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Archived Sex Stories

Pentaprism 15 Camera Candida 1 Honeymoon Sweat



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.

Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


camera Candida

1 : Honeymoon Sweat

Avinash and Anuja dined early and at leisure, taking their time
over the fine meal. Anuja ate sparingly, ordering a clear soup and
a small baked dish which she didn't finish. Avinash had arranged
for Salman, the lifeguard, to call after dinner and she didn't
want to be lethargic with a belly full of food. He was a sexy,
exciting man and she expected to have plenty of good, hard sex
with him.

"Didn't you enjoy the meal?" Avinash asked, pointing his fork to
her half-eaten serving.

"It was very good. I just don't want to over-eat, that's all."



"Here, I'll finish it."

Anuja smiled gently as she watched him add her meal to his. He had
worked his way steadily through a grilled steak and a mountain of
vegetables and fries.

"Where on earth do you put all that food?" she murmured.

He grinned. "I enjoy a good meal."

She laughed prettily, her eyes dancing. Avinash cleared his plate
and took a sip of his wine. Anuja sipped her club-soda and smiled
at him over the rim of her glass.

"Here's to us," she said softly.

He arched an eyebrow. "To us? Very well, if you say so."

"Any reason not to?"

He tilted his head and looked at her with a bemused expression.
"You know, I can't decide whether this is a game you're playing,
or if you're just crazy."

She smiled again. "It's not a game. I can't be unhappy for any
length of time. It's not me."

"I see. And this despite what you've gone through?"

"And what is it I've gone through? On my honeymoon, I find my
husband doesn't want to fuck me. He prefers to watch me fuck other
men. All right. So be it. Fortunately, I enjoy fucking. It isn't
all that bad."


"No. Besides, I enjoy being fucked so much I wouldn't have been a
faithful wife anyway. This is much better, in a sense."

"That's pretty cold-blooded."

"The situation demands it, don't you think?"

"I agree. Dessert? Coffee?"

"Coffee, please."

Avinash summoned a waiter and ordered coffee, a cognac for
himself, cheese and biscuits for both.

"You actually look happy," he smiled.

"I am. I like this hotel. I like the sex I've had today. I'll have
more tonight and tomorrow. And the only price is that in public
places I have to look happy. That's not a problem. We have a deal,

Over coffee, the conversation moved to other topics. Anuja found
him intelligent and well-informed; he thought her ideas were fresh
and provocative. They finished the coffee and left the restaurant,
his arm around her waist, very much the honeymooning couple, very
much in love, the cynosure of all eyes. They walked slowly around
the glittering pool and returned to their suite. He opened the
door and followed her through. Inside, she turned and stopped him.
Facing him, she slid her arms around his shoulders and lifted her
face to his. Avinash tensed. Anuja smiled gently.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to rape you. Or ask you to rape me."

He relaxed visibly.

She laughed. "All I'm saying, Avinash, is that one day, I will
make you want me. I will make you want my body and my soul and my
being. And then we'll fuck. We'll fuck and fuck and fuck till we
can't fuck any more. One day."

He looked at her quietly and she noticed that he didn't deny what
she said. She smiled.

"Till then, my husband, just this." And she kissed him gently on
the lips.

Avinash didn't respond. After a second, she let him go with a
small laugh.

"All right, take your time," she murmured. "Meanwhile, I'm going
to get myself laid by a stud. Come and watch."

She pranced off to the bedroom and he followed. She shook her
head, turning, and shooed him out of the room. "Outside. In the
hall. Rig up your cameras there. Not in here. We'll fuck outside.
Oh, yes. Do you have a cod-piece? Something in black leather?"

Avinash grinned. "What exactly are you looking for?"

"Well, a sort of jock-strap thing in black leather, but with a
sheath for his cock in front."

"I have just the thing."

"Good. Get it. We'll be using it. Now get out, I want to change."

Avinash grinned and turned back to the living area. Humming to
himself, he set up his cameras and lights, working steadily and
methodically for over twenty minutes. He had just finished when
there was a knock on the door. He answered it and let Salman in.
The lifeguard was casually dressed in a singlet and shorts with
comfortable beach sandals. He greeted Avinash warmly.

"Hello, sir, nice to see you again."

"Good to see you, too, Salman."

"This one is special, eh? Not like last time."

"No. Not like last time."

On his previous visit, Avinash had brought Nimisha down to Goa
while her husband was abroad on work. They had stayed for three
days and he had some incredible footage of her in action.

"Your wife, right?"

"Yes. My wife. This is our honeymoon."

Salman guffawed. "Nothing changes, does it?"

Avinash laughed. "No. Actually, the more it changes, the more it
remains the same."

"Guess so. Okay, so where is she?"

"Changing. It's going to be in here."

"Nice. I see you've got your gear this time, too."

"I never leave home without it."

"I know. Anything in particular you want me to do to her?"

Avinash shook his head. "No. Just enjoy yourself. Do what you

"She likes butt-fucks?"

"Loves them, apparently."

"Good. She's got a very fuckable ass."

"Fuck it, then, by all means."

"I intend to, boss, don't worry. Just keep your cameras rolling."

"Don't you worry about that. Oh, any yes. She wants you to wear

Salman chuckled as he took the leather underpiece that Avinash
handed him. "Horny chick."

"Very horny. Very, very horny. And don't put it on just yet."

The men turned and gasped.

Anuja looked stunning.

Her tawny body glittered with gold. She wore all her bridal
jewellery. Her long hair was braided and parted in the centre,
held by a gold head-piece. Twin patterned gold strands with dainty
tassels curved down along her hairline and disappeared behind her
ears. A third strand swept up from the centre of her forehead and
through the parting in her hair, meeting the others under her long
braid. The three strands then twined with her thick plait. A
*bindi* dotted her forehead. Her eyes were lined freshly with
*kajal*. Gold earrings hung from her earlobes. Around her neck,
she wore several gold necklaces of different lengths, ranging from
a short loop that hung just above her breasts, to a long, thick strand that touched her belly below her navel. Her arms were bare,
and she wore twin gold bands on either arm, the ends snaking
upward in a little curve. Several gold bracelets and bands adorned
her wrists. Her fingers were studded with gold and diamond
finger-rings, and, on each hand, a complex arrangement of
finger-rings linked together with gold strands that lay along the
back of her wrists. Her toes had rings and delicate, fine anklets
hung around her ankles. Around her bare midriff, there was a gold
girdle, riding high on her hips and low under her belly and above
her buttocks.

