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Pentaprism 15 Camera Candida 8 Cocktail



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.

Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


camera Candida

8 : Cocktail
The pool lights were switched off. The water was still and clear.
Anuja dived cleanly into the pool, gasping at the coolness on her
hot, sweating body. She broke to the surface, wiped the water from
her eyes and stroked lazily to the poolbar at the other side of
the pool.

"Hello, gorgeous," Tony said as she bobbed up onto a barstool.

"Hello yourself, you sexy devil," she said softly, grinning,
wiping the water from her face.

"Why aren't you naked?"

"Why aren't you?"

"Ladies first."

"Rubbish. Not in this day and age."

She laughed and tilted her head forward and coiled her hair in a
tidy knot on the back of her head. Her breasts moved sexily in the
tiny bikini bra when she lifted her hands. He looked at them
greedily, openly. She leaned forward with her elbows on the
counter. He bent over her counter, too and they kissed slowly and
gently, their mouths opening, their tongues flipping sexily and
delicately at each other's. Tony cupped her face and then slid his
hands down her neck to her shoulders and into her bikini bra, over
her breasts. They filled his palms and her nipples were already
hard and long in his fingers. Her fingers roamed his broad

"Fix me a drink," she murmured, flipping her tongue through his

He grinned. "Sure. One for you, one for me."

He broke away and she watched him as he moved around, deftly
slinging together two cocktails, adding a variety of liquors and
mixers, ice, sugar, shaking them up in silver-plated shakers. He
was very handsome. Tall and tanned, he had a clean-shaven, rugged
face with a straight nose, full lips, a square jaw with a sexy
cleft in his chin, dark eyes and short-cropped thick hair. His
teeth were white and even. His body was terrific. Broad shoulders
sprawled from his strong neck. His chest was wide and deeply
cleaved, with small dark nipples pulled wide and low under his
shorn armpits, at the tips of the big W that swept from side to
side. His torso was smooth and hairless. His belly was flat and
hard as rock, each muscle clearly defined. His navel was a sexy
little hollow. The trunk was V-shaped, slashing to high hips and a
narrow waist. As he turned, she noticed that his back was smooth
and hairless, curved sexily inward to the spine, which swayed in a
serpentine curve from his shoulders to his hips.

As he moved, his muscles rippled smoothly and easily. She could
see his ribs under the tautly stretched skin. The arms and legs
were dark and corded with powerful sinew, virtually hairless. He
was wearing nothing except a jock-strap, and his buttocks were
naked, taut and firmly rounded. His crotch had a thick, prominent

He poured the drinks into highball glasses, garnished each and
pushed one across the counter to her.

"Pink for girls, blue for boys," he grinned.

"Sexist pig."

He laughed. "Taste before you taunt, woman."

She sipped her drink. It was delicious. She licked her lips.

He lifted his glass in a toast. "Here's to great fucking."

"To great fucking."

"Actually, I've got an even better recipe."

"What's that?"

He put his glass down, plucked an ice cube in each hand, leaned
across the bar and, kissing her gently, slid his hands into her
bikini top again. Anuja gasped as the cold ice cube slipped over
her breasts and hard nipples. Her breasts swelled rapidly. She
moaned, shuddering in pleasure.

"That recipe, my randy little bint," he murmured, "is an

"What goes into it?"

He chuckled. "Mostly, my gunk. Topped with this and that. Like to
try it?"


"Make me cum."

"That," she said, shrugging off her bikini top and wriggling out
of her panties, tossing them on the counter, "is the general idea.
Come on, get into the pool with me."

Tony grinned and vaulted the bar smoothly, his muscles rippling
and cording like a jungle cat. He dived into the water from the
bar top. Anuja turned around on the barstool, stood on it and
followed. He spun around in the water and chased her. She swam
away, stroking rapidly, but he was by far the stronger swimmer and
he caught her within seconds in the shallow end. He pulled her
under water, his hands on her breasts and buttocks. She beat
against him and they came up, sputtering and laughing softly. She
squeezed his buttocks and pulled his jock-strap down his thighs.
Even limp, his cock was wonderfully long and thick in her fingers.
She jerked it gently. He squeezed her buttocks and she spread her
legs and hopped up, wrapping her thighs about his hips, her arms
about his shoulders. They kissed deeply, unhurriedly, sexily,
their tongues flipping in and out of each other's mouths, their
bodies swaying and rocking in the pool and his hands were on her
buttocks and breasts, exploring the luscious contours of her body.
Her breasts were heavy against his chest, her nipples stiff and
rigid, her aureoles puckered with excitement.

