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Archived Sex Stories

Pentaprism 15 Camera Candida 4 Beachcombing



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.

Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


camera Candida

4 : Beachcombing
The tide began to rise as the sun dipped below the horizon. The
sky was streaked with purple and gold. Scudding clouds arched up
into an inky night. The wind rustled the leaves of the tall palm
trees fronting the beach. The white caps of the waves glistened as
the moon rose, a pale globe climbing steadily.

At the edge of the beach, where the waves rushed up and crawled
back, a pair of naked figures writhed in a sexual frenzy. On her
back, her legs drawn up, her knees gripping the hips of the
handsome, muscular youth who was bent over her, fucking her
furiously, Anuja moaned and gasped ecstatically, her hips bucking
and heaving under his.

"Ohhhhh uhhhh yes uhhhhhh yes uhhhh ohhhhh yes!" she gasped. "Fuck
me! Fuck me, baby ohhhhhhhh uhhh yeh ... fuck me harder! Fuck me
like a whore, baby ... do it!"

"Ahhhh uhhh ahhh uhhh ahhhh uhhh ahhhhh uhhh ahhhh!" her lover
gasped, swinging his lean hips back and forth and up and down,
flexing and unflexing his taut buttocks, plunging his swollen
penis in and out of her cunt.

The youth was a complete stranger; she did not even know his name.
Earlier that evening, she woke from a light siesta. Yawning, she
stretched luxuriously. Beside her, the handsome young man from
room service stirred. They had spent the better part of the
afternoon fucking eagerly and, finally sated, slipped into
slumber. He smiled sleepily at her. Anuja grinned, caressing his
face and head. He grunted and rested his head on her chest, gently
teasing her nipple. She sighed in pleasure.

"Want to fuck again?" he murmured.

"Mm. And again, and again."

He chuckled. "You're one crazy, horny, wonderful broad."

"Lucky you," she giggled. "Come on."

For the next half an hour or more, they fucked unhurriedly and
slowly, with intense enjoyment. She sucked his cock deeply,
arousing him steadily to fever pitch with her cunning tongue and
lips and teeth. He took his revenge, licking her slit relentlessly
till she was thrashing and gasping and moaning, rocking on the
brink of a violent orgasm. Grinning, he moved over her and slid
his cock slowly and deeply into her cunt and began fucking her
with measured, rhythmic thrusts. Anuja whimpered joyously, rocking
and lurching under him. The youth fucked her without respite,
groaning and panting as her hot, tight cunt convulsed and cramped
eagerly on his throbbing penis.

She entranced him; he couldn't take his eyes off her. Her lustrous
eyes, rimmed with *kajal*, glittered with lust. Sensuous, curved,
voluptuous, erotic, tawny-skinned and hungry, she whimpered in
undisguised joy under him. Her dark hair was bound in a long
braid. The gold necklace twinkled around her neck. Her full
breasts jiggled with his thrusts, the nipples stiff and hard. The
little birth-marks on her face and neck, on the inside of her left
breast and on her midriff were enchanting. Her jewellery -- two
earrings in each ear, a small nose-stud, diamond and gold
finger-rings -- glittered in the softly filtered light. The man bent his head and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.
She groaned and, sucking his tongue, arched under him, her cunt rising and pressing to his groin. They orgasmed almost
simultaneously. She came first, gasping and mewing in pleasure and
he followed seconds later, groaning as the heat erupted from his
loins and burst into her flesh. She whimpered, her body jerking
and twitching up and down as his hot jizz spurted into her cunt in
an endless flood.

The man left, reluctantly, wanting more. She laughed and promised
to see him again. She showered and douched. Slipping into a thick terry-cloth robe, leaving it unbelted, she strolled out into the
suite. Avinash was at his computer, fiddling with the controls,
editing the movies he had made of their honeymoon. He looked up as
she came and stood beside him, and smiled. She slipped her hand
around his shoulders, ruffled his head.

The film he was working on was very sexy. It showed her being
fucked by two men simultaneously, in her cunt and mouth, her body
bridging theirs, rocking and swaying back and forth on all fours.

"Hot stuff," he murmured. "Very steamy."

She grinned. "I really enjoyed it."


"I'm having a good time, actually."

"I'm glad."