The jewellery was the major part of her attire. Her breasts were
covered with a thin, taut band of twisted cloth, wrapped around
and tied behind her back, leaving her shoulders bare. The cloth
was tight and translucent; her breasts strained at it, squeezed
together in a deep and sexy cleavage, but clearly visible. Even
the hard points of her nipples were discernible. Slung low under
her belly, precariously close to her crotch, she wore *dhoti*
pants of the finest, totally transparent pale chiffon. The pant
legs had long slits from ankle to waistband on the outside. The
inner legs were similarly cut up to the crotch, so that both her
cunt and ass were easily accessible. The pants were wound so close
down her legs that every line and curve was visible; even the dark
delta of her cunt. A single strand descended from the middle of
the girdle and disappeared down the line of her cunt-lips and rose
between her buttocks to rejoin the girdle in her back.

She stood framed in the door from the bedroom, her arms
outstretched, her hands on the door frame at her shoulders, her
ankles crossed. Her body was curved like an hourglass, curving
from the succulent swell of her breasts to her narrow waist and
flat belly and flaring to her rounded hips and buttocks.

"My god," Avinash breathed, awed.

Anuja smiled and walked across the room to them, sexy, earthy,
irresistible. Her skin glowed; the delicate birth-marks on her
face and neck, the inside of her left breast and on her midriff
just above the girdle made her look even sexier.

"You should get going," she murmured to Avinash as she turned to

Avinash hurried to his equipment. Anuja smiled at Salman and took
the leather cod-piece from him.

"You won't need this immediately. Use it later, when you fuck me."

Salman stared at her breathlessly. He had never seen a woman so
gorgeous, so utterly sexy. She was a fantasy come to life.

Anuja looked at Salman, holding his eyes and felt the first
frisson of excitement ripple through her body. The man was
superbly built, very sexy. He was rugged and handsome, with
clean-shaven, aquiline features. He had sharp, piercing, deep-set
eyes, a knife-blade nose, slender lips that were almost cruel in
their line, and a rock-hard jaw with a sexy cleft in the chin. His
cheeks had sexy hollows in them and his hair was thick and cropped
short. His body was superbly sculpted. The neck was strong and
hard and descended to broad shoulders that bulged with muscle. His
arms and legs were strong, rippling with thick, long, smoothly
curved muscles. His torso was a savagely slashing V, tapering from
his broad shoulders to a ballet dancer's high hips and narrow
waist. The belly was flat as a washboard. His chest was deeply
cleaved, with thick pectorals that hung like slabs of granite. His
shorts were tight and she noticed again the thick, promising bulge
in his crotch. The singlet he wore had a low neck and wide arm
holes and Anuja noticed with a rush of pleasure that his body was
glabrous and smooth, with even the armpits depilated. She didn't
like hairy men. As she often said, who wants to fuck an ape?

"Take off your vest," she murmured. "Slowly."

Salman grinned and, crossing his arms, slowly lifted the singlet
off his head. Anuja moistened her lips. He really was an immense
turn-on. His nipples were small and hard and dark, pulled wide and
low on either side of his chest. She smiled and slid her hands up
his body gently, caressing the contours of his body with her
fingertips, tilting her face to his. He bent his head and their
lips met, fluttered, hesitated, then opened sensuously and she
pressed to him, her jewelry cold and hard between their bodies,
exciting rough on his dark skin. He cupped her face as he kissed
her, their tongue fencing erotically. Her mouth was warm and soft
and her tongue probed in his mouth. He slid his hands down to her
shoulders and then lower, caressing her back, her hips, her
buttocks, her thighs, rising with tantalising slowness to her
breasts. Anuja murmured as he cupped her breasts. They swelled and
grew harder and heavier and her nipples stiffened in the taut
cloth band and he flicked the hard stubs through the cloth.

Anuja's lips parted reluctantly from his. Her eyes were bright
with desire, her mouth open, her breathing shallow and rapid, the
nostrils flared. With a soft moan, she dragged her lips and tongue
down his face and neck to his chest. Bending her head, she ran her
tongue across his chest, lapping gently at the deep cleft in the
centre, then gliding sensuously over the swell and down to one
nipple, flicking it rapidly with her tongue. Salman grunted.

His nipple stiffened and she rapped it rapidly, then opened her
mouth and clamped her lips around the nipple and dark aureole and
nibbled sharply. Salman gasped. It felt wonderful. Her shapely
fingers crawled across and she scraped his other nipple with her
sharp fingernails. Salman quivered in pleasure. Her mouth was soft
and moist and her tongue worked his nipple steadily while her
teeth scraped across its hardness. She moved to the other slowly,
then returned to the first, then the second. It was slow,
exquisite, agonising. His cock quivered and began to swell. Her
fingers crept down his belly and into his crotch and she squeezed
the bulge of his penis through his shorts.

Salman pushed her down gently and Anuja sank to her knees before
him. He looked down at her, his eyes glittering with excitement,
his muscles corded with tension and pleasure, breathing heavily.
She smiled gently and, her eyes tilted up to watch his expression,
opened her mouth and took the tip of his penis in her lips through
his shorts. Salman moaned softly. He could feel the heat of her
mouth, the muffled softness of her tongue. Reaching up, she drew
down the zipper fly of his shorts slowly. His circumcised penis
bounced out, already hardening and she moaned it pleasure. It was
magnificent. Already over eight inches long, an inch and a half
thick, it was growing still, hardening, rising, lengthening,
thickening. The balls were low and heavy. The cock-shaft was
shaved clean and smooth to the hilt. The circumcised cock-head
bobbed against her face. Her breath was hot on his penis as she
cradled it in her hands and caressed her face with it, running it
sexily over her lips and cheeks and eyes. Slowly, she slid her
tongue out and ran it over his cock-head. Salman gasped softly,
his belly rippling inward.

"Oh fuck yes!" he murmured. "C'mon! Suck it!"

Anuja resisted the temptation for a few seconds, plying the
bulging cock-head with her tongue. Salman held still, his pulse
quickening, his breathing shorter and sharper. At last, her lips
flowered and slipped around his cock-head and part of his shaft,
enveloping his erection in her warm, moist, soft mouth.

"Oh fuck yes!" Salman gasped, his head bent, his mouth open. "Oh
fuck yes, c'mon, suck it! Ohhhhhh uhhh yeh ... fuck yes, that's
it! Mm ... yeh ... c'mon ... suck my dick, baby ... do it! Ohhhhh
uhhhh yes!"

