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Pillow Talk


Archive name: pillow.txt (mf, superhero, mc, preg)
Authors name: Homer Vargas
Story title : PILLOW TALK

This work is copyrighted to the author (c) 1999.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

"Pillow Talk" (F/superhero, MC, preg)
by Homer Vargas (

My inspiration for this spoof (am I giving too much
away?) is any one of the excellent nasty stories
written by C.D.E. A good example is, "Accidents
Will Happen" (YW638) which can be found at

Read C.D.E. for fun, even though you don't have to
have read his to enjoy this one (I hope).

"Pillow Talk"
by Homer Vargas

We open on a typical scene of newlywed do-
mestic bliss. A well-endowed, thirty-something woman,
wearing a sexy nightie and four inch red pumps is
resting on one elbow looking down into the eyes of
her new husband, a muscular hunk with square jaw
and funny blue and red tights. As she whispers
words of love into the ear of her life's mate, she
has her hand between his legs, working on putting a
nice bulge there. Apparently, she wants hubby in a
VERY good mood.

In addition to her sexy attire, the woman is
wearing a very self-satisfied smirk -- and with
good reason. Looking more closely we detect a
still small, but unmistakable bulge in her tummy.
Like many brides her age, she hadn't wasted any
time between the altar and getting that first bun
in the oven. Who knows, might she even have jumped
the gun? Only one thing mars this otherwise
paradisiacal scene -- the man looking up at the
woman does not look nearly so happy as does his
newly-pregnant wife.

"Oh, shit, Lois! I love it when you do that
to me. You don't know how much I'd like to roll you
over and cram it in you right now. It's just so
frustrating! Why did you have to be so

"Oh, darling, do you have to keep torturing
yourself with that? Lots of men have trouble
getting it up on their wedding night."

"I didn't have any trouble getting it up. I
was fine until I put it in you. Why did you have
to line your pussy with Kryptonite?"

"I'm sorry, dear, but I was just taking
precautions. I'd read Larry Nivin and I was afraid
of what could happen to me if you came in me full
force. I figured the Kryptonite would just make
you a little more . . . human."

"Shit, Lois, it doesn't work that way at all.
I can . . . er, could . . . control how hard I
come, otherwise I would have blasted holes in the
walls when I masturbated."

"I never would have believed that YOU
masturbated. O, my darling. How was I to know?"

"Well, you could have *asked* someone --
Nightman, for example."

"Darling! How can you suggest that I would
discuss something so intimate with another man!"

"Well, there is Fantastic Female or Nightgirl."

"And just WHAT are Fantastic Female and
Nightgirl doing knowing things like THAT about you?
You told me that you . . . .

"It's true, Lois, so help me. I was . . . er
am . . . a virgin. But they are Justice League of
America; they've been briefed."

"Harumpf! I'm beginning to think you're sorry
you married me."

"Of course not, Honey. You know I've always
wanted to marry you. You just kept turning me down
until after that last rescue."

"It's true, My Love. I was such a silly girl
to have waited so long for this," Lois said and
slightly increased the tempo of her massaging. "It
was while I was being held captive by that awful
CLOWN person that I thought, if I were married to
you and had you to protect me full time, I wouldn't
be suffering the way I was."

"I'm glad you came to that conclusion, Lois,
but you didn't really seem to be suffering that
much when I rescued you. As I recall you were in
the middle of your umpteenth orgasm, riding CLOWN's
cock like a bronco. When I flew in, you tried to
push me away, screaming, 'Fuck me, you bastard!
Yes! Give me more cock, you stallion!'"

"That was what was so awful about it, Sweetie.
He had been bombarding me with those terrible
Libido-rays for a week. At first it was awful the
way I responded to the disgusting advances of him
and his henchmen. I just hated the way my pussy
got wet every time CLOWN would fondle my titties or
lick my nipples or play with my clit. It was
embarrassing the way he made me orgasm over and
over again on his fingers until I couldn't stop,
begging him to slam me with his repulsive salami.
It was mortifying to come like a cheap whore every
time he dumped his vile jism in me."

"Then why were you smacking it off your lips?"

"Sweetheart, you have no idea how they had
tortured me. There were four of them. They came
at me one after the other, fucking me unmercifully
for perhaps a half hour at a time. Then, when
they'd barely given me five or six good comes, they
would loose it, dump their load in me, and leave me
to stew. No matter how much I pleaded or insulted
their manhood, none of them would ever fuck me more
than three or four times a day. Well, you do the
math; I was left in torment for over 16 hours a day
with no schlong in me. I begged for a dildo or at
least for then to uncuff me so I could cram my
hands into my hot horny twat to get off, but CLOWN
refused, claiming I would injure myself."