"That doesn't mean I don't want to fuck you. I do."


"Sorry. Forget I said that."

He smiled and she bent and kissed him. He did not break the kiss
but responded gently, slipping his tongue in and out of her mouth
and cupped her pendulous breast. It warmed and swelled at his
touch, her nipple hardening in his fingers. She quivered and
trembled, moaned softly, but stepped back quickly.

"Thank you," he murmured.

She nodded. "I'm going for a walk. Do you want to come along?"

He shook his head. "Not today. I want to finish editing this."

"Okay. I'll be back in an hour or so."

"Fine. Enjoy yourself."

She kissed him again, lightly, brushing his lips with hers. He
turned back to his screens and his fingers flew over the keyboard.

Anuja stopped for a few minutes, watching him at work. The film
was very sexy. He moved on to the next sequence of the two men fucking her together in her cunt and ass. She lay on her side
between them, thrashing and writhing in joy, her face contorted in
a wild rictus of pleasure as the hugely swollen penises sawed in
and out of her cunt and anus. The man behind her gripped her
buttocks and lifted her leg high, gasping and groaning as he
squeezed his cock as deep into her ass as he could. In front of
her, the other man held her hip with one hand and jerked his hips
back and forth, thrusting mightily in and out of her wet cunt.
Anuja's upper leg was raised and drawn up and her head jerked and
tossed as the two men raided her adjacent orifices without

Anuja moaned, the scene arousing her. She remembered vividly how
good the two lovers had been, how masterfully and frequently they
had fucked her. Sighing, she turned and went back to the bedroom
to dress.

A few minutes later, she left the suite and, crossing the hotel's
lush lawns and gardens, headed for the beach. Several employees
smiled. Many of them had fucked her over the past few days; others
had heard the news and awaited their turn. She stopped to chat
with some of them, laughing brightly. A couple of others were
attractive and she noted their names on their identification tags.

Anuja kicked off her sandals at the wicker gate that led from the
hotel to the beach and walked down to the sea. The beach was
almost deserted. The sand was soft and clean underfoot. She took
several deep breaths and headed north, walking steadily and
quickly along the edge of the water. The wind rippled across the
open sea and plucked at her hair and the lapels of her shirt. It
felt good, being caressed by nature. Her nipples hardened in
pleasure. She continued walking, clearing her mind, relaxed and

The sun sidled to the sea. It grew darker. The breeze picked up.
Anuja walked on and, inevitably, began fantasizing. Her arousal
sharpened. She wore a loose white button-down shirt with the ends
knotted below her breasts, the buttons left open, and a pair of
tight white shorts. Her midriff was bare. Her breasts were
squeezed together under the shirt deepening her cleavage and
exposing the luscious swell of her breasts. The shirt was
translucent and even her dark aureoles and nipples were visible.
She undid her shorts, unzipped them and walked on, caressing her
breasts occasionally.

Through the lowering gloom, she spotted a figure ahead of her
walking down the beach to the water's edge. She walked on, peering
into the dusk. The figure paused. Anuja slowed, seeing that it was
a man. He had not seen her. He stripped off his vest and shorts,
flung them casually on the sand and, naked, stepped down into the
water. Anuja sucked in her breath and slowed. The man continued
walking slowly into the waves, stretching his arms, bending and
twisting, flexing his muscles. Anuja saw that he was tall and lean
and superbly muscled. He had broad shoulders, a wide, cleaved
chest, a flat, hard belly, lean hips and long limbs that bulged
with rounded bunches of muscle.

The man bent from side to side, clasped his hands behind his head
and twisted his trunk around. Anuja saw that his limp cock was
thick and long, hanging in a curve from his groin like a hose over
a large, low scrotum. He was clean-shaven and good-looking, with a
fine, straight nose, dark eyes and full, wide lips. His torso was
smooth and hairless.

He still had not seen her. Anuja felt a rush of excitement. She
opened the knot of her shirt, letting it hang open and moved
forward quickly towards him. The man continued exercising,
oblivious of her presence. He saw her only when she was very close
and, for a moment, looked startled. Then his eyes swept over her
body, taking in her exposed breasts and crotch and a small smile
danced on his lips. He turned to face her.

