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Pentaprism 15 Camera Candida 3 Lifesaver



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.

Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


camera Candida

3 : Lifesaver
For the rest of their honeymoon, Anuja took a succession of
lovers, indulging herself freely. Avinash was overjoyed and shot
tape after tape of raw footage. She was incredible in bed, hot and
insatiable with other men. With him, she was gentle and tender,
undemanding. He saw no trace of anger, but could not fail to
notice the echoes of a deep, aching sorrow in her voice and eyes.
Time and again he caught himself falling over the edge of his
desire. Each time, he drew back and the darkness enveloped his
soul and left him moaning in grief.

On a hot afternoon, he sat on the beach, a pair of binoculars
around his neck and a camera fitted with a powerful telephoto lens
on a tripod before him and watched her on a raft out at sea.

Earlier, they swam together in the high, rolling waves, bobbing
around in the water, splashing and laughing. She looked lovely in
her tiny string bikini with the water glittering off her tawny
skin, her coiled hair damp. They were in neck-deep water and she
floated into his arms and, with a small hop, wound her legs about
his hips and her arms about his shoulders and kissed him gently.
He returned the kiss tenderly. By now, he had begun to yield in
small measure. He never went much further. This was no threat.

"I'm feeling horny," she smiled, her tongue slithering along his

"Again? You just fucked the room-service guy."

"So? Am I on rations, or what?"

He laughed. "All right. Who do you want to fuck?"




"Someone else."



She was only teasing, he knew, there was no serious demand. He
cupped her breasts. They were heavy and hot and her nipples
stiffened. He thumbed her nipples gently. Her eyes widened in
surprise. He grinned and shook his head. She pouted, feigning
disappointment. It wasn't altogether a pretence. She slid her
hands into his briefs and fondled his penis. It remained limp. She

"Oh, all right. Get me someone."


"That dishy lifeguard on the beach."


"Is that his name."


"Okay, Ravi."

"Where do you want to fuck?"

She turned her face and nodded to a wood frame raft bobbing
further out. "There. On the raft."

"Okay. You go ahead, I'll send him to you."

"You're a pet."

They kissed again, lingering and he continued fondling her
breasts, tormenting her. When he released her, she was breathing
heavily, her nostrils flared and her eyes bright and sharp,
glittering like the droplets of water that splintered in the hard
sunlight. He recognised the now-familiar telltale signs and
laughed softly.

"Go on," he said. "Go and wait."

He turned to the beach and began to swim away from her, stroking
smoothly and easily in a powerful freestyle action.

Anuja watched him go and sighed to herself with regret. It was
going to be a long haul, but she had made a beginning. The
hostility had gone and now there was an easy, comfortable
friendship between them. They conversed easily and over a range of
subjects, and the interspersed silences were gentle and relaxed.
Watching her have sex with other men excited him enormously and
she had begun to revel in his enjoyment of her pleasure. When he
watched her, he had a sexy, hard, glittering look in his eyes that
made her lust for his body. His cock was beautiful and she longed
to feel it in her mouth, between her breasts, in her cunt and in
her ass, to feel the sharp sting of his seed when he came. Soon,
she promised herself. She would have him soon.

Turning, she swam lazily to the raft and levered herself onto the
jute-hemp covered platform. Wiping the water from her face,
shading her eyes from the sun, she squinted at the shore and
spotted Avinash talking to the lifeguard. She saw the lifeguard
jump off his high chair, nod, grin and then mime a fucking action,
pumping his hips with his arms wide as though holding a woman's
thighs. Avinash laughed and nodded, clapping him on the back and
pointed to the raft. Ravi looked at the raft. Anuja lifted her arm
and waved. The men waved back. Then Ravi jogged down the sand and
crashed through the waves, striding in till he was in to his
waist. Diving into the water, he began swimming out to the raft,
stroking powerfully. Anuja saw Avinash move to a colourful beach
umbrella. He rummaged in his camera bag and began setting up his

Anuja lay back on the rough surface of the raft, her eyes closed,
one leg stretched out, the other bent at the knee, her arms above
her head, fingers trailing in the water. The sun beat down on her
wet body. The raft bobbed gently. She felt it rock sharply to one
side and turned her face. Ravi grinned at her, treading water by
the raft.

