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Play Day Seth's Show


Play Day - Seth's Show (mc, nc, MF, MD)

By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at The characters and events portrayed here are
completely fictional blah-di-blah and any resemblance to other characters
and events, real or imagined are purely unintentional blah-di-blah-di-blah.
Oh yeah, and if you're under 18, scram.

Note: I wasn't planning on writing any more stories about Gina and Seth,
but after a little immediate and wonderful feedback from some gentle
readers, including none other than Eye of Serpent (my fave of faves at the
EMCSA), I was inspired to forge ahead. Sorry, but I couldn't help getting
all Chris Carter this time - moving toward some answers to (mostly
unintentional) hints from the first installment, yet not quite getting
there. This was partly on purpose, partly a result of me randomly lurching
through my increasingly tangled plotline :-) Rest assured, this isn't the
last chapter. Thanks again for reading!

(c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

The front door shut quietly, the latch sliding home with a soft click.
Gina stirred in her bed, awakening from a lovely little nap. Was that
someone coming or going? As the question swirled around in her foggy mind,
she rose up in bed and blinked at the mess in her room. Holy crap! It
looked like every naughty black article of clothing she owned was lying
around, sweaty and crumpled. What the hell happened in here?

Her legs itched. Throwing back the covers, she saw from the garter
marks and little imprints on her legs that she'd been wearing her
thigh-highs. Dismayed, she also registered a familiar squishy tenderness
between her legs - she'd definitely had sex tonight. A lot of it.
Tentatively, she crossed her legs and probed the murk that was her thought
process. An argument. No, a fight. A real hum-dinger. With Seth. Then
a blank patch. Then, sweet, sweet make up sex.

That's my guess, anyway, she smiled to herself. With the palm of her
hand, she mussed up her dirty-blond bangs as if this would shake lose the
missing bits. God, she needed a shower.

She shifted her weight gingerly from left to right as she eased into the
scalding shower stream. She was glad Seth had finally come by to work
things out with her. He'd been such the not-attractive boy lately, all
whiney and needy. He had worked her last nerve this past month and she was
inches from ditching him, this time for good. Jorge had been the biggest
pain her sweet little ass had ever endured, but Seth seemed hell bent on
taking the silver in this, her least favorite Olympic dating event. But at
the last minute, somehow, things got better. She smiled again as she
washed her hair. I guess he's good for another chance.

But why? What did he do to get back on her good side? The shower
wasn't helping her remember. Straining at the edges of gray, indistinct
moments, she labored after her missing memory. Presently, a few crumbs
revealed themselves: Seth grabbing her, a familiar pack of cigarettes, Seth
leaving quietly a few minutes ago. There was more. Fragments of a
conversation - Seth sitting next to her in bed, talking on the phone while
she dozed. Irritated, she twisted off the water and grabbed a towel. That
little fucker! Is he cheating on me?

Still dripping wet, she made a token effort at wrapping her tiny,
fetching self in the towel as she stormed back into her bedroom. Before
she could consider what she was getting into, she picked up the phone and
punched redial.

Seven beeps chirped into her ear. She should probably remember to
breathe again before someone answered and she had to say something. After
two rings, a pleasant male voice intoned, "Hello, Anodyne SA, how may I
help you this evening?"

Gina froze. Okay, it wasn't some chick, or worse, a girlfriend of hers.
So it didn't sound like Seth was cheating on her. Yet. Finally, she
exhaled. But what the fuck was she supposed to say now?

"Hello?" the voice prompted, rising pleasantly on the second syllable.
Somewhere on the line she could hear a weird little clicking sound.

"Um, hi, yeah." Great start, Barbie. "Could you give me directions to
your offices?" She was profoundly unsure why she chose this tack, but it
was better than "Is your refrigerator running?"

"Certainly," the voice soothed. "Where are you coming from?" She hoped
he meant her location, not her state of mind.

A minute later she'd scribbled down the directions to Anodyne. Who they
were, what they did, what they meant to Seth, and by extension, to her, was
a mystery. Before she could talk herself out of it, she'd dressed, jumped
into her little white car and headed downtown, St. Etienne purring to her
over the stereo.

It wasn't hard to find, especially this late in the evening in the
middle of downtown. She snagged a parking spot right in front of the
building and was about to step out onto the street when she saw a familiar
form coming out of the lobby. Seth.

"Fuck!" she hissed, and ducked her head down into the passenger seat.
She could hear him exchanging goodbyes with the someone and walking off.
Risking a glance, she saw him retreating around the corner, a large package
under his left arm. His body language seemed happy, giddy almost. The
sneak was practically skipping away!