Anuja shrugged off her shirt and flung it away to the beach. Still
moving, slowly slightly, she wriggled out of her shorts and tossed
them aside, too. The man waited. Anuja walked right on, moving
into the water herself, getting closer. The man lifted his penis
in his hand and began masturbating, his grin widening, showing
pearly teeth that flashed in the darkness.

Without a word, Anuja dropped to her knees before her and,
flipping back the foreskin, took his cock in her mouth. The man grunted softly. She groaned and began to suck his penis hungrily,
deeply aroused. The entire incident was erotic beyond belief --
walking alone, finding a handsome stranger, naked in the dark and,
without a moment's hesitation or pause, without introduction or
explanation, kneeling before him and to suck his cock. This was
the best kind of sex -- anonymous, primal, essential, two
strangers yielding to desire.

The man's cock swelled rapidly in her mouth, distending her face.
It grew longer and harder and thicker, and she could feel its
throbbing heat as she swirled her tongue over the bulging
cock-head and scraped her teeth along the rough-skinned shaft
which was shorn smoothly down to the base. His cock grew and grew,
becoming full ten inches long and correspondingly thick. The veins
in the shaft bulged and throbbed between her lips. Anuja whimpered
deep in her cock-filled throat and sucked his cock faster and
faster, rocking her head back and forth between his legs, her
fingers encircling the base of his penis. The man grunted thickly
as he fucked her face, jerking his hips back and forth, pushing
his cock in and out of her mouth. He held her head and moved it to
and fro to suit his pleasure. Thick, heady pre-cum spurted from
the slit in his cock-head. Anuja moaned deep in her throat; she
loved the tangy taste and odour of jizz.

"Yeh ... suck it ... c'mon, bitch ... suck my dick, whore," the
man gasped as the fires roiled in his belly and balls. "C'mon!
Suck it harder, whore! Harder! Ahhh yes thas it ... oh fuck yes!
Ohhhh yeh thas good ... c'mon! Do it!"

He continued fucking her mouth without respite. Anuja moaned
thickly, her lust mounting every second. She wanted this never to
end. The young man grunted loudly and, looking down, grinned in
pleasure. Her mouth was wonderful, warm and moist, and her tongue
was electric on throbbing cock.

"Mm ... jes keep sucking, whore ... keep sucking!" he grunted.
"Yeh ... oh fuck yes! Thas it ... yeh ... suck harder, bitch ...
ahhhhh yeh ... thas good!"

At last he pushed her head away. Anuja moaned and looked up at
him, her lips shining with his gunk, her eyes glittering with
lust. Gripping his throbbing penis, she caressed her face with it

"Fuck me," she murmured above the whisper of the wind and grumble
of the surf. "Fuck me like a whore!"

She went down on her back on the fine, gritty sand and, spreading
her legs and bending her knees, offered her body to her anonymous
lover, a stranger till a few minutes ago, now intimate with her in
the most elemental fashion. The youth bent over her on his knees
and outstretched arms and paused for a second with his cock-head
at her cunt-lips, looking down at her. She looked bewitching lying
there on the sand under him, her body bent in half, her legs
raised, her breasts hot and swollen, the nipples rigid and stiff,
her gold necklace twinkling on her tawny skin, her face radiant
with excitement.

"Fuck me," she moaned again, her lips parted. "C'mon ... shove
your cock into my slit, lover! Do it!"

With a soft groan, the man dipped his hips. His cock sank into the
soft wetness of her cunt like a hot knife into butter. He gasped,
his muscles rippling, his handsome head arching and craning back.
Beneath him, Anuja's breath rattled from her open mouth and she
arched steeply under him, her hips rising up to meet his in
descent. His cock was huge and hot and hard and it went in and in
and in, plowing relentlessly deeper and deeper into her flesh,
piercing and filling her flesh.

"OHHHH uhhh Oh ma uhhh ahhhh uhhhh yes!" she gasped. "OHHHHH uhhh
yes Oh god yes!"

The man's hips dipped further and further and his buttocks flexed
taut as he drove his penis into her cunt till he was fully
embedded in her cunt-flesh. He groaned loudly, squirming his
buttocks delicately. Her cunt was hot and wet and soft and it
spasmed and convulsed eagerly on his throbbing erection.

