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Permission1 AfternoonDelight


Title: Permission Ch 1 of 4 - Afternoon Delight R1 Author: Charley Ace

WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

Janice and I had been married for about 10 years. My name is Bill, and
from my perspective, we had a solid, happy marriage. We had never had any
serious problems, and were very much in love with one another. She was,
and still is, a beautiful, intelligent, interesting woman, and I considered
myself very lucky to have her for my wife. In addition to being a good
wife, she was a great mother to our two children.

Our sex life had become very predictable and boring, which is probably
true of most married couples after the first several years of marriage. We
engaged in sex very infrequently and when we did, it lacked something -
pizzazz! We seemed to do the same things over and over - very boring.
Even so, I had never had an affair and I'm sure that she hadn't, either.
Other women had looked tempting to me from time to time, but I had not had
a serious interest in them - only the normal male curiosity.

One of the strengths of our marriage was that we had always been very
open and honest with each other. One evening after the kids were in bed,
Janice snuggled up to me on the couch and started the conversation that
shocked me to my inner core. I guess I'm a bit Victorian when it comes to
sex. That's why I was so shocked, but wouldn't you be? Let me explain.

She proceeded to tell me that she ran into her old high school
boyfriend, Mike, downtown that day. She hadn't seen him since the day they
graduated more than 15 years ago. Although she had told me a little about
Mike previously, I had never known the extent of their romance. The chance
meeting was unusual since we lived more than a thousand miles from where
she and Mike had grown up.

She told me that he was glowing in his compliments on her appearance,
and told her that the years had been very good to her. She was embarrassed
and very flattered, since she hadn't ever considered herself to be a
beautiful woman, which she is. She wasn't always beautiful. She was what
one might refer to as a late bloomer, attractive, but a bit too skinny back
in high school. Maybe that was why Mike was so effusive in his

She said that he looked to be in pretty good shape as well. He was
married with three children and in town on business for a few days. They
had spoken for a few minutes and he invited her to lunch. Since it was
around noon, and she was hungry, she accepted his invitation. They
discussed old times and one thing led to another. Before they parted, he
surprised her by asking her over to his hotel room to finish what they
started back in high school.

She said that they had never gone all the way, but had gotten into some
heavy petting once or twice. She remembered the one time when they were
parked at the local lovers lane. He got her to climax with his finger and
she stroked him off. She chuckled and said that the back seat of his
father's car got to be pretty messy. She went on to say that she probably
would have let him go all the way that night, but he didn't push it. They
broke up shortly after that and went their separate ways.

I wasn't totally surprised that a guy was hitting on my wife, but I was
surprised at what came out of her mouth next.

She said that seeing him again got her to thinking about that night and
what could have been. She could have lost her cherry in the back seat of
his father's car instead of to me a few years later. It got her aroused,
which was the first time another man had gotten her aroused in a sexual way
since we met. Then, when he invited her up to his room, she became even
more aroused at the prospect of having sex with him. She said that she was
very tempted to go right then, but couldn't bring herself to cheat on me.
She told him that, and left him disappointed at the restaurant. She could
sense that he too was aroused, and was really dejected when she turned him

I felt very reassured at that point, but then she dropped the bomb. She
asked if it would be OK with me if she did go to his hotel room and have
sex with him. Now that really shook me. My wife was asking me to give her
permission to have sex with another guy! My initial response was, "No way
in Hell!"

Janice said that my reaction didn't surprise her, and pointed out that
she could have gone without telling me about it. She clarified that by
saying that even though she could have gone, she didn't, and wouldn't go
without my knowledge. She also stated that she would abide by my decision,
whatever it may be. She would never go behind my back. "My love and
respect for you is too strong," she said. She further stated that we have
a solid marriage and she was too deeply in love with me to go behind my
back. This affair would be merely to satisfy her sexual curiosity.

Since she had never had sex with any other man, she was very curious as
to what it would be like. She argued that it might even improve our sex
life, which, she added, had gotten pretty boring in recent years. 'It
might help hers,' I thought, 'but what about mine?' Actually, I did get
aroused at the gist of that conversation. The thought of my wife shacking
up with another guy, Whoa! My arousal was a bit surprising to me because
of my puritan-like attitudes. Could Janice's sexual romp with another guy
really help me too?