His words of excitement and the tangy taste and musky odour of his
penis aroused Anuja. She sucked his cock slowly and deeply and
heavily, her head moving back and forth and from side to side. Her
tongue continued describing wonderfully erotic arcs around his
thick cock-head. His cock oozed pre-cum gunk and she groaned,
jerking his shaft, opening her mouth wide to let him see it fleck
her lips and cheeks, dribble onto her tongue. Her eyes lifted to
watch him, she ran her tongue down the underside of his cock-shaft
to his heavy balls and, opening her mouth, let his testicles drop
into it one by one, flicking them with her tongue, sucking tenderly. It was an exquisite feeling, having her soft face burrow
between his thighs, her warm mouth teasing his balls.

"Fuck yes!" Salman grunted. "Oh fuck yes!"

Anuja smiled in pleasure and rose again, licking his cock-head.
She went higher, kissing and nuzzling his belly, tonguing his
hollow navel and caressed his cock with her necklaces. Salman
groaned at the delicate rough rasp of the precious metal on his
penis. She bent his cock down and squeezed it into her deep and
inviting cleavage, her hands lifting her breasts and crushing them
in a tight sheath over his cock. Slowly, she masturbated him with
her breasts, her tongue and lips on his belly, her necklaces
rasping over his cock-shaft. It was an extraordinary, erotic
feeling and Salman's loins grew hot with lust. He pushed her head
back down to his cock.

"C'mon ... suck it hard, babe ... suck my dick real nice and

Anuja groaned and, holding her lover's thighs, took his cock, now
fully nine inches long and two inches thick, deep in her mouth.
Salman gasped and began to fuck her face eagerly, holding her head
and rocking it back and forth in his hands, pumping his hips to
and fro. His cock glistened and gleamed as it slid in and out of
her mouth, appearing and disappearing between her luscious lips.
His penis filled her mouth and distended her face. Anuja kept
working the cock-head cunningly and deftly, probing the long slit
in its tip with her tongue. Salman gasped his joy.

"Mm ... oh fuck yes! C'mon! Yes! Ohhhhhh uhhhh yes ... do it, baby
... suck me! Suck my prick, bitch ... suck it hard, fuck yes,
that's it ... ohhhhh uhhh yes oh fuck yes!"

She sucked his cock harder and faster, her head rocking rapidly
back and forth between his thighs. The swimming pool lifeguard
gasped and moaned, his body shaking and trembling, his hips
rocking and jerking to and fro. The fires in his loins grew and
spread, threatening to burst forth any minute.

Sensing it, she slowed. "You can cream in my mouth," she murmured.
"I like it when guys do that."

For a second, Salman was tempted. Then he shook his head and
pushed her head away. He exhaled several times rapidly and
sharply, forcing himself back in control. His breathing steadied.

"Later," he muttered. "Not now. Later."

He drew her to her feet and Anuja turned around, her back to him.
He flicked open the knot in the middle of her back that held the
cloth band. It unravelled and he drew it off slowly, scraping it
over her nipples. She shuddered and leaned back against him. He
nuzzled the nape of her neck, his hands on her breasts, caressing
and lifting them, squeezing them tenderly. She closed her eyes and
leaned her head on his shoulder. Turning her face, she lapped
gently at one stiff nipple. He ran his hands down her hips and
belly, caressed her crotch. Her hips writhed erotically, her
buttocks squirming against his groin. Reaching back, she undid his
shorts. They split open and he tugged them down his legs and
kicked them aside.

Her face turned and tilted to his and he kissed her slowly, his
tongue darting in and out of her mouth, hers responding
sensuously, in like manner. Her hands behind her back, she
caressed his penis tenderly. Salman twined his fingers in her gold
necklaces and fondled her breasts. Anuja shivered as the hard
metal rasped over her stiff nipples. His penis throbbed between
her buttocks.

"Fuck me," she murmured. "Come on Salman, fuck me."

There was a seating arrangement of three armchairs and a sofa in a
square around a low, broad, glass-topped coffee table before her.
Salman turned her around and she sank down onto the table, her
hips at the edge, gasping slightly as her naked back touched the
cold glass surface. She spread her legs wide and looked at him
wantonly, her face radiant with excited anticipation.

Salman smiled and knelt between her forked thighs. He slid his
hands up her body and kneaded her breasts gently. Anuja writhed in
pleasure. He squeezed the fleshy mounds together, crushing her
gold necklaces between them. Gently, he caressed her belly and
thighs. Her legs trembled and split wider. Bending, Salman dragged
his thick, heavy tongue over one nipple, swirling it slowly around
her aureole. Anuja gasped, arching her bejeweled fingers clenching
his head. Her nipple was stiff and hard and he whipped it rapidly
with his tongue, flicking the other with his fingertip. Anuja
writhed on the glass table. Slowly, he drew her breast into his
mouth and sucked it tenderly, scraping her nipple across his gums
and teeth, rubbing it to the roof of his mouth with his tongue.
Anuja gasped and moaned, her hands under her breasts, lifting them
for him. He moved across her chest to the other breast, his tongue
dipping into her cleavage, then climbing the heavy swell on the
other side, toying with the rigid nipple. Flames of lust leaped
through her body. He took some of her necklaces in his teeth,
squeezed her breasts together and sucked on both nipples
simultaneously. Anuja cried out, arching and writhing on the glass
table as his lips and tongue and teeth and the cold metal of her
jewelry scraped across her aching nipples.

"Oh uhhh oh ma uhhh oh Salman yes oh god yes!" she gasped.

Grinning, he released her breasts and moved lower. His tongue
rippled down her flat belly, swirled through her navel and moved
lower. With the long slits inside and outside her *dhoti* pants,
her cunt was completely exposed. Salman quickened in excitement as
he bent lower and saw the gold chain that descended from the
girdle nestling between her cunt-lips, running down the length of
her crack and disappearing into the deep cleft between her
buttocks. It was an extraordinarily sexy sight. Anuja's fingers
rippled down her body and she pulled her cunt-lips open for him.
That excited him further, seeing her slender fingers in her
crotch, the backs of her wrists webbed by the fine gold chains,
the rings twinkling on her fingers.

Salman pushed his face into her crotch and ran his tongue down her
cunt. It was sopping wet. The tangy taste of her cunt-juices and
their musky odour inflamed his lust.

Anuja gasped, her hips writhing, lifting, her legs spreading, her
fingers pulling her cunt-lips wider still.

"Ohhhhhhh yes! Oh god yes, Salman, c'mon, do it!"