"Oh god yes!" she gasped again, her fingers digging into his
bulging biceps. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard, lover! C'mon! Do it!"

With a shuddering groan, the youth lifted his hips, unflexing his
buttocks and sliding his cock outward. Anuja gasped at the sudden
release in pressure in her cunt.

"C'mon! Take it!" the young man grunted and thrust into her again.

Beneath him, Anuja gasped and arched, her head tilting upward, her
mouth open in a wide 'O'.

"Ohhhhh uhhh yes! Ohh god yes!" she cried as the huge, hot, hard,
throbbing penis surged into her sodden cunt-flesh. "Ohhhhh uhhhh
yes ... c'mon, baby ... shove it in ... ahhhhhh uhhh yes! Oh fuck

"Take it! Take it, whore! Take it!" the man cried.

He began fucking her rapidly, yet with masterful control, swinging
his hips up and down with a snap of his waist, flexing and
unflexing his taut buttocks rhythmically, thrusting his cock
deeply in and out of her convulsing cunt. Her body rocked and
jiggled under his thrusts, curling up onto the small of her back
as he plunged greedily in and out of her slit. Her hips moved up
and down in unison with his. Her heavy, swollen breasts jiggled as
he fucked her. Her face was a vision of lust, her eyes hooded and
half-closed, her mouth open in a wide 'O', her head arched and
tilted back.

"Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uhhhh OHHHH uh oh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma
uhhh OHHH uhh yes uhh oh god yes uhhh Ohhh uh oh uh oh uh OHH!"
Anuja gasped joyously.

"Yeh ... oh fuck yes ... take it ... oh yeh ... oh yeh ... ah uh
ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ahhh uh Oh uhh oh yeh oh fuck
yes ... c'mon ... take it! Oh fuck yes ... take it! Take it,
whore! Take it! Ohh uhhh Ohhhh uhhh oh fuck yes oh baby yes!" the
youth responded.

Faster and faster they went, flesh piercing flesh, their bodies
pounding and rocking together on the sand. The tide began to come
in and Anuja gasped as fingers of sea slipped under her body and,
as it grew stronger, splashed over her warm, sweat-flecked flesh.
The man was magnificent, relentless, unstoppable. Her body burned
with lust and she soared high and free, coasting to a wild orgasm.
She could do nothing to stop its onset and it crashed over her
like a thunderstorm, driving the breath from her throat in a
choking, cracked groan, making her arch steeply, her mouth wide,
her face screwed up in lust. Her cunt convulsed frantically on his
throbbing erection and the man groaned and rammed his cock into
her with deeply satisfying, skewering thrusts, drawing a choking
moan of unbridled pleasure with each lunge.

"You're a bleddy hot bitch," he said and she knew at once he was a
local from his odd accent. "Come on, turnoer ... I want to fuck
you from behind!"

He slid out of her and, with a soft moan, Anuja turned over on her
front, rising on her hands and knees. The youth chuckled softly as
he creased her lovely buttocks apart. His thumbs pressed to her

"Betchu like it in your arsole, donchu?" he said.

"Yes," she groaned, writhing her hips. "God yes!"

"Jes knew it, men!" he laughed. "I jes knew it! Okay, bitch ...
jes you wait ... first lemme screw your slit sommor, then I'll
fuck your arsole!"

He pressed his cock-head between her buttocks to her cunt-lips.
Anuja bit her lower lip, quivering in eager anticipation. The man paused, chuckled softly, then flexed his buttocks and slid his
hips forward. His penis surged into her belly, driving deeper and
deeper inward. Anuja cried out, her head snapping up, her mouth
jerking open in a wide 'O'. The man gasped and, sliding his hands
up her body, squeezed her pendulous breasts greedily.

"Fuck yeh! Take it, bitch!" he cried.

"Oh ma uhhhh OHHHHHHH!" she moaned.

He flexed his buttocks taut and pinned his hips to her buttocks,
burying his cock deep in her cunt. His fingers squeezed her
breasts and pinched her nipples. Anuja gasped, squirming her
buttocks against him and turned her face over her shoulder. Her
little nose-stud glinted sexily. The man nuzzled the nape of her
neck, dragged his tongue through her ear and then, for the first
time since they met, kissed her, pushing his tongue in and out of
her mouth. Suddenly, he lifted his hips and unflexed his buttocks,
pulling his cock outward. Anuja gasped in surprise. He paused and
then, without warning again, rammed his cock into her hard. Anuja
cried out, her face twisting in delight and shock as the huge
penis thundered and seared into her flesh.


