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Play Day Zeroed Out


Play Day - Zeroed Out (mc, nc, MF, FF, FD, MD, anal)

By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at

The characters and events portrayed here are completely fictional
blah-di-blah and any resemblance to other characters and events, real or
imagined are purely unintentional blah-di-blah-di-blah. Oh yeah, and if
you're under 18, scram.

This is fiction. Fantasy. Duh.

This is the final chapter of Play Day. Thanks for reading!

(c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

The wall met Seth's back, preventing further escape with a frustrating
solidity. He was about out of options, and Jahanara Shesh - the embodiment
of pure, malignant evil as far as Seth was concerned just now - was slowly
closing the gap between them. A half smile played across her full lips,
but the look in her hard green eyes was deadly serious.

She had something in her hand. She pointed it at him and he heard a
click. He flung his own hands up in a futile gesture to ward off her
attack. But before he could duck, sidestep or otherwise counter, an
unfamiliar numbness gushed into his body from the top of his head. He
froze, thinking suddenly of Gina. So this is what it feels like.

A parade of images flashed through his mind with uncomfortable clarity -
all the times he'd used an Anodyne product on Gina. All the times he'd
made her do what he wanted. The quickening of her breath. The blank,
blissed out look on her face. If his mind wasn't in the process of turning
into Cap'n Crunch, he might have been physically ill.

He jammed his right hand into his pants pocket and clutched the box ,
before his clumsy hands stopped answering his commands, then clenched his
teeth and resisted with everything he had. Swirling just behind his eyes
was a total inability to concentrate on anything.

Jahanara stopped a few feet away from him, aiming something thin and
black directly at his head. "I need you to be a good little boy and stay
right there for a few minutes, while I finish stealing your little lover,"
she ordered flatly. Seth could only stare at her. She stood there for
another moment, studying him closely as the device continued to do its
thing. When she seemed satisfied, she turned on her heel and returned to
the weird sarcophagus at the center of the room.

The one with Gina inside, Seth forced himself to remember. The struggle
to keep his will was like trying to get away from monsters in a dream while
only managing to run in slow motion. The effort he was generating just
wasn't going to be enough to keep his awareness present in his body. He
clutched the box just a little tighter, as a single, beautiful thought
pulsed against the yellow haze of non-thought: If she's really broken Gina
down, why does she need to put her in that thing? If Gina were truly
Jahanara's Subject now, she'd do whatever Shesh told her to without
question. There shouldn't be any need to restrain her...

Unless she's not fully conditioned yet. Jahanara must have fudged a
little about how far along she was with Gina. Sweet little pie, indeed.

The haze inside Seth's head retreated a bit. In a flash of lucidity, he
saw his chance before him. Pouring all of his slowly recovering will into
his Chuck Taylors, he commanded (well, begged) his feet to quietly take him
up behind Jahanara, who was busy pecking at a keyboard. With her back to

Crossing the distance was agonizingly slow going - he was sure the
treacherous woman was going to turn around any second and pop him with her
mind ray again, or that he was going to trip over his own sluggish feet.
But miraculously, he was a mere foot away from her before he saw her head
raise up from the tiny LCD screen that she was hunched over. She
stiffened. Instead of yelping in terror, he jerked the box out of his
pocket and raised it up to her head, as-

Jahanara spun around, her raven hair whipping him in the face (and
leaving a not-unpleasant floral scent in the air), as she brought her own
device up to point at Seth.

They each seemed to bring their weapon to bear at the same instant, and
Seth, brandishing the box a few centimeters from Jahanara's head, waited
for the sickening click from her stylish little Lady Mind Melter. He
waited, both of them frozen in a ridiculous recreation of the scene in
every John Woo flick where two guys end up pointing guns at each other's
head, glaring with utter macho conviction. Only Seth's eyes were tightly
shut in anticipation of his demise.

He hadn't heard a click yet.

