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Play Day Temptress


Play Day - Temptress (mc, nc, MF, FF, FD, oral)

By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at

The characters and events portrayed here are completely fictional
blah-di-blah and any resemblance to other characters and events, real or
imagined are purely unintentional blah-di-blah-di-blah. Oh yeah, and if
you're under 18, scram.

This is fiction. Fantasy. Duh.

This is the fourth chapter of this series. This time around, Gina
visits the nice people at Anodyne. Seth slowly begins to get a clue.
Enjoy! (c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

A car horn sounded, startling Gina back to the present. She looked up.
The light was green. So she mashed the pedal to the floor and gunned her
little white car through the intersection. As she drove, she debated
whether or not to chicken out and go home. Portishead's "Roads" was
blaring from the stereo, which wasn't doing anything for her fortitude.

But Gina was still headed downtown, to Anodyne.

She'd been on the brink of coming back down here ever since her first
visit the other night. Today, instead of meeting Seth as planned, she was
going to get some answers. She had to know what Seth was doing to her,
once and for all. Somehow, he was playing her, like Itzhak Perlman
breaking in a new violin.

Not that it wasn't nice. Seth had recently blossomed into the dreamiest
possible boyfriend, and she'd jumped his bones so many times this weekend
that last night he'd sweetly, shyly told her he was bruised and sore, and
could they please just cuddle?

She knew Seth would be pissed at her, but she just had to know what was
up with these Anodyne people, what kind of mindfuck was happening to her.
So she deftly parallel parked and headed across the street to the ominous
office building.

Cold air gusted around her as she navigated through the revolving door,
making her sunburned nose and shoulders tingle. She'd fallen asleep in the
sun yesterday, in the park with Seth. Her keys jingled on the little chain
that hung off her short skirt as she crossed the cavernous lobby, and her
flip flops clopped comically.

There was a different guy working the reception desk today. Younger,
with a buzz cut, tinted glasses and a crisp gray suit. He tracked her
approach with calm focus.

"Good afternoon, Gina," he smiled at her. "What can we do for you

Gina smiled primly in return, not to be unnerved this time by the fact
that everyone here seemed to know her already. "Hello," she Audrey
Hepburned at him. "I'd like to speak to someone about my boyfriend Seth
and my..." she paused, choosing the next word. "Situation."

He blinked once. Stared at her through his tinted lenses. Then reached
for a phone and punched an extension. "Yes," he said, eyes flicking
briefly upward. Gina followed his gaze to the nest of security cameras
mounted overhead. "What would you like me to tell her? No, no. Okay."

He cupped his hand over the mouthpiece - a gesture of politeness for
Gina. She was sure someone upstairs was monitoring the entire exchange,
probably on a big screen tv with fucking surround sound. "Please go up to
room 1208." He indicated an elevator to her left with a graceful wave.


Fighting back the urge to hurl, she forced her feet to move to the

"She's late," Seth hissed to no one in particular, pacing back and forth
in his kitchen. Gina was usually late for everything, so he was used to a
certain amount of primping, shoe selection and car key locating, but this
afternoon she was late even on Gina Time. A few months ago, this wouldn't
have phased him, but since the judicious use of certain Anodyne products,
she tried to be nominally punctual.

Because Seth had told her to.

And here he was, ready to go as usual. He had on his oversized cargo
pants, Chuck Taylors, and a t-shirt bearing the ancient Atari logo. His
freshly dyed purple hair (Gina's idea, natch) was sticking up chaotically,
aided by industrial strength hair stick.

He didn't know why exactly, but he got an icy feeling in the pit of his
stomach. Something told him that his day was taking a detour to
Sketchyville, population Seth. So he locked up the house, jumped in his
car, and headed over to Gina's, hoping silently all the way that she'd be

The musak in the elevator made Gina flash on The Blues Brothers - the
scene with Jake and Elwood calmly riding the elevator, listening to "Girl
From Ipanema" while hundreds of SWAT guys converge on them outside the
building. She laughed out loud, then self-consciously looked up at the
security cam, which failed to see what was so amusing.

She got off on the twelfth floor and walked down the bland, beige
carpeted hall until she found a door that said:

1208 Jahanara Shesh, Accounts Supervisor

She knocked. The door opened almost instantly. And she was stunned by
the beautiful Indian woman who greeted her. She had long, straight
jet-black hair and piercing, lime-green eyes - like a cat's. Generous
lips. Generous everything. And she somehow managed to make her sleeveless
white vest, blue skirt and stockings appear both professional and a little

Gina, dressed like she was a model in the Delia's catalog (and by
definition half naked), suddenly felt like a second grader called in to see
the principal. This feeling was enhanced by the woman's considerable
height advantage, and by the way her eyes bored into Gina's as they stood
there, sizing each other up.