"Hello, lover," she murmured. "Come on up."

He chuckled and levered himself smoothly out of the water. Anuja
noticed that he had a superb, muscular body. From his broad
shoulders to his slim waist and high hips, his torso was a sharply
tapering V. His chest was broad and deep and cleaved, and the
belly was flat and hard as a washboard. His torso was hairless and
smooth, a sexy sunburned brown. His arms and legs were long and
thick with strong muscle. He had a lean-featured, sharply handsome
face with a slightly curved, fine nose, a thick shock of hair
swept back and sleek with the water, a rugged, square jaw with a
sexy cleft in his chin. He was clean-shaven, and his cheeks were
sexily hollowed. His eyes were deep and dark. His mouth was lean
and wide and, as he smiled, he showed strong, white, even teeth.
He wore very small, very tight swimming briefs, and there was a
promising bulge in his crotch. He was very much the macho, outdoor
type. He knelt comfortably by her, his legs folded under his

"Hi, I'm Anuja," she murmured, smiling at him.

"Ravi. How are you?"

She giggled. "Hot. Wet."

He laughed, his eyes roving her body.

"Your husband sent me. You're on your honeymoon, aren't you?"

"We've just got married, yes. But it's not the sort of honeymoon
most people think of."

"So I hear."

"News travels."

"Very fast."

"So you know what I want."


"So come on, my sexy lifeguard. Fuck me."

He grinned and stretched on his side by her. Bending over, he
kissed her gently. She sighed in pleasure and slowly wound her arm
around his thick shoulders. Her lips fluttered open beneath his.
His tongue slipped in and out of her mouth. She sucked on it
gently while her fingers traced the contours of his hard, deep
chest and wonderfully muscled body. He slid his hand up her belly
to her breasts. They swelled at his touch and her nipples
stiffened in the tiny bikini cups. He swept his tongue through her
ear and flicked the bikini straps off her shoulders. She wriggled
her arms out of them and he pulled off the top and fondled her
naked breasts. Anuja murmured in pleasure, kissing him tenderly.
Her fingers crawled down his hard belly to his crotch, wriggled
into the legs of his swimming briefs. She quickened in pleasure as
her fingers closed around his penis. It was long and thick and,
she noticed as she caressed it, smoothly shorn to the hilt. His
balls were thick and heavy and low and his pubic hair was short
and springy.

Ravi moved his head lower, dragging his tongue down her neck to
her breasts. Anuja closed her eyes and moaned softly, her soft,
luscious lips parted. Ravi noticed the dainty little birth-mark on
the inside of her left breast and another lower down on her
midriff. He found them exciting and sexy. Her nipples were stiff
and hard. He swirled his tongue around one stiff nipple, whipped
it back and forth. She shuddered and groaned. Opening his mouth,
he drew the succulent mound between his lips and began to suck on
it, gently at first and then with a steadily increasing pressure.
Tiny flames of lust leaped from her breast-tips. His other hand
worked her free breast. Anuja clenched his head and groaned

"Mm, yes ... oh that's good, baby ... yes!"

The pressure of his mouth grew and now he nibbled on her hard
nipple, scraped it across his teeth and the roof his mouth. Anuja
gasped and twisted under him. Instantly, he let go. She moaned. He
resumed sucking and nibbling. His hand slid down her belly and
into the tiny bikini panties that barely covered her cunt-lips.
She groaned as his finger slid down her crack. It was already wet.
She spread her legs apart. His finger rippled down her crack,
probed her clitoris.

Ravi moved his lips and mouth and teeth to her other breast. She
arched her back and her fingers tightened on his penis, squeezing
it eagerly. Ravi slid his hand out of her crotch and, moving
further across her body, squeezed her breasts together and sucked on both nipples simultaneously. Anuja gasped and arched stiffly.
His sharp, hard teeth scraped across her quivering nipples and his
tongue whipped the hard points mercilessly. Her body writhed under

His lips and tongue trickled lower, descending between her deep
cleavage and rippling down her flat belly. He swirled his tongue
through her navel, then moved lower still. Anuja lifted her hips
when he hooked his thumbs in her bikini panties and pulled them
down her legs. He pulled them off and tossed them aside on the
raft. Anuja smiled wantonly at him, spreading her legs and bending
her knees, her arms stretching, her finger clawing her cunt-lips

"C'mon, Ravi ... lick my slit," she whimpered.

