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Play Day Redux


Play Day Redux (mc, nc, MF, MD)

By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at

The people and events in this story come from my brain, not the real
world. Regardless of what that tells you about my brain, it means that I'm
not writing about you, your mom, your friends, or your friends' friends.
So you can't sue me. Neener neener.

If you're underage in your territory (and you know what I mean), then
read something else.

(c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

Seth lingered on Gina's porch before knocking, unsure of himself. He
hadn't seen her in a few days, and she'd become hostile and secretive,
which didn't add up. The effects of the box were supposed to be permanent.
The whole mess started during a long dry spell, after Gina left him to
go back to her old boyfriend. For months after their euphoric and brief
affair, he pined away for her instead of looking for someone else. Like a
chump, he often thought.

Then he hooked up with the box. He was under strict orders not to talk
about how he'd acquired it, but he wasted no time using it to win back
Gina. It went off without a hitch, even though he freaked out when he
realized he'd left the box at her house that day. But he found it right
where he left it and Gina seemed none the wiser. Soon she forgot
everything about that afternoon, and their relationship sizzled back to

Recently however, the spell seemed to fade. He kept finding weird
little clues in her house, things that screamed "Jorge" to him. She
couldn't be seeing him behind my back! Could she? And lately, she'd been
snappish and irritable with him. It had been weeks since any sex, which
was not helping Seth's mood.

This was supposed to be impossible! The makers of the box had told him
he'd only have to use it once. Unless of course he used it on someone
else, and he was definitely still hung up on Gina.

So it was time to break it out again. He steeled himself, took a deep
breath and knocked on the door.

Gina was a long time coming to answer. When she finally peeked her head
out, it was obvious to Seth that she'd been napping. Her cute dirty-blonde
bob was mussed, something the fastidious Gina rarely tolerated.

"Oh. What do you want, Seth?" This wasn't the greeting he was hoping
for. His spirits sunk a little more.

"Can we talk?"

She eyed him in the crack of the doorway for a long minute.

"You haven't called me back. I haven't seen you in days..." he was
hamming it up. Giving her Puppy Eyes.

She seemed to relent, leaning on the door to open it up further. "Okay,
you can come in for a few," she sighed.

Seth meekly stepped inside to the living room. He wasted no time.
"Something's fucked up with us, Gina," he began as he slid into a chair.

She rolled her eyes as she plopped back down on the couch. It looked as
though she'd been living on that thing all week. Empty water bottles and
tissues littered the floor under her tiny feet.

"Seth, I'm really not in the mood..." She trailed off as though any
interaction on her part wasted vital Gina resources. She grabbed a
cigarette and lit up.

Seth brightened a little and took his cue. The box was disguised to
look like a pack of smokes, so he took it out of his shirt pocket and
tapped it methodically. "I know, babe, but I can't go another day like

She was looking at the box. Seth hoped she was just wondering why he
didn't take out a cig and light up with her. After an uncomfortable pause,
she looked back at him. "I'm not sure this is working out."

He had to get it closer to her if this was going to work. He palmed the
box and leaned forward, clasping both hands around it. As he did, he
noticed her eyelids droop slightly. Her lovely hazel eyes seemed to focus
on something hundreds of yards away. Aha!

He pressed on. "I think this is something we can work through."

Her attention returned to him. She shook her head, exasperated. "I'm
getting pretty sick of your crap, Seth."

Seth grinned and went for broke. He snapped his fingers. "I know! Why
don't you go slip into something more comfortable!" Leaning forward a
little more for emphasis.

Gina blinked a couple of times. She seemed preoccupied, her breath
quickening. She licked her lips absently. "Seth," she began. "I really
don't feel like..."

Then she sat upright with a start. She was definitely looking at the
box now, astonished recognition dawning on her elfin face. Then things
took a turn for the worst."Oh no!" she growled, putting up both hands.
"You're not using that fucking thing on me again!"

He was suddenly so busted! This was not supposed to happen! What the

"Gina, what?" he sputtered. "What thing?"

But she was on her feet, backing away a little. "That thing in your
hands. You used it on me before... I don't remember when exactly. But
you made me break up with Jorge! It's all coming back now!" She was
pointing at him accusingly, her other hand over her mouth.

He knew he needed to make a move. A pretty uncool move, but he was
desperate. He jumped up and leapt at her. She tried to run down the hall,
but he grabbed her easily from behind. They wrestled intensely. "Seth
goddamit! Let me go! I'm gonna call the cops! I'm not fucking around
with you!" she cried, between struggles.

