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Permission2 MyTurn


Title: Permission Ch 2 of 4 - My Turn R1 Author: Charley Ace Email:

WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved


In the first part of this story, I had reluctantly given my wife,
Janice, permission to have sex with an old high school classmate of hers. I
had hoped it would put some excitement into our sex lives, and did at
first, but read on.

My Turn:

It had been four months since Janice had had her initial sexual
encounter with Mike. He had been back in town three times since, and each
time Janice had spent more time with him at his hotel, she even stayed
overnight the third time. Each time that she returned from meeting him,
she seemed to have enjoyed it more than the previous. Needless to say, she
somehow convinced me that giving her permission the first time, carried
over to as many times as she wanted. I didn't follow her logic, but chose
not to argue, she was having a great time while I was left to wonder what
the hell was going on.

The second meeting lasted twice as long as the first and she returned
even more radiant. I asked her what they did and she sort of brushed me
off by saying, "You know, about the same as the first time." She didn't
want to talk about it any further. We didn't even have sex as we did the
first time. I was slightly turned on at the thought of fucking her after
she had sex with another man, but it was not nearly as intense as the first
time. Then, when she brushed me off, I lost all thoughts of fucking her. I
thought she might expect, or want, to have sex with me, but instead she
said she was very tired and needed to get some sleep.

We still had sex on occasion, but it had gotten to the point where she
seemed to be going through the motions, and it was always at my urging, she
never initiated it. She also came up with more headaches than ever before,
but not on the days that she saw Mike.

Janice's extra-marital affair had not had the desired effect. Not only
was our sex life unimproved by her dalliances, it was definitely much worse
than it was before Mike entered the picture. I no longer found this
situation exciting or erotic, I was much more hurt than I thought possible.
Each time when she informed me when she was going, I cringed at her
anticipatory excitement. I stopped asking her for the details when she
returned, and she didn't volunteer any information.

I was really hurting, I was jealous, I felt like I had lost her. She
was still a good wife and mother, but she wasn't interested in me as a sex
partner. She very definitely preferred Mike to me in bed, which was a
tremendous blow to my ego. I reached the point where I couldn't take it
any more; our marriage was in serious jeopardy.

I finally sat her down for a discussion one evening after the kids were
in bed. I needed to know where I stood and where she thought our marriage
was headed. I didn't pull any punches. "You must be aware that you're
putting a serious strain on our marriage. It's so obvious that you prefer
sex with Mike over me. Could you please try to explain why you're doing
this to me, to our marriage?" I blurted out somewhat nervously, wanting an
answer, but yet knowing that I wouldn't like it.

Janice was not at all surprised. She paused for a moment, then asked,
"Are you absolutely sure you want me to answer that question?"

"Of course I do."

"You know that I won't lie, I'll just tell you what I feel."

"That's what I'm asking for, an honest answer."

"OK, here goes. Even though I knew that you'd be asking this question
sooner or later, it doesn't make it any easier to answer. I know that I've
already hurt you deeply, so, hopefully, what I am about to say won't make
it any worse. First, let me say that you and Mike are total opposites.
You're a handsome guy and a wonderful person. You aren't the least bit
egotistical. Mike is overly fond of himself, an egotistical bore, and even
though he's attractive, he's not what you can consider handsome. I don't
even like him as a person, therefore, I could never love him. What I have
with him is purely sex - lust if you will."

She paused, then went on, "You, I love very much. However, sex with you
has become unimaginative, sort of mundane. You've always treated me as an
equal, which is the way I want to be treated as a person. However, I seem
to have had a deep-seated desire to be somewhat submissive in sex, and
you've never been very forceful. Mike is just the opposite. There is no
question that he's in control of our love-making, and I find that I like it
that way. Mike has forced me to let my hair down and be totally
uninhibited. I hadn't realized how sexually inhibited I really was, until
I started seeing him."

She paused again, then went on, "I still love you very much and I'm
scared stiff that our marriage is in jeopardy. I don't want us to split up; I want and need you as a husband, friend, father, and provider. You're
great in those roles. However, I also need the sexual release that Mike
provides. I'm caught in between, I know that I've not been myself lately.
It's because I feel tremendously guilty about the situation with Mike, but
I just can't seem to help myself. I have sexual needs that you've been
unable to satisfy, and Mike does. It's not really your fault."

