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The Pharmacist {John Jabbin} {MF NC sleep}

This is my third post. I got some good feedback on the
first two, but I'd like more. The only reason I post
these stories is so that people will tell me what they
think of them. If you want to read more, you ought to
pay the price by letting me know you liked this twisted
tale. Any comments, bad or good, are welcome. Write me
at the e-mail address above.

If you're a minor, don't read this. If it's illegal in
your country to be in possession of stories about sex,
please destroy all copies of this work. Practice safe
sex reading please.

The Pharmacist

Wasn't she just the sweetest princess, sleeping so
soundly without a care in the world? She was so
trusting, so devoted to her husband, such a good friend
and neighbor to everyone.

The Pharmacist sat down on the bed beside Mrs. James
Johnson. She had such pretty hair: blond, thick and
silky to touch. He ran his gloved hands through it,
then bent down to smell its luscious fragrance. While
bent over, he checked the dilated, unresponsive pupils
of Mrs. Johnson. He should have at least the four hours
that he had planned on with her. If not, if she began
to come out of her sedation, there was always the
syringe he kept for emergencies.

He took off the gloves and stroked her soft, warm cheek
-- such a lovely princess -- a beautiful sleeping girl.
And she was all his. For at least four hours.

Her fool of a husband had left her to go out of town on
business. "If you were mine, Princess, I'd never leave
you," he whispered as he began to unbutton her
nightshirt. The husband and wife had come into his
store together as she took him to the airport. They had
foolishly told him about Mr. Johnson trip to Minnesota
for business. Mrs. Johnson had been so proud of her new
husband. Such a young, attractive couple.

Being a pharmacist was usually quite a boring job. It
was so difficult dealing with such stupid little people
and such stupid nurses. God forbid that the high and
mighty doctors should deign to talk with the
pharmacist. No, they were always too busy.

But every now and then a promising possibility reared
its head, such as the pretty Mrs. Johnson. So lovely,
so trusting and so forgetful. She had been living in
the neighborhood for three months now, ever since they
had gotten married. Over the course of that time she
had visited the friendly neighborhood drugstore perhaps
two dozen times. Once she had left her driver's
license, once her credit card. But the gold mine had
been when she had left her purse on the counter.

The Pharmacist had plenty of time to make copies of her
keys before she had retraced her steps. He had checked
everything most closely, most meticulously. He had a
business to protect -- a reputation in the community.

And when the Johnson's had come into the story to get a
few last minute items and to fill a prescription for
Mrs. Johnson, the patience that he had shown for so
long bore fruit.

"Be sure and take these with a little food right before
you sleep, Mrs. Johnson. And no alcohol with them," he
had told her.

She blushed slightly when he mentioned the alcohol.
That's another reason he had been so taken with Mrs.
Johnson. She still blushed when she refilled her birth
control pills, too.

So here he was, looking down on the lovely sleeping
form of Mrs. James Johnson, pulling her nightshirt back
to look at her charming breasts. They were so full and
warm in his hands. He tweaked the nipple, hoping it
would respond, but she was so sedated that it did not.

"How appropriate," he told her, referring to her
impassive breasts. "You are so warm and soft on the
outside, but completely unresponsive to me, aren't you.
You'd never even consider having an affair with your
pharmacist would you, Mrs. Johnson? Well, I'm going to
have you tonight, my dear, whether you like it or not."

Then he finished stripping her.

He examined her all over, from head to toe. So pretty,
so lovely. She had such firm legs. Whenever she
squeezed them, they had such nice muscle tone. The
flesh sprang back so easily. Her pubic hair was sparse
and wispy. Her mouth was soft. He held her bottom lip
between his teeth and thought about biting her, thought
about leaving a mark on her pretty face, then decided
against it for the moment.

But most of all he loved her cunt and ass. Spreading
her legs wide on the bed, he examined her delicate

I should have been a gynecologist, he thought. I'm
smarter than any OB/Gyn I've ever spoken with. I wonder
what it would be like to look at pretty pussies all day

He knew it was a foolish thing to do. He ought to use
the condom, but he had to have the feel of his naked
cock inside her. He softly massaged the lips, spreading
them delicately until just the hint of moisture showed
up. Then he used a special lubricant that he had gotten
for just this purpose. It was completely odorless and
tasteless. He used just a little on the sensitive head
of his penis. He had to be careful, though. It wouldn't
do to cum inside of the Princess. That would ruin

Ever so gently, he slid his cock into Mrs. Johnson's
dry, snug pussy. When he was in her all the way, he
just lay heavily on top of her, feeling her warm body
underneath him and imagined what it would be like to
fuck her every day.

"You never even look me in the eye, do you Mrs.
Johnson? But who's fucking you now, Princess. Whose
cock is in your sweet married cunt now?"

He couldn't help himself. Looking down into her
beautiful face, with her blond hair thrown back against
the dark pillow, his hips began to move on their own.
It was just little gentle movements, not fucking the
Princess really. Only just moving on top of her.

