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Permission3 Revenge


Title: Permission Ch 3 of 4 - revenge R1 Author: Charley Ace Email:

WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved


In the first part of this story, I had reluctantly given my wife,
Janice, permission to have sex with an old high school classmate of hers,
Mike. I had hoped it would put some excitement into our sex lives. It did
at first, but...

In the second part, my sex life with Janice had gotten worse, not
better, as a result of her sexual encounters with Mike. I decided to find
myself another sex partner, and I did, a co-worker named Mary Beth.


It had been two months since Mary Beth and I began our fantastic sexual
get-togethers. We were still going strong and I had succeeded in taking
control of our bedroom activities. She put up some resistance at first,
but soon began to enjoy it. I even went so far as to tie her up on
occasion, and she loved it.

We had discussed out sexual fantasies and had done our best to fulfill
each other's. In the process we had tried just about everything that two
people of the opposite sex can do to and for one another.

While I was still enjoying my trysts with Mary Beth, Janice was not.
She was increasingly moody and aloof. She never seemed happy. Not only
that, but after the last two times with Mike, I sensed that things were not
going well with them. She was not as glowing and seemingly satisfied as
she had been. In fact, after the last time, she was visibly upset. She
said nothing to me when she got home, and I didn't ask. 'She has her sex
life and I have mine,' I thought.

The next evening when the kids were in bed, she came to me and said that
she wasn't going to see Mike any more. I asked why, but she wouldn't tell
me. Then the tears came to her eyes. I put my arms around her, comforted
her and asked her to tell me all about it. She calmed down, but still
refused to tell me anything.

"Something's bothering you, please tell me about it. It'll do you good
to vent."

She sobbed harder at that but when she calmed down again she said, "OK,
but you won't like it. Promise you won't hate me."

"I won't hate you. Please, you need to get it off your chest."

She hesitated, and then slowly proceeded to tell me that Mike had asked
her several times if she would *entertain* some of his potential customers.
She knew he meant for her to have sex with them. He told her it would be
to help him close a deal. She thought it was a joke at first, but when he
persisted she steadfastly refused. She couldn't help but think what I had
said about her being a slut. Mike apparently thought of her as a slut,
too, to be used as he saw fit.

Last month he became very upset and verbally abusive when she wouldn't
change her mind. At that point she had made up her mind not to see him
again, but since I had begun seeing Mary Beth, she felt left out, and
decided to give Mike one more chance.

This time, unknown to her, Mike had two of his customers hidden in the
bathroom when she arrived at his motel room. She and Mike proceeded to do
their thing, with the two men watching. She was on her knees on the bed
giving Mike a blow-job, with her ass sticking up in the air pointed
directly at the bathroom, giving the hiding visitors quite a view. She
soon found out why Mike had positioned her in that manner. One of the men quietly approached her from the rear and slammed his hard cock into her
pussy without warning. It happened so quickly that she couldn't stop it.

She tried to get away from him, but Mike and the third man, who had made
his way out of the bathroom, held her firm. She proceeded to tell me that
all three of them had their way with her.

"Are you trying to tell me that you were raped and gang banged by three

"Yes," she said feebly.

I was beside myself with anger. I focused that anger on Mike and his
cohorts. I told her that we needed to take this information to the police
and press charges against Mike.

She pleaded with me not to do so. "I was so angry and hurt that I
wanted to do the same thing. After I calmed down and thought about it, I
decided that it could do us more harm than good. It would be extremely
embarrassing and would surely cause a scandal." She went on to assure me
that she wasn't physically harmed in any way other than the bruises on her
arms where they held her and the soreness in her ass hole and pussy. She
showed me the bruises.

"How horrible it must have been for you! I completely understand why
you're so upset. I won't do anything, unless you change your mind."

"Would you recognize these men if you saw them again?" I asked.

"Oh yes, I got a good look at them while they were holding me down," she
responded. "I just don't know what I'll do if I run into them. This is
such a small town," she sobbed again.

After a short while, Janice calmed down and started again, "Our marriage
is very tenuous right now. I want to try to begin the repair process by
being completely honest with you. My gang bang experience wasn't as
horrible as you might think."