"Hello, Gina. I'm Jahanara Shesh. Do come in," she said in a precise
British accent that made Gina think of a world where the trains ran on
time, dinner was served every evening promptly at 6pm, and barrel chested
guys with big mustaches stood around smoking pipes and exclaiming "Quite
right!" and "Steady on!"

Haltingly, she moved into the small office. It was furnished merely
with two leather chairs that faced each other, separated by a simple yet
expensive desk. Nice view of downtown out the window, though.

Jahanara quietly closed the door, which made Gina want to get out of
there as fast as her little legs would carry her, but instead she made her
way to the visitor's chair and seated herself. Jahanara perched gracefully
at the end of her desk, looking down at her. It further established the
power dynamic in the room, which infuriated Gina, but intimidated her

"Now then. To what do we owe the pleasure today?" she prompted. Her
tone was friendly, but with a subtle hint of hostility. Her eyes quickly
roved over Gina's bod - she wasn't sure if the woman was contemptuously
appraising her or mentally undressing her.

Gina crossed her legs, tried her best to make sure that her answer
wouldn't come out in a squeak. "You obviously know about me. Well, I know
a little about you, too." She was already getting pissed, even though she
was scared. "I want to know what Seth has been doing to me, and what you
gave him to help him do it." You evil corporate bitch.

"Well!" Jahanara exclaimed in mocking tones. "I must tell you, this is
a first. A Subject comes to us of her own volition, aware of her
Processing." Gina could clearly hear the capital letters. "And she demands
an explanation!" Jahanara paused, as if the notion was so delightfully
absurd that she needed a moment to savor it.

"And such pluck, for such a wee, pretty thing." She was definitely
looking at Gina with a certain gleam in her eye now.

"Thanks, but I don't swing that way." creepy bitch. "I just want to
know what's going on."

"Right." This was clearly a sarcastic response to Gina's declaration of
her sexual orientation, as well and an agreement to start explaining.
"I'll play along. I'll tell you everything. But you won't like it."

"Try me."

The tall, caramel skinned woman took a breath, her eyes locked to
Gina's. "Seth first came to us with his relationship troubles about half a
year ago," she began. "Apparently you were putting him through the ringer,
trying to decide between two boys." If this woman was going to continue
judging her love life, Gina was going to push her down and yank her hair
out. She gripped the arms of the chair a little harder.

Jahanara continued. "We provided him with one of our more basic models,
at first. Which seemed to do the trick, but unfortunately the effects
proved to be only temporary. That's the problem with rushing a product to
market," she remarked, like she was talking about a line of potato chips.
"Seth told us that he used the device again, with great success, but he
wanted something a little more... reliable." Very slowly (she seemed to
sense how badly Gina wanted to kick her ass), she reached out and touched
Gina's black choker. "A very popular item, with our clients."

Gina nodded wearily. She shivered in the air conditioning, breaking out
in goose bumps. None of this was news to her - it was just that the
knowledge tended to stay on the periphery of her thoughts. As if reading
her mind, Jahanara said, "You are an unusually willful Subject, Gina. So
you have knowledge of your Processing. But ultimately, you're unable to
resist our devices, so you succumb. Sure, you know what that boy is doing
to you, but you don't care, as long as he keeps on doing it."

She reached out to her again, risking a stroke of Gina's silky
blonde-ish hair. "Seth has run up a considerable balance on his account
with us. And now that you've come to me, the matter of payment is

Before Gina even realized what she was doing, she smacked Jahanara's
hand away from her face and sat bolt upright in the big leather chair.
"What's that supposed to mean?" she demanded, eyes moving to the door.

Jahanara laughed at her, surprised that she hadn't figured out the
obvious. "You don't really think someone of Seth's standing could afford
our services, do you? At least, he couldn't pay us... in money," she
gloated lasciviously.

Gina was livid. "You mean you... He didn't..." she stammered, the
first tears welling up in her eyes.

"Oh yes, dear. I'm afraid I couldn't pass him up. I'm only guessing,
but I think he liked being with a woman after spending so much time with
a... girl child." She looked down at Gina, green gemstone eyes holding her
in the chair.

Gina heard herself sob. Felt the hot splash of a tear on her bare
thigh. A few months ago, she wouldn't have cared very much to know Seth was
unfaithful. But now, after this weekend, it cut her to the core.
Realizing that she was losing it in front of this monstrous woman flooded
her with shame and rage, but the tears kept coming.

"Seth loves me," she choked out. "I know he does! And I love him!"

