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Plath's Place


Plath's Place (Rom)
By Headhunter
She was so nervous that her stomach felt queasy and her legs rubbery. Her
mind seemed detached from her body as she entered the club. She had been
here two months earlier, so she was familiar with the layout and the decor.
But it was different this time. Two months ago it had been mid-afternoon
and the place was almost empty. She had taken off work early that day.
Her husband would be working late so she had decided to stop off for a
drink. It had been a bitch of a morning at work. She has seen the sign that
read 'Plath's Place', and since Sylvia Plath was her favorite poet, she
decided to stop. A drink would help her unwind. Then she would go home fix
dinner and wait for her husband.

This time it was 10:00 at night and the club was crowded. The atmosphere
inside wasn't rancous, but music was playing and the rituals of people
having fun, meeting, talking, pairing off, and enjoying each other's company
were obvious. She straightened her dark silk skirt one last time and
entered, heading towards the ivory colored bar. It was so strange to be in
a club that wasn't dark, heavy and masculine. This place clearly had a
feminine touch. The decor was also sophisticated and literary. Not
surprising, given the name over the door. Sort of a 'nightlife at Vassar
College' look.

Two months earlier she had entered the club, enjoyed the light airiness of
the place, and had sat at this same bar. She had ordered a Daiquiri from
the barmaid. She had almost finished the drink, sitting there lost in
thought, before she realized. The only male in the place was an
octogenarian slowly pushing a broom across the polished tile floors. The
few other patrons were all women. Most looked very much like her, busy
professionals taking a mid-afternoon break. The realization that she was in
what was a lesbian club caused her to sit up with a jerk. The barmaid
noticed and with a knowing smile said, "It's OK, nobody will bother you."
Noticing the ring on her finger the attractive server added, "a lot of
married women come in here during the day. They find it peaceful, and they
don't have to worry about some guy making a jerk of himself and ruining the
few minutes they have to relax."

She visibly relaxed and the barmaid moved to another patron who had just
entered. She enjoyed the peaceful surroundings. She hummed softly to the
canned string quartet music and finished her drink. She felt an unusual
calm. She felt as if she fit here. A wonderful, but disquieting feeling.
As she paid for her drink and stood to leave, the barmaid said, "please come
back, but I wouldn't suggest that you come here in the late evening on the
weekend." She gave the barmaid a surprised look. "Listen, you are very
attractive and would certainly be very popular with the night crowd. So be
sure you know what you are looking for before you come back then."

Over the next few weeks she had not been able to get the thought of
"Plath's Place" out of her mind. She didn't go back to the club, but found
herself thinking all sorts of strange thoughts (strange for her) during
quiet times. She began to look at her female co-workers a little
differently, even a few of her friends.

Now here she was. It was a Friday night and she could feel several sets of
eyes on her as she stood at the bar. The same barmaid she had seen before
took her order. When her drink came, she almost whispered, "Do you remember
me?" The barmaid cast an appraising eye over the woman and said, "I think
so. You were in a couple of months ago. I'm surprised to see you here on
a Friday night." The last sentenced was delivered as the barmaid nodded
towards her left hand. Looking down she noticed the light reflecting from
her rings.

"Don't worry," the barmaid continued, "you will get hit on, but nobody in
here will cross any line you don't want crossed. We don't cater to the
'butch leather' crowd so relax. But be honest, if your not interested just
say so. If your unsure about yourself don't string anybody along, that will
piss people off. By the way what's your name?"

"Mrs. Francis McD....." She caught herself. "Sorry, Hi, I'm Fran."

The barmaid said, "I'm Rose. And the first drink is on the house tonight
Fran. Relax, have fun and I'll keep my eye on you. OK"

"Thanks," Fran responded feeling better. Taking a sip of her drink Fran
began to relax. The earth hadn't opened, the world hadn't ended, she was
OK. Nothing bad had happened. The feeling of peace that she felt two
months ago returned to the 30 year-old wife and businesswoman. Finally
she felt secure enough to look around the club. There were small groups of
women seated at tables talking and laughing. Five or six couple danced to a
moderately paced classic rock song on a small dance floor. The women
ranged in age from early twenties to over fifty. The younger women dressed
in jeans and tank tops, the older women, like her where in dressier clothes.
Some wore pantsuits, some skirts and blouses, others in designer dresses.
Everyone was attractive and like her, appeared upper-middle class.