She paused a long time, then continued, "This is very difficult for me
and I'm praying that you will understand. Please don't get angry, but I
feel that I just have to tell you."

"Tell me what?" I asked, confused.

"I got very aroused while this was going on. I was scared and very
angry at first, but as they continued to pound their cocks into me, I began
to get aroused. I couldn't believe that as I was being raped, I was
getting a great deal of sensual pleasure out of it."

"While the first guy was pounding my pussy from the rear, the other guy
was trying to stick his cock into my mouth. At first I refused to suck it.
I was determined to fight them and the pleasure that I had begun to feel. I
fought it as hard as I could; I even started to cry because I felt myself
losing the battle with myself. After five or ten minutes of the cock
pounding in and out of my pussy, my body took complete control over my
mind. I could think of nothing but sucking on cock, any cock. When he
stuck it in my face the next time, I took it and started sucking on it with
vigor. I experienced one of the most intense orgasms of my life when one
guy came into my mouth at the same time as the other one came into my
pussy. It was an incredible feeling."

"When they recovered, they had me suck them until they were hard again.
Then they positioned me such that I was sitting on Mike with his cock in my
pussy. The second guy had me bend over and he shoved his cock into my ass
hole. It hurt at first, but he went slowly and I finally got used to it.
The first guy then stuck his cock into my mouth, and I took it willingly.
When they started fucking my pussy, my ass hole, and my mouth, I was in
ecstasy all over again. They soon got their rhythm going and I came over
and over again. I just couldn't help it."

"When they were finally finished with me, they all gloated over the fact
that they were able to get me to cum so violently. After they finished
gloating, they all got dressed and left me alone. I was so humiliated, so
disgusted with myself, that I just couldn't move. I wanted to crawl into a
hole and die. Then I thought about you and the kids. That's what gave me
the strength to go on. I finally took a shower, got dressed and left.
There was no way that I could face you in my state of mind, so I took a
room in another motel and spent the night there. I didn't sleep much, I
spent most of the night crying and harboring my hatred for Mike and his two
friends. I finally decided that there wasn't much I could do about it
without humiliating myself further and involving you and the kids. I still
hate them for what they did to me, but I need to move on."

"You might be wondering about whether I would ever do anything like that
again. The answer is an emphatic NO! Even though I did get sexual
pleasure out of it, the humiliation and disgust that I felt, and still
feel, far out weigh any of the sexual pleasure."

"I can understand if you hate me or find me disgusting. I wouldn't
oppose you if you wanted a divorce. It's not what I want, but I'll accept
it and go along with anything you decide. What I'm sorry most about is
that it took something like this to make me realize how abominable my
behavior has been these past several months. I'm throwing myself at your
mercy and praying that you'll somehow find it in your heart to forgive me."

I was in shock, I thought about her story for a long time before I said,
"I'm stunned at what happened to you, but not repulsed by your actions. I
don't think you did anything wrong. You were forced into something that
you didn't want, but because of the sexual stimulation, you found yourself
getting pleasure from it. The fact that you enjoyed what was happening to
you doesn't change the fact that you were raped. They forced themselves on
you. They need to be punished for that."

I just couldn't let this event go. I was so angry with the three men involved that I felt that I had to do something. "Do you think Mike will
call you again next month?"

"I don't know for sure, but he's arrogant enough to think that since I
had gotten so turned on and had several orgasms, that I would want more of
the same."

"If he calls, agree to meet him only if he'll be there alone. You and I
will go together."

"What are you planning to do?"

"Give him some of his own medicine."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm going to find a way to humiliate him. I don't know how just yet,
but I'll come up with something."

Janice had told me that Mike was about 5' 10" and had a slight build.
I'm 6' 3" and weigh just over 200 LBS. I worked out regularly and stayed
in pretty good shape. I didn't think that I would have any problem
overpowering Mike.

Mike did call the next month and Janice convinced him to be there alone.

I gathered the things that I felt I would need and left for the hotel
about an hour before Janice was supposed to get there. I watched his room
to make sure that he would be alone when Janice arrived. I saw only one
man, whom I presumed to be Mike, enter the room about 30 minutes before the
appointed time.