Risking a glance out of one eye, he saw that Jahanara wasn't moving.
Careful to keep the box nearly touching her ear, where its brain scrambling
effects were at their peak, he stepped around to her side and examined her.
Her arm remained outstretched to where his head had just been. Her
lime-green eyes still burned with predatory calculation and lust, but to
Seth it looked like she'd been frozen in her last instant of cognition.
Her breathing was calm, albeit a little shallow.

As he stood watching her, making absolutely sure she wasn't going to
come out of it and, say, disembowel him with her bare hands, her eyes began
to slowly roll back in her head. A brief, percussive "Unnhhh..." escaped
her lips as she began to topple over.

Seth caught her as best he could (she was about half a head taller than
he was) and tried to divert her path from the floor to a wobbly office
chair instead. As she spilled gracelessly into the chair, his hands were
mashed against her back, forcing the two of them into an awkward, drunken
embrace. Her head lolled back as her black eyelashes fluttered, and Seth
was face to breast with her substantial bosom. Her little mind ray
clattered to the floor.

He wriggled free of her and slid the box into her vest pocket. As he
did this, Jahanara began to struggle weakly, eyes shut, forcing herself up
a few inches higher in the chair.

"Little..." she mumbled, scaring the abject shit out of Seth. "Prick...
I... Will... Kill... You." Even though she sounded like an inebriated
British girl at University, the effect was still chilling.

Seth took a moment to remember to breathe, as his faculties fully
returned in a blaze of adrenaline. He suddenly remembered the door to the
bizarre laboratory and the other employees of Anodyne SA. Hopefully there
were no surveillance cameras in here. Seth sprinted over to the double
doors and locked them, then returned to Jahanara's side. Her supple,
curvaceous body was twitching in the chair as she struggled against the
effects of the box. Emboldened, he decided to try his luck.

"Don't try to get up," he ventured.

"Fuck you." Even though her honeyed voice was barely audible and
quavering, the venomous sentiment behind it was clear. Crystal.

"No no no," Seth countered. "You're done fucking me. And you're done
fucking Gina. You're going to tell me how to reverse what you did to her.

"Huh," she half laughed, eyes still twitching upward. "When I get out
of this chair I... will devour... you whole, boy."

"Tell me."

She paused then, fighting him. Her hands moved awkwardly up to her face
and rubbed at her eyes. "No!" she moaned.

He glimpsed over at Gina. Inside the smooth, egg shaped chamber, she
lay completely naked, except for a thick collar around her neck. A wide
ribbon cable ran from it to a smooth black box near her head. She seemed
to be sleeping peacefully.

He turned his attention back to his difficult Subject. "You know you
can't resist me. You have to do as I say."

"I can resist you. And I will," she murmured, an octave lower.

"I'll turn your brain into Spaghetti-O's, you evil bitch. Don't think I
won't." He was starting to worry that she was too strong for him to

"Go ahead. You'll never make it out of this building alive," she

"Well then, I don't have much to lose, do I?"

Seth decided to go for broke. He scooped her little mind ray up off the
floor and looked it over. There was a single red button and a small LED
display that read "25%". The bitch had unloaded the other 75% into his
gray matter a few minutes earlier. He retrieved the box from her vest
pocket and touched it to her ear.

Jahanara wailed, as if her remaining willpower was slowly leaking out of
her mouth. Every hair Seth owned stood on end. But he pointed the other
device at her and pressed the little red button.


The tall, beautiful woman jerked violently, then slumped out of the
chair and onto the floor, face down.

"Shit!" Seth hissed as he scrambled to turn her over. He touched two
fingers to her neck. Looking for a pulse. He was majorly relieved to find
it, robust and quick.

Am I ever going to get her to help me? he wondered, losing patience.
Things weren't looking good. There was no way he was getting the
unconscious Gina past security without any intervention on Jahanara's part.
And I probably just burned through most of her IQ.

She seemed completely unconscious. Seth leaned in close to her, trying
to hear her breathing, which was shallow and ragged.

Then he felt her hands grab hold of his head. He tensed, but before he
could struggle away from her, she plunged her tongue into his ear.
"Mmmmmmmm!" The lustful noise she made was deafening.