She went on to point out that sex and love are two separate things, and
that we should understand and accept that. There was no chance of her
falling for Mike; she merely wanted to satisfy a physical desire and a
curiosity. Besides that, she said that if the situation were reversed, she
would be only too happy to accommodate my request, just to please me. She
said that she was very secure in our marriage and thought that I was too.
If I was as secure as she, I shouldn't have a problem with her request.

I surprised myself by remaining reasonably calm during her revelation. I
told her that I appreciated her honesty and that I needed some time to
think about it. This was a heavy load to drop on me all of a sudden. She
asked that I not take too long since Mike will only be in town for a day or
two more. 'That took nerve,' I thought. 'Asking me to give my permission,
then giving me a sense of urgency.' Anyway, I told her that I would let her
know in the morning. She smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

I didn't sleep much that night. 'If I truly loved her, I would honor
her request and allow her to enjoy herself. But then again, if she truly
loved me, she wouldn't even want to do something like this, would she?'

I had to address the issue of the separation of love and sex. Is there
truly a separation between the two in a marriage? People have one night
stands all the time - obviously no love there. Am I really that much of a
prude? I don't want to be. The more I thought about the idea of my wife sleeping with another man, the more confused and aroused I got. Why was I
getting aroused?

Since I couldn't sleep and was very erect by that time, I reached over
to Janice. I found that she couldn't sleep either. As I caressed her, we
kissed passionately. I quickly placed my hand on her crotch and found that
she was very wet. It seems that she was still aroused over the thought of
having sex with Mike. It usually takes much longer for me to get her that

We made love more passionately and with more vigor that night than we
had in years. It was becoming apparent that Janice might be right about
something like this being a needed stimulant for our sex lives.

I got very little sleep that night. I was jealous because Mike had
gotten her aroused much easier that I could, and I was jealous that she
wanted him for sex when she had me. When I thought about the few times
that two of the attractive women at work had flirted with me, I began to
understand Janice's feelings. The sexual innuendoes that were exchanged
had definitely gotten me aroused. I enjoyed the flirting very much; it was
an ego boost. Very much like Mike's flirting had been a boost for Janice.
Unlike Janice, though, I didn't seriously consider having sex with either
of them, although the thought did cross my mind. In fact, if I had gotten
to the point where I wanted to have sex with them, I probably wouldn't have
told Janice about it.

I made up my mind.

I nudged her to see if she was still awake, and she was. I told her
that I would accept her request, but only on certain conditions. I told
her that she had to tell me when she was going to meet Mike and that she
had to reveal every detail of their encounter to me afterwards. I said
that having sex with Mike would probably spice up her sex life, but for it
to do any good for me, she had to tell me all. She smiled, kissed me on
the cheek and said, "OK."

The next day at work wasn't very productive, I could think of nothing
else but Janice and Mike. She called just before lunch and told me that
she had called Mike and they agreed to meet at 3:30 PM at his hotel. She
said that he was really shocked, but excited to hear from her. She became
more aroused by his reaction. It was very satisfying to her that an
attractive man was so obviously excited by her. His excitement didn't
surprise me; I would have felt the same way if I were in his place. She
said that she would have dinner started and asked me to look after it if
she wasn't home by the time I got there.

I was able to put Janice and Mike out of my mind for a few hours. Long
enough to get some work done, but when 3:30 came, all I could think of was
Janice and Mike rolling around in bed. I spent the afternoon wondering
just what they were doing; oral, anal, etc. Janice had never performed
oral sex on me, not to completion anyway. She had said that she just
couldn't do it. I would have liked very much for her to do it, but I'm not
a very forceful person and respected her wishes with the hopes that she
would someday change her mind. I performed oral sex on her often and she
loved it. We have never performed anal, either, this by mutual agreement.
Would she do these things with Mike?

I got home about 5:30 PM and Janice wasn't there. She had taken the
kids to the baby sitter's house before she left. I had decided not to get
them until she returned, I wanted to hear all of the sordid details.
Again, I became aroused just thinking about her in the sack with another

Janice arrived home a short time later. I couldn't wait to start asking
questions; I quizzed her unmercifully. "How did it go? Did you enjoy it?
What did you do?" I think the answers to some of my questions were in the
look on her face. She had a smile on her lips and a glow about her. It
was all too obvious to me that she had enjoyed her afternoon delight.