Another pause, then, "Prior to our last meeting, I had made up my mind
to not see him any more because of what it was doing to you and our
marriage. But, when he called, the animal in me surfaced, I became so
aroused and excited that I just couldn't resist. I'm hooked, that's all
there is to it, I just can't help myself."

I sat there in silence for several minutes, absorbing what Janice had
just said. It wasn't what I wanted to hear, but I knew it wouldn't be, and
she did warn me. As much as I dreaded her words, I had to admire her
complete honesty. At least that was still in tact between us.

Janice had tears in her eyes. I could now see the torment, the conflict
that she was experiencing. However, it did nothing to soothe my feelings.

"I did love you very deeply at one time, but I can't continue to live
like this for very much longer. It's impossible for you to love me as you
say you do and continue to hurt me. You're behaving like a slut, I don't
think I can live with that. If you really are a slut, you probably can't
help yourself and our marriage is over. If you're not, you'll control your
lust and stop seeing Mike."

She was visibly shaken with my assessment of her behavior and our
marriage. She thought for a moment, decided not to respond, got up and
started to walk away.

I managed to catch her by the arm and told her, "Before you leave, I
have a few more things to say."

She stopped, turned around, and prepared to hear me out.

"You're apparently confusing love with comfort. You find life with me
comfortable and you're afraid of losing that comfort. I now must seriously
question my love for you, since you obviously don't love me the way I want
you to. Love isn't a one way street, and since you're mainly interested in
satisfying your own lust, I'll try to find another partner to satisfy

She looked a bit shocked and tears started to form again, and I
continued, "I'll take no immediate action to break up our marriage, but if
I do find someone else who satisfies all of my sexual and emotional needs,
I'll probably be seeking a divorce."

She sobbed freely with that bit of news. I let go of her hand and she
left the room.

I don't know what she expected from me. I wish that I had known that
she didn't want to be treated as an equal in bed, is it too late now?

The next time Mike was in town, Janice tried to keep their meeting a
secret. She told me nothing ahead of time, but when she didn't come home
until the next morning, there wasn't much doubt about where she had been.
She had said that she just couldn't help herself.

I was having a great deal of difficulty trying to sort things out in my
mind. The solutions to our problems weren't coming to me. I was very
close to calling our marriage off. One part of me wanted to throw her out
on her ass, another part remembered all of the good times we've had
together, our courtship, marriage, the children, and on and on. I had told
her that I would take no immediate action to break up our marriage, and I
didn't, but I had to do something.

I turned my attentions to my boss' secretary, Mary Beth. I needed to
find some relief for my sexual desires, and needs. Mary Beth had been
flirting with me for some time, and I started flirting more intensely with
her in return. She was very attractive and about the same age, but not
quite as pretty, as Janice. Her breasts were of moderate size, but she did
have a cute, jiggly little ass. I had often admired her ass as she walked
away from me. She was a recent divorcee and lived by herself in an
apartment across town.

Mary Beth had gotten into the habit of stopping by my office almost
every Friday afternoon to invite me to join she and a few other colleagues
for Happy Hour at the local watering establishment. Her face lit up when I
finally accepted the invitation. She was genuinely surprised and excited
that I was finally going to loosen up a bit. 'I think she wants my body,'
I thought to myself as I stared at her cute little ass as she was leaving
my office. She came back about thirty minutes later and suggested that we
go to the Steak and Ale across town, near where she lives. "If I have too
much to drink, I can always walk home," she explained with a smirk on her

There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to get laid that night.

I phoned Janice and told her of my intentions, I really didn't ask for
her permission. I just told her what I had hoped would happen with Mary
Beth. She seemed very surprised and maybe even a little jealous, and was
very short with me. I told her that if things went as well as I expected,
I would be with Mary Beth a long time. She hung up abruptly, then called
back ten minutes later. "The same rules apply to you as do me," she said.
I asked her what she meant, after all I did inform her ahead of time. "I
want to hear all the details," she responded. I agreed and she hung up,
still a bit miffed.

Mary Beth was even more anxious than I thought. She arrived at the bar
first and found us a nice booth in a dark corner. As soon as we finished
our first drink, she kicked off her shoes and placed her right foot high up
on my thigh. When I smiled, that encouraged her to move it on up to my
crotch. I was pretty hard because of the anticipation of getting laid and
got even harder when she put her foot on my leg. She felt the bulge and
smiled seductively. "I see that you're ready for more than drinks and
conversation," she said.