Jahanara wiggled her index finger at her, tut-tutting. "You only love
him because he made you love him. With our help." She pushed a button on
her desk. "You're a tool, Gina. And now, you're my tool."

/thrum. thrum. thrum./

Oh God, Gina thought to herself. Not this again. Not now! But her
vision quickly tunneled and her limbs grew heavy...

"Yo! Gina!" Seth called, tearing through her empty house. He didn't
know why, but he was sure this was bad. Sometimes, he could feel when she
was having a bad day, or something heavy was happening. It was some kind
of weird empathy that he only vibed on with her, and he was usually right.
When he looked around her bedroom, he started to get that feeling. Next to
the phone was a little scrap of paper. As it dawned on him that the number
was for Anodyne, Freakout Season officially began. If she'd gone down
there, she was in trouble.

Very deep shit.

He didn't even close the front door in his mad dash back to the car.
Leaving a generous amount of tire rubber in front of her house, he
screeched off to find her.

Jahanara was attempting to pry open Gina's lips with her tongue, trying
in vain to initiate a kiss. Gina somehow knew that the machine that was
chipping away at her willpower was embedded in the very structure of the
room. There was nowhere to hide.


The tears continued to stream down her face as she poured all her
strength into keeping her mouth closed.

"It's just a question of time," her captor purred to her. "Why not
enjoy the ride?"

Gina swallowed. "I love him. I don't care what you say." Her voice was
raspy from crying and the many smokes she'd had before driving down here.
She sounded awful.

"Silly girl," came the admonishment. "He doesn't love you. You don't
love him. You've been used. Now I will use you. What you want is no
longer relevant." She brushed her fingers against Gina's nipple, which was
poking through her halter.

"I..." She was fighting with everything she had, but there wasn't a lot


Jahanara's tongue flicked between Gina's lips again. "Ssshhhhhhh. Give
yourself to me, little one."


Rising up in her seat, Gina started to kiss her back.

At some point, Seth was going to have to get out of his parked car and
go inside. He'd been sitting there for several minutes, trying to figure
out what the fuck to do. He had spotted Gina's parked car on the other
side of the street, so there was no doubt she was in there.

Which meant that she was in trouble. Jahanara wasn't going to let Gina
leave. She had made her outrageous demands to Seth after seeing Gina's
dossier. She seemed quite taken by his elfin girlfriend, obsessive even.
Seth knew the situation was turning ugly, but he thought he might find a
way to weasel out of it, especially since she seemed to like being fucked
by him so much.

But trust Gina to take matters into her own hands. He should've been
used to that by now: even while he controlled her feelings and thoughts,
she was still untamable in most regards. Seth had been stupid to try to
force her to stay with him. Kind of a fucked up time to realize that,

He tapped his head against the steering wheel, lightly and repeatedly.

He sighed, "I need a plan."

Gina was on her knees, between Jahanara's coffee colored thighs, facing
her marvelously tangled, glistening black bush. Eyes transfixed, she
reached up and unsnapped her choker, which fell unceremoniously to the
floor. Jahanara pulled up her skirt a little more and eagerly spread her
legs, scooting back onto the desk a little.

"Service me, my pet."

And for the first time ever, Gina went down on a girl.

She teased experimentally with her tongue, and the moment the tangy
juices reached her taste buds, she jerked her head back, eyes screwed shut,
groaning and shuddering with the force of a debilitating orgasm. Then,
when she had composed herself somewhat, she plunged her face into the hot,
black jungle.

"Mmmmmmmmm," Jahanara cooed drunkenly at her. "Good girl..."

?Seth! What a pleasant surprise," the reception guy said, in tones that
made it obvious there was nothing pleasant about it.

Seth marched over to the desk, planted his hands on the counter, and
leaned over into the guy's space. "I need to speak to Jahanara."

"Ms. Shesh is in a meeting just now," he waffled. Obviously, no one
expected Seth to be here so soon after Gina showed up.

"I don't care if she's having an audience with Elvis, the Pope, and John
Lennon. I need to talk to her."

The reception guy's eyes flicked down at Seth's Converse shoes and
quickly up to his spiky purple hair. The message: who the fuck do you
think you're talking to, punk? "I'm sorry, Seth. Jahanara is very busy
and can't be disturbed." So amscray.

Clearly, the only thing this aggressive, macho route was going to get
him was thrown out on his keister. He'd never seen them, but he was sure
there were some nasty security guys lurking around somewhere. What was
required here was a little smoothness and tact.

"Look, I know that Gina's up there talking to her," he admitted. "And I
know what Ms. Shesh has in mind for her. I want to discuss my account
with her before she does anything rash."