She was covering his cheek with wet kisses. Then she forced his head
down between her breasts and tried to plant his nose in her cleavage.
Seth, attempting to escape her clutches, had to push against something, so
he was acutely aware that her nipples were hardening.

He wrenched free of her grip on his cranium and looked down at her. She
was high as a kite, obviously. Delirious and horny. Her normally cunning
countenance had shifted to a manipulative pout. "Oh baby, I can't seem to
think straight," she whined up at him. He was instantly rock hard. "Be a
dear and tell me what to do..."

"That's easy," he said, stroking a finger across her throat. "Tell me
how to reverse Gina's processing."

She frowned comically at him. "Nooooo. That's no fun at all. I mean -
tell me what to do for you," she cooed, causing the unbidden image of
Marilyn Monroe ("Happy. Birth. Day. Mister. Presideeeeent") to leap to

He'd had rough, animal sex with this woman before, so her behavior
wasn't all that surprising. But usually she was the dominant one, taking
out her frustrations on him. Exacting payment for her company's unusual
services. Wait! That was it. Duh! Maybe with some reinforcement of his
new dominance, she would be more receptive. A smile materialized on Seth's
lips as two words sprang to the tip of his tongue - Poetic Justice.

He took a deep breath and gazed over at Gina for a long moment. Then,
wincing guiltily, he mouthed "Sorry!" to her.

"Stand up," he commanded Jahanara.

She giggled from her supine sprawl on the floor, then rose up on one
elbow unsteadily. With great effort, she made it to her feet, swaying
gently back and forth.

Then for a few terrible seconds, a shocked look dawned on her face. She
seemed to gather her wits. Seth flinched, thinking he was finished. But
she clutched herself by the elbows and began to convulse - she was cumming.
And her stunned embarrassment at doing it in front of him so soon after
threatening to kill him had her blushing hotly. The effect was agreeable
on her caramel skin. Her mouth was open, jaw stuck out in a mixture of
defiance, disbelief and pleasure.

As the waves of her orgasm receded, her shoulders slackened and she
exhaled a contented "Mmmmmmm!" She smiled a goofy, dazed smile. She was
back to being a ditz.

"It felt good when you did what I said, didn't it?" Seth asked her.

"Oh yes," she agreed, still shaking.

"Take off your vest."

Quickly she fumbled at the buttons of her immaculate white vest. She
wriggled out of it, and as it fell to the floor with a soft thud, her eyes
screwed shut. She howled.

"Quietly, dear!" Seth pleaded, looking around the room in a panic. She
clamped her hand over her mouth to deaden the remaining mews of pleasure,
which prolonged the affair. Seth was pretty sure he had her on the hook.
He shifted uncomfortably in his pants.

"Now the skirt." She unbuttoned it and whisked it off with an impressive
flourish. She posed in front of him, twirling it in her left hand. Then
her knees buckled and she almost lost her footing again.

Seth stood in front of her, marveling at her expensively sculpted bod.
"You are so hot, for such a total bitch!" he gee-whizzed at her.

"Bitch..." she parroted back at him, still in the orgasm netherworld.

"Yes, you are a total bitch."

"I'm a total bitch..."

"And you're my bitch."

"Yes Seth," she quaked in her heels, "I'm your bitch." The area of her
inner thighs visible above her stockings was quite moist. Her spicy scent
drifted through the air to tease Seth's nostrils.

"And you're so hot. Don't you think you're hot?"

Jahanara looked down absently at herself. "Hot. Yes, Seth," she

"Obviously you think a lot of yourself. It must be hard not to play
with yourself all the time."

The skirt fell out of her hand, which sprang to her pussy. She plunged
a finger into herself, pulled it out,and then began to rub her clit

"Stop," he told her.

The idea of a cessation of sexual stimulation seemed to cause her
physical pain. She winced at him across the room, idle fingers twitching.

"Now. Show me how to un-Process Gina," he attempted.

She shook her head at him, confused. "No, I..." One hand shot to her
forehead, the other rested on her thigh. "I'm not. Supposed to do that."