Turning, they swam back to the bar, Anuja riding on his back, her
arms around his waist, his fingers working his shaft. At the bar,
he hoisted himself onto the counter and spread his legs, resting
his feet on two barstools, leaving one between them. She stood on
the pool floor, resting her hips against the free barstool between
his legs. Her head was on level with his groin. He grinned down at

"Let's see how good you are at giving head," he murmured, pulling
her head forward to his crotch.

Anuja smiled and, flipping back the foreskin of his cock,
masturbated him gently. His cock quivered and stirred. She pushed
her face into his crotch and swirled her tongue delicately around
his cock-head. Tony grunted softly. His cock thickened and
lengthened as she worked it with her tongue. It grew and grew,
hardening and heating in her fingers and under her lips. She
opened her mouth and slowly took his cock-head into it and sucked gently, working the bulging knob with her tongue. Tony murmured in
pleasure. He pulled her head deeper into his crotch. She took more
of his cock in her mouth and began sucking with a steadily
intensifying pressure, scraping her teeth up and down his shaft,
whipping his cock-head with her tongue. He grunted. His cock
ballooned and filled her mouth, distending her face.

"Not bad," Tony taunted her softly. "Not bad at all. Keep going,
bitch. You're going to have to sweat for the big one."

Which was when Anuja used the ice. The effect was instantaneous
and, to her, having accepted his challenge, immensely gratifying.
His cock throbbed ominously and he cried out in shock and delight.
Anuja took more ice and kept sucking his cock, and then more ice.
Gradually, Tony regained control.

"Fuck," he gasped. "You're good, bitch, grant you that!"

She looked up and said, "Are you going to cream in my face?"

He grinned. "Not in your face. In a glass. I've got to make that
special, remember?"

"Oh yes." She went back to sucking his cock.

He grunted softly and leaned back, his hands on the work surface
below the bar counter, his body angled away. His hips rocked and
writhed under her face. She sucked his balls briefly, then went
back to sucking his cock. He craned his head and looked at her.

"You use aphrodisiacs, cunt?"

"Mm. Sometimes," she mumbled.

"You want one now?"

"Not particularly."

"Well I do. And I think you should have one too."

She heard him fumble beneath the counters. Licking his cock-shaft,
looking up, she saw him snap a vial under his nose. He gasped. His
cock quivered and throbbed, growing even hotter in her mouth. His
body arched and tensed.

"Fuck yeh!" he grunted. "That's great! C'mon bitch ... take one!"

She shook her head. "I'm fine."

"I said, take one, bitch!" he snarled, whipping upright, jerking
her head back and snapping an ampoule under her nose.

Anuja cried out and the intake of breath drew the powerful
aphrodisiac deep into her lungs and blood. She gasped as it hit
her, rocking her with a sudden, savage, explosive orgasm. Her
breasts swelled, her cunt flooded, her nipples quivered. Her mouth
opened, her eyes went glassy. He laughed.

"That's better. Now suck!"

Anuja moaned. She thrust a hand between her legs and began
masturbating feverishly as she sucked his cock. The aphrodisiac
coursed through her body. His cock filled her mouth. Pre-cum gunk
spurted from the slit in its head. She sensed his orgasm.
Abruptly, he shoved her head back, grabbed a tall glass from the
counter and held it under his cock. She jerked it greedily. He
came violently, jizz spewing from his cock-head and shooting into
the bottom of the glass. He kept coming and coming and she watched
in awe. He stopped orgasming and laughed. His erection had not

"That's good. Just the overflow. Hang on, time for magic."

He swivelled around and hopped off the counter and busied himself
with his ingredients and implements. Anuja moaned, gasping at the
aftershock of the aphrodisiac still. He looked up and grinned at

"Here, use this. Get on the counter and frig for me, bitch," he
said and tossed her an unpeeled cucumber from under the counter.

Anuja groaned thickly. Her head was still fuzzy with the
aphrodisiac. She tottered onto the barstool and slid up onto the
counter and went down on her back. Spreading her legs wide, one
foot on the work-surface below the counter, the other on the
barstool in the pool, she took the cucumber in one hand and
pressed it to her cunt-lips. Watching, Tony chuckled softly.