"You're damn right I am," I replied with a leer on my face.

"What are we waiting for, I live just around the corner." She got up and
headed for the exit, I quickly paid the tab and followed her.

As soon as we entered her apartment, she went to the stereo and put on
some soft romantic music. "Make yourself comfortable, I'm going to do the
same," she said as she left the room. I removed my jacket and tie, and
undid the top two buttons on my shirt, and waited only a few minutes.

She came out wearing only a sexy, see-through negligee, nothing
underneath. It was barely long enough to cover her bush. I could see that
her nipples were hard and erect. She stepped over to me, spread her arms
wide, palms up, and asked, "you like?"

"Most definitely," I drooled.

She reached her hand out to me and pulled me out of my seat to a
standing position. She then proceeded to unbutton and remove my shirt, and
my pants were next. She dropped down to her knees for the final unveiling.
She pulled my jockey shorts down very slowly and actually flinched a little
when my rock hard six inches sprang out toward her face. "That's sooo
masculine. It's been a long time since I've seen one of those, I just
adore it," she said in all sincerity. I certainly ate that up, it was an
ego boost that I sorely needed. She kissed the head and started to lick
it, I moaned with obvious pleasure. She then took it into her mouth and
gave me the greatest blow-job of my life.

She took the full length in her mouth with ease; it was my first
deep-throat experience. She proceeded to move her head back and forth over
the full length of my cock for only a few minutes. "I'm going to cum," I
moaned. She didn't pull it out as I had expected, but tightened her lips
around it and pumped her head even more furiously. I shot my full load
into her mouth, and she swallowed every drop.

When she was sure that she had gotten it all, she looked up at my
gleaming face. "I hope you liked that, I've never done it before," she
said with a self-satisfied smile on her face.

"It was great! I've never experienced anything that good," I replied.
Before I could question her about not having done that before, she got up
and pulled me close and kissed me passionately. I could taste the remnants
of my salty cum. I then took hold of her negligee and pulled it up over
her head and off. She looked stunning. Her tits were not very big, but
were exquisitely shaped, and her nipples were so erect. She had a small,
dark, v-shaped patch of pubic hair. I was in awe of her naked beauty.

She waited a few minutes for me to take in the sights, took hold of my
hands and led me to the couch. She laid back and gently pulled my head
down to her right breast. After licking and sucking both nipples for a
short time, she moved my head again, this time it was down to her crotch. I
was anxious to get there myself, but apparently she was even more anxious.
She moaned a bit while I suckled her nipples, but when I lapped her pussy,
she really moaned with sensual pleasure. I love eating pussy and have done
so to Janice and to a few other girls that I had known before Janice. They
all enjoyed my tongue, but Mary Beth was much more expressive of her
passionate enjoyment. I loved it and it was obvious that she did too. It
didn't take her long before she convulsed into a major orgasm. She was
still quivering when she moved my head back away from her super-sensitive
clit. When the orgasm subsided completely, she lay back and closed her

The fact that I had just eaten a beautiful pussy and she had gotten a
great deal of pleasure out of it made me hard again. I waited for her to
catch her breath, then moved up and positioned my cock in front of her
sopping wet pussy. She spread her legs even further to give me better
access. I pushed it in with ease. She was tight, but so wet that I slid
in with no resistance. I began with slow rhythmic movement and she began
moving her hips to meet my thrusts. We progressively moved faster and
faster in perfect rhythm. She came first and I followed shortly
thereafter. It was the first time in many years that I had had two orgasms
in one love-making session.

I went limp, pulled out of her and moved up to position myself next to
her. I leaned over and kissed her affectionately. She responded in kind.
"All I can say is Wow! You're fantastic," I told her.

"That goes double for me," she said with a big smile on her face.

I remembered what she had said earlier, and asked, "how did you come to
be so good at giving head if you've never done it before?"

"Bananas," she said with a chuckle. "My ex-husband was the only other
man that I've ever had sex with. He always wanted me to give him head, but
I just couldn't do it. I got as far as putting his cock in my mouth a few
times, but immediately took it back out. I knew, though, that if I ever
found another man that I wanted to have sex with, I'd probably have to give
him head. I felt that it would be to my benefit to know how to do it well,
so I practiced on bananas and even got pretty good at deep-throating them."