She told me to hold on, she would tell me everything as soon as she
tended to the still-cooking dinner. I followed her into the kitchen and
she proceeded to tell me that she had had a great time - not what I wanted
to hear at all. She said that he was a very good lover and that they both
had had three orgasms over the course of the 2 hours they spent together.
He came three times! I've never cum three times with Janice.

"What all did you do?" I asked excitedly.

"We did just about everything."

I didn't know what that meant, so I asked her to fill in the details.

She began, "Mike had given me his room number, so when I got to the
hotel, I went directly to his room. I was right on time, and when I
knocked, he answered quickly. He was obviously as anxious as I was, as we
immediately embraced and kissed passionately. We were both so excited that
we couldn't undress one another fast enough. He removed my blouse and bra
and I unbuttoned and removed his shirt. He then undid my skirt and got
down on his knees and pulled my panties down. While in that position, he
lapped my pussy with his tongue."

"It wasn't easy for him to get at my pussy with me standing and my
panties around my ankles. I couldn't spread my legs to give his tongue
better access. Still, he was able to lick me and I moaned with delight as
his tongue probed my pubic area. He removed my panties completely and led
me to the bed. He proceeded to really do a number on me orally and I was
very vocal in expressing my pleasure. When he sensed that I was about
ready to climax, he got up and started to undo his pants. I got up and
knelt in front of him, and finished unzipping his pants for him. I was
almost mesmerized by the big bulge in his jockey shorts. I quickly removed
his pants and underwear and took a good, close look at a very hard, erect
cock. I didn't remember it being quite that big, but it looked so
beautiful to me at that point; so hard, so erect, so masculine. I kissed
the head and lapped it a few times with my tongue and it was he who moaned
with delight this time. I started to get up, but he placed both hands on
my head and guided my mouth back to the head of his love rod. I tried to
resist, but his grip was firm and forceful. I felt like I had no choice,
so I opened my lips and took it into my mouth. He proceeded to move my
head back and forth with his hands in unison with his hip thrusts. It only
took a couple of minutes before he exploded in my mouth. I saw it coming
and started to pull away, but his grip on my head was firm, but I didn't
put up much resistance. He moaned and grunted as he shot surge after surge
into my mouth."

"When he finished, I wanted to spit the cum out of my mouth, but Mike
told me to swallow it, so I did with only a slight hesitation. I was
playing with myself while Mike was manipulating my head and I climaxed just
as I swallowed his cum. The combination of the clitoral stimulation and
Mike's orgasm was too much. His cum actually tasted good and the
experience wasn't at all like that night at lovers lane. I can't wait to
taste your cum." She smiled and licked her chops.

I got even more aroused at her disclosure. However, I was somewhat
angry and hurt because she had done for him what she wouldn't do for me.
But I was even more curious about the lovers lane incident. She had
originally told me that she had given him a hand job, I asked her to

"I wasn't completely honest with you. He did a similar thing back then
by moving my head to his cock. When he shot his load into my unexpecting
mouth, I was so shocked, and it felt so gooey that I immediately spit it
out on the seat of the car, hence the big mess. It wasn't a good
experience for me and I vowed that I would never do that again. In fact,
it was a big reason why we broke up soon afterward. It was also the reason
that I haven't been able to do it for you, up to now, that is."

I then realized that she was fully aware of what was going to take place
before she went to meet him, which is why he didn't need to be too forceful
with her head. When I asked her, she said, "Yes, I was indeed aware of
this and was actually looking forward to it."

I couldn't believe she said that. She wouldn't do it for me, but some
other guy? What was I to think?

She went on to explain, "I've been tempted in recent years to do the
same for you, but I didn't have the nerve to initiate it and if you had
just moved my head down to your cock, as Mike did, I would have done it,
gladly. I've been anxious to find out for myself whether it was as good as
the girls had been telling me it was."

"Obviously the girls talk about more than just where they are going to
spend the next buck."

"They talk about men and sex all the time. The other girls had all
tasted cum and had been encouraging me to do the same. I was ready. All I
needed was some encouragement."