Janice arrived, we went up to the door together and she knocked. When
Mike opened the door, I kicked it open further, and forced my way in.
Before he had a chance to react, I hit him with a hard right to the
mid-section. He was stunned. When he recovered a bit, he gasped, "Wh-who
in the hell are you?"

"Mike, I'd like you to meet my husband, Bill," Janice responded.

I saw fear in his eyes as he sized me up and saw the enraged look on my

"Hello Mike, it's a great pleasure to finally meet you. I'll bet you
have no idea why I'm here, do you?"


"Think back to last month, Mike. Janice told me about what happened.
Can you guess now?"

He was really scared, he began to tremble. He looked at Janice, then
back at me. "Um, I mean, uh. What are you talking about?"

"I'm here to give you some of your own medicine. You humiliated and
degraded Janice, now it's your turn."

I calmly put on the cotton gloves that I had brought with me. I didn't
want to leave any fingerprints. I approached Mike, and he backed away as
far as he could.

"Mike, we might be able to avoid some pain here, if you do as your told.
However, I'm prepared to do whatever it takes. It'll be your choice."

His eyes opened even wider. He didn't appear to be a fighter.

"The first thing that you're going to do is give us the names and
addresses of the other two men involved."

He hesitated and I hit him in the mid-section again. That got his
attention. When he recovered, he went to his brief case, pulled out two
business cards and handed them to me.

"The next thing that you're going to do is remove all of your clothes
and get on your knees in front of Janice."

He slowly removed his clothes, moved over to where Janice was standing
and got down on his knees.

"Now you're going to bow down to her and offer her your sincere apology
for what you did to her last month."

He looked at me, then at Janice. He finally said that he was sorry, but
in a very low tone.

"You can do better than that, Mike."

He tried again, this time louder.

"What do you think Janice, is that good enough? Does that completely
make up for what he did to you?"

"No fucking way," she said emphatically.

"Now Mike, you heard her. I want you to kiss her feet and try again."

He did, and Janice offered the same answer to my question.

"Well, Mike. We seem to have a problem here. Janice is not satisfied
with your apology. We'll have to try something else."

I told him to lie on the bed on his back. I then tied each of his hands
and feet to the bed frame with the rope that I had brought with me. He
offered no resistance. He was spread-eagle on the bed, unable to move.

I then took the string that I had also brought with me and wrapped about
fifty turns tightly around his limp cock. I also wrapped a few turns
around his balls.

I told Janice to remove her panties and position her pussy over Mike's
face. She did, and began to rub it into his face. Soon he became aroused
and yelled out in pain as he started to get an erection.

"OK, honey, this is why I asked you to drink plenty of coffee and not
relieve yourself, do him in the face."

She told him to open his mouth. When he didn't do so immediately, I
yanked hard on the string attached to his cock. He yelled out in pain and
finally opened his mouth. She then spread her pussy lips with her fingers
and cut loose. She pissed a golden stream right onto his face and into his
mouth. He sputtered and cussed, but his face and hair got totally
drenched. He couldn't help but swallow some of it. I saw an evil smirk on
Janice's face as she was pissing.

When she finished, we stuffed one of his dirty socks in his mouth and
left him tied up. As we exited, we placed the 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign on the
doorknob. He would be there for a long time before the maid discovered

As we got into our car, I looked at Janice and she had a mile-wide smile
and satisfied look on her face. It was easy to tell that she was pleased
with our revenge.

It took much more effort and planning, but we managed to humiliate the
other two rapists in the very same way. We did them both in the same
motel, one day apart and two weeks after Mike. Janice had called and set
them up by enticing them with the promise of more sex. To say that they
were a little surprised is understating it a bit.

The younger of the guys gave me a tough time. I had to hit him several
more times than the others, but he finally succumbed. The fact that all of
them were smaller than me made it a lot easier to pull off.

We were amused when we read the newspaper accounts. The police were
puzzled as to why these three men were treated in such a vile and degrading
manner. The police were also puzzled as to why none of the victims would
press charges nor give them any information.

Janice felt vindicated; actually we both felt much better, and turned
our attention to getting our lives back to normal.

To be continued...

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