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Pentaprism 15 Camera Candida 7 Cabana



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.

Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


camera Candida

7 : Cabana
The little clapboard hut was stifling. With the door and lone
window closed, it was like a sauna inside. Anuja's naked body
streamed with sweat. She gasped loudly, her body jerking and
thrashing uncontrollably. Her head flipped from side to side. Her
eyes were closed. Her face was contorted with lust, her eyes
hooded, her lips drawn back over her perfect teeth.

Anuja stood with her back to the wall, her arms wrapped around the
shoulders of the tall, handsome, muscular security guard who was
fucking her furiously. His tunic was open, his trousers puddled at
his feet. He gripped her buttocks and hammered his hips violently
at hers. His cock was huge, eight inches long and correspondingly
thick. It pistoned wildly in and out of her cunt, squeezing and
crushing through her cunt-flesh, burning and searing her channel,
mashing her gorged clitoris.

"OH! OHH! OH! OHMA! OhmauhhOh OH! Ohh uhh Ohh yes! Oh fuck yes! Do
it uhh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Yes! That's it! Oh
yes! Oh fuck yes! Oh yes! Fuck me ... fuck me hard!"

Pinto gritted his teeth and plunged his burning cock into her
incredibly hot, tight, wet cunt. He had never known a woman so
wonderful. He couldn't get enough of her. Her cunt was like a
vice, and it squeezed and contracted greedily on his cock as he
rammed it savagely in and out of her cunt. He jammed his lips to
hers and kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Her
breasts were hot and heavy against his chest, their bodies
slippery with sweat.

"Take it! C'mon, whore! Take it!" he grunted.

She came by his little cabana earlier. He was standing outside,
lounging against it, whiling away time. There wasn't very much to
do. He'd checked the other staff, everything was ship-shape. The
guard on duty here had taken the night off and Pinto, who was free
that evening, had agreed to stand in for him. There wasn't much
going down, as it happened and especially since his latest
girlfriend, a sexy, hot number called Maria, had chosen to mooch
off to a funfair in another town, he had no one to spend the
evening with. He thought of Maria and grinned to himself. She was
distantly related, seventeen, and randy as hell. They had been
lovers for a few months now and she was really terrific in bed.
She never seemed to tire of being fucked; no matter how much he
fucked her, or how hard, or in what orifice, she wound up wanting
more. The things she could do with her mouth and cunt and ass!

"What's her name?"

"What?" Pinto jumped, startled.

Anuja was standing by him, smiling gently. He knew who she was.
Everyone knew who she was. The staff spoke of nothing else. There
was a lottery going on to see who she'd take on next.

"I said, what's her name?"

"I beg your pardon, ma'am?"

"Pinto. I know who you are, you know who I am. With that look on
your face, you had to be thinking of a girl. What's her name?"

Pinto grinned. "My girl. Maria."

"Pretty, is she?"


"Good to fuck?"

He looked stunned. Anuja smiled. She was really ravishing. She
wore a simple white shirt, the buttons undone, the ends knotted
beneath her breasts, and a pair of tight jeans. Her midriff was
bare. She obviously had nothing on under the shirt. He could see
her deep cleavage, the swell of her breasts, even the dark shadows
her nipples through the translucent material of the shirt.

"Is she?" Anuja said softly, moving closer.

"Yes," Pinto said, his voice oddly choked, acutely aware of the
proximity of this gorgeous woman who had given him the hots from
the day he first saw her.

"Nice tits?" She put her hand on his chest. She was very close

"Yes. Very nice."

"As nice as mine?"

"I ... I wouldn't know, ma'am."

"Would you like to find out?"

He gulped. She slid a hand down his body and squeezed the bulge in
his crotch firmly.

"I'd like to find out what this is like," she murmured and her
breath was warm on his face.

"Ma'am ..."


"Anuja ... not here ..."

"Inside, then. C'mon ... quickly ... my cunt's wet already!"

She didn't waste any time. They had barely stepped in and shut the
door when she was all over him, kissing him feverishly, ripping
open his tunic, fumbling with his trousers, licking his nipples,
stripping off her jeans and shirt. He groped her breasts, squeezed
them eagerly. She groaned.

"Tell me," she groaned, her nipples hard in his fingers. "Are
Maria's as nice as mine?"

"No," he gasped. "God, no!"