But Seth was bigger than her. He hated to get physical, but he had to
finish the job. With one hand pinning her arms down, he raised the box to
her head. The fight left her instantly. He couldn't see her face, but he
knew from the way her shoulders and taut neck muscles slackened that the
box was doing its thing.

The Manufacturers had expressly told him this was dangerous, not to get
the box too close to her brain, and even then for very short periods only.
He didn't want to make oatmeal out of the girl's wits, so he had to work

"Gina," he whispered into her ear. "Can you hear me?"

"Uh-huh." The voice came from miles away.

"It's very important that you calm down, sit back down on the couch, and
talk to me."


"I'm going to let you go. Are you ready?"


Counting silently to three, he lowered the box and let her go. She
slowly rotated to face him, looking unsteady and sedate. Looking right
past him, she found her way back to her original perch.

"Good," Seth commented, relieved. She perked up at this and her eyes
met his. She gave him a little smile. He sighed with relief - she seemed
to be coming out of the deep funk, which was a good sign that she would be

He put the box down on the coffee table, not too close to her, not too
far away.

"Gina, I'm not sure what happened, but I need to... go over some things
with you again. All right?"

"Go over? What are you talking about?" She was still being a little
contrary, but she was definitely more receptive now.

"Different things. You can start by taking off your shirt." He wanted
to test the waters before getting to the big stuff.

Absently, she wriggled out of her tank top. The one, Seth noted, she
wore during her first encounter with the box. "I still don't get it," she
shrugged, her cute set going along for the ride.

"Gina, have you been seeing Jorge?"

"Yeah. I used that thing on him." She yawned, stretched and pointed at
the box.

Seth nearly shit himself. "You what!?"

"He was being a big dork! I was trying to break up with him on the
phone and he drove over here, and I didn't want him making a big scene. I
stole that thing from you 'cause I was curious about it. I mean, you used
it on me, made me do things. I had to know what it was. Then I used it on
Jorge 'cause he was being such a peehole." She giggled. "He straightened
right out, though!"

"And you - made him do things, too?" Seth was incredulous.

"Uh-huh!" She wiggled her eyebrows, flashing him a know-what-I-mean
look. "Only fair, right?"

Seth was at a total loss. "So did it wear off for him, too?"

Gina looked disappointed. "Yeah. He started being a pain again a
couple of weeks ago. I told him to get lost and he didn't seem to mind."

That must be it, he decided. The effects were temporary, and there was
a backlash against the user afterward. He was going to have to look up the
friendly makers of the box and give them some customer feedback!

No matter, he'd just start from scratch. And this time, he'd make sure
to take the stupid thing with him when he left."Okay, here's the deal," he
told her. "Go in your room and change. Put on that bustier and those
black thigh-highs. We've got work to do."

"And you want me to dress up like a Victoria's Secret ho because..." she
prompted archly, clearly not yet as malleable as he desired.

"You'll feel better after you change, Gina. Trust me."

He mentally crossed his fingers and watched for her response. She was
sitting there, looking at him with a spacey frown. She fidgeted, her
cheeks flushed. He could see the wheels turning in her head. Finally, she
rose and said, "If you say so." And trudged off to her bedroom.

Seth leaned back in the chair with relief. Every time she successfully
obeyed his requests, he was closer to victory. A few more well placed
suggestions and he'd have her back without question!

After ten minutes or so, Gina shuffled back into the living room,
looking like a garden variety Naughty French Maid. Seth had no idea where
or why she'd obtained the outfit, but he knew she never wore the whole
thing together - too campy. He knew that if he could convince her to put
on the whole get-up, then the box had to be working.

Still, he sucked his breath in between his teeth. The sight of his
petite blonde hottie dolled up in frilly black lace was definitely doing it
for him.

She made a show of slinking over to him and perching on his lap. She
opened her mouth to make some acerbic remark, but she was once again in
proximity to the box. Her humorous expression melted back into distant
agitation. She absently toyed with his hair as a new frown wrinkled her
brow. The sarcastic gesture had turned unintentionally genuine.

Seth put his hands on her waist to steady her, his thumbs just above her
thigh-highs. Better be careful.

"Gina, you look sensational!" he gushed. Still looking off into the
distance, she smiled vaguely.

"I'll bet you feel totally hot now," he suggested. With one hand still
rubbing the back of his head, she absently brushed the other across her
décolleté. "Aren't you getting turned on?"

She seemed to come back to the present. Fixing him with an appraising
gaze, she husked, "Am I getting turned on? I dunno..."

He gently moved his fingers from her waist up to her underarms, causing
her to giggle and flinch away a little.

"Well?" he pursued.