Salman curved his tongue into a sharp, spatular form and drove it
into her wet slit. Anuja gasped and cried out, arching her back,
her hands flying to her breasts, lifting and squeezing them
erotically. Her hips bucked and writhed under his face. Salman
swirled his tongue through her wet cunt, savouring her streaming
cunt-juices. Anuja gasped and moaned her pleasure. He parted her
cunt-lips wider and whipped the hard, gorged stem of her clitoris
with his tongue rapidly. Anuja hissed in pleasure, arching
steeply. Salman slowed and, using his tongue, pushed the gold
chain deeper into her slit, scraping it delicately over her
clitoris. Anuja cried out in pleasure, her hands mauling her
swollen breasts, her head flung back, jerking erotically from side
to side. The feeling was exquisite; his hot breath, his thick,
heavy, rough tongue, the hard rasp of the metal. Anuja's body
flamed with desire.

"Ohhhhhhh uhhhhh yes! Oh fuck yes! Ohhh that's it! Yes! There! Oh
god oh god oh god uhhhh oh yes uhhh oh ma uhh *hanh* uhhh ohhhhh!"
she cried, writhing and thrashing feverishly on the glass surface.

Salman pushed her legs wider apart. She lifted her feet and hooked
them onto the armchair and sofa on either side of the
coffee-table, her feet pressed to the padded armrests. Slowly,
levering herself against the heavy seating, she lifted her hips
higher, off the glass surface. Her cunt-lips unfurled fully. Her
buttocks were flexed taut with the tension of the position, for
she now had her hips and back in the air, her shoulders on the
table. The gold chain was crushed between her buttocks. Quickly,
she pushed her hands under her hips, supporting her weight, and
relaxed her buttocks. They lobed open, unflexing slowly. Her cunt was on level with his face now. Salman chuckled and slowly ground
a thick finger into her wet slit. Her cunt channel was hot and
tight and, as it convulsed on his probing finger, she gasped
loudly. Salman shoved his tongue back into her cunt, now
finger-fucking and tongue-fucking her simultaneously.

"Oh uhh *hanh* uhh ohhh uhh *hanh* uhh oh ma uh oh ma uh oh ma
uhhh oh ma uhh oh ma! Oh ma! Oh ma! Oh! OHHHHH uhhh OHHHH!" Anuja

Her face was radiant with lust, the nostrils flared, her eyes
closed, her mouth open. Her body jerked and lurched and her hips
writhed and swayed and undulated in the upthrust position. Her
breasts wobbled and shook sexily with her movements. Salman ran
his tongue up and down the length of her cunt, flicked her
clitoris repeatedly and twisted his finger this way and that
inside her frantically convulsing cunt. Her cries rose in pitch
and volume. She soared up to the brink of a violent orgasm,
gasping and crying out.

Timing it to perfection, Salman stopped, sliding his finger out of
her slit, lifting his head. Anuja gasped in dismay and shock,
moaning angrily.

"For god's sake, Salman! Don't stop! Not now!"

He chuckled and rose, denying her. Anuja moaned, her body sinking
back onto the glass top, her fingers working her breasts and cunt feverishly. Quickly, Salman turned and straddled her face. She
groaned, opening her mouth gratefully, and took his cock deep into
her mouth. Salman grunted in pleasure and, bending over her body,
pushed his face into her crotch again. Her breasts were hot and
fleshy against his thighs; her jewelry rasped sexily between their
bodies. Anuja groaned deep in her cock-filled throat as he lapped
gently at her flowing cunt-juices again. She sucked his cock
slowly and deeply. His buttocks bobbed and rocked up and down over
her face. His cock glistened as it ground in and out of her
luscious lips. Her teeth scraped delicately over his shaft. He
flicked her clitoris delicately with his tongue and fingertip. She
groaned, her hips writhing under his face, and ran her tongue
around his cock-head, sucking it insistently, scraping her teeth
along the hard shaft. They writhed together on the coffee-table,
devouring each other, prolonging the pleasure.

When he stopped again, Anuja felt like a bubbling cauldron of lust
and desire. Salman rolled smoothly off her body and quickly
returned to the other end of the table, kneeling between her
spread thighs. Anuja moaned softly, her bejeweled fingers pulling
her cunt-lips open, moving the gold chain aside.

"C'mon ... shove it in, Salman ... fuck my slit ... fuck me hard,
lover! I want your cock in my cunt!"

Her soft words, guttural in tone and dripping desire, aroused him
intensely. His eyes lingered on her spreadeagled body, wantonly
offered for his pleasure. Her chest heaved with excitement. Her
breasts were squeezed between her outstretched arms, luscious and
tempting. Her jeweled fingers clawed her cunt-lips open, revealing
the moist flesh within. Her legs were stretched apart in a wide V,
her feet still on the chair and sofa on either side of the

Salman's pulse raced with pleasure. He prised her cunt-lips open
with his thumbs and pressed his cock-head to her slit. Anuja bit
her lower lip in tension; she could feel the searing heat of his
cock at her cunt. She fondled his shaft and cock-head lovingly.

"C'mon," she muttered. "Do it! Fuck me, lover!"

Salman took a deep breath and, flexing his buttocks slowly, slid
his hips forward. His huge penis surged into her cunt, stretching
her cunt-lips wide open. He gasped loudly as he entered her hot,
wet, tight fissure. Her cunt convulsed frantically on his
penetrating cock. The breath hissed from her throat. Her mouth
tore open. Her body bowed, and her head arched back. Her hands
flew to her breasts, lifting and squeezing them hard, her fingers
pinching her nipples. His cock was magnificent, rock-hard,
enormously thick and long; it went in and in and in, piercing her
cunt deeply, probing the innermost recesses of her cunt.

"OHHHHHHHHHH!" she gasped. "Oh yes! Ohhhh god yes, Salman, yes!
Ohhhhh uhhh yes! Do it! Fuck me, baby! Fuck my cunt! C'mon Ohhhhhh
yes! That's it! Oh ma uhhhh yes! Oh yes!"

"C'mon! Take it! Take it, whore! Take my cock!" he gasped.

He began fucking her heavily and deeply and slowly, his head
arched back, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his hips rocking
back and forth, sliding to and fro in a deep, piercing,
mesmerisingly steady rhythm. His cock ground in and out of her
cunt, sliding outward, then grinding deep into her cunt again.
Anuja gasped and moaned, her head rolling from side to side, her
hands on her breasts, her hips writhing and heaving. Salman
gripped her thighs, lifting them higher and wider as he pushed his
cock in as deep as he could.