"It was during those long tortured hours I
knew I could never be satisfied by anything less that
a Cock of Steel. Lord knows another week of that
kind of frustration, the villain might have made me
his sex slave."

"Nightman told me to be careful of you, that
the experience with CLOWN might have 'turned' you

"Don't pay any attention to him, My Pet. He's
just jealous because I wouldn't give him a 'Thank
you' fuck for helping you rescue me. You know it's
only you I love. You were the one I wanted to
marry and make a baby with."

"Well it didn't work out. Why did you have to
put so MUCH Kryptonite in your pussy?"

"Look, I've said I was sorry, OK?"

"You're sorry but I'll go through life
never able to get hard again. And as for getting
pregnant. . . ."

"Now don't be that way Honey-poo. We've
discussed this several times already. I told you
before we married how much I wanted a baby and you
promised me I'd be pregnant before the honeymoon
was over."

"Well, sure, Lois, but . . . ."

"And after your little accident . . . ."

"'Little accident!?'"


"And did you have to go down to the bar that
very night to pick up that guy . . . What was his

"Kerr, Joe Kerr. And I've explained that, too,
Angel. I had our honeymoon planned very carefully
to coincide with my most fertile period and I got
my gynecologist, Dr. Jekel, to give me those
fertility drugs to be on the safe side. All I
needed that night was good hard dick in me to pump
me full of hot thick baby juice so I'd be well and
truly knocked up. I was heartbroken, of course,
that you weren't able to give me what I needed, but
it only made sense for me to find someone else who
could. You have to admit, he did a good job," the
woman smiled and patted her expanding belly.

"Lois, how can you expect me to be pleased
that my wife is having triplets by some stranger!"

"Well he's not a stranger to me!

"Do you have to remind me?! That's another
thing. He's already knocked you up. Why do you
have to keep going out with him?"

"Some times you surprise me, my dear. Don't
you think it would be terrible for our precious
child to be merely the result of a sordid one-night
stand with a man I picked up in a bar? I'm doing
this to establish a permanent bond to the father of
our baby. Besides, don't I always let you suck as
much of their . . . er, his . . . his cum out of my
juicy twat as you want? And don't try to tell me
you don't enjoy putting your head between my legs
and licking clean my fresh-fucked pussy!"

"Well, yes, but it just kills me to see you
dress up in those sexy little mini-skirts and high
heels the nights you meet him at the club. And why
can't you at least wear panties?"

"Oh, Honey, how inconsiderate of you!
Remember, other men can't use X-ray vision to look
at my pretty shaved pussy the way you can. When
Joe has me out on the dance floor twirling me
around so my little skirt flies up, he wants
everyone to be able to see my nice round ass and
moist pink twat. He loves everyone see how my
belly is getting bigger and rounder week by week.
You can imagine how proud he is that everyone knows
it's his little bastard growing in there. And
during slow dances, he likes to pull out his prick
and glide around with it in me. Oh, and getting
filled with a nice load of cum during a foxtrot is
soooo romantic!"

Closing her eyes, the woman drifted off,
softly singing to herself:

Heaven! I'm in heaven.
And my heart beats so
that I can hardly speak.
And I seem to find the happiness I seek,
When we're out together dancing
meat to meat.

Breaking her reverie, she continued, "And when
he takes me back to the table with his friends, Joe
likes them to be able to finger my sperm-filled
snatch without any fabric getting in the way."

"I guess I can understand that, Love, but
still, I'm a nervous wreck by the time you get home
at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning with all that sperm
still running out of your cunt."

"But don't you see, dear, that's just another
way I show my love for you. Every man deserves a
slutty cheating wife, especially a "super" man like
you! From what I've read, it sometimes takes other
men three or five or even ten years before their
wives will do this for them. I've cuckolded *you*
from the day we were married. And you know how
hard that was for me, being a virgin."

"A virgin? Now, Lois, Angel, I don't want
to pry into your life before we were married, but
everybody around the paper knew you were having an
affair with Jimmy and fucking Perry on the side!"

"Well, of course, sweetheart, but they don't
count. Jimmy meant nothing to me; he was merely
the boy-toy I had to used for physical release.
Nothing like a couple of good fucks after a hard
day at the office to help you relax. Sure beats
martinis! And getting a pussy full of nice warm
cum at bedtime really helps a girl get her beauty
sleep. Of course an early morning drilling from a
hard young prick that makes you come like a freight
train really puts a spring in a woman's step for a
new day. As for Perry, it's just business to let
your editor turn you over his desk for a little
doggie fuck a couple of times a week. Now if you
mean that exclusive interview at the White House,
well, I had to get on the First Lady's good side
somehow and you couldn't expect me to turn down the
Alpha Male of the United States, could you?"