"Like it, heh?" he said softly. "Like my cock in your slit, heh

"Yes," she moaned. "Oh god yes ... yes!"

"Then take it, whore!" he cackled. "Take it!"

And, with that, he began ram-fucking her furiously. Gripping her
breasts, he swung his hips back and forth and up and down, flexing
and unflexing his buttocks rapidly, snapping his waist, thrusting
his cock steeply in and out of her cunt, pummelling her buttocks
with his thighs. Beneath him, Anuja moaned and gasped and cried
out, her body jerking and rocking with his thrusts, her gold
necklace flipping madly, her face contorted in a rictus of lust.
His cock was like a battering ram, plunging and pistoning and
ramming and reaming in and out of her cunt without respite.

"Oh uh oh uh oh ma uh oh ma uh oh uh ohhh uh oh ohh ohhhh uhh oh
uh oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma ohhhhhhhh!" Anuja called, rocking and
jerking and thrashing under his demonic thrusts.

"Yeh oh fuck yes oh yeh c'mon whore take it yeh oh fuck oh fuck oh
fuck yes oh fuck yes!" the man cried.

Anuja orgasmed yet again, her cunt contracting and convulsing
frantically on his pistoning, throbbing penis. The man gasped and,
gripping her shoulders, rammed his cock deep into her with slow,
skewering thrusts, each drawing a cracked groan from her throat.
Her orgasm intensified and he squeezed her breasts hard, making
her whimper in pleasure. As it ebbed, he rocked slowly into her
and ground to a halt. Anuja quivered in pleasure at the knowledge
that he had not come. Evidently, he intended to keep his promise
to sodomise her.

"Good fuck, bitch," he said, his lips at the nape of her neck.
"Now I want it again. Hard!"

He was a powerful, muscular man and, with the smoothest of
movements, shuffled his legs apart so that he was astride her
flared hips with his knees deeply bent. He leaned forward over
her, his hands and toes digging into the sand, in the surf that
was now up to her thighs, bent over her body like a dog mounting a
bitch in rut. Anuja groaned and waited, trembling in anticipation.

The man's cock-head and about two inches of his cock-shaft were
still in her slit. He withdrew slightly further till just his
cock-head was in her cunt and then, without warning, rammed his
crotch against her buttocks. Arched under him, Anuja cried out,
her head snapping up, her mouth jerking open, her face contorting
and twisting in rictus of delight as the huge cock plunged into
her again. This time, he didn't pause but instantly hit a maniacal
rhythm, ramming and reaming furiously in and out of her cunt. His
hips rocked and bounced up and down, his buttocks flexing and
unflexing rapidly and his cock glistened and gleamed as it
pistoned in and out of her cunt like a trip-hammer at full blast.
The heavy hammering drove the breath from her body in rushing
gasps and moans of unbridled joy.


"C'mon! C'mon, whore take it! Take it, you fucking bitch!" he

On and on he went and, incredibly, Anuja found herself soaring
towards a third orgasm. He sensed its imminence and, abruptly,
stopped, drilling his cock deep into her cunt in a piercing
thrust. He squeezed her breasts hungrily.

"Now, bitch," he panted, his tongue in her ear. "Now for your

Anuja groaned in excitement. She loved being sodomized, for there
was nothing quite like the bitter-sweet algedonic pleasure of a
hot, hard, large cock in her anus.

"Do it!" she gasped. "I want it! Do it!"

"Yeh, I know," the man chuckled. "Wait."

Incredibly, he slid out of her cunt and moved away. Anuja
collapsed into the surf that now surged against her pendulous
breasts. The man rose to his feet, slapping her buttocks.