"I want to suck your cock."

Without waiting for his assent, she fell to her knees. Pinto
gasped in shock as she flipped back his foreskin and enveloped his
already erect, throbbing penis in her warm mouth. Her tongue
swirled over his bulging cock-head like an electric eel, caressing
the rounded contours, toying with the long slit in the tip. He
gasped and spurted pre-cum jizz into her mouth. She moaned,
swallowing it, sucking him rapidly, her head jerking back and
forth between his thighs, her fist pumping his shaft.

"Oh fuck yes! Ohhh yes ... suck it! Suck my cock! Ohhhh uhhhhhh
yes ... that's good ... ohhh yes!" Pinto gasped, still dazed at
the speed at which things were happening.

He fucked her mouth rapidly and greedily, holding her head in both
hands and moving it back and forth between his thighs. He pumped
his hips to and fro as he fucked her face, gasping and calling

After several minutes, she got to her feet, her chest heaving, her
lips and cheeks shining with his gunk. She kissed him again,
hungrily, holding his face in her hands and pushing her tongue
into his mouth, squirming her groin against his cock. Her breasts were hot on his hard, deep chest.

"Fuck me, Pinto," she said, her tongue rippling through his ear.
"Shove your cock right up into my slit. All the way! I want every
bit of it! Now! Here! C'mon! Do it!"

Pinto was overwhelmed with excitement. He spared no thought for
Maria, or anyone else. He had never known a woman like this. All
he could see was her, all he could think of was her body, all he
wanted was to bury his burning flesh in the moist heat of hers.

Panting and gasping, they stumbled back against the wall. Anuja
spread her legs and pushed her cunt forward, gripping his cock and
pulling him towards her. He kissed her, squeezed her breasts.
Their bodies grew tacky with sweat.

"Shove it in, Pinto!" she panted. "C'mon ... fuck me!"

He flexed his buttocks and rammed his hips forward. She cried out,
her face twisting in an agony of delight. He cried out, too, as
her hot, wet cunt convulsed in a frenzy on his massive, throbbing,
burning hot penis.

"Again!" she cried. "Ram it in again, Pinto! Fuck me like that!"

She clung to him. He pressed her breasts under his palms and
hammered his hips violently at her hips, totally out of control,
overwhelmed, possessed by mad demons of lust. He couldn't get
enough of it. He had to bury himself in her slit, again and again,
and yet again. The heat surged in his balls. On and on he went,
pillaging her flesh. Her head flipped from side to side, her face
twisted and contorted as spasms of pleasure rocked through in
heaving waves. Her hips juddered back and forth and her cunt seemed to suck him in deeper and deeper. Her body streamed with
sweat. His body squelched against hers. Faster and faster he went,
his orgasm looming.

Suddenly, she stopped him, pulling him deep into her cunt. "Don't
cum yet!" she hissed. "I want more! cum in my mouth!"

She jerked him out of her and dropped to her knees again and took
his cock in her mouth. The man groaned desperately. Her tongue
worked his cock-head frantically and her head rocked back and
forth as she sucked his cock furiously and hungrily. It was too
much to bear. With a loud moan, he exploded, gasping in relief as
the heat surged from his cock and shot through the slit in its
tip. Anuja moaned, opening her mouth wide and jerking his cock so
he could see it spume into her mouth and spatter her face and neck
and breasts. Her mouth flooded with his seed and it dribbled down
her chin. Moaning, she swallowed the tangy gunk. As the jets
petered out, she murmured in pleasure and took his cock in her
mouth again. Pinto groaned, his chest heaving, his head spinning.
Maria had never done so much for him. Certainly, she sucked his
cock, but refused to let him cum in her mouth. No question; this
woman was a class apart.

She continued to astonish him. She stopped sucking his cock and
looked up.

"I liked that. I want more."

He stared at her in dismay. Anuja felt a rush of disappointment.

"Don't worry," she murmured gently. "You'll do it. Trust me. Come
on. Take off your clothes and lie down and leave it to me."