Ravi thought she was one of the loveliest women he had seen. Her
tawny naked body glistened in the brittle sunlight. Her face was
soft and radiant with lust. The tiny, light freckles and darker
birth-marks on the sides of her face twinkled enticingly. Ravi
moved between her legs and caressed her naked body tenderly. Anuja
shuddered in pleasure, her eyes closed, her hands under her
breasts, lifting and squeezing them erotically. Ravi slid his
hands down to her cunt-lips and pried them open. Her cunt was
already wet; her cunt-juices flowed in a thick stream. Ravi
shuffled back slightly, his knees at the edge of the raft and,
bending steeply forward, thrust his face into her crotch.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh uhhhh yes!" Anuja gasped, her back arching stiffly,
her hands working her breasts in excitement. "Ohhhh Ravi yes!"

Her hips bucked and writhed under his face. Ravi dragged his
tongue up and down her wet slit, narrowed it to a spade-point and
jabbed it in and out of her cunt, flicking her gorged clitoris
rapidly. Anuja hissed and gasped in pleasure, spreading her legs
wider still, her fingers twining in his hair, moving his head
around in her crotch. Ravi burrowed deeper, sucking on her stiff
clitoris, thrusting his tongue in and out of her hot, wet cunt.
Anuja gasped and moaned, her hips heaving and bucking under his
face. Slowly, he slid a thick forefinger into her tight
cunt-channel and finger- and tongue-fucked her simultaneously.

"Oh ma uhhhhhh *hanh* uhhhh yes!" Anuja gasped.

Her head rolled from side to side. Her hands flew to her breasts,
squeezing them ecstatically. His tongue and finger felt wonderful
in her cunt. Her body was hot with lust and desire. Ravi continued
plying his tongue in her slit relentlessly, running it in and out
of the molten flesh, whipping her gorged clitoris back and forth,
while his finger twisted and turned in her tight, hot, convulsive
channel. Her breathing grew sharper and more rapid as she soared
towards a blinding orgasm. Just as she was about to peak, her body
thrashing joyously, he stopped and rose. She moaned in frustration
and hunger. He laughed softly and quickly got to his feet.

"C'mon, bitch ... give me some head," he grunted.

Anuja flipped around on her knees before him and slowly, wantonly,
dragged her tongue up his muscular thighs, rising higher and
higher. Craning her head, she licked his heavy, low balls and
sucked them one by one. His cock brushed her face. She stroked it
gently with her fingers and, whimpering, turned her face to it.
Rolling back the foreskin, her eyes half-closed, her head tilted
to one side, she opened her mouth slowly and swept her tongue over
the bulging cock-head. Ravi gasped. His penis quivered and began
to thicken and harden and lengthen in her hands. Anuja groaned
softly and swirled her tongue adroitly around the thick cock-head.
His cock grew harder still. Slowly, she slipped her lips around
his cock-head and took it in her mouth and began sucking it,
plying it steadily with her tongue.

"Oh fuck yes!" Ravi gasped sharply, his head arching back, his
hips lurching forward at her face, his hands on her head. "C'mon!
Suck it! Ohhhhhh uhhh yeh ... that's it ... oh fuck yes!"

Anuja began sucking his cock deeply and heavily. She loved the
tangy taste and musky odour of his cock in her mouth. Her head
swam with excitement. His cock spurted pre-cum gunk and she
swallowed them lasciviously. His lewd love-calls aroused her,
ringing in her ears above the hissing wind and growling sea. Ravi
groaned and fucked her mouth slowly, gasping and grunting. His
belly sucked in with the strain. His hips rocked back and forth,
his buttocks flexing and unflexing. His cock glistened and shone
as it slid back and forth between her lips. Her mouth was warm and
moist, her tongue wicked and relentless. He rocked her head to and
fro before him as he fucked her mouth.