I wish I had known!

I had gotten very aroused at that point, and anxiously awaited my
opportunity to make her feel even more like a complete woman by spurting my
cum into her mouth. But first, I wanted the rest of the details.

"Mike and I made our way to the bed and I noticed that some cum was
seeping out of the end of his cock, so I bent over and licked it off. He
enjoyed that. I started playing with his testicles and rimming my finger
around his anus. He seemed to enjoy that too and got aroused again very
quickly. He took one of my nipples in his mouth and nibbled on it. He
then slowly and methodically rimmed his tongue around it. He did the same
to the other. He then rolled me over and started with his tongue on the
back of my neck. He slowly worked his way down to the crack of my ass. I
was getting more and more excited by the inch and started fondling my own
breasts. When he reached my anus, I let out a squeal and could really feel
my juices flowing again. He probed his tongue around the rim and
occasionally into my hole. I loved it. He then got me up on my knees and
probed his tongue into my extremely wet pussy, and I climaxed almost
immediately. It was a violent one, and Mike was very pleased with

"At that point I was exhausted, and just wanted to lay back for a few
minutes, but Mike had other ideas. He moved his hard cock into position
and shoved it into my love hole. He pumped his hips up against my cheeks
while holding on to my hips with both hands. He soon started to pant like
he was ready to climax again. He withdrew his cock, rolled me over on my
back and shot his load onto my chest and breasts. I got aroused again
myself when I had a good close-up look at the spurting cum erupting out of
the little slit at the end of his cock and onto my breasts. How exciting
that was for me. This load didn't seem as big as the one I had taken in my
mouth, but I had enough cum on my chest to scrape a gob of it up with my
finger, lick and swallow it. Ummm, good, I told him. The rest I spread
over my breasts, working it into my skin like a fine skin lotion. I then
reached out and grabbed his cock and pulled him gently until it was within
reach of my tongue. I licked the remaining drops off the head once again."

"We both lay back, rested up and spent a good deal of time talking about
our families. Hearing how Mike talked about his wife and kids with a great
deal of love and respect got me excited again. I just love good family men."

'What kind of good family man goes around screwing other women?' I
thought to myself.

Janice continued, "As I got more and more aroused, I leaned over and
began licking and biting his nipples. I worked my way down to his limp
cock and took it briefly into my mouth. It started to rise and I giggled.
I positioned myself between his legs and moved my tongue off onto his
testicles and began licking and gumming them. He loved it. I then had him
roll over and stick his ass up in the air. I proceeded to move my tongue
to his anus. I did as he had done unto me and rimmed it and occasionally
probed my tongue into his hole. He moaned with delight. I moved off his
anus and started on his testicles again. He became as hard as a steel rod.
I was enjoying my effect on him and was getting pretty wet again myself. I
rolled him over and got astride him. I guided his cock into my wet pussy and started to ride him, first with my cheeks toward his face, then facing
him. It took him a little while longer to climax this time, but climax he

"I hadn't reached a climax this time and he knew it. He reached down
and put his hands on my hips and pulled me up until my wet, cum dripping
pussy was right in his face. The dripping cum didn't bother him a bit. He
probed long and deep with his tongue. He flicked my clit up and down, then
back and forth, and I came very quickly. I was amazed, and even more
aroused, that he didn't hesitate to taste his own cum in order to please

I had gotten aroused very quickly when she started revealing the
details, but by the time she finished I almost had a hole burned into the
front of my pants by my hard, hot love muscle. She noticed this and
reached down and fondled me.

"I'm ready for you now," she said, "as soon as the kids are in bed."

That night we proceeded to follow the script she and Mike had written. I
don't know how, but Janice was as energetic and eager to please as she had
ever been. It was the most enjoyable sex experience that I had ever had.
Janice was right; her liaison with Mike sure did improve our sex lives - at
least for the time being.

Even though the sex was better than it had ever been, I just couldn't
quite accept Janice's sexual desire for another man. 'But what's done is
done,' I thought, 'now we can get back to normal and forget about Mike.'

Before we fell asleep, she leaned over, kissed me on the cheek and said
"By the way, Mike said that he comes to town on business for a few days
every month."

to be continued...

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