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Permission4 Satisfied


Title: Permission Ch 4 of 4 - Satisfied R1 Author: Charley Ace Email:

WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved


In the first part of this story, I had reluctantly given my wife,
Janice, permission to have sex with an old high school classmate of hers,
named Mike. I had hoped it would put some excitement into our sex lives.
It did at first, but...

In the second part, my sex life with Janice had gotten worse, not better
as a result of her sexual encounters with Mike. I decided to find a sex
partner of my own, and I did, a co-worker named Mary Beth.

In the third part, Mike set Janice up to have sex with two of his
customers, without her knowledge or consent. She was so angry and
humiliated, that we managed to extract our revenge and humiliate the


Janice and I had agreed to make an attempt to save our marriage, but we
knew that it wasn't going to be easy. One major roadblock was Mary Beth, I
was quite fond of her and wasn't ready to give her up.

I had developed enough confidence during my sexual encounters with Mary
Beth to make an attempt at being more forceful with Janice in bed, and it
was a rousing success. She responded like the sex kitten she was. I found
that I had control over two sexually sensational women, I was thrilled!

As Mary Beth and I would discuss our fantasies, we confided that we each
had fantasized about threesomes, she with two men and me with two women.
After a particularly good fuck session, she told me, sheepishly, that if I
really wanted another woman to join us, she wouldn't mind, she'd do
anything to please me. I suspected that she might have had another reason,
so I asked the question, "are you attracted to other women?"

"No! Umm. Welll, maybe. I don't know," she stammered. When pressed,
she confided that she had become aroused several times while watching porno
flicks of two women eating each other's pussies. In fact she has
masturbated while watching these scenes a number of times since her
divorce. I could see that she had a great deal of difficulty telling me
about her interest in other women. I put my arms around her, comforted her
and told her sincerely that it didn't bother me if she also has an
interest, and even an affair, with other women.

"It's the men that might make me jealous," I chuckled.

"I really don't fantasize about being with two men. I only told you
that because you said that being with two women was a fantasy of yours. I
do share your fantasy, though, about being with two women."

"Maybe we can do something about that someday," I told her. She smiled
and nodded in agreement.

On the way home, after the last fantasy conversation, my wheels were
spinning. 'What an opportunity!' I thought. 'I may be able to have my
cake and eat it too!' The thought had entered my head to invite Mary Beth
over to our house some evening. If Janice had subconsciously fantasized
about being gang banged, maybe she had some hidden desires for other women
as well. Even if she didn't, I felt that she owed me, big time.

I decided to plant the seed with Janice. One evening after we had had a
very good sex session, I asked her what other hidden sexual fantasies she

"None that I know of," she responded.

"What about making it with another woman?"

"Oh, no! Never."

"Are you sure? I've been told by more than one person that bisexuality
was not uncommon among women."

"I've never given it any thought, why do you ask?"

"I've thought about inviting Mary Beth over here for some threesome
action," I blurted out. 'No point in beating around the bush,' I thought
to myself.

Janice's reaction was somewhat surprising. She smiled calmly and said,
"I've always wanted to see what Mary Beth looks like, and to meet her face
to face, please do invite her. I don't know about the threesome action,
though. I won't embrace her with open arms, but I'll be civil. I'll do
whatever I can to please you."

Early the next day at work, I invited Mary Beth over to our place on
Friday evening. I explained my conversation with Janice, and Mary Beth
seemed excited and agreed to come. She said that she was just as anxious
to meet Janice as Janice was to meet her. However, she was very concerned
that Janice might resent her and make her feel guilty. She seemed
reassured when I told her that Janice said that she wouldn't do that, and
that I believed her.

Come Friday, we sent the kids off to the sitters for the night. They
were excited about it since it was a special treat for them to be spending
the night.

After I dropped the kids off, I proceeded to Mary Beth's apartment. I
noticed that she was very nervous, but yet excited. She didn't say much on
the way back.

I spoke up, "you know that you have to be the aggressor with Janice.
We'll have to see how she responds to another woman." Mary Beth nodded in

When we got there, I made the introductions and they exchanged
pleasantries. It was somewhat tense for a while. Neither of them knew
just what to say to the other.

Mary Beth finally blurted out what was on her mind, "Janice, I just want
you to know that it's not my intention to break up your marriage. I would
never have flirted with Bill if he hadn't told me that he had your
permission - that you two had an understanding. I-I did need someone, I
was very miserable and unfulfilled until Bill came into my life. He's done
me a great deal of good, sexually and emotionally."

She hardly finished when Janice chimed in, "I don't hate or resent you
at all. I have to admit I was jealous for awhile, but now I understand,
especially considering my situation."

"Bill told me that Mike is now history?" Mary Beth questioned.

"Yes, he is. It turned out to be a very enlightening, and a very bad
experience for me. I'm over it and ready to move on," Janice said, as she
smiled warmly at Mary Beth. The ice had been broken.

They began chatting about the latest fashions and all the other things
women talk about. They were actually getting along! I couldn't believe
it. I felt left out, but bided my time quietly.

I kept thinking of sex with these two beautiful women, and I was
becoming more and more aroused. I was sitting next to Janice and across
from Mary Beth. I looked at Mary Beth and noticed as she glanced down at
my crotch and smiled. She had seen my bulge. "Look at the tent in Bill's
pants," she said to Janice. "I think he's ready to be taken by two women."