"So, although my *pussy* wasn't a virgin, My
Love, my *heart* was a virgin for you."

"And I do love you for that, My Light, but
sometimes I want to fuck you, too!"

"Now, now, honey. You don't need to fuck me
to make me happy. Our love is stronger than that. I
love the way you can get me off with that amazing
mouth of yours. No other man in the universe can
move his tongue like a vibrator inside my pussy the
way you do. And the way you puff air through your
nostrils onto my clit at super speed, why, you
drive me crazy. And I know you love the way I help
YOU get off." Lois grinned and began working on
her husband's crotch in earnest, lapsing into baby
talk, knowing how this aroused him. "Just because
'u have a softie widdle cockie doesn't mean mommy
Wois tan't make it feel weel dod."

"Lois, Lois! Stop! Oh my God, Lois!"

"Oh no. 'Er naughty boy is wetting mommy Wois
det him so 'scited he's about to tum."


"'At's awight dawing, wet mommy pway wid 'er
Bid boy, make 'er Bid boy tum."


"Oh no! Wook at dat! 'E came in 'is pants
and made a bid messie. Mommy's widdle boy tan't
contwoll himself when mommy makes 'is fingy feel
soooo dood. 'Is tum wons out of 'is widdle cockie
and dits 'is pants all wet."

"Oh Lois, I'm so ashamed!"

"Don't wowwy. Just doe to sweep and mommy Lois
will cween up 'er widdle boy."

"No Lois! I don't like the way you always
want me to go to sleep after we have . . . after you
make me come. It doesn't feel like real sleep.
And sometime I dream that you're talking to me,
asking me to tell you things that only JLA members
are supposed to know."

"Now, now, hush my love. You know when I make
you come hard like that with my hand you just get
really sleepy. So close you eyes . . . ."

"No, I will not close my eyes. There are
still things we need to talk about. Some of your
new friends, for example. Take that Selina woman;
I don't trust her. I'm sure if you would let me run
a check with the JLA database . . . ."

"I will NOT have you insulting and snooping
on my friends. Selina is a very nice person. She
even loves cats. How can you mistrust a cat

"What about the other new guy, Le Xluthor? And
his mysterious wealth. I think . . . ."

"Entirely too much, Sweetie. You really need
to take a little nap and let me make you forget all
these silly suspicions."

"Maybe they're not silly . . . UUUuuu"

"Oh, oh. Mommy' boy 'as been wooking at
Mommy's titties and dot horny aden, didn't 'e? E's
fwustwaited 'cause e needs a dood tum and tan't det
'ard. Bid boy needs mommy Wois to help him have a
nice tum. Un huh. 'E wikes to have mommy Wois wub
'is widdle fingy. 'Is widdle fingy feels so dood
and it makes 'im feel soooo 'waxed. Tum here, put
'u's widdle head on mommy Wois's bid soft bwests.
Mommy's dwosey widdle baby tan suck Mommy's bid ole
titties. Dood boy! sucking Mommy's titties makes
'er baby sooo sweepy. Poor widdle baby tan't teep
'is eyes open any wonger. mommy Wois is puddin 'er
widdle baby to sweep wid a dood tum. 'At's wight.
Dood baby . . .Sooo sweepy. Baby wants to tum . .
. to sweep. Tum . . . to sweep. Tum . . . ."

Lois heard a slight groan and saw another
large wet spot form in the crouch of her husband's
blue tights as his head fell limply to one side.
Waiting a few seconds, she reached for her cell
phone and punched in the numbers.

"He's under, Stud. . . . He'll sing like a
canary this time. Yeah, I goaded him into fighting
it so he'd go under real deep. He tried his best
to resist me, but I 'distracted' him."

. . . .

"Could he what?

. . . .

"Sure, any number of times. There's nothing
wrong with his balls; no telling how much they can
pump out."

. . . .

"You want to do what?"

. . . .

"You mean we scoop it up and use it to make
a whole new crop of little supervillians? 'Poison
Sprout,' 'Crime Kitty,' Oh, darling, you're a

. . . .

Now get over here, pronto. . . . Don't give
me any shit, CLOWN. Everything *else* about him is
still a hunk and you know bedding him always makes
me so horny I could fuck a fence post.

. . . .

"Just get your ass over here and bring your
fence post, you bastard. Yeah, I love you, too, but
what am I going to do until you get here?"

. . . .

"OK, it's better than nothing."

Minutes later our scene of wedded bliss closes
with the horny bride still beside her now sleeping
husband. "Oh! . . . OH . . . OHHUUUU! . . Yes!
YES . . . Ahiiiii!" she screams, her red heels
pointed to the ceiling as she vigorously rams a
harlequin dildo between her legs.

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Homer Vargas


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