"C'mon, whore. Frig!"

She slid the tip of the cucumber into her cunt, arching and
gasping thickly, crushing her breasts with her free hand. Her hips
writhed and bucked on the counter. She moved the cucumber in and
out of her cunt, twisting it round and round. The rough green skin
scraped against her inflamed clitoris. She moaned, her head
flipping from side to side, her hips heaving as her hand and arm
pumped back and forth. She squeezed her breasts in a frenzy.

"Ohhhhh!" she gasped. "Oh god yes! Ohhh uhhh yes!"

Tony laughed softly. He ran the mixer, cracked six vials of the
aphrodisiac into the concoction, added ice, ran the blender again.
The ice cracked loudly. The sound echoed. Fortunately, the hotel
had double-glazed sound-proofed outer windows and no balconies
were open. He turned it off and uncapped the blender jug, jerked
it off the motor base. He took two glasses from the rack and
poured the pale frothy liquid into it. On the counter, Anuja kept

"Here. Drink!" Tony grabbed her face and jerked it around.

Anuja moaned, stopped masturbating. He flicked her hand away from
the cucumber, took it himself and began frigging her. She gasped
as he shoved it into her cunt. Her body arched. He slapped her
with the back of his left hand. She gasped, winced. He laughed

"That's right, whore. All you broads are the same. Get turned on
by a little rough house, right? Drink!"

She groaned, her body arching and writhing on the table and,
turning her face, sipped through the straw. The fluid tingled her
tongue and palate, slid smoothly down her throat. The aphrodisiacs
hit her again. She gasped loudly. He grinned, took a deep swallow,
shook his head and grunted. His cock throbbed and jumped up,
quivering. He exhaled sharply, rapidly, masturbated slowly. His
fist grew sticky with jizz.


"Yes!" she gasped. "God yes!"

"Okey-dokey, time for pokey!"

Tony jerked the cucumber out of her cunt and jumped up onto the
work-surface. Anuja took another sip of the liquid. Carefully,
facing her feet, he straddled her face and pushed his cock into
her mouth. She drew it in hungrily and he grunted as the
aphrodisiac-laced cold liquid swirled around his thick, hot, hard,
quivering erection. He took a large sip and bent forward and
pushed his face into her wet cunt. Beneath him, Anuja moaned deep
in her cock-filled throat as the cold liquid seeped over her cunt.
He pulled her cunt-lips wide open with the fingers of both hands
and rammed his tongue into her slit. She gasped, her body
thrashing under his on the counter. He whipped her gorged clitoris
with his tongue, flicking it back and forth, drew it between his
lips and sucked on it. She sucked his cock. His hips bucked over
her face. His cock ran wetly in and out of her mouth. He nibbled
the stem of her clitoris tenderly. Anuja arched and exploded. Her
cunt-juices streamed out of her cunt. Tony kept licking her slit,
lapping her juices, tormenting her clitoris, fucking her mouth.
She moaned and sucked harder. He paused, took another sip of his
drink, went back to licking her slit with it, intensifying and
prolonging her orgasm and, as the aphrodisiacs hit him, too, came.
Anuja gasped, sputtering as the jizz shot from his cock-head
without warning, jetting thick and hot into her mouth and down her
throat. Her mouth filled. jizz dribbled down her cheeks from the
corner of her mouth. Tony slid off her body. He grinned, panting,
his chest heaving. Anuja moaned, writhing feverishly, still hot
and trembling with lust as the aphrodisiacs powered through her

"Turn over, bitch," he ordered. "On your knees! I want to fuck you
from behind!"

Anuja whimpered and obeyed, turning on her forearms and knees on
the broad counter.

"Not like that! Spread your legs! stretch 'em! Yeah, that's it --
wide open, baby, wide, wide open -- yeah ... nice and juicy slit,
yeh, right."

He made her fork her legs wide open and stretch them so that one
foot was on the barstool in the pool, the other on the
work-surface, her body straddling the counter. Her breasts hung
succulent and pendulous, swollen, the nipples stiff and rigid.
Tony knelt on the counter behind her and creased her buttocks
open. He fingered her anus and cunt, teasing her clitoris with his

"Gonna take your ass, too, whore ... gonna stick my rod right up
your tight little asshole!"

