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Perimeter Violation


If you're under 18, don't read this story. Skip or erase the file. If
you're over 18, you can officially decide for yourself.

The following is a work of total fiction containing scenes of graphic
and bizarre nc SF sex. This story includes fairly strong elements of
restraint/bondage (of a sort) and of impregnation/ insemination (of a

Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 2000, (as are the typos, and
spelling & grammar errors), and any resemblance to persons or events living
or dead or stories already written is purely coincidence.

The reader is free and welcome to copy and circulate these stories within free legal forums, as long as this disclaimer is included and no
alterations to it or the story are made.

Hope you like it.


--------------------------------------------- Perimeter Violation - SF
Other/F nc preg weird by Monocle (


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/ > | ~~ | A young colonist discovers the hazards of her new world.

Perimeter Violation By Monocle


Bioreport Transmission 087-A (Addendum) Xenostudies Team Leader Douglas
E. Trefay Riouhn Colony, RioFeb 2, 2190

The flora and fauna of this world have an interesting symbiosis. The
megaflora are in fact not plants at all, but differently evolved
quasi-animals. The type relationship exists at many scales, but can be
exemplified by those of the Greenrat, Tiger Tail Tree, and Fanfern (see
detailed taxonomy and work-ups in Bioreports 40, 54, and 71). The
herbivorous Greenrat consumes a variety of leafy and stalked plants
including Tiger Tail "bark" and Fanfern. Fanfern provide essential
nutrients for Greenrat, but also contain seemingly unrelated proteins
hormones, and other genetic material. Greenrats reproduce sexually, but
the "males" also posses a womb-like body cavity while the "females" have
two. The male and secondary female organs are not utilized by their own
species, but by Tiger Tail Tree, which fertilizes its egg/seeds with the
Fanfern-containing excrement of Greenrat. These seeds are ingested by the
Greenrat, but diverted from the stomach by a secondary esophagus. A
combination of chemicals and hormones from both Fanfern and Tiger Tail
enable the seeds to develop in the Greenrat. Some weeks later the Greenrat
instinctively digs a hole and "lays" a new Tiger Tail as it grazes further
afield. young Tiger Tail stands provide low ground cover, shade, and
litter that are the perfect habitat for growth of Fanfern.

There are many such interdependent biological relationships on this
world, some more complex than this. Human biology is incompatible with
most flora and fauna on Riouhn, necessitating transplant of native species
to establish self-sufficiency. A more thorough investigation will be
required after the 15-year startup/establishment phase is complete. Until
such time, travel beyond screenfield perimeters secured against the
intrusion of undesirable and uncharacterized alien life should be
prohibited for unarmed groups of fewer than six.


"Stay inside the Perimiter"

It was a phrase Robin Trefay heard early and often throughout her young life in the far-flung human colony of Riouhn. Everything within the
secure, fully explored zone was safe, anything outside it might not be.
The warning was constantly drummed into the heads of the youngest
colonists. But Robin had not been born here and, at 16, was tired of
listening to all the rules and regulations her parents and other 'grownups'
seemed so fond of. With the new year 2201, she was nearly an adult
herself, and felt her right to choose her own rules was long overdue by
now. She needed a place to be free, if only for an hour or two every now
and then. This is why, for the last two months, she had been stealing out
of the complex roughly once a week in the early morning. Slipping in and
out of the screenfield undetected wasn't that hard for a technically
competent teenager. She supposed that was why the warnings not to were so
pervasive. A short, simple set of deceptions kept anyone from asking
questions about where she was, and so she had been able to explore the area
surrounding the small pioneer colony all by herself.

It was very pretty landscape - more so than the sights available in the
sprawling colony zone. The added adventure of being "outside" made it that
much more appealing. It seemed just as tame as the manicured central park
of the settlement square. She noted a few plants and animals she didn't
see within the boundaries, but they seemed to inhabit small niches not
present in the colony proper. She'd brought along a small scanner and
SedDart gun on her first few trips out trips, but left the gun behind when
her fear faded. It was too much of a hassle to liberate one for her short
trips anyway. The scanner made its utility known early, giving her details
of the new flora and fauna she ran across. The animals were benign. The
only ones out here that she hadn't seen in the colony were a small
rodent-like creature with three buck teeth and yellow-green fur (Greenrats
- banned from the colony because they liked to chew fiber optics), and a
skittish blue-brown deer-size creature with six spindly legs and a long
neck. The plants, on the other hand, were many and different.