"Seth, I don't think this matter is open for discussion," was the
answer, with the smallest hint of what sounded like compassion.

"I don't think that Ms. Shesh has considered all the options available
to her." He was totally reaching now. Anything to get him to the twelfth
floor. He looked at the guy, pleading silently at him for understanding.

Finally, he caved in. "Okay. You can go up. But you have to wait in
the lounge until she's finished talking to Gina."

"Of course," Seth assented, trying very hard to hide his intense relief.
"Thank you so much," he said, trying not to sprint to the elevator.

Jahanara was writhing around the desk, knocking shit off, grinding into
Gina's face. Gina was completely captivated by the universe of pussy in
front of her. All of her resistance was draining out in the juices on her
own sticky thighs. The more she pleasured this dusky, fantastic woman, the
more her pain retreated.

Jahanara was grinding hard into Gina's face, which was hurting her nose
a little, but she knew her new Master was about to cum, so she sucked on
her clit rhythmically. "Ooooooooooooooohhhh!" Jahanara cried, partly
because of the silver stars running up and down all her nerve endings,
partly because she had lost her balance on the edge of the desk. She fell
forward, tackling Gina in the process. Gina didn't really care that the
larger woman was nearly crushing her tiny frame into the carpet, because
her walls were violently clenching again. Greedily, she found her Master's
mouth with her own, and she tugged her bottom lip with her teeth, moaning
lustfully. They rolled around on the floor, battling for supremacy for
awhile, mouths locked together.

With relief, Gina realized some time later that she was on top again,
straddling her Master. She could breathe again. She looked down at her
piercing green eyes, utterly aware of the power her gorgeous little body
held - she knew that her lover wanted to devour her whole.

It was the only power she had left.

Jahanara lay there, drinking in the site of the small blonde girl astride her chest. Her smoldering brown eyes. Flushed cheeks.
Impressive, heaving little bosom. Delightful. "Time for you to lose the
little girl clothes, my pet," she commanded.

She shed her colorful halter, tiny skirt and beach sandals with obvious
enthusiasm, grinning down at her Master, her dimples revealing themselves
like the first stars in the evening sky.

"Come here, my dear. Let me take your pain away." Jahanara cupped her
hands around Gina's thighs and scooted her up so that she was straddling
her face. She gasped in surprise as she probed the folds of her new
Subject with her tongue. She tasted like coconut candy.

Seth had ended up hanging back in the twelfth floor lounge anyway. He
didn't know what to do, and he was grimly aware of his odds for success.
He was just some punk kid, going up against an unspeakably powerful
corporation that dealt in dark and nasty things.

Still, with luck and some giant balls, he had a shot. This Shesh chick
had him (and several of his friends) over a barrel, but she wasn't the
biggest thing in the Anodyne food chain. She was middle management - the
home offices were in Paris. He might be able to slip through the cracks,
taking Gina with him.

Okay. No more fooling around. He steeled himself and headed down the

There was no one in Shesh's office. He was dismayed to see stuff from
her desk littering the floor, and he instantly recognized the clothes that
were wadded up in the chair. It was worse than he thought.

He bolted further down the hall, nearly ramming into two guys in lab
coats coming the other way. He skidded into a large room that smelled like
a hospital, just in time to see Jahanara securing what looked like a
tanning bed with a glass lid. There were several hoses connected to it,
running down from the ceiling.

Gina was inside.

"Let her go," Seth warned.

Jahanara spun around to meet his gaze. No one had told her he was here.
She smiled menacingly at him. "You know the deal, my young stallion. You
had your fun. Now's as good a time as any to settle up."

"Please, let's work something else out."

"I'm afraid not. You were fun in your own limited way, but this
creature is much more appealing to me. And now that I've baked her mind
into a sweet little pie, she probably doesn't care much for you anymore."

"What did you do to her?" Seth was staring hopelessly at the sleeping
Gina inside the bizarre, pill shaped container.

"What do you think? I finished what you started. Ground her will into
tiny pieces under my heel. I destroyed her resistance. Utterly. I'm
afraid that she's of no further use to you," she smiled.

Seth blinked. He was in ridiculously over his head. This bitch was
playing for keeps, and she was as mean and ruthless as they came. The full
scope of his recklessness was suddenly revealed. He'd tried to tempt fate
by charming Gina into loving him. Now there was a good chance she was a
vegetable, all her wonderful fire extinguished, and he might be looking at
the same fate. Or worse. He knew he had one shot at getting both of them
out of this room. If he choked, they'd be the property of Anodyne for the
rest of their lives.

Jahanara advanced slowly on him, backing him into the corner. His eyes
flashed back and forth from her to Gina's sleeping form...


By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at


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