How could he refuse? Pinto shucked off his clothes and kicked off
his shoes. She pulled him down to the floor and her body slipped
over his, warm and slippery with sex-sweat and sticky with his
gunk. She kissed him hungrily, writhing her crotch erotically
against his sagging penis. Her lips and tongue tasted of his gunk
and he could smell it on her, a sexy, heady odour. Slowly, she
slithered down, kissing and licking his body, rubbing her lovely
breasts over him, going down, down, down and, to his astonishment,
Pinto found his cock stirring with renewed life. She murmured
softly as she squeezed it between her breasts, scraping her
nipples up and down the long shaft. Her tongue slithered between
his legs. She forced them apart and high and her tongue snaked
down to his anus, travelled the contours of his scrotum. Her
fingers curled around his shaft and began to work it tenderly.
Slowly, it thickened and lengthened. Her lips and tongue and teeth
and mouth travelled back up and he groaned thickly as she took him
in her mouth yet again and began to suck his cock once more,
slowly and heavily and ardently.

She was irresistible. His cock seemed to have a life of its own
and he craned his neck and watched, astonished despite himself, as
she drew it back to its fully tumescent magnificence. Now his
pulse quickened and the lust-fire caught and grew and spread,
devouring his loins. He groaned loudly, his hips heaving up and
down under her face as she sucked him harder and faster, her head
rocking and bobbing, her fingers jerking his shaft.

"Ohhh uhhhh yes ... oh fuck yes ... yes ... ohhh yes, baby yes!"
he gasped.

When at last Anuja stopped and lifted her head, Pinto's cock was
rock-hard and throbbing. She smiled lasciviously down at him as
she moved up astride his hips.

"I told you not to worry," she murmured.

With her feet on either side of his lean hips, she dropped into a
deep squat over his lap. Holding his cock, she moved it to her
distended cunt-lips and slowly impaled her slit on his cock-head.
Pinto gasped as the wet heat of her cunt enveloped his cock-head.
She bit her lower lip and smiled down at him.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" she murmured.

She dropped lower and lower, taking his cock deeper and deeper
into her flesh. Pinto gasped and cried out, his hands under her
buttocks, his hips jerking up to meet hers in descent. Anuja
tossed her head back and moaned, arching her neck. Her belly
rippled inward. Her naked body glistened wetly in the dim light.
Her breasts were thrust outward, full, ripe, succulent, the
nipples stiff and rigid with sexual tension. Pinto had never seen
anyone so sexy.

Anuja slid her hands up her body, fingers splayed, to her breasts,
lifting and cupping and squeezing them, pinching and tweaking her
rigid nipples. Her cunt contracted and squeezed down on his cock

"Yes," she moaned. "Oh god yes, Pinto ... that feels so good!"

There was nothing fake about her reaction, and Pinto could
scarcely believe his fortune. He pushed her hands away and fondled
and squeezed her breasts, marvelling at their fullness and weight
and the perfection of their form. Anuja groaned and began to move
her hips in tight, erotic circles. Pinto gasped. It felt wonderful
as her hot, tight, convulsing cunt churned round and round on his
throbbing erection.

"Yes!" he cried. "Oh god yes!"

Anuja smiled wantonly, her eyes glittering with lust and
excitement. Slowly, she began to rock up and down on his cock,
lifting and dropping her cunt along the length of his penis. Her
thighs bent and unbent smoothly, her buttocks flexed and unflexed
as she moved, rising and falling, rising and falling. It was a
difficult position to take but, he noticed, she did it without
visible strain. Her movements were smooth and seamless, almost
effortless. His cock ran in and out of her cunt, appearing and
disappearing between her thighs, glistening wetly as it passed
into the dark delta between her thighs. Up and down she went, her
cunt sucking and extruding his cock alternately. She gasped and
moaned, her head turning from side to side, her face radiant with
lust. Her breasts jumped and jiggled and the gold necklace tossed
and slapped on her honey skin. Sweat streamed off her body and
spattered onto his. Dewdrops of perspiration beaded her brow and
upper lip; strands of hair clung damply to the nape of her neck
under the thick bun at the back of her head. She splayed her
fingers on her sucked-in belly and, still moving up and down,
began to swirl her hips in circles simultaneously so that she was
spiralling downwards onto his cock, corkscrewing up and down.
Pinto groaned, heaving and pumping his hips eagerly under her, his
lust mounting steadily.

"Ohhhhhhh uhhh yes oh ma uhhhhhh yes oh god yes!" she hissed.
"C'mon, Pinto ... c'mon ... yes ... ohhh god yes!"