That cinched it. Steeling herself with a crisp salute to Reckless girl in the rearview mirror, she marched up to the revolving door and launched
herself through it. With the confidence Gina mustered when she was Getting
To the Bottom of Things, she presented herself at the reception desk in the
center of the large, sleekly decorated lobby. A middle aged man with
salt-and-pepper hair beamed at her as she walked up.

"Good evening, Gina. What can we do for you this evening?"

She blinked. Usually this was the part where she batted her eyelashes
once or twice and charmed this guy silly with her dusky alto voice. Her
mouth opened. Closed. She started to say something, but there was a frog
(or two) in her throat. She thumped her chest and emitted a little cough.
"Um. How do you know who I am?" Her eight cylinder Audrey Hepburn greeting
was reduced to a lost-little-girl mumble.

If the gentleman's smile could get any brighter, she'd start to squint.
"My dear. Your boyfriend Seth is a client of ours. He rhapsodizes about
you every time he visits us. You're such a lucky young girl, to have as
devoted a suitor as Seth." As he spoke her boyfriend's name, he deftly
snapped a switch near a cluster of security monitors.


It seemed as though there were a huge, pulsating generator in Gina's...
well, her core. Wherever that was.


With effort, she put her palms out flat on the reception desk to steady
herself in her platform boots.

Then the lights seemed to come back up and the sensation was gone. Her
vision un-tunneled itself. Her heart resumed beating instead of pounding.
She swallowed. The tiniest groan escaped her pursed lips. Her boots
seemed nailed to the floor.

Wait a sec - her boots? Looking down, she saw that she was decked out
in full on Club Grrrl gear: a shimmering, pearlescent white dress she that
referred to as the chinese Madam, with a hemline that stopped just short of
making her comfortable with sitting down. And long black platform boots
that generously gave way to the hemline of the dress, should it ever
descend further into thigh territory. She recognized the straps of her
little Kerropi backpack. Huh? How had she found time to wiggle into this
during her mad dash out of the house? Her hair was still wet, for god's

"Gina, you're going to be late for Seth's gig. You know, at Cedric's?
Three blocks west of here?" he gently chided her, like he was her Guy

"Wha...?" She was still checking herself out, hands on the desk, head

He lightly clasped his hands over hers, making her raise up to meet his
gaze. "It's Seth's first time playing Cedric's, and he's very nervous
about it. He's counting on you to be there for him. He mentioned it
several times."

Gig... Oh, shit! Wait... she thought guiltily. Seth rarely counted
on Gina's presence when he played out, but sometimes he really needed her
in the crowd at important junctures in his band's slow journey through the
local music scene. And tonight must be one of those.

"Yeah, now I remember," she murmured, as much to herself as to Friday.

"Splendid." Impossibly, he was even more pleased with her. "Oh, and he
wanted you to have this," he added, as he dropped something on the counter
between her pale, shaking hands.

It was a choker. Simply black and shimmering strangely. It would go
well with her ensemble - it seemed made to compliment it.

"It's lovely," she remarked. Absently, she picked it up and snapped it
in place around her neck. She carefully shook out her cute pixie do to
make sure no strands of hair were caught.

"Stunning. Now. I'm sure Seth is about to go on, so you'd better
hurry!" Friday suggested.

Gina snapped to attention, filled with purpose. She'd have to make this
a recon mission, saving the real exploration of Anodyne for another day.
"Thanks ever so much," she curtsied sweetly, then turned and ran for the
revolving door, the clacking of her boots filling the cavernous lobby as
she scampered off to find Seth.

As she slipped through the door, she looked back to see Friday smile and
pull a cell phone out of his coat pocket.

The next thing she knew, Gina'd worked her way past the doorman ("I'm
with the band!" Smile.) and was elbowing her way through the thick crowd to
stand in front of the colorful blast of sound that was Lain - Seth's band -
already in progress.

He was playing his Jaguar guitar inches away from her, looking as he
always did. While some boys preened and postured their way through their
set, Seth simply emitted dazzling music, while slowly surveying the room
for something to interest his seemingly disconnected head. People in the
crowd, the television over the bar - his deceptively bored gaze never
stopped. In the midst of his quest for visual stimulation, he noticed
Gina. Grinning wickedly by way of greeting, he took a step forward and gave
her his best stupid Rawk Guitar pose. Dork. She giggled and waved back at
him. Her band was playing here next Tuesday and she'd be sure to return
the favor.

When he was done clowning around for her, he retreated back behind Evan,
the singer. The boys were dishing out their usual blend of shoegazer pop
with a spot of music school polish (a little of that went a long way, she
felt, thank you very much). The tune they were playing was an uneasy truce
between a deep, bass-heavy dub groove and icy banshee guitars, which
promptly threaded its way into her head. And down to her heart, stopping
briefly to tease between her hips on its way to rouse her feet.