"But you're my bitch, right? You have to do anything I tell you to do."
She was clutching her head with both hands now, slowly shaking it back
and forth. Seth approached her, took her by the shoulders and looked up
into her green eyes. She stared helplessly down at him.

"Tell me..." he tried again.

"No," she whispered. "C-c-can't."

"Okay," he capitulated, moving on to another strategy. "I'm going to
give you the banging of your life." She brightened. "But you won't be able
to cum and it will be excruciating." Her brow was already wrinkling into a
dismayed frown. "Not until you agree to help me with Gina."

"Please..." she entreated, but Seth was already turning her around,
bending her over on the desk in front of the damnable pod that contained

He escaped from his pants, then reached around to Jahanara's slick pussy and began to deftly massage her folds, up and down. She inhaled sharply as
soon as he touched her, grinding her ass against his rapt cock.

With surprisingly little resistance, he slid into her asshole. Still
remembering her instructions to keep quiet, she resigned herself to muffled

As he began to move inside her tight ass, he reached out and took her
full right breast in his hand. She gasped, head down, hands on the desk,
and ground down roughly on him.

"Please Seth," she moaned pitifully. "Let me cum. This isn't fair..."

Then at precisely the wrong moment, a chime sounded overhead.

The intercom. Fuck!!

"Ms. Shesh?" a concerned voice prompted.

"Y-yes?" Jahanara breathed, looking up to the ceiling.

"Is everything all right in there? We have found that our rather
irresponsible receptionist allowed the girl's boyfriend up to your floor.
Is he with you?"

Seth put his hand over Jahanara's mouth and pulled her head back
slightly, so he could lean over her long brown torso to her ear. He
whispered a few terse sentences to her, then unclamped his hand from her
trembling lips.

"Ms. Shesh?"

"Yes. Everything is fine," she answered, semi-perfectly composed. Seth
just stood there, frozen, while her sphincter muscles pulsed around his
engorged cock. "I am m-meeting with both of them in the lab. I'm almost
finished. Please don't disturb me again."

"Very good, ma'am," came the response. Just before the intercom clicked
off, Jahanara released a long, shuddering sigh. A barely audible chuckle
was heard over the speaker, then silence.

Drenched in sweaty relief, Seth resumed his assault on the delectable
Indian woman's rear.

"Oooooh, Christ! Seth, you can't leave me hanging like this!" she

"Tell me what I need to know," he grunted back at her, as he reached
around to her slit again.

"You know I can't do that!" Her nails scraped across the desktop.

"Fine! I can go on like this all day," he lied. He was about three
thrusts from unloading into her ass. P "Dammit! Dammit dammit dammit!"
She ground against his hips. "I can't believe you did this to me!"

Thinking hard about his mother, football, Klingons, and janet Reno, Seth
resumed his onslaught.

"Don't think about that. Just remember that you're my bitch and you
must obey me."

"Bitch!" she ejaculated at the top of his stroke. "O yes!"

She began to whine and mew with his every thrust. Trying to cum in
spite of his refusal to allow her to. Seth needed a break, so he pulled
out of her rear, causing her to squeal in disappointment. He rotated her
toward him, pushing her onto the desk. Then he slid into her searing

"All you have to do is say 'I'll help Gina.' Then you can peak."

She whimpered, wrapping her long legs around him.

"It's so easy," he continued relentlessly. "Just say yes, you'll obey
me. It'll feel soooo good. And after all, you have to obey me, right?"

"So easy..." she sounded tired.

"Obey me."


"Don't resist me."

"Won't resist you..." He almost had her.

"Just say you'll help me," he whispered, ramming away furiously.

She flung her head back, eyes tightly shut. "Okay! Okay okay okay!
Now do me!"

He leaned in to her left ear. Licked her lobe. She keened. Then he
murmured one simple command. "Cum."

Her mouth opened. Her eyes opened. She wasn't breathing. But she was
melting like hot caramel candy on a summer's day in his arms, which caused
him to crest. Stars swarmed into his field of vision as he shot off deep
inside her, resting his head on her sweaty tits. When he was finally done,
he realized that she was out cold.