Her cunt was incredible: Hot, tight, wet, it convulsed and
contracted fiercely on his throbbing penis, seeming to draw him
deeper and deeper into its vortex. The gold chain rasped against
his thick, rough-skinned cock-shaft as it stroked in and out of
her slit. Gasping and grunting, the lifeguard began moving faster.
His hips swung back and forth in longer, deeper, quicker strokes,
and his cock pistoned smoothly in and out of her cunt. Anuja
moaned and writhed, her body lurching and rocking under his
thrusts, her swollen breasts bouncing heavily.

"Oh ma! Oh ma! Oh ma oh ma oh ma ohhhhhhh uhh *hanh* yes oh yes oh
god yes Salman yes oh god Salman! Ohhh uhhhhhh Ohhhhhhh SUHHHHL-MA
... uhhhh AHHHHHHHHHN uhhhhhh OHHHHHH!"

"Ah uh ah uh ah uh ah oh yeh oh yeh uh oh yeh uh oh yeh uh ohhhh!"
he cried, panting heavily, rocking his hips back and forth faster
and faster.

Now he put his hands on the base of her belly, pulling her
cunt-lips wide open and, gritting his teeth, grimacing, biting his
lower lip in tension as the heat built and surged and spread in
his loins, he began ramming and reaming greedily into her cunt.
Each thrust drew a broken, shuddering gasp from her throat.
Anuja's body whipped and writhed on the table, her jewelry
tinkling, the metal glinting and winking, slithering this way and
that on her tawny skin. Hissing in pleasure, he slowed again, now
swirling his hips as he thrust into her so that his cunt entered
her from all angles.

"OHH uhhh OHHH!" she gasped deliriously, her head flipping from
side to side. "Oh fuck yes! Oh baby yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard,
Salman! Oh god yes!"

"Ahhhh uhhh Ohhhh yeh! Ohhhhhh uhhhhh yes!" he moaned.

"The sheath," she gasped, sensing the imminence of his orgasm.
"Put it on! Quickly!"

With a shuddering groan, slid out of her cunt. She gasped at the
sudden release in pressure. He grabbed the black leather cod-piece
and struggled into it. A thick black strap circled his lean hips
and narrow waist. Twin thongs descended from the girdle and
supported a black latex sheath for his cock. He slid his penis
into it. It was a snug, perfect fit. His cock-head popped out of
the aperture in the tip. The shaft length of the sheath had short
flexible spikes, thick round studs and knobs and a cleverly
designed free-form lattice of intersecting ribs that were thick and long. Putting it on, he felt his erection harden and,
simultaneously, the ebbing of his orgasm. He grinned in delight.

Craning her head, Anuja stared at his armoured penis and moaned

"God, I want that in my cunt!" she muttered. "C'mon, Salman, fuck

Grinning, Salman bent over her between her spread thighs and
gripped the sides of the table, his knees deeply bent. His
cock-head probed at her cunt. She guided his penis to her orifice.
He grunted and, flexing his buttocks slowly, ground down deep into
her flesh, driving inexorably inwards.

The breath rattled from her throat. Her mouth opened in a
soundless gasp, her head arching back, her back bowing steeply.
The spikes bent as they pierced through her cunt-lips, scraping
delightfully through her quivering cunt-flesh. The hard knobs and
studs and ribs mashed her gorged clitoris. The pleasure was
intense, unbearable. Her hips jerked and lurched up to his and she
dug her fingers into the thick pads of muscle in his shoulders. He
winced as her fingernails broke his skin and pushed deeper still.

"OHHHHHUHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHH!" she gasped, her voice hoarse and
ragged, her chest heaving, her face a vision of lust. "Oh ma

Her cunt convulsed on his penis. Salman gasped: He could feel the
heat of her cunt through the fine latex sheath. He bent deeply
forward, his powerful deltoid muscles rippling, his arms bending,
his biceps and triceps flexed taut, and kissed her hungrily,
thrusting his tongue into his mouth. His buttocks were flexed
taut, his hips pressed down between her thighs, his cock embedded
in her flesh. Anuja moaned and sucked eagerly on his tongue, her
fingers caressing his hard body.

"You're incredible," he murmured, kissing her eyes tenderly.

"So are you," she smiled, tonguing his ear, her hips squirming
beneath his. "Come on ... now fuck me!"

Salman eased the strenuous position by spreading his legs and
dropping his hands to the floor. Now his body was angled over
hers, balanced on the balls of his feet and his hands, his arms
outstretched. Anuja craned her head and sucked on one nipple,
running her tongue lasciviously over the hard stub. Salman began
to fuck her slowly and heavily, in total control. His lifted his
hips, unflexing his buttocks, drawing his cock outward. She
groaned and her head flopped back, her face arching, soft and
lovely with pleasure. He paused and then slowly ground down deep
into her flesh. Her cunt convulsed on his penis. She gasped,
arching her hips greedily to his, her hands clenching his thickly
padded shoulder muscles, sliding down his bulging biceps to his

"Mm ... ohhhhh yes!" she gasped, as the sheathed cock crushed into
her flesh again, the spikes and knobs and studs on the surface
mashing her gorged clitoris. "Ohhhh yes, baby yes! Fuck me!"

Buried deep in her cunt, Salman paused, his buttocks flexed taut,
and swung his hips in slow, smooth arcs. Beneath him, Anuja hissed
in pleasure, her mouth opening wide, her tongue swivelling across
her upper lip.

"Ohhh fuck yes!" she gasped. "Oh god that's so good yes!"

He slid out, paused, ground down and into her; paused, swirled his
hips, paused, slid out ... Anuja was ecstatic. The pleasure was
keen and sharp, delicately balanced so that she was just out of
reach of her orgasm. The man was a masterful lover. He maintained
the complex rhythm, fucking her entirely for her pleasure,
prolonging the agonising joy, keeping her maddeningly close to the
final release. He grinned down at her, enjoying the spasms of
pleasure on her face and, bending, lapped gently at one upthrust
breast, then the other, sucking tenderly on the luscious mounds.
Anuja gasped and moaned, kissing him feverishly, tonguing his ear.

"Please," she gasped. "Fuck me hard! Fuck me like a whore, Salman!
Do it!"

He relented and steadied his rhythm to a straight up-and-down,
in-and-out motion, his powerful muscles rippling smoothly, taking
the strain without effort. His taut buttocks flexed and unflexed,
and his hips swung rhythmically up and down. His immense erection,
in its black leather jacket drove steadily in and out of her wet
cunt, appearing and disappearing between her unfurled cunt-lips.
Her pubic hair was wet and sticky with her flowing cunt-juices.
She moaned and cried out, her body jerking and lurching under his
thrusts, her hips rocking and writhing and heaving, her swollen
breasts jiggling and bouncing, her jewelry slithering on her tawny
skin. Her head rolled from side to side. She began to sweat: Beads
of perspiration dotted her upper lip and brow; strands of hair
clung damply to the nape of her neck; a thin rivulet of sweat
coursed between her breasts; another trickled down her belly and
met her flowing cunt-juices in a mucilaginous confluence.