She began to dance with the rest of the crowd as she glanced at Seth's
equipment. She was surprised to see a strange signal processor sitting on
top of his Fender Twin - he usually eschewed effects. This particular
device was sleek and black, with a single, pulsating blue light in the
center. Ever curious about his guitar stuff, she resolved to ask him later
about his new mystery toy.

As the song segued into a nimble booty-shaker, she staked out more
territory in front of Seth, with broad, provocative arm motions. In
between moves, Gina caught Seth watching her while she got her groove on.
Weird. He was really studying her, with a curious half-smile on his lips.
She kept returning his gaze, but he wouldn't break up the little staring
contest. The freak. He usually didn't acknowledge her, except
occasionally between songs.

As the song progressed, she was less and less aware of the people around
her. The music, Seth's eyes, and that pulsating blue light commanded her
attention. Her right hand grasped at her throat, making tentative contact
with her new choker.

At the start of the next song, Gina stopped dancing, startled with a
sudden realization. She felt seriously weird, like she was rolling or
something. The music was riveting and her body felt fabulous. She
shivered as she hugged herself and slid her crossed arms down over her
chest, her rock-hard nipples. She squeezed her legs together and a throb
emitted from her groin in response. Yup, it felt like she was peaking.
Only she hadn't taken anything before she came here. An effervescent
giggle bubbled out of her, her dimples making a brief guest appearance.
What the hell was going on? She couldn't stop smiling, even though she was
a trifle spooked.


The generator thing was back, pulsing in time to the music, to the blue
light. As her body began to dance again, she struggled to reconstruct the
last several hours. Okay, okay. This can't be too hard, she reassured
herself. Think, think, think! You were laying on the couch on your day
off. Being pissed at Seth. Yeah! Okay, that's a start. Then Seth
stopped by and you fought. Okay, better. Then (hmmm hmm hmmm, stuff stuff
stuff) we had the best sex ever. Keep going. Then I got up and (hmm hmm)
drove down (hmm hmmm hmm) to the club to catch his set.

Huh. Okay.


"What was I just thinking about?" Gina spoke aloud, but she only felt
her lips move. Her words were no match for the glorious music pounding out
of the PA in front of her.

She danced.

Seth continued to stare at her, and if she'd had the presence of mind to
look around, she would've noticed several young scenester boys regarding
her with a certain predatory lust. She was just that hot, and she was in
rare form tonight, effortlessly expressing the haunting qualities of the
music with her sexy movements, her brief white dress making her look like a
character from their favorite fighting vvideo game Her eyes occasionally
rolled back into her head for a beat, lashes fluttering. Maybe the other
boys thought she was fronting like she was "out of it" as part of her
dancing shtick, but she was truly oblivious tonight.


She kept dancing.

Someone was touching her, gently cupping her elbow in his hand.


She blinked, then sighed. The house lights were up and people were
milling out of the small room and back to the bar.

"Thanks everybody, for coming out tonight," Evan was yelling into the
mic. "Thanks Molly, Wednesday, Celeste and Gina for being here,
especially." He looked around the room at the four remaining people with a
puzzling half-smile - an in-joke that she wasn't party to.

"Gina." Seth was shaking her arm now a little.

With great effort, she looked up at him. He was smiling at her, and she
felt her own face melt into a broad, stupid grin in return. "Oh Seth. You
did great." Christ, she sounded like she'd had eight Coronas during the
show. Stupid fan girl. Her ears were ringing. And, as if she wasn't
embarrassing herself enough in front of the other band girlfriends, she
swooned into him as her platform boots betrayed her. Again, if she'd been
able to pay attention, she would've noticed that her tres chicas were
similarly wobbly and dopey looking, each absently fingering their new

Seth caught her and steered her for the fire exit, smoothly making it
look as if they were cuddling as they made their escape. The journey from
the stage to the door seemed to take forever, and the last minutes of the
set still vibrated in her. As she tried to think of something un-stupid to
say, he leaned into her ear.

"Let's go find a private spot," he whispered.

"Ummmmmmnnnngggghh." She covered her mouth as she came. Whatever was
happening to her, she'd just have to trust that Seth would look out for
her, as they usually did for each other when one of them was too fucked up
to deal.

They passed through the big, metal door and a cool breeze wafted across
Gina's skin. In her discombobulated-yet-extremely-lucid state, she was
acutely aware of a single drop of moisture traveling down her thigh from
her sopping wet sex, like a slow-mo cut scene from a John Woo flick. Just
before it reached her knee, she gripped Seth and stumbled to a halt, a
second, divine orgasm rippling through her. "Omigod!" she breathed,
ridiculously over stimulated.