Anuja moaned deliriously, beyond caring what he did with her body
so long as he fucked her. He pushed his cock between her buttocks
to her cunt-lips and, gripping her hips, thrust his cock into her
in a rushing thrust. Anuja cried out, her head snapping up, her
face contorting in a rictus of joy as the huge penis surged deep
into her cunt, throbbing and burning inward. Her cunt spasmed
frantically on it and he gasped, flinging his head back, squeezing
her buttocks.

"Fuck yes! Take it!"

"Oh ma uhhhhhhhhh ahhhh uhhhhhhh OHHHHHHh!" she cried.

He began fucking her rapidly and deeply, using a powerful rhythm,
rocking his hips swiftly to and fro with a snap of his hips,
flexing and unflexing his buttocks alternately, gripping her waist
and moving her body back and forth on the counter, dragging her
cunt up and down the length of his pistoning penis. Beneath him,
Anuja gasped and moaned, her swollen breasts jiggling, her
necklace dancing. Her shoulders were hunched and her face, twisted
in delight, was turned to one side, the eyes half-closed, the
mouth open, the lips drawn back over her pearly teeth. Tony
grunted and chuckled. Steepling his fingers in the middle of her
back, he moved her effortlessly back and forth.

"Like it, heh, slut? Like being fucked like this, right? Like
having my dick in your slit, eh?"

"Yes!" she gasped. "Oh god yes, Tony, yes! Ohhh uhhhh yes ... ohhh
uhhh yes uhhh yes uhhhh ohhh uhhh oh ma uhhh yeh oh god yes uhhhh
oh fuck yes ... fuck me, Tony ... fuck me! Ohhhhhh uhhhhh
ohhhhhhhh uhhhh ohhhhh uhhhhh OHHHHHH!"

He laughed loudly. "Like hearing you cunts beg for it! Real turn
on, that! C'mon ... take it, whore! Take my dick! Yeh ... that's
it ... yeah ... mm ... fuck yes ... that's good, bitch ... nice
and tight and wet your cunt is ... yeh ... ohhh yeh that's it,
whore! Keep going!"

He was a powerful, experienced lover. He used a steady, sawing
rhythm, running his cock smoothly and deeply in and out of her
cunt, back and forth, to and fro, in and out. Anuja's loins blazed
with lust as the huge shaft scraped and pulverised her gorged,
throbbing clitoris. On and on he went and she moaned, soaring
towards a wild orgasm. He sensed its imminence and promptly drew
out of her. She moaned in frustration and despair. He laughed at

"Not so fast, whore! You don't get things that easy! You've got to
work for it if you want it! Come on! Beg, baby, beg!"

"Tony ... please ...," she moaned. "Fuck me! Don't stop, Tony!

He laughed in delight. "That's it, whore! That's it!"

He plunged into her cunt again, without warning, and Anuja gasped
and cried out as his thrust forced the breath from her throat. He
chuckled and began ram-fucking her, thrusting violently and
savagely in and out of her cunt, slamming his hips at her buttocks
with loud slaps. Her body jerked and rocked wildly under his, her
breasts tossing and jerking. She cried out feverishly. Her orgasm
came nearer. Again, just when she thought it would hit, he slid
out of her. Anuja gasped in shock. Her cunt spasmed frantically on

Quickly, he slid off the counter, made her get off, turned on his
back on the counter and got her to straddle his hips. Anuja was
panting and keening desperately, her face flushed and hot. She
took his cock in her hand and quickly impaled her cunt on it with
a loud moan of relief and joy. He grunted and arched up under her,
heaving his hips upward, thrusting his cock deep into her cunt.
She gasped and began to buck up and down on his cock, moving her
cunt along the length of his rigid penis. She had one foot on the
barstool, the other on the counter and that gave her the support
and leverage she needed. She arched her neck, tilting her face
upward and bucked faster and faster on his lap. Her buttocks
bounced off his thighs. Her breasts jumped and jiggled. The gold
chain slapped on her tawny skin. She moaned loudly, arching her
tongue sexily over her upper lip. Her belly sucked in and she
hissed in pleasure, swirling her hips and churning her cunt with
his cock, her belly sucked in, her hands sliding up her body to
cup and squeeze her breasts. Tony grunted, watching her in
fascination. Despite his rough treatment of her, she was the best
fuck he'd had.

