her flesh, his mind in a whirl, his loins
ablaze with an uncontainable lust-fire.

"C'mon! Take it, you whoring bitch! Take it! Oh fuck oh fuck oh
fuck oh fuck yes! That's it! C'mon! Yeh! Oh fuck yes! Take it! Oh
fuck uhh ahh uhh oh uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ahhh uhhh ahhhh uhhh
ahhhh uhh yes!"

Faster and faster he went and he thought he could actually hear
his cock squelching and scrunching into her cunt-meat, pulverizing
and grinding the hot, pulpy, wet flesh of her slit. Her breasts jiggled violently and he bent over and squeezed them, pinching her
nipples hard. She cried out, her head snapping up, her face
contorting and turned her face over her shoulder. He jammed his
mouth to hers and pushed his tongue between her open lips. His
hips rocketed up and down with a savage fury. He seemed to have no
control over his body. On and on he went, plundering and pillaging
her exquisite teenage flesh and she loved every minute of it,
every inch of his penis and kept calling for still more.

"Now!" she gasped suddenly. "Take my ass now! C'mon! Do it!"

He jerked out of her and she moaned and sank forward in a steep
namaz pose, her face turned on its side on the floor, her
shoulders pressed to it, her buttocks thrust back. Thrusting her
hands back, she pulled her buttocks open and exposed the puckered
flesh of her anus to him.

"The tube of cream!" she gasped. "Use that! In my ass!"

The cabbie stared, then grabbed the green tube.

"Give me a hit," she grunted. "The ampoule."

He uncapped the tube and pressed the open end to her anus. Her
sphincter yielded. He squeezed it. She moaned and, as she sucked in her breath, he snapped an ampoule under her nose. The drug shot
into her head and slammed through her body like a thunderclap. She
gasped, going rigid, clawing at her buttocks with the cream tube
still stuck in it, her face twisting in joy.

"Now!" she cried. "Fuck my butt, lover! Shove your cock into it!"

The man was overwhelmed, out of control. He tossed the cream tube
aside, took a hit himself, gasped as the aphrodisiac surged
through his body.

Before him, Anuja moaned, her buttocks swaying and writhing, open
in eager anticipation. "Do it," she groaned. "I want it! Come on!

The man pressed his cock-head to her anus. It met no resistance.
He flexed his buttocks and pressed forward. His cock-head popped
into her anus. Anuja moaned in pleasure, writhing frantically on
the floor.

"More!" she gasped. "Shove it all in baby! Come on! Bugger me!
Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard!"

The man felt dizzy. The cream was a lubricant and an aphrodisiac.
His cock throbbed and burned. The jizz in his loins clamoured for
release. He dug his fingers into her hips and squeezed his cock
heavily into her tight rear channel. Anuja cried out as the huge
penis crushed through her anus. Her face contorted and twisted in
a rictus of unbridled pleasure. Her hands flew up and clawed at
the clothes under her breasts. She squeezed her breasts frantically in her hands. In and in the man went, incredulous at
her ability to take his entire cock, all of it, into her anus.
Anuja's breath came in heaving, wracked sobs. Her face was twisted
in an agony of lust, her mouth torn open, her eyes screwed shut,
her lips snapped back over her perfect, pearly teeth. Her back
twisted and writhed under him, her buttocks squirming against his
crotch, her anus deeply impaled by his throbbing penis. He flexed
his buttocks taut, pressed his hips to her buttocks and, flinging
his head back, groaned loudly, wincing as her anus contracted
fiercely on his erection.

"Oh ma uhh oh ma," she sobbed, her voice sexily ragged and hoarse.
"Yes uhh oh yes -- oh god yes -- do it! Oh ma -- c'mon -- please!"

The man moaned and began to sodomize the teenager slowly and
heavily and thoroughly. He slid his cock out of her, moving his
hips back, then slid into her again in a long, deep, skewering
thrust. Again and again he drew out and thrust in, drew out and
thrust in. Beneath him, Anuja whimpered and gasped and sobbed in
joy, egging him on with a litany of guttural obscenities. The man continued fucking her ass, his muscles rippling and cording in
tension, his belly sucking inward. Anuja thrust a hand into her
crotch and began masturbating, curling a slender finger into her
slit and jabbing it in and out, knuckling her rigid, gorged
clitoris. On and on he went and then she lost control. She came
hard, gasping, the breath hissing from her throat. Her cunt convulsed on her finger and her anus cramped on his penis. The man gasped, winced, moaned and forced his cock into her again, once,
twice, three, four times. Each thrust made her moan and cry out.
The heat in his loins was unbearable. He gasped, trying to stem
the flood, but it was no use. The heat surged up and out and he
moaned in relief as it spurted from his cock-head and out into her
tight, clonic anus. Anuja gasped in pleasure and joy when she felt
the sharp sticky sting of his spoot flooding her anus. His load
was copious, assisted by the high dosage of the powerful
aphrodisiacs and he kept coming. He slid out of her anus, his cock
still spurting jizz and dribbled it on her buttocks and in the
cleft between them.

"Fuck yes!" he grunted. "Oh fuck that's good!"

He flicked her hand away and, with a moan of relief, sank his cock
smoothly and deeply into her cunt again. Anuja groaned, lurching
forward on the floor, her chest heaving, her buttocks swaying and
writhing, her body trembling. The man fucked her cunt slowly and
heavily for a few minutes, emptying his awesome load into her
slit. At last, it ended and he slid out of her and sank back on
his haunches behind her. Anuja's body collapsed on the floor. She
whimpered, her back and chest heaving, her breathing ragged. He
groaned, his chest heaving, too, his pulse still hammering. He had
never known such incredible fucking. Slowly, she steadied herself
and turned around and smiled wantonly at him, her eyes dancing.

"That was lovely. Thank you," she murmured.

He bent over and kissed her. "You're fantastic, babe," he said.

"So are you," she giggled, her fingers working his cock. "What's
the time?"

He looked at his watch. "Eight thirty."

"Shit. I said I'd be there at eight. You'll have to drive like a
bat out of hell."

"No sweat."

"Let's go."

"That's it, huh? I don't see you again now?"

She got up, getting into her clothes quickly and grinned. "No. Not
quite. I'm at this place for the weekend. Then I've got to get
back. And guess who's driving me home on Sunday?"

The taxi driver laughed as he dressed. They hurried down to the
car. She sat beside him this time. He gunned the engine and put
his floor down. The car shot out of the dark lane.

Later that night, Anuja rocked and moaned ecstatically under Mark,
her latest lover in college. His cock plowed into her cunt slowly
and unhurriedly, entering her from all angles. She whimpered,
heaving up and down under him. Suddenly she stopped.

"What's the matter?" he frowned.

She looked at him and giggled suddenly. "That taxi driver I told
you about? The one I fucked on the way here after I dropped off

"What about him?"

"That's the point. I don't know anything about him. Not even his

Mark stared at her and began to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"You," he said. "You're a fucking slut at heart!"

"Lucky you," she said softly, her eyes glittering. "Now are you
going*to talk all night, or do I get fucked?"
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