"You wanna drown or what, slut? Better move up to the sand and

He turned and stepped away. Anuja couldn't believe what was
happening. He had abandoned her, and he was treating her like a
plaything. Strangely, it was very erotic. Unsteadily, she rose to
her feet. The waves rocked against her thighs. She stepped into
the water. It lapped at her crotch. It felt very good. She moved
in deeper and sank into the waves, thrilling at the touch of the
cool salt water on her naked body. Turning her face, she saw the
man rummaging in his clothes. He turned back and there was a small
bottle in his hand. His erection stuck out like a beautiful,
mammoth piledriver. As he moved towards her, Anuja turned and
walked out of the sea. The man watched her, waiting on the side
where the tide rushed at his feet, studying the way her body
moved, her lovely, heavy breasts bouncing freely, the nipples
still stiff and hard. She was gorgeous, irresistible. He
masturbated slowly, waiting for her.

She came up to him and smiled sexily, her eyes dancing. Her
fingers curled around his penis and she jerked his cock tenderly,
tilting her face to his. He kissed her deeply, probing her mouth
with his tongue, meeting her response.

"You're very good," she murmured, bending her head to lick one

"So're you."

"I had good orgasms. Great one."

"Yeah. I know."

"I want to suck your cock again."

"Okay. Then I'll fuck your arsole."


She slipped to her knees before him and took his cock in her mouth
again. It tasted heavenly, a heady, erotic amalgam of his jizz and
her cunt-juice. She sucked his cock hungrily, jerking the shaft in
her fist, plying the bulging, slippery cock-head with her tongue.
The man chuckled softly, his head bent, watching her suck his
cock, moving her head back and forth with one hand, pumping his
hips to and fro, fucking her mouth with pleasure. She was very
good, this one, he thought, better than any in a long time,
possibly the best. His balls roiled with jizz and there was deep
ache in the pit of his stomach. He savoured the sensation.

"Yeh ... that's good ... mm ... keep sucking, bitch ... fuck yes
... that's good ... yeh ... jes keep sucking my prick, whore ...
yeh ... ofuckyes!"

He pushed her head away after several minutes.

"Awright, whore. Now for your arsole. C'mon, get on your front!"

Anuja's eyes glittered with pleasure. She turned around on the
sand and went down on her front in a deep *namaz* position, with
her buttocks raised and thrust back, her legs spread, her
shoulders and face on the sand, her face turned to one side.
Reaching back she clawed her buttocks open, exposing the puckered
temptation of her anus to him.

"C'mon lover ... fuck my butt!" she said.

The man chuckled. She saw him uncap the bottle and tip it over his
cock. Cream oozed from the mouth and he anointed his cock slowly.
It glistened and shone in the starlit darkness.

"Thas better," he muttered. "Now you."

Anuja stiffened as she felt him push the mouth of the bottle
between her buttocks. Cold lotion dribbled through the cleft, over
her anus and cunt-lips. He smeared it carefully around her anus.
She trembled, her buttocks writhing in pleasure. It felt
wonderful. The bottle had a small conical mouth and now he moved
it to her anus and pressed it inward. Anuja gasped. Her anus
yielded and the mouth slipped inward. She groaned in pleasure. He
pressed the soft plastic container and lotion oozed into her rear
channel. Anuja whimpered joyously. She could feel the smooth, oily
fluid slipping up through her rectum.

"Please," she moaned. "Shove your cock in! Fuck my ass! Please!"

The man withdrew the bottle and tossed it aside. He crouched over
her hips again and pressed his cock-head to her anus. Anuja
tensed; her fingers clawed on her buttocks, keeping them splayed
open. The man paused with his huge cock-head at the portals of her
rear channel.

"Do it!" she gasped. "I want it!"

Slowly, the man flexed his buttocks and eased his hips forward.
His cock-head popped into her anus. Anuja's neck craned and her
face contorted, her eyes squeezing shut, her lips jerking back in
a wild rictus of lust. The cock-head was huge and it filled her
anus, stretching it wide. The breath rushed from her throat. Her
pulse hammered wildly. Her breath came in heaving, broken sobs.

"OH! UH! OH! UH! OH!" she gasped.