He began to move faster and she gasped and cried out, lurching and
jerking in a frenzy under him. He was utterly relentless and kept
moving, his body rocking and jerking up and down, his hips
swinging back and forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his
cock grinding in and out of her slit. He, too, was perspiring now,
and their bodies squelched and slapped wetly together.

"Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh ohhhh uhhh
ohhh uhhh ohhhhhh uhhh ohhhhhh uh oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma oh
ma ohhhhhuhhhhh OHHHHHH!" she cried.

"Ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah yes ah yes oh
yes oh fuck yes oh fuck oh fuck oh fuckohfuckohfuckOHHHHH!" he
cried, his head arching back.

He drove into her and paused, buried deep in her slit. She gasped,
perplexed, her body writhing under his, taken unawares by the
sudden change in tempo. Suddenly and without warning, he lifted
his hips high and then rammed hard into her cunt and began fucking
her furiously. His hips rocked savagely up and down, snapping from
the waist, his buttocks opening and closing alternately in a
feverish rhythm, his cock plunging and pistoning and ramming and
reaming frantically in and out of her cunt.


Anuja cried out thinly, her body rocking and jerking violently
under him, her hips bucking and heaving, crashing against his
loins, her cunt convulsing and spasming uncontrollably on his
throbbing penis. Her orgasm loomed, getting closer and closer and
then she exploded, her back bowing and arching, sweat splintering
off their rocking bodies, her breasts thrust up, her mouth torn
open in a loud cry, her face contorted in a savage rictus of
lust, her hips jerked up to his, her cunt convulsing frantically
on his penis. Salman gasped and rammed his cock into her
repeatedly. Each thrust made her choke and gasp and cry out, sent
her body jerking and lurching, rolling her up on the small of her
back, drawing out the orgasm. He kept moving, ramming wildly into
her, till he felt her orgasm recede, the convulsions of her cunt diminishing in intensity and frequency. Gradually, he slowed,
fucking her gently with long, smooth thrusts that drew small,
broken moans of pure pleasure. Finally, he eased himself deep into
her and held still. She groaned and, opening her eyes, her chest
heaving, smiled up at him.

"That was incredible," she gasped softly. "Fuck me again."

"I intend to," he murmured. "No chance of stopping now!"

Whimpering, she moved her legs off the chair and sofa. Her thighs
trembled from the strain of keeping the position for so long. He
slid slowly out of her flesh and she gasped. He rose to his feet,
staggering slightly as his muscles cramped slightly when he eased
the tension in them. He held his hand out and helped her up. She
staggered slightly as she came into his arms. He held her close,
his thick, sheathed cock pressing between their bodies and kissed
her deeply.

"I want to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you," he grunted.

"Fuck me as long as you can," she whispered, bending and licking
his nipple, her fingers fondling his balls and cock. "I want you."

They turned and now he went down on his back on the table. The
glass was moist with her sweat. He lay with his hips at the edge,
his feet on the floor, his penis thrust proudly upward. Anuja
moaned and, dropping to her knees, caressed his cock wantonly,
jerking the sheathed shaft in her fingers. Bending her head, she
licked and sucked the protruding cock-head. Salman groaned; it
felt wonderful. Opening her mouth wide, she sucked on his
cock-head gently, running her tongue cunningly around the gorged,
thick, slimy knob. Lifting her eyes, watching his face, opening
her mouth wide, she licked his cock-head lasciviously, lapping
delicately at the beads of pre-cum gunk that oozed from the long
slit in the tip.

"Oh fuck yes!" Salman groaned, his head bent, watching her, as
aroused by the sight of her sucking his cock as the actual
fellatio. "C'mon! Suck it!"

Anuja smiled, her jeweled fingers twinkling on his cock-shaft. She
licked the sheath wantonly, then sucked his cock-head again till
he stopped her.

She rose to her feet, gorgeous, alluring, her body glistening with
sweat, glittering with the jewellery, gobs of pre-cum gunk on her
face and breasts. She straddled his hips, her feet on the floor,
legs astride the table over his groin. The long slits on the
inside legs of her transparent *dhoti* pants parted, exposing her
naked, wet cunt and buttocks. The gold chain from her girdle
nestled in her slit. She took his cock in one hand, pulled the
gold chain slightly to one side and slowly lowered her cunt to his
cock. Her cunt-lips brushed his cock-head. She moved his cock back
and forth and round and round gently, smiling wantonly down at hi,
her eyes glittering as she stimulated her clitoris and slit with
his frenum and glans. He could feel the wet heat of her cunt on
his cock-head.

"C'mon! Sit on my dick!" he grunted.

Anuja hissed in pleasure, bit her lower lip. Slowly, she eased her
cunt down onto his cock. The thick cock-head popped into her cunt and she gasped softly, gritting her teeth, sucking in her breath,
arching her head. Her mouth opened, and her tongue ran sensuously
across her upper lip. Holding his shaft in one hand, keeping the
gold chain lifted clear with the other, she began to swirl her
hips in slow, wide arcs, snapping them sharply as she brought them
around. His cock-head churned her molten cunt-flesh, mashing her
quivering clitoris.

"Oh baby yes!" she gasped, chewing her lower lip again.

Her hands slid away from his cock and the gold chain and moved
erotically up her body, caressing her crotch, then her belly,
rising under her necklaces to her breasts, lifting and squeezing
them in her excitement. Her head turned to one side, a mask of
pleasure. Salman watched her, transfixed. She was the sexiest
woman he had ever fucked. She hissed in pleasure, and her hands
moved higher, over her neck and face and then she lifted her arms
high, her hands linked behind her head and tilted her face up. Her
legs spread wide, her knees deeply bent, she ground her hips round
and round, moving faster and faster, gasping and moaning, her
elbows pushed up and out. Her breasts wobbled and jiggled as she
moved and he slid his hands up her body and squeezed them, making
her groan loudly. Again and again her wicked tongue arched over
her upper lip in a curiously wanton action that aroused him
intensely. Now she slid her hands down to her buttocks and under
them, pulling the curved lobes open, her fingertips reached
beneath for his shaft, teasing it gently.

"Ohhh yes, baby ... ohhh that's so good, lover! Fuck ... yes ...
oh fuck yes! That's it ... mm, c'mon ... squeeze my tits, Salman!
Squeeze them hard! Ohhh yes ... that's it!"