Geez, that was a lot of fucking work!

The lid of the pod slowly open with a hiss. It had taken the better
part of an hour, but they'd done it. Seth had to stop Jahanara from
playing with herself several times to get straight answers out of her. Now
she was slumped over in the corner - a sticky, over stimulated mess.

"Kitten?" Seth anxiously hovered over Gina, shaking her elbow.

The elfin beauty's eyes fluttered open and focused on him. "Seth?"

"Yup," he grinned down at her. "You should be okay now."

She grabbed his arm and pulled herself up, then swung her little legs
over the side of the pod. Her other hand pawed at the thick collar around
her neck.

"Let me help you with that." He gently unsnapped it and tossed it aside,
then helped her to her feet.

"Oh Seth, you saved me." She steadied herself on his arm, then leaned
forward and kissed him tentatively. "Mmmmm," she sighed.

While Seth grinned stupidly at her, she noticed the dazed, naked Indian
woman in the corner. Then she hauled off and punched Seth in the chops.

"Guh!" he wheezed, clutching his chest.

"Asshole!" she hissed at him. "Put your fucking pants back on and get
me out of here!"

He looked down. I suppose I could've gotten dressed before she woke

"It was the only way to save you," he protested lamely.

"Yeah yeah, already. It was your dick that got us into this mess." She
fixed him with a stern glare. Then she wobbled unsteadily on her feet.
"Whoa. We'll talk about this later. Can we go now?"

As Seth led a shivering, shaken Gina out of the lobby of the Anodyne
building, he noticed a swarm of unmarked, black vans moving silently up the
street. As the two of them headed the other way toward his car, the vans
pulled up onto the curb and flanked the building from all sides. Many,
many men in black riot gear poured out of them and streamed inside.

He turned away and helped Gina into his car.

Seth paused on Gina's porch, unsure of himself. He wasn't looking
forward to the conversation that was about to take place. It was time to
face the music. Swallowing hard, he knocked on her door. Before he was
finished, she was already taking off the latch and silently beckoning him

With effort, he crossed her living room floor and eased himself into his
favorite chair. She took her usual place on the couch and gazed at him
inscrutably, drawing her legs into a sort of lotus position.

They regarded each other in silence for several minutes, the ticking of
her kitchen clock marking the time.

Finally, Gina drew a breath. "I thought about this a lot," she began.
"You were a total creep to me."

Seth nodded sadly and hung his head. Gina's lectures were never fun,
and this one was going to smart.

"What you did was unbelievably selfish. Playing around with my mind
like that. I almost died, or became somebody's footstool or something..."
she was getting pretty angry, her words coming quicker and quicker. "You
didn't think about how dangerous it was, or how you could've hurt me. And
you did hurt me..."

She sighed again. "But now it's over. Those awful people are in
prison. You came for me..." A single tear slipped down her cheek as she
rambled on. "And now that it's over I know that the last few months
weren't exactly the way I like to remember them. I know you made me feel
that way, that it wasn't me." She reached up and, frowning, mussed up her
dirty blonde hair. Nothing seemed to be coming out of her mouth like she

Seth readied himself for the inevitable. His own waterworks were
preparing to open up.

"But... knowing all that. And in spite of my better judgment," she
peered out at him through her disheveled hair. "I love you, you fuckhead."
Seth's jaw dropped open. This had to be a joke.

She smiled at him. "That's right. I'm a complete idiot. I want to be
with you. So can we try this again? Without any, ah, artificial

He just nodded stupidly at her. Then he found his voice. "Yes. Yes!
Absolutely!" Relieved beyond belief, he reached for the pack of cigarettes
in his shirt pocket.

Gina made a noise at him that said "I can't fucking believe what you're
doing right now", which caused him to freeze. Then he noticed her eyes,
locked accusingly to the pack of smokes in his hand. So he slowly pulled
out a cigarette, lit it, and crumpled the pack up. Held it up for her to
see, exhaling smoke.

"I suggest," she squinted at him, "that you change your brand."


By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at


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