Most of the native vegetation within the perimeter was cleared away for
human agriculture, so observing the richness of the alien plant world was
one of the real joys of Robin's secret trips. Some plants (Bluecrest,
Fanfern, and Tiger Tail Tree) had names in the colony logs. Others had no
colonial designation, so she gave them her own names. Her own studies of
Brushplants, Eyestalks, Butterflowers and more recorded in her private
journal. But the real coups were the Beerberry and the Elfig. Detailed
lab analysis of samples Robin smuggled back into the colony with her
confirmed the initial findings of from her small scanner. They were edible
- even nutritious for humans. She'd named both of those plants based
mainly on what she'd read and imagined. Beerberries were vaguely wheaty,
something like the beer she once tried and hated, but with a sweet
aftertaste that made it palatable. They grew on low bushes in red-brown
bunches like small grapes. The elfig was altogether better. It was the
size of a strawberry, soft like a fig (she'd only read about either in
texts), sweet, and juicy. The texture was more stringy than pulpy however,
and took some getting used to. Robin named them elfigs because they grew
on trees that looked like extremely tall elephant legs. Robin had only
seen pictures of elephants in history texts, but the gray, leathery texture
of the Elleg trunk looked allot like the 3Dpics she'd seen. Elleg trees
were very tall, topped by four very large, broad leaves, usually
translucent green with blue veins. Elfigs grew on the trunk, like little
buds. The ripest ones were the highest - hard to reach, but worth the
effort. While reaching for a particularly nice looking fruit last trip
out, Robin discovered the gray Elleg trunk itself was actually
semitransparent as well. She could make out a strange interior system of
veins and other shapes in the plant, almost like an animal's circulatory
and organ system, but not quite, since the Elleg clearly registered as
vegetable on all her scans.

On this sunny morning, on her eleventh venture from the colony, Robin
explored the far side of a nearby promontory the children of the colony had
named Witch's Hat, about two kilometers southeast of the perimeter. It was
always a little more thrilling when she was completely out of site of the
settlement's observation and space-launch towers. She could feel like she
was alone, literally in her own world. This particular hike was extra
rewarding, with a new valley vista that extended for many kilometers
through the local foothills, and more new strange flora and fauna in the
dense forest below the small steep peak. After a good, carefree trek,
Robin checked her timepiece and set off for home. She was a good enough
orienteer not to need her wrist computer's compass or locator, which she
kept in her skirt pocket to feel unencumbered and as "low tech" as she
could. She wore her usual skirt, tights and blouse on most of her hikes.
Standard issue shoe-boots in the colony weren't overly attractive, but they
served multiple purposes. The modern fabrics rarely got dirty, and it made
it easier not to have to change clothes for her escapes.

Robin had taken to "going native" whenever she could. Whenever she
hiked on her own, she ate the consumables she'd discovered. She even had a
secret stash of beerberries in her quarters in the colony, which she often
snacked on before bed. She'd grown to like the taste. There were
virtually no side effects to the native cuisine. Her urine seemed darker
after a particularly large helping of the alien fruit, and her body odor
seemed to have changed. It was so subtle that only she noticed it, but it
was a change for the better anyway; sweeter, cleaner, even when working up
a sweat. Even so, she still sneaked a self-check in the medical dome just
to make sure everything was OK, which it was.

One thing even turn-of-23rd century clothiers could not help was the
call of nature. Soon after turning back for home, while passing through
the forest, Robin stopped to relieve herself. Even though there was no
human for kilometers, she still picked a relatively shielding grouping of
Elleg trunks, and conscientiously crouched down on the northwest side away
from the colony. With her knowledge base and the benign nature of
everything encountered so far on this world, Robin didn't worry about
nettles or the like when she cleaned herself with a broad leaf from a
low-hanging plant. She was startled, though when the leaf, part of a
four-leaf bundle, sprang out of her hand when she was finished and rose
rapidly on a stalk thicker than she'd expected. She realized it was in
fact the top leaf cluster of a low-hanging Elleg treetop. Had it been
bowed down by some weight that her handling dislodged? She lost sight of
the bundle when it reached the Elleg canopy overhead, so she couldn't be
sure which trunk it belonged to. She shrugged as she pulled her
undergarments back up and straightened her skirt.

She had a hankering for one more elfig before heading home, so she
walked around the small grove to find a good one. Spotting a likely
candidate, she reached up, straining to grab and pry it loose. A strange
thing happened then. Just as her fingers closed on the fruit, it retracted
back into the trunk, which seamlessly closed over it. The trunk itself was
slightly more transparent than most, so see could see the yellow-gray
fruit, along with a few others from the same level of the trunk slowly
sinking deeper into the interior. She watched fascinated, not noticing the
tree she was observing and a couple around it were stirring. The Elleg
trunks quietly bent double, turning their leaf clusters facing down and
lowering them toward the ground. Upon reaching the soil, they swept slowly
across it until one found the spot Robin had recently squatted. While
Robin continued watching the interior movements and circulation of her one
trunk, face pressed up against it to see better, other leaf bundles joined
the first over its find. Only when the trunk itself cleared to near
transparency did Robin see through and notice the motion on the other side
of it.

Robin stepped back and peered around the trunk at the group of three
leaf bundles mopping around the forest floor. As she watched, first one,
then others raised up and hung sideways, broad leaves arrayed like
windmills. They waved back and forth slowly, almost like the colony's
transmission dishes scanning for signal locks. One turned to face in her
direction and stopped. Soon the others followed suit. Robin began to feel
uneasy. She started backing away slowly.

The leaves on the low-hanging trunk-tops began to curl up lengthwise
into a tight roll, quickly resembling stalks or small tapered trunks
themselves. These newly formed "limbs" began to wave and undulate.
Robin's uneasiness grew and she turned to beat a more hasty retreat.