"Oh fuck yes!" the man groaned as her tight anus, fully
lubricated, squeezed and contracted powerfully on his rigid

Slowly, he pushed his cock deeper into her anus, inching further
and further and simultaneously driving the breath from her body.
Anuja's body was rigid with tension; yet she kept her hands pinned
on her buttocks. His cock was enormous, heavy and thick and hard
and long, and it went in and in and in without stopping, piercing
and penetrating the innermost recesses of her anus. At last he
stopped, his cock buried in her rear channel to the hilt, his
balls pressed to her lovely, curved buttocks. The man groaned, his
head spinning in delight and awe. He had never known a woman to
take his cock fully in her ass before. Truly, this one was
exceptional. He groaned, his muscles tensed and quivering, every
nerve strained. Beneath him, Anuja's chest heaved in cracked sobs,
and her hands slid slowly off her buttocks, sliding up under her
breasts which pressed into the sand. The man groaned, his fingers
digging into the soft flesh of her waist and hips and then he
began to sodomise her slowly and deeply and thoroughly. His hips
moved gently back and forth, his buttocks flexed and unflexed
evenly and his cock ground heavily in and out of her anus,
glistening and gleaming with their comingled juices and the
lubricant. Anuja gasped and moaned, her body angled forward on the
sand, rocking and lurching with his thrusts. Her breasts felt hot
and heavy, the nipples rigid in her fingers.

"Oh uh Oh ma uhh Ohhh uhh oh fuck yes! Ohhhh uhhh yes! Do it! Ohhh
uhhh OHHHHHHHH!" she cried. "Oh ma! Oh ma! Oh ma! Oh ma uhhh ahhh

"Fuck yes ... take it ... oh fuck yes ... take it, bitch! Take it!
Ohhhh fuck yes! Thas it! Oh yes baby yes thas it yes oh fuck oh
fuck yes!" the man gasped, his head flung back, his face screwed
up in a rictus of pleasure as the heat surged in his loins.

On and on he went, stroking steadily and heavily in and out of her
anus. Thrusting a hand under her belly, he fingered her gorged
clitoris. Anuja exploded. A violent orgasm wracked her frame. She
squeezed her breasts hard, crushing them in her palms. The man gasped as her cunt contracted fiercely on his pistoning penis. He
thrust into her once, twice, three times and then, buried deep in
her anus, began to orgasm. His load was prodigious. He kept
coming. With each spurting jet of jizz, he twitched his hips at
her buttocks and her body jerked under his thrusts.

"Ohhhhhh uhhhh yes! Ohh god yes!" he groaned.

Beneath him, Anuja moaned and whimpered, squirming her buttocks
against his thighs, her head swimming in delirious joy as she felt
the hot seed spume out into her anus. There seemed to be no end to
the flood. The man slid out, still spurting jizz. It squirted over
her buttocks and thighs, dribbled into the cleft between her
buttocks. He gasped and pushed his cock down and into her cunt.
She groaned in pleasure as his cock surged into her cunt, spurting
jizz before it. The man thrust into her repeatedly, emptying
himself till at last he was spent. Slowly, he drew out of her and
sank back on his haunches. Anuja moaned, her body trembling and
shaking, dizzy in the aftermath, her chest heaving, sucking air
into her lung in deep, rattling gasps. For several minutes they
remained on the sand while the tension gradually ebbed from their

Groggily, Anuja lurched up on all fours. The man got to his feet.
Slowly, she got up, too. The man put his arms around her from
behind and nuzzled the nape of her neck, his hands cupping her
breasts. Anuja squirmed against him.

"You were ver' good," the man said. "The bes."

"Thank you," she murmured, turning her face to kiss him. "It's
late. I must go."

"You're at the hotel?" He pointed to the lights down the beach.


"I'll walk there wi' you. It's not safe so late."

"Thank you."

"You come back tomorrow, you hear? I'll fuck you 'gain, and my
brudder will come also. He's even better. You will come?"


"No maybe. Yes."

"We'll see."

"No. Say yes."

"Oh, all right. Yes."

The man smiled, his perfect teeth flashing in the darkness. He
kissed her again and, turning, retrieved their clothes. They
dressed quickly, in silence. He took her hand and they walked back
to the hotel. At the beach entrance, he stopped, kissed her again,
pushing his hands under her shirt and cupping her breasts,
pinching her nipples which were still stiff. She squeezed his cock
through his shorts.

"Till tomorrow," he murmured.

"Yes. Till tomorrow."

"Same time, same place."


She turned and walked quickly up the path to the hotel's beach
entrance. She rinsed her feet under the tap in the small, tiled,
slightly sunken pit just inside the hotel's garden.