Fran's act of looking about the room must have sent some kind of signal.
Almost immediately she was approached by a sophisticated woman who slide
next to her and said, "Hello, I haven't seen you in here before." Fran
almost choked on her drink. How many times had some man said the exact same
thing to her?

"Hello," Fran replied.

"Are you from out of town?"

"Well I live in the suburbs, and I've only been here once before."

"I'm Betty, would you like to sit at my table....Ah ...I didn't hear your

"I'm Fran. Thank you Betty, but I think I'll stay here for a while."
Without another word, Betty turned and headed down the bar towards another

Rose stopped by on her way to re-fill a drink. "Smart Fran, Betty hovers
around looking for new-bees. You sized her up. I guess I don't have to
worry about you."

Fran smiled at Rose and for a minute tried to imagine what it would feel
like to hold her.

"Fran....Fran.....hey, I like you, but I'm in a relationship. Just relax,
you will meet someone if you really want to." With that comment Rose was
off to the other end of the bar.

"Hey, wow Mrs. McDermott, I'm surprised to see you in here."

Fran turned and was face to face with a familiar young face.

"Remember me, I'm Kelly. I was an intern in your office last year. Well, I
graduated and am working full-time downtown now. How are you doing? You
were so nice to me..." The effervescent young woman was talking a mile a
minute. Fran didn't have time to respond. Despite a moment of concern
about being recognized Fran quickly relax again. After all Kelly didn't
know any of her friends and certainly didn't have any contact with her boss,
who was the President of the company.

"Congratulations on graduating and getting a job Kelly."

"I thought you were married Mrs. McDermott. Hey do you want to dance?
That will make my friend crazy jealous, you are the best looking person in

Fran was dizzy with the endless chatter. Well, 'in for a penny in for a
pound,' Fran thought to herself. Besides Kelly was safe, and apparently
was here with someone. "Kelly stop! Yes, I'll dance with you, but only if
you slow down and take a breath."

Kelly blushed and apologized. The song was a slow one. At first Fran was
glad, she hadn't danced fast in years and didn't even know the current dance
style, but then she realized that she would have to hold Kelly close. She
stood and walked with Kelly to the rapidly filling dance floor. She felt an
electric shock when Kelly grabbed her hand and pulled her into an embrace.

Well that problem was solved. She wouldn't have to worry about holding
Kelly, Kelly was holding her. The young woman was about 4 inches taller
than Fran's diminutive 5'2". Kelly had placed a hand on each of Fran's hips
and pulled their bodies together. Fran, unsure of what to do, eventually
placed her hands on Kelly shoulders. Kelly wore a tank top with string
straps. The feel of the young woman's cool skin on her sensitive palms
jolted Fran. The wife stared at Kelly's chin. She was very aware of
Kelly's youthful, firm breasts as they rested on top of her own medium sized
chest. Fran wore a bra, but knew that Kelly did not. Her dance partners
jersey tank top had prominent bumps on the front. After a few moments,
Kelly removed her hands from Fran's hips, took Kelly's hands into her own,
and placed the 30-year old woman's arms around her neck. Then the young
woman gently pressed Fran's face against her upper chest and returned her
hands to her hips. They only stayed for a moment. Soon Kelly encircled
Fran's waist and squeezed her closer. A soft sigh escaped the young woman's
lips as the two women rocked gently in place.

Fran felt herself going limp. God, this is wonderful she thought to
herself. Suddenly she realized that one of the reasons that this was so
comfortable was that there was no hard erection between their two bodies.
When she danced like this with a man, there was always that insistent
hardness that ruined the moment. Even with her husband, who she truly
loved, the hard appendage always ruined the mood. It was a presence that
would not let a woman simply enjoy the dance. Fran felt that hard cock was
always screaming at her. "SEE ME, I'M HARD AND AROUSED, YOU ARE GOING TO
HAVE TO DEAL WITH ME AT SOME POINT." But with Kelly she found herself
enjoying the dance and the embrace. She was even getting used to the soft
pillowy feel of the breasts pressed against her.