Behind her the animated Elleg trunks arced through the air, one of them
tripping Robin as she began to run. She stumbled and fell to the ground,
rolling in the forest litter. She struggled to stand quickly, pulling her
right foot under her with her left knee and hand on the ground. She looked
up and found herself face to 'face' with one of the trunk-tops. While
Elleg trunks were some 50-60 cm thick at their bases, they narrowed over
their huge lengths to about ten centimeters near the top where the four
leaves anchored. With the leaves rolled, however, the one facing her ended
in what looked like four tentacles around a horizontal pale-pink slit or
mouth, like the maw and tendrils of a large anemone. Each greenish,
blue-veined leaf-tentacle was almost 60 cm long and two or three thick with
a moist worm-like appearance. Before she could react, the trunk lurched
forward and pressed up against her face, just below her nose. The four
tentacles immediately wrapped themselves around her head and held tight.
The fleshy maw at the end of the trunk was now flush with her lips. She
screamed, but was effectively muffled by the thick trunk and little sound
escaped. She grabbed the trunk with both hands and pulled at it, trying to
get it off, but the surprisingly strong leaf-tentacles held it fast.

As she pulled at the trunk, Robin felt the flat, fleshy end pressed up
against her jaw move and alter, the texture becoming nubbed like overlarge
goosebumps. Its opening also undulated against her mouth, almost like lips
pursing and flexing. The maw extruded out in a pucker, mashing into, then
pushing between her lips and into her mouth. When she bit down hard with
her teeth the flesh felt cartilaginous and unyielding. Once past her front
teeth, the pucker dilated open, forcing her mouth open around it. Soon
Robin's mouth was locked open, like she was stuck in a half-yawn. The
positioning of the appendage holding onto her face left her nose clear,
allowing her to breathe through it. She also found she could breathe
through her mouth - a warm moist air seemed to flow thorough the trunk. It
made her skin crawl and she tried not to do it.

She resumed her struggle, trying to slide her head down out from the
trunk's grasp, pulling and pushing at the thing that held her.
Concentration on getting free, she did not notice the second trunk snake
down behind her still kneeling form and curl up under her skirt. The
startling touch against her stockinged inner thighs was immediately
followed by a fleshy contact pressing up against her crotch and four
tentacles sliding up around her thighs and hips, wrapping tightly around
her front and back. She let out another muffled scream and frantically
tried to stand.

The two trunks rose with the frightened girl, allowing her to stand, but
then continuing upward, lifting her easily from the ground into the trees,
most of her weight 'seated' on the lower trunk, with balancing support from
the one holding her head. She was carried high into the leafy Elleg
canopy, enough so that she ceased struggling, and clutched at the trunk in
front of her for dear life. Her heart racing, she looked wildly around for
any kind of help.

A third trunk arced through the leaves, swooped up under her skirt and
pressed up against her rear, its tentacles wrapping tight around her thighs
and hips next to or on top of those already there. As the new limbs
tightened, the new trunk's maw pressed between her stocking- and
panty-covered ass cheeks, spreading them within the resisting fabric as it
wedged its way inward.

Knowing this was no time to worry about consequences, Robin force
herself to let her right hand go to dig her wristcomp from her pocket. She
would activate the emergency beacon and they'd come get her in a matter of
minutes - she hoped.

As she pulled the small computer from its pocket, the three trunks all
suddenly shifted position and Robin's stomach lurched as she was tipped
forward to face the ground far below. Instinctively, she dropped the comp
to allow her right hand to join the left holding onto the trunk in front of
her for dear life. Her legs kicked uselessly in the air as her knuckles
went white squeezing onto the trunk attached to her face.

Her eyes widened as she saw two nearby Elleg trunks start to wobble and
bend. The four large broad leaves at their tops rolled tightly together to
form tentacles. The two flexing limbs snaked up from below her on either
side. The 'heads' of the trunks pushed up under her tunic, their tentacles
insinuating themselves under her bra and sliding it out of the way before
entwining with each other in front and around her back. The maws settled
under her breasts, supporting some of her weight as they pressed upward.

The suspended, helpless girl could only tremble as she felt the dimpling
flesh and puckering maws begin to work at the ends of the four new trunks.
The maws at her chest contracted instead of pushing out, drawing her
nipples inward, much like a human mouth suckling. The suction slowly
increased and drew in more of her flesh. Then the maws slowly flared
outward across her sensitive aureoles, gradually enveloping - or swallowing
- each entire breast. The viscous, devouring sensation was both gentle and
disgusting, causing Robin to shudder in revulsion - but the suction on her
nipples and the oozing sensations all over her sensitive breasts sent
strange shivers up pleasure along her spine as well.

The maws settled around the base of her breasts, and began a strange
flexing that combined caressing, squeezing and sucking actions seemingly
all in one. Robin didn't have much time to react to the eerie,
repulsive-yet-pleasurable feelings before she was distracted by more
disturbing motion lower on her body. The maws at her crotch and rear,
which had been puckering and rippling ineffectively against the barriers of
stockings and panties, had pulled back. Harder, blunted shapes now
replaced them, pressing up against the fabric protecting her most private
openings. She felt, both in front and back, an opening and closing motion
through the fabric, and then the material being pulled away from her body.
Beak-like protrusions had grabbed at her stocking material and were pulling
them back. The strong fabrics nevertheless tore easily when stretched
beyond capacity by the greater strength of the beaks.