Biting her lower lip, she leaned forward from the waist, her hands
on the insides of her thighs and, gradually, began lowering her
cunt onto the sheathed cock. She gasped and winced as the first
spikes and knobs bit into her cunt-flesh. Slowing, she moaned, her
nostrils flared, her eyes bright and sharp with lust.

"Slowly," she gasped. "I want to feel every inch of it going in
... mm, yes ... that's it ... ohhh yes ... oh god that's so good
... fuck, your cock's so big!"

Salman fought to contain himself as her taut, fiery cunt slid down
on his armoured penis, engulfing him in her volcanic flesh. Lower
and lower her cunt sank, taking his cock deeper and deeper into
her flesh. She gasped and moaned and groaned loud obscenities as
the hard spikes and thick knobs and ribbed ridges crushed her wet
cunt-flesh. The gold chain down her crotch glittered against the
villainous black of his cock-sheath, an intensely sexy sight set
against the wet black curls of her pubic hair and the soft
brightness of her cunt-flesh. At last she had him entirely inside
her, her buttocks on his thighs, his balls pressed to her
cunt-lips. She whimpered and rocked forward, her hands on his deep
chest. Her head tilted to one side, she looked at him with
glittering eyes.

"Fuck me slowly," she whispered, and bending over, kissed him
lasciviously, slipping her tongue erotically in and out of his
mouth, tonguing his nipples.

He squeezed her breasts and slid his hands up and down her
sweating back, fingering her anus. He had no doubt that she would
like being fucked in the ass, and he intended to do it. As she
rose, he squeezed her breasts together and sucked on them
simultaneously, whipping her rigid nipples with his tongue,
scraping his teeth over the hard points. Anuja shuddered, gasping
in joy. Her necklaces rasped between their bodies. Their hips
ground together, undulating and rocking and swaying. Anuja arched
her head and gasped. Her face was suffused with pleasure: Her eyes
were half-closed, her mouth open in an erotic O, her nostrils
flared. The little nose-stud winked in her left nostril.

"Oh god yes ... ohhhhhh uhhh yes!" she moaned.

Slowly, she straightened above him, gasping and panting heavily.
The thick, armour-clad cock ground in her sodden, steaming cunt.
With a deep shudder, she began to move slowly, lifting her hips,
sliding her cunt up the length of his reinforced erection. As the
hard knobs and spikes scraped out of her flesh, she gasped
thickly, chewing her lower lip in tension. Higher and higher she
lifted her cunt, till the sheath was out of her flesh and only the
cock-head was between her cunt-lips. Then, with a sobbing gasp,
she sank her hips again, her buttocks unflexing. Simultaneously,
Salman arched his hips in unison, to meet hers in descent. The
thick penis rasped into her flesh again and her mouth tore open
and her face contorted in a rictus of lust as the sharp spikes and
thick studs pierced her flesh.

"Oh ma uhhhhhhh yes!" she gasped in delight, her hands on her
breasts, squeezing and crushing them in wanton excitement. "Oh god

Again she lifted her hips and again they sank. Salman controlled
himself and moved with her. Up and down she went, her cunt rising
and falling slowly along the length of his shaft. Gradually, they
hit a rhythm, their hips and loins bucking together. Her face
contorted in pleasure and joy as his sheathed cock ran in and out
of her cunt.

"Oh yes!" she gasped. "Ohhhhhhhuhhhh yes!"

"C'mon! Take it! Yeh, take it, bitch! Take it!" he gasped.

Her hands on his chest, Anuja rocked and lurched his hips, her
cunt running up and down the length of his armoured cock. Her
buttocks flexed and unflexed rhythmically. Her belly sucked in
with tension. Her hips gyrated and ground around as she moved,
mashing her cunt-flesh with his penis. Her shoulders were hunched
with deep, sexy hollows in the shoulder-bones. Her face was tilted
up, her neck craned, her face a suffusion of joy. Her mouth was
open in a wide 'O', her white teeth glistening, her nostrils were
flared and her eyes were half-closed and glassy. Up and down she
moved, faster and faster, her buttocks bouncing off his thighs.
Her breasts jumped and bounced with her movements and her thick,
heavy jewellery tossed and slapped on her tawny skin, tinkling
loudly. Salman pumped his hips up and down beneath her, his hands
under her thighs.

"Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Ohhh yes ohh yes oh yes oh yes ohh uhhh oh uh oh
uh oh uh oh uh ohhhhhhh!" she gasped.

"C'mon uhhhh yeh c'mon take it oh fuck yes take it ohhhhhhhhhhh
yes!" he grunted, his face flushed with excitement and tension.
"C'mon, whore, c'mon!"

Faster and faster they moved, their gasps and cries loud and
rising. Anuja's body bucked and tossed and bounced feverishly on
his pumping hips, her cunt grinding up and down the length of his
enormous, latex-clad erection. Hissing in pleasure, she jammed her
cunt down onto his cock, feeling the spikes and studs bite into
her flesh and, leaning forward, her head arched, her breasts pendulous over his face, snapped her buttocks together rapidly,
squeezing his cock in her cunt. Salman gasped and crushed her
breasts in his hands, scraping the hard metal of her necklaces
over her rigid nipples, making her shudder in joy. Up and down she
moved again, straightening her back, her head tilted up, her hands
on her breasts, lifting and squeezing them erotically. He thumbed
her clitoris and she groaned and gasped loudly.

Teetering on the brink of a violent orgasm, she paused and slipped
off his cock. Looking down at him, she thought she had seldom seen
a sexier sight than the black leather-clad cock with its thick leather girdle. Bending, she sucked his cock again hungrily,
taking his cock-head in her mouth. He groaned and pushed her head

Anuja staggered back onto the coffee-table, bent on her forearms
and knees like a rutting bitch, with her knees at the edge, her
buttocks thrust up high. Her swollen breasts were pendulous and
her necklaces swayed. Salman stood behind her and, pushing her
buttocks open, eased his swollen penis into her cunt. Anuja cried
out, her mouth opening in a wide 'O', her eyes fluttering shut as
the huge cock surged into her flesh.

"OHHHHHHHH yes! Ohh ma yes, Salman, yes! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me
hard! Ohhhh yes! That's it! C'mon! Do it!"

Salman gripped her hips and, gasping, arching his handsome head,
flexed his buttocks and swung his hips forward, driving his cock
into her hot cunt. She lurched under his thrust and cried out as
the big penis bit into her cunt-flesh.