Fran reflected on her life in the comfort of Kelly arms. Yes, she loved
David. They had met 6 years ago. She, an up and coming corporate manger,
he, the smart blue-jeaned, techy, keeping the computer systems running. He
was not intimidated by her, even thought he was a year and a half-younger.
He wore his hair long and thumbed his nose at the "suits." That is not to
say he was a jerk. He was methodical and planned everything. He often
joked that his was so organized that Computers were the only "people" who
could work with him. He was also loving and was the most tenderhearted man
Fran knew. Unlike a lot of 'teckies', he worked out, loved sports and was
very handsome under all that hair, moustache and beard. They had just
celebrated their 5th anniversary. But, both of their careers had taken a
toll on the time they had together. In fact, David had been gone for 3
weeks working on a systems interface problem at their European branch.

Fran was startled back to reality when she heard a voice over her shoulder,
"Old friend my ass, Kelly."

The two women broke the embrace and turned to face the voice. "Oh come on,
Beth." Kelly quickly hugged the girl to her. Much to Fran's surprise Kelly
gave the girl a long, open-mouthed kiss. Then she winked at Fran.

"Thanks for the dance, Mrs. McDermott. Do you want to sit with us?"

"Thanks Kelly, I think I will. If it is OK with Beth?"

"I guess. You are not interested in Kelly are you?"

Fran laughed, "I don't know what I'm interested in, but no, Kelly is a bit
young for me. I enjoyed the dance though."

Fran retrieved her drink from the bar. She didn't see Rose so she left the
bar and walked over the table. Kelly pulled out a chair for her then
joined Beth on the other side of the table. That seemed to calm Beth.

Fran scanned the room from the safety of the table. She noticed that a tall
slender blonde woman in a black cocktail dress was entering the club. The
woman was graceful and lean. The dress had a low cut back. So low that the
swell of her buttocks were almost exposed. Fran could see a faint white
strap tan line across the tanned back, from a bikini top. Long masses of
wavy blonde hair that fell to her shoulders partially covering the woman's
face. A wide black matching cloth choker encircled the long neck.

The sight of the woman captivated Fran.

"Oh, looks like Mrs. McDermott is smitten," an observant Kelly laughed.

Fran turned to the girls and blushed.

"Hey, it's OK. She is beautiful and she looks your type. You should go up
and say hello to her. I've never seen her in here before."

Fran couldn't make herself move.

"Opps to late. Betty is already zeroing in on her."

Fran looked back to the bar and saw the newcomer deep in conversation with
the hard looking older woman.

They sat at the table for a few minutes. Kelly was talking non-stop about
her new job.

Fran noticed that Betty was dancing with the newcomer. The older woman's
hands were gently caressing the buttocks of the woman.

Kelly finally said to the distracted Fran, "Mrs. McDermott, why don't you
dance with Beth? Then after awhile you can cut in and dance with her." She
nodded towards the couple on the dance floor. After a while I'll rescue
Beth from Betty."

Beth said, "Why do I have to dance with Betty? She is all hands."

Kelly smiled sweetly at Beth, "OK honey, I'll do it. It will give me a
chance to dance some more with Mrs. McDermott." Then Kelly gave Fran what
could only be described as 'a smoldering look.'

"OK, OK , I'll do it," Beth exclaimed. She was still a bit unsure of her
lovers and Fran's relationship.

Fran stood and Kelly whispered something into Beth's ear as she stood. In
moments the two were dancing. Fran didn't fumble with the movement this
time. She found herself in a tight embrace with the young Beth. They were
close to the same size so their breasts flattened against each other.

"I can see why Kelly likes you. You are beautiful," Beth whispered into the
wife's ear.

Fran inhaled the fragrance of her partner. Beth smelled like a spring
garden, lavender and rose. Fran found herself wondering about what she
would look like naked.

Beth seemed in no hurry to stop dancing, so it was several long minutes
before they found themselves dancing next to Betty and the blonde that had
caught Fran's attention.

"This is so incredible," Fran remarked out loud. "I have danced and been
held by two beautiful women and I want more."