"Mm ... ohhh yeh ... oh fuck yes ... suck it, babe ... yeh ...
suck it harder ... mm, yeh, that's it ... ohhhhhh uhhh yeh ... oh
fuck yes! C'mon, bitch, do it!"

The heat roiled in his belly and balls and his jizz surged in his
loins, pumping upward, threatening to burst into her delightfully
greedy mouth. He kept fucking her mouth as long as he could
without orgasming. At the last minute, as his gonads clamoured for
release, he pushed her head back with a gasp. jizz dribbled from
his cock-head. Anuja moaned and, opening her mouth under his cock,
lapped at the trickling gunk and swallowed it lasciviously.

She went down on her back on the raft again, spreading her legs
and lifting her knees. Reaching down, she pulled her cunt-lips
open for him.

"C'mon, Ravi ... fuck me ... fuck me hard!" she gasped.

Ravi knelt between her forked thighs and bent over her on
outstretched arms with his hands on either side of her torso. She
reached down and, lifting her hips, held his cock and guided it to
her cunt. His cock-head pushed between her cunt-lips; Anuja
tensed, biting her lower lip sexily as she felt its searing heat.
Then he flexed his buttocks and dipped his hips and his penis
surged powerfully into her belly, running in deeply in one smooth,
long thrust.

"Oh ma uhhhh AHHHHHHHHHHHH uhhh OHH!"

Anuja gasped, arching her back, the breath shooting from her
throat as the huge penis burst into her flesh, burrowing and
tunnelling deep, throbbing, rock-hard, burning hot. Her cunt convulsed frantically on the enormous invader and Ravi gasped, his
powerful muscles rippling, his head flung back, his buttocks
flexed taut, his groin pressed to hers. She whimpered sexily, her
hands caressing his magnificently muscled torso and strong back,
her cunt raised and squirming against his crotch.

"Yes," she gasped. "Fuck me, Ravi! Fuck me like a whore!"

Her face was suffused with passion. The little nose-stud in her
left nostril winked and the two earrings in each ear, one smaller
than the other, glittered in the sunlight that beat down on their
naked bodies. Ravi's body felt hot and flushed. He groaned and
slid his hips back and up, unflexing his buttocks and she gasped
as his cock slipped outward, retreating further and further till
only his cock-head was still within her flesh. He paused
fractionally and then slowly ground into her again, skewering her
deeply. Her body arched with his thrust, her back cambering
beneath him, her cunt rising to meet his descending loins.

"Ahhhhhh uhhh yes!" he gasped as he drove into her hot, tight,
clonic cunt. "Ohh baby yes!"

"Oh ma uhhhh *hanh* uhhhh OHHHHHH!" she cried simultaneously.

Her legs spread wider, her knees bending down and out to give him
deeper access to her flesh. He began fucking her slowly and
smoothly, with long, steady, rhythmic strokes, his hips sliding up
and down, back and forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his
cock grinding in and out of her cunt. Anuja moaned and gasped,
writhing and squirming erotically beneath him, her hips heaving up
and down. Her body jerked and lurched with his thrusts, her head
rolling languorously from side to side, her breasts jiggling and
bouncing erotically. They began to sweat with their exertions and
the heat. Dewdrops of perspiration beaded her upper lip and
forehead; a thin rivulet coursed through her cleavage. Sweat
dripped from his glistening torso onto her body. She gasped loudly
and lewdly, squeezing her breasts, rolling her palms erotically
over her hard nipples and, craning her head, lapped sexily at the
sweat on his chest, sucked his nipple.

"Ohhhh yeh ... take it ... c'mon ... take it ... take it, bitch
... take my cock!" Ravi groaned, his head flung back.

"Yes ... ohhh fuck yes ... fuck me ... fuck me, baby ... ohhh
that's so good ... c'mon ... shove it in deeper ... ahhhhhh yes
... shove it in all the way, lover ... ohhhhh uhhh yes! That's

On the beach, Avinash masturbated slowly, watching them through
his powerful binoculars, taking shots with the expensive still
cameras, shooting on both black-and-white and transparency film.
Two video cameras with big zoom lenses were trained on the raft
that bobbed on the waves. He watched the handsome lifeguard
fucking his bride methodically, his body rocking over hers, her
body thrashing and writhing under his.