"If you were my cunt, I'd fuck you every day, Princess.
I'd never leave you for business. You need a real man
that would appreciate you, Princess. A real man that
knows how to fuck you!"

With a force of will he made himself stop. It was
difficult. She was so tempting and luscious beneath
him. The little bitch was practically begging to be
fucked hard, but he mustn't do it.

Instead, he slowly pulled out and rolled her over onto
her stomach. There he massaged and tasted the firm, yet
soft, cheeks of her ass. She had such a pretty ass.
It was her ass that would give him the satisfaction he
needed right now.

He smeared the lubricant liberally on her silky soft
cheeks, in between and all the way up to her tailbone.
Then he smeared more on his hard cock. After wiping his
hands on his own towel, he lay on top of the sleeping
princess and wiggled just a bit until his hard penis
was buried in between the cheeks of her ass.

It was so easy to imagine he was in her. He closed his
eyes and smelled her hair and he could almost feel her
moving beneath him. Her ass was so hot and firm, it was
like he was fucking her in the ass.

"I bet you'd like it in the ass, Princess. You have
such a warm, fat little ass, my love. I'd love to fuck
your fat ass every day, Princess. I'd give your ass a
workout every day, darling."

Now he was really working his cock hard on her. It was
risky. The cheeks of her ass might be tender in the
morning. But it was less risky. Less risky than cuming
in her pussy. Certainly less risky than greasing up her
nasty fucking whore ass and screwing it like she needed
it screwed.

He held her tight as he climaxed against her warm, firm
ass. He pushed forward and shot his load against the
small of her back, feeling his own sperm against his
belly. Over and over he squirted his hot fuck on her
back and between her asscheeks. He imagined her begging
for his sperm, begging him to shoot it deep inside her.

After coming down from his cum, he wiped the sticky
sperm off himself and Mrs. Johnson with his towel. This
was just to get the bulk of it. He inspected her ass.
It was only slightly red, just a little pink in the
crease of her buttcheeks, really. Then he wiped her
thoroughly with the alcohol sheet, making sure to get
all the lubricant and sperm off of his Princess.

He went to her bathroom and cleaned himself with his
own washcloth and the alcohol sheet he had used on her.
He made sure to wear the gloves as a protection against
fingerprints there. While in the bathroom, he saw the
bottle from his pharmacy on her counter. Having found
it, it would be easier to swap later with the proper
capsules he had prepared.

But he wasn't quite through with Mrs. Johnson yet. With
his instant camera, he took almost a hundred photos of
the lovely Princess from every possible angle. His
favorites were several pictures taken with just the
head of his penis sticking in her mouth. Of course, the
close-ups of her pussy were very nice too, especially
the one with his finger buried in her snatch.

Then it was just a matter of cleaning up after himself.
He swapped the prescription with the bottle he had
prepared before he left work. He dressed Mrs. Johnson
and straightened up the bedclothes. He checked her eyes
to make sure she was still under. All was well and he
was actually early. He didn't want to leave without
spending every possible moment with his love.

So he pulled her down a little farther on the bed and
got on top of her. On his knees, he could look down
between his legs and see Mrs. Johnson's beautifully
sweet face. He began pumping his cock up and down in
his hand as he lowered himself until his testicles
brushed her lovely, pouting lips.

"Lick my balls, sweetheart. Suck on them, my love. If
you'd like to stick your tongue in my ass, go ahead.
It's okay. Your husband isn't here to see."

He talked to her and looked at her innocent face
underneath his pulsing cock. Very quickly he was
spurting his cum into the towel.

She looked so lovely, sleeping without a care in the
world. He stuck a finger into his warm cum and dabbed
just a little of it onto her pink tongue. It looked so
naughty there, he decided that the next time he had her
like this, he's have to shoot his first load in her

After straightening everything back up, he kissed his
pretty Princess on the lips and said goodnight.
"Excuse me," said Mrs. Johnson to her pharmacist.
"Could you check these capsules I got yesterday? I took
one last night and it really knocked me out."

"Well, let's see here," The Pharmacist said
solicitously. "You only took one, didn't you? There's
two that are missing. I double count them out myself to
make sure of no mistakes."

"I don't think..." replied Mrs. Johnson.

"Two of them wouldn't hurt you, but a lady your size,
it would certainly 'knock you out.'"

"It's possible, I guess. I can be forgetful."

"Nonsense, you just have a lot on your mind. Let's see,
side effects of taking two would be muscle soreness, a
groggy feeling when you first woke up and probably a
funny taste in your mouth too, I would think."

"Yes, that's just about it to a 'T'."

"It's nothing to worry about, Mrs. Johnson. There are
no lasting effects with such a small dose of this
medication. You'll just have to come in sooner for a
refill, that's all."

"Oh thank you, I was so worried when I first woke up."

"Think nothing of it, Ma'am. We pride ourselves on
friendly, neighborhood service."


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