Beth laughed, "be careful Mrs. McDermott, being with a beautiful, tender
woman will change your whole perspective. Be sure it is what you want."
After another moment of dancing, " OK are you ready? Listen when we cut in
you will need to take the lead. Betty is dancing with that poor Fem as if
she is directing traffic. Can you do that?"

"I'll try," she stuttered. Fran was shocked by the use of the word 'Fem'.
But it must be accurate. Her friend and beautician, Carol Higgins, had
used the word several weeks ago when that had talked privately about Fran's
unsettling new feelings.

Fran had known Carol since high school. While Fran had gone to college and
into the corporate world, Carol had gotten married and gone to beautician's
school. Fran liked her even though they were so different. Carol was down
to earth and "told it like it is." That was refreshing for Fran. Day after
day she dealt with the corporate politics and backstabbing. Carol was a
breath of fresh air. Carol was like a bartender. She heard everything,
but never gossiped. Fran like many of her clients used Carol as a sounding
board and a place to vent frustrations. Carol had been honest with Fran
about her fiend's revelations. "Hey some nights when Charley comes to bed,
grunts, and wants to stick it in me, I think about kicking his ass out and
finding a soft woman to love. Don't feel guilty, most women think about
from time to time. At least most of the women who come in here. Your only
problem is David. He is a sweetheart, you wouldn't want to mess up your
relationship with him." At a later appointment the subject had come up
again. "You really have this in your head, don't you Fran?" Carol had

"I can't get it out of my head," Fran replied

"Let me think about it. I'll ask some of my clients who go both ways and get
some anonymous advice for you."

"Thanks, Carol you are a lifesaver."

Fran was pulled from her thoughts. "We are cutting in Betty," Beth

Beth leaned forward and kissed Fran hard on the lips, even running her
tongue quickly into the surprised wife's mouth. Beth's tongue tasted so
sweet, not at all like the heavy musk tasting tongue of a male. Suddenly
Fran's arms were empty. Despite promising herself not to bumble, she found
herself facing the blonde woman feeling very awkward and still recovering
from Beth's kiss.

Beth danced away with a fuming Betty and called out, "have fun."

"Do you want to dance?" Fran finally got out.

The blonde nodded shyly and stood waiting for Fran to take the lead.

Remembering what Kelly had done, Fran placed her hands on the waist of the
woman. She could feel a tight corset/bra under the dress. Of course a bra
like that was necessary for a dress with such a low back. She allowed her
hands to touch the skin on the woman's lower back. It was if electricity
shot into her fingers. The woman was easily 6 inches taller than Fran,
probably about 5'8". Fran was frightened; her emotions were running wild.
Her knees were week and stomach was in knots. She wished she had eaten
something before her drinks. She dare not look up into the blonde's face.
All she could do was flatten her body against the woman and began to lead
the taller woman around the dance floor. She rested her face against the
woman shoulder and took stock of her partner. The woman's breasts were
small, but firm. Fran's hips pressed tightly and could feel strong legs
surrounding that vacant hole between lower belly and upper thighs.

Fran's breath quickened. The woman leaned forward and pressed her lips to
Fran's ear. A soft delicate tongue gently licked her lobe. "OH God," Fran
thought, "Oh God." The woman's arms encircled her.

"Please can we sit down," Fran begged. "It's to much. I need to think.

The two women moved side by side to the empty table. Kelly and Beth were
now dancing and Betty was hovering around like a vulture.

Fran literally clasped into her chair next to her dancing partner. She
leaned back resting on the chair back, trying to calm down. The blonde
leaned forward placing her arms on the tabletop. Fran finally composed
herself enough to look over at the woman. The woman raised a hand and
brushed the wavy hair from the side of her face. The hair was thick and
luxuriant. A long crystal earring was momentarily exposed swinging gently,
then the heavy hair swung back into place hiding the jewelry and the side of
the face.

Betty was moving towards their table. Fran, in a panic, not wanting to
loose this opportunity, sat up reached her arms around the seated blonde and
hugged herself tightly to the exposed skin of the woman's back. Fran buried
her cheek into the soft hair. The blonde tresses smelled of aloe and the
soft skin beneath her chin had the fragrance of a delicate soap. Fran held
on tight. Squeezing her eyes tightly shut, she willed Betty away. In fact,
she willed the world away. She needed this woman. She needed to be held by
her. Fran needed to know.