He drew her in, wrapping his arms around her, and bounced her once on
his knee. Her cheeks reddened at this contact and she looked away in mock
shyness. He loosened his hug and issued a directive. "Why don't you give
me a kiss."

She looked like she was going to say something, but her gaze went fuzzy
again, and she gripped his chin and tentatively brushed her lips against
his. On the next pass, she was decidedly more enthusiastic, as her tongue
pried his mouth open and darted around his teeth. Soon she'd cupped his
face in her hands and was trying hard to inspect his tonsils. She breathed
in heavily through her nose, and contented little noises escaped her.

Seth was taking the opportunity to explore her fine little chest. In
proportion to the rest of her, she was quite well endowed, and he tugged at
a black ribbon experimentally.

"Seth?" Gina exhaled.

"What is it, kitten?"

"Can we go to my room?"

Eureka! "I was just about to suggest that myself." Couldn't resist that

She rose from his lap and gave him her signature come-hither look: head
lowered, eyes smoldering. He stood and scooped her up in his arms. The
advantages of small women... With a grunt, he knelt down and snagged the
box with a free hand, careful to hold it away from her head.

They reached her bedroom, and he plopped her onto her bed. She rose up
on one elbow, playing her cartoon maid role to the hilt. Thanks to Seth's
work in the living room, she was beginning to spill out of her bustier.
"What do you want me to do now?" she prompted.

This is good, Seth thought. She's asking me for instruction. Now I
just have to reinforce the imprint. And that's going to be lots of fun.
He couldn't help smiling as he set the box down on her night stand.

"I want you to get out of that bra and those panties, sweetie. Leave on
the stockings."

She rose to her knees on the bed, working her way out of her lingerie,
eyes locked to his the entire time. He was having a seriously difficult
time with his own underwear at this juncture. She posed a little when she
was finished, letting Seth drink in the moment.

"Now," he continued. "Undress me."

She made an agreeable little sound as she began to ease him out of his
shirt. After his previous suggestion for her to kiss him, she was really
into exploring him with her mouth and tongue, so it took her awhile to get
to his pants.

It was worth the wait. After she rid him of his jeans and underwear,
she pried open his legs and scooted up between them. Once she'd achieved a
cute little crouch, she looked up at him teasingly, face inches away from
his rock-hard rod. She raised her eyebrows. What next?

"Blow me, kiddo," he entreated. And she went to work, occasionally
running her tits along him, making quiet, satisfied slurps as she slowly
worked up and down his shaft. It wasn't long before Seth had to intervene.
"G-Gina. That's good. Now I want to fuck you."

She rose up to his face, breathing hard, grinning gamely. "'Kay."

"I want you to move to the middle of the bed and put your ass in the air
for me." Wordlessly she complied, stretching her arms out in front of her
like a cat in the sun and presenting her perfectly compact ass to him.

He positioned himself behind her. She wiggled backward toward him
fetchingly. "Uuuuunnnnnhhhhhhhh-oooooooooh," she remarked as he slid
inside her, and Seth was inclined to agree. Not only was she dripping wet,
but there seemed to be a furnace between her legs. He grabbed her tight
little butt with both hands as he began to slowly piston in and out of her.
"This time, you're mine for keeps, babe," he said to her as he held onto
her behind.

"Y-yyyeeessss," she agreed.

"Concentrate on that as you cum, babe. You're mine. You're getting
pretty close, right?"

"Uhhhhhhhhh. Hunh..."

He reached forward to use her shoulders for leverage, thrusting deeply
into g-spot territory. Her breathing became erratic, and she started
shivering. Her head bent down, and he knew she must have a determined look
on her face as she worked toward her climax. As her walls spasmed, her
arms folded up involuntarily, sending her tumbling into the pillows. Seth
had to reposition himself, he wasn't quite there yet. Now that she was
laying flat on her stomach, he eased himself over top of her and resumed
with gusto. A sharp exhale from her told him she was going to cum again.
As she started to shudder, he shot off spastically, so hard he thought he'd
ruined his equipment for a minute. He collapsed onto her, tasting the
sweet/saltiness of her sweaty shoulder blade.

A few hours later, Seth was pretty sure he had the situation under
control. Carefully pocketing the box, he crept out of Gina's bedroom. She
was sacked out after a marathon evening of doing it. Her sweat soaked
black stockings were carelessly strewn on the floor in front of the bed.
He'd been careful to make the same suggestions to her as before, learned by
rote from the makers of the box.

As he locked her door and headed out to his car, he decided it was time
to pay them a visit. He had to know if there was a design flaw in the
product, or if he was doing something wrong with Gina. On the other hand,
it was pretty fun hypnotizing her on a biannual basis and making her do
things for him...


By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at


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