"OHHHHHH ma uhh *hanh* uhhhh ohhh uhhhhhh OHHHHHH!" she cried.

"Ahhhhhhhh uhhh yeh! Ffff YEH! Ohh fuck yes!" he gasped.

Her body lurched forward, her breasts swinging, her necklaces
dancing. Her buttocks writhed against his thighs. He groaned and
began to fuck her with long, swift, punishing thrusts, plunging
deeply and smoothly into her cunt, his hips rocking seamlessly
back and forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his armoured
cock glistening black as it stroked in and out of her flesh. She
rocked and swayed under him, her head tilted up, her eyes closed,
her face a vision of lust. She moaned and cried out incessantly,
pushing her cunt back and forth along the length of his penis. Her
breasts wobbled and jiggled. He went faster, his thighs slapping
loudly at her buttocks, his balls pressing to her cunt-lips as he
drove deep into her cunt and drew a shuddering, sobbing, gasping

Salman tired of the sheath. He wanted to feel her cunt heat and
wetness on his flesh. He paused, slid out of her, ripped off the
sheath and quickly ground into her flesh again with a groan of
pleasure. Anuja's face creased in delight. The sudden change from
the hard sharpness of the sheath to the hot thickness of his
smoothly shorn shaft was delightful.

"C'mon, Salman ... fuck me hard ... fuck me as hard as you can!"
she murmured, turning her face over her shoulder.

He slid his hands up her body, cupping her breasts and kissed her
deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She writhed against
him, sucking erotically on his tongue. He straightened and,
grunting, began to fuck her rapidly and hard, rocking his hips
swiftly back and forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his
cock plunging and pistoning and reaming and ramming in and out of
her cunt. She cried out, in sharp, staccato Ohs and Ahs and Uhs
and Oh mas, her body rocking and jerking and snapping under his.
Gritting her teeth, she hissed in pleasure, panting heavily,
rocking her body back and forth on his penis. Her necklaces
dragged along the glass surface, crinkling prettily. She turned
her face over her shoulder, running her tongue over her upper lip
and moaned loudly.

"Ohhhhh yes! Oh fuck yes, Salman, yes ... c'mon ... fuck me, baby
... fuck me harder! Ohhhh uhhh yeh! That's it ... c'mon, do it!"

He moved faster, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her
hips, rocking his hips rapidly back and forth, his buttocks
flexing and unflexing, driving his cock in and out of her cunt.
His hips snapped sharply as he plunged and pistoned and rammed
into her flesh, his thighs whacking her buttocks and thighs, his
balls slapping at her cunt-lips.

"Yeh c'mon! Yeh c'mon! Yeh oh yeh oh yeh oh yeh c'mon bitch take
it! Oh fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes oh uh yeh uh yeh uh yeh uh
that's it c'mon whore take it c'mon you fucking bitch take my dick
oh fuck oh fuck oh uh oh uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ahhhhhh!" he
rasped erotically.

"Salman," she moaned, between her gasps. "Salman ... please ...
fuck ... fuck my ass ... butt-fuck me! Quickly! Fuck it hard!"

It was an offer he could not possibly refuse. He slid quickly out
of her cunt and, pushed her buttocks apart with his hands. Her
puckered anus winked temptingly at him. Salman throbbed with
pleasure. He pushed his cock-head to her asshole. She tensed
fractionally, her fingers tightening on the leading edge of the
table. He paused and she relaxed with a soft moan. Her sphincter
loosened. Instantly, Salman dug his fingers into the soft flesh of
her buttocks and, flexing his buttocks, slid his hips forward. His
cock-head popped through into her tight rear channel.

uhhhh OHHHHHH!" Anuja cried out thinly, her face twisting and
contorting in a savage grimace of lust.

Salman gasped as her asshole convulsed and contracted fiercely on
his throbbing penis. Her buttocks trembled and her hips swayed. He
groaned and slowly pushed his cock deeper into her anus, flexing
his buttocks gradually. In and in his cock went, burrowing and
tunnelling into her tight rear orifice. Anuja gasped and moaned,
her breath coming in shuddering, heaving sobs. His cock was
incredibly hot and thick and long. It seared her asshole. The
sensation was exquisite, and the deep throb in her anus aroused
her to fever pitch.

Salman began to sodomise her slowly and deeply. Gripping her
buttocks, he moved his hips slowly back and forth, flexing and
unflexing his firm buttocks, pushing his cock in and out of her
asshole. Anuja gasped and whimpered, her chest heaving, her head
hanging between her arms, her shoulders hunched. Her breasts jiggled and swung with his thrusts. She groaned, forcing her anus
back onto his long, thick penis. Her gold necklaces dragged and
scraped noisily along the glass surface of the table top. Salman
gasped, his belly sucked inward, his head flung back, his mouth
open, his muscles rippling and cording with tension.

He was nearing the end now. The fires in his loins raged out of
control, consuming his loins. Her anus was hot and tight and it
contracted and spasmed on his penis with a feverish, undeniable
hunger. He kept moving relentlessly.

"C'mon! Take it ... ohhhh uhhh yeh ... oh fuck yes ... oh fuck
that's so good ... c'mon whore ... take my cock ... ohhhhhh uhhh
ohhhhh uhhhh ohhhhhhhh uhh ohhhhhhh uhhh yes!" he gasped.

"Oh ma ... oh ma ... oh ma ... ohhh uhhh *hanh* ... uhhh oh ma
uhhh ohhh uhh ohhh!" she whimpered, her voice heavy and hoarse,
her breathing ragged.

He felt her orgasm violently, her body shuddering and stiffening
and her anus convulsed frenetically on his penis. Anuja's head
swam with pleasure. This was her third major orgasm and she had
countless smaller ones in between. It was too much for Salman to
bear. With a shuddering gasp, he pulled out of her and masturbated
violently for a few seconds. Then he groaned in relief as the heat
broke from its confines and spewed from the slit in his cock-head.
Anuja gasped in pleasure as she felt the hot splash of his gunk on
her buttocks and back and thighs, dribbling over her anus and down
her cunt-lips.

With a soft groan, Salman squeezed his cock into her cunt. She
groaned and rocked back against him, pushing her cunt down deep
onto his cock. She turned her face over her shoulder. He leaned
over, his hands under her breasts, squeezing them eagerly, and
kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She writhed her
buttocks against him, sucking erotically on his tongue.

"Keep fucking me," she moaned thickly, her tongue darting in and
out of his mouth. "Don't stop fucking me."

Behind his cameras, Avinash smiled in satisfaction. He masturbated
slowly and began to orgasm as he watched his wife fornicate for
his pleasure.
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