Janice glanced down and smiled too, and then shared a look with Mary
Beth. "I wonder if he's man enough," she chuckled. They both attacked me
at the same time. Janice hurriedly removed my shirt and Mary Beth removed
my pants. When they had me down to my briefs, they both knelt in front of
me and with each taking hold of one side of the briefs, slowly pulled them
down. When my hard cock sprang out, they looked at each other smiled, and
licked their chops. They took turns kissing, licking and sucking it. I
loved it, no mortal man deserved such pleasure, which was so intense that
it had to have been meant for the gods.

Mary Beth slowly backed off, and let Janice have my cock to herself.
She got behind and placed both hands on Janice's tits as she leaned over
and whispered into her ear. "I've never done this before but you're so
beautiful that I can't help myself. If you want me to stop, just say so."

Janice said nothing. Mary Beth proceeded to remove Janice's blouse.
Janice made no move to stop her, she in fact, moved her arms out to assist
her. Next came the bra, again no resistance. Janice moaned slightly as
Mary Beth began massaging her breasts from behind. She was actually
enjoying it!

Mary Beth, encouraged by this, stood up and removed all of her own
clothes. As she did so, Janice took a break from my cock, turned her head
and smiled. She seemed to like what she saw. Janice turned back and
resumed her cock sucking. Mary Beth placed her hands on Janice's hips and
pulled up. Janice rose to her feet, bent at the waist with my cock still
in her mouth. Mary Beth reached around and undid Janice's pants and slid
them down, and Janice stepped out of them. Next came the panties, very
slowly and deliberately, and Janice stepped out of them, too. Mary Beth
now had a great view of Janice's ass and pussy. Her eyes were glassy with
lust, as she proceeded to kneel behind Janice and lick the crack of her
ass. Janice moaned again. Mary Beth worked her way down to Janice's ass
hole, more moaning. Janice's pussy was her eventual target, and it didn't
take her long to get to it. As soon as her tongue touched Janice's pussy lips, Janice let out a loud, pleasurable moan.

I couldn't hold it any longer, I was so aroused watching Mary Beth
eating Janice's pussy while Janice was sucking my cock. I grunted and
groaned as I shot my load into Janice's mouth. As I was cumming, Mary Beth
excitedly told Janice not to swallow it all. When Janice had sucked it all
out, Mary Beth turned Janice's head around and planted a deep, probing kiss
on her lips. Janice responded by opening her mouth and sharing her prize
with Mary Beth. They both stood up and passionately kissed and fondled
each other's tits. Janice moved Mary Beth to the couch, gently pushed her
until she was lying on her back with her legs spread apart. She
unhesitatingly went for Mary Beth's pussy, and began to eat her out with
vigor. Mary Beth soon had a violent orgasm. When she recovered, Mary Beth
pulled Janice up so that Janice sat on her face. She proceeded to lick and
suck Janice's pussy with lustful abandon.

Mary Beth's legs were still spread, exposing that wonderful moist pussy.
I was hard as a rock again by this time, and I penetrated Mary Beth and
fucked her wildly. Janice came first, scaring the hell out of me by
involuntarily biting my cock. Mary Beth cam soon after, then me; loud
violent orgasms all. All three of us were spent and needed a rest.

When we caught our breath, Mary Beth said, "That was every bit as good,
if not better, than I had fantasized. I think it's because you're so
beautiful, Janice."

"I can't believe how much I enjoyed you too, Mary Beth. You're also
very beautiful," Janice added with a loving smile.

"What a lucky guy am I," I said with a shit-eating grin on my face. We
all chuckled, obviously happy and pleased with each other.

"Is Bill's cum still in your pussy?" Janice asked Mary Beth.

"Umm, hmmm, most of it."

"I want to find out what his cum mixed with your pussy juices tastes
like," and she did. "Uumm good!" she exclaimed as she drove Mary Beth to
another orgasm.

"I want to taste Bill's cum from your pussy before the night is out,"
Mary Beth told Janice. It wasn't long before she got the opportunity, and
also loved it.

We continued for several more hours, then headed to bed. The three of
us spent the night in our king-sized bed, we didn't get much sleep.

I took Mary Beth home in the morning, late morning. She seemed very
happy and content. "Thank you so much for helping me live out my fantasy.
I just loved being with you and Janice," she stated with a tear in her eye.
'Women get bleary-eyed over the silliest things,' I thought. I was
extremely pleased that she was obviously very happy.

"I want to thank you, too, my fantasy was also fulfilled." She smiled
and leaned up against me as we proceeded to her apartment.

When I returned, Janice was there to greet me. "I really like Mary
Beth, she's so beautiful, and she seems like such a wonderful person.
Thanks for setting this up," she said as she hugged me with affection.

"Thank you for helping me live out my fantasy."

"Maybe we can do it again, I invited Mary Beth back again next week,"
she smirked.

I smiled like a Cheshire cat. Things were looking rosy for me, for
Janice and for Mary Beth. We seemed to have found a lifestyle that suits
all three of us, especially me.

I still can't believe my good fortune. I have my hair pie(s) and I'm
eating them too (much better than cake).


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