Leaning forward over him, her fingers steepled on the floor, her
breasts swinging pendulous over his chest, she began moving faster
and faster, ramming her cunt greedily down on his cock, lifting
her hips high before sending them crashing back down again. Her
breasts wobbled and jiggled. Pinto craned his neck and sucked them
hard, nibbling her tender, stiff nipples, whipping them with his
tongue. She shuddered, gasping and moaning. He squeezed her
buttocks and pressed his fingertip to her anus. She moaned, her
head lifting, her hips rocking furiously up and down. Her anus
yielded and he forced his fingertip into her rear channel. She
cried out sharply, her face twisting and contorting in lust, her
cunt slamming down on his penis. He thrust up into her, heaving
his hips up and down powerfully.

"Take it! C'mon, bitch! Take it! Take my cock, you whore!" he
panted. "Oh fuck yes come on yes oh fuck yes ohhh yes that's it!
Yes! Ohhhhhhh uhhh yes!"

Suddenly, she reared up, twisting her body, reaching behind to cup
and squeeze his balls, pressing her cunt down onto his cock. He
groaned as the hard heat of her cunt-flesh engulfed his penis.

"Slowly," she gasped. "Not so fast, Pinto! Make it last!"

Before he knew what was happening, she lurched off his cock and
turned around on her hands and knees on the rough wooden floor.
Her buttocks swayed erotically. Her breasts hung pendulous,
swollen with excitement, the nipples rigid. They were like big,
ripe Alphonso mangoes, he thought. His body trembled with lust.
Panting, he knelt behind her and, creasing her buttocks open with
his thumbs, quickly pushed his cock into her cunt. It surged deep
into her flesh in a long, unending thrust. Anuja moaned thickly
and turned her face over her shoulder.

"Oh fuck, Pinto ... that's so good ... c'mon ... fuck me ... yes
... fuck me good, lover ... ahhhhh yes ... that's it ... c'mon ...
shove it right in ... yes ... that's it ... c'mon ... again ... I
want to feel it all baby ... yes ... c'mon ... do it!"

Pinto flexed his buttocks and jammed his crotch to her buttocks,
burying his cock in her delightfully hot, tight, wet cunt. He slid
his hands up her body and cupped her swollen breasts, squeezing
them eagerly. She squirmed her buttocks erotically against his
hips, squeezing his cock with her cunt. He groaned and leaned over
her, nuzzling the nape of her neck. Her body smelled sweetly sexy
and was slippery smooth with sweat. She turned her face to his and
he kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She
sucked on it.

"Fuck me, Pinto," she hissed. "C'mon ... fuck me hard!"

The man groaned and took her heavily and deeply, gripping her hips
and rocking his own back and forth in a steady rhythm. He felt
more in control now and savoured the exquisite sensations of her
cunt convulsing and contracting on his pistoning penis. He rocked
her body back and forth under his to suit his pleasure, dragging
her cunt up and down the length of his erection. He groaned, his
face twisting in pleasure, then bent his head and, transfixed,
watched the sight of his cock, glistening and gleaming, appearing
and disappearing between the smooth curves of her buttocks. Anuja
whimpered and moaned, her face arched and turned to one side,
twisted in pleasure, panting with the heat of the room and in her
loins. Her gold necklace and breasts swung and jiggled.

"C'mon ... take it ... take my cock, whore!" he grunted. "Take it!
Mm ... yeh ... that's it ... oh yes ... c'mon ... yeh ... take

"Ohh uhhh oh ma uhhh ohh ma uhh Ohhh uhh oh yes! Oh god yes ...
fuck me! Fuck me, lover! Ohh fuck yes ... that's so good, baby!
Yes! Ohhhhh uhhh yes! Oh god yes!"

"Yeh ... that's it ... oh fuck you're hot, babe ... c'mon ... take
my cock, slut! Yeh ... that's it!"

They moved faster and faster and his thighs pummelled her buttocks
with loud slaps, his flesh bouncing and carroming off hers as he
stroked faster and faster, whipping his hips to and fro, plunging
and pistoning and ramming and reaming in and out of her flesh.
Anuja's cries grew sharper and louder as he pillaged her cunt with
his wonderful cock.

"Oh fuck oh fuck yeh c'mon take it oh fuck yes! Take it whore take
it! Ohh uh oh uhh ohhhh uhhh ohhhh uhhhh OHHHHHHHH!" Pinto gasped.