She was about to suggest that they do it right here in the alley, when a
voice boomed out of the open fire door. "Seth, you are the man!" It was
Matthew, the bass player. "I thought you flaked on us with this Anodyne
shit tonight, but good save! Celeste is... out there! And she's ready
for love!" He did a poor-man's Elvis impersonation for the last three
words, swinging his hips with abandon.

"Please, Matthew, a little louder?" Seth hissed. "I don't think the
cops around the corner heard you."

"Whoops!" Matthew whispered back.

After a second of irritation, Seth's frown melted into a grin. "S'okay.
Anodyne hooked us up, didn't they? A little customer complaint from yours
truly and voila! These new toys make the box look tame!"

"Next level shit," Matt affirmed. He glanced back inside at his own
delirious girlfriend. Then he begged, "Look, what do I do now?"

Gina moaned loudly, shifting in Seth's arms as she braced herself for
Round Three.

"Just tell her what you want her to do, simple as that. We can talk
about the rest tomorrow. Fuck, I still really don't know how it works
myself. I was just trying to get my girlfriend back, in the beginning," he
said, growing wistful as he brushing a strand of hair from Gina's flushed
cheek. "But now, things should go a lot smoother." He smiled, then
snickered to Matthew as they watched Gina convulse in ecstasy again.

The dorks, she thought, quaking and dripping. Here she was in need of
some serious sexual healing and they were just standing around high-fiving
like dumb frat boys around the drunkest sorority bimboid at the party.
Seth had better get his priorities straight and quick. She shifted her
weight and poked a finger at him.

Seth got the hint and seemed to remember that watching his girlfriend
cum in front of a band mate was a faux pas. "Uuuh. Good luck." The clap
of a quick handshake. "Smell you later." Then, leaning into Gina's ear
once more, he whispered, "Let's christen the back of the tour van."

Ah yes, Gina thought to herself just before her walls spasmed again.
The boy I love.

Gina nearly ripped the seat of Seth's pants as she whipped them off of
him. He was flinching a little when she reached for him, so she could tell
he was afraid she might accidentally hurt him in her zeal to get him naked.
Unfortunately, she was a little too wound up to tell him not to worry.
Plus she couldn't stop sticking her tongue down his throat. They lurched
awkwardly around in the tight space at the back of the van, making it
painfully obvious to any passers by what was taking place inside. Luckily
the alley was empty except for a certain members of Lain and their
strangely quiet girlfriends. Since they'd climbed in here, her head had
cleared, but only a little.

How many times had she orgasmed today? There was the first bout with
Seth at her place this afternoon, then this curious string of
barely-containable explosions at the club. She inhaled, shuddering. That
was fun and all, but she was a long way from satisfied, just now. The two
of them were precariously balanced on a road case. Straddling her
disheveled, naked boyfriend, she peeled off her dress, not bothering with
the boots or her new choker. She'd stepped out of her soaked panties the
minute the van door was shut.

Pausing for a moment to look down at him with unbridled lust, she found
a reason to calm down a little. Seth's growing skittishness around her
long, glittery, lacquered nails was not doing anything for him in the
erection department. Ever since the end of his set, she was filled with a
growing compulsion to satisfy herself, combined with a desire to shower
Seth with affection, but she figured maybe she should take it down a notch.
"Baby," she consoled, taking his frightened cock in one hand and leaning in
close to him.

"Sorry. I'm a little nervous in this van," he lied. Normally, that
would be Gina's line. She wasn't a big fan of car sex. Tonight, she was
way too fucked up to care about that. Seth probably could've knocked boots
with her on the empty stage.

"Sweeeetie," she soothed. Then inspiration struck. Gina moved
carefully around the cases in the van to the dashboard up front. She felt
weirdly confident, which in turn made her feel inhumanly sexy. Especially
when she was naked from the knees up. She fished around in a box of tapes
for a moment. "Ahhh!" she growled triumphantly, snatching up a cassette
and jamming it into the stereo. As she wiggled back through the cases and
stray gear to find Seth, the first strains of the Cocteau Twins' "Heaven or
Las Vegas" wafted out of the van's crappy speakers. It'll do, Gina
shrugged to herself. She fixed Seth with her infamous
come-hither-now-dammit look.