The questing maws returned. The one in front pressed against her
panties - the beak had only managed to grip the outer stocking layer.
Still it pressed the crotch of the panties into her lower lips as the flesh
of the orifice rippled, distended, and prodded. Her rear, however, had
lost all of its protection to the tearing beak. The extending pucker of
the strange mouth now pushed deep into the cleft of her ass to kiss her
anus. The shock of contact elicited a muffled shriek followed by a wave of
panic and fear induced nausea. Robin renewed her struggles, now heedless
of her altitude. Uncertainties or illusions Robin might have had about her
predicament cleared, and she shivered trying not to think about at what
might lay in store for her.

Not satisfied with mere contact, the moistening, muscular protrusion at
her rear opening continued to squirm and press into her flesh, trying to
worm its way past her resistant anal muscles as she wailed and struggled
and kicked. Gradually, millimeter by millimeter it intruded past her
clenching, protesting sphincter. As she felt the distended pucker sink
slowly into her, scream after scream disappearing into the trunk clamped to
her mouth. Once finally, firmly inside her ass, the maw's clenched 'lips'
dilated, slowly, gently, but relentlessly stretching her rear passage open,
once centimeter, then two, then three.

All during this horror, the other beak returned unnoticed to her
panties, grasped them, and pulled back, finally tearing a hole in the last
barrier to Robin's pussy. The final stretching of Robin's sphincter was
accompanied by the first hot contact of pulsing flesh on her labia. Her
instinctive jerk away from the genital contact pressed her violated anus
further back onto its maw. Robin squealed and grunted almost

In her terror, Robin mind and body rebelled, and she began to lose
control. She peed, she defecated, she vomited. All the wastes she
produced immediately disappeared down maws of the trunks that held her.
The contractions and reflexive spasming of mouth and anus let the
intrusions push into both openings just that much further, holding that
much firmer. In only a short while, Robin was dry heaving, her stomach,
bladder and bowels completely emptied.

Weakened from her own reactions, she could barely bring her hands to tug
at the trunk pressed against her pussy. Her feeble efforts to dislodge it
were less than useless. This last mouth now began to pucker outward. It
stretched to align vertically along her slit, then pursed and easily pushed
wetly past her labia and into the entrance of her womanhood. As
butterflies danced in her stomach, she felt her pussy entrance slowly
stretch open as this maw flowered just inside her. The dimpled flesh of
the maw pressed into her sensitive vaginal lips and clitoral hood. Much to
her shock and dismay, Robin could actually feel her body react to the
strange manipulations. She trembled as her clit slowly emerged to press
deliciously into the quivering bumps of the alien maw, the feeling adding
to the constant caress and suckling of her breasts. A telltale liquid feel
in her belly made her realize her increasing state of arousal. She could
almost feel her own wetness begin to seep around the strange intrusion in
her pussy. She shivered. In other circumstances, when she was exploring
her maturing body by herself, this delicious sensation signaled the start
of the hottest and most erotic feelings she found her body capable of. The
warring sensations of lust and fear rose within her, driving out most all
other thought processes. Her heart raced almost dangerously fast, and she
began to feel light-headed from hyperventilation

Her ears alerted her to the next change. A hollow hissing sound echoed
up the trunks toward her and she shrieked and squirmed in revulsion as
small snaking string-like feelers emerged from each maw to explore all
three of her openings. The warm, wormy streamers were extremely thin, but
caused her to gag and retch as they reached to the back of her throat and
dipped into her esophagus. The squirming probes up her rear sent queasy
sensations through her guts. The feelers slithered up her pussy as well,
probing the depths of her channel, sending unfamiliar sexual sparks and
shivers through her body. Similar sensations danced across the trapped
breasts, as the appendages insinuated themselves around her flesh and
teased her nipples and aureoles. This continued for some minutes before
all the feelers except those at her breasts withdrew.

New dread rose as the hissing sound of the feelers was replaced by the
sound of fluid filling the hollows of the trunks. All three of her
openings simultaneously felt the contact of an almost hot, gelatinous
liquid rising through the trunk's orifices. The jelly-like substance was
sweet to her tastebuds, but the texture was curdled and repulsive. She had
no ability, however, to prevent it from sliding into her mouth and down her
throat, where she had to swallow or choke. Similarly below her, the
seeping lumpy liquid was slowly extruded into both her ass and pussy,
entering her in a slow pumping motion. Wherever the fluid touched, even
down her throat, a bizarre tingling started. The almost electrical
sensation was more intense in her sexual parts, where her nerve endings
were most densely packed. The substance seeped outward as well, oozing
over her parted labia to touch her clit. Similar sensations at her nipples
meant that the substance was spreading against her breasts as well. She
felt her guts slowly filling with the warm stuff and shuddered with the hot
sensation of it squeezing slowly up her pussy into her unexplored depths.

Terrorized beyond rationality, her body was now being physically and
chemically stimulated as never before. Her orgasm took her completely by
surprise. Robin couldn't understand or effectively fight the rising
sensations around and within her, and suddenly she was cumming. The
tingling on her most sensitive areas made them seem to vibrate of their own
accord. She could not cry out, lest she choke. All she could do was
swallow and quake as her inner muscles spasmed. Her breasts and clit
throbbed and her guts and belly churned and filled with the strange jelly.
She came down from the climax feeling bloated and almost sick. Her stomach
and bowels were quite full now, slightly distended by all she had taken in.
The intense mixture of arousal, queasiness, and horror was overwhelming.