The waves rocked the raft, adding another dimension to their
pleasure. Gradually, Ravi moved faster and faster, swinging his
hips swiftly up and down, back and forth, gathering speed by the
second. His cock plunged deeply in and out of her cunt, glistening
and gleaming with their comingled coital fluids. His hips snapped
and his buttocks flexed and unflexed alternately, rapidly. Beneath
him, Anuja rocked and writhed and heaved and thrashed
uncontrollably, mouthing a litany of erotic obscenities. He rammed
his cock greedily in and out of her cunt, thrusting and plunging
and pistoning furiously, forcing choking, shuddering moans from
her throat.

"Oh Ravi! Ravi uhhh OHHHHHH uhhh RUHHHH ... uhhhh OHHH uhh Oh ma
uhh *hanh* uhh oh ma uhhh *hanh* uhhh Ohhh Ravi! Uhhh OHHHHH!" she
cried, her voice ragged and hoarse.

"Ah-huh-ah-uh-ah-uh-ah-uh-ah-uh-ah-uh-OHHHHH!" He groaned, his
penis plundering in and out of her flesh.

Anuja orgasmed violently, her back arching and cambering under
him. Her cunt convulsed frantically on his penis and she dug her
fingers into his shoulders and cried out thinly, her cunt heaving
up to his crotch, contracting fiercely on his throbbing penis. He
groaned and rammed into her wildly once, twice, three, four, five
times. Each thrust made her gasp and cry out, arching and writhing
under him. Gradually, her orgasm ebbed and the clonic convulsions
of her cunt waned in intensity and frequency. He slowed, too,
rocking slowly and gently in and out of her flesh. Bending his
head, he kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. She
groaned, sucking on his tongue, her breasts hot under his chest,
her arms winding around his back.

"Want more?" he murmured, his tongue in her ear.

"Mm. Definitely," she gasped. "Lots more."

"You like it in the ass?"

"Very much."

"Good. Turn over."

"My cunt first, again. From behind. Then my ass."


The lifeguard slid out of Anuja's cunt. She rolled over
languorously, turning on her front, her face turned to the beach
and pillowed her head on her crossed forearms. Shuffling her legs
apart, she lifted her hips and buttocks, her back curving in a
wide U. Ravi knelt between her legs and bent over her, his body
supported on one forearm, gripping his erect penis with his other
hand. Slowly, he squeezed it between her buttocks and pushed it
into her slit. The handsome lifeguard's cock ground slowly between
Anuja's buttocks and disappeared into her wet cunt. She gasped
loudly, her face twisting in pleasure as the huge, hot, hard penis
surged into her flesh, tunnelling and squeezing between her
buttocks, grinding in deeper and deeper.

"Oh ma uhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh uhhh yes!" she gasped in joy.

"C'mon! Take it! Ohhhhhh uhhh yes!" Ravi groaned, straightening
his body over hers, leaning on his forearms. "C'mon, bitch, take

Her buttocks rose and pressed against his groin, writhing and
squirming erotically. Her cunt convulsed eagerly on his penis.

"Slowly," she moaned. "Fuck me slowly ... don't stop ..."

She turned her face and he bent his head and kissed her deeply,
thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She sucked his tongue
wantonly, writhing her buttocks against his groin. Ravi began
fucking her slowly, rocking his hips up and down and back and
forth, flexing and unflexing his buttocks. His cock slid in and
out, in and out, in and out, appearing and disappearing between
the delectably rounded curves of her buttocks. Her cunt was hot
and wet and tight as a glove, and it squeezed and convulsed
eagerly on his throbbing penis. Breaking the kiss, he nuzzled the
nape of her neck, swirled his tongue through her ear. Their bodies
glistened with the streaming sweat.

"Ahhh hunhhh ahhhh hunhh uhhhh hunhhhhh uhhh hunhhhhh uhhhh ahhh
uhhh yeh uhhh oh yes ohhhh uhh hunh uhhh yeh ... take it ... c'mon
... take it ... unhh yeh unhh yeh!" His gasps rang in her ear,
arousing her intensely.