She didn't know what was happening. She was standing and being held by an
arm around her waist. Her feet were moving. The sounds of 'Plath's Place"
were fading. She could feel cool air on her arms and legs. She slowly
opened her eyes. It was dark. She heard a car door open. Now she was
sitting. Her head back against the seat rest. Wait, this was her car.
How....? Why....?

Fran was lying on the bed. She was naked now except for a black garter belt
and stockings. Fran was in her favorite room, surrounded by soft pillows.
Her bedroom was only dimly lit. She felt so comfortable, relaxed and she
was so wet. Her nipples were tight little buds and a warmth spread in her
belly. It was as if she was floating and something wonderful was about to
happen. At the end of the bed a soft rustling of cloth. blonde hair
bounced free. She stood there looking down at Fran. Black choker; black
corset bra, flaring hips, French cut panties and elastic thigh highs. She
was tall, slender, and very feminine. Fran smiled a wanton smile and
spread her legs. The blonde crawled like a cat onto the foot of the bed and
extended a soft pink tongue.

"When did you know?"

The room was flooded with late morning sunlight.

"I wasn't 100% sure until we got home. I never got a good look at your

David was quiet for a minute. In a serious tone he said, "you would be
here with someone else then."

Fran hugged him. He still wore the corset bra and panties. "But, I'm not.
You saved me."

"For now."

"Yes, ...for now." Wanting to change the subject she quickly added, "God
you are so beautiful. It has been years since I have seen you without all
that hair on your face. Plus perming and lightening your hair. Do me a
favor, stay clean shaven."

"You know me. I'm up for that big promotion, so it's time to change my free
spirit image. The hair gets cut, and the earring comes out."

"Speaking of that, how did you do all this. How did you know?"

"Carol called me after your first conversation. I've been working on this
for weeks. I got into town two days ago. I've been in the tanning booth
with a bra on, had all my body hair shaved off, and been instructed by Carol
on the finer points of how women make love to women."


"Only verbally my love, only verbally. Carol asked some of her Fem
customers what they like."

"Well I loved it. You were so different."

"So feminine?"

"Yes, so feminine!"

"Well these things," David indicated the black lace he was wearing, "are
Carol's. We are almost the same size. Except my normal 32 inch waist is
squeezed down to a 28 at the moment. "

Fran ran her hand across the flaring hip, pushed out by the tight corset.
They hugged each other again. Lace against flesh. For one last moment Fran

"Well, I need to wash this make-up off. I see Carol at 2:00pm to be put
back together. The hair gets cut, and nail extenders and polish removed.

"One question love, where it IT."

"Oh," David grinned, "I sat in a bucket of ice for a half hour. It, and
they, shrank enough to tuck between my cheeks. Never fear, a hot bath and
they will be as good as new. In fact, they deserve a reward."

"I'll take care of that when my husband comes back home from his trip
tonight. Right now, I need my new lover back between my legs. But take off
the earrings first, they scratch."

Later while driving to Carol's shop for his second makeover in two days Fran
said said to David, "I love you so much. Thank you for this."

"You are welcome, my love."

"You looked so good David. Betty would have been surprised if she had taken
you home."

"Well, I have been on a high fat diet for three weeks to soften myself, and
I can't go back to the gym until my body hair grows back. Some tanning
cream will take care of the 'bathing suit stripes', but I like the blonde
color more than my old light brown. I think I'll keep it, but much shorter.
I think that I'll let the holes close in my ears. I'm getting too old for
an ear stud. I had forgotten how much having just the one pierced, hurt."

Fran laughed, "The pain we women go through to look good. The choker to
hide your Adam's Apple was a nice touch."

David simply smiled.

They were quiet for a long moment, lost in their own thoughts.

David finally asked, "You know you mean everything to me. Did this help?"

"I don't know. You were a woman last night. And frankly something has been
awakened in me. I just don't know if my feelings have been satisfied or

"Whatever you need to do, I'll always love you."

Fran cried, "I know my love, you have done so much already. More than I
deserve, I just don't know if it is enough."

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