"Yes oh yes oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh ahhh uhh oh uh ahhh uhh
ohh uhhh ahhh uhh ohfuckyes oh yes Pinto yes! Fuck me yes! Ohhh
fuck yes!" Anuja cried desperately as her orgasm loomed.

Faster and faster they went, their cries resounding in the tiny,
stuffy cabana, their bodies streaming with sweat, thrashing
wildly. Anuja gasped sharply as an orgasm hit her like a
thunderclap, shaking her body from end to end. Her cunt convulsed
frantically on his penis and Pinto almost lost control. His head
snapped back and he cried out, his powerful muscles cording and
tensing. He buried his cock in her cunt, ramming it in repeatedly,
his buttocks flexing taut and hips twitching violently as the heat
of her orgasm swamped his penis.

"I want your ass!" he gasped. "I want to fuck your ass!"

"Do it!" Anuja cried, the orgasm still shaking her body. "Quickly!

Pinto slid his cock out of her, making her gasp as her cunt contracted and found a vacuum and momentarily intensified. Then
his bulging cock-head was at her anus and he flexed his buttocks
and slid his hips forward and the huge cock-head popped into her
rear-channel. Anuja cried out, her face contorting in an agony of
lust and fell forward on her forearms, lifting her buttocks
higher. Pinto gasped sharply, his head snapping back as her anus
convulsed on his cock. He dug his fingers into the soft flesh of
her hips and skewered her asshole slowly, pushing his cock deeper
and deeper. Beneath him, Anuja moaned, her breath coming in
heaving, wracked sobs of pure joy. His cock felt wonderful,
pushing and squeezing into her anus, throbbing and searing hot.

"Oh fuck yes! Ohhhhh uhhhh yes ... c'mon, bitch ... take it! Take
my cock!" the man cried.

"Ahhhh uhh ohhhh uhh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh yes ... oh god yes!"
Anuja whimpered.

He sodomised her slowly and heavily for a few minutes, moving his
cock in and out of her cunt in deep, skewering thrusts. His body
quivered with tension, his muscles rippling and cording, his chest
heaving. The heat in his loins was unbearable. Her body rocked and
swung under his as she forced her asshole back and forth on his
throbbing penis. Her breasts swung and jiggled with his thrusts.
Her cries rang in his ears. Pinto couldn't hold back any longer.
With his cock embedded in her anus, crushing her breasts feverishly in his hands, he exploded. Anuja moaned deliriously,
squirming her buttocks against his groin as the hot, sticky jizz spewed in an endless stream from his cock-head into her anus.

He waited, his cock still quivering inside her anus and then
slowly drew out and pushed his cock back into her cunt. She moaned
softly. He fucked her cunt slowly for a few minutes while his
orgasm ebbed and his erection waned, and then slid out of her
body. She groaned and sank down on her front on the floor of the
cabana. Pinto bent over and kissed the nape of her neck, tongued
her ear, pushed his hands under her body and caressed her breasts.
She turned over under him and smiled gently at him, tracing the
contours of his handsome face and muscular body. He grinned down
at her.

"That was terrific," she murmured. "I enjoyed that."

"So did I."

"More than Maria?"

"Much more."

"Think of me when you fuck her next."

"I'll never forget you."

"We should fuck again. But somewhere better than this."

"I'll find a place. When will I see you again?"

"I can't tell you. Tomorrow, I hope." Anuja smiled as she got to
her feet and began to dress.

"You're fantastic!" Pinto said.

She laughed and kissed him lightly. "You were great, too."

"I bet you say that to all the guys you fuck."

"Not all, no. Just the ones I really like."

"Thanks, then."

She squeezed his cock. "Will you do me a favour?"


"I'm fucking Tony at the poolbar later. After midnight."

He frowned. "The pool's closed."

"I know. That's the favour. Will you make sure there's no security
around there? We don't want to be disturbed."

Pinto laughed as he opened the door. "No problem, babe. You have a
good time. No one's going to bother you."

She smiled prettily, her teeth flashing in the darkness. "Thanks,
Pinto. You're a pet."

She blew him a kiss, waved and disappeared into the darkness down
the path to the hotel. Pinto grinned to himself and, shaking his
head, lit a cigarette. His body still tingled at the memory of
her. She was the best fuck he'd ever had.
= o =


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