With a low, predatory noise from deep in her chest, she eased back over
him and pried open his lips with her tongue. He was starting to get into
it now, his hands raising up to steady her. In a minute or so he was
pawing her all over and covering her neck with wet kisses. Gina drank it
all in, but she was only getting more aroused. The only thing she could
think about now was getting them both off. Resolute with purpose, she
slinked down his body, ending up in a crouch between his legs with his cock
in her hand again. He looked up at her, and immediately it began to stir.
She smiled. Evidently the sight of her between his legs in her leather
boots, blonde pussy glistening, was doing it for him. She tentatively
pumped her wrist and he came to full attention.

Then she took him completely into her mouth and throat in one smooth
motion. She was beyond playing around now. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," she
intoned, causing his rod to pulse in response. Smiling around his member,
she executed a few slow strokes, slowly moving her head up and down, taking
care to let her hair brush his stomach and hips each time she reached
bottom. He'd probably let her do that to him until he was just about to go
off in her mouth, if she left it up to him, but she could stand it no
longer. Swiftly, she rose up, straddled him, then impaled herself.

"Jeeeeeeez," he drawled, obviously surprised at the speed Gina was
moving. She grinned to the ceiling as she started to move. Normally she'd
make him tease her endlessly before she let him anywhere near her sex, but
Dear Lord, it was good to finally be ramming away!

She hadn't even settled into a rhythm when she was ambushed by another
orgasm. She exhaled sharply in violent shudders. She wanted to scream, it
felt so good, but she couldn't get a good enough breath to make any noise.
As the waves moved through her hot, flushed body, she never stopped moving.
"Guh-mmmmmmm," she finally managed, furiously panting. Seth's breathing
was starting to get labored as well, which was about as vocal as he got.
But she knew he was a short skip from a monster explosion inside her, so
she slowed herself a little. Her thighs were aching now, from their
awkward position: Gina was basically crouching over Seth as he lay on the
thin road case, a couple of feet off the ground. The pain in her legs was
distracting, but she knew one thing that would set her off again.

"C'mon, baby!" she goaded. "Let it go..." And she picked up the pace
again. He was moving his hips as best he could now, rising up to meet her
on her way down. Their pelvic bones ground together solidly with each
stroke. With effort, she massaged his cock on her way up with what muscle
control she had left. In another minute, she gave up on that and found
herself taking longer and longer to raise up, then quickly grinding down on

"Unnnhhh!" she cried, oblivious to the fact that most of the remaining
patrons inside Cedric's heard her. Then her voice lowered an octave.
"C'mon, babe. C'mon. Fill me."

Seth groaned back at her a little. He loved her voice - he'd told her
so more than once. She had a deliciously low alto for such a small girl,
and he freely admitted that it turned him on. So she knew what would do
him in.

"I love fucking you, Seth," she husked at him, ignoring her aching
thighs. "I love to feel your cock inside me. Mmmmmm, yeah. Just like

His breathing quickened and he grabbed her ass for dear life with both

"I love fucking you, Seth. I'll do whatever you tell me and you can
just keep on fucking me," she had no idea what was coming out of her mouth
now, she was just making noise for his benefit. At least, near as she
could tell. "I'm yours, Seth. All yours. I'll do whatever you tell me
and I'll be yours and you can command me. I'll be powerless to resist you
and you can go on fucking me and fucking me and..."

That did it. Seth gripped her waist and stopped her as he ground upward
into her. She could feel his cock pulsing as he unloaded into her, which
forced her own body to respond with...



A white-hot light exploded behind her eyelids and her vision pixelated.
The last thing she was aware of was the sound of the road case slipping out
from under them...

"Kitten?" Seth was gently shaking her, concern in his voice.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Gina responded, eyelids fluttering. When her vision
came into focus, she saw that they were still in the back of the van. How
long had she been out? "What..." she attempted.

"You fainted on top of me. About half an hour ago," he told her. He
was alarmed. "Are you okay?"

"O God yeah," she laughed sleepily. Her body was one giant endorphin.
"Where's everybody?"

"We loaded up our stuff a minute ago. They split in a cab."

She hoped they were having as much fun as she was.

"We better cruise. We both got work in the morning," he reminded her,
raining on the parade a little.

She frowned, like a three year old about to have a tantrum. "Don't

He chuckled softly at her. "I'd say you had a pretty full day today,
Ms. Gina." Something landed on her tummy - her dress and underwear. "Let's
make like a tree and get outa here."

I haven't had this much fun with Seth in... ever, she thought to
herself. Nice. How'd I get to be such a raging nympho? When did he start
being so cool? Her head ached. Tomorrow. I'm not thinking about anything
until tomorrow. With a lurch, Seth began piloting the van out of the
alley. Before he made it to the street, she was fast asleep again, her
clothes still draped over top of her.


By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at


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