As his hips bucked and rocked steeply up and down over her
buttocks, his cock rising and falling, plunging and pistoning up
and down and in and out, her buttocks heaved and writhed and
bobbed under him, meeting his hips in descent. He moved faster,
and her body jerked and rocked with his thrusts. Gasping and
whimpering, she rose slightly on her forearms, her breasts squeezed between her arms, her head arched. His cock felt
wonderful as it surged in and out of her cunt, forcing tidal waves
of pleasure to wash through her flesh.

"Ohh uhhhh yes uhhhh ohhh yes ohhhhhh uhhh yes uhhh oh ma uhhh
*hanh* uhhh Ohhhhh Ravi! Ravi uhhhhh ohhhhh uhhhh yes! Fuck me
ahhhh uhh yeh ... shove it in baby ... fuck me harder ... ohhhh
uhhhh yeh, that's it ... ohhhhh uhhhhh yeh, that's it!"

She was teetering on the verge of a cataclysmic orgasm when he
paused and slid out of her cunt. Anuja groaned in dismay.

"Now," he growled. "I want your ass."

Anuja moaned and bent her body in submission. drawing her knees up
higher under her belly, she lifted her buttocks and bent forward.
Ravi knelt behind her and, squeezing his cock-head between her
buttocks, pressed it to the puckered flesh of her anus. She
yielded without hesitation and he flexed his buttocks and eased
his hips forward. His cock-head popped into her anus. She gasped,
chewing her lower lip, her head rising, her face contorting in a
grimace of algedonic lust. Ravi groaned. Her asshole was hot and
tight and it convulsed and spasmed frenetically on his cock.
Digging his fingers into the soft flesh of her buttocks, he pushed
his cock deeper and deeper into her rear channel. Anuja's mouth
opened in a wide 'O' and the breath rushed from her throat in a
series of choking gasps as the huge penis seared and surged into
her anus.


"C'mon! Take it! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhuhhh yes take it!" he gasped,
tossing his handsome head back, pushing his cock deeper and deeper
into her gloriously hot and tight anus. "Take it! Ohhhhh uhhhh
ohhhh uhhh ohhhhh!"

From the beach, Avinash watched through his binoculars and cameras
as the handsome lifeguard sodomised his bride thoroughly. Ravi
fucked her ass slowly and heavily, rocking his hips back and
forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his cock going in and
out of her anus, appearing and disappearing between the smoothly
rounded curves of her buttocks. Anuja gasped and moaned, rocking
and lurching and jerking back and forth under him, her buttocks
writhing and squirming against his hips and groin. Ravi slid his
hands under her body and squeezed her heavy, swollen, pendulous

Anuja enjoyed being sodomised, and Ravi was fucking her ass
superbly. His cock felt wonderful in her anus, grinding heavily
and slowly and deeply in and out of the taut, spasming channel.
The sensation was exquisite, finely balanced on knife-edge between
a deep, throbbing ache and intense pleasure. Anuja rocked back and
forth under him, moving her ass up and down the length of his
thick, hard, hot cock. She gasped and, moaning and crying out,
orgasmed violently, shuddering and trembling. The intense
convulsions of her anus on his cock overpowered him. Ravi gasped
and jerked out of her asshole. He masturbated rapidly for a few
seconds and then, with a loud moan, exploded.

Avinash was ready. He had zoomed in to a tight close-up and,
doubling the camera speed for an erotic slow-motion playback
effect, caught a shot of Ravi's jizz spurting from his cock-head
and spattering her back and buttocks, dribbling down her thighs.
With a soft gasp, Ravi pushed his cock back between her buttocks
and into her anus, making her groan and lurch forward under him.
He fucked her ass gently for a few seconds and then, sliding out,
pushed it into her cunt again. Anuja groaned and sank to the raft
under her lover.

Through the lens, Avinash watched the lifeguard slide out of her
and flip on his back beside her. She lifted her head, smiled, said
something and kissed him tenderly, fondling his crotch. He cupped
and squeezed her breasts. They laughed and then the lifeguard rose
and dived cleanly off the rocking raft into the waves, still
naked. Anuja followed him and Avinash filmed them swimming lazily
through the water, frolicking like children for several minutes.
The couple returned to the raft and, as Ravi sprawled on his back,
Anuja bent her head over his crotch and took his cock in her mouth
= o =


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