Anuja collected her sandals from the stand by the wicker gate and,
slipping her feet into them, stepped onto the flagstone path to
the hotel building and suddenly realised that she didn't even know
her lover's name. She stopped, her pulse quickening, and turned
back. At the entrance to the beach, she looked out, but there was
no one there, nothing but the sea and the sand and dark sky. Anuja
sighed and went back to the hotel. Somehow, it was even sexier
this way. To be fucked, and fucked so well and for so long by
someone she didn't know till then, and, later, to find she still
didn't know him despite her promise of yet another assignation was
extraordinarily appealing. All she had was the memory of a

Back in their suite, Avinash looked tense and drawn.

"Where the hell were you?" he snapped as she walked in.

"On the beach," she said in surprise. "I told you I was going for
a walk."

"Do you know what time it is?"

"I'm sorry." She looked at him. "You really were worried."

"Bloody hell, of course I was worried!"

Anuja smiled. "Thank you."

"What?" He looked incredulous.

"Thank you for caring," she murmured.

He smiled. "Obviously, I'm not such a monster. I do have some
feelings, you know. You've been very kind so far, in the face of
quite a lot."

She grinned impishly. "That's true. Actually, I'm enjoying myself.
I didn't expect to, after that first night."

"I'm sorry about that."

"We might have worked out our -- arrangement -- a little more

"I suppose we might."

She shrugged and turned away, stripping off her shirt and shorts
as she went through the bedroom to the bath. He followed her,
studying her beautiful body.

"You really are very sexy."

"It doesn't seem to do anything for you."

"As I said."

"Yes. Well, never mind, at least for now. There are others who
like it."

"I like it, too. I like you."

"The others fuck me. I like that."

"So I've noticed."

They both laughed. He followed her into the bathroom. She stepped
into the tub and began to draw the curtain.

"Leave it open. I want to watch."

"Never tire of it, do you?" she grinned, turning on the spray and
shaking her hair loose under it.

"No. Never."

"Well, watch away, then."

Humming to herself, Anuja showered, turning under the spray,
shampooing her hair and lathering her body. He watched as she ran
a loofah pad over her body, scrubbing her skin, massaging her
breasts, douching her crotch.

"Did you have a good walk?"

"What?" she squinted through the loud hiss of the shower.

"I said did you have a good walk?"

She turned off the shower. "Yes. Hand me the towel, would you?"

He gave her a fluffy white towel and watched as she dried herself.
Tilting her head to one side, she began to dry her hair with it.

"Use the drier."

"No. split ends."

"I see."

"Except for my cunt." She grinned and, hopping up on the granite
washbasin counter, plucked the hair-drier from the wall socket
unit and began to blow dry her crotch. "Shouldn't you get your
camera?" she asked slyly, looking at him as she spread her legs
and ran the hot air-spray over her crotch and open cunt-lips.

"Another time."

"I met a guy on the beach."

"Yes? Who?"

She shrugged. "I don't know. He didn't give me his name. We just

He stared at her. "You fucked a guy on the beach and you don't
know his name?"

She laughed at his expression as she replaced the drier. "It
wasn't his name I was interested in, you know. He had a great body
and a terrific cock. Four orgasms, no less. He even fucked my

"My god! Are you meeting him again?"

"He asked me to. Tomorrow evening. Same time. Said he'd have his
brother along."

"Why don't you bring them back here so I can shoot some footage?"

"It's sexier on location."

He laughed. "Yes, you'd know about that, wouldn't you? You've done
enough of that in the past, god knows."

She smiled and went out to the bedroom. "Yes, I have and it's damn
good out there. Can't you do low light work?"

"Of course."

"Do it then."

"I intend to."

"Good. Now, darling husband," she said, turning as she finished
doing her eye make-up, looking ravishing in a crisp *sari* with a
sexily contoured blouse. "Take me to dinner. I'm starving."

She took his arm and they moved to the door of the suite. As he
opened it, she stopped him with a hand on his arm.



"Have you got someone for me tonight?"

"I've asked for one stud. You want more?"

"I want three. I'm feeling very sexy. I think I'll fuck all

He grinned. "Good. I'll arrange that."

"Thank you. Now, about that dinner we spoke of?"
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