Just when she felt she could not bear to take any more, the pressure
eased, and the pumping stopped as the fluid receded down the trunks. Soon
her natural muscular reactions forced her to expel most of the stuff as her
stomach, bowels, and pussy heaved and contracted again. It was gross and
uncomfortable, but Robin was beyond caring. The relief was welcome. When
she was finished, the flared maws withdrew abruptly, and soon she was able
to shut her mouth and feel her sphincter close down. Her oozing pussy lips
also settled back to normal. Her stomach and guts gurgled, and she felt
hot on the inside. Robin was tired beyond reckoning. The only reason she
was still conscious was due to the sustained adrenaline rush of fear, and
even that was beginning to run on empty. Her tired mouth, anus, and cunt,
though empty, were still slimy with the remains of the jelly, each coated
nerve ending alive and ready for... something. She felt vaguely
disconnected, as if she was now separated from the scene, and some other
poor girl was being ravished by strange alien forms. Even so, the
unceasing manipulations of her breasts remained a constant buzz of
pleasure, echoing from her recent peak.

Robin hung limply, resigned, unable to muster much reaction to new
rumbling sounds emanating from the trunks. As she helplessly awaited her
fate, she tried to sink farther away from the nightmare of consciousness,
to will herself away, to separate completely. Her fully aroused body,
however, insisted on keeping her in the waking world. She noticed
immediately the intensified attention on her breasts. The slathering,
licking, milking motions increased, impinging more on her ragged awareness,
forcing a moan from her. She'd never felt such intense sensations from her
breasts, even during her own self-explorations. Every inch of the soft but
firm flesh felt hot and alive, the pleasure centering on her sensitive
nipples and undersides. Strange prickling sensations began along her
nipples and back seemingly inside her breasts. It was momentarily
uncomfortable, but soon give way to a strange new flowing sensation that
permeated her chest.

So lost was she in these feelings that she accepted almost without
notice the fat, muscular tube that slowly entered her mouth and rested on
her tongue. She had almost instinctively started sucking on it before she
caught herself and forced herself to stop.

Robin dimly knew her ordeal was far from over. A thick, flexible
appendage slowly pushed its way past her loosened, weakly resisting
sphincter and then deeply up into her ass. This ribbed, squirming probe
churned her insides and scratched the sexual itch left behind by the
earlier secretions. She jolted and automatically arched her back, pressing
her ass into the new penetration despite herself.

Then, Robin felt a hard presence at her pussy lips, pressing in just
past her labia. A final rising spark of fright ignited into blind terror
as she realized what was certainly to happen next. She closed her eyes and
cried out, the scream turning to a gasping intake of breath as the hard
presence at her defenseless opening shot up into her, tearing through her
hymen and surging deep into her cunt. The blunt, bulbous front of the
probe pushed further and further into her newly opened passage, stopping
only when it pressed into her cervix. Robin screamed hoarsely with her
fading strength, nearly choking on the tube in her mouth.

The pain of her deflowering was fleeting, however, and quickly replaced
by the most intense sexual feelings she had ever felt or imagined. The
alien rape was so thorough and complete, her mind struggled to protect her
from breaking completely. Her body would not let her escape the intense
sexual stimulation, so her rationality fled, numbing the horrific reality
by becoming lost in the mounting pleasure being forced upon her.

The shaft that had taken her virginity was thick only at the end. Below
the 'head' the stiff shaft that impaled the entirety of her cunt was no
more than finger-width. It did not move at this time, staying rigid within
her, 'head' flush with the entrance to her womb. After a half-dozen
fluttering heartbeats, a number of equally thin, writhing tentacles
slithered into her one by one, spreading her labia wider and stretching her
pussy walls as they forced their squirming way inside. The digits swirled
around the thinner column, forcing all the way into her to tickle the very
end of her passage. Robin drew in her breath deeply as the aggregate of
the alien digits filled her full for the first time, exposing every
sensitive interior nerve to their slimy friction, until they seemed to
stuff her pussy completely. She exhaled raggedly as they withdrew, feeling
empty even though the central shaft still pressed fully into her. She
gasped again as the tendrils swarmed back in. The alien fucking motion
started slowly, the pace and force increasing incrementally with each
penetration. As her pussy became accustomed to the collective girth of the
wormy tentacles, Robin's breath came quicker and quicker. Each intimate
movement sent sparks of mixed revulsion and pleasure straight to the most
primitive parts of her brain.

Robin rose in a daze. Every sensitive part of her body was being
teased, infiltrated, titillated beyond normal tolerances. Her back arched
as the assaults from in front and back drove her into a sexual frenzy,
pushing her relentlessly towards another peak. The slowly increasing
pressure at the end of her pussy by the head of its first invader went
unnoticed. Very slowly, succumbing to foreign hormones and constant
pressure, the muscular barrier relaxed and dilated.

On the edge of her second externally induced orgasm, Robin felt the
mounting pressure against her cervix abruptly cease as the muscle finally
give way. The small bulbous head of the alien shaft pushed gently into her
innermost womanhood just as her muscles clamped down in climax. Robin
shook and shuddered, gasping for breath, alternately screaming and sucking on the appendage in her mouth. Her back curled and arched, her legs
flailed, and she came endlessly. Her mind screamed in panic, but her body,
overwhelmed by driving, impossible pleasure, would not obey. Her hips
surged forward and her pussy muscles flexed and clamped as if to draw the
invading tendril even deeper into her.