"Yes! Ohhh baby yes!" she gasped, rocking and bucking up and down
on his cock in a frenzy. "Ohhhhh uhhhh yes! C'mon! Come on Tony!
Yes! Fuck me! Ohhhhhh uhhhh ohhhh uhhh ohhhh uhhhhh ohhhhhh uhhhhh

He held her buttocks and moved her up and down on his lap to suit
his pleasure, pumping his hips in unison with hers. He squeezed
her breasts hard and she gasped, leaning forward, her hands on his
chest, ramming her cunt greedily down on his pistoning cock.
Craning his neck, he sucked her breasts, nibbling her nipples and
pressed his fingertip to her anus. She gasped, arching her head
and shuddering. Her cunt spasmed and contracted furiously on his
throbbing penis. His loins blazed with lust and his balls ached
and throbbed, clamouring for release. Faster and faster she went,
bucking and rocking and bouncing and jerking in a frenzy on his
lap, her face twisted and radiant with excitement and lust.

This time, she was the one to deny him. She stopped suddenly,
pressing her cunt down on his cock, grinding her hips and bent
over him and kissed him hungrily, thrusting her tongue into his
mouth, her breasts hot on his chest.

"I want it in my ass," she murmured, swirling her tongue through
his ear. "Fuck my butt, Tony!"

She slid off his cock and made him get off, too. He thought she
would offer her ass to him from the rear. Instead, she got on her
back on the counter and spread her legs wide and lifted them high,
curling her body on itself.

"Like this," she gasped. "Take my ass like this. From above ...
and then fuck my cunt again like this!"

By now, the lust-fire raged unchecked in his body. Panting, he
knelt before her and bent over her, his hands on the insides of
her thighs, lifting them high and wide. She reached down and
guided his cock to her anus. His cock-head pressed to the taut
orifice. He paused. She curled her hips higher.

"Shove it in, Tony! I want it all in my ass! Do it! Come on!"

With a loud groan, his powerful muscles rippling and tensing, his
shoulders knotting, his head arching back, Tony flexed his
buttocks and slid his hips forward. His cock-head popped into her
anus. Anuja's face contorted in a grimace of pleasure and she
cried out, a long ahhhhhhh of relief. Tony gasped, wincing as her
rear-channel bit down hard on his throbbing penis.

"More!" she gasped, gripping his hips and pulling him deeper into
her. "More, Tony, more! Shove it all in, lover! Do it!"

Tony groaned and slowly squeezed his cock into her tight, hot,
anus. She gasped, chewing her lower lip, her chest heaving, her
breath coming in huge, rattling sobs of joy and squeezed her
breasts hard.

"Fuck my butt!" she gasped. "Now! Fuck it! Yes! Ohhhhhhhhh yes
Tony yes! That's it! Ohhhh baby yes! Again! Ahhhhhhhhhh uhhhhh
yes! Oh fuck yes! Oh that's so good, lover! Do it again! Oh ma
uhhhhhhh ahhhhhh uhh yes! Oh fuck yes!"

She was incredible. He buried his cock fully in her and she wanted
more. He slid out, thrust in, slid out, thrust in. Her body rocked
and curled under his thrusts. He sodomized her slowly and heavily,
in an agony of joy, pushing his cock steeply in and out of her
anus, his head spinning. On and on he went, goaded by her obscene
love-calls. Anuja whimpered and gasped her pleasure. His cock felt
wonderful in her anus, hot and hard, throbbing and pulsating with
an awesome power, his heavy balls crushing against her buttocks as
he sent his cock surging into her rear-channel.

Again she stopped him on the brink of an orgasm. He groaned; now
it was she in control, he the acolyte. She had won and they both
knew it. She took another sip of her aphrodisiac-laden drink and
gasped as it surged through her body again. Taking his drink, she
thrust it into his crotch. Tony cried out as the cold drink stung
his burning penis and balls. She grabbed a cube of ice from the
work-surface and pressed to her cunt-lips.

"Now! Shove your cock into my slit, Tony! With this! Do it! Come
on ... come on Tony ... fuck me!"