I can attest to the fact that her practice made for a perfectly good
time for me.

Se went on to tell me that the one thing that she had been very
concerned about was the swallowing of cum, but she was determined to give
it a go. "Yours did taste good, I'll have no qualms about giving you a
blow-job anytime you want, and even some times when I want. I really
enjoyed doing that, you know." She was very sincere and I believed her.
"How about you, did you enjoy my pussy?" she asked.

"Absolutely! I was in another world when my tongue was buried in your
pussy lips, lapping up your juices and pleasuring you." She smiled and
pulled me closer to her.

She told me that I was the only man that she had met since her divorce
that had aroused her sexual interest. She said that she knew several
months ago that I was the one that she wanted to have her first
post-divorce sexual encounter with. However, she didn't start flirting,
seriously anyway, until after I had told her about Janice's escapades with
Mike. She said that she knew that she couldn't have me permanently, but
she hoped that we could get together periodically for sex and conversation.
She wanted us to be both lovers and friends.

"You have great buns. I really get turned on when you walk down the
aisle at work," she said.

"If you think that I've got a nice ass, yours is fantastic. I've never
seen a nicer one, and those tits! They probably aren't as big as you would
like, but I think that they're perfect in every way. Your pussy is
deliciously succulent. You've got a great body and can have almost any man that you want." She hugged me even tighter, obviously pleased at my
admiration and sincerity.

We both began to get aroused again. This time she moved me off the
couch and turned over on her stomach. She stuck that great ass up in the
air and invited me in. I was instantly hard as a rock and slipped it into
her wet pussy with ease. We fucked like animals, and both came again.
"This is the first time I've ever cum three times!" I exclaimed.

"Me too, on those rare occasions that I came with my husband, it was
only one time. Maybe we can try to extend our records later," she said
with a smile on her face.

With that, we hit the sack. She woke me up in the middle of the night
with her mouth totally engulfing my cock. I told her to get her sweet
little pussy up over my face and we sixty-nined until we both came again.

We fell back asleep and went at it again in the morning. I came twice
more. "This was so much fun, let's do this again next Friday," I

"Yes, yes, yes!" She replied with a big, wide-eyed grin on her face.

I got home about eleven that morning, and Janice was more than a bit
miffed. She said that I should have called if I were going to stay over.
She said that she was worried that something may have happened to me. I
reminded her that she has never called me when she stayed over and that
even though I didn't state that specifically when I called to tell her
about my plans, I did imply it. She shouldn't have been concerned.

"By the way, something did happen to me, but I survived it unscathed," I
added with a smile. She turned and left in a huff.

When both kids were outside playing, she came over to me and asked to
hear all of the sordid details. I gave a blow by blow description of my
encounter with Mary Beth, and as I suspected, it didn't arouse her in the
least. In fact, she got even more peeved and hardly spoke to me for the
remainder of the day, and then only when she needed something.

Apparently she didn't like the idea of me having sex with another woman.
Or maybe my obvious enjoyment was what really bothered her. I needed to
know if a double standard was being applied here, but chose to wait for
another time to ask.

I hadn't realized it until I described the events to Janice, but Mary
Beth was in control of our love-making. She directed the whole thing!
Janice was right, I am a wimp! I decided then and there that I had to try
and take control, first with Mary Beth, and if it worked out with her,
maybe I could try it with Janice, too.

The next day we sat down to talk at Janice's insistence. "Where is this
thing with Mary Beth was going?"

"Since your second meeting with Mike, my sex life has gone decidedly
down hill. It's much worse than it was before. Therefore, your
sex-capades have not had the desired effect. You're getting your sexual
satisfaction from Mike, while I'm getting nothing from you. I needed a
Mary Beth to come along, and come along she did. If you're having trouble
accepting it, tough shit. You started this thing and I'm not about to end
it. I plan on spending every Friday with Mary Beth until she and I decide
that we've had enough. You can go on seeing Mike as long as you like.
I'll get my satisfaction and pleasure from Mary Beth and you can get yours
from Mike."

She immediately began to sob profusely. "This is not the way it was
supposed to turn out," she wailed. "I want to go back to the way we were

'It's a little late now,' I thought to myself as I got up and left her
there to lament. 'I've been doing all the suffering up to now, now it's
her turn.'

to be continued...

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