The stimulation did not let up. Robin was not allowed to come down from
her seizure-like sexual overload. If anything, the intensity of feeling in
her breasts, ass and cunt increased. The squirming, thrusting motions of
the invading probes quickened, the one in her ass now sliding deeply in and
out of her bowels as the many in her cunt grew still more fevered. With
each thrust, the textured tentacles throbbed, stretching her pussy wider.
Robin's body heaved and arched, throwing itself onto the shafts in her cunt and ass, taking them deeper and harder. She felt consciousness fading as
her convulsions continued uncontrolled. Her world centered on her sexual
flesh, consumed by the intimate and now indistinguishable mix of pleasure
and visceral horror.

Robin snapped briefly fully aware one last time as the tentacle bundle
withdrew completely from her now merely tickling her labia and throbbing
clit. Her overstimulated, hypersensitive pussy now felt the center shaft
distend and pulse as a thick, squirming bulge emerged from inside the
trunk. The bulge pressed up against her nether lips, and then pushed inside
her. It passed along the shaft, its journey aided by the rippling, milking
muscles of her spastically contracting pussy. Her mind screamed and every
muscle in her body strained as she tried one last, desperate time to
escape. The wriggling mass pushed up the tube and was drawn deep into
her... all the way in.

Base animal fear pierced her very soul as she sensed as much as felt
whatever it was squeeze past her breached cervix and be deposited,
implanted inside her womb. Horror and denial flooded through her,
inextricably intertwined with the overwhelming lust and electricity of her
climax. On it went. Almost as soon as the first finished its journey, a
second living bulge pressed into her pussy lips and pushed, writhing, into
her through the tube. Then a third slowly entered her to slide up through
her still spasming pussy. Nameless dread mounted with each wriggling
penetration of her very core. As the second lump pushed into her uterus,
Robin grunted and opened her eyes, which she had closed some time ago. At
this moment she was hanging almost upside down bent almost double, ass
thrust high and head hanging low. The trunks holding her head and breasts extended away to both sides, and her skirt fell down over her belly, giving
her a momentarily unobstructed view of the one clamped to her pussy. All
the trunks around her were now nearly transparent, with circulatory vessels
and odd organ-like objects clearly visible within.

At her chest she could see her breasts being fondled and stroked and
sucked. She thought she saw milky yellow fluid being drawn _from_ her
nipples and down into the two trunks. The shudder that passed through her
at that sight died when she focused on her crotch. There he could see as
we as feel the small fucking-tentacles waving and tickling her mound around
the thin central cylinder that extended both down out of sight and up into
her swollen pussy lips. The shaft bulged where small objects rose through
it. They were yellow-gray, strawberry-sized. Elfigs! But they were
alive, twisting and squirming in the confines of their conduit. Robin's
mind froze as she watched the next one reach the top of the trunk and press
into her entrance. She saw and felt the bulge spread her labia and
disappear inside, leaving only the internal sensation of another throbbing,
wiggling organism entering her violated body.

For one last moment of pure clarity, Robin knew exactly was happening to
her. She cried out with everything she was. For a handful of heartbeats,
she felt and registered every sensation in her body. The light breeze
blowing her hair... The mild fragrances of the alien forest tainted with
those of human sweat and sex... The sounds of rustling leaves and alien
birds... The feeling of the third seed/embryo pushing into her womb with a
tiny internal spasm... and of the fourth massaging her insides with its
squirming journey through her pussy... and of the fifth gently spreading
open her labia and entering her. The sight of more seeds rising up the
column... The sensations of the tubes in her ass and mouth fucking
twitching and shuddering, the maws at her breasts mauling and caressing and
sucking at her. It burned into her.

A random tendril's flick scraped against her clit, shattering the moment
and forcing her unwelcome cum to rip through her anew. Robin arched her
back again and howled, removing the horrific view of the seed tube from her
sight. The sweet jelly again started pumping into her mouth and ass, very
slowly this time and she swallowed and clamped down over and over as she
was filled in all three openings. Her delirious pleasure and sick fright
rose higher with the alien gurgling of each new invasion and the filling
feeling of her stomach and guts and womb reaching capacity. The jelly flow
slackened and stopped, and a sensation of bizarre and utterly complete
fullness deep inside her filtered through the thick fog of Robin's unending
orgasm. She barely had time to register it, and none at all to think when
the swarm of thin tentacles suddenly surged back into her pussy, resuming
their rapid, thrashing fucking. Robin screamed one last time, every nerve
in her invaded body firing in pleasure and every thought in her breaking
mind burning with terror. Finally, it was too much for her. She blacked
out. Even unconscious, her body shuddered and spasmed for some time as the
fucking, sucking, pumping trunks continued on...