Tony had never known such bliss. His cock burned with its own heat
and was cooled by the icy drink, stimulated by the aphrodisiacs in
it. He pressed his cock-head to her cunt-lips, gasping as it
slipped around on the ice-cube she held there. She gripped his
hips. He flexed his buttocks and, with a shuddering cry, swung his
hips forward and thrust his cock into her. Glistening with the
potent cocktail he had made, it surged into her deeply, driving
the melting ice-cube before it. Beneath him, Anuja cried out, her
mouth jerking open, her head snapping back, her body arching
steeply under his, her legs rising and hooking over his shoulders.
Tony groaned and, leaning over her, his hands on her swollen
breasts, crushing them under his weight, began fucking her with
heavy, grinding, skewering thrusts. The ice-cube melted in her
cunt and on his cock. The sensation was exquisite torture.

"OHHHHHHHHH uhhh yes! Oh god yes that's so good Tony yes! Ohh fuck
yes! Do it! Fuck me, lover! Fuck me hard! Ohhhhhh uhhhh yes!
C'mon! Shove it in ahhhhhhhhh yes that's it ... ohhh ma uhhh yes
... shove it all in Tony ... all the way ... oh fuck yes that's it
... OHHHHHH uh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhhh ahhhhh uhhhhh yes!"

"Take it! Take it you fucking bitch! Take it my cock!" he gasped.
"C'mon, whore ... yeh ... oh fuck yes ... that's it ... c'mon ...
take it ... oh uhhhh yes uhhh oh yes oh yes oh fuck yes ohhh uh ah
uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ahhh uhh ahhhh uhh ahhhh!"

He began moving faster, and faster still, his hips rocking and
swinging swiftly and rapidly, bouncing up and down, his buttocks
flexing and unflexing rhythmically, his cock sawing and pistoning
and reaming and ramming in and out of her cunt. She moaned and
cried out, thrashing and writhing on the counter under him,
moaning obscenely, her hips heaving and jerking under his, her
body whipping and rocking with his thrusts, her breasts jiggling
and jumping as he rammed into her. Faster and faster he went,
knowing that he could not hold back much longer.

On the balcony of his hotel suite, Avinash grunted softly,
masturbating his massive erection. Through the viewfinders of the
cameras arrayed on tripods, he had an unimpeded view down to the
pool. He watched as the barman moved faster and faster, his
buttocks bobbing and bouncing over his wife's hips. The headset he
wore picked up every sound from the little mike he had planted
under the bar when Anuja told her of this rendezvous earlier that
day. His cameras were set in differing zoom lengths and, scurrying
back to his laptop, he flicked through the images that were coming
in, each more erotic than the previous.

On and on they went, their bodies whipping and thrashing together.
Avinash saw Anuja arch, heard her gasp and cry out and knew she
was coming. Seconds later Tony cried out too, his head whipping
back, his hands crushing her breasts, his hips grinding forward as
he thrust into her once, twice, three, four, five times and then
moaning, his hips twitching between her thighs as he emptied his
load in Avinash's bride's cunt.

Their bodies subsided. Avinash moaned as he came into a spotless
white handkerchief. He let the cameras run for a bit and then
began the fadeouts. Below, Tony slid out of Anuja's body and
rolled off the counter into the pool with a splash. He stood there
gasping, then splashed her. She gasped and tumbled into the pool
after him. He splashed her again. She laughed softly and swam
away. He chased her, caught her in the shallow end. She turned in
his arms and they kissed hungrily. She spread her legs and hopped
up in his arms, winding her legs about his hips. His cock was
still hard, fuelled by the high dose of aphrodisiacs he had taken.
Her cunt was similarly hungry for more. Smoothly, she engulfed his
cock in her cunt. He grunted and, gripping her buttocks, pulled
her down onto his cock. She bent her head and sucked his nipples.

"Mm, you're good, Tony boy," she murmured. "Very good."

"So are you."

"But you do this for a living."

"Great job satisfaction."

She laughed. "I'm sure. That's it, lover ... keep doing that ...
yes ... god, your cock's so good in my slit!"

On the balcony, Avinash checked his cameras, loaded fresh film and
slowly generated a fade in. He lit a cigarette and sat down at the
laptop console. He could see every detail. He grinned. They had
changed position again. Now she stood in the shallow end, leaning
over the edge of the pool on her crossed forearms, her legs
spread, her buttocks thrust back. Tony stood behind her and
holding her hips was fucking her from behind, running his cock
slowly and heavily in and out of her cunt. He slid his hands up to
her breasts and leaning forward, kissed her as she turned her face
over her shoulder. Avinash saw her mouth opening wide, her tongue
flipping sexily in and out of Tony's mouth. By now, he knew the
signs. It was going to be a long time before she was satisfied.

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