Robin awoke hours later, sitting bolt upright with a scream on her lips.
She found herself lying on the forest floor, undisturbed. She stretched
gingerly, looking around herself, and felt she was unhurt. Her muscles
felt sore and stiff all over, but that might easily have been from lying so
long on the ground. Why had she fallen asleep at all? She didn't remember
being that tired. She didn't remember much at all since leaving the

Her stomach rumbled. She was very hungry. She picked up the comp lying
next to her and pocketedit, then set off back to the settlement. She
ignored the Berrberry bush nearby and the elfigs in the nearby trunks, they
suddenly seemed less appealing to her now than yesterday, when she couldn't
wait to get out to replenish her supply. Something fluttered within her,
lower than her stomach. Robin froze and turned sheet-white as a nightmare
vision flashed before her inner eye for a brief moment. Her mind clamped
down on the images and shoved it away to the realm of dreams. She shivered
at the ghostly, fading memory. Sore as she was, she started running, not
entirely sure why. Her mind refused to register the lubricated rawness of
her private parts and the dampness at her chest and crotch. The forest
outside the compound suddenly made her uneasy. She slipped inside the
perimeter and to her quarters, quickly and permanently disposing of her
travel-stained clothes and changing into new ones. By the time she
encountered someone who actually was wondering where she had been she'd
managed to come up with a set of passable, if inelegant, lies explaining
her absences for the day.

Daily life in the colony went on, boring as ever. Robin no longer tried
to sneak out for her private treks, though. Outside the settlement had for
some reason lost its appeal to her. More than once, she thought of going
to the infirmary to ask about her occasional queasiness or the strange
churning she sometimes felt in her stomach. Every time she thought too
much about it, though, horrific images clawed at her from the shadows until
her mind could banish them again. By the time she emerged from the lapse,
she forgot what she'd been thinking about. She was even able to conceal
her slowly swelling belly from herself and others for quite some time.


Robin woke in the middle of the night sick to her stomach. She felt
bloated and crampy. She was feverish and couldn't breathe well. She
needed air. In the darkness of her room, she threw back her covers and
staggered as quietly as she could out into the night. Three of the five
small moons were up, revealing with their dim light that she was completely
naked. She'd taken to sleeping in the nude in recent months when her
bedclothes stopped feeling comfortable around her stomach. The faint
moonslight illuminated a slight but definite swell in her lower belly. She
was oblivious to her state however, all she thought about was to breathe
free, to sit by herself.

She walked gingerly from the housing compound past the Med-Dome and
other familiar buildings to the colony's central park area. She headed to
a secluded area she'd taken to sitting in, stopping every few minutes on
the way to catch her breath when a particularly hard cramp hit her. The
bench was in a small clearing surrounded by young, transplanted elms, oaks,
and evergreen hedges from Earth.

Robin slowly lowered herself to the bench and leaned back against the
cool slats, breathing deep. Her stomach churned. She needed to lie flat.
She gingerly lowered herself from the bench to the surrounding grass. That
was better. She looked up at the sky, at the twinkling stars. Another
cramp hit her and she could not stifle a cry of discomfort. Then she felt
a something inside, like a small balloon popping. A small rush of hot
liquid flowed from her pussy. Was she peeing? bleeding? It didn't feel
like either. Her stomach gurgled and churned, and then she felt something
else. Something small was wiggling deep inside her pussy, getting
shallower and shallower until it pushed her labia aside and emerged.

Breathing hard, Robin looked down her body to see a small bud at the end
of a thin stalk about 5 cm long emerging from her cunt. The bud flowered
open to reveal four small leaves that glistened in the faint moonslight.
The stalk wiggled and she could feel even its thin presence through the
length of her pussy. It felt...a scream of terror echoed in her brain but
was immediately silenced. It felt...fantastic. Robin was confused. She
lay back and watched the stars, listening to the wind in the trees,
breathing, feeling without thinking.

The small bud waved around, chancing to brush a leaf up against Robin's
thigh. The rest of it quickly turned towards the skin and pressed up
against it. The maw in the center of the bud began to nibble and root at
her skin, feeling like a tiny kiss. The leaf cluster began to slide around
the flesh of her thigh in a systematic spiral search. Its warm, wet
caresses felt wonderful.

Robin felt another cramp and another popping sensation within her,
followed by another hot fluid rush. Soon, another bud stalk wriggled its
way down her channel and out into the night air it, too opened and began
its search of her skin. It felt so good on her thighs and legs and waist.
Otherwise unmoving on the grass, the deeply breathing Robin slowly parted
her legs.

Two more pops and flows, two more stalks pushed out. Robin felt the
four infant trunks wiggle and caress her insides from her womb to her pussy lips and she sighed with pleasure. She spread her legs wider, bending and
raising her knees. She felt her own sexual secretions join the flow from
the bursting seed/eggs. Five, six, seven stalks waved from her pussy, maws
searching and sucking at her flesh. They extended further from her as they
failed to find what they were seeking close by, passing up and down her
legs, across her stomach and torso, to her chest. One finally encountered
her left breast, traced over it and brushed her aureole. Immediately it
centered its maw over her nipple, grabbed what hold it could with its small
but strong leaves, and began sucking.

Robin gasped at the initial pain, but then sighed again. This, too,
felt good. Very good. Pins and needles prickled inside her mammaries, the
suckling of the bud intensified. A drop of liquid trickled down her right
breast as it began to leak a milky fluid. In a few moments that trickle
was stopped by a second maw clamping to her right nipple, leaf cluster
kneading her aureole and breast to aid the flow. Robin moaned and flexed
her hips. Her stomach was less cramped now, less uncomfortable, but still
contracting hard.

Three more pops. The hot flow took some time to work its way out now.
Her pussy was almost full with wiggling Elleg stalks. The last three
forced it to stretch wider as they pushed out amongst their siblings.

Robin's pussy was stuffed full for the second time in her life, though
this time from the inside out. She trembled and bucked slowly with the
writhing stalks, instinctively humping against the air. More buds had
found her breasts and sucked on her flesh as near her nipples as the greedy
first arrivals would allow. Several more buds still searched her body.
The three newest arrivals, as their predecessors began their pattern close

By this time, Robin was fully aroused and involved in the alien
birthing. Her clit had emerged fully, erect and sensitive. One of the last
emerging buds found it and identified it as its objective, clamping on and
sucking hard. The sharp sensation made Robin cry out and sent her over the
edge in to a deep, quaking cum. Her hips heaved and she made low animal grunting sounds as the sensations washed over and through her.

The maw at her clit grew unsatisfied, not getting what it had expected.
It detached, looking anew for its true objective. Robin began to descend
from her peak, but then another found her button and made the same error.
This time Robin screamed as it shot her back into climax. Then a third
time with the last of the bud-maws until Robin was exhausted. She heaved
and shuddered in orgasmic aftershock for several minutes.

During this time, most of the maws had extended far enough to find her
breasts and fight for her nipples. One by one, each drank their fill. The
contractions of her climax submerged those she had been feeling before, but
now the uterine cramps returned. Robin felt the need to push. She did.
The twisting mass of stalks began to slide further out of her pussy.
Further still. She gritted her teeth and pushed again, and a thicker knot
began to pass down her canal, stretching her wide. Though thicker than
most human cocks, it was still much smaller than a human baby, so pushing
out the things caused no real pain and was not terribly difficult. She
imagined it felt like a giant phallus withdrawing from her deepest self.
With one final push, Robin expelled the twisted knot of trunk bases and
broken seed/egg casings.

Robin was exhausted, panting loudly. Her hands, which had been gripping
and tearing at the grass at her sides, now relaxed and opened. Her legs,
spread wide and held up in the air during the bizarre birth, fell to the
ground, still lewdly splayed. She could breathe. She felt clear and light
and cool. She slept.

Two moons had set and one more had risen by the time she awoke. The
first hints of dawn colored the east. Robin shook her groggy head,
flinging off the dew that had condensed on her over the last hour. She sat
up and looked around. She was in her favorite clearing, but it was before
sunrise. And she was naked. How did she get here? Was she sleepwalking
now on top of the nightmares she could never remember? She did feel much
better than she had for the last couple weeks. Whatever had been
disagreeing with her stomach may have finally decided to concede, she
thought. She had to get back, though, before anyone saw her, or it would
be more embarrassing than she cared to think about. As she left where
she'd been lying, she absently grabbed a small handful of beerberries from
the small bush that grew under the back of the bench. They were better
than she'd remembered. She looked around and saw one or two of the other
low bushes she'd secretly planted some months ago doing reasonably well
hidden amongst the hedges. She left the clearing, not noticing ten new
tender shoots dispersed in a rough circle around where she'd been lying.
Each over a centimeter thick and over 60 cm tall, they'd already grown in
the hours since leaving their host and implanting themselves in the ground.
The four leaves on top of each opened towards the soon-to rise sun.

Robin hurried back to her quarters, nearly running into an early shift
heading to the Ag-Dome, but hiding just in time. She made it inside and
settled into her bed for one more hour of sleep before her morning duties
were to begin.



Robin's life continued normally. She found that clothes she'd been
having trouble with now seemed to fit just fine. She'd taken to wearing
her bedclothes again. She sometimes went back to the clearing in the park
to pick some beerberies, but didn't want to take too many lest she strip
them too much, besides, she didn't want to be hemmed in to the tame center
of the colony.

She'd begun to pine for her freedom again, and she wanted to explore
further beyond Witch's Hat. She made plans for another foray out of the

Epilogue 2.

Fifteen year old Emily Wimoor, a Colony Native, had recently discovered
the most delightful clearing in the deep parts of the central park where
nobody went anymore. There were pleasant trees and hedges, and a bench for
reading or thinking, and the cutest little bushes hidden in the
undergrowth. She knew she wasn't supposed to, but her curiosity got the
best of her and she tasted one of the brown-red berry-looking things on her
third visit. It was delicious!. After finding no adverse reaction the
next day, Emily became bolder and had several, then a small bunch. Now she
came by the clearing at least once a day when she could for a secret snack.
Today she decided to bring her best friend 'Lizzy with her and let her in
on the secret. Lizzy thought the berries tasted pretty weird, but in a
good way. The two girls sat on the bench and gabbed the free morning away,
popping handfuls of berries at a time.

They weren't expected anywhere till dinner, and neither of them wanted
to leave just yet, so when they realized at nearly the same time that they
both really had to pee, they giggled and each went off behind a different
tree. Neither girl being interested in such things, they didn't care to
notice that not all the trees trunks were of oaks and elms, nor indeed of
trees at all. When finished, each girl looked about for something to clean
off with. Each found some nice large flat leaves, hanging down near the
ground in clusters of four. Being used to the mix of Riouhn and Earth
plants around them, they paid little notice to the leaves' color schemes or
that neither of them had seen plants like this before.

The two girls cleaned up and emerged from their respective places
smiling at each other. However, Lizzy's smile froze on her face, and her
eyes widened as she looked behind her friend.

"Emily!!" was the last